pmatulisi'm using encyclopedia (factoids) plugin, i'm trying to get it to reply to users in-channel (instead of privately) when i do '!<factoid> | <nick>'01:04
ongunwho can help to me10:02
Mamarokongun: just ask10:02
ongunpc give : initramfs errors10:03
ongunwhat can i do ?10:03
Mamarokongun: you should ask this in #ubuntu or #kubuntu, this is not a support channel here10:03
Mamaroksee the /topic10:04
onguni asked but nobody didn/cant help ?10:04
Mamarokongun: you need to be patient, it's Sunday so most people are just not around10:07
Mamarokbut support questions need to go to either #ubuntu or #kubuntu10:07
Garfeildbazhang: hello12:10
Garfeildcan you help us?12:10
Myrttiis it something that only bazhang can help?12:14
Garfeildhm...i think no)12:16
Garfeildwe has problem with one user12:16
Garfeildhe was banned on channel by our ops, but he coninues to come back to our channel12:17
bazhangGarfeild, who is it12:27
A4Techbazhang: We need more fat ban list:)13:16
[Green]bazhang: ops of the #ubuntu-ru wish to ask to set +L on the channel #ubuntu-ru13:16
[Green]we often do not have a limit 5013:16
nikoyou should use akick13:16
nikowe do that on #ubuntu-fr*13:16
bazhangis 50 too small?13:17
nikoand now we don't need +L13:17
nikoalso use temporary ban13:17
nikowith a bot13:17
[Green]bazhang: sometimes13:17
A4Techniko akick, I think this is the last way out13:17
bazhang[Green], sometimes better to quiet and chat, then dont need to ban13:18
nikoA4Tech: depends, normaly we use bot for temporary ban13:18
bazhang[Green], +m user and PM13:18
nikowhen akick needed13:18
nikowe vote with other ops13:18
nikobazhang: or +b and forward to op channel13:18
bazhangA4Tech, is smiges a big problem?13:18
nikobetter than +m13:18
[Green]bazhang: we try13:18
A4Techsmiges ?13:19
bazhang[Green], true it does not always work13:19
bazhangA4Tech, he has been banned for more than a month, came in here the other day asking to be unbanned13:19
bazhang6/23 banned iirc13:20
A4Techbazhang: http://forum.ubuntu.ru/index.php?topic=44379.msg470355#msg470355 2 page...13:20
bazhangA4Tech, [Green] if you feel setting channel limit is the best option, then you know the channel much better than me13:20
bazhangA4Tech, you guys have turned that channel around to be very good, so I believe in you 100%13:21
nikoA4Tech: or put +R mode13:22
A4Techbazhang That's good, so we turned to you, that would make it even better:)13:22
A4Techniko Already13:22
A4TechHow would it not sound ... but the Russians have a character of ... very bad13:23
bazhangA4Tech, if you feel that is best then I think you should try it out13:23
A4Techsome people13:23
bazhangA4Tech, not really bad; just not used to IRC rules and protocol13:23
bazhangA4Tech, believe me, badly behaved users are in *all* channels13:24
A4Techbazhang No no, this is specifically13:24
bazhangA4Tech, I understand, some really *problem* users13:24
bazhangjust want to make trouble/troll13:25
bazhangA4Tech, [Green] if you need to discuss more, or have already decided, then please let me know what you decide, or if you need any assistance13:26
A4Techbazhang: The fact that the problem is not solved, it is 100%, and from it we will have to leave the more complex methods.13:27
bazhangA4Tech, they are multiple ban evaders13:28
[Green]bazhang: we have tried all methods, except +L13:28
bazhang[Green], then it seems a way to try13:28
A4TechYes, it would be easiest.13:28
bazhangwe can't spend *all* our time on IRC :)13:29
A4Techbazhang Who is it really much13:29
bazhangA4Tech, [Green] whatever you decide is best I am supporting you 100%13:30
A4Teche.g. [Green] :)13:30
bazhangwe need to sleep *sometimes* :)13:30
[Green]yeah )13:31
A4Techubuntuhelp works for us:)13:31
bazhangubuntuhelp is GREAT!13:31
bazhangI have to go eat dinner right now (or I will get in trouble) :)13:33
bazhangtalk to you later guys :)13:34
A4Tech.. and13:35
A4TechOkay, suppose I have to clear the ban list, and then comes a man who blocked the ball and I have to block it again, he goes on, the board and there crying for a couple of pages. What to do? because I was forced to lift the ban that would exempt for another person13:35
A4Techbazhang ^13:35
bazhangA4Tech, yep, I understand it; I read that page13:35
bazhangA4Tech, seems +L it is then13:36
A4TechThis applies not only to the page you are reading at the moment13:36
bazhangbut I reaaally need to eat dinner now :)13:37
bazhangtalk more about this later, OK?13:37
[Green]bazhang: bon appetit)13:37
nikoubottu without cloak14:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about without cloak14:13
elkyoh wow, it woke up finally14:17
elkylets hope that sends it to #ubuntu14:54
elkywheeee, it did14:54
nhandlerelky: Very interesting way to make it join another channel. And that could be abused by someone else.15:04
elkysomeone who needs to have op access, but yes.15:04
nhandlerelky: Well, they don't need to be an Ubuntu OP. They just need to be an OP in a channel where ubottu has joined15:05
elkyyes, and we tend to be watchful over where we let it join to begin with. if it's abused it gets retracted from channels.15:06
Myrttiemergency situations call for emergency deeds15:07
Flare183The bot is down17:41
nikoelky: ubottu down, look like17:44
Myrttiniko: we know17:45
nikook, sorry for highlight so :)17:45

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