bluefoxicyI'm assuming 32-bit desktop is better QA'd than 64-bit?00:25
directhexthere are 5x more people running i386 than amd64, so in theory 5x more people reporting bugs running on i38600:41
directhexquestion is, how many of those bugs are arch-specific? and how is the split amongst developers00:42
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Q-FUNKhowdy!  one question about Apport and ufw hooks:  is the usage of debian/local/* as the place to put ubuntu-specific packaging elements documented somewhere?03:18
timboyanyone had issues with the x64 alternate cd's?03:32
timboysorry of jaunty03:32
timboyI've downloaded the cd's twice burned multiple times from different pc's and put on a thumbstick and still having issues! different files are corrupt every time. also used different cd readers.03:37
timboyif I use the mini cd it works fine but I don't want to use the mini cd and download the whole distribution because internet is slooooow03:37
timboyis there an issue with the alternative iso?03:46
johanbrtimboy, worked for me03:52
johanbryou may have issues with your cd reader (or your mirror)03:53
timboyjohanbr, tried two mirrors both checksums fine two different readers both brand new 5+ cd's of each image and 2 thumbsticks03:54
timboysecond time i've had this issue in 2 months two different machines03:55
timboyonly reason for alternate is software raid03:55
jumpkickdoes anyone know how to make dpkg-buildpackage not set CFLAGS at all?06:03
kamalnandanHi I am facing some problem while running this command on Ubuntu06:41
kamalnandan"apt-get install devscripts"06:41
kamalnandanwhen i use this command, the command window turn blue in color and i see the following text there, and I am not getting what to do next, because it doesnt seem to accept any keyboard input like "Enter" or something..06:43
kamalnandanI see the foollowing text:06:43
kamalnandanPackage configuration06:43
kamalnandanany clue guys?06:43
Hobbseekamalnandan: a debconf prompt?  try hitting tab before hitting enter07:52
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james_wapw: responsiveness under IO load seems to have dropped again a little with 2.6.31-3.19, do you see the same thing?10:30
YokoZarHey what happened to the guest account in Karmic?10:32
james_wthe new gdm made the old way not work I believe10:33
james_wor perhaps it's just that the new gdm doesn't have the changes to expose the guest account in fusa10:33
YokoZarMakes sense10:35
apwjames_w, i think i didn't notice a change till i got -4, and i note i got my loadave values back at the same time10:55
apwactually it was one of -3 or -4 that i was suspicious of ... i wasn;t paying 100% attention10:56
james_wI'll try -410:56
apwi only really get hurt by it when i build kernels, and i don't do that on my interactive machine regularly enough to know for sure.10:57
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timboythere are major issues with intel gma x4500 series. in jaunty no acceleration support and in karmic alpha 3 won't even boot to gnome. dumps me at 1.646916 ---[ end trace aa828b042a8fcdcc4 ]---19:24
timboyif I slap in an nvidia card it boots fine. but onboard is crap. *HATING intel right now19:25
dtchencody-somerville: please file a bug report against alsa-lib (tentatively) with a precise description, including versions, of the involved software.19:46
timboyI don't know any more than that. how can I file a bug?19:52
dtchentimboy: tried disabling KMS?19:53
timboyhow do I do that?19:54
timboydtchen, ^^20:01
dtchentimboy: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/KernelModeSetting. you can use =0 to disable.20:03
Kovertcan I get help with an issue I am having as I tried to get to Alpha 3 http://pastebin.com/d6e5674d120:47
timboydid you sudo apt-get -f install?20:48
Koverttimboy: do you want the output of that20:50
timboynope i've got to go. would probably help someone else help u though.20:50
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Kovertany one help me20:51
KovertOutput of install -f20:52
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stoneranyone here?22:23
stoneri guess not!!!!! :(22:25
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TwoToneSpiritI'm just learning Python.  Can anybody point to a good introductory page on writing GUI programs for Ubuntu using Python?23:39
Shane_FaganTwoToneSpirit: This isnt a development support channel. Its here for talking about developing ubuntu. That being said have a look here http://www.pygtk.org/pygtk2tutorial/index.html23:41
Shane_FaganIts an old one but there is a lot of good topics covered23:41
TwoToneSpiritShane_Fagan: Where is the development support channel?  Thank you for the link :-)23:41
Shane_FaganTwoToneSpirit: try #python23:42
TwoToneSpiritShane_Fagan: Yeah, I'm in #python, but since it was ubuntu specific, I thought I'd ask here since my long-term goal is to be able to help you all.23:42
Shane_FaganThe more the merrier23:43
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