nelleryjacob: mostly good now, but section should be games since it's not an actual game00:35
nelleryrather a pidgin plugin00:35
nelleryso it should be net00:35
nellerybut I'll advocate and leave a comment for the uploader to change it00:35
SarvattDepends: libc6 (>= 2.4), libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.12.0) in the binary deb created from that, no libpurple0 or pidgin?00:52
Sarvattshould it be pidgin-gfire since its a pidgin plugin?00:53
quidnuncWhat's the command to extract the control file from a deb? (Or any other command that will give me a list of dependencies from a deb)00:54
quidnuncI'll ask in #ubuntu00:56
jacobnellery: sounds good, thanks again.00:58
nelleryjacob: ah, right, you're missing a dependency on pidgin01:02
jacobnellery: oops? i am?01:03
jacobah, didn't see the scrollback01:03
Sarvattquidnunc: dpkg -I01:04
quidnuncSarvatt: Thanks01:12
jacobnellery: fixed both & uploaded01:13
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hemanthhi,i am packing pidginguifications-2.16 , got a build time error as checking for XML::Parser... configure: error: XML::Parser perl module is required for intltool make: *** [config.status] Error 1 . So i added dependencies "libxml-parser-perl" in the control file , but got the same error again , how do i move about ?04:34
kamalnandanHi..good morning folks06:20
kamalnandanHi..I am facing some problems while using this command "apt-get install devscripts"06:34
kamalnandanwhen I issue this command, the command window turns blue, with the title "Package configuration"06:35
kamalnandanand after that I see the following message:06:36
kamalnandan âââââââââââââââââââââââââ⤠Postfix Configuration ââââââââââââââââââââââââââ06:36
kamalnandanwhat do i need to do now?06:37
kamalnandanany clue guys?06:37
jmarsdenkamalnandan: You need to configure postfix :)  devscripts wants to be able to send email from your machine, and so it oulls in postfix so it can do that.07:09
dmentregaspa: I've seen you have started round 3. Thanks!10:00
james_wdmentre: anything for main in this round?10:02
kamalnandanI am new to Ubuntu package development..I am following the following tutorial and the given example to learn basic ubuntu packaging..10:02
dmentrejames_w: yes. ledit. See LP bug 404470. I'm done a mass-sync.txt. Let me know if this is correct or not10:03
kamalnandanI followed the example given therein at the link..but when I use the command "debuild-S", the packaging fails..10:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 404470 in pcre-ocaml "[3.11.1 transition][round 3/6] Please synchronize following packages from Debian sid in Karmic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40447010:03
james_wkamalnandan: what's the message you get?10:03
kamalnandanjames_w: thanks for your reply..:-)..I get the following error message:10:05
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kamalnandanmake[1]: *** No rule to make target `distclean'.  Stop.10:05
kamalnandanmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/kamal/work/packaging/hello/hello/hello-2.4'10:05
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james_wis there a Makefile?10:05
kamalnandanthe "rules" file is there..where at the top I have declared "#! /usr/bin/make -f".10:06
kamalnandanand in the file, I have a target like as follows:10:06
kamalnandanrm -f build10:06
kamalnandan-$(MAKE) -i distclean10:06
kamalnandanthe target is "clean"..10:07
kamalnandanand the last 4 lines are the rules to make the target10:07
kamalnandanthough I have used make files in the past, but not this rules file and its not quite clear10:08
kamalnandani simply copied the rules script from the following link:10:08
james_wthat looks ok to me10:10
james_wand it shouldn't fail10:11
james_was it has "-" at the start of the distclean line10:11
james_wdoes the message you get actually terminate the build?10:11
kamalnandanjames_w: not really, that doesnt termintae the build..10:12
kamalnandani get some other message too further ahead..10:12
james_wdmentre: ACKed10:12
gaspadmentre: yes, I've uploaded this morning part of the round3.10:13
james_wI'll look at the rest as well10:13
gaspanow i've to go out... :)10:13
james_wkamalnandan: that's ok then10:13
james_wkamalnandan: you can change "-$(MAKE) -i distclean" to "[ ! -f Makefile ] || $(MAKE) -i distclean" to avoid the message10:13
kamalnandanjames_w: I will just copy and paste the other errors too10:14
dmentrejames_w: many thanks! I need to leave the channel.10:14
dmentregaspa: ok, see you later10:15
kamalnandanok..james_w, but i am just pasting the other errors as well :10:16
kamalnandanrm -f build10:16
kamalnandanmake[1]: Entering directory `/home/kamal/work/packaging/hello/hello/hello-2.4'10:16
kamalnandanmake[1]: *** No rule to make target `distclean'.  Stop.10:16
kamalnandanmake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/kamal/work/packaging/hello/hello/hello-2.4'10:16
kamalnandanmake: [clean] Error 2 (ignored)10:16
kamalnandan dpkg-source -b hello-2.410:16
kamalnandandpkg-source: info: using source format `1.0'10:16
kamalnandandpkg-source: info: building hello in hello_2.4-0Ubuntu1.tar.gz10:16
kamalnandandpkg-source: info: building hello in hello_2.4-0Ubuntu1.dsc10:16
kamalnandan dpkg-genchanges -S >../hello_2.4-0Ubuntu1_source.changes10:16
kamalnandandpkg-genchanges: including full source code in upload10:16
kamalnandandpkg-buildpackage: source only upload: Debian-native package10:16
kamalnandanNow running lintian...10:16
kamalnandanwarning: lintian's authors do not recommend running it with root privileges!10:16
kamalnandanW: hello source: debian-rules-ignores-make-clean-error line 13210:16
kamalnandanW: hello source: bad-homepage aqsis.org10:16
kamalnandanW: hello source: native-package-with-dash-version10:16
kamalnandanFinished running lintian.10:16
kamalnandanNow signing changes and any dsc files...10:16
kamalnandan signfile hello_2.4-0Ubuntu1.dsc Kamal Nandan <kamal.nandan@gmail.com>10:16
kamalnandangpg: skipped "Kamal Nandan <kamal.nandan@gmail.com>": secret key not available10:16
iuliankamalnandan: Stop it.10:16
kamalnandangpg: [stdin]: clearsign failed: secret key not available10:16
kamalnandandebsign: gpg error occurred!  Aborting....10:16
kamalnandandebuild: fatal error at line 1250:10:17
tuantubkamalnandan: just use paste service  :-ss10:17
kamalnandanrunning debsign failed10:17
iulian!pastebin | kamalnandan10:17
ubottukamalnandan: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)10:17
kamalnandansorry..I am new to IRC..and am not aware of the etiquettes of IRC..10:18
james_wkamalnandan: the failure was a failure to sign10:19
james_w"debuild -S -uc -us" will avoid that10:19
kamalnandanjames_w: ok, I will just try that..10:20
kamalnandanBTW, I just used paste.ubuntu.com..:-)..and here is the link..10:20
kamalnandanjames_w, I dont see any error after executing this command that you gave to me, but I dont see any .deb file getting created..10:24
kamalnandanshouldnt it create a .deb file in the parent directory?10:24
james_wremove "-S" if you want a deb file10:24
tuantubkamalnandan: remove or comment the line : /usr/bin/make -i distclean10:24
tuantubkamalnandan: in debian/rules to avoid error while building package10:25
kamalnandandeb file is the package file..am i right?10:26
kamalnandantuantub: ok..i will do that10:27
james_wtuantub: no need10:27
james_wkamalnandan: correct, however "debuild -S" means "build a source package"10:28
james_wrun "debuild -uc -us" if you want a .deb10:28
* tuantub :-/10:29
kamalnandanwhats the diff between a source package and .deb package..?10:29
kamalnandanas far as i know, .deb package is meant for delivering to the consumer..its a kind of installer and the user doesnt need the source..10:30
kamalnandanand .deb shouldnt be containg the source..10:30
james_wa source package is what developers work with though10:30
james_wit's damn hard to make changes to a .deb10:30
james_wso we would with a source package that contains the source10:31
james_wthen we build that to produce binary packages that the user installs10:31
james_wa source package is either unpacked or packed10:31
james_wyou are working from an unpacked source package directory10:31
kamalnandanyes..so why would a developer need a source package..because developer anyway is having the source files..isnt it?..yes though unpacked..10:31
james_w"debuild -S" means pack this source package so that I can send it to someone else or to an archive10:32
kamalnandanbut one can easily pack the source file using "tar" and gzip10:32
james_w"debuild" means take this unpacked source package and build it to give the .debs10:32
james_wyeah, but we have a command to automate it10:32
kamalnandantar and gzip too are commands and not that lengthy..why make all that effort of going via ubuntu packaging process..10:33
james_wdo it with tar and gzip if you like10:34
james_wgiven that I do that operation many times a day I would rather just have a single command to do it10:34
kamalnandansorry..i am new to packaging as well..i am asking so many questions that would be "stupid" from an expert's viewpoint..10:35
james_wI just don't see why you are arguing that we should make people put *more* effort in :-)10:36
james_wit's the opposite of what people normally say about Ubuntu development10:36
kamalnandanI am saying this, because I have never done this..and I have been using tar and gzip so far..i dont have any experience in packaging..10:38
kamalnandani have been told to build an ubuntu package for a project..and I am trying to learn the basics first..infact, source packaging I was not really on my agenda(as per my knowledge)..i had just assumed that I have to package a set of binaries and shared objects so that when the package gets installed, the user can run the program..10:40
kamalnandanbut now it seems much more is implied in packaging..10:40
kamalnandannevertheless..its going on getting interesting..and I think I would be able to appreciate the process more when I have a better understanding of the same..10:41
james_wdmentre: ocaml-libvirt doesn't build10:47
james_wDepends: libgettext-ocaml-dev (> 0.3.2-2) but it is not installable10:50
dmentrejames_w: ack. searching...10:57
dmentrejames_w: ocaml-gettext is in round 4, libvirt in round3. Depedencies of libvirt must have changed with 0.6 version11:00
dmentrejames_w: I suggest to move libvirt in round 5. I'll check which packages depend on libvirt11:02
dmentrejames_w: ok, virt-top (currently in round 5) depends on libvirt so move virt-top to round 611:06
dmentrejames_w: oops, sorry. You said *>* 0.3.2-2!!11:09
dmentreI'll ask debian developers11:09
dmentreIn the meantime, we can drop libvirt and virt-top. As far as I know, no other packages depend on them.11:11
dmentrejames_w: just to be sure: "libgettext-ocaml-dev (>> 0.3.2-2)" means "strictly greater than 0.3.2-2"??11:13
dmentrejames_w: ok, found it: http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html11:14
dmentrejames_w: email sent, waiting for answer.11:21
geserdmentre: would it be possible to include the other archs in your ocaml transition monitor too? so we have a better overview11:40
james_wthanks dmentre11:42
dmentregeser: yes. Where can I find Packages.gz for those arch?11:51
geserfrom where did you get the ones for i386 and amd64?11:52
dmentregeser: http://ftp.ubuntu.com/ubuntu11:54
Laneydmentre: ports.u.c11:54
dmentreLaney: thanks11:55
dmentregeser: as the host is different, I need to change the code which is not designed for that. That might take a while.11:55
dmentreOr I can simply made a second version for ports11:56
dmentreI'll look at it11:56
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k0pHello guys!13:35
k0pIf a software make a release after freeze feature no way to include it in 9.10 official repositories?13:36
k0pjoaopinto, is it suppose appear something in private message?13:37
k0pit changes a bit since last year.13:38
Laneyyou can request a feature freeze exception for new upstream releases13:38
Laneywe don't seem to have a bot currently13:39
k0pwhere I can request?13:39
iuliank0p: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess13:39
iulianLaney: Yea, ubbotu is on holiday, it seems.13:39
k0pbtw last year I saw a system where the new package is upload and reviews make coments, votes etc. Is it exists?13:39
joaopintok0p, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/13:42
k0pyeah revu :>13:42
k0pbtw you're Portuguese, right?13:43
arandSo, I'm trying to patch goffice, and apparently it has no patch system in use, not even a patching entry in debian/rules, I have the thing from the packaging wiki that should be added to the rules file to allow stand-alone patch-system-less patches, now I wonder, where and how should I add it? I'm assuming the order in the rules file matters.13:52
dmentregeser: ports specific version done: http://bentobako.org/ubuntu-ocaml-status/transition_monitor/ports_transition_monitor.html14:00
geserdmentre: thanks, the situation looks pretty good on the other archs14:01
dmentregeser: yes. After a while, one needs to look at individual cases to check for build failures.14:03
dmentregeser: should I remove hppa? Supported arch?14:03
geseryou can remove hppa, IIRC it's not supported in karmic anymore and for previous release only on a best-effort basis14:04
simon-ohi, I filed a sync in request in bug 403565 but the sync failed because a package in main should be replaced by a package in universe. I'm not sure on how to proceed. Any ideas?14:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 403565 in lyx "Sync lyx 1.6.3-4 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40356514:08
gesersimon-o: which source package latex-xft-fonts belong now?14:09
Laneyso l-x-f moved from its own source package to lyx14:10
simon-ogeser: lyx. latex-xft-fonts is a transitional package for ttf-lyx. So ttf-lyx should be moved to main14:10
simon-oLaney: yes14:10
Laneysimon-o: you can file a request to this effect14:10
geserit was part of lyx in the past already?14:12
simon-ogeser: No it wasn't14:12
simon-oIt's in it's own source package14:13
arandHum, should I even bother about making a stand-alone .patch if the current package does not use them at all?14:14
bdrung_hi, how can i determine which is the latest version of a source package (currently karmic)? i want to use this information in an shell script.14:18
dmentregeser: hppa removed14:18
geserbdrung_: for a shell script I'd suggest using rmadison14:19
bdrung_geser: thanks14:20
bdrung_that's what i want14:20
gesersimon-o: don't know what the best course in the lyx case, as moving tty-lyx would require moving the lyx source package to main (even if lyx itself stays in universe)14:22
simon-ogeser: ok, any idea whom I may ask on how to proceed?14:23
geserI would suggest asking someone from the ~ubuntu-mir team14:24
simon-ogeser: thanks, I'll do that14:26
arandIs there anyplace else I could get some answers to my patching woes?14:27
geserarand: if the source package doesn't use a patch system, patch directly14:31
arandgeser: so just honk and drive without no stand-alone .patch files?14:32
arandgeser: Since in reading the packaging guide they still seem to recommed using the simple .patch + rules file entry patching scheme, even if the package does not use a patching system, but that does simplyfiy things a lot, so it think I will take you advice ;)14:34
geserarand: but this end in most cases the package using both direct patching and patches through a patch system14:47
arandgeser: ah, so the point of stand-alone patches is kinda lost anyways?14:49
geseryes for the most part14:50
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lfaraoneIf I have a package with a RFS in debian (update to an existing package I maintain), is it poor form to request an ubuntu1 MOTU upload in the meantime (I'm worried I won't meet the FF deadline)17:24
hyperairif you make sure that your orig.tar.gz matches, then it should be fine17:25
c_kornhm, how does it come blender 2.49a is not in karmic yet? it is in debian but https://merges.ubuntu.com/universe.html comments it with: Awaiting 2.49a from upstream...17:36
geserc_korn: my guess: the person who added the comment got busy and didn't had time to do the merge or so17:37
c_korngeser: must have gotten quite busy then. debian has it since June 1st.17:39
lfaraonehyperair: matches?17:46
hyperairlfaraone: simply put, the orig.tar.gz that enters ubuntu *must* be exactly the same as the one that enters debian17:48
hyperairor hell will break loose.17:48
geserc_korn: you are free to help with the merge17:58
c_korngeser: I did not know I have permissions. how can I help?17:59
geserc_korn: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging18:18
arandWhen I run debsign -S on a .changes file what does it send to gpg in order to identify the key? Unless I specify it manually it's unable to find it...18:49
james_warand: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DeveloperGuide/Uploading#Signing%20the%20package18:56
AnAntHello, I'm working on sl-modem package, I'm trying to get udev support on it, problem is that I don't have a smartlink modem now, anyone interested in testing it ?18:58
AnAntanyone who has a smartlink modem of course18:58
arandjames_w: but is that really correct? since when I run the command there (dpkg-...) I get out "My Name <my@email.com>" and if I do gpg --list-secret-keys "My Name <my@email.com>" Id does not find anything. However If I only send "My Name" or "<my@email.com>" to gpg it _does_ find the relevant key... What!?19:02
james_warand: well, it's correct. The issue you describe is why you get the problem19:03
james_wyou need to be more precise if you would like help in identifying the issue19:04
james_we.g. actual command output19:04
james_wthey need to match on the byte level19:04
arandjames_w: Ah, there it is, the comment, blurgh, ok now I get it.19:06
james_warand: feel free to edit the wiki if you think the comment thing should be more explicit19:10
AnAntjames_w: are you a  ubuntu-main-sponsor ?19:12
james_wI am I think19:12
AnAntjames_w: can you look at this: LP 40456119:12
AnAntbug 40456119:13
AnAntCandidate revision debhelper_7.3.8ubuntu119:13
AnAntwhat happened to ubuto ?19:14
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geserit's his day off :)19:21
AnAnterm, I take this as a joke, right /19:21
james_wAnAnt: it's dinner now, I'll keep it open in my browser though19:22
AnAntjames_w: ok, thanks19:22
nhandlerAnAnt: The issue has been reported, and I believe that they are working on getting him back up and running again19:23
lfaraonejames_w: hey, would you have a chance to sponsor a new-upstream-version to a package of mine? (python library, small)20:01
rippscould a motu sync the version of xvattr from debian unstable into Karmic? The current version is broken20:30
dtchenyou can file the sync request20:31
AnAntripps: it's easy, just run: requestsync -s <source package> karmic20:33
rippsAnAnt: I get a bunch of python errors when I run that command20:34
AnAntripps:  hmmm, do you use --lp option ?20:34
rippsAnAnt: no20:34
rippsShould I?20:34
AnAntripps: wierd20:34
AnAntripps: well, I got problems with --lp option, so I don't use it20:34
rippsAnAnt: the problem seems to be in ubuntutools/lp/lpapiwrapper.py20:36
rippsbunch of errors with it20:36
AnAntripps: are you using karmic now ?20:36
rippsAnAnt: yes20:36
geserripps: I assume then you run karmic then20:37
geserripps: which errors so I can fix them?20:37
rippslet me pastbin it20:37
rippsgeser: http://pastebin.com/f372d309520:38
geserripps: how did you call requestsync?20:39
rippsjust as AnAnt told me to: requestsync -s xvattr karmic20:40
geserripps: call once "manage-credentials create -c ubuntu-dev-tools -l 2" to setup once the access to the LP API20:41
AnAntgeser: is that needed if he doesn't use --lp ?20:41
rippsgeser: what level of acces do I want?20:41
geserAnAnt: looks like, the script uses the LP API to fetch some data about a source package (version, component) or uses it to check if one needs sponsorship even when one mails the report20:43
AnAntoh yes20:43
geserripps: write public (e.g. for filing sync requests)20:43
AnAntgeser: I see in the changelog something about checking if someone needs sponsorship20:43
rippsgeser: so, "change non-private data"20:43
geserripps: yes20:44
AnAntbut why do this check if the user explicitly specified -s ?20:44
geserAnAnt: yes, I don't know if there is way to do it without using LP API or screen-scraping LP pages (which is also bad)20:45
rippsgeser AnAnt: xvattr doesn't appear to exist in debian20:45
geserAnAnt: I plan to look at the script to rewrite some parts and see if it's possible to make it less dependend on the LP API if one doesn't use the --lp switch20:45
geserripps: so this package came from some other source (repository)20:47
dtchendebian-multimedia.org, it looks like20:47
rippsdtchen: oh, I might have20:48
rippsWould it be possible to sync from that repo?20:48
dtchenripps: yes, it can be done20:49
gesersure, but you have to file a sync request by hand20:49
lfaraoneShould REVU be used for updates to existing packages? (not patches, a new upstream version)20:50
Laneysubmit a .diff.gz to the bug20:50
lfaraoneOk, any sponsors lurking around?21:13
gaspajames_w: could you please do a rebuild of gmetadom package.21:29
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ScottKIf someone has a decent example of a package that uses debhelper 7 style short rules and builds multiple binaries, I'd appreciate a pointer towards it.22:12
LaneyScottK: banshee does22:15
LaneyIt has some overrides though22:15
ScottKLaney: Thanks.22:15
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directhexLaney, wasn't banshee cdbs?23:52
directhexoh yeah, didn't hyperair reqrite it?23:52
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Laneydirecthex: looks like it23:59

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