bdrung_asac: still awake?00:50
bdrung_asac: mozgest is ready: https://code.launchpad.net/~bdrung/firefox-extensions/mozgest.ubuntu/+merge/928000:52
nikolamhi. When will we push seamonkey 1.1.1710:54
nikolamto Hardy, Interpid.10:58
nikolami am using it for some time now, I get source from PPA of gnomefreak10:59
nikolamI see no reason for 1.1.17 Seamonkey not to be pushed to Karmic, Interpid and Hardy. (I am on hardy 64)11:00
asacnikolam: yes. thats on my list to do11:29
asace.g. gnomefreak asked me to sponsor it and i failed to follow up yet.11:30
nikolamasac, I can do testing if wanted11:31
nikolamI run 64-bit hardy, i can do testing in vm`s for other versions , too and 32 bit11:32
asacnikolam: cool. please add https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ppa to your sources everywhere11:32
asacthats the staging area where we will put security updates a few days before we roll it to the masses11:32
nikolamasac will see to it, where is reporting of results of testing done?11:33
asacnikolam: at best complain here if there are regressions11:33
asacnikolam: if you give positive feedback thats even better11:33
nikolamok :)11:34
asacnikolam: i am preparing the bits now. so in a few hours there should be hardy - karmic builds to test in that archive12:29
nikolamasac, will see to it. I will probably test hardy on my working hardy 6412:31
nikolamwill prepare other ones12:31
asacnikolam: that would be precious12:31
nikolambut i use it on it for some time now, since, i made it myself hihi12:32
asacmaybe i should use gnomefreaks tarball rather than minde12:33
nikolamasac it dies sometimes like 1.1.5 was12:34
* asac wants to be nice)12:34
asacnikolam: dies?12:34
asacnikolam: what dies?12:34
asac(sorry i think I lack context here)12:34
nikolamyup, i have big inbox`es and news and bunch of windows12:34
nikolamseamonkey, after few hours of hard work :)12:35
nikolambut i also have flash plugin 10 latest  :)12:35
asacare you also running 2.0beta1?12:35
nikolamnevermint, see in few hours :)12:35
asacor was it alphoa3?12:35
asacnikolam: yeah12:36
nikolamI have it installed12:36
asacnikolam: does it work good12:36
nikolam2 works ok12:36
asacor even better than 1.1.7?12:36
nikolamhmm, havent been there for a long time and not shure what version of SM 2 is that , will check12:36
asacjust wondering if we should rather put 2.0 beta in karmic12:37
asacthan sticking yet another round with 1.1.712:37
asacthan sticking yet another round with 1.1.x12:37
nikolam 2.0~b1~hg20090512r2611+nobinonly-0ubuntu1.8.04~jjv12:37
asacyeah i think they even released b1 upstream already12:37
nikolamasac, Me thinking, 2-0 should sit beside 1.x for now.. it`s not released officially yet12:38
asacyeah ... well, but its really not used by many so having it side-by-side means extra effort12:38
asacwrt security et al12:38
nikolamI know, but I won`t count on 2.0 to be for production use, untill upstream says so.12:39
nikolamfor testing, quite ok12:39
nikolamIt is shame btw, that Debian ditched SM (Iceape) from its repos12:40
asacnikolam: thought they only ditchted it from stble release12:43
asacbut not from unstable12:43
asacits a security support problem12:44
nikolamasac, i think its not there at all. I think it was unmaintained12:44
asacnoone has the time to do mozilla security support12:44
asaci did that for a good amount of time, but nobody else felt like its their obligation12:44
asacnow i stopped it for debian12:44
nikolamas i know, mozilla security support is just publishing newer versions of products, yes?12:44
asac(i even was accussed of doing it wrong, which is really ridiculous)12:45
asacnikolam: thats the case until mozilla stops to support their software. then its painful backporting12:45
asacwhich is what i basically did12:45
asac(even though folks are lame they somehow get new upstreams uploaded)12:46
asacso the problem was that for years i prepared the individual patches/backports; sent them to all the right folks12:46
asacand ended doing _all_ packages on my own12:46
nikolamI am fully interested in doing SM stuff, since I ma using it for very long time. i lack some experience with ppa`s and package management, etc12:47
asacnikolam: its really not that hard to prepare new upstream packages for seamonkey12:47
asacwe have pretty good branches .. that make it rather trivial12:47
asacif you want to help out on mozilla packaging just stay in this channel ;)12:48
nikolamI plan to add enigmail for seamonkey later.12:48
nikolamOKi :)12:48
asacnikolam: enigmail is probably the worst task you could start with12:48
nikolamBut it is done on enigmail forum, i made it myself using instructions there12:49
asacits really difficult. i packaged it up in an ugly way at some point by doing some crazy build system hackage ...12:49
nikolamOk, but later ok.12:49
asacok ;)12:49
asacproblem is that you need a full source tree to produce enigmail, while want to produce it outside12:50
asacok ttyl12:50
nikolamyes, I also needed to compile all SM to produce enigmail, too12:50
asacok hardy is uploading ... intrepid, jaunty, karmic will happen right afterwards12:50
asacnikolam: right thats basically the problem12:50
nikolamNice, will do it in an hour or so12:50
asacnikolam: the current enigmail package builds against system seamonkey ... which is the hard part of ti12:51
nikolamasac, maybe putting just .xpi i deb :)12:51
asacnikolam: problem is that enigmail has binary stuff in it, so it needs to get built for every arch12:51
asacso we cannot just use .xpi packaging ;)12:51
nikolamsee this12:51
nikolamOk, cu l8r man12:52
bdrung_asac: did you saw my merge request for mozgest?13:20
asacbdrung_: yes. thats next on my list13:21
asacseamonkey sponsoring request was like 20 days old :(13:21
bdrung_asac: thanks13:21
* asac wonders if i can just "pull" a merge request ;)13:21
bdrung_maybe pull and push requests should be implemented ;)13:22
bdrung_asac: in this case you could just pull it.13:23
asacbdrung_: hmm. maybe consider to use topic names for your branches ;)13:23
asaclike mozgest.ubuntu.2.1.karmic13:23
asacor something13:23
bdrung_asac: ok, i will try to remember for the next time13:24
asacin that way you dont need to trash your branch and you can just mark it as merged and keep it for reference13:24
asacalso i can just brnach both in the same dir without needing to htink about a dir name ;)13:24
bdrung_asac: or i become motu and push directly to the repository :)13:25
asacbdrung_: can you please make a release commit ?13:25
asaclike: dch -r -Dkarmic13:25
asacthen debcommit -r13:25
asace.g. i i run iot like that i own the changelog afterwards13:26
asacwhich i dont want ... i can modify the changelog manually if you dont want to do that now13:26
asaclet me know13:26
bdrung_i will do it.13:27
asacok greawt.13:28
asacbdrung_: usually i prefer a commit like: RELEASE 0.0-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/karmic13:28
asacbut the debcommit -r does releasing version 0.0-0ubuntu113:28
asacso i usually do:13:28
asacdebcommit -r -e13:28
asacand then append the "to ubuntu/karmic" ;)13:28
* asac tries to take a mental note to improve decommit -r13:29
asacbut if you dont care a debcommit -r is good enough ;)13:29
asac(it also tags your branch with the debian version)13:29
asacso the new idea where mozilla-devscripts should install the links to is:13:31
bdrung_ok, i have pushed it13:31
asacthis could be done all magic by parsing install.rdf13:31
bdrung_i learn two new command (debcommit and how to remove a tag)13:31
asacbdrung_: you removed the tag?13:32
asac(probably ok here)13:32
bdrung_first i used debcommit without -e, then i removed the commit and the tag and run debcommit with -e :)13:32
bdrung_asac: $TARGET_APPID?13:33
asacbdrung_: yes. if you check install.rdf there are targetApplications with em:id13:34
asacthose are basically the applications (firefox, etc.)13:34
asacthats what $TARGET_APPID is supposed to be13:34
asacthat basically replaces the need for MOZ_XPI_MOZILLA_DIRS13:35
asacwe could then also add a mapping for target appids to packages that we could then automatically put in depends of control magically with13:35
bdrung_and solves the problem of the names (firefox, abrowser, iceweasel)13:35
asacor something13:35
asacwell. the name list needs to be maintained somewhere13:36
asacbut its a central place13:36
bdrung_I am waiting for ${xpi:Depends}13:36
bdrung_asac: so transitions will be easier (firefox-2.0 bug report is still not fixed for all packages).13:37
asacbdrung_: did you test the mozgest extension? or do i need to test it?13:37
bdrung_asac: i am currently using it. if you want to test it: https://launchpad.net/~bdrung/+archive/ppa13:38
asacno thats ok13:38
bdrung_asac: thanks13:38
bdrung_asac: do you sponsor other packages, too?13:40
asacbdrung_: sounds like a tricky question ;)13:41
asacusually yes. for two extensions prepared i can fastpath another package ;)13:42
asacseems you have one credit already :)13:42
asacbdrung_: are you @bdrung on identi.ca?13:43
bdrung_asac: yes, it is. i am waiting for a sponsor for xmms2: ounds like a tricky quest13:43
bdrung_copy paste did not work: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xmms2/+bug/39848113:43
bdrung_i do not use identi.ca, but the name "bdrung" is unique on the net.13:44
asacyeah seems youz hnave no account there ;)13:44
asachmm ... not even on twitter valid13:45
bdrung_may i give identi.ca a try?13:47
bdrung_till now, i only use a blog13:47
asacbdrung_: at least get your account name ;)13:48
asacif you use it or not you can decide later ;)13:48
asacif twitter is free get one there two ... you can setup identi.ca to mirror your stuff to twitter13:48
asacbdrung_: personally i like microblogging, to send out stuff that isn't worth a full blog post13:49
bdrung_asac: ok, bdrung now belongs to me.13:54
asacbdrung_: great. so the debdiff for xmm2 is quite excessive13:55
asacbdrung_: cant we do a minimal one for pulse and get the rest synched from debian?13:55
asacor first get it synched and then get the pulse stuff?13:55
bdrung_asac: the problem is, that i need a sponsor and then the package needs to go through NEW. the most client updates depends on xmms2-icon.13:56
bdrung_asac: so i assume, we have not enough time for that way13:57
asacbdrung_: thats through binary NEW though, isnt it?13:57
asacbinary new is usually much quicker iirc13:57
asacbdrung_: noone in the Uploaders has upload power?13:58
bdrung_asac: don't know.13:59
asacFlorian Ragwitz <rafl@debian.org>14:00
asacwhat kind of funny thing is that?14:01
bdrung_i already asked him, but he said, that he has no time.14:02
bdrung_asac: rafl is the maintainer (do not count him as uploader) and he has upload rights14:06
bdrung_asac: do you use any microblogging program?14:07
gnomefreakgwibber last i heard14:09
asacbdrung_: gwibber, yeah14:09
asacin karmic its pretty good now14:10
asacstill has a bunch of threading issues, but that will go away with 2.014:10
* asac takes a note to review merge requests so we can cut off a 1.2 branch14:10
asacbdrung_: have you asked rafl if we would be ok to add Dm-Upload thing?14:11
* asac runs out to get some stock14:11
bdrung_asac: i asked him now and wait for an response now.14:13
asacfta: do you think the build failure fro chromium on 25th was an upstream bug?14:26
asaci worked against 24th ... wondering if todays build will fail against in libbrowser.so stuff14:26
stefgfta: hello, i just read in the description of your launchpad  ppa that you're not able to maintain updates for some packages. it seems, seamonky is one of them, i can't find it any more. Is that right? I'm on the hunt for a 64bit jaunty seamonkey 2.0 package. Any hints?14:38
gnomefreakstefg: its been done waiting for upload14:38
stefgbrilliant... thanks14:38
gnomefreakseamonkey-2 i am waiting to work out problems but if you found it in my PPA than you see 1.1.17 there14:38
asacgnomefreak: dont you have a sm2 build in your ppa?14:41
gnomefreakstefg: i update seamonkey 1 within 2 days of release. That has not changed (assuming i am able to be here)14:41
gnomefreakasac: yes old one though. has some issues but mostly works well. stefg if you go to my PPA you can use the search to go to succeded builds and pull seamonkey2 out of it if you dont want to add it to sources. list file. here is link14:42
asacgnomefreak: stefg i think last successful build should be in the pool stil. so just adding souzrces should be ok (no need to download mnually)14:45
asacbut i could be wonrg14:45
stefgi'll try and see14:45
gnomefreakwell maybe but PPA only shows the Karmic failed one.14:46
gnomefreakand its something i know about but havent had a chance to update it to latest version but it will be fixed for that version.14:46
gnomefreakPackage: mozilla-thunderbird None [modified: /var/lib/dpkg/info/mozilla-thunderbird.list]14:47
gnomefreakit would be nice is Apport would report the version installed.14:47
stefgalright synaptic is done... let's see14:50
asacgnomefreak: sm 1.1.17 is now in -security ppa fwiw14:50
asacsorry for the delay14:50
asacgnomefreak: can you mark your branches merged?14:50
asacgnomefreak: also you had two branches ... i picked the one that also removed the patches ;)14:50
stefggnomefreak: i got Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv:1.9.1b5pre) Gecko/20090513 SeaMonkey/2.0b1pre from your ppa, while i have Build identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686 (x86_64); de; rv: Gecko/20090717 SeaMonkey/2.0b1 running from /opt. This means language pack not working ...14:53
stefg... and BTW http://mozilla.qa.ubuntu.com/ needs updating. Dapper Desktop is EOL, may it rest in peace... so should be no more fumbling on FF 1.5 packages necessary15:01
gnomefreakasac: whitch ones?15:06
gnomefreakwhich even15:06
nikolamasac, it give me no upgrade when enabled security repo. :) Will deinstall and install again SM15:08
gnomefreaknikolam: sm 1.1.17 hasnt been pushed to repos official ones anyway15:16
gnomefreakasac: on bug 379470 do you see a way to remove the files in comment #1? they are the crash files15:18
gnomefreaki found it15:20
nikolamgnomefreak, i had made it myself :)15:24
gnomefreak!info firefox-2.0 jaunty15:26
ubottuPackage firefox-2.0 does not exist in jaunty15:26
gnomefreakit give me no upgrade when enabled  security repo.15:27
gnomefreakits not in repos yet so it wont give you update15:27
nikolami enabled security repo , installing..15:30
nikolamWe also have much Old noscript.15:33
gnomefreakasac: if i mark my SM1 dev branched as merged than i have to repush the whole thing again in a few weeks when i update it to 1.1.1815:40
gnomefreaki say few week it maybe a moneh but normally they are good with security releases in a month15:41
gnomefreakmarking my (still working from) brnahes as merged isn't something i like doing. The ones that i push to fix bugs im fine with because they are not something i use alot.15:44
* gnomefreak still looking for grub2 (menu.lst) i know it moved and its named something else.15:44
gnomefreakit seems to be grub.cfg15:47
gnomefreak/boot/grub.cfg i really wish they wouldnt do that15:47
stefggnomefreak: So it seems seamonkey 2.0b(non-pre) as distributed as .tgz by mozilla directly has difficulties in getting its plugins. So when do you expect the sm-2.0 official beta to hit your ppa? It probably takes me longer to sort the plugin trouble than to just wait for you ppa :-)15:52
gnomefreakstefg: at this time not sure. im waiting for m-d to get updated since atm its grabbing 2.1 sources15:53
gnomefreaki will be gone for ~1week after i log off today15:53
gnomefreakdepending on when i get my new glasses15:54
asacnikolam: maybe you need to add the ppa key15:54
stefg... yu15:54
asaci dont know how hardy behaves now that the repos are signed15:55
stefggnomefreak: yup... i recently started to need glasses for computer work, too. Man, i'm getting old15:55
gnomefreakasac: that reminds me. my surgery is tomorrow morning i will not beable to see anything up close at all so i will be back when i get reading glasses :)15:55
asacstefg: want to help out with mozilla.qa.ubuntu.com?15:55
asacstefg: i would love to resurrect using it for getting pre-QA ... but i usually fail because i am fighting various things15:55
stefgasac: if i can (and finf time to do so), sure15:55
asacstefg: it basically involves setting up new security update builds there when i upload15:56
asacstefg: and then sending an announcement to the subscribers15:56
asacbut thats templated15:56
gnomefreakasac: thanks for the push for SM115:56
* gnomefreak just opened gwibber15:56
stefgasac: estimated time needed per day / week ?15:56
asacstefg: i see you irc is not always online. i think that would be great so i can dump you a ping when uploading etc.15:56
asacstefg: firefox releases every month15:57
asacstefg: its a quick thing ... problem is that it needs some responsiveness15:57
asac(e.g. we often have like 4 days of testing, so if we get this out on day 3 its not really good)15:57
asacusually i would love to have like a week in security QA15:57
asacstefg: i think for "regular" releases there should be enough time15:58
stefgasac: and that's hard for me to guarantee, to be honest. I'm a project manager and if my companie needs to push out some new releases i'm pretty much eaten up by that.15:58
asacstefg: we could do the releases and i can then do those for firedrills if you are not available ;)15:59
asacstefg: i know about scheduled releases like 2 weeks up front. so if i upload and the qa announcement takes a day or two  its not a problem15:59
asacbdrung_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/233933/16:01
asacalso: find debian/mozgest | pastebinit16:01
asacnot sure why dh_link is in there though ;)16:01
asacwell. and MOZ_XPI_MOZILLA_EXTRA_DIRS is not yet implemented ;)16:02
nikolamasac i installed SM from security repo seems to work ok, together with new addons16:05
nikolamwhat is testing procedure16:06
bdrung_asac: looks, good. will test it.16:06
stefgasac:  Alright, i don't think i will get overwhelmed by that. So how is it going to work ?16:08
bdrung_asac: do you push it to the bazaar branch?16:08
asacbdrung_: yes ... i want to check with a real package first though ;)16:09
bdrung_asac: how about moving the temp-xpi-unpacked directory to debian/temp-xpi-unpacked?16:14
gnomefreakasac: check MT Ml post for Freedy please. I am gone now have fun this week ill be back as soon as i can16:15
bdrung_asac: your patch works with mozgest16:19
asacbdrung_: committed16:20
asacbdrung_: hmm. maybe debian/temp-xpi/unpacked16:21
bdrung_asac: or that. hauptsache its in the debian directory16:21
asacbdrung_: does firefox still pick it up with the new links? have you checked?16:21
bdrung_asac: i only testing building. now i will test install.16:22
asacyeah. thats probably the more "important" part of it16:22
asacstefg: thats a good question. i think you need to get an account first16:24
asacotherwise its hard to explain16:24
asacthe UI is a bit retarded (at least when i used it last time)16:24
asacits basically adding the new build for each ubuntu release16:25
bdrung_asac: no, firefox does not pick it up.16:25
stefgasac: lp-account ? i have one16:25
asacstefg: i am not sure if its coupled with lp yet. i dont think it.16:26
asacbdrung_: hmm16:26
asacbdrung_: firefox 3.5?16:26
bdrung_asac: both 3.0 and 3.5 (using jaunty packages)16:26
asacthat sucks ;)16:26
asacare the ids correct?16:26
asacbdrung_: maybe ffox 3.6? ;)16:27
asaclet me check the code16:27
bdrung_asac: mom16:27
bdrung_asac: why do i have an empty /usr/share/mozilla/extensions directory?16:28
bdrung_asac: ls /usr/lib/mozilla/extensions: {3550f703-e582-4d05-9a08-453d09bdfdc6}  {ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384} {92650c4d-4b8e-4d2a-b7eb-24ecf4f6b63a}16:29
bdrung_asac: I found the bug16:30
bdrung_asac: you said /usr/lib/mozilla/extensions/$TARGET_APPID/$extension_id should be used, but /usr/lib/mozilla/extensions/$TARGET_APPID/ was used16:30
asacoh yeah16:31
asacgood catch16:31
asaccan you check it manually?16:31
asacbdrung_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/233947/16:32
asactry that16:32
asacoh sorry ;)16:32
asacrather that one16:33
asacbdrung_: ^^16:34
bdrung_dh_link -pmozgest /usr/share/mozgest /usr/lib/mozilla/extensions/{ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384}/; dh_link -pmozgest /usr/share/mozgest /usr/lib/mozilla/extensions/{3550f703-e582-4d05-9a08-453d09bdfdc6}/; dh_link -pmozgest /usr/share/mozgest /usr/lib/mozilla/extensions/{92650c4d-4b8e-4d2a-b7eb-24ecf4f6b63a}/;16:36
bdrung_ln: angegebenes Ziel „debian/mozgest/usr/lib/mozilla/extensions/{ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384}/“ ist kein Verzeichnis: No such file or directory16:36
asacbdrung_: XPI_EMID is empty?16:36
asacbdrung_: that makes a call out of it ... which hopefully does the trick16:38
bdrung_asac: the links destination is now wrong16:40
asacis the right location. isnt it?16:41
asacat least it seems to crate the expected links now16:41
asacit points to the location with the install.rdf. ... that should be ok16:43
asacits the same target that was used before16:44
bdrung_asac: something went wrong, when i installed the package. after purging and reinstalling the links are now correct.16:44
bdrung_asac: firefox-3.5 works16:44
bdrung_asac: firefox-3.0, too16:45
asacreally great16:45
asacthats indeed good news16:45
asacbdrung_: i think you might have had problems because there were wrong links before16:45
asacso it basically created the links inside the mozgest directory after following the existing links during install16:46
asacwhich certainly might have messed up stuff16:46
bdrung_seams plausible16:46
bdrung_asac: do you work on ${xpi:Depends}?16:47
asacbdrung_: thats one of the next things. didnt plan to do that today though (want to do some game playing now ;))16:47
asacbdrung_: if you want go ahead. you just need to find a good way to specify a ID -> package mapping16:48
asacand then append a variable xpi:Depends= .... in debian/$(MOZ_EXT_PACKAGE).substvars16:48
bdrung_asac: we could use a config file for that16:48
asacbdrung_: yeah. though i would prefer to keep all in the xpi.mk16:48
bdrung_asac: do you know how to check the version?16:49
asacmaybe something like XPI_APPID_MAP_{xxxx-xxx-xx} = firefox-3.0 firefox-3.5 iceweasel firefox firefox-3.616:49
asacmaybe something like XPI_APPID_MAP_{yyyy-yyy-yy} = thunderbird thunderbird-3.0 thunderbir-3.1 icedove icedove-3.0 icedove-3.116:50
asacbdrung_: the version makes it difficult imo16:50
asacbdrung_: i would be happy to have something like above for now16:50
bdrung_i have to test if 3.5 is lower than 3.6a1pre, e.g.16:50
asacwe could also do something like:16:50
bdrung_asac: do you know a program which can determine this relation?16:51
asacXPI_APPID_MAP_VERSION_CHECK_thunderbird = $(shell test $(1) lt 2.0.0. lt $(2))16:51
asac(that wont work16:51
asacbdrung_: we need to write somethign on our own16:51
asacXPI_APPID_MAP_VERSION_CHECK_thunderbird = $(shell test $(1) lt 2.0.0. lt $(2) && echo yes)16:52
bdrung_asac: i am good in writing ugly looking makefiles: http://code.google.com/p/gnome-colors/source/browse/trunk/gnome-colors/Makefile16:52
bdrung_why should e.g. firefox be an dependency? to which version of firefox do the firefox package refer?16:53
asacbdrung_: cool. so you are the right candidate for extending this already ugly looking xpi.mk ;)16:53
bdrung_asac: do you know gnome-colors?16:53
asacbdrung_: you are right. firefox was the equivalent for icedove (e.g. icedove-2)16:54
asacwe shouldnt use that16:54
asacno i dont know gnome-colors16:55
bdrung_asac: should we use the same dependency for debian and ubuntu packages? or should the debian package depend on iceweasel, and the ubuntu one on firefox?16:55
bdrung_asac: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/GNOME-colors?content=8256216:56
bdrung_asac: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Shiki-Colors?content=8671716:56
bdrung_asac: http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Arc-Colors+GDM-Walls?content=8830516:56
bdrung_asac: it the best theme i saw.16:56
asacbdrung_: i think we can add both16:56
BUGabundohey kids16:56
BUGabundoasac: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/40462416:57
BUGabundocan you mark it WontFix please16:57
asacbdrung_: at least debian folks might have unofficial repo with our packages ported or something16:57
asacbdrung_: and i have no problem to have unofficial repos with ice* ported to us if that exist16:57
asacat least i wouldnt mid16:57
bdrung_asac: ok, that makes it easier16:58
asacBUGabundo: done16:58
BUGabundoasac: thanks16:58
asacbdrung_: could be that debian pkg-ext maintainer complain, but i think its ok. we share the app id and most extensions should not be a problem to use back and forth16:58
asacbdrung_: at some point we might want to add magic to determine xulrunner min version during linking16:59
bdrung_asac: can you push your fixes?16:59
asacif it contains binary components16:59
asacbdrung_: yes16:59
bdrung_asac: how can i grab em:maxVersion from a specific em:id?17:00
asacbdrung_: 20717:02
asacbdrung_: thats painful17:02
asacbdrung_: lets do the filtering later17:02
asacbdrung_: basically using xpath17:03
BUGabundoasac: the poor rickspencer subbed to me on identica!17:03
asacnot a good experience if you dont have many subs ;)17:03
asac"the whole world is bugabundo"17:04
BUGabundoright :)17:05
BUGabundobut I've been lowering my dent average17:06
stefgasac: i created an account on http://mozilla.qa.ubuntu.com/ (user: stefg). I have to go now, and you seem pretty busy atm. I'll ping you later so you that you can explain how i can help. your timezone is CEST, right?17:06
BUGabundotoo busy to dent17:06
asacstefg: yeah. i asked one of our QA guys what the next steps are to get you the powers17:06
asacstefg: will take a bit until i get a reply i guess17:06
asacstefg: and yes, i am in Europe/Berlin (CEST)17:07
stefgBerlin, to... see you at c-base :;-)17:07
asaci am not in Berlin. just in timezone. i am in HH ;)17:07
stefg... which is not net capitol of McDonalds17:08
stefgk... later17:08
bdrung_asac: the world is small. i live in berlin.17:08
asacat least HH-Berlin is a small distance17:09
bdrung_but that stefg is in berlin, too.17:10
bdrung_i am sometimes in the the c-base17:10
bdrung_asac: in which target should i put the logic17:10
asaci have no strong feeling about the target17:12
asacmaybe install-extension ... ;)?17:12
asacstamp-extension-install ... not sure17:12
asacinstall/$(MOZ_EXTENSION_PKG):: xpi-install17:13
asacwhere is the shlibs depends generated in cdbs?17:13
bdrung_asac: dont know17:14
asaccommon-binary-predeb-indep common-binary-predeb-arch::17:14
asacrather binary-predeb/$(MOZ_EXT_PACKAGE)17:15
asacnot sure if we need to hook it in there17:15
asacor binary-post-install/$(MOZ_EXT_PACKAGE)::17:15
asacof course post-install would only really make sense if we check the really installed install.rdf17:16
asac(and not the one in unpacked)17:16
asacotherwise it doesnt matter where we put it17:16
bdrung_now i can select one target. ;)17:17
asacbdrung_: put it high in the hierachy17:18
asacmaybe even in the install../$(MOZ_EXT_PACKAGE)17:18
asacso its kept out of the whole dirty logic17:18
bdrung_install target sounds god17:18
asacinstall/$(MOZ_EXTENSION_PKG):: xpi-install17:18
asactake care that you need to replace eventually existing xpi:Depends= variables17:18
asacso running it twice will do the right thing17:18
asacdpkg-shlibdeps does that too17:19
bdrung_can i assume, that xpi:Depends= is a one-liner?17:19
asaci think thats essentially a prerequisite17:20
asacnot sure if \17:20
asacis allowed17:20
asaci would assume not17:20
bdrung_then grep or sed will do it17:20
asacbdrung_: you can grep -v and append also17:20
asaci dont think we need to preserve order17:20
bdrung_asac: can grep work inplace?17:21
asacif you buffer the file first, but otherwise i wouldnt think so17:21
bdrung_asac: how do i buffer it?17:22
asaca=`cat $file`;)17:22
asacbut not sure17:22
asacdo whatever you prefer17:22
asaci hate complicated sed experessions. for me a cat $file | grep -v ^xpi:Depends.*$ > $file.tmp; echo $newline >> $file.tmp; mv $file.tmp $file ;)17:23
asacsounds easy ... but might be not elegant17:23
asacfta: can you add me to the chromium-daily team? seems i cannot retry the builds17:29
bdrung_asac: my sed expressions normally start with s/ ;)17:29
asacmine too17:29
asacdidnt i use that in som eother place already?17:29
asacfta: ok nevermind. one build started late enough to catch the not broken libv8-dev package. but it failed during build17:32
asaclike yesterday17:32
asac/build/buildd/chromium-browser- undefined reference to `DevToolsManager::ActivateWindow(RenderViewHost*)'17:32
bdrung_asac: i cannot run install/mozgest rule twice: make: Zirkuläre Datei stamp-unzip-mozgest.xpi <- stamp-unzip-mozgest.xpi Abhängigkeit wird nicht verwendet.17:43
asacrather that one17:47
asacbdrung_: ^^17:47
bdrung_asac: and running install/mozgest without running build/mozgest does not work17:48
asacbdrung_: i think thats a problem of cdbs17:50
asaci think its not supposed to be called alone17:50
asacrather link binary-install17:50
asacrather like ;)17:50
asacor common-install-indep/-arch if you are lucky17:51
asacbdrung_: anyway. i think the fix i pasted is wanted anyway17:51
asaci acutally think we should make one rule out of this mess at some point ;)17:53
asacbut for now it should be ok i think17:53
bdrung_i added a stamp-xpi-depends rule17:54
asacwe can consolidate that later17:55
asacbdrung_: http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianMozExtTeam17:57
asachmm seems it doenst reflect the latest discussion state17:58
asacbdrung_: maybe we should make those :Depends :Recommends rather18:03
asaci got a few complains in the past that you cannot install extensions without installing any target package18:03
asacand once we use that location even mozilla builds will look there18:04
asac(which scares me a bit now that i think about it)18:04
bdrung_but why should i want to install an extension without installing the corresponding app?18:04
asacbdrung_: because you want to use the upstrea firefox build ;)18:05
asacdont ask me why. its not me who asked for it. just telling that there were a few folks asking for that in the past18:05
asacand that they have at least a bit of a point18:05
asacbdrung_: also consider that there might be downstreams having icecat (which we didnt add)18:06
bdrung_asac: packages outside the repo do not count. if a packager want them as recommends you could move ${xpi:Depends} to recommends :)18:06
asacor something else yet antoher time rebranded18:06
asacbdrung_: well. thats what i am suggesting. just do it directly.18:07
asacfolks that install extensions usually have the package installed anyway18:07
asacso you wont loose much guarantee of functionality. also recommends get installed b default18:07
asacits just that the extension might be useful even without having an app installed ... which makes them qualify for recommends.18:07
asacbut we can keep it as depends for now18:07
asacshould probably be discussed with the debian pkg-mozxt maintainers18:08
asac(now that we have that)18:08
bdrung_asac: one argument against it: depends is shorter than recommends :)18:08
bdrung_asac: we even shorten "ok" to "k"18:10
asacthe win is 50% ... while recommends vs. depends is just 30%18:11
asacnot fair though18:11
asacits 23% vs. 27%18:12
bdrung_but if you count in dropped chars, it the other way round18:12
asacunless you have "auto-enter" after a while of inactivity18:13
asacyes as i said. with "enter" key ok vs k is just 23%18:13
asacanyway ... taking break ... will be back later in the evening18:14
bdrung_asac: calling binary target twice does not work18:16
BUGabundoasac:  3460    0/s    0/s        167K 268.5M 93204K     0K     0K   2% notify-osd18:17
bdrung_asac: the dependencies are totally broken. now i run "clean binary binary" to test my crap18:43
ftaasac, fta       3698  0.0  7.2 202016 149524 ?       S    Jul24   1:06 /usr/lib/notify-osd/notify-osd19:06
BUGabundoey fta19:06
BUGabundowelcome back19:06
ftafta       8289  0.0  0.2 196940  9136 ?        S    Jul24   0:00 /usr/lib/notify-osd/notify-osd19:07
ftaso yes, 32bit seems to leak quite a lit19:07
ftaasac, ehh??? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/29544214/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-i386.chromium-browser_3.0.196.0~svn20090726r21629-0ubuntu1~ucd1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz19:12
BUGabundofta: you have the biggest package on the archive19:13
BUGabundothe chromium test suite19:13
ftai know19:13
BUGabundopoor mirrors19:14
BUGabundothey must luv you :)19:14
ftappa are not mirrors19:14
ftappa are not mirrored19:14
BUGabundoit it on the PPA?19:14
BUGabundodid not check19:14
ftait is19:14
* BUGabundo opens synaptic to see which is a the biggest on the archive19:15
BUGabundofrom PPAs19:16
BUGabundoyou and mozila team take the top6 LOL19:16
ftaoh my :S system v8, wtf? way too early.. i disappear for 2 days and boom19:17
ftaBUGabundo, for me, top 3 is alien-arena-data (521 MB), nexuiz-data (340 MB) and openarena-data (309 MB)19:22
BUGabundoyeah its all about games19:22
fta4th is chromium-browser-dbg 308 MB19:22
ftathen xul 1.9.2 dbg, 157MB and openoffice core, 113 MB19:22
ftai'm not installing -testsuite* on that machine19:23
BUGabundofta: http://files.getdropbox.com/u/112892/toppackages.png19:24
bdrung_asac: ready: http://paste.ubuntu.com/234011/19:24
ftalol, chromium has ubuntu logo, meaning supported by canonical ;)19:25
bdrung_asac: feel free to improve the variable names. we need a shell command for determing maxVersion and minVersion.19:25
ftaBUGabundo, i had to remove sauerbraten because it made me sick each time i played it more than 30 minutes19:28
bdrung_fta: i ate sauerbraten today :)19:29
bdrung_with spätzle19:29
bdrung_tasted good19:30
ftai'm not fond of sour food19:31
ftaasac, you should have experimented with system v8 outside of the daily ppa, now i don't know what to do with it19:36
ftathe hard dep is not necessary, the bot can deal with it19:36
ftaand the plan was to work with upstream in august to introduce a system-lib mechanism19:37
BUGabundoasac: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/40493919:53
BUGabundocan you close that one... its from bryce too :)19:53
bdrung_asac: update: http://paste.ubuntu.com/234022/20:06
nikolamseems that noscript 1.9.7 is incompatible with Seamonkey 1.1.1720:13
nikolamevery time noscript 1.9.7 is added (while running seamonkey with sudo) using seamonkey under user accountsresults in artefacts displayed in wide line in browser window of seamonkey. 1.1.1720:20
nikolamwill try previous noscript version20:21
BUGabundowho runs a browser as root?!?20:23
nikolamBUGabundo, one that installs noscript for all users.20:27
nikolamunder seamonkey.20:28
BUGabundoeven if you install it for all users, you shouldn't be running a browser as root20:28
nikolamBUGabundo, do you use Seamonkey ?20:29
nikolamok, Seamonkey installs addons for all users that way20:29
nikolamat least 1.x versions. 2.0 will be ffox compatible in that way and also plugin-compatible20:31
asacfta: what do you mean?20:36
asacfta: the build does not fail because of the system v820:36
asacfta: the same failure was there before20:37
asacfta: there are no v8 problems20:37
asacfta: the hard depend is not needed ... the bot shouldnt modify that20:37
asacfta: its just that the v8 package was completely broken before the required version20:37
ftawhat i saw was libv8-dev is not installable20:38
asacfta: as i said: i worked on the 24th snapshot ... all fine. i pushed the system stuff yesterday ... and then saw that yesterdays build already had failed20:38
asacfta: libv8-dev was not installable. but its today, its just that the build dependency installer seems not to fail before it installs things that have too low version20:39
ftawhat i see now is WANT_SHARED_LIBS failing, which is correct, and it's reason i didn't set it20:39
asacfta: i didnt set WANT_SHRED_LIBS20:40
BUGabundo(07:53:36 PM) freenode: asac: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/404939 can you close that one... its from bryce too :)20:40
asacfta: WANT_SHARED_LIBS ?= 020:40
asacfta: check out the build of 2520:40
asacfta: that was before i committed anything. it failed the same way20:40
asacfta: the build failsure because of broken v8 can be retried now.20:41
asacfta: but they will end with the failure you posted20:41
asacbut thats _not_ because of whatever i did20:41
ftalibbrowser.so: undefined reference to blable means it's doing a shared_libs build20:42
asacfta: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/29517315/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-i386.chromium-browser_3.0.196.0~svn20090725r21616-0ubuntu1~ucd1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz20:42
asacfta: well. whatever its doing. its not because of me20:42
ftaall those .os too20:42
asactrust me. the build breakage comes from upstream ;)20:42
asaci guess that this DevTools thing is news20:43
asacand we lack a lib or something. or maybe they flipped it to shared build ;)20:43
asaci hoped when i committed it yesterday that it was an intermediate thing.20:43
ftano, it's been there for a while, i know the problem, but i didn't have time to fix it20:45
asacthe libbrowser.so?20:46
asacits not there on 24th20:46
ftashared build is not well maintained upstream20:46
asacwell. i didnt flip to shared build20:46
ftafor some reason, it is, probably my fault..20:46
asacfta: but did you commit anything since the 24th?20:46
asacalso i built with current branch head + 24th and thats fine20:47
ftano, but it was uncommitted in the .daily branch, and it went in with the merge the next day20:47
asacyou uncommit on daily?20:47
ftano, i can't, i jsut added a commit on top20:48
asacwhy do you commit to daily?20:48
asacjust do do something quick?20:48
asaci would really trash the daily branch from time to time20:49
asaci guess the right time to trash it is when there is a new upstrewam version20:49
asaci guess you need it to track if there are packaging changes since last upload if no new upstream changes happened20:49
fta"it was uncommitted in the .daily branch"20:50
ftai supposedly reverted that, but obviously i didn't20:51
ftait was not meant to be in the branch at all, i just wanted to try a shared build on my quad-core, so the easiest way was to pbuild the daily branch20:52
asacyeah. still i would think that the dailies should be trashed ;)20:53
asacanyway. can you kickoff another round please?20:53
bdrung_asac: did you have a look at my patch?20:58
asacbdrung_: so you already tried to do the version stuff ;)21:06
asacbdrung_: i would have preferred a simpler approach first, now you have to fix it ;)21:06
bdrung_asac: yes21:06
asacso the main problem is that you cannot use dpkg --compare-versions21:06
asacmozilla versions have a different grammar than deb versions ;)21:06
asacwhat you need to do is to write a converter from moz to deb format (which should be the easiest direction)21:07
bdrung_asac: and how are the rules?21:07
asacbdrung_: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Toolkit_version_format21:13
asacbdrung_: the other problem is that you dont really know the version of the packages21:14
asacso best you can assume is: 3.0a1pre (as min) and 3.0.* as max21:14
bdrung_asac: i do not need the version of the package21:14
asacfor 3.021:14
asacbdrung_: you need the version of the application21:14
asacyou just used
bdrung_a that you mean21:14
asacbut that might be wrong21:14
asacthunderbird-3.0 is currently 3.0b321:15
asacthats smaller than
asacand we need a proper version copmarere21:15
asacwhich we dont have yet ;) ... for script/makefile21:15
ftaBUGabundo, ok, removing you from my list, i can't follow anything, each time i have a look at gwibber, there's only you showing up in my list21:16
asacnobody should use microbloggine for chatting21:16
asaceven if you feel tempted to jump in every single thing you see ;) ... dont do it21:16
asacfolks know how to find you ;)21:16
bdrung_asac: i know people who use email for chatting21:16
asacbdrung_: well. thats their problem. it doesnt really flood the mailboxes of followers ;) ... like it does on twitter/identi.ca ;)21:17
asacfta: actually twitter has a feature that disables you seeing the replies to someone you dont follow21:17
asacwonder why identica doesnt have that21:17
* asac checks21:17
ftagwibber could have it21:17
asacyeahj. but even the webservice should have that21:18
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
asacas a general setting21:18
bdrung_asac:  we only check for major and minor?21:19
asacbdrung_: we would have to check for the real versions ... .i am not sure what to do if we cannot do it accurately21:19
asaci mean: as long as this has potential to have false-positives we shouldnt implement it21:20
asacthe simple approach has depends on apps it might not support, but doesnt leave out depends that are supported21:20
bdrung_this is doable21:21
asacwhat is doable?21:21
bdrung_it is possible to do21:21
asacbdrung_: sure it is most likely. but it will take some time and thinking imo21:21
asacjust add the apps that we want and all is good imo21:22
asacits a big improvement over what we have now ;)21:22
asacbdrung_: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Toolkit_version_format21:22
asacdid i give you this?21:22
bdrung_if we want to match exactly, then we need all apps installed. thats not possible, when we want to match all possibilities.21:23
fta    2421:24
fta    9721:24
fta4 times more Subscribers, not bad21:25
bdrung_asac: do you know how to extract the min and maxversions?21:25
asacbdrung_: i would reall yprefer if we can add the code for the simple solution first.21:25
asacbdrung_: the max/min versions can be parsed with xpath21:25
asacbut in a pretty hard way21:26
asacbdrung_: you see the xpath expressions for finding the em_id of the target application21:26
asacits basically:21:27
asac  <em:id>...</em:id>21:27
bdrung_yes, and i must say, that i never touched perl21:27
asac <em:maxVersion>...</em:maxVersion>21:27
asacbdrung_: xpath is not perl21:27
asacxpath is a xml query/matching language21:28
bdrung_xpath uses the XML::XPath perl module21:28
asacthats the impelemntation of the commadn line thing21:28
asacwhat you do with it has nothing to do with perl21:28
asacbdrung_: ^^ thats the standard21:28
bdrung_it's long21:29
asaci am sure it would take a bit for you to fiddle the right xpath expression21:29
asacits not trivial especially because install.rdf is not even an easy dtd21:29
bdrung_it would took me one day21:29
asacits a RDF21:29
bdrung_time that i would spend for something else21:30
asacso rather do the simple solution and all is fine. i am thats far better than anything ;)21:30
asacbdrung_: i mean, i really like that approach. its just that i dont know what to use for _VERSIONS and if there is a simplified comparer for us21:33
asacso i think its //Description/maxVersion[../em:id/text()='$appid'|../@em:id='$appid']/text()21:37
asacand the other combination that might happen is: //Description/@maxVersion[@em:id='$appid' | ../em:id/text/() = '$appid'] | sed ...21:38
asac(with sed being the same stuff i added for the em:id version thing21:38
bdrung_No nodes found in install.rdf21:39
bdrung_asac: and the second command produces: token ( doesn't match format of a 'Step'21:42
asacyeah. that needs a lot of fiddling i guess21:42
ftaasac, your USE_SYSTEM_V8 don't work, i can't disable it21:42
asacalso xpath is buggy and doesnt use everything21:42
asacfta: you dont need to disable it for now21:43
ftaasac, i need to, i'm working on something unrelated21:43
asacfta: why do you need to disable v8 then?21:43
asacit really works ,)21:44
ftawhy not? you introduced a pref, it should work21:44
asacfta: its a known bug i wanted to fix21:45
asacfta: try javascript_engine=v821:45
asacinstead of system-v821:45
asacor drop the patch part that overrides the default21:45
asacfta: i am just saying that all works fine. so if you dont want to work on v8 specific stuff you dont need to disable it ;) ... the flag will work asap21:46
asacfta: i can commit the fix if you want ;)21:46
ftawell, i don't have that in my pbuilder, and i don't want to mess it up, i'd better stop what i was doing, i've lost the motivation anyway21:47
asacfta: fix committed21:48
asacoh wait21:48
ftasee? i'm going to frag some aliens instead21:49
asacfta: see what? i couldnt really expect that you didnt want to install a package on top ;)21:49
bdrung_asac: the current state: http://paste.ubuntu.com/234070/ i will write a correct comparer, when i have written my exam (on 30.)21:57
bdrung_asac: if i fail in writing it, i will create the simple variant21:58
asacbdrung_: those depends should have  2 |22:13
asaca |22:13
asacdid you add that and i dont see it ;)?22:13
asac(for OR)22:14
asacoh i found it ;)22:14
bdrung_asac: thats added ...22:14
bdrung_asac: makefiles are made for space seperated list22:14
bdrung_thats why i add the pipes there22:15
BUGabundoasac: did you change anything on your FF X crash patch?22:21
BUGabundoFriday it was good, bug since yesterday FF will not start again!22:21
asacBUGabundo: no ... what happens on console?22:23
BUGabundoXRemoteClient Error - [XRemoteClient::CheckWindow] Get X Window Error = 022:25
BUGabundoXRemoteClient Error - [XRemoteClient::FindBestWindow - XGetWindowProperty 1] Get X Window Error = 022:25
BUGabundoXRemoteClient Error - [XRemoteClient::CheckWindow] Get X Window Error = 022:25
BUGabundoXRemoteClient Error - [XRemoteClient::FindBestWindow - XGetWindowProperty 1] Get X Window Error = 022:25
BUGabundoa bunch of this!22:25
BUGabundoenough to fill my buffer22:25
asacsounds bad22:26
asacBUGabundo: yeahj i get a load of those too here22:27
asacbut it still starts22:27
BUGabundobut even when it DOES start I see those22:27
asaclet me check if that really goes mad if i upgrade again22:27
BUGabundoXRemoteClient Error - [XRemoteClient::FindBestWindow - XGetWindowProperty 1] Get X Window Error = 022:27
BUGabundobugabundo@BluBUG:~$ firefox-3.622:27
BUGabundoXRemoteClient Error - [XRemoteClient::FindBestWindow - XQueryTree] Get X Window Error = 022:27
BUGabundoXRemoteClient Error - [XRemoteClient::CheckWindow] Get X Window Error = 022:27
BUGabundoXRemoteClient Error - [XRemoteClient::FindBestWindow - XGetWindowProperty 1] Get X Window Error = 022:27
asacyes. i get a ~50 of those22:27
asacbut then it starts22:27
BUGabundothen it changes to22:27
asachow does it sto?22:27
BUGabundo(firefox-3.6:527): Gdk-WARNING **: XID collision, trouble ahead22:27
BUGabundo(firefox-3.6:527): Gdk-WARNING **: XID collision, trouble ahead22:27
asachehe. yeah tahts the other bug ;)22:28
BUGabundoI start it ONLY after I start it once on --safe-mode22:28
asacso safe-mode helps?22:28
asacBUGabundo: can you check whether its the plugins or the extensions that help?22:28
asac(not sure if you can just disable extensions)22:28
BUGabundoI can try a 3.5 new profile22:29
asacBUGabundo: we only have that bandaid patch on 3.622:29
BUGabundowell I have to close 3.6 then22:30
BUGabundoand make a new profile22:30
BUGabundoI guess I already have 4  or 5 cleans ones :)22:30
BUGabundoBTW why doesn't pidgin on IRC ping show on notify-osd?22:31
asaci dont use pidgin ;)22:32
asacalso the new default is supposed to be empathy22:32
BUGabundopidgin-libnotify:  Installed: (none)22:36
BUGabundocd: 143: can't cd to /var/cache/flashplugin-installer22:38
BUGabundohay this is new ! LOL22:38
BUGabundolooks like a typo22:38
BUGabundoasac: ok. new profile 5 starts no crash22:40
BUGabundoold profile crashed one first try22:40
BUGabundocping old profile and bysecing plugins and addons22:41
BUGabundoasac: its not addons! it still crashs with them all disabled22:48
BUGabundotesting plugins now22:48
asacyeah. i suspect plugins22:52
asacflash i guess22:52
BUGabundoall plugins reanalbe plus ubufox22:53
BUGabundoand I can't make it crash :(22:53
BUGabundoasac: which addons do you have??22:55
BUGabundomaybe I can cross reference from yours22:55
BUGabundoI have tooo many to bysec22:55
asacBUGabundo: i have flash22:56
asacand tottem i gues22:56
asaclatest ffox still starts22:57
asac(fater dumping quite a lot on the terminal)22:57
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
asacbdrung_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/234107/22:59
asaci renamed the variables a bit22:59
asac(ignore the move of the stamp-unpack-* thing ... that was an unrelated bug)23:00
* BUGabundo points the angry finger at nightly tester tools asac23:00
asacbdrung_: i wasnt sure why you had the a1pre thing appended23:00
asacwell i think i know. but it didnt do what we want i think23:00
BUGabundoasac: NTT did make it core dump, but now it doesn't trigger it again :(((23:02
asacBUGabundo: NTT?23:02
asacBUGabundo: doesnt that only enable extensions?`23:02
BUGabundoyeah, I extect so23:03
BUGabundolet me check their forum23:03
asacbdrung_: for adblock-plus it created: Depends: abrowser-3.0 | abrowser-3.5 | abrowser-3.6 | firefox-3.0 | firefox-3.5 | firefox-3.6 | icedove | iceweasel | thunderbird23:04
asacsounds right23:04
BUGabundoasac: not a single report of coredumps23:06
BUGabundoasac: do you have grease monkey?23:09
BUGabundoI manage to make mine crash several times with it enabled23:09
asacbdrung_: xpath -q -e '//Description[em:id="pism@developer.mozilla.org" or @em:id="prism@developer.mozilla.org"]/em:maxVersion/text()' install.rdf23:13
BUGabundoasac: do you have grease monkey?23:15
asacbdrung_: the complete is: xpath -q -e '//Description[em:id="pism@developer.mozilla.org" or @em:id="prism@developer.mozilla.org"]/em:maxVersion/text() | //Description[em:id="pism@developer.mozilla.org" or @em:id="prism@developer.mozilla.org"]/@em:maxVersion' install.rdf  | sed -e 's/^.*em:maxVersion="\(.*\)"/\1/'23:16
asacbdrung_: if there are more than two words coming out its a bug23:17
asacin the install.rdf23:17
asacem:id="prism@developer.mozill.org" is the appid23:17
asacpsim@... of course too ;)23:17
asacintentional typo during testing ;)23:17
asacbdrung_: email?23:26
asaci will take the one in changelog23:26
asacbdrung_: Committed revision 211.23:29
mac_vhi... does streaming video play in 3.5 in Karmic?23:31
asacfta: checked. the system v8 feature works still (even after the removal of default hack) - so you can now disable it from outside again23:31
asacalso todays daily builds fine23:31
asacso tomorrow hopefully things will go on23:31
asacmac_v: i would think so, yes.23:31
mac_vasac: it plays in 3.5 in Jaunty but not in Karmic! i think i'm missing some extension!23:33
asacmac_v: example?23:33
mac_vasac: http://2onlinetv.com/tv/broadcast.php?id=104223:33
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
asacmac_v: thats not the new "built-in" video tag23:34
asacits starting totem for me23:34
asace.g. its just embedded video23:34
asac(old plugin style)23:34
mac_vbut i have the totem plugin installed ,23:35
mac_vi can see the player , but it doesnt play23:35
asacmac_v: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/video/23:35
asaccheck that23:35
mac_vflash works fine23:35
BUGabundoasac: WARNING23:35
asacthats exmaple for video tag23:35
* mac_v looking23:35
BUGabundokernel 31-4 will crash when I plug my 3G modem23:35
asacmac_v: if you are on your site, you can try a different plugin by going to Tools -> Manage Content plugins23:36
asacthere you can search for other plugisn that serve the type and dynamically switch back and forth23:37
asacmac_v: also you get a small plugin image (white) in the bottom right corner23:37
mac_vasac: every time i click the mp4 link... it asks to download, doesnt play in the browser , i guess i have to check the file associtaion23:37
mac_vogv works23:37
asacmac_v: http://2onlinetv.com/tv/broadcast.php?id=104223:37
asacif you go there?23:38
asacyou should see the menu entry i said23:38
asac(after it starts playing)23:38
asacmaybe you have set this to open externally in your preferences though23:38
asaccheck out preferences -> applications -> content-type23:38
asacensure you have "plugin" selected there23:38
BUGabundoasac: Jul 26 23:32:02 blubug kernel: [   97.510931] RIP: 0010:[<ffffffff813f29af>]  [<ffffffff813f29af>] dbs_cpufreq_notifier+0x1f/0x40 http://paste.ubuntu.com/234127/23:38
asacBUGabundo: if this goes away with -3, file a bug pronto23:39
BUGabundoasac: also greamonkey off, I have no prob so far!23:39
asacmarking it explitiyl as regression -423:39
BUGabundoasac: I know. but that is -3 kernel23:39
BUGabundo-4 doesn't show that23:39
BUGabundobut will crash on usb :(23:39
asacBUGabundo: thats good then23:39
asacfile a bug about that ;)23:40
BUGabundotooo many topics on the table23:40
BUGabundolets clear stuff:23:40
BUGabundo1st: FF crash is GM related!23:40
BUGabundoat least it looks like it23:40
BUGabundo2nd: -3 has that trace23:40
BUGabundo3rd: -4 freezes on some usbs23:40
asaci am happy that -4 works good for me ;)23:42
asac-3 was a real flopo23:42
asacfreezes within minutes23:42
asacmostly keyboard dead (not usb, but old ps/2 style)23:42
asactomorrow i will see whats up on my laptop (havent tested -3 nor -4)23:43
BUGabundohere is the one from usb http://paste.ubuntu.com/234131/23:43
asacBUGabundo: thats happening when you try to connect?23:43
BUGabundoasac: -3 is rock solid for me23:43
BUGabundoasac: yep23:43
asaci think there were two -3 :)23:43
asacnot sure which one was mine23:43
asacBUGabundo: file a bug about that ;)23:44
BUGabundoJul 26 23:28:11 blubug kernel: [24412.566286] Pid: 2893, comm: modem-manager Tainted: P      D    2.6.31-4-generic #22-Ubuntu S37S23:44
BUGabundolove that!23:44
BUGabundoMM triggered it23:44
asacyeah ... modemmanager talks to the serial console23:44
BUGabundofilling it now23:45
BUGabundolinux or MM ?23:45
BUGabundoasac: ^^^23:45
bdrung_asac: thank. you found the correct email-address23:45
mac_vasac: http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/Screenshot-Manage%20Content%20Plug-ins.png that is from the plugin icon below, manage content plugin is greyed out :(23:47
BUGabundoasac: bug 40506323:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 405063 in linux "Jul 26 23:28:11 blubug kernel: [24412.566286] Pid: 2893, comm: modem-manager Tainted: P D 2.6.31-4-generic #22-Ubuntu S37S" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40506323:48
mac_vi can see the windows media plugin , but when i select it goes back to the above href!23:48
bdrung_asac: the following command does not print anything:23:50
bdrung_xpath -q -e '//Description[em:id="pism@developer.mozilla.org" or @em:id="prism@developer.mozilla.org"]/em:maxVersion/text() | //Description[em:id="pism@developer.mozilla.org" or @em:id="prism@developer.mozilla.org"]/@em:maxVersion' install.rdf23:50
bdrung_(tested with mozgest)23:51
bdrung_i will go now to bed, so i will read responses later.23:52
=== asac_ is now known as asac
asacbdrung_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/234135/23:53
asackinda like that23:53
asaci mean exactly like that23:53
asac->  http://paste.ubuntu.com/234136/23:53
bdrung_asac: same result. the mozgest install.rdf does not contain a string like prism@developer.mozilla.org23:55
mac_vasac: the windows media plugin , doesnt work in firefox 3 either23:55
BUGabundoasac: should I file on on GM too ??23:56
asacbdrung_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/234140/23:58
asacbdrung_: yeah. its because mozgest doesnt have prism as target ... try adblock ;)23:59
asacbdrung_: do you see any syntax error in my change ;) ... let me try23:59

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