HFSPLUSWhy the hell was i kicked01:43
HFSPLUSwhats trolling01:44
bazhangcoming in to a channel, completely offtopic, with an inflammatory statement01:44
bazhangthe same reason you were kicked and banned from #ubuntu-offtopic01:45
HFSPLUSCongratulations you want a medal for banning trolls?01:45
bazhangjohn_nels correct?01:45
HFSPLUShow did you know my name?01:45
bazhangpretty obvious pattern in your wake01:46
HFSPLUSwow usally its LJL bannng me01:46
bazhangban evasion by changing nicks is still ban evasion01:46
HFSPLUSalright now ban me and get it done with01:47
bazhangyou *are* banned01:48
HFSPLUSIm too lazy to wait. I am done with IRC for good now as i go to college in september01:48
bazhanggood luck in school01:49
HFSPLUSFirst time in 3 years after being a drop out in high school01:49
bazhangplease /part the channel01:49
elkybilbo baggins has apologised in PM and i've unbanned him from -ot. if he behaves there, ikonia might consider the #u ban.02:17
=== OldSchool is now known as vorian
bazhangbilbo is shown as still banned in #ubuntu (in the BT)03:40
bazhang* Bilbo_Ba2gins (n=Tom@adsl-99-49-134-63.dsl.rcfril.sbcglobal.net) has joined #ubuntu  <-- yet03:41
bazhangcould be innocent; I asked him to part the channel and he did so03:43
Bilbo_Ba2ginsHello all.  I do not know what is going on.  My nick is randomly changing.  This is not my doing.03:51
Bilbo_Ba2ginsI do bow to every ban in place......and I apologize03:52
bazhangBilbo_Ba2gins, you can set in your client, also ask for help in #freenode to group alternate nicks and register if you wish03:52
bazhangBilbo_Ba2gins, I dont see ikonia as being active right now03:52
Bilbo_Ba2ginsThat I am aware of, anyway.  I did not set it in my client.  Oh, and I do have a brother.  So don't call me a liar.03:53
Bilbo_Ba2ginsIf I was, I wouldn't have left willing from your channels.03:53
Bilbo_Ba2ginsMy name is registered as Bilbo_Baggins03:54
bazhangBilbo_Ba2gins, well he seems to be away; you can retry later (you are unbanned in #ubuntu-offtopic however)03:54
Bilbo_Ba2ginsPeriod.  I do know know what is going on.  If I wanted to evade your ban, I'd do it with a HELL of a lot more suave.03:55
Bilbo_Ba2ginsAnd Thank you for the information on that.  :)03:55
bazhangBilbo_Ba2gins, you are welcome03:55
Bilbo_Ba2ginsDo not know03:55
Bilbo_Ba2ginsIs what I meant, I do NOT know what is going on.  and I am sincere.03:55
Bilbo_Ba2ginsI have my nick set in irssi config?  WTF....Time to read the file....03:56
Bilbo_Ba2ginsagain.  God, this is getting irritating.03:56
bazhangplease watch the language Bilbo_Ba2gins03:56
Bilbo_Ba2ginsWhat did I say?03:56
bazhangif there is nothing further, please retry later (ie dont idle here)03:57
Bilbo_Ba2ginsWTF?? or God?  I will.03:57
Flannelubottu died05:53
FlannelMyrtti: No bot06:40
naliothno bot?06:41
naliothOH NOES06:41
elkybazhang, um... i unbanned him in -offtoppic06:42
elkybazhang, i announced it in this very channel06:42
nalioththe lazy bot should be here momentarily06:42
Flannelwhat about the non-lazy one?06:43
Flannelwe want one that knows how to work!06:43
elkyah, for #u. just fix the ban to cover the bilbo_ bit, the rest is what changes, and it's numerically incremental so i'm not at all doubting it's unintentional06:50
naliothno bot yet?07:01
naliothhmm, something is slowing it down somewhere07:02
bazhangelky, yes I know07:03
bazhangwhich is why I said it seemed innocent07:04
FlannelFreenode exploding right now?07:24
FlannelAnyone alive?07:25
bazhangseems to be07:26
naliothFlannel: where did you take our services?07:26
Flannelnalioth: I took them to me to the small server I suppose07:27
Flannelafter 14 minutes of no unsplitting, I figured it was maybe time to get out of dodge07:27
Flannelnalioth: Not just an unidentified flannel, but an unidentified flannel operator! (UFO)07:30
FlannelWho is going to use this down time to reboot and grab a new kernel!07:31
FlannelSo, I suppose rebooting my server fixed services!07:37
bazhangtroll in -ot07:46
padd1am I banned?08:49
padd1every time I try to go to #ubuntu08:49
padd1it takes me here08:49
padd1how can I check?08:51
padd1!ban padd108:51
padd1anyone there?08:53
Garypadd1: if you are being forwarded here, instead of #ubuntu, then yes you are banforwarded08:58
padd1I didn't do anything?08:58
padd1can U tell me why im banned?08:58
GaryI have no idea, I am not an op in that channel08:58
Garyif you hang here for a bit hopefully one will pop along who can help you, or leave this channel (as the topic suggests) and i'll chase it for you so you can check in later on today for an answer?08:59
padd1is there some way a bot can tell me?09:03
padd1why is everyone off?09:03
padd1they all in one timezone?09:03
Garytimezones I assume, plus it is sunday09:03
padd1hmm... this is annoying09:04
padd1I have questions to ask09:04
padd1and i didn't do anything09:04
Garyso if you pop off for a bit, give it a few hours, if I see one i'll ask about your banforward, sounds good?09:04
Garynot much can happen in the meantime so us talking about it won't help much09:05
padd1can I just wait here?09:06
padd1I'm just hanging around the net anyway09:06
Garybest not to padd1 they like to have a no idle policy09:06
padd1I thought that was like if U havent been banned09:07
padd1wouldn't it be faster to wait09:07
padd1its not really idle09:07
padd1hmm... wats with the non-ops down in the channel?09:07
padd1they're always on...09:08
padd1are they something special?09:08
Mamarokpadd1: those people are *all* operators, so please do not idle09:09
ikoniaahhh hello09:11
ikoniapadd1: I've forwarded you here09:11
ikoniapadd1: do you remember the agreement you made with the operators in here when you where last unbanned, about not being a problem, not being rude, not messaging around etc ?09:12
ikoniapadd1: if you don't want to respond at this time, please respect the no-idle policy off the channel09:15
ikonia!idle | padd109:15
ikoniapadd1: please come back to the channel when you are in a better position to talk09:17
ikoniaahhh, no problem09:17
ikoniayou are active09:17
padd1I just came back09:17
padd1went to get a drink09:17
ikoniano problem09:17
padd1sorry, again09:17
ikoniait's fine09:17
padd1umm... can U take a look at my ban09:17
ikoniapadd1: do you remember the agreement you made with the operators of this channel about how to behave in the #ubuntu channels ?09:18
padd1I didn't do anything09:18
padd1did someone use my username?09:18
ikoniaok - well, I've ban forwaraded you here, as since the ban has been lifted you've been sending me private messages such as "in your face" every time you sign in,09:18
ikoniathat's not the spirit of what you agreed to, and I'd like you to explain yourself please.09:18
padd1that was my friend09:19
ikoniano it wasn't09:19
ikoniawhy lie ?09:19
padd1that was a long time ago09:19
ikoniano it wasn't09:19
padd1I've forgotten09:19
padd1It was like a week ago09:19
ikoniait was 3 days ago and you'd been doing it for days before that09:19
padd1I did it once09:20
ikoniano you didn't09:20
padd1I'm pretty sure I did09:20
ikoniayou sent me other messages like "you lose!"09:20
Mamarokpadd1: he has logs09:20
padd1I realise that09:20
padd1I'm sorry09:20
Mamarokso you better do not lie09:20
padd1i've honestly forgotten09:20
ikoniaso I'll ask you again - why after agreeing to control your behaviour, did you feel that sort of behaviour was acceptable ?09:20
padd1it's been a pretty hectic few days09:20
padd1no I did not09:21
ikoniayou did not what ?09:21
padd1I do not feel it was acceptable09:21
padd1I was just really annoyed that it took so long09:21
ikoniaok - then why did you do it straight after your ban was lifted09:21
padd1to get my ban released09:21
ikoniareally, so your way of dealing with the operators who lifted your ban is to send them stupid messages ?09:21
ikoniadoes that really sound like a good plan ?09:22
ikoniathen when quizzed about it you lie about it ?09:22
ikoniadoes this really sound like the agreement you made to get your ban lifted ?09:22
padd1I didn't realise U were an operator09:22
ikoniawhat does that matter ?09:22
padd1lie about it09:22
ikoniayou shouldn't do it to anyone09:22
padd1I was just angry09:22
ikoniaso if I'm not an operator, it's ok to lie to me and send me stupid messages ?09:22
padd1because, U were slowing the process down09:22
padd1lie to you?09:22
padd1I did not lie to U09:23
padd1I have forgotten the amount of times I did it09:23
ikoniayes, when I asked you about sending the messages, you said you didn't it was someone else09:23
ikoniathen you said you only did it once09:23
ikoniathat's telling lies09:23
padd1let's take a look09:23
padd1one moment09:23
padd118:18:42) ikonia: ok - well, I've ban forwaraded you here, as since the ban has been lifted you've been sending me private messages such as "in your face" every time you sign in,09:23
padd1I have not signed in for a while09:24
ikoniaso ?09:24
padd1so, I thought that perhaps this was happening09:24
ikoniahow does that change anything09:24
padd1since I have been on like 2 times or something since the ban was lifted09:24
padd1this explains that I was not lying09:24
padd1just confused09:24
ikoniaeach time you sign in you send me a message09:24
padd1but, U make it sound like a whole lot of times09:24
padd1but, it was only 2 times09:25
ikonia2 - 3 times09:25
padd1on the same night09:25
ikoniait wasn't the same night09:25
ikoniaI let the first night go, - I forwarded you here after it continued over multiple nights09:25
padd1I don't have the logs09:25
padd1I'll have to take ur word for it09:25
padd1I wasn't on this computer09:26
padd1plus, what does this have to do with #ubuntu?09:26
padd1where are we getting at?09:26
ikoniawell, I'll cut to the chase, because of your behaviour straight after you ban was lifted, I've forwarded you here so you can take some time out of ubuntu to understand the consiquences of your actions, as your current ban will last longer, while you consider your future behaviour09:26
padd1I don't believe this is right09:26
padd1come on09:27
padd1I was annoyed09:27
padd1it is not offensive09:27
ikoniathats fine, you are welcome to your opinion, but the fact is, you where banned for behaviour, you made an agreement to control it, and you on multiple nights decided to pester me with stupid messages09:27
padd1And, I don't recall a second night09:27
ikoniaso take a little time out to think about when you make an agreement to behave, stick to it09:28
padd1where is the #ubuntu rule that prevents me from entering09:28
padd1it does not cover PMs09:28
padd1this is corrupt09:28
Mamarokpadd1: of course it does cover PMs09:28
ikoniaagain - that's your opinion, but your behaviour in private to people in the ubuntu channel does count inpm09:29
padd1only freenode has control over that09:29
Mamarokwhy would it be acceptable to be a nuisance in PM? This is the same network you are using09:29
padd1I was not in the #ubuntu channel09:29
Mamarokso the network rules aplly to PM as well09:29
padd1when I PMed09:29
ikoniapadd1: no, I believe your pestering me in pm and gloating over your ban removal is in contradiction to your agreement in behave in the #ubuntu channel09:29
padd1U don't own the network09:29
Garypadd1: as far as I can see, the conversation in here is done with, best to give it a while, say a week with good behaviour, and then ask again (nicely) for the ban to be lifted.  in the meantime it'd be best to part this channel09:29
Mamarokpadd1: you were on the freenode network, that's what matters09:29
ikoniahence why I forwarded you here09:29
ikoniaGary: exactly09:29
padd1where are the freenode ops09:30
Garypadd1: please don't make me have to put on my staffer hat here...09:30
padd1they can decide09:30
padd1sorry Gary09:30
Mamarokpadd1: Gary is a Freenode staffer09:30
ikoniapadd1: freenode do not run this channel, so I suggest taking some time out to think about it as Gary suggested09:30
ikoniathank you09:30
padd1how long will the ban last09:30
ikonialets talk again in a week09:31
padd1I've got a really nagging question about upgrading my RAM09:31
padd1or do U know?09:31
ikoniaI'm sorry no, you have to accept there are consiquences for your actions, more so the second time around09:31
padd1can I ask my question here?09:31
ikoniapadd1: I suggest you take some time out now,09:32
Mamarokoh, cursing now?09:32
padd1no im not09:32
ikoniapadd1: if you could leave the channel now, we'll talk again in week09:32
padd1see you guys09:33
padd1I probs wont be back for like 6 mths though09:33
padd1this is one of the few times of the year I get the chance09:33
padd1and it seems that every time09:33
ikoniapadd1: please leave the channel now09:33
padd1Ur the one who stops me from getting my fun09:33
padd1Fuck U ikonia09:33
padd1i'll leave by myself09:34
ikoniaGary: thank you09:34
Mamarokgah, what an idiotic kid09:34
ikoniaahhh gary knows all to well he changes nick, slick09:34
Garyabuse to opers is something I will not stand for09:35
Garyikonia: let me know if he continues please09:35
ikoniaI can't see it continuing, but I sure will09:35
Mamarokwell, school begins next week in Australia, doesn't it?09:36
elkyit begins tomorrow, yes09:36
Mamarokwhich will clean the network a bit I guess09:36
* ikonia thanks a higher being09:37
Mamarokall those kids not being around anymore09:37
elkyconsidering every second troll at the moment is aussie, yes.09:37
Mamarokikonia: you than the Australian school boards? funny :)09:37
ikoniaelky: yes, it has been a .au rampage latley09:37
ikoniasilly child ban evading as linuxtux12109:43
Garyor not ban evading!09:44
ikonianow trying Killer12Qet09:44
ikonianow qwertytruck09:45
Mamarokalmost funny09:45
Garyand that is why I set an ip ban09:45
ikoniayup, he's pm'ing me again, I'm just ignoring it now after I stated it would not be discussed more until a week later09:46
Garyikonia: can you log it though09:46
ikoniahere or direct09:46
ikonia09:43 <linuxtux121> how'd U know?09:47
ikonia09:43 <linuxtux121> my IP or my question?09:47
ikonia09:43 <linuxtux121> Can I please just ask it09:47
ikonia09:43 <linuxtux121> I'll be quick09:47
ikonia09:43 <linuxtux121> then U can ban me all U want09:47
ikonia09:44 <linuxtux121> ignored yet again09:47
GaryI was going to say via pastebin :p09:47
ikoniawas only a few lines09:48
GaryI don't mind, I was thinking more of your other ops, they might not like you spamming the channel :p09:50
ikoniathey can take it09:50
ikoniathey are hard09:50
* Mamarok is teflon coated09:51
GaryI'm covered in marshmallows09:51
FlannelMmmm, delicious.09:51
* ikonia licks Gary09:52
Mamarokcan we grill you?09:52
ikoniahe he, padd1, now trying cooltux09:52
* Mamarok hides09:52
Mamaroknot cool :)09:52
elkyikonia, i take it he's not considering the forums as plausible?10:15
GarySiLv3R is being offtopic, nice10:18
Garyand icarus - macfags, nice10:19
iceroothi, the bot in #ubuntu is missing11:16
Myrttiwe are aware11:19
ikoniaelky: to be %100 honest, I forgot to offer him the forums11:21
Myrttiiceroot: anything else we can help you with?11:24
icerootMyrtti: thats all :)11:25
iceroothave a nice day/night (depending on your time-zone)11:26
Myrttiwould someone try to restart the bot?11:31
elkyoh this will be interesting11:41
elkysee #u11:41
ikoniaBacta ?11:41
elkyhe's baiting to see if ops are around11:42
ikoniawell, they are11:42
ikoniahello Bacta, what's up ?11:43
ikoniahow can we help ?11:43
BactaSorry, I don't know how I got to this channel ... Might've been an autojoin on my other box11:44
ikoniadon't talk nonsense11:44
ikoniayou've been in #php and #ubuntu now for a while, so your auto join didn't bring you here11:44
ikoniaunless you need something from the operators of #ubuntu - it is requested that you leave the channel so that someone who needs help is not ignored.11:45
ikoniaDo you want/need anything ?11:45
ikoniathank you11:45
elkyjust so you know, i've tried to restart the bot, but it's not playing ball11:46
ikoniait's been funny all week11:46
elkybecause people have been poking it with new code and bug fixes all week11:47
ikoniaoh really, didn't know it was update blizt11:48
bazhangA4Tech, hi13:14
A4Techbazhang hello13:14
[Green]bazhang: hi13:15
bazhangA4Tech, about #ubuntu? or -ru?13:15
A4Techbazhang -ru13:15
bazhangA4Tech, lets discuss in #ubuntu-irc okay?13:15
A4Techbazhang ok13:15
jribubottu died?13:30
elkyjrib, doesnt want to be brought back either.13:38
jribhis brother coming?13:38
elkyjpds, if you're hiding there, can you throw a bot in #u for a bit please?13:50
jribnice e-mail from this I.P. Daily guy13:53
elkyoh, didn't see that13:55
ikoniawhat a fool14:25
Garythat made me giggle14:37
Garynice to see trolling on a ML, beats irc14:37
elkyGary, you're not on the devel list i take it?14:40
elkythe boycottnovell trolls have been having an absolute riot on there lately with the mono controversies14:51
elkyok, i've just banforwarded ubottu from -irc to #u14:55
elkykicked and banlifted successfully14:55
Myrttiit has the stomachbug14:55
elkyno kiddin14:56
elkyit's choking on something and refusing to identify is all i can figure15:13
jussi01ubottu doesnt seem to be running...15:13
Myrttiso, what bot it is then that's on the channels :-D15:14
elky* [ubottu] (n=supybot@oul131-gw12.netplaza.fi): Supybot 0.83.315:14
Myrttiit got ghosted earlier by something15:15
Myrttioo, toes went numb15:15
jussi01weird. seemed to be running from jussi01.com...15:16
jussi01ok, should be on its way back.15:17
Myrttielky: could it be possible someone used the revival script on jussi01.com instead of ubottu.com?15:24
Myrtti(jussi01 ran out of mojo in his uberleet 3G laptop)15:25
elkyMyrtti, possible. that's the one that showed up in my history, i might have used that. however this was after it had been dead for 8h15:25
Myrttiweird that is15:25
Picijussi01: perhaps someone should get rid of/move the killbot script on jussi01.com17:11
Myrttiwth happened to the bot again17:43
elkyno clue17:45
* Myrtti prods jussi01 17:45
jribI'm going to put my bot into #ubuntu18:22
jribjribot, feel free to mute if he gets annoying18:22
jribshould just be like ubottu though he responds to - as commands18:22
naliothjrib: i'd not do it, then18:22
jribOk, let me turn it off18:22
naliotheveryone is used to ! for command prefixes18:22
jribit works with !18:22
elkyjrib, it needs to be something starting with 'ubot' and uses !s18:23
jribjust supybot commands are listened to on -18:23
naliothnobody will need to use supybot commands18:23
elkyjrib, does it also pipe?18:23
jribthough it's a few months old18:23
jribhold on let me make the changes18:23
ubotjribsigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.18:26
ubotjribjrib: Error: "aoeurchaoeurh" is not a valid command.18:26
jribshould be okay?18:26
Myrttiwhere did it pull the aoeurchaoeurh is not a valid command thing18:27
jribit listens to - for supybot commands18:27
jribI can't find the setting for that at the moment18:27
jribIf it becomes an issue I'll look for it18:27
jpdselky: Sorry, was miles away from here...19:37
elkyjpds, wanna rescue ubottu somehow, or figure what the heck was done to it?19:38
jpdselky: Sorry, don't have access to its box.19:39
jpdsI see jrib has thrown in a bot already, /kicks out ubot4.19:40
elkyMyrtti, /me looks at -ot19:48
elkyone has to wonder...19:48
jussi01_Ok, Im around now. ubottu should be on the way back. not sure what happened there...22:04
Mamarokjussi01_ !22:06
jussi01_and there she is...22:06
ubotjribsigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.22:07
jussi01_still syncing...22:07
ubottusigh... again? I'm busy here, I already told you it failed.22:08
jussi01_and there we are22:08
ubotjribFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents22:09
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents22:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1 in ubuntu "Microsoft has a majority market share" [Critical,In progress]22:09
* jrib welcomes back ubottu22:13
jussi01_thanks for the fill in jrib. today was the last day my girlfriend was in town, so Ive been somewhat preoccupied... :D22:14
jribjussi01_: understandable :)22:14
jussi01_jrib: yeps :D22:15
jribhrmm, I just consumed 160% of my recommended daily value of saturated fat22:16
jussi01_topyli: prod! you around_22:19
* jrib makes mental note not to make it a frequent occurence22:20
jussi01_nalioth: and Seeker`  should have enough access to run the bot start script in an emergency. / as well as tsimpson and myself of course.22:23
jussi01my main PC is back up and working!!22:33
rwwG'day operator peoples! I was wandering through http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ just now and noticed http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/07/26/paddy_melon.html . Did a troll PM your logbot or something?22:33
jussi01rww: Im not sure what caused that.22:35
jussi01Im trying to remember who controls the logbot, perhaps ubuntu-eu. in any case, its worth a look into. thanks22:36
rwwno problem. thanks for your time :)22:36
AmaranthI keep getting disconnected from xbox live23:05
Amaranthi was kicking butt in team DM too :/23:06
Amaranthcamped near the assault rifle behind a highway divider23:06
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore23:06
Amaranthwhoops, wrong channel anyway :P23:06
Garyaww, I was just getting interesting in the story too23:20

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