shtylmananyone know how I put in translations/requests for the new words I added?04:01
kim0Hi there .. Is there any installer pre-seed statement that would clear away old disk layouts, especially old raid layouts .. such that they will not try to activate upon system's first boot ?08:44
kim0Morning cjwatson :D08:53
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cr3Jul 26 14:24:50 in-target:   usb-creator: Depends: usb-creator-gtk but it is not installable15:25
cr3Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala" - Alpha amd64 (20090726)15:26
davmor2cr3: why isn't it installable?15:30
cr3davmor2: unmet dependencies15:32
davmor2cr3: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/daily/current/report.html15:46
davmor2you're right it's broken :)15:46
cr3davmor2: thanks, I keep forgetting to look at those reports15:47
davmor2cr3: :)  It happens I don't bother unless there is a problem :)15:49
cr3I wonder if it's machine generated so that I might have a hope of parsing it15:50
davmor2cr3: I think it is reported by the build server15:53
davmor2cjwatson: should be able to tell you tomorrow15:54
shtylmanevand: how do I add translations? I have added new items (breadcrumbs) and the "Installation Process" label and I think all of those need translations...?16:05
shtylmanevand: also, I have some more changes/fixes I just commited into my branch.. merge request or is telling you enough :) ?16:26
evandshtylman: debian/ubiquity.templates18:24
shtylmanadd it to the end?18:24
evandshtylman: it should be of the form ubiquity/text/name_of_the_widget18:24
evandindeed, or wherever looks the most logical18:25
evandand yes, telling me is enough18:25
shtylmanalright... then don't merge yet ... I will do the template additions as well so you don't have to merge as much18:25
evandSure, though you should be able to do the merge yourself.18:25
evandbeing in ~ubuntu-installer18:25
shtylmansince when?18:26
evandoh, I thought we had already made you a member of the team.  You have my vote though18:28
evandshtylman: I've conferred with Colin and he agrees.  I've added you to the team.18:32
shtylmancool ... now I need to be extra careful with what I do :)18:32
evandDo keep invasive, major changes in separate branches and speak with the rest of the team before merging them.  But feel free to directly commit regular fixes.18:32
evandexactly :)18:33
shtylmangotcha...no prob at all18:33
evandfantastic.  Again, great work this cycle and last.  Glad to have you aboard.18:35
shtylmanthanks... its great working with yall; yall have been very helpful to all my questions18:36
evandglad to hear it.  Do let me know if you need help with anything else.18:38
Riddellyay for shtylman18:39
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