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asacstgraber: there?16:46
asacstgraber: what would it take if i wanted to delegate the mozilla.qa.ubuntu.com tasks to someone else?16:47
asacstgraber: does he need an account and then i prod one of you?16:47
cr3eeejay: is it just me or does the generating key test take forever in mago?17:33
cr3asac: dude, I've been wanting to email you for a while. during uds, I mentionned I had a pci card for testing minipci cards. might you or awe be interested?17:35
asaccr3: hey17:36
asaccr3: is that mini pcie?17:37
cr3it's been a while but I still have my black book of notes of things to remember like this, and I still have a lot of unfinished items on my list :(17:37
asac(i think thats the format of the modern stuff)17:37
cr3asac: is that like a half mini card?17:37
asaci looked in ebay once, what is available is pci -> mini-pci card. but i couldnt find anything to test the mini pcie stuff17:38
asaccr3: i think pci -> mini-pci ... pcie (graphic?) -> mini-pcie would be it17:38
asaccr3: but what do i know ;)17:38
asaccr3: have you used it with any wifi thing yet?17:38
asacif its working for things like iwl 4965 then its exactly what i want17:39
cr3oh man, you're in luck, this is what I read on the back of the card: mini-pcie interposer17:39
asac(i think ipw2200 and stuff is the old mini-pci thing)17:39
asaccr3: you rock man17:39
asaccr3: and that fits in a "normal" pci slot?17:39
cr3asac: tell you what, I'll bring it over during the sprint in dublin and I'll watch you and awe fight over it... in a metal cage! :)17:39
* asac not even sure if modern computers have that 17:39
cr3asac: yeah, looks like it fits in a variety of normal slots17:40
asaccr3: i am sure i asked you initially ;)17:40
asaccr3: what is the model name?17:40
asacprobably i can find and order it easily17:40
cr3this is "intel confidencial" and, yes, with the spelling mistake printed on the card :)17:40
cr3upham iv fab117:41
asaccr3: where did you get it=?17:41
cr3I used to have a good relationship with them until things got overly complicated :(17:42
* cr3 can only do so much17:42
asaccr3: and you take only one? thats not smart ;)17:42
cr3asac: this card was a surprise though, I didn't even expect it17:42
cr3asac: typically, though, if I ask for something I never get it17:43
cr3so, I just shut up, sit back, and relax17:43
asaccr3: ^^17:44
asacis that one of those?17:44
asacpoint is that all of those say "pcie to mini-pcie" ... so thats probably what i want ;)17:44
asacanyway. thanks. bring et with you ;)17:45
cr3notice the connector to the motherboard on the "Mini Extender 2.13 H", my card has two of those one next to the other17:45
cr3too bad I don't have a camera, I would've sent you a picture17:45
cr3my card is much longer though, it has: two mini card slots, one bluetooth card slot and a sim card reader17:46
cr3you might drool when you see it, so bring a towel with you17:46
asaccr3: you mean it has two mini-pcie slots? nice17:47
asaci already cry17:48
asaccr3: i think its simple. i get the card that you have and awe orders the one we found (in germany you dont get such things ;))17:49
asacwell. we can still make a fight17:49
asaclike ... who is quicker in packaging ;)17:49
asacpackging competition17:49
cr3... in a metal cage!17:49
Davieyasac: speed != quality :)17:57
Davieyasac:  Using dh_make you could have a package in 10 seconds, from tarball :)17:58
asacDaviey: it would be a freestyle battle ;)17:58
asacno lintian warnings is requirement17:58
Davieyasac: ok.. i'll checkinstall :P17:58
asacdont tell too much17:58
Davieyasac: can we use linitian ignore overides? :)17:59
asacI didnt know you would join the competition ;)18:00
asacwhy do you need this adapter ;)18:00
asacDaviey: freestyle == everything is allowed18:00
cr3full body contact packaging!19:08
stgraberasac: yeah, he just needs an account and I'll give him the right to manage mozilla.qa19:21
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nekohayoyo, anyone seen mutter and gnome-shell in karmic yet?21:54
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