virtualdsarvatt: have you stopped doing radeon-kms ppa updates?00:25
Sarvattyep, things have moved into xorg-edgers00:26
virtualdok, in short what will i gain from edgers over regular ubuntu packages?00:26
virtualdi guess i'll get better support for my rv570xt00:27
virtualdi don't mind x breaking if it's fixed in a few days00:29
Sarvattits just adding an extra layer of things that can go wrong supporting the radeon-kms one at the same time as xorg-edgers now that edgers can support radeon KMS directly. the things in radeon-kms were building against karmic's xserver that does not have the updated dri2 stuff but they had the same package names so there were lots of oppurtunities for things to go wrong00:32
Sarvattyeah edgers has all the latest stuff for that00:33
Sarvatti dont think anythings been broken longer than an hour or two in edgers for months00:33
Sarvatti havent put xserver in there so its pretty straight forward, thats when things are going to get ugly because most of the libs need updating too for that :)00:35
virtualdyou're going to warn before you do that right?00:48
virtualdsarvatt: do you know how to boot isos in grub2?00:52
Sarvattyeah i'll put a big old warning on the page a few weeks before i do it virtuald, no worries :D00:53
virtualdheh i don't look at the page very often00:53
Sarvattnope i dunno how to boot iso's in grub2 though :(00:54
virtualdgoogle does :>00:55
Sarvatthmm, somethings definitely wrong with g-s-d. the touchpad settings in the mouse preferences applet is the old one and is modifying the /desktop/gnome/peripherals/mouse keys, not the new /desktop/gnome/peripherals/touchpad ones05:20
Sarvattits reading the default settings every boot with no way to change it outside of manually adjusting the gconf settings for /desktop/gnome/peripherals/touchpad or using synclient, it overrides the HAL settings even05:21
Sarvattthe keys in /desktop/gnome/peripherals/touchpad/ all work as intended, if i enabled tap to click there it enables it right away for instance05:22
Sarvattbut the gui to change those settings is broken..05:22
Sarvattahh we need gnome-control-center to be updated to work with the new touchpad stuff, no wonder06:02
Sarvatthmm, whats the deal with the radeon files in firmware-linux from debian?10:13
Sarvattis it built into our kernels with CONFIG_FIRMWARE_IN_KERNEL or something? didnt know they were there10:17
Sarvattah ok i see how it works in drivers/gpu/drm/radeon/radeon_cp.c10:20
Sarvattsilly silly bugs17:56
Sarvattshould be a wishlist if anything, theres 0 chance the mesa r600 dri driver is going to make it into karmic18:01

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