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Kernel_n00bHmmm... where can I ask questions regarding Linux Kernel ? (Memory Swapping to be exact) ?23:20
Kernel_n00bHello ?23:22
billybigriggermight take awhile to get an answer23:27
billybigriggerbut someone usually does answer23:27
Kernel_n00bSo I'd better just post it here.....23:32
Kernel_n00bI need to measure the time consume by the Page-Fault process.23:33
billybigriggerbest bet ya23:33
Kernel_n00bI'm trying to measure the software's overhead (no including the HDD overhead).23:33
Kernel_n00bI'm using Ubuntu 9.04 running Linux Kernel 2.6.2823:33
Kernel_n00bI have a small application which generates Page-Fault and then calculate the time (user mode) it is handled.23:33
Kernel_n00bIn order to deduce the IO (HDD) Time, I try to wrap the following section:23:33
Kernel_n00bfile : linux/mm/page_io.c23:33
Kernel_n00bfunction: int swap_readpage()23:33
Kernel_n00bbio = get_swap_bio(GFP_KERNEL, page_private(page), page,23:34
Kernel_n00bIs this the correct location ?23:34
Kernel_n00bIn addition, in order to time the process correctly, I couldn't decide whether I should use "gettimeoftheday()" , RDTSC (on Intel's CPU) or maybe the new Intel's HPET.23:34
Kernel_n00bAny Suggestion ?23:34
Kernel_n00bThank you for your help.23:34

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