bazhangmuibe, did not see the question00:00
th0rmido1: it usually looks once every ten to sixty minutes for a change in the ip, but he won't have an ip at bootup00:00
bazhangjondavis, installed from Where; which version00:00
jondavisit will also work 4 youtube .com00:00
ctmjrAndy80: you can look in there and see if you have an option like UXA or XAA00:00
mido1th0r: Exactly.00:00
Lostinjondavis, you would be done with the tut by nom, and I guarantee it will work for you00:00
mezquitaleCyber_Akuma-Ubun,  try installing from the command line, first "sudo apt-get update"  then "sudo apt-get install partimage"00:00
smanhow do I set my keyboard layout in xorg.conf? I've read the wiki, XKbdLayout doesn't work00:00
Cyber_Akuma-Ubunthats what I did00:00
Andy80ctmjr: this is my xorg.conf: http://pastebin.ca/1507295 I don't have none of that...00:01
muibebazhang: how is it possible to make all the external devices read-only ones?00:01
Cyber_Akuma-UbunI couldent even find it in symaptics package manager00:01
th0rmido1: the best bet is to run it at login (startup apps) and put a sleep command at the beginning to delay it long enough for nm to start00:01
mido1th0r: Are you familiar with the script from no-ip?00:01
Lostinsman If you find out let me know00:01
bazhangmuibe, why do you need to set this00:01
jondavislook if yall can help everyone in here well so can u help me00:01
IlijaVCoolio: there is no /usr/bin/gdebi-gtk on default installation00:01
th0rmido1: I used it quite a while ago....but they didn't have network manager at the time00:02
mrwesOk...I'm out -- Red Soxs are on :)00:02
mezquitaleCyber_Akuma-Ubun, the same happened to me with cinelerra, I couldnt find the package so I just installed using "apt-get install" and it worked fine00:02
th0rmido1: all I did was start it after interfaces did the ifup00:02
trollboyjondavis, no one here is paid.  We are all volunteers helping people for free.  We don't HAVE to help anyone.00:02
bazhangjondavis, I am asking for particulars, you are providing none00:02
Truenomido1: In the live system don't have Internet. Can I download the files from windows?00:02
muibebazhang: because i want to prevent copying of the stuff into an external media00:02
Lostinsman some of the trouble is that the mans reference files that have changed00:02
mido1Trueno: The problem is to find out which files are to update.00:02
mezquitaleCyber_Akuma-Ubun,  you already tried "sudo apt-get install partimage" ???00:02
jondavisi  install it from ubutntu00:02
Cyber_Akuma-Ubunthis is what it says if I try00:03
bazhangjondavis, how long have you had this problem, which version of ubuntu  ( lsb_release -a ) in a terminal00:03
Cyber_Akuma-Ubunand yes UI used that command in the terminal00:03
Truenomido1. I understand00:04
jondavisi have it for a longtime and i have ubuntu linux 9.0400:04
ctmjrAndy80: open the file for editing and add this to the device section under identifier   Option"AccelMethod""uxa"00:04
smanhow do I set my keyboard layout in xorg.conf?00:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jondavis00:04
pisecxhi. what is the difference between "invoke-rc.d" and "service" commands?00:04
Lostinjondavis..you are beating your head against a wall.just use the tut.  It's a sticky, it wouldn't stay there if it didn't work00:04
ctmjrAndy80: then restart X00:04
bazhangnkvorn, no need for that; /msg ubottu in future please00:05
bazhangjondavis, lets keep this in channel, not via PM00:05
smanI think I have a unique and very interesting keyboard problem00:05
Cyber_Akuma-Ubunany ideas?00:05
mezquitaleCyber_Akuma-Ubun, can I see your cat /etc/apt/sources.list file?00:05
smanand I'm growing quite fond of solving it00:05
edbiansman: I'm just curious of hearing what it is!00:05
Lostinnkvorn I think it's "1<command>  |  <nick>00:05
Andy80ctmjr: anyway I remember that hardware rendering worked fine until some days ago when I connected an external monitor... could that have messed up all things?00:05
trollboybazhang, he msg'd me as well thinking I was you.  I'm honestly leaning towards a terminal case of PEBKAC on that oen00:06
bazhangjondavis, have these sites ever worked for you00:06
Cyber_Akuma-UbunIll try, not sure if dcc will work00:06
edbiannkvorn: !<command>  not 100:06
bazhangtrollboy, no need for that, please be civil00:06
Lostin!welcome  |nkvorn00:06
ubottunkvorn: Welcome to #ubuntu - the Ubuntu support channel.00:06
smanedbian: here goes: whenever I am in X, in any terminal emulator, pressing "up" on the keyboard spawns "sh: lpr: command not found"00:06
jondavisit  did when i was a windeos user00:06
mezquitaleCyber_Akuma-Ubun, just copy and paste your source.list file to pastebin00:06
edbianbazhang: I was just trying to help him.  I can't figure out the issue.  He has "flashplugin-nonfree" installed but he cannot play some flash videos00:06
jondavisnow i am a ubuntu linux user00:07
smanedbian: regardless of shell, terminal emulator, locale00:07
bazhangedbian, it is confusing as those sites work for me00:07
edbiansman: neat!00:07
smanedbian: I know!00:07
edbianbazhang: Me too00:07
Ilijathor: it seems to work!00:07
bazhangjondavis, what does about:plugins show in your browser when you type it in00:07
mezquitaleCyber_Akuma-Ubun,  put your file in pastebin so that everyone in the room can see it, someone may catch something that I didn't00:07
ctmjrAndy80: it might have messed up something but your xorg.file is very minimal00:07
smanedbian: so I think the root of the problem is xorg00:07
Ilijathank you all very much00:07
edbianbazhang: Perhaps he hasnt' killed the firefox process but simply stopped and started firefox really quickly.00:07
Cyber_Akuma-Ubunmezquitale: here http://pastebin.com/m4aae8f8c00:07
bazhangedbian, good point00:07
jondavisi dont ubderstand00:07
Lostinnkvorn I mistyped  "!welcome  |  nkvorn"00:07
edbiansman: Yeah sounds like a bad mapping.  Does the up arrow work correctly for other applications?00:07
smanedbian: yes00:08
IlijaBye for now :)00:08
Lostinnkvorn it pipes the message to the nick00:08
smanedbian: just any console stuff.00:08
bazhangjondavis, in your address bar (where you type www.cbs.com) type ----->  about:plugins00:08
smanedbian: apart from tty/framebuffer - it's fine there00:08
Andy80ctmjr: anyway the uxa option won't enable hardware rendering.....00:08
jondavisi go to a website like www.cbs.com and look tv/videos and it will not work00:08
edbiansman: Good luck with that man!  I'm clueless00:09
Andy80ctmjr: I should have something like this: OpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 945GM GEM 20090326 2009Q1 RC2 x86/MMX/SSE200:09
bazhangjondavis, please tell me what about:plugins says about that adobe plugin00:09
* sman breaks down00:09
cooper77zyay, I got a second monitor for my laptop can someone help me make it work so that I can have 2 monitors working at the same time?00:09
nkvornLostin, nice. where can i find more info about these irc commands?00:09
bazhang!xrandr | cooper77z00:10
ubottucooper77z: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1200:10
jondavisthen u pm me00:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubotto00:10
jondavisif you need to know ok00:10
jelly-beanis there any good OpenLDAP .ldif file editor GUI?00:10
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots00:10
jondavisi am tied of tell people what i have00:10
bazhangjondavis, no provide the answers here please; about:plugins output00:10
Lostinjondavis  If you got the plugin from the adobe site, it doebn't work well "out of the box" so to speak00:10
edbianLostin: He got it from the repos00:11
Lostinedbian Hmm should work..let me check something00:11
bazhangjondavis, have you installed several different flash plugins?00:11
jondavisi got it from ubuntu  in system00:11
bazhangjondavis, about:plugins00:12
edbianjondavis: You got it from symantic.  Which is the repos. :)00:12
Sarvattdoes anyone happen to know when the next ubuntu membership meeting for the americas might be? the wiki page says july 15th and I cant find any mention of the next date in the irc logs. -- https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/Americas00:12
jondavisthen i dont know00:12
muibeso my problem is insurmountable?00:12
cobra-the-jokerHey there guys .....is there a support channel for g(ood)OS ?00:12
funcky1i keep getting this message every time i try to install something http://paste.ubuntu.com/233508/ what is going on?00:12
mezquitaleCyber_Akuma-Ubun,  it looks like you have all the repos configured, the only other reason you could get this error is because you have a key missing or your package manager is corrupt00:12
jondavissome of you people tell me to do thid and to do that00:12
jondavisit all not works00:13
bazhangSarvatt, #ubuntu-meeting or the planet fridge calendar likely would have that info00:13
mezquitaleCyber_Akuma,  the last time I saw this error I had a key missing, I had to import the key from the repo that has the software00:13
edbianfuncky1: You have more than one package manager open.00:13
bazhangjondavis, about:plugins00:13
funcky1edbian: no i dont00:13
Lostinjondavis  this will be several lines but it should fix you up00:14
Cyber_AkumaHow do I do that? And which repo has it?00:14
funcky1edbian: unless one is hidden somewhere00:14
edbianfuncky1: You probably have a zombie process of one lingering open.  Open the system monitor and look for it.00:14
jondavisand if it foes not00:14
funcky1edbian: it says i have apt-get running. could that be it?00:14
edbianfuncky1: That's it!00:14
Andy80ctmjr: I was right :P removing those lines about virtual resolution has fixed my problem00:15
edbianfuncky1: apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, add/remove, and dpkg are all "the package manager"00:15
funcky1edbian: thanks!00:15
bazhangjondavis, have you installed the flash plugin individually or part of ubuntu-restricted-extras00:15
edbianfuncky1: Did killing it solve your problem?00:15
revstrayhi guys!00:15
mezquitaleCyber_Akuma, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu00:15
Lostinjondavis  sorry it didn't copy the first time..here it is00:16
funcky1edbian: yes00:16
edbianfuncky1: Awesome :)00:16
Lostin"sudo apt-get remove gnash gnash-common libflashsupport mozilla-plugin-gnash swfdec-mozilla && sudo apt-get install alsa-oss faac faad flashplugin-nonfree gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse gstreamer0.10-pitfdll libmp3lame0 non-free-codecs sun-java6-fonts sun-java6-jre sun-java6-plugin unrar"00:16
emilioCould not download all repository indexes00:17
xtremegamerhello all again00:17
Lostinjondavis  That plugin works00:17
revstrayI'm running into an oddity with Ubuntu, in debian land in order to not automatically install "recommended" packages you can put APT::Install-Recommends "0"; into /etc/apt/apt.conf, but Ubuntu doesn't appear to be honoring that. I also have a symlink from /etc/apt/apt.conf to /etc/apt/apt.d.conf/01config, Any recommended place I should put it instead?00:17
toyimpwhat's a good irc client? Not liking XChat00:17
revstrayirssi is a nice irc client00:17
Sarvattbazhang: thanks, i dont see anything on the fridge calendar for the next 3 months though. I guess I will look into applying through another country00:17
xtremegameri have an ASUS P7131 cable tuner card , any good application that work with it ?00:18
toyimpthanks revstray :)00:18
xtremegameralso my webcam went missing00:18
revstraytoyimp: I use irssi + screen + ssh all the time, for almost 5 yrs now, works like a charm. Doh, too late.00:18
Lostinrevstray If you use Synaptic, you can pick and choose00:18
emilioWhen I try to run the Update Manager, it gives me this error message .... Could not download all repository indexes00:19
th0remilio: that just means it couldn't contact one or more of the repos....might  be a temp network issue00:19
revstrayLostin: same with aptitude, but apt is the underlying system and that doesn't answer the "where does Ubuntu read configs from" for apt.conf00:19
xtremegameri get when i plug my webcam in :   351.041154] usb 2-4: V4L2 device registered as /dev/video000:19
xtremegamer[  351.041158] usb 2-4: Optional device control through 'sysfs' interface disabled00:19
xtremegamer[  351.077817] usb 2-4: usb_submit_urb() failed, error -2800:19
mido1xtremegamer: I don't know the tuner card, is it USB or PCI?00:19
rootlinuxusrFor what it's worth, on the ejecting CD error - Seems I had an errant rhythmbox session still up and running....00:19
edbianWhat is the best way to get my background to be a terminal??00:19
cooper77zubottu,that looks really difficult to install xrandr, is really difficult?00:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:20
edbiancooper77z: xrandr is in the system by default00:20
emilioth0r: but in the details says... Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu 9.04 _Jaunty Jackalope_ - Release i386 (20090420.1)/dists/jaunty/main/binary-i386/Packages  Please use apt-cdrom to make this CD-ROM recognized by APT. apt-get update cannot be used to add new CD-ROMs00:20
edbiancooper77z: Just look at "man xrandr"00:20
Cyber_Akuma-Ubundidnt work00:20
bazhangSarvatt, sometimes listings are misplaced or dont get through, if you post a question in #ubuntu-meeting someone will likely reply00:20
bazhangcooper77z, not really hard, best to read the docs first though at that link00:21
cooper77zedbian, when I plug the cable into the back of my computer and press the toggle monitor + function key there is a flash of black, then nothing00:21
blooperive installed counter strike source thru steam using wine but now cannot load the game nor steam after a reboot00:21
mido1xtremegamer: Okay, is it an analog tuner or a dvb tuner?00:21
th0remilio: in synaptic, uncheck the cdrom in Settings - Repositories00:21
cooper77zbazhang, they are difficult to understand00:21
xtremegamermido1 : analog probably00:21
solexiousI'm having problems playing most dvd's on my computer, I have followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs but with no success, some times vlc will play them but totem or dd wont play/copy00:22
mido1xtremegamer: Sorry, not my field.00:22
blooperive installed counter strike source thru steam using wine but now cannot load the game nor steam after a reboot00:22
artillerytxanyone want to help me set up a web server with dns00:22
magnetron!repeat | blooper00:22
ubottublooper: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search  https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.00:22
edbiancooper77z: The easiest and first thing you should try is this:  Plug in reboot with both monitors plugged in and see if they show up in the Screen Resolution app00:22
th0remilio: either that, or make sure the install cd is in the drive every time you click update in synaptic <smile>00:22
xtremegamermido1: do you know the problem with  my webcam then ?00:22
Cyber_Akuma-UbunAny other ideas why its doing this?00:22
emilioth0r: perfect ...thank you00:22
bazhangblooper, please dont repeat so quickly; folks need time to websearch00:22
cooper77zok edbian, I'll try it, thanks00:23
bazhangjondavis, was this flash installed individually, or with the ubuntu-restricted-extras package00:23
egchi all00:23
muibeubottu: what if i end up being pretty much ignored every time i ask something? ;)00:23
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:23
egcis there a way to have a windows section for menu.lst generated automatically?00:24
bazhangmuibe, these external devices are what filesystem00:24
ctmjrAndy80: glad to hear it and your right uxa is not 3d rendering but the dri2 module cannot run 3d without it is for 2d acceleration00:24
xtremegamerwhen i plug my webcam in i get this   351.041154] usb 2-4: V4L2 device registered as /dev/video000:24
xtremegamer[  351.041158] usb 2-4: Optional device control through 'sysfs' interface disabled00:24
xtremegamer[  351.077817] usb 2-4: usb_submit_urb() failed, error -2800:24
xtremegamerhow to solve ?00:24
FloodBot1xtremegamer: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:24
nkvornubottu, :)00:24
bazhangxtremegamer, pastebin00:24
xtremegamerbazhang ? pastebin ? you mean the website or you lost me :p00:25
blooperive installed counter strike source thru steam using wine but now cannot load the game nor steam after a reboot00:25
Andy80ctmjr: anyway I don't have UXA enabled at the moment... I've read that is not very stable00:25
bazhangxtremegamer, means dont flood the channel in future please00:25
jimisrvroxhey guys im having probs getting an access point on my rt2500 using ubuntu 9.04 any help would be appreciated...00:25
muibebazhang: i am not sure i understood what you tried to say with filesystem...00:25
xtremegameryeah sorry bout that but i dont know what's important in those 3 lines00:26
bazhangmuibe, ntfs? vfat? ext3? like that00:26
ctmjrAndy80: i would not worry about it if it is working now be happy00:26
blooperive installed counter strike source thru steam using wine but now cannot load the game nor steam after a reboot00:27
bazhangblooper, please00:27
bazhangblooper, three repeats in 3 minutes00:27
muibebazhang: yeah..i figured out that i should know it beforehand and a usb-memory could partitioned with whatever imaginable fs available to linux user...00:27
Lostinrevstray see the "apt.conf" man file00:28
muibebazhang: so...there is no solution without i know fs beforehand?00:28
bazhangmuibe, hdd or flash drive00:28
Lostinrevstray "man apt.conf"00:28
muibebazhang: hdd00:28
ctmjrblooper: have you asked in #winehq channel might have better luck00:29
revstrayLostin: yup, I've been there, I'm there right now and it says /etc/apt/apt.conf is the appropriate configuration file, but changes (and adding) that file don't seem to be making much of a differerence. My intention with these changes is to get apt to not automatically select recommended packages00:29
bazhangblooper, #winehq is the place to go, as ctmjr suggests, also check appdb for how well it runs00:29
bazhang!appdb | blooper00:29
ubottublooper: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help00:29
Lostinrevstray Dosen't it reference and file that apt.conf sources?  Maybe I misread00:30
bazhangmuibe, have you formatted the drives? if you have not they are likely ntfs00:30
lulufr please00:30
bazhanglulu, #ubuntu-fr00:30
cooper77zok, both monitors are working simultaneously, :) , but I want to use the second monitor as an extended desktop to move windows a over to, you know, to extend my desktop space, how to do?00:31
pagodaati mobility radeon x1400, trying to get compiz to work in jaunty.  help?00:31
revstrayLostin: I'll let you know when I find out :)00:31
b33r__Hello anyone with an nvidia driver version 180 can please try loading runescape.com on high detail it only takes a minute and tell me if it's working.. I just want to know if it's a problem at my end or not00:31
bazhangrevstray, /etc/apt/sources.list ?00:31
solexiousI'm having problems playing most dvd's on my computer, I have followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs but with no success, some times vlc will play them but totem or dd wont play/copy. It seems region 0 dvd's have no problem though...00:31
EffitLooking to turn my boot manager back on, it got wiped out but the drive is still partitioned.00:31
Lostinrevstray  Good luck, hope you get it figured out.00:32
Lostingotta run.00:32
cooper77zgosh this $5 yardsale monitor is really inferior to my laptop screen00:32
trollboyand jondavis is all set up00:32
lulufr please, I did error!00:32
bazhangEffit, dual boot?00:32
trollboywatching hulu now00:32
ArchEnigmaI need help. I want to switch from Sawfish WM back to xfwm4, but Sawfish refuses to DIE >.<00:33
cooper77zbut I want to put a terminal window open on it and use the laptop screen for other programs, how to do?00:33
bazhangtrollboy, nice work00:33
yaaarso, what's the deal with opera these days? i'm on jaunty, and i've added both the canonical "partner" repo and the opera repo, and still no love....00:33
bazhangEffit, which was installed first00:33
EffitI installed Ubuntu 9.04 afterwards00:33
bazhangEffit, unable to boot which00:33
DimitreeHow can i create the command in "Create Launcher" for an application that i have on my desktop, i start the app in terminal with ./application but then i add this to the launcher it doesn't work /home/t0m0rr0w/Desktop/KeyHoleTV/./lkeyholetv00:33
trollboybazhang, called him on the phone, lol00:33
bazhangEffit, fix grub00:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about A-link00:33
yaaaron the opera repo I get this: Failed to fetch http://deb.opera.com/opera/dists/jaunty/non-free/binary-i386/Packages  404 Not Found00:33
trollboybazhang, wanna help me with my driver problem? ;-)00:34
bazhangmuibe, lets keep this in channel please00:34
bastidrazorDimitree, leave out the . in the launcher00:34
happosade!Wlan > me00:34
ubottuhapposade, please see my private message00:34
bazhangtrollboy, will try00:34
EffitMy Windows got re-imaged, and now the boot manager has disappeared00:34
sandyhi guys00:34
sebsebsebsandy: hello00:34
ArchEnigmaSorry for repeating this:00:34
ArchEnigmaI need help. I want to switch from Sawfish WM back to xfwm4, but Sawfish refuses to DIE >.<00:34
sandydo we need to use any internet security for ubuntu00:34
Dimitreebastidrazor, it doesn't start that way eather :(00:34
bazhangEffit, follow the link from the bot00:34
trollboybazhang, having a weird driver issue, linux sees it, the driver is there, BUT http://pastebin.com/m5703d5f5  its for a GSM modem, its using a Texas Instruments USB -> TTY chip in it.00:34
sebsebsebsandy: not at this time00:34
bazhang!grub | Effit00:34
ubottuEffit: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:34
sebsebseb!virus |  sandy00:34
ubottusandy: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2100:34
EffitThanks. :)00:35
bastidrazorDimitree, have only 1 / seperating lkeyholtv00:35
Dimitreeyaaar, you can download Opera 10b2 from the official website, the Deb file work even thou it's not for 9.0400:35
sebsebsebsandy: of course you should have a hardware firewall really, for example enabled in a router00:35
ArchEnigmaGod, every time I try to ask, a dozen people talk immediately after me to cover up my message00:35
sebsebsebsandy: and a user password that has letters and numbers in it at least00:35
Dimitreebastidrazor, yes only one / and it doesn't start, but it starts when i go to the folder in terminal and do ./lkeyholetv command00:35
muibebazhang: sorry... hopefully you understood my motive though00:35
lulufr please!00:36
bazhangmuibe, will you be wanting them to be read only permanently; that seems an extreme method00:36
bazhanglulu, /join #ubuntu-fr00:36
sandy_i am back00:36
Dimitreeyaaar, http://www.opera.com/browser/download/?ver=10.00b200:36
sandy_got dc00:36
muibebazhang: yes..00:36
yaaarDimitree: yeah, i know that...but i would much rather install it from a repo so as to get automatic updates00:36
ctmjrb33r__: works good no lag or anything did not play just let it load and run a minute00:36
sebsebsebsandy_: ok so you might have missed some of my messages00:37
b33r__ctmjr, you tried the high detail right?00:37
muibebazhang: it's 21th century paranoia.. :D00:37
yaaarDimitree: and the docs on the opera site say it should work00:37
ctmjrb33r__: yep thats right00:37
sandy_<sebsebseb> !virus |  sandy00:37
sandy_<ubottu> sandy: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2100:37
sandy_* esb has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))00:37
sandy_<sandy> a frnd told that virus not yet made for ubuntu00:37
sandy_<sandy> but still is there any00:37
FloodBot1sandy_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:37
Dimitreeyaaar, i don't think that Opera is in the repo anymore since it's not open source ..00:37
sandy_<sandy> for security only00:37
bazhangsandy_, you can install clamav if you wish00:38
b33r__ctmjr, because for me it says unable to select the chosen display, though I have 180 nvidia driver and latest java so I can't figure out what's wrong :/ it used to work fine00:38
xtremegameri did sudo rmmod saa7134_alsa how to undo  this ?00:38
sebsebsebsandy_: i'll pm what I put before, and clamav scans for Windows viruses and that's about it00:38
bastidrazorDimitree, check the path again. any spelling/case errors?00:38
pagodawhen i play a song in amarok, it skips through it really fast without producing any sound.00:38
Dimitreeyaaar, plus in the repo it was always Old version so you are never up to date actually ...00:38
sebsebsebsandy_: and those viruses won't infect  Linux distros00:38
yaaarDimitree: the repo in question is deb.opera.com ...so i doubt they're worried that it's non-free00:39
Dimitreebastidrazor, no i used the Browse button to locate the file maby thats why ?00:39
Dimitreebastidrazor, /home/t0m0rr0w/Desktop/KeyHoleTV/lkeyholetv00:39
ctmjrb33r__: you have compiz running or a composite manager running?00:39
mido1xtremegamer: sudo modprobe saa7134_alsa00:39
b33r__ctmjr, no, are you on 8.10 or 9.04? I'm on 8.1000:40
xtremegamermido1 : it does said something about saa7134_dvb so maybe its dvb00:40
bastidrazorDimitree, is the file executable?00:40
ctmjrb33r__: same here took me too long to get this right to upgrade00:40
Dimitreeyaaar, oh wow i didn't know about that one ;) make sure you have it enabled and reload after that also in Add/Remove make sure you slected All avaliable software nto only Canonical o-o00:40
cooper77zI have 2 monitors running mirrors of each other, but I want the other monito to be an extension of the desktop, how to do?00:40
Dimitreebastidrazor, yes that option is selected in properties00:41
mido1xtremegamer: Okay. Could you name the card again? I'll have a look.00:41
=== ubuntuovato is now known as AmoTierno
yaaarDimitree: well, i was doing it from the cli....just adding to sources.list and then doing 'apt-get update' but it gives a 40400:41
xtremegamermido1 : i know the card by saa713400:41
Dimitreebastidrazor, allow executing file as programm00:41
ctmjrb33r__: the only dif i see is my nvidia driver is 18500:41
xtremegamermido1 : cheese calls it differently00:41
b33r__ctmjr, you installed it manually from nvidia website?00:42
mido1xtremegamer: what vendor/model name was printed on the box when you bougth it? ;-)00:42
ctmjrb33r__: yes it is driving a 9800gtx00:42
bastidrazorDimitree, if the spelling/case is correct i honestly don't know.00:43
xtremegamermido1: i know the chip on is is phillips , the card itself is from asus tiger-s something00:43
b33r__ctmjr, I'm on 8800GT it used to work fine I don't know what happened it's more than enough to run runescape00:43
Dimitreebastidrazor, ok thanks anyway00:43
xtremegamermido1: chees says it's : ASUS P7131 4671 (/dev/video1)00:43
l3iohazardI have a question00:44
djohngol3iohazard: Is it biger than a bread box?00:44
caseydidn't same to work00:44
l3iohazardHow do I use my desktop zoom when I have the cube enabled00:44
jimisrvroxanybody here good with wireless? I have a rt2500 that has no access point or essid..any help would be appreciated thanks..00:45
bazhangl3iohazard, ctrl scroll wheel does not do it?00:45
nerdy_kid1i have linux kernel 2.6.28-13, i tried installing the b43 driver via airdriver-ng.  The command wont execute because a folder its looking for doesnt exist in the source it downloads.  I was wondering what kernel version I should be running to make this work.00:46
modritoI turned off my swap with the swapoff-command and commented the swap partition away in fstab. Now I can't enable the swap-partition again, not with 'swapon -a' nor with a reboot00:46
Dimitreeyaaar, sorry dude can't help more then that :/00:46
masterkoppamodrito: You should uncomment the swap partition the the fstab file and reboot. It should work then00:47
mido1xtremegamer: Okay, it's a combi: analog tv and dvb-t.00:47
modritomasterkoppa: I've done that and it doesn't work00:47
caseywho was i talking to00:47
mido1xtremegamer: Is there a directory /dev/dvb?00:47
ctmjrb33r__:  it just stopped working for you that's strange00:47
xtremegamermido1:  ill look for it a min00:48
masterkoppamodrito: Are you sure its mounted? Also does the swapon command output anything00:48
xtremegamermido1: yes there's a map dvb00:48
nerdy_kid1i have linux kernel 2.6.28-13, i tried installing the b43 driver for my wireless card  via airdriver-ng.  The command wont execute because a folder its looking for doesnt exist in the source it downloads.  I was wondering what kernel version I should be running to make this work.00:48
mido1xtremegamer: A map?00:48
Dimitreebastidrazor, i also tryed the "Make Link" option, when the link file is in the same folder as the app, the app starts, but when i move it elsewhere it doesn't o-o00:48
modritomasterkoppa: Mounted? Do you mount a swap-partition00:48
Kohlrak-Serveranyone have any idea how i can re-install a desktop after i've deleted one with tasksel?00:49
modritomasterkoppa: 'swapon -a' gives no output00:49
xtremegamermido1:  jeh , just used explorer to find it quickly its a map00:49
masterkoppamodrito: Yeah the system mount the swap partition somewhere in /dev00:49
modritomasterkoppa: I have an encrypted swap and it's in /dev/mapper/sda3_crypt00:50
owen1i run sensors-detect and added some lines to /etc/modules. sensors shows: "No sensors found!". any clues?00:50
Kohlrak-Serverok, fine, a better question, anyone know how i can force apt-get to use an ubuntu cd in the cd drive?00:50
magnetronowen1: unless you reboot or modprobe said modules, they modules won't be loaded00:51
masterkoppamodrito: the best way to solve this would be by posting a message in the forums. For tenical problems that is the best place to solve problems.00:51
owen1magnetron: ok. what is the second option?00:51
magnetronowen1: what second option?00:51
owen1magnetron: reboot or?00:51
magnetronowen1: reboot or modprobe00:52
modritomasterkoppa: ok, thanks00:52
owen1magnetron: just type modprobe?00:52
masterkoppamodrito: np00:52
magnetronowen1: no00:52
sandy_is there any firewall enabled in ubuntu 8.0400:53
sandy_or i need to get 1 separately00:53
masterkoppa!firewall | sandy_00:53
Dimitreebastidrazor, only for information i added the executable to /usr/bin/install -c lkeyholetv /usr/local/bin  and cp -r .KeyHoleTV  /usr/local/bin and now the shortcut works systemwide :) ^_^00:53
ubottusandy_: Ubuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist00:53
cooper77zhi, I have 2 monitors running the exact same screen. I desire the one on the right to be an extension of the desktop, not trapped in a mirror, how do I do this?00:54
soreaucooper77z: Which graphics driver?00:54
derekShi, can someone reccomend a good applet to check if my imap account has new email? it has to be for gnome and store my passwords securely (in the keyring?)00:55
cooper77zsoreau, SiS 650L integrate 2D/3D Graphic, Driver, Windows XP, Multi Language, Inspiron 1000, v.3.59b, A03, I think00:56
masterkoppacooper77z: A quick search in the forums will reveal some real nice how-tos for multi-monitor setups00:56
quidnuncWhat's the command to extract the control file from a deb? (Or any other command that will give me a list of dependencies from a deb)00:56
soreaucooper77z: This is a channel for ubuntu. For windows, wee #windows00:56
pagodawhen i try to enable desktop effects, it says "desktop effects could not be enabled."  i have an ati mobility radeon x1400.  jaunty.  help?00:57
soreaupagoda: Can I assist you in #compiz?00:57
=== melchess is now known as Melchess
pagodasoreau, yeah thanks00:57
theTroyhow to restart metacity?00:58
theTroyit eats up 100% CPU00:58
cooper77zsoreau, I am running 8.04.2 with gnome00:58
soreaucooper77z: What happens if you try Sys>Prefs>Display?00:59
MelchessHello, I'm having a compiz problem. :\ When I run compiz --replace ccp & it reads the following error: "Error: Couldn't load plugin 'ccp'" and all the windows titlebars go away and I can no longer choose any other option other than "none" in the visual effects settings of "appearances".00:59
SmariHi there. I'm having trouble getting wireless to work on an EeePC 1005HA running with 9.04 nbr... I've already installed the backports (as per the forums) which got the wireless card up but I'm still experiencing heavy packet loss to an extent that the network is unusable.00:59
soreauMelchess: Make sure libcompizconfig is installed. Come to #compiz for more help00:59
cooper77zsoreau, do you mean sys prefs appearance?01:00
MelchessThank you soreau, I did not know that channel existed. :)01:00
sandy_masterkoppa thnx01:00
sandy_firestarter installed01:01
sandy_is there any way to install the latest version of vlc media player01:01
sandy_not through wine01:01
masterkoppasandy_: Not from the ubuntu repos. A quick search in google will probably point out a couple paa's with vls in them01:02
sandy_i got older version through searches01:03
masterkoppasandy_: Im currently still waiting for an oficial realease, since I believe VLC is the best media player regardless of platform01:03
sandy_yea vlc is the best01:03
masterkoppasandy_: Just checked their website: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/01:03
masterkoppasandy_: They have a deb for ubuntu there01:04
Kohlrak-Serveranyone have any idea how i might get my desktop back?01:04
=== Paraselene__ is now known as Paraselene_
trollboybazhang, jondavis just wrote his first computer program as well01:04
sandy_VLC media player 0.8.6e Janus (wxWidgets interface)01:04
sandy_i have this 101:04
AlexPalmerCan anyone tell me a command I can use to figure out what my video card is?01:04
Kohlrak-ServerAlexPalmer lsmod?01:05
AlexPalmerok, thanks01:05
SmariAlexPalmer, lspci will help01:05
AlexPalmeri'll try that01:05
Kohlrak-ServerAlexPalmer: that'll only work if it sticks out to you01:05
Smarilsmod will tell you what module is being used, lspci will tell you the make of the card.01:05
iceblockWHY WHY WHY01:06
masterkoppasandy_: Heres the link I get from their website, its for a paa: https://launchpad.net/~c-korn/+archive/vlc01:06
FloodBot1iceblock: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:06
muibeno solution=01:06
djohngoiceblock: because.01:06
iceblockits not fare01:06
AlexPalmerKohlrak-Server, Smari: ok, thanks.  For some reason compiz works perfectly except for the rain effect which just turns the screen black01:06
iceblockworld is soooooo cruel01:06
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist01:06
Gualem_Hello Linux freinds01:06
Kohlrak-Serveranyone happen to know where the package files are stored?01:06
AlexPalmerswitching from 9.04 beta to 9.04 release killed my video driver01:06
iceblockthe good guy dies at the end!.....nooooooooooooooooooo01:06
iceblocki hate movies like that01:07
masterkoppasandy_: No prob glad to help01:07
trollboyso, I'm back.  Sorry, I was away helping another user.  Anyone got a second to help me with udev not loading my usb driver?01:07
iceblocka real tear jerker!....booo hooo01:07
cooper77zsoreau, there's no option to do anything meaningful in sys prefs appearances01:07
cooper77zI checked the forums, there is an individual with my problem, but no solution is provided01:07
bazhangiceblock, take chat elsewhere01:08
trollboybazhang, did you see my pastebin?01:08
bazhangtrollboy, sorry was away for a bit01:08
bazhangiceblock, stop that01:08
iceblockfreedom of speech?01:09
cooper77zhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1158745&highlight=dual+monitor+desktop and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1173231&highlight=dual+monitor+desktop01:10
owen1'sensors' display info but ${acpitemp}  shows 0 (in conkey). any hints?01:10
trollboyno worries bazhang, got jondavis all set up AND he even wrote his first program.  I told him to pay me back, he must continue to learn, and turn around and help others here.  ;-)01:10
trollboythat's how this whole thing works01:10
trollboybazhang, lemme repaste my question01:11
bastidrazorowen1, there is a #conky channel if you don't find assistance here.01:11
bazhangtrollboy, most excellent work :)01:11
trollboybazhang, having a weird driver issue, linux sees it, the driver is there, BUT http://pastebin.com/m5703d5f5  its for a GSM modem, its using a Texas Instruments USB -> TTY chip in it.01:11
owen1bastidrazor: thanks01:11
trollboybazhang, not that great, it was only hello world in php01:11
xrfanghello, what is the software to view disk usage as a pie chart and analyze which file(s) / dirs occupies the most disk space?01:11
masterkoppaxrfang: If your using ubuntu, its already isntalled by default01:12
trollboyxrfang, I think nagios might do that.. I can't think of anything specifically FOR that thoguh01:12
bazhangtrollboy, whats the make and model on that modem?01:12
xrfangmasterkoppa: where is it? thanks01:12
trollboyMutlitech Systems Multimodem GPRS  MOdel MTCBA-G-U-F4\01:12
masterkoppaxrfang: You can find it in Program->Accesories->Disk Usaged01:13
Smarixrfang, "Disc Usage Analyzer", Baobab.01:13
xrfangtrollboy: nagios in repo?01:13
trollboythe driver is actually built into PuppyLinux, works directly out of the box, but puppy linux had issues for me and I'd prefer it to work in ubuntu01:13
xrfangoh I found it. thanks all01:13
trollboyxrfang, not sure, I think masterkoppa had a good solution as well01:13
xrfangyes I found it, thanks01:14
trollboyBazhang: Mutlitech Systems Multimodem GPRS  Model MTCBA-G-U-F4\01:14
Kohlrak-Serverdoes anyone know where the deb files are cached?01:14
=== hunter is now known as Guest28504
PiciKohlrak-Server: /var/cache/apt/01:15
Kohlrak-Serverpici: thank you01:15
bazhangftp://ftp.multitech.com/modeminfs/linux/combined%20for%20use%20on%20the%20website/linux_install_new.zip trollboy you installed these drivers?01:16
cooper77zhi, how do I add a second monitor to extend the desktop in hardy?01:17
trollboybazhang, those drivers do not work. They're designed for RH kernel source, and debian redid their entire USB arch mid-last year01:17
djohngocooper77z: It depends on your video card.01:18
barqerscan someone give me advice?01:18
bazhangtrollboy, I see, are the drivers supported kernel-level or did you get them somewhere else01:18
sebsebseb!details |  barqers01:18
ubottubarqers: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:18
bazhangbarqers, need a question01:18
trollboywell, the driver is actually distributed WITH ubuntu01:18
djohngocooper77z: I just did it this morning using the nVidia X Server Settings.01:18
barqersI have two old computers. I want to use one as a work computer. One has two processors (not dual core), running at 1000MHz, while the other has a single core, running at 1800MHz. I'm not sure which would be the better choice!01:19
trollboybazhang, its just a rebranded ti_usb_3410_5052.ko and after that its straight TTY01:19
trollboythe problem is the weird ti_usb_3410_5052, which is just as weird/hard to find for windows01:19
blooperwhat is the command to enable sound?01:19
trollboybut we DO have the driver01:19
=== sandy__ is now known as sandy
bazhangblooper, sound in what01:19
blooperin the whole os01:20
barqersThey'll be running ubuntu, so I just thought i'd ask which would be better.01:20
trollboyblooper, in your upper right hand corner you'll see a picture of a speaker, that's where you adjust volume01:20
blooperim on backtrack01:20
sebsebsebblooper: backtrack isn't supported here,  also shoudn't be used as a proper distro01:21
sebsebsebblooper: you shoudn't really use it as a desktop OS01:21
blooperbut most command are simular01:21
joddeHi guys..01:21
blooperi only need to be pointed in the right direction01:21
joddeAnyone know where the main repo is?01:21
cooper77zdjohngo, does this help? VideoCard - The Inspiron 1000 has up to 64MB of shared graphics memory for basic computing needs.01:21
sebsebsebbarqers: how about putting Ubuntu on both computers?01:21
joddeIt used to be gusty, but I get 404s for everything.01:22
=== Odin is now known as th0r
bazhanghttp://voluntary-simplicity.org/linux/node/10 trollboy this is the most relevant link I can find for that; it does seem a bit out of date though01:23
bloopersebsebseb: im using it as a tool, but it allows for standard destop use with wine incorporated etc.01:23
=== bea_ is now known as termitor
bazhangblooper, #remote-exploit  not here01:23
barqerssebsebseb: Yes, but I wanted to move the better hardware to the better processor. But I have no idea if it's better to have 2 processors at 1ghz, then 1 at 1.8ghz?01:23
sebsebsebblooper: yeah and root as default and such, which isn't good01:23
blooperim only asking for a command01:23
mido1blooper: I would use the faster.01:23
bazhangblooper, wrong channel01:23
blooperim only asking for a command01:23
bazhangblooper, #ubuntu-offtopic or #remote-exploit01:24
djohngocooper77z: Not really.  It tells me you have a Dell, and that the graphics is integrated in the mobo.  If I had to guess, I'd say it's probably an Intel chip.01:24
trollboybazhang, yeah that is outdated.01:24
sebsebsebbarqers: a proccessor isn't that important when it comes to Ubuntu, as long as it's reasonable,  RAM on the other hand matters01:24
sebsebsebbarqers: how much RAM are these computers?01:24
trollboyMy hangup is getting udev to attempt to use ti_usb_3410_5052.ko to load the modem.01:24
cooper77zif you are correct, djohngo, what would be the best course of action?01:25
mido1blooper: There is no single command for enabling the sound.01:25
barqerssebsebseb: On 1 I can hold 1gb, but the other would hold 1.25. The one that holds 1.25 would be the two processors01:25
SecMonkRunning jaunty on a Dell Mini 10v - cannot get the builtin mic to work.  Looked everywhere.   Anybody?01:25
ctmjrcooper77z: try this ti find your graphic card lspci | grep VGA01:25
sebsebsebbarqers: ok both computers, sound like Ubuntu will be alright on them01:25
trollboyI watch dmesg on puppylinux (the distro it works out of the box with) and its doing exactly what I think ubuntu should be, just treating the multitech as a tty via the ti_usb_3410_5052.ko driver01:26
pmatulisre ubottu irc bot, i'm using encyclopedia plugin and i'm trying to get the bot to reply to users in-channel (instead of privately) when i do '!<factoid> | <nick>'01:26
sebsebsebbarqers: with 1GB RAM you can even  virtual machine  Windows XP inside Ubuntu01:26
barqerssebsebseb: True. I guess it wouldn't make a difference, plus I think 1gb ram running at 400mhz is better than 1.25 running at 333mhz01:26
sebsebsebbarqers: may as well install on both :)01:26
bazhangtrollboy, that is most odd; sorry not be of more assistance01:26
cooper77zctmjr, it's a 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 65x/M650/740 PCI/AGP VGA Display Adapter01:26
barqerssebsebseb: Will do! haha thanks for the help! :D01:27
trollboybazhang, I believe the answer lies in a udev script01:27
trollboyI'll keep looking, thanks01:27
caseywhat is the command for delete01:28
th0rcasey: rm01:28
ctmjrcooper77z: and what is the problem with it?01:28
sebsebsebbarqers: ok np01:28
mido1th0r: It's not always the best idea to answer questions straight ;-)01:29
cooper77zI am trying to add a second monitor to the desktop, but I just get a mirror on the external monitor, ctmjr01:29
YukiI wish to install ubuntu on an external drive01:29
YukiI have a host system of Gentoo01:29
YukiI have no way to burn CDs or boot any other USB device01:29
th0rmido1: there is a reason to follow the process instead of taking the shortcut01:30
YukiWhat are my best options?01:30
djohngocooper77z: Google your brains out for as much info as you can about your video card.01:31
djohngocooper77z: Also check out something called Xinerama01:31
craigbass1976Isn't there a way to get into cups via firefox?  localhost"4403 isn't it, but I thought it was something along those lines.  Also, anyone got an okidata microline320 working in ubuntu?01:31
mido1craigbass1976: localhost:63101:32
ctmjrcooper77z: so you want to extend the the desktop?01:32
craigbass1976mido1, do you know what the username and password is by default?01:33
hacker_kidanyone successfully installed skype on a 64x box?01:33
mido1craig: root and your root pw.01:33
cooper77z<ctmjr>, yes I want more desktop space01:34
ctmjr!Xinerama  | cooper77z this might help01:34
ubottucooper77z this might help: xinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead01:34
stovicekYuki: this may be of interest: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux01:34
joddeCan somebody please help me?01:34
joddeI can't install anything because none of my sources are current.01:34
craigbass1976mido1, aha.  Further, (and I know this would be the case in Windows) should I reboot now that the printer is plugged in?  Test prints aren't working, but it did see it.  The only other time I've hooked up one of these was parallel, not usb01:35
bazhangjodde, which version of ubuntu01:35
bazhang!upgrade | jodde01:35
ubottujodde: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading01:35
bazhangjodde, instructions at those links01:35
pagodasoreau, what's a good howto for upgrading the kernel?  and which one did you say is hould upgrade to?01:35
mido1craigbass1976: Just leave Ubuntu running ;-)01:36
mido1craigbass1976: No need to reboot for a printer or something.01:36
mido1craigbass1976: Why don't you use the normal printer setup tool from ubuntu?01:36
craigbass1976mido1, I thought it would be fine.  Just checking; I fixed a windows box for someone last night and got into the habit again :P01:36
craigbass1976mido1, it never asked to set up.  I went into printers, and there it was01:36
jonexmy Ubuntu is getting frozed01:37
mido1Ah, then it was auto-detected01:37
mido1craigbass1976: Okay, and why exactly do you now want to fiddle with cups?01:37
thellionI just reinstalled ubuntu and forgot about a file i needed on the pld build, is there a way to recover with a livecd?01:38
craigbass1976mido1, I didn't know if something was messed up in the gui testing area.  Thought I'd try right from cups.  Still no love though01:38
mido1craigbass1976: 'kay, it's late in the eavening here: Ubuntu did autoconfigure your printer. It did print the test page correctly. What is bothering you?01:38
pagodahow do i upgrade my kernel?01:38
craigbass1976mido1, no test page.01:39
jonexwhy my ubuntu got frozed01:39
mido1craigbass1976: Okay, the printer is listed in the list of printers, correct?01:40
craigbass1976mido1, got it.  I shut it off and turned it back on, just started a test page.01:41
craigbass1976mido1, wow, the test page printing makes me think my cat got stuck in there-- lots of straight horizontal lines.01:41
marshaHello!  I just got a Gateway Profile 5 and installed a version of ubuntu, but no sound. The research I've been doing talks about a sigmatel sound driver?  Anyone had any experience with this?01:42
cooper77zthanks ubottu, now that is a tek. I will work on it for a while.01:42
thellionI just reinstalled ubuntu and forgot about a file i needed on the pld build, is there a way to recover?01:42
bazhangmarsha, which version of ubuntu01:42
marshabazhang: its actually mint 601:42
HFSPLUSHFS+ is better than EXT301:42
soreaupagoda: Just use synaptic. Search for 'linux' then install the latest 2.6.28 image available01:43
bazhang!mintsupport | marsha01:43
ubottumarsha: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint on irc.spotchat.org01:43
th0rthellion: if you formated the drive at reinstall then no...if you didn't format at reinstall then the file should still be where you left it01:43
cooper77zubottu, it actually led me here, but it's going to take me a while to work through01:43
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:43
ozzwaldAnyone that can help me with an Ubuntu 9.04 problem?01:43
blooperdepends on the problem01:43
jondavisozzwald... what do u need help on01:44
ozzwaldYeah, there is that.  I am unable to watch any videos.  i just installed Super OS (Ubuntu), click on the video file, window pops up for a second then goes away.01:44
jondavismaybe i can help u out01:44
marshaI was just wondering if this sigmatel thing is solvable or if anyone has a suggestion....01:45
ozzwaldI've tried 3 seperate viewers with the same results.01:45
jondaviswhat kind of videos ozzwald01:45
ozzwaldAVI & mkv01:45
diiisafter installing ubuntu 9.04 2 days before, today i cant boot ubuntu. i only see black & white stripes and cant boot ubuntu, not even in the safemode01:46
ActionParsnipcan someone lpease trigger the factoid about getting gnome panels back01:46
jondavisoh boy i am not t o sure01:46
diiissome1 knows waht to do?01:46
blooperozzwald: wot viewers?01:46
ozzwaldVLC, mplayer, movie player01:46
jondavisif it was flash .then i can help u out01:46
blooperi wud ave recomended vlc but....01:47
matakshelp pls... i can't hear sound on my ubuntu... how to install sound driver/?01:47
ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:47
Apollo2366is there a quick and easy way to convert a large number of .oga files to .mp3 or .wma (it doesn't matter which)?01:47
jondavisthay are good01:47
ActionParsnipthanks stovicek01:47
ozzwaldNone of them work however.01:47
stoviceknp ActionParsnip01:47
jduApollo2366, probably should look into ffmpeg01:47
ozzwaldI'm pretty sure I have all codecs necessary.01:47
pagodasoreau, linux-generic version is installed, but uname -r returns 2.6.24-16-generic01:47
norcatI have a headless computer with no monitor attached to it. I've configured Remote Desktop to work properly, but, without a monitor connected, X does not start. Is there a way to start X anyway?01:47
Apollo2366jdu, that in the repos?01:48
blooperozzwald: do any files work in the players?01:48
sudomksandwichare there any privacy apps for ubuntu that clean out common paths to recently-used, browser history, cookies, etc... in one click?01:48
ozzwaldNone that I have yet tried.01:48
blooperdo the players load01:48
jduApollo2366, yes, but it may or may not support all that you want in the repos.  It is pretty easy to compile though (there are tutorials for it)01:48
jelly-beanwhat's the best MTA? postfix? qmail? exim? sendmail? gmail? i am confused but need to get something setup to replace my old one.01:48
soreaupagoda: Then you'll need to edit you menu.lst so grub can load that kernel. Does 'ls /boot' show the kernel is available?01:48
ozzwaldPlayers will load, but shut down once I point them toward a file.01:48
marshaanyone have trouble setting up sound on Gateway P4 desktop?01:49
jondavisi have vlc01:49
jondavisit works01:49
blooperi have vlc01:49
mido1sudomksandwich: firefox will clean up behind itself if configured properly.01:49
pagodalooks like it01:49
blooperi dunno then, hopefully sum1 smarter can help u01:49
ozzwaldI have used VLC before in a previous version of Ubuntu, and had no problems.01:49
sudomksandwichmido1:  yeah i know, that but I'd still like to have some sort of app that can clean out all of the major areas with one click01:49
pagodasoreau, yeah.  let me see if i can figure this out01:50
bazhangozzwald, which version of ubuntu and what kind of file01:50
=== Vincent is now known as Guest42599
blooperhave u tried lookin at the ubuntu blog and support01:50
ozzwald9.04 avi & mkv01:50
mido1sudo: Which? Apapart of these firefox cleans itself.01:50
bazhangozzwald, you have all the codecs installed?01:50
ozzwaldDidn't see anything in support, did not look at blog.01:50
pagodado i have to change the root=UUID part?01:50
pagodasoreau, do i have to change the root=UUID part?01:51
ozzwaldbazHang, I believe so.01:51
matakshelp pls... i can't hear sound on my ubuntu... how to install sound driver/?01:51
Yukithat's what i needed01:51
Yukijust a heads up01:51
sudomksandwichmido:  well, to be honest I'm not sure... I figure general use leaves some traces behind (just switched from windows... can you tell?)01:51
soreaupagoda: No01:51
bazhangozzwald, ubuntu-restricted-extras and w32codecs from medibuntu.org ?01:51
ActionParsnipmataks: try:   amixer -q set PCM 100% unmute01:51
jondavis                        ozzwald         did you go to app/add/remove01:51
Yukiat least, to get debootstrap01:51
mido1sudomksandwich: I don't know which traces this shouldbe.01:51
Apollo2366jdu, erm... is ffmpeg only a video converter? Or does it also do audio?01:52
ozzwaldbahzang let me look01:52
blooperozzwald: in which way did u install vlc?01:52
mido1sudomksandwich: That's why I'm asking.01:52
soreaupagoda: You need to change the part that talks about vmlinuz01:52
jondavistyp in vlc01:52
pagodasoreau, and initrd right?01:52
jduApollo2366, both, it is quite powerful, ( and command line only)01:52
sharperguyIs there currently a file browser which allows you to add tags to file and then browse by tag instead of directory location?01:52
rocky_cya all later01:52
pagodasoreau, rebooting01:52
Yukihell, gentoo has a debootstrap package01:53
marshaAnyone had any trouble with sound on a gateway P4?01:53
Apollo2366jdu, ok, because I was looking at man ffmpeg and was only seeing video stuff01:53
bazhangmarsha, on mint6?01:53
ozzwaldblooper, vlc comes pre-installed in this version.  I did remove and reinstall to no effect.01:53
bloopersudo apt-get update how did u install01:53
marshabazhang: in linux - any version01:53
blooper how did u install01:53
bazhangmarsha, not all versions of Linux are supported here01:54
jduApollo2366, honestly, the docs aren't that great.  however, it does do audio.01:54
netsurf3any defence of the ancients fans here?01:54
bazhangmarsha, mint is supported in the mint channel01:54
ChuZeinla wea01:54
blooperozzwald: did u use console or an installation file01:54
jondavisuhhhhh     how i install is  app.add install .then typ vlc player01:54
bazhangnetsurf3, yes in #ubuntu-offtopic01:54
marshabazhang: yes I understand that - just trying to find out if this sound thing is a problem in general with linux01:54
ozzwaldblooper, console01:54
Entelinive got a headset working fine, I can record and hear stuff.  the problem is that I can also hear the mic... how do I disable that?01:55
Entelini dont want to hear myself when I talk naturally01:55
jduApollo2366, what features are available (primarily which codecs) is primary of function of how it was compiled.01:55
marshaEntelin: I have a sound problem too - I have a Gateway profile 5.  How about you?01:56
masoncan anyone tell me how to make my motu run with linux?01:56
Entelinmarsha, the soundcard is a sblive01:57
bazhangozzwald, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras01:57
marshaEntelin: how did you find out which card01:57
masonthank you!01:58
Entelini just know,  but you could find out yours by doing an  lspci as root01:58
bazhangozzwald, then head over to medibuntu.org and the instructions are on the site (no need for the repos) w32codecs01:58
ActionParsnipEntelin: lspci can be ran as user01:59
Stanley_I need help setting up TinyProxy if anybody has any experience..?01:59
marshalspci showed Intel Corporation 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 2)02:00
drgbrcan someone help me with trayer + xmobar in xmonad?02:00
drgbrwhen i launch trayer, it keeps displaying its borders02:00
ozzwaldbazhang, thanks going there now02:01
marshawhat should the sound module be for Intel Corporation 82801EB/ER?02:01
toyimpWhat's a decent IRC client? I'm not liking irssi much :P02:01
jdudrgbr, I doubt many people here use xmonad.  In other tiling wms, I have used, it was possible to change the type of tile it was; not sure about xmonad though.02:01
craigbass1976toyimp, xchat works for me.  On windows boxes, chatzilla02:02
jdutoyimp, xchat is good02:02
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:02
bazhangozzwald, mkv are pretty much playable by vlc with the proper codecs installed02:02
ActionParsniptoyimp: i use pidgin02:02
jondavisozzwald what err are you geting on vlc player02:02
ActionParsnip!irc > toyimp02:02
ubottutoyimp, please see my private message02:02
toyimpwhat about something similar to the setup of mIRC? (But for linux of course)02:02
toyimpno clue how to check private messages on irssi :(02:03
trollboybazhang, ozzwald vlc has the drivers for mkv's built right in, so it should work out of the box for you02:03
drgbrjdu, xmonad is able to do that.. but trayer is an application to be used to display tray icons.. i put it where i wanted it on the screen and used the options for it to be handled as a dock, but the borders are still there :(.. but thx anyway02:03
ActionParsniptoyimp: try a few, see which you like02:03
lstarnestoyimp: switch to the irssi window containing the messages02:03
bazhangtrollboy, ok thanks for the info :)02:03
lstarnestoyimp: you can use /window <number> to change windows02:03
lstarnestoyimp: also, alt+<number>02:03
bazhangtoyimp, konversation, kvirc, xchat, weechat, there are a number of others02:03
toyimpkk that's a good list. Thanks guys/gals!02:04
lstarnestoyimp: you could also use '/alias w window' to use /w <number>02:04
trollboybazhang,  vlc doesn't use the stock ubuntu codecs, its all internalized.  You'd want the gstreamer codecs if you were using xine, mplayer, totem or the like.02:04
trollboythat's part of how it "just works with everything on everything"02:04
lstarnestoyimp: irssi also has its own channel on this network, #irssi02:04
bazhangtrollboy, good point02:04
ActionParsnipStanley_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=12201102:04
trollboybazhang, I aim to please, or at least to wound.  ;-)02:05
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Stanley_ActionParsnip: I looked through that and it's still not working for me :(02:05
TheEvilOnecan anyone help me install the b43 driver on my system please02:05
jondavishelp i need trollboy         hissssss the best ha ha ha ha02:06
ActionParsnipStanley_: its not something i use, all i can find guides using websearches02:06
pagodaif i want to upgrade to firefox 3.5, should i uninstall 3.0 first?02:07
bazhangpagoda, no need02:07
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY02:07
bazhangpagoda, ^^02:07
trollboypagoda, you WILL have to restart firefox after upgrading though02:07
bazhangpagoda, it will just be re-installed02:07
WisemanFinally I got everything working on here and ditched windows!02:07
trollboyNICE Wiseman02:07
trollboygood job02:07
Wisemanshoop woop02:08
jondavis\hay hay hay02:08
trollboyYou and jondavis are our new recruits of the day02:08
pagodawhy does update-manager say 9.10 is available?  i thought it wasn't out until october02:08
Wisemanmy wireless is flawless, finally got the ATI drivers to work correctly, etc.02:08
jondavisi am the best02:08
lstarnespagoda: you probably have it set to check for releases that are currently being developed02:08
pagodawhere do you set that?02:08
=== john is now known as Guest93666
marshasounds is ICH5/ICH5R - whats the ICH5R part??02:09
trollboyI dunno jondavis, Wiseman and I are possibly related, so I have to opt for him.02:09
bazhangpagoda, you dont want to go to karmic now02:09
greyfoxThere is a music running on my ubuntu and I don't know where it is ?02:09
greyfoxhow can that be possible ?02:09
trollboypagoda, gimme a sec and I'll tell you02:09
pagodashow new distribution releases: normal releases02:09
pagodabazhang, i know heh02:09
greyfoxI dunno where the sound come from02:09
Wisemanby the way, Ubuntu has officially lost my endorsement.  I've switched to Mint and it's incredible02:09
TheEvilOnecan anyone hep me02:09
jondavishack the os02:09
marshahow do I find out what the sound module name would be for 82801EB?02:10
wuhaahi all02:10
wuhaacan anyone help with kvm on ubuntu 9.0402:10
jondavis                         yall hello02:10
mataks<ActionParsnip> mataks: try:   amixer -q set PCM 100% unmute <--- still i have no sound.. :(02:10
pagodaso i installed firefox 3.5, now how do i make that the version that runs when i click the icon?02:10
richardcavelljondavis: hello02:10
KatnissWhen playing audio in totem with visualisations enabled, I tend to have skips in the music any time I open another file, (image, large document, etc) is there a way to fix that? or does it boil down to don't use totem, cause it sucks, and someone was smoking crack when they made it default? :P02:10
bazhangjondavis, offtopic chat in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here02:11
richardcavellpagoda: change the shortcut - right click on the icon02:11
ActionParsnipStanley_: http://www.pilpi.net/journal/item-985.php02:11
pagodaright now it's executing firefox %u02:11
anto9usgreyfox, do you have a web browser open?02:11
=== anatolie|ubuntuV is now known as Anatolie|UBUNTU
WisemanOk, i have a semi offtopic question02:11
wuhaai want to compile kvm88  on my ubuntu server running kvm8402:11
richardcavellpagoda: change to firefox-3.5 %u02:11
Stanley_ActionParsnip: I found out what my problem was :D02:11
ActionParsnippagoda: change it to firefox-3.5 %u02:12
Stanley_ActionParsnip: Which now provides me with a _new_ problem02:12
pagodai'll just change the symlink02:12
WisemanI got a new netbook, Lenovo S10-2, and I need a case for it.  I want a permanent style case, one that actually attaches to the netbook itself and opens and closes with it.  Any reccomendations?02:12
destroihola cuando aprieto ctrl+alt+F2 entro en terminal ahora me pongo a experimentar cosas en esa terminal pero no se subir hacia arriba no se si me entendéis02:13
bazhangWiseman, ##hardware or #ubuntu-offtopic02:13
Stanley_Wiseman: I'm curious as how you classified that as only "semi" off topic, not completely \02:13
bazhangdestroi, #ubuntu-es por espanol02:13
adrian_is there any way i can restore windows xp bootsector using ubuntu?02:13
ActionParsnip!es | destroi02:13
ubottudestroi: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:13
destroisi es ubuntu02:13
adrian_i dont have a windows xp installation disc02:14
bazhangdestroi, /join #ubuntu-es02:14
ActionParsnipadrian_: you can ask in ##windows02:14
WisemanStanley_: it's still computer related, and the computer runs ubuntu02:15
adrian_ActionParsnip: i did but nobody seems to care to answer02:16
Stanley_Wiseman: With that logic, I could ask if anybody know's a good game for my blackberry, becuase it's a computer, and i own it, and my desktop at home runs ubuntu :lol:02:16
decowhere is is the file that lists the daemons running located ?02:16
greyfox<anto9us> no02:16
WisemanStanley_: you're just being snarky02:16
Xodiac13how do i get missing libraries again02:16
ActionParsnipdeco: you can see whats running with: ps -ef02:16
decoActionParsnip: no i mean where is the file that i can add daemons to be run etc...02:17
Xodiac13 error while loading shared libraries: libfmod.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory02:17
Stanley_!offtopic | wiseman02:17
ubottuwiseman: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:17
ActionParsnipdeco: you can use: sudo apt-get install bum; gksudo bum02:17
marshacan anyone point me to sound config for ICH5?02:17
Wisemani shall stay ubuntu related then02:17
pagodawhy would pictures on facebook look more pixelated and lower quality in ubuntu than in windows?02:17
decoActionParsnip: no sorry im not wording it right,, i mean in archlinux etc.. there's a file called rc.conf where i can add the daemons to be run what's the ubuntu equivelent of this ?02:18
ActionParsnippagoda: poor options in the browser is my guess02:18
strykeri downloaded firefox 3.5.1, but how do I update it from my existing installation?02:18
ActionParsnip!bootup | deco02:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bootup02:19
ubottuTo add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot02:19
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto02:19
diiiswhile booting, im getting an fglrx fail. 2.6.28-13 ubuntu. didnt install any drivers afaik. after booting i only can see black & white stripes02:19
cooper77zwhy does firefox get stuck in limbo?02:19
pagodaActionParsnip, the resolution is the same...what kind of options?02:19
anto9usgreyfox, what were you doing when you first heard the music?02:19
greyfoxi was coding in perl02:20
ActionParsnippagoda: not sure, try creating a new profile, see if its the same02:20
=== Tetracomm is now known as Hairybeetle
marshalspci for sound is telling me : Capabilities: <access denied> - why?02:20
strykerhow can i update firefox after I've downloaded the latest version?02:20
ActionParsnipmarsha: try: sudo lspci02:21
solexiousHow can I check via the command line if there is a dvd in my dvd drive?02:21
anto9usgreyfox, are you hearing voices too? Are they telling you to do things you're not happy about? :)02:21
ActionParsnipstryker: sudo apt-get upgrade  will update everything except the kernel02:21
ActionParsnipsolexious: run mount02:21
wuhaaanyone know how to compile kvm 88 for ubuntu server02:22
diiishelp! :(02:22
thedlwnautilus won't connect to my samba share.  i keep getting these nautilus[8483]: segfault at 2 ip b787147b sp bf8f8f50 error 4 in libglib-2.0.so.0.2103.0[b7817000+d8000]02:22
ActionParsnipsolexious: if your cd drive is mounted, it must contain a cd02:22
greyfoxant09us : yes02:22
marshaActionParsnip: Multimedia audio controller:  Intel Corporation 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) AC'97 Audio Controller02:22
greyfoxthey're telling me02:22
wlodiHi lads, do you know how to speed up eclipse in jaunty?02:22
greyfoxwelcom to the Darbrotherhood02:22
richardcavellActionParsnip: or DVD02:22
arandstryker: or are you trying to install 3.5?02:23
strykerarand: trying to install 3.502:23
dahliaI have an everex st2052 laptop and I'd like to try 9.04 on it, but when I try to load from the cd the little yellow bar only goes about 1/8 of the way across and stops02:23
solexiousActionParsnip, great, thanks, now just seeing if it can just tell me about /dev/sr0 and nt every thing02:23
arand!FF3-5 > stryker02:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about FF3-502:23
tbaxterCan someone point me in the direction of a resource, IRC room or similar that would be able to help me? My google-foo isn't working out. My system has been spontaneously locking up since 8.10 came out and I believe I've isolated ath9k drivers for my wireless as the cause. I don't know where to find a solution.02:23
arand!FF3.5 > stryker02:23
ubottustryker, please see my private message02:23
strykerarand: thanks!02:23
dahliais there something I can tell it when starting so it starts completely?02:23
ActionParsniprichardcavell: i use cd to mean any optical media ;)02:23
richardcavellActionParsnip: ok02:24
ActionParsnipstryker: sudo apt-get install firefox-3.502:24
ActionParsnipstryker: its a seperate app02:24
strykerActionParship: isee02:24
linux_trojanI am having trouble capturing my camcorder in Kino, when I press capture the screen is blank and it only plays the tape for like 5 seconds and stops, any suggestions?02:25
ActionParsnipstryker: you can uninstall the original 3.0.11 if you wish02:25
strykerActionParship: via synaptics manager or add/remove?02:25
caseyhow do i make a sourtcut02:26
nenohi, i am using scim on jaunty and have the problem that it doenst work on flash  for example   sharedtalk. is that a known issue =02:26
marshaBecause lspci shows controllder 82801EB/ER and under capabilities : access denied - is that a permissions issue - should there be a ground called "sound?"02:26
strykerActionParship: ah, nicknamed Shiretoko02:26
linux_trojanI wonder what ever happned to BITCHX02:26
mattwj2002hey guys I have a question02:27
YukiI need the release file for hardy for debootstrap02:27
wlodiDo you know how to speed up Eclipse in jaunty as it is veeeeery slow now.02:27
linux_trojananyone use Kino to capture camcorder output?02:27
ActionParsniplinux_trojan: development stopped, the code is still available so you can compile it02:27
linux_trojanlol Action02:28
linux_trojanI liked BitchX02:28
Oli``wlodi: try another JRE. Either use the Sun JRE or (if you already are) try OpenJDK/etc02:28
anto9uscasey, if it's an application in your menu then you can drag it out02:28
caseyits a folder02:28
wlodiOli``: Thanks I'll try that02:28
mattwj2002does anyone know if this wireless card will work with Ubuntu Linux?  It says it supports Linux?02:29
anto9uscasey, click, drag, shift key, release02:29
strykerActionParsnip: thanks, it everything worked fine!02:29
Oli``mattwj2002: that uses the ralink rt2760 wifi chipset.. see this recent(ish) thread: Ralink RT276002:30
anto9uscasey, wait, sorry02:30
ActionParsnipmattwj2002: its a Ralink RT2760 + RT272002:30
Oli``ergl mattwj2002 -- i mean: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=99655702:30
linux_trojanwell I guess I will keep trying on my camcorder, I deleted all my windows partitions so I dont have access to windows for this problem02:30
anto9uscasey, click, drag, ctrl+shift, release02:31
pagodawhen i upgraded to intrepid, my shutdown bar went away.  now there' just the clock and system tray, and i have to shut down through the system menu.  how can i get it back?02:31
Oli``mattwj2002: the short of it: it appeared to work fine in 9.04 out the box (at least when 9.04 was in alpha)02:31
mattwj2002does it work with 9.04 final?02:31
mattwj2002anyone know? :)02:32
mattwj2002I just bought it :-s02:32
trollboypagoda, try right clicking the menu bar and selecting Add to Panel02:32
pagodatrollboy, there's just a shutdown icon...02:32
Oli``mattwj2002: even if it doesn't work out the box, ralink provide drivers you can compile in with a little bit of effort02:33
trollboypagoda, what about User Switcher02:33
mattwj2002awesome thanks you guys :)02:33
thehookdoesn't ubuntu 8.04 have the meta package build-essential?02:33
trollboyIn the newest version, you can switch versions, restart, logout OR shutdown all from the same dialog02:33
pagodatrollboy, that works thanks02:33
=== [1]Sergeant_Pony is now known as Sergeant_Pony
Cyber_Akuma..... my xbox is creepy.....02:33
nenothe new version of firefox is called shiretoko ?02:35
bruenigneno: yes02:35
tbaxterCan someone point me in the direction of a resource, IRC room or similar that would be able to help me? My google-foo isn't working out. My system has been spontaneously locking up since 8.10 came out and I believe I've isolated ath9k drivers for my wireless as the cause. I don't know where to find a solution. (reposting once in case)02:35
Cyber_Akumashiretoko? what does that even mean02:36
Oli``neno: that's the development name... they scrap the dev names when they release (3.0 was minefield IIRC)02:36
ActionParsnip!info build-essential | thehook02:36
ubottuthehook: build-essential (source: build-essential): Informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 11.4 (jaunty), package size 7 kB, installed size 48 kB02:36
Cyber_AkumaI mean, fennec is a type of fox, is shiretoko?02:36
Oli``Cyber_Akuma: it's a city02:36
ActionParsnipCyber_Akuma: its the codename of F3.502:36
ubottuFF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation02:36
Oli``err national park even02:36
anto9usthehook, if I recall correctly, yes02:36
nenook , now the new version didnt help me to get scim working for flash02:37
gobucks09nvidia problem here. Installed nvidia-common & nvidia-glx-71 but nvidia X server settings says must run nvidia-config as root and restart x.  When I sudo nvidia-config, I get a command not found error.  Where is it supposed to be if not in my path?02:37
strykererm, flash 64 bit should work fine under shiretoko, right?02:37
ActionParsnipCyber_Akuma: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shiretoko02:37
ActionParsnipstryker: works great here02:37
Oli``stryker: don't see why not02:38
strykerkay, but im quite not sure where to create the plugin folder for it, as i used to do with firefox02:38
cooper77zhi, how do I get those 2 little boxes that stand for desktops back on my toolbar?02:38
ActionParsnipstryker: mkdir ~/.mozilla/plugins02:38
ActionParsnipstryker: put the .so in there02:38
strykerActionParship: ah, thanks02:39
anto9usgobucks09, nvidia-xconfig02:39
nenodoes anyone know , why scim doesn't work on flash ?02:39
matakshelp pls.. my sound volume is too low i can't almost hear... how to max the volume?02:39
strykerActionParsnip: Thanks! working fine now :D02:40
ActionParsnipstryker: simple, i never use the repo method02:40
strykeranybody know if there is a hamachi version for linux?02:40
thehookanto9us: ActionParsnip: im sorry i am testing a script on different versions of ubuntu and debian, so i forgot to update package database in the hurry :) thanks anyway02:41
gobucks09anto9us: ah, says nvidia-xconfig in ...-glx-96, -173, -180.  I'm trying to use ...-glx-71 for my RIVA TNT202:41
strykerActionParsnip: I've used ubuntu on and off for a while, i just always ended up taking it off because none of the games I wanted to play would work...02:41
thehookActionParsnip: have you tried cedega?02:41
gobucks09will 96 run a TNT2 MODEL 65?02:41
ActionParsnipthehook: a little, not worth the cash02:41
gobucks09... um... TNT2 MODEL 6402:42
ActionParsnipgobucks09: 71 seems to be the one02:42
nenoim getting ignored, scim ime anthy , anyone ?02:42
gobucks09Action...: right, but no nvidia-Xconfig & nvidia-config not found?02:43
thehookActionParsnip: if it support your games it's worth the cash :P you know you can pay the smallest amount install it, aand stop the subscription, and it still works.. $30 or something is worth it02:43
quesowhere can I get help with LyTeX?02:43
anto9usgobucks09, you can edit the xorg.conf yourself, I think you should replace the driver with "nvidia"02:43
bazhangneno, scim on flash? what do you mean02:43
ActionParsnipgobucks09: no need for it, simply run: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-71     then reboot02:43
=== OldSchool is now known as vorian
nenoscim the tool to write japanese chinese or whatever ... and it doesnt work on flash for some reason02:44
ActionParsnipthehook: true, if you need the functionality then go for it02:44
bazhangneno, skim/scim are input methods02:44
anto9usgobucks09, do as ActionParsnip suggests02:44
bazhangneno, what does this have to do with flash02:45
nenobazhang, i'm on a chatsite that uses flash02:45
bazhangneno, which one02:46
gobucks09Action...: used synaptic to install it.  sudo ... says "...already the newest version..."  nothing to do.02:46
ActionParsnipgobucks09: ok, can you pastebin your /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:47
Sickkiany ideas how to fix karmic koala installation failing with those error messages? http://pastebin.com/m6b389a4302:48
bazhangneno, site seems to be broken; does not allow for sign ups02:48
gobucks09anto9us: xorg.conf is like nothing I've seen before on Xubuntu 9.04  It has almost nothing in it.02:48
bazhangSickki, #ubuntu+1 for that02:48
itai_michaelsonhi, i'm using Hardy and it suddeny doesnt burn CD, it can read CDs but it keeps saying that blanc CDs are not blanc so it can't read them02:48
ActionParsnip!karmic | Sickki02:49
ubottuSickki: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:49
anto9usgobucks09, yeah, it's all changed now with bulletproof x02:49
anto9usgobucks09, you've rebooted, yes?02:49
ActionParsnipgobucks09: it is by default but some folks (like me) need to populate it02:50
cordor_hi, is the package firefox3.5 an upgrade? or it will install another firefox on my computer?02:50
ActionParsnipgobucks09: can you give a pastebin of yours please02:50
lstarnescordor_: it's a different package02:50
ActionParsnipcordor_: its a seperate app, you can uninstall the 3.0.11 if you wish02:50
bazhangneno, at any rate, if you can sign up, you may wish to install quick-locale-switcher in FF plugins, that seems to help with problematic sites sometimes02:50
gobucks09yes, several times.  driver is not loading.  Can't see log because goes straight to graphic.  um.. haven't done this before... ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/233576/02:51
happydoes any1 know how i can partition my Windows to Ubuntu ?02:52
ActionParsnipgobucks09: theres nothing there. it only says: minus the comments...02:52
gobucks09um... ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/233578/02:52
ActionParsnipgobucks09: better, ok add a line under configured video device that says      Driver "nvidia"02:53
happyi partitioned my Jackalope too small now I wnt to convert the rest of my Windows to Ubuntu, does ne1 know how?02:53
ActionParsnipgobucks09: if you use an old-ish crt you may need to specify refresh rates and colour depths etc02:54
anto9ushappy, you can boot off the live cd, remove windows partition then resize ubuntu partition to fill the space02:54
mattwj2002hey guys I have another question02:55
gobucks09Action...: where to specify that?  Normally it's an easy edit.02:55
nenoim angry about scim02:55
itai_michaelsonguys, hardy cannot mount a blanc CD, but can see a full one, what can i do?02:55
mattwj2002will this work with Ubuntu?02:55
tavelram_Im contemplating installing ubuntu to a laptop with 700mhz/192/7GiB, how suitable would ubuntu (or probably xubuntu) be? the usage would be like x-window + a few vim-windows...02:55
mattwj2002I know it works with Linux02:55
ActionParsnipgobucks09: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:55
ActionParsnipmattwj2002: ubuntu is a distrivbution of linux02:56
Yukideboostrap forgot to give me apt-get02:56
bazhangneno, its not scim, its that website02:56
mattwj2002I don't need RAID...I just need to add an additional sata drive02:56
anto9ushappy, it's in System | Administration tools | Partition Editor02:56
mattwj2002ActionParsnip this is true02:56
ActionParsniptavelram_: i'd install xubuntu but it will be fine, for super lightness you can install lxde instead of using xfce02:57
nenobazhang,  why should it be the website ? i used scim once on that website02:57
ActionParsnipgobucks09: once you save the new file, reboot02:57
gobucks09Action...: ok, will try02:58
bazhangneno, then check the global configuration or try the FF plugin as I suggested02:58
mattwj2002are sata controller basically handed in bios mostly?02:58
tavelram_ActionParsnip, ok, but I assume that Im able to disable alot of things in a ubuntu systems? sshd and other stuff that might be running that i dont need...02:58
ActionParsnipmattwj2002: they are handled by the soutbridge02:58
ActionParsniptavelram_: sure you can modify what runs a lot, sshd is not installed by default02:59
anto9usmattwj2002, as a precaution you may want to put /boot somewhere that you're sure the bios can see02:59
tavelram_ActionParsnip, ok, yeah, kind of a bad example :p02:59
nenobazhang,that plugin doesnt do anything02:59
bazhangneno, then check the configuration03:00
ActionParsniptavelram_: i know what you mean man, you can use bum to reduce startup processes03:00
mattwj2002thanks for all of the good advice guys03:01
happyanto9usL i dont have partition editor03:01
mataksi have a dual boot vista n ubuntu.. how can i access my vista files to ubuntu.. like ntfs mount something.. help pls.03:02
anto9ushappy, it's on the live cd03:02
happyim using Jackalope03:02
happyok thx03:02
happyi will try it03:02
anto9ushappy, you need to use the live cd, you can't resize a partition you're using03:03
happyok will try it ASAP thx03:03
nenoi feel like ,to suicide now03:04
gobucks09Action...: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf doesn't work on xubuntu.  no gedit?  did sudo mousepad instead.  will reboot now.03:04
nenobazhang, srsly , that plugin isnt what i need ...03:06
rocky_good night03:07
jjoreHello, what package does the manual for dpkg-source come from?03:07
jjoreoh, grr.03:08
jjoreI messed up with MANPATH and /had/ the missing documentation.03:08
Mr_BagHello, i'm having trouble getting visual effects in a new ubuntu install. Compiz returns the error: Checking for Xgl: not present.03:08
ActionParsnipMr_Bag: have you installed and configured video drivers?#03:08
Mr_BagActionParsnip: Not entirely sure how to find them, graphics are integrated and restricted driver manager doesn't suggest anything "/03:09
shamusadamusIm getting a werid alsa error and just staticy sound in espeak, is this the right place to as?03:09
ActionParsnipMr_Bag: run: lspci | grep -i vga03:10
shamusadamus:/usr/share/espeak-data$ LIBASOUND_DEBUG=1 espeak "This is a test."03:11
shamusadamusALSA ERROR hw_params: set_near (RATE)03:11
shamusadamus           value = 44100 : No such file or directory03:11
Mr_BagActionParsnip: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: S3 Inc. VT8375 [ProSavage8 KM266/KL266]03:11
linkmaster03how would i make a bash alias to echo $1 and $2 with characters after them? i already tried ${1}h ${2}m and $1h $2m03:11
shamusadamusnot sure, how a the hz value could be looked at as a file ne one???03:12
anto9usshamusadamus, I think there's a thread on ubuntuforums about that03:12
shamusadamusoh ok, thank you you dont happen to know it do you?03:12
shamusadamusim a total newb sorry03:13
Dayofswordsquestion, isnt the netbook remix a slightly striped of the desktop version?03:13
shamusadamusoh i misread, i thought u said there was but you said you think, ill search03:13
ActionParsnipMr_Bag: seems to use the savage driver, you need to add this to /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:14
conoldhow to know if i have specified more than one repository?03:14
anto9usDayofswords, don't quite no what you're asking but I tried it, didn't work too well for me could be down to personal preference03:16
conoldfor every program i want to install, i am told to load in hundred MB of stuff.03:16
anto9uss/no/know, damn, spent too much time on facebook recently03:17
Dayofswordsi was just wondering cuz the img is 900mb and the iso for desktop is 700mb03:17
VolkodavHow do I upgrade to xfce 4.6.1 in 9.04 64 bit ?03:18
anto9usDayofswords, aah, I installed it after a standard install03:18
ActionParsnipconold: do you by any chance run kubuntu and just tried to install firefox?03:18
Volkodavit's over 3 months that it is released and it is still not in repos ?03:18
ActionParsnip!info xfce403:18
ubottuxfce4 (source: xfce4): Meta-package for the Xfce Lightweight Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.6.0 (jaunty), package size 5 kB, installed size 48 kB03:18
VolkodavActionParsnip  Version 4.6.003:19
matakswhat is the program in ubuntu that is like winamp in windows?03:19
VolkodavI need 4.6.103:19
axisysi am looking for a way copy a dvd03:19
axisyswhat is a good tool ?03:19
ActionParsnipVolkodav: whats new in 4.6.1?03:19
mechtechdo I have a native p2p file sharing software?03:20
Volkodavquite a bit mostly bugfixes http://www.xfce.org/documentation/changelogs/4.6.103:20
StrangeCharmcan i get a file over an ssh connection without using any other software?03:21
anto9usmataks, http://www.osalt.com/winamp shows a few options03:21
abbazabbahey everyone, abbazabba again..03:21
kitcheStrangeCharm: yes using scp03:21
ActionParsnipaxisys: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/jerome-guelfucci/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main03:21
ActionParsnipaxisys: you will need: gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv 0E23917F5D9DCE6C; gpg --export --armor 0E23917F5D9DCE6C | sudo apt-key add -03:21
StrangeCharmkitche does that require any change on the server?03:21
kitcheStrangeCharm: shouldn't it's just ssh cp it's part of the openssh03:22
ActionParsnipaxisys: you will need: gksudo mousepad /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:22
abbazabbai'm finally building a small gaming rig (4gigs, 4870, 500gb) and with that hard drive, i plan on dual booting vista x64 and ubuntu 9 x64... however, the problem lies in how would i go about storing music/videos/games which both operating systems could access, change, add and play?03:23
anto9usmechtech, yes, bittorrent client is installed by default03:23
axisysActionParsnip: where are you leading me too? still looking for a dvd copiers03:23
ActionParsnipaxisys: sorry, mixed wires03:23
straddlethefencei have a tonne of files whose permissions are root for everything, what command for terminal would i use to change all permissions to user aj03:23
ActionParsnipVolkodav: see above03:24
mechtechanto9us:  was thinking more along the lines of file by file like limewire, or soulseek03:24
ActionParsnipstraddlethefence: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /path/to/stuff03:24
ActionParsnipstraddlethefence: is it all of your home directory by any chance?03:24
ctmjraxisys: acidrip is one of many03:24
straddlethefenceseparate hd03:24
ActionParsnipstraddlethefence: been running gui apps with sudo by any chance03:25
straddlethefenceyes DX03:25
anto9usstraddlethefence, sudo chown youruser:yourgroup yourpath -R03:26
ActionParsnipanto9us: you can use $USER for that ;)03:26
axisysctmjr: thanks03:26
anto9usActionParsnip, thanks :)03:27
ctmjraxisys: your welcome03:27
Dayofswordsabbazabba: what i have is a home server that i stream my music from inside my lan, but i do think thats what your going for =p03:27
anto9usnight night03:28
Dayofswords*i dont03:28
VolkodavActionParsnip this ==>deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/jerome-guelfucci/ppa/ubuntu jaunty main03:28
nenoscim doesnt work with flash < fact , but why ?03:28
ActionParsnipVolkodav: yes, you will also need the command i gave after03:28
ActionParsnipneno: flash is proprietary garbage to adobe so them nitegrating with prety much anything else is probably never gonna happen03:29
abbazabbaDayofswords: haha yeah nah, i'm thinking of just putting each of the o.s.'s on it's own 50gb partition then use the rest for both, but how would i go about letting both actively add content to it and what not?03:29
ActionParsnipVolkodav: add that deb line to /etc/apt/sources.lst03:29
Mr_BagActionParsnip: Seems to have worked - Thanks for the help :D03:29
ActionParsnipMr_Bag: np bro03:29
nDevastatoranyone care to help me get java working in mozilla03:29
abbazabbalike i'll be on ubuntu, find a cd, download it to there.. then jump on windows, download a video to the partition.. is this all possible or nah?03:30
nDevastatori think i have successfully installed java already03:30
VolkodavActionParsnip - oh the key ! Sure - Thanks for help03:30
=== hamza is now known as h_aslan
nDevastatorhow do i make java work in mozilla i have installed java already03:31
netlaripIs it a good option to buy a computer that has Ubuntu install already?03:32
nDevastatorwhen you say good option what do you mean ?03:32
ActionParsnipVolkodav: all i did was websearch03:32
nDevastatoris it cheaper ?03:32
netlaripI mean they have they have worked out any bugs?03:32
nDevastatorif not... i would get the windows serial just to have it03:32
nDevastatorbugs ?03:32
nDevastatorwhich version03:33
nDevastatorof ubuntu03:33
FloodBot1nDevastator: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:33
netlaripBetween the hardware and the os03:33
nDevastatorif you use an older version of a build it tends to be more stable03:33
ActionParsnipnetlarip: you will find the hardware is very linux compatible or easy to make work03:34
=== swoody_ is now known as swoody
Chakravanti okay so i installed slackware 12.2 with Lilo on the root partition and GRub chainloading lilo, i'm STILL getting 'Error 11: Unrecognised device string' when i try to boot Slackware from GRUB with this menu.lst: http://www.pastebin.org/4264 and fdisk -l: http://www.pastebin.org/4241 anyone know what im doing wrong here?03:34
straddlethefencei'm in the current directory of all the files whose permissions i want to change, i typed in sudo chown -R $USER:$USER *, permissions don't change, my user name is aj03:34
nDevastatornetlarip imo unless you pay less for a ubuntu comp i would just get the windows comp and keep the serial number.. and then just install ubuntu.. maybe dual boot03:34
StrangeCharmdoes the ssh server allow pub/priv key authentication by default?03:34
ActionParsnipStrangeCharm: sure03:35
StrangeCharmActionParsnip-  as in, it doesn't have to be specifically enabled?03:35
netlaripActionParsnip: I know it is for someone that has that iclination03:35
gobucks09ActionParsnip:  that didn't work, nvidia drivers did not load.  x wouldn't start without reconfig.  back to default.  All I'm trying to do is center the screen & switch to 1280x1024 in 60hz mode.  Usually, I would edit the xorg.conf to do this, but this one barren & there are no comments for a guide.  Plus xsync start/end aren't right.  Is there an app I can install that adjusts this?03:35
netlaripBut not for someone that is looking to send email or browse the net03:36
nDevastatornetlarip i honestly wouldnt recommend ubuntu to a non computer friendly person =D03:37
ActionParsnipnetlarip: no, if its preinstalled yuo dont have to do any config, just like you dont buy a windows system and have to configure it03:37
netlaripActionParsnip: Exactly03:38
ActionParsnipgobucks09: you can edit xorg.conf as you normally world. it works the same03:38
netlaripActionParsnip: Dell does that right?03:38
ActionParsnipgobucks09: xorg.conf will superced anything that hal finds03:38
ActionParsnipnetlarip: if you buy it from dell, yes03:39
Gaincan someone explain to me how ACLs work?03:39
alex__Does anyone know if you can make it so when you use the volume control on your keyboard, the little box that shows where the volume is at doesn't come up?03:39
netlaripJust I have noticed that Ubuntu is more user friendly once it is set up03:40
ActionParsnipGain: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Access_control_list03:40
ActionParsnipnetlarip: more usr friendly than what?03:40
alex__netlarip: The only thing I've seen that doesn't automatically just work hardware wise is wireless and of course your graphics card03:41
ActionParsnipnetlarip: its personal preference and config really03:41
ActionParsnipalex__: mine works out of the box ;)03:41
alex__ActionParsnip: Maybe your wireless, but if you have a gfx card you had to install a driver =P03:41
ctmjrnetlarip: it would depend on who you buy the computer from if it is a name brand installed by them then you should have plenty of support but one from a third party i would suggest windows then install linux03:41
alex__ActionParsnip: My wireless card is REALLY old... so I guess they never put drivers in the kernal for it...03:42
mido1alex: I've got a graphics card and didn't install any driver...03:42
ActionParsnipalex__: true but its part of my setup script, rips out about a gig of guff, installs java, flash and install nvidia driver then adds network config files and dns settings. Good times03:42
alex__mido1: Then you don't have full 3d functionality of it03:42
netlaripActionParsnip:  i suppose , but I have used all three major os and Ubuntu was the eaiest to use03:43
mido1Indeed I have.03:43
gobucks09Does Xfce has anything similar to KDE's "Remote Places" that allows a user to browse to NFS & Samba shares?03:43
alex__ActionParsnip: That's more complicated than netlarip is planning on getting into ;)03:43
BitTorrentHi all, why my Transmission BitTorrent so fast download? Down 2 Mb/s and Up 115 Kb/s. on 129 peer. oh NO. NO. lo03:43
Gainanyone here familiar with access control lists in Ubuntu03:43
ActionParsnipnetlarip: ubuntu isnt an OS per se03:43
mido1alex: But that card just doesn't require a proprietary driver.03:43
ActionParsnipnetlarip: its a distribution of linux, have you tried BSD?03:43
alex__mido1: What card is it?03:43
netlaripActionParsnip: Well ok a distro then03:43
ActionParsnipnetlarip: bsd is similar to linux but is a different os03:44
mido1alex: So, just if your card is not supported by open source drivers, you have to install proprietary ones. Otherwise, Ubuntu manages everything itself.03:44
mido1alex: Various. Intel onboard (which is no graphics card) and ATI Radeon 7500.03:44
BitTorrentWhy so fast? I hate Transmission BiTorrent. I Hate you. ever and ever. lol03:44
ActionParsnipnetlarip: you will also find different quirks in each distribution you try03:44
mido1alex: Although an Matrox G450 in one of my PCs.03:45
ActionParsnipBitTorrent: you can gate it if you want, makes web browsing faster03:45
netlaripActionParsnip: Well ubuntu seem to have the most polish03:45
alex__mido1: I agree that onbard don't always, but I said a graphics card. And ok, you got me on the Matrox =P03:45
mido1And the ATI ;)03:45
ActionParsnipnetlarip: if you gauge an OSs value by gloss then i pity yuo03:45
netlaripActionParsnip: No not for me03:46
mido1alex: You're right with all modern Nvidia and ATI/AMD cards.03:46
netlaripActionParsnip: For family03:46
alex__mido1: 95% of everyone with a graphics card falls into that category so... That's why I said what I did =P03:46
ActionParsnipnetlarip: still the same, i'd rather something with a bit of performance03:46
mido1alex: And I agree.03:46
mido1alex: Luckily, with ubuntu, the driver installation is no problem. At least in most cases.03:47
bazhangBitTorrent, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic03:47
netlaripActionParsnip: Performance means little if it is not that intuitive03:47
BitTorrentActionParsnip: Thank you, I wanna download in all my life. ever and ever. yummy yummy. Down 2033 KB/s Up 123 KB/s. oh NO oh NO. please don't so fast. I hate you Transmission BitTorrent.03:47
Oli``BitTorrent: use Deluge or another client if you need to limit speeds03:48
alex__mido1: Yeah. I just wish that ATI would get better drivers for linux >.> None of them do well with multiple monitor support =(03:48
nnullhow can i get vbox to give me beter resolution than 800x600 with kubuntu host, ubuntu guest ?03:48
ctmjrBitTorrent: i believe that is off toppic but you should learn to throttle your client03:48
ActionParsnipBitTorrent: i do or it will max my connection and when you are looking after servers via RDP, you need the speed03:48
Cyber_Akuma-Ubunoh wow, im still connected?03:48
mido1alex: What was the trouble with your graphics card?03:48
Oli``Cyber_Akuma-Ubun: yup03:48
ActionParsnipnnull: instal the guest additions03:49
=== RiceStitcher_awa is now known as RiceStitcher
alex__mido1: Well, on their last driver version, it would reset both screens to the lesser screens resolution every time I rebooted.03:49
netlaripActionParsnip: So you do not think Ubuntu performs well?03:49
Cyber_Akuma-Ubungood thing I noticed, it would have finished downloading with an hour and install a ton of software03:49
FLJohnMy Terminal will not let me type.  What is wrong?  I type in the command to reset Wine and then it asked for my password but would not register anything my keyboard typed.03:49
JonathanKHello all03:49
Cyber_Akuma-UbunFLJohn: thats normal03:49
BitTorrentto all: full moon tonight. I'm so happy.03:49
alex__mido1: Now this one, whenever I try to set up the Xinerama thing, when I reboot, X server never starts03:49
Cyber_Akuma-Ubunit dosen't show oyu typing your password03:50
alex__mido1: Meant X session03:50
ActionParsnipnetlarip: the default settings are pretty poor03:50
mido1alex: Hm!03:50
ActionParsnipnnull: here is an xorg.conf you can use  http://jamesselvakumar.wordpress.com/2008/02/22/increasing-the-screen-resolution-of-ubuntu-710-on-virtualbox/03:50
mido1alex: But you configured everything with nvidia-settings?03:50
netlaripActionParsnip: Ahh ok03:50
Oli``Cyber_Akuma-Ubun: try running setxkbmap03:50
ActionParsnipnnull: you need to install the additions first03:50
FLJohnI just rebooted and would still not register.  Why is that normal?03:50
nenodoes anyone use scim, anthy ?03:50
alex__mido1: Sorry?03:50
PeddyIs it possible to connect to a wireless network without using a GUI program such as Network-manager?03:50
bruenigPeddy: yes03:51
bazhangneno, yes03:51
bazhangPeddy, sure03:51
bruenigPeddy: networkmanager is just a front end for command line tools03:51
alex__mido1: It's an ATI card... I used their Catalyst Control Center...03:51
nenobazhang,  funny dude ... lol03:51
mido1alex: When you set up xinerama and changed the resolution, you did this via nvidia-settings, or manually in the xorg.conf?03:51
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=571188 Peddy03:51
mido1alex: Sorry.03:51
bruenigPeddy: in short, iwconfig, iwlist, dhclient03:51
alex__mido1: You just had me confused for a second =P03:51
mido1alex: I thinking it's an nvidia card.03:52
ActionParsnipPeddy: sure, add the info to /etc/network/interfaces03:52
nnullActionParsnip: cheers03:52
alex__mido1: From everything I've heard nVidia cards work great with linux03:52
mido1Indeed they do.03:52
ActionParsnipPeddy: its how i configure my desktops. i also use static ip03:52
PeddyThanks bazhang and bruenig. The reason for this is because I have a headless 'server' with wireless, but it can't start X until a screen is detected (I'm VNCing in), and I can't VNC in until it's connected to the network :P03:53
mido1I always prefered ATI because of the free drivers. But nowadays... I'd prefer nvidia.03:53
PeddyI'll have a look, thanks ActionParsnip.03:53
ActionParsnipPeddy: you can use a virtual x server for vnc, i wouldnt run an x server on a server03:53
alex__mido1: Wtf rofl, I accidentally reset my internet connection, and I didn't get kicked out of IRC rofl03:53
ActionParsnipPeddy: why do you need vnc?03:54
mido1Lucky man, timeout was long enough ;-)03:54
PeddyActionParsnip, I just want to remotely be able to control the computer. I'll use whatever works best, but since Vinagre and its tools are included in a default installation, I tried them.03:54
GainAccess Control Lists anyone?03:54
ActionParsnipPeddy: ok but what are you VNCing over to do?03:54
mido1Gain: Complex topic.03:55
ActionParsnipPeddy: you will probably find VNC is not needed03:55
lstarnesGain: check the manual pages for getfacl and setfacl03:55
Gainlstarnes are access control lists just the 9 bits though03:55
Gainthat you set in CHMOD03:55
Gainor is it something like IBM's AIX03:55
lstarnesGain: no03:55
cfeddeGain: complex and generaly not needed if you understand standard unix authentication.03:55
PeddyActionParsnip, right. I read somewhere that X server is designed to work on a remote monitor, anyway?03:55
Oli``Peddy: You might find xdmcp works/performs better than VNC03:55
mido1Gain: no.03:56
lstarnesGain: the ones set with chmod are just permissions03:56
bazhangBitTorrent, please dont send me any files03:56
ActionParsnipPeddy: yes you can forward x server apps03:56
PeddyActionParsnip, I'm just using it for managing torrents, folding and things like that. It's just an old machine that I found lying around :)03:56
ActionParsnipPeddy: if you install transmission, it will run without an x server and give a web interface03:56
ActionParsnipPeddy: folders can be managed via /etc/samba/smb.conf over ssh03:57
mido1Gain: With ACL, you could make a file readable to let's say five different, individual users without putting them into a group and set group access.03:57
BitTorrentbazhang: oh No, I'm Sorry. what weather in china?03:57
bazhangBitTorrent, lets discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic  ; this channel is for support ONLY03:58
BitTorrentbazhang: sorry.03:58
Gainmido1 then how does it differentiate from IBM's AIX Extended ACLs?03:58
PeddyActionParsnip, thanks for the suggestions. I have to get the wireless working without X first, though.03:58
bazhangPeddy, ethernet?03:58
PeddyActionParsnip, I won't use a GUI then.03:58
mido1Gain: dunno.03:58
Oli``Peddy: Deluge can also run in headless mode on the server and you can use the client on your desktop to connect to the server's backend... For file maintenance, you can use NFS/Samba/etc to mount the server as a drive...03:59
Peddybazhang, that's not an option, there aren't any phone lines near where I am, router is downstairs, not allowed to run ethernet etc..03:59
lstarnesGain: are AIX's Extended ACLs identical to posix ACLs?03:59
Gainlstarnes I am not sure what posix ACLs are to be honest03:59
Gainbut AIX's is like a list of users who can get read03:59
Gainor group03:59
bazhangPeddy, then follow ActionParsnip 's suggestion in fixing the configuration03:59
ActionParsnipPeddy: just a good option. its why the server install comes with no x server, its more secure due to less services running and what you want to do can be done with less impact to the lan than bloated vnc when you can simply use ssh or a web interface03:59
Gainbut the thing is that, if there is 1 deny, then that person/group is denied03:59
mido1Gain: Same with me and the extended IBM ACLs.04:00
lstarnesGain: if I remember correctly, AIX's ACLs are an implementation of posix's ACLs04:00
gobucks09continue to have trouble configuring xubuntu video.  is KDE a better option than Xfce?  Xfce has no option settings and no controls.  Very limited and hard to use.04:00
Gainso say you have a list of ACLs  first is deny read to Alice,  second is give read to alice,   Alice will not have access to the file04:00
PeddyThanks Oli``. I'll remember that (I'm also using Deluge right now)04:00
Gainsince there is a deny in there04:00
lstarnesGain: linux and many other unix-like operating systems also use posix ACls04:00
gobucks09not possible to simply edit xorg.conf.  Must write from scratch.04:00
lstarnesGain: or at least have the ability to use them04:00
GainI'll google it04:00
lstarnesGain: actually, AIX's acls might not be posix acls04:01
ActionParsnipgobucks09: i can send you mine if you want04:01
ActionParsnipgobucks09: http://pastebin.com/f6231c3f504:01
gobucks09sure, I'll give it a shot.04:02
mido1gobucks09: Does xubuntu work in live cd mode? With graphical desktop?04:02
gobucks09I've used KDE controls on PCLinuxOS.  They are much more comprehensive than Xfce.  Is KDE under xubuntu similar?04:03
gobucks09mido1: x works fine.  screen is offset to the right & can't display full res.04:03
richardcavellgobucks09: you mean kubuntu?04:03
gobucks09Oh, is that kde on xubuntu?04:03
gobucks09or is that a seperate install?04:04
mido1gobucks09: To get back to the start, just boot the live cd, then copy the xorg.conf to your harddisk. This restores the starting point.04:04
richardcavellxubuntu has the xfce desktop. kubuntu has the kde desktop04:04
VakzI just started using Ubuntu Server for the first time, and as i was hoping to make it headless, i'm using vnc4server.. it works perfect as long as i have a monitor plugged in, but if i boot the computer without a monitor, it just won't work.. anyone got any idea what to do?04:04
sikpits87hi can some one tell me how to set up a home network with ubuntu04:04
ActionParsnipgobucks09: kubuntu is a release of ubuntu that uses kde instead of gnome by defaulty04:04
alex__gobucks09: You can get ubunti with xfce called xubuntu, with kde called kubuntu, or with Gnome called ubuntu04:04
Guest79784does ext2 need msdos? or can it be done on other partition table types?04:04
gobucks09ok, got it. thanks04:04
richardcavellGuest79784: it does not need msdos04:05
gobucks09I picked xubuntu because of hardware constraints.04:05
richardcavellGuest79784: ext file formats can work with GPT or MBR04:05
richardcavellgobucks09: that's the usual reason for selecting it04:05
mido1skip: What's the problem with networking?04:05
scorpius_Hola buenas noches04:05
mido1Hola scorpius, que tal?04:06
scorpius_necesito que alguien me explique como entro en irc hispano04:06
scorpius_tengo una cuenta pero lo que quiero primero es conectar con el servidor04:06
kukstud07Anyone know how to integrate smooth wall with Dan's Guardian?04:06
nDevastatorcan someone please help me with getting java to work with firefox ?04:06
ctmjr!es | scorpius_04:06
ubottuscorpius_: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:06
Guest79784ok. thnx richardcavell. i will attempt it.04:06
nDevastatori have java installed and also have it enabled in firefox yet it doesnt work =*(04:07
mido1scorpius_: Mellamo un poco espanol, sorry.04:07
Gainlstarnes got a link that explains Linux ACLs and how it works04:07
sikpits87am trying to share files between my computer an 2 laptops using ubuntu 9.04 can any one help me with this i have no clu wot to do04:07
lstarnesGain: http://www.suse.de/~agruen/acl/linux-acls/online/04:07
alex__nDevastator: Have you installed the sun java 6 plugin?04:07
StrangeCharmwhy am i not able to log in via ssh with key-based authentication using putty (the key is refused)04:07
ActionParsnipnDevastator: is your ubuntu 64bit?04:08
nDevastatoralex__ i think its jre04:08
nDevastatoractionparsnip no04:08
ActionParsnip!java | nDevastator04:08
ubottunDevastator: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository04:08
castStrangeCharm: check the logs.04:08
alex__nDevastator: Try sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin restart your browser and try again04:08
StrangeCharmcast- a novel and ingenious idea!04:09
ActionParsnipnDevastator: make sure you create a symlink to the .so file in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/  and   /usr/lib/firefox-addons/plugins/04:09
ActionParsnipnDevastator: you need libjavaplugin_oji.so04:09
ne0some hacker here04:09
nDevastatoractionparsnip o okay i made a symlink in /usr/lib/firefox-3.0.5/plugins04:10
ActionParsnipnDevastator: you can run:  sudo find / -name libjavaplugin_oji.so04:10
StrangeCharmcast- know where sshd keeps its logs?04:10
alex__ActionParsnip: Any reason not to just use the plugin from the repositories?04:10
castStrangeCharm: investigate /var/log/, probably auth04:10
ActionParsnipalex__: no idea, thats what is needed though04:10
Guest69300is anything other than msdos that's worth the change?04:10
ActionParsnipalex__: i have a script i found online that installs native 64bit java :)04:10
lstarnesStrangeCharm: cat /var/log/auth.log | grep sshd04:10
mido1sikpits87: There was a configuration frontend for samba.....04:11
alex__ActionParsnip: You just love scripts ;)04:11
StrangeCharmthanks lstarnes04:11
BitTorrentbazhang: somebody intruder to my computer. my firewall tell me. what can I do? open all port? no file classified I think.04:11
ne0alguem aki04:11
sikpits87sorry am a noob wot does that meen04:11
mido1sikpits87: Install system-config-samba.04:11
ActionParsnipalex__: i do, i have nearly 1gb of scripts04:11
gobucks09richardcavell: yeah, prolly was a bad choice.  Too stripped & needs manual configuration.  I'm downloading kubuntu right now.  This will take a while.04:11
mido1sikpits87: Will show up in you system settings.04:12
alex__ActionParsnip: Holy S**t ;)04:12
ActionParsnipalex__: want the 64bit java script?04:12
richardcavellgobucks09: do you have the hardware for it?  I don't think KDE is any easier on the hardware than GNOME04:12
alex__ActionParsnip: Ok. lol04:12
gobucks09rc: maybe not on the hardware, but much easier on the brain.04:12
ne0need help to attack a site04:12
richardcavellgobucks09: lol04:13
gobucks09I'll find out if I have the hardware or not in a little bit.04:13
=== schnoodles-a is now known as schnoodles
ne0and a software company04:13
ActionParsnipalex__: http://pastebin.com/f23e8e24004:13
rvnmy sound isn't working, it has previously been autodetected by linux every other time i installed it, and it's been so long since windows didn't support it out of the box that i dont even remember what model it is >..04:13
richardcavellgobucks09: if you run it from a live CD it will be much slower and more temperamental than if you boot it from hard disk04:13
ne0Where are the crackers of the room04:14
lstarnesne0: we do not condone attacks here04:14
richardcavellI give him 90 seconds04:15
sikpits87mido1: i have installed system-config-samba wot do i do now04:15
gobucks09Right, my goal is to convert about 4 W98 machines to Linux.  So I don't even want to mess with the CD live version.  The machines have plenty of disk, PIII at 700MHz.  Just a little low on RAM.04:15
richardcavellsikpits87: on both machines?04:15
rvni have a gateway p6831fx, why is my sound not working out of the box anymore while it did in the past04:15
richardcavellgobucks09: how much RAM?04:15
rvnand how can i rectify the situation04:15
=== saulus_ is now known as SauLus
bonez46gobucks09: you should be able to run fine....04:15
Guest69300ne0: start reading.  =)   http://www.astalavista.com/04:16
mido1sikpits87: Look in you system settings menu.04:16
gobucks091 GB, 512 & one is 25604:16
sikpits87no jus the one shall i install on all computers04:16
mido1sikpits87: There's a new programme.04:16
ne0why that?04:16
richardcavellgobucks09: the GNOME version will run fine on 1 Gig, okay on the 512 and probably acceptably on the 25604:16
richardcavellsikpits87: install samba on all computers04:17
gobucks09what about K?04:17
rvnsomeone? help?04:17
mido1sikpits87: If you want to share a directory of this computer with another, you have to install and use system-config-samba on this computer.04:17
richardcavellgobucks09: they'll be fine with kubuntu.  The 256 Meg computer might be a bit slow, but make sure you give it a swapfile04:17
rvnidt/sigmatel audio not working out of the box04:17
Guest69300ne0: links at bottom.04:17
lstarnesne0: what you're trying to do is likely unethical and possibly illegal04:17
rvnit has in prior builds to 9.04, why?04:17
sikpits87ok wil install on cpu now04:18
lstarnesne0: and this channel is only for issues related to ubuntu04:18
mido1richardcavell: Come one... KDE on a 256 Meg machine... let him go...04:18
rvnsomeone please...04:18
rvnstop paying attention to illegal-man and help me with my legitimate problem04:18
lstarnesrvn: please be patient04:18
richardcavellmido1: he wants them all to have the same distro, so I'm suggesting he installs kubuntu on all of them04:19
shamusadamusALSA ERROR hw_params: set_near (RATE)04:19
shamusadamus           value = 44100 : No such file or directory04:19
ActionParsniprvn: if you give the output of:  lspci | grep -i audio04:19
alex__Does anyone know if you can make it so when you use the volume control on your keyboard, the little box that shows where the volume is at doesn't come up?04:19
PeddyActionParsnip, the wifi connection worked! (took so long because I had to connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse). Where should I add those commands so they are executed at every boot?04:19
shamusadamusthis is while running a libasoun_debug for espeak04:19
rvn00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)04:19
=== chibi is now known as Guest70469
shamusadamusi have a 82801db04:20
shamusadamuswhats ur issue?04:20
ActionParsnip!startup | peddy04:20
ubottupeddy: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot04:20
mido1richardcavell: Okay, but kubuntu with KDE 4 on a 256 Meg machine is slower than slow...04:20
rooselokay i got it finally thanks everyone04:20
rvnits not making any sound04:20
richardcavellI have a 82801G04:20
kevin009i have a jaunty system with a blank xorg.conf. everything works, but I want to switch to 16-bit color. How can I do this?04:20
ActionParsnip!boot | Peddy04:21
ubottuPeddy: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto04:21
PeddyActionParsnip, I won't be logging into a Gnome session though, remember? and the commands need to be run as root.04:21
ActionParsnipPeddy: sudo nano /etc/rc.local04:21
richardcavellmido1: well I guess he could go with xubuntu04:21
ne0Anybody know a safe way to hide ip04:21
shamusadamusand you have tried going to system>admin software driver?04:21
mido1gobucks09: Better fetch some more memory for the machine.04:21
richardcavellgobucks09: yeah. It shouldn't cost much to upgrade them all to 1 Gig04:21
lstarnesne0: across all of the internet, or on just this irc network?04:21
gobucks09we'll know any minute now04:21
mido1gobucks09: Just be warned, it will be darn slow because of the low memory.04:22
gobucks09actually most of them max out at 51204:22
shamusadamustheso anyone want to help me with this espeak issue04:22
mido1gobucks09: 512 MB is much better.04:23
richardcavellgobucks09: well, 512 would be heaps better than 25604:23
ActionParsnipshamusadamus: i had that too but only over ssh04:23
sikpits87mido1: thx for help think al be able to figure the rest out04:23
mido1sikpits87: Did you find the new config app?04:23
gobucks09xfce runs very nicely.04:23
richardcavellgobucks09: good04:24
mido1gobucks09: xfce is _much_ smaller than KDE.04:24
ActionParsnipgobucks09: i prefer lxde personally04:24
shamusadamusssh audio?04:24
* LinuxGold looks around.04:24
ActionParsnipshamusadamus: no, the audio come out of the ssh server system04:24
* richardcavell stares at LinuxGold04:24
gobucks09what's what's lxde?04:24
* LinuxGold glares back04:24
mido1gobucks09: Just give kubuntu a try. It's really cool.04:24
* Scunizi learks in a corner04:24
rvnlxde is a desktop environment04:24
shamusadamusohhh, ok i was confused04:24
sikpits87mido1: yeh found it in installed on the 2 cpu i wanted to share files between04:24
ActionParsnipgobucks09: http://pud-linux.sourceforge.net/screenshot/pud-lxde-2.jpg04:25
mido1gobucks09: But don't wonder if it's slow, then think about upgrading the memory. Memory is rather cheap at the moment.04:25
* LinuxGold wonders if there is any application equivalent to Office, something that utilitizes Exchange 200704:25
shamusadamusso do you think that could have anything to do with my issue, or would i have gotten a different error04:25
mido1sikpits87: Great!04:25
ShaRONOkay hello all =)04:25
bruenigLinuxGold: ther eisn't and stop /meing04:25
mido1sikpits87: You'll find the shares in the network "place" then.04:25
ShaRONHey Sham04:25
LinuxGoldbrueing: yes sir.04:25
cam^i have a thumb drive 16GB (sandisk titanium). I would like to give 4GB for ubuntu installation and the rest as FAT32. Question: which filesystem to implement on the thumbdrive ? ext4 ? ext3 ? others ?04:26
LinuxGoldI'm trying to figure out a way to replace Windows XP with ubuntu and still use Exchange 2007 for my work laptop.04:26
VakzI just started using Ubuntu Server for the first time, and as i was hoping to make it headless, i'm using vnc4server.. it works perfect as long as i have a monitor plugged in, but if i boot the computer without a monitor, it just won't work.. anyone got any idea what to do?04:26
castcam^: ext304:26
rvnLinuxGold, Wine04:26
shamusadamussweet, i have a frind * a single tearrolls down my cheek*04:26
ActionParsnipcam^: ext2 as it writes less to the partition04:26
LinuxGoldToo addicted with Outlook04:26
ShaRONSo I have a problem, and am quite unsure of what it means04:26
LinuxGoldrvn: hmm...04:26
mido1shamusadamus: We do hear you, but obviously nobody can help.04:26
ActionParsnipcam^: i don't recommend fat32. its not very robust04:26
ShaRONwell on my Asus MoBo04:27
ScuniziLinuxGold: evolution has an exchange plugin.. also you might look at zimbra desktop.. it might as well.04:27
richardcavellActionParsnip: Yeah, I was thinking that you want a filesystem that writes a minimum04:27
LinuxGoldGuess I will be happy with dual then.04:27
=== Odin is now known as Guest58350
=== Guest58350 is now known as th0r
shamusadamusi see, just hoping new people might have a solution04:27
LinuxGoldacunizi: ok, will check that out. thanks.04:27
cam^ActionParsnip fat32 will be on the partition to "share" between pc's ..04:27
castbecause you wearing out usb drives is common?04:27
mido1Vakz: Just a lucky guess: It's not perhaps that the mainboard BIOS is stuck because of no monitor/keyboard?04:27
StrangeCharmwhere are the ubuntu screen themes (ubuntu light, dark, black &c) stored? how could i copy them to another host?04:27
sikpits87mido1: i have made the shares but my cpu's carnt see each other04:27
ShaRONit just shut itself down, So i tried everything eventually hooked a spare p supply to nothing but the 24 pin ATX power conn04:27
ActionParsnipcam^: linux can read and write to ntfs using ntfs-3g04:28
ShaRONwell that made me think psupply issue04:28
shamusadamusand i think action parsnip might be able to help, had a similar issue04:28
ShaRONso i ordered anothewr04:28
alex__Does anyone know if you can make it so when you use the volume control on your keyboard, the little box that shows where the volume is at doesn't come up?04:28
=== mike is now known as Guest15159
cam^ActionParsnip ok.. so u'll go for ext2 instead of ext3/404:28
richardcavellcam^: I think so too04:29
ShaRONproblem is i can hook up 24 pin Pwr connector but if i plug in the 8-pin atx 12 conn it won't start04:29
mido1sikpits87: Hm. They normally should...04:29
rvnalex__, i know that u definitely can, i think it's related to ACPI scripts, i can't tell ya more04:29
ShaRONmy sytems a little over 7 months old any suggestions?04:29
richardcavellsikpits87: how are you trying to view one machine from the other?04:29
alex__ShaRON: Do you have an extra CPU to try out by any chance? =D04:29
ActionParsnipcam^: ext3/4 write to the jounal a fair bit which will shorten the life of the device04:29
ShaRONnope nada04:29
ActionParsnipShaRON: this is ubuntu support, jion #hardware for hardware issues04:30
sikpits87mido1: places then network04:30
alex__ShaRON: Sounds like the problem is either in the mobo connector, or the CPU04:30
panama007can someone tell me if powerdvd9 will work on wine?04:30
ShaRONSo I should see if CPU is bad then if that fails get new MoBo?04:31
sikpits87richardcavell: places then network04:31
ctmjrShaRON: that sounds like a question for the #hardware channel04:31
cam^ok.. now another question... are there any real difference between installing ubuntu on the thumbdrive and creating this USB boot key with persistence files enabled ?04:31
richardcavellsikpits87: have you tried typing in the IP number?04:31
alex__cam^: If there is, I haven't found it.04:32
gobucks09ActionParsnip: I've booted lxde before.  I remember the screen but can't remember the distro.  Who uses it?04:32
shamusadamushmm, I would bust out my multimeter, before, getting a whole new mobo, just to check the continuity, and see if there is something wrong (bad trace or something)04:32
shamusadamuswill it load the bios?04:32
ActionParsnipgobucks09: me for one04:32
ActionParsnipgobucks09: im also on a team to make Lubuntu :)04:32
sikpits87richardcavell: sorry am new to linux how do i do that is it thru connect to server04:33
cooper77zhello friends, I am having problems using my second monitor as an extension of my desktop, for the time being, it's just a duplication of the other monitor04:33
shamusadamusa action, do you think i might be having the problem same as you did, and what was your solution? the espeak alsa errer04:33
molina_would you guys know if an xbox 360 would be able to play .avi files through ushare?04:34
cam^alex__ in a way, booting using the image creates a lot of mfs ? r/w should be less than if normal installation ?04:34
PeddyActionParsnip, that static manual IP worked beautifully. I'm going to do it for my main desktop now as well :-P04:34
Peddymanually set static IP*04:34
alex__Cam^: The little bit I've messed with it, I didn't see any noticable performance difference04:34
ActionParsnipPeddy: makes boots faster too04:34
richardcavellsikpits87: I don't know enough to advise you04:35
* richardcavell is logging off to save taking bandwidth from Steam, which is downloading Half-Life.04:36
lobfso i got my iphone syncing with virtualbox04:36
gobucks09cooper77z: what's your video controller?04:36
cooper77zI don't know04:36
lobfso fuckin cool04:36
sikpits87richardcavell: ok thx for help anyway04:36
cooper77zhow do I find out gobucks09?04:36
aRahim '<04:36
cooper77zi think it's a simple fix gobucks09, the  picture on the second monitor is perfect04:37
gobucks09cooper77z: do you have an nvidia x server settings selection in your system menu?04:38
cooper77zgobucks09 how do I tell?04:38
rvni am not getting any sound04:38
aRahimhow to change gdm resolution from 800x768 to 1024x76804:38
nnullwhere is virtualbox in ubuntu repo? i cant find it04:38
rvni have an intel ich8 chipset hd audio idt/sigmatel thing04:38
aRahimusing 9.0404:38
rvnit has worked in every previous release since ubuntu 604:38
rvnand now does not04:38
gobucks09cooper77z: are you running kde?04:39
ActionParsnipnnull: sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose04:39
mido1nnull: Multiverse or universe.04:39
acdspit00is there an easy way to get external mouse to work?04:39
mido1null: Just check them all.04:39
LinuxGoldgonna give both evolution and zimbra a try04:39
cooper77zgobucks09 no, 8.04.2 with gnome04:39
mido1acdspit00: Yes, simply connect the mouse.04:39
acdspit00proc bus input devices sees it however it doesn't work04:39
nnullActionParsnip: im actually trying to install the guestadditions INSIDE the guest, that possible?04:39
rvnhow   do    i    get    my    sound    working!?04:39
gobucks09did you look in your system settings menu list?04:40
nnullknow what the guest additions are called at all ActionParsnip?04:40
ActionParsnipnnull: yes, shutdown the guest, set the additions iso to mount at boot04:40
rvni dont know my way around the graphical interface, gobucks0904:40
cooper77zyes, I looked in the gui system list gobucks0904:40
ActionParsnipnnull: you need to click devices -> download guest additions when the guest is booted04:40
nnullActionParsnip:  i tried that and it killed it, cant i apt-get the ga's?04:41
acdspit00if mouse doesn't work when connected is there something i need to go change?04:41
mido1gobucks09: "lspci | grep VGA" should help you helping...04:41
nnullthe guest has networking ActionParsnip04:41
mido1acdspit00: Which kind of mouse?04:41
acdspit00like edit my xorg.conf file04:42
acdspit00its a logitech04:42
rvn00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)04:42
rvndoesnt work04:42
mido1PS/2? USB? Other?04:42
cooper77zI know it's a simple fix to add a second monitor in hardy, but I can't find the solution04:42
acdspit002.4 ghz04:42
mido1acdspit00: Ah, with proprietary usb dongle?04:42
gobucks09Sorry can't help with gnome (or is it gmoan) :)  I've done this on an nvidia system with KDE.  The nvidia driver makes it very easy.  do what mid1 says.04:42
ActionParsnipnnull: its just an iso file04:43
UOWhat is a CTCP ping?04:43
cooper77zthe signal is there, the second monitor is perfect, it's just not extending the desktop04:43
mido1acdspit00: Do you know how to handle the command line (a bit)?04:43
rvnacdspit00, whether its wireless or not is irrelevant, as the pc doesnt know the diff, just that its usb04:43
mido1acdspit00: Remove the dongle, then have a look into the directory /dev/input.04:43
gobucks09It's because x doesn't know you have 2 monitors.04:44
ActionParsnipnnull: also depends which vbox version you have too04:44
mido1acdspit00: Connect the dongle, and look again. There should be one event device more than before.04:44
nnullActionParsnip: i downloaded one from sun, used it, and it installed but when i restarted the ubuntu graphics was broken04:44
mido1acdspit00: (which should also show up in the syslog)04:44
nikolateslai think clamav is natively bundled in the os but how do i access it to run a scan04:44
gobucks09did you try "lspci | grep VGA" as mido1 suggested?04:44
kevin009how can i make jaunty run in 16-bit color? there is no display info in xorg.conf04:44
nikolateslawhat menu is clamav hidden under04:44
nnullActionParsnip: 2.1.4 ose04:44
ActionParsnipnnull: http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/virtualbox-guest-addons.html04:45
UOwhat's a ctcp ping? Someone sent me one. Is it a risk to me?04:45
acdspit00mouse 2 has been added04:45
acdspit00mouse2 i mean04:45
ActionParsnipnnull: http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/2.1.4/VBoxGuestAdditions_2.1.4.iso04:45
gobucks09cooper: Do that in a terminal window.04:45
mido1acdspit00: good.04:45
nikolateslai just finished the xp install in virtualbox04:46
ActionParsnipnnull: mount that as the cd drive, you can then follow that guide04:46
lstarnesUO: all a ctcp ping does it asks your client to send a response (usually identical to the request) in order to determine latency04:46
nikolateslait works great with the help of those in channel #vbox04:46
mido1acdspit00:  But no event device?04:46
UOlstarnes, why would someone send me a ctcp ping?04:46
nikolateslai am loading the 40,000 windoze updates04:46
nikolateslahow do i access clamav04:46
nikolateslawhat menu is it in04:46
acdspit00didn't see anything pop up when i plugged it in04:46
lstarnesUO: to determine how long it takes your client to recieve a message from that user04:46
UOlstarnes, thanks. i googled it and minimal information came up04:47
UOlstarnes, thanks for the help. ;p04:47
lstarnesUO: if several are sent within a short space of time, it could cause your client to lag due to sending too many responses at once04:47
Lostinspace_46When setting up klogd  it requests QRZ and locator.  What are they? I want to enable it so that I can log keystrokes that the kernel doesn't recognize.04:47
mido1acdspit00: Hmpf. mice are handled differently...04:47
ActionParsnipnikolatesla: you use it at cli04:47
nikolateslawhat command to invoke clamav04:47
ActionParsnipnikolatesla: sudo freshclam     to update04:47
nikolateslasudo clamav ?04:48
lstarnesUO: sometimes a large number of pings are sent in order to cause that lag04:48
thiebaudenikolatesla, gksudo clamav?04:48
nikolateslasudo freshclam04:48
nnullActionParsnip: ill try this iso, i did everything the walkthrough said L:< thx tho ill try it with this new iso04:48
lstarnesUO: but that isn't very common04:48
nikolateslabut how do i run a scan04:48
nikolatesladoes it reside in the background04:48
cooper77z<gobucks09> did you try "lspci | grep VGA" as mido1 suggested? <gobucks09> cooper: Do that in a terminal window. bash bad command04:48
mido1acdspit00: I was suggesting using evtest to see if there are any signals coming to the system, but this only work for event devices, not for mices...04:48
Lostinspace_46It should give me an output when that happens04:48
lstarnesnikolatesla: see the manual page for clamscan (man clamscan)04:48
nnullActionParsnip: it seems to be identical to the one i have :x04:48
nikolateslais there a keyboard shortcc04:49
lstarnesnikolatesla: no04:49
ActionParsnipnikolatesla: clamscan -i /home/$USER04:49
nikolateslakeyboard shortcut to get terminal in a window instead of full screen04:49
ActionParsnipnikolatesla: or   sudo clamscan -i /04:49
nikolateslathanks for your help04:49
ActionParsnipnnull: set it as the cd drive then boot the guest, you will then be able to mount the cd with: sudo mount -a04:50
Lostinspace_46midol evtest..does that give gtk output or x?04:50
cooper77zwhat's the #command for beginners ubuntu chat, please?04:50
lstarnesVeritatis: this is it04:50
lstarnesVeritatis: oops.04:50
lstarnescooper77z: this is it04:50
lstarnescooper77z: #ubuntu is a channel name, not a command04:50
acdspit00midol:  i saw some doc's saying to edit xorg.conf to make it work04:50
mido1acdspit00: In your xorg.conf, which device is mentioned in the mouse section?04:50
nnullActionParsnip: okie ill give it a try, gunna quickly reinstall ubuntu and take a snapshot so i have something to work with..!04:50
junoti dont understan this04:50
cooper77zno, sltarnes, the /command04:51
lstarnescooper77z: /join #ubuntu04:51
junotada orang indo ga???04:51
mido1acdspit00: Ah, are you using a notebook with trackpoint/trackpad?04:51
acdspit00do i have to disable trackpoint?04:52
mido1acdspit00: Okay, then you only have the synaptics driver by default, iirc.04:52
mido1acdspit00: No, they work combined.04:52
cooper77zI don't want to mess up my os over this so I need to talk to people who won't just ask me the same questions over and over04:52
acdspit00package manager or apt get  what do i need to dl04:52
Lostinspace_46midol xev returns values for xmodmap does evtest do the same?04:52
mido1how many "InputDevice" sections do you have in your xorg.conf?04:53
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.04:53
lstarnesrvn: stop using caps04:53
Peddy!boot | Peddy04:53
ubottuPeddy, please see my private message04:53
Jeruvy!alsa | rvn04:53
ubotturvn: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP304:53
lightningseedCaps lock key and sound04:53
lstarnesrvn: lsmod | grep snd_hda_intel04:53
cooper77zis it #beginners-ubuntu on free node?04:54
mido1acdspit00: how many "InputDevice" sections do you have in your xorg.conf?04:54
rvnlstarnes, it returned 5 lines04:54
lstarnescooper77z: I don't think it's on freenode04:54
Royalldo I have to restart nautilus to use new nautilus-scripts?04:54
lstarnesrvn: does one of them start with snd_hda_intel?04:54
acdspit00midol:  /etc/X11/xorg.conf right?04:54
rvnlstarnes, the first, then 557492 404:54
cooper77zwhere is it lstarnes?04:55
lstarnescooper77z: this is it.04:55
dublued2Hello all... I need some help setting up MythTV04:55
dublued2I have it installed, but can't get it to detect any channels04:55
mido1acdspit00: right, /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:55
cooper77zlstarnes, can you please help me add a second moniter to extend my desktop space?04:55
matakscan someone help me.. how to tweak themes? like a transparent window sumthing04:55
lstarnescooper77z: I don't know how to do that, sorry04:55
rvnlstarnes, ?04:55
acdspit00midol:  I have device, monitor, and screen sections thats it04:55
Jeruvydublued2: what tuner card do you have?04:55
lstarnesrvn: the module appears to be loaded04:56
Peddycooper77z, what graphics card do you have?04:56
rvnand it wont make sound04:56
cooper77zthanks for being honest, lstarnes, I don't know how either04:56
lstarnescooper77z: what graphics card are you using?04:56
mido1acdspit00: Okay, then you need two new sections.04:56
cooper77zPeddy, why should it matter, it's digital04:56
dublued2Jeruvy:  it's a hauppauge WIN TV HVR 85004:56
soreaurvn: Tried running 'alsamixer' from your terminal?04:56
lstarnescooper77z: if we know what hardware you're using for this, we can help you more easily04:56
rvnsoreau, appears just fine, multiple bars none muted04:56
Peddycooper77z, the driver support for Linux vary from graphics card to graphics card.04:57
cooper77zok what's the ls command again lstarnes04:57
rvnIDT 92HD71B8X chip it says04:57
Peddycooper77z, lspci04:57
lstarnescooper77z: lspci | grep -i vga04:57
Peddycooper77z, the output may be digital, but what's sent to the output is triggered by the operating system.04:57
cooper77zPeddy and lstarnes, its  VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 65x/M650/740 PCI/AGP VGA Display Adapter04:58
acdspit00midol:  what to add04:58
acdspit00midol:  link me if you want04:58
dublued2Jeruvy:  'lsusb' command lists it as "Bus 001 Device 003: ID 2040:7240 Hauppauge"04:58
Royallis there a tostring function in #!/bin/bash scripts?04:58
mido1acdspit00: Didn't you receive the query?04:58
lstarnesRoyall: what do you mean by a "tostring function"?04:58
Peddycooper77z, if you plug in both monitors (I assume your card has 2 outputs), and go to System>Preferences>Screen Resolution, is the second monitor shown there?04:59
lstarnesRoyall: you could also try asking in #bash, which is a channel just for bash04:59
cooper77zI am running a laptop peddy, and not it's not04:59
mido1acdspit00: Did you receive the query with the two sections to add?04:59
Royalllstarnes: a function that converts the data into a string. I'm trying to use a script in nautilus-scripts to pass the selected file path to a .py04:59
Peddycooper77z, oh, right, so you want the output shown on your laptop's LCD plus an external monitor?05:00
shamusadamusanyone know anything about my alsa error in E SPEAK05:00
Lostinspace_46When setting up klogd it asks for QRZ and locator. What does that mean?  Or what does it want?05:00
Royallwith something like script-worker python myscript.py $NAUTILUS_SCRIPT_SELECTED_URIS05:00
lstarnesRoyall: store the data as a variable05:00
cooper77zNo, peddy, I want my second monitor to be more viewing space :)05:00
acdspit00midol:  where would of the query came from?05:00
lstarnesRoyall: then interpolate it in the string using ${name-of-variable}05:00
mido1There should be a new window or so.05:01
Jeruvydublued2: did you confirm the card is working good?  So it's just a problem of finding channels?05:01
mido1Okay, there was somewhere a URL where to post code... does anybody remember?05:01
repcis eeebuntu the best ubuntu I can install on my 1000H eeepc?05:01
cooper77zpeddy, my second monitor is already a duplication05:01
lstarnesmido1: http://paste.ubuntu.com05:01
acdspit00midol:  oh okay this program had the window hidden05:01
acdspit00midol:  i found it05:01
mido1lstarnes: Thanks!05:01
Peddycooper77z, you're definitely going to need drivers of some sort. That is 'special' higher-level functionality. Monitor cloning is more low-level, which is why it's working.05:02
mido1acdspit00: Ah, did you find everything?05:02
rvnthere are 1289 of you, someone help me fix this damn sound05:02
rvnit has drivers, it does not work05:02
rvnintel ich805:02
cooper77zdrivers can be a pain in the arse, are you certain peddy?05:02
dublued2Jeruvy:  i assumed since the card was detected by ubuntu, and is also detected in MythTV that it is working05:02
dublued2Jeruvy:  is there a method to test if it is good?05:02
nenotheres no cookie option on FF3.5 ?05:02
lstarnesrvn: I'm currently researching the use of that card with ubuntu05:03
acdspit00midol:  yes05:03
lstarnesrvn: if you can be patient I would be glad to help you05:03
rvnalright, i didnt know05:03
acdspit00midol:  just refreshing my memory of vim real quick05:03
repcI'll be needing some answers.05:03
shamusadamus :/usr/share/espeak-data$ LIBASOUND_DEBUG=1 espeak "This is a test."05:03
shamusadamus: ALSA ERROR hw_params: set_near (RATE)05:03
shamusadamus          value = 44100 : No such file or directory05:03
lstarnesrvn: if nobody answers, don't assume that nobody knows that you're here05:03
mido1acdspit00: You'll have to restart the X server after modifying your xorg.conf. Logout and log in again is normally sufficient.05:03
shamusadamuscant get correct audio in epeak'05:04
repcshamusadamus use the pastebin, pappy!05:04
Peddycooper77z, could you do 'glxinfo | grep -i direct' please?05:04
cooper77zpeddy, what will that do?05:04
lstarnesrvn: you are using 9.04, right?05:04
rvnlstarnes, YES05:05
ubottu'Nice' is a property of a process that determines how willing it is to give CPU time to other processes.  A higher value makes it more likely to give away time.  A negative value makes it less likely. Values are from -19 to 19, with 0 being the default.  For more information, type 'man nice' at a terminal.05:05
rvnsry caps05:05
Jeruvydublued2: you should confirm first..check this link out for details: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV05:05
lstarnesrvn: ok.  I was just making sure05:05
dublued2Jeruvy: ok thanks, will return with results05:05
Peddycooper77z, it's just checking if your graphics has direct rendering (hardware acceleration). I have no idea if there are Linux drivers for SiS chipsets.05:05
Lostinspace_46When setting up klogd it asks for QRZ and locator. What does that mean?  Or what does it want?05:05
shamusadamusrvn is using 9.0405:05
cooper77zI think you are solving it the long way, peddy05:06
matakswhat program that can edit windows tranparancy?05:06
Lostinspace_46I know you folks are busy answering,  I just run that by after it scrolls off.  I figure I am in queue..LOL05:06
mido1Lostinspace_46: Could you post the exact message?05:07
Peddycooper77z, I've never owned a laptop, or anything at all with a SiS chipset. If you have a better idea, please, go ahead and try it. Sorry that I can't help :/05:07
cooper77zThanks for trying peddy :)05:08
* richardcavell is going to play Half-Life now. :)05:08
thehookwhen is the next LTS version coming?05:08
Peddycooper77z, make sure xserver-xorg-video-sis is installed.05:08
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Heron 8.04).  The next LTS release is scheduled to be 10.0405:08
richardcavellthehook: 10.0405:08
thehookthats not for long..05:08
cooper77z<Peddy> cooper77z, make sure xserver-xorg-video-sis is installed. how???05:08
alex__So... they release an LTS every 2 years?05:09
coz_mm I thought 10.10  was LTS05:09
Peddycooper77z, do 'apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-sis'.05:09
mido1thehook: But 10.04 is not confirmed yet, due to syncing between Debian an Ubuntu, the next LTS could be delayed to 10.10.05:09
lstarnesalex__: approximately05:09
Lostinspace_46it is a klogd setup box.  It just has 2 places to type..one is QRZ and the other is locator05:09
Lostinspace_46I used -f, cuz I can't open the regular log file05:09
repcwhat sort of an animal would have never owned a laptop??05:10
matakshelp pls.   what program that can edit windows tranparancy?05:10
mido1Lostinspace_46: Extremely strange!05:10
lstarnesmataks: are you using compiz?05:10
cooper77zpeddy, it's just a carrot flashing at a prompt05:10
matakslstarnes: yes i have compiz..05:10
Lostinspace_46what I am trying to do is get the error messages when the kernel doesn't recognize a key press05:10
coz_mataks,  then compiz controls window transparency05:11
mido1Lostinspace_46: QRZ is the radio amateur short for "name of the station that has called", and the locator is a geographcal string like JO51XM.05:11
Peddycooper77z, don't enter the quotation marks.05:11
cooper77zI didn't peddy05:11
matakscoz_: do i have to download it? im just new in linux.. i just have a fresh install yesterday05:11
lstarnesmataks: you could try system > preferebnces > adcanced desktop effects settings05:11
coz_mataks,  no  is this ubuntu   9.04?05:11
Lostinspace_46does it want a QSL card too?05:12
Peddycooper77z, do apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-video-sis05:12
matakscoz_, : yes im using ubuntu 9.0405:12
mido1Lostinspace_46: Never heared it in connection with klogd!05:12
cooper77zwhat will that do peddy?05:12
indistylomy Skype Audio feature nt working ,?? Audio playback problem ?? Pls tell the solution05:12
coz_mataks,   ok and which video card ?   in terminal    lspci | grep -i vga05:12
indistylomy Skype Audio feature nt working ,?? Audio playback problem ?? Pls tell the solution05:12
lstarnesmataks: if you don't have that, instakll compizconfig-settings-manager or ccsm05:12
matakslstarnes, : i can't see advance desktop effects settings in my preferences05:12
Lostinspace_46midol my dad was a ham for years05:12
Peddycooper77z, check if the package is installed..05:12
matakscoz: 02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G70 [GeForce 7300 GT] (rev a1)05:13
coz_mataks,  let me know the video card first and then we will install ccsm05:13
indistylomataks:  install apropraite drivers then u can see05:13
mido1Lostinspace_46: Just try: his callsign and the locator I named.05:13
Peddycooper77z, if it still shows a carrot, do dpkg -l | grep -i xserver-xorg-video-sis05:13
matakslstarnes, : i already have compizcoinfog-settings-manager05:13
coz_mataks,  ok and did you already install the nvidia driver via  system/administratioin/hardware drivers?05:13
Peddycooper77z, and tell me what it says05:13
mido1Lostinspace_46: Althoug I can't imagin faintest what klogd will do with these datas.05:13
mataksyes i use the 17 something05:13
Lostinspace_46cmidol  Can't hurt I quess05:13
indistylo@mataks:  do u have Installed proper drivers ??05:13
lstarnesmataks: you should be able to change transparency through there05:13
coz_mataks,  ok  and did you reboot  after installing that driver??05:13
matakscoz_, : yes i  reboot many times. :)05:14
coz_mataks,  ok open a terminal  and type      ccsm05:14
coz_mataks,  tell if anything opens05:14
mataksi can see compiz-settings-manager in my preferences but not advance destkop effects05:14
coz_mataks,   thats what you want05:14
mataksit open compiz05:14
coz_mataks,  right that is  ccsm  or   compizconfig  settings manager05:14
cooper77zpeddy,  Installed: 1:0.9.3-605:15
cooper77z  Candidate: 1:0.9.3-605:15
cooper77z  Version table:05:15
cooper77z *** 1:0.9.3-6 005:15
cooper77z        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com hardy/main Packages05:15
cooper77z        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status05:15
FloodBot1cooper77z: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:15
matakscoz_,  ok which setttings here can change windows transparancy05:15
coz_mataks,   ok  what is it you want to do with the windows05:15
indistylomy Skype Audio feature nt working ,?? Audio playback problem ?? Pls tell the solution05:15
cooper77zsorry floodbotl05:15
indistylomy Skype Audio feature nt working ,?? Audio playback problem ?? Pls tell the solution05:16
lstarnesindistylo: please avoid repeating05:16
Peddythanks cooper77z :P. Well that seems OK. The monitor is connected through VGA, right?05:16
indistylook lstarnes05:16
coz_mataks,  in that ccsm   under the Accessibility plugn  you can change or add windows under the "Opacity"  tab05:16
lukaszpuchy :P05:16
cooper77zpeddy, it's a little 18 pin or so plug on the back of my laptop05:16
lstarnesrvn: I'm not sure if you've tried this already, but go to System > Preferences > Sound05:16
Peddycooper77z, is it blue?05:16
indistyloany Givers for solution?05:16
nnullwhen i install guest additions on ubuntu it says "Warning Error Unknown version of windows x system installed, not installing x system drivers." after i install it... then i can boot into it after reboot?05:16
lstarnesindistylo: we need more details05:17
cooper77zthe casing, peddy?05:17
Peddycooper77z, the connector :)05:17
rvnlstarnes, i hav made progress with ppl in #lad, the sound works, but intermittently, and only thru headphones so far05:17
coz_mataks,   if you want "all" windows  to be transparent then in the  "Window specific settings" fiels type    any  if you want specific windows to be transparent let me know which ones05:17
cooper77zI am sure it's vga, peddy05:17
lstarnesindistylo: do you know what sound settings skype is using?  which sound card are you using?05:17
coz_mataks,  that should be the window specific  "field"05:17
crunchbangHello!.  How do I find out, in a terminal, what my processor speed is?05:17
nb72This isn't really an Ubuntu question, but more of a general linux question.  Hope it's all right.  I have a 4GB IBM Microdrive. Just got back from vacation and it looks like my USB reader took out the partition table.  fdisk -l gives:  "Disk /dev/sdb doesn't contain a valid partition table".  I'm sure the pictures are still on the drive, but I don't know how to get it to mount so I can try and recover them.  Anybody have any ideas?  If th05:18
rvncat /proc/cpuinfo05:18
thehookwhy is echo -e in a script always showing before the text?05:18
lstarnesrvn: what settings do you have in sound preferences?05:18
indistylo@lstarnes :05:18
Lostinspace_46midol Be damned if that wasn't exactly what it wanted.  It said I didn't have the info in the righ file did I want to continue without it. I said yes. I would need a major ingeography to figure out the nevt window that opened05:18
indistylo@lstarnes :00:00.0 Host bridge: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Xpress 200 Host Bridge (rev 01)05:18
indistylo00:01.0 PCI bridge: ATI Technologies Inc RS480 PCI Bridge05:18
indistylo00:11.0 IDE interface: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB400 Serial ATA Controller (rev 80)05:18
indistylo00:12.0 IDE interface: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB400 Serial ATA Controller (rev 80)05:18
indistylo00:13.0 USB Controller: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB400 USB Host Controller (rev 80)05:18
indistylo00:13.1 USB Controller: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB400 USB Host Controller (rev 80)05:18
FloodBot1indistylo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:18
shamusadamusanyone with any espeak experience in here?05:18
rvnlstarnes, autodetect, audodetect, autodetect, alsa, capture hda intel, respectively05:18
lstarnesindistylo: lspci | grep audio05:18
coz_mataks,  you still here?05:19
lstarnesrvn: change the first four to pulseaudio05:19
crunchbangrvn: awesome!  thanks05:19
rvncrunchbang, np05:19
kellihow can i find out what video formats i can use?05:19
cooper77zkelli, you can use them all05:20
coz_crunchbang,  also   cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -i Mhz05:20
mido1nb72: Just a moment.05:20
skeletalguys, i need help, please!  I download the youtube-dl.sh but, in the terminal when I type "./youtube-dl.sh" show it "deny permission". What can I do?  Yes, i'm with root.05:20
kelliwont work on some sites05:20
mido1Lostinspace_46: Sorry, I'm helpless.05:20
gogetakelli: mplayer has better web video support then vlc05:20
acdspit00midol:  whats the command again to open a file with vim as writable?05:20
rvnlstarnes, no damn sound :/05:20
Peddycooper77z, take a look at this guide: I think Merged Framebuffer or Bigdesktop may work for you - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22117405:20
kellihats what i use05:21
cooper77zskeletal, sometimes the terminal thinks it's a different user, maybe remove a memory device and reboot?05:21
coz_mataks,  also you can meet me in #compiz05:21
acdspit00midol:  I thought it was just pressing i and :wq to save and exit05:21
mido1acdspit00: It's normally opened writeable. Or don't you have the rights? Then sudo vim filename should help05:21
that1guythatnneeUm, can you guys help me with the install of ubuntu 9.04, the gparted says no devices detected05:21
gogetakelli: did you install the w32codecs05:21
kellistill i cant see all videostreaming05:21
mido1acdspit00: Escape, then :wq05:21
Lostinspace_46midol  No problem.  Do you by any chance know a way to get the error msgs from the kernel?  I can't open syslog05:21
cooper77zIt shouldn't be that difficult, peddy05:21
Peddycooper77z, actually, try Xinerama and Bigdesktop only.05:21
coz_that1guythatnnee, are you going to dual boot with windows?05:22
mido1Lostinspace_46: Only via dmesg.05:22
Peddycooper77z, OK, just bookmark that site as a last resort. Good luck.05:22
Lostinspace_46midol I just want to see what key presses it doesn't know05:22
lstarnesindistylo: open the main menu of skype, select "options", then go to "sound devices"05:22
cooper77zyea, but, peddy the instructions tell me that xin can mess up my puter05:22
mido1Lostinspace_46: There may be other ways, but I don't actuall know.05:22
lstarnesindistylo: you might need to change the sound settings05:22
coz_that1guythatnnee, ok  then you are going to use the entire hard driver correct?05:22
Lostinspace_46midol all I got with dmesg was boot info05:22
=== dahlia_ is now known as dahlia
coz_that1guythatnnee,   are you using the live cd?05:23
mido1nb72: Okay. You have good chances to restore your data if they weren't completely overwritten.05:23
lstarnesrvn: when you got intermittent sound, was it always with the same program and settings?05:23
crunchbangrvn: Much appreciated!!!  Thank you so much!  :)05:23
Lostinspace_46midol  Maybe I did something wrong05:23
coz_that1guythatnnee,  ok  when it gets to the partition manager it cannot find the hard drive?05:23
cooper77zthanks for the help peddy, have a good night05:23
mido1nb72: First, you should make an image, and do the restore with this image instead of the reald rive.05:23
rvncrunchbang: nps man, i had the same question when i started out with linux, and u'd be surprised how hard it is to get that answer05:23
nb72mido1:  ddrescue?05:23
matakscoz_,  do you know how to edit transparancy on taskbar?05:23
Lostinspace_46midol I am not afraid to say..I am in over my head here05:23
mido1nb72: Do you have any command line experience?05:23
coz_that1guythatnnee,   did you check to see if the hard drive is plugged in?05:23
that1guythatnneeit is05:23
coz_that1guythatnnee,  that ;s not meant to sound stupid :)05:24
nb72mido1: ya05:24
mido1nb72: Normal dd should be sufficient, due there seem to be no hardware errors.05:24
rvnlstarnes, i got a video to play sound thru headphones, closed the box, opened another box with a video, and it made no sound05:24
coz_that1guythatnnee, have you had another operating system on that hard drive already?05:24
matakslike if you click applications the the bar with be transaparent05:24
rvni tried unplugging, plugging, pausing, muting, unmuting blahblah..05:24
that1guythatnneewin xp05:24
lstarnesrvn: what did you use for playing the video?05:24
coz_that1guythatnnee,  mm   when you boot with the live cd  did you run check disk or check cd for errors?05:24
coz_mataks,  hold on guy05:25
mido1nb72: What do you think has happened to the drive? Only partition table overwritte? Formatted in a different camera? Or what else?05:25
nb72mido1.  OK.  so I can dd from /dev/sdb to some file?  and then what would I use to recover from there?05:25
coz_that1guythatnnee,  and the cd checked out?05:25
that1guythatnneeand i have tried it on another computer and it find the hardrive just fine05:25
coz_that1guythatnnee,  mmm05:25
that1guythatnneeit loaded somehting05:25
that1guythatnneethen it went away05:25
mido1nb72: Yes, first of all do a backup: dd if=/dev/sdb of=/where/to/store/the/backup.img05:25
nb72mido1.  I think my USB reader damaged the partition table.  It's really flakey, but never damaged anything till now.  Now it's in the trash.  :)05:25
coz_that1guythatnnee,  what you might want to do is to low format that drive with either seagate utility or  dban  and try again05:26
that1guythatnneei dont know what that means05:26
coz_that1guythatnnee,  however writing zeros to a drive might take a long time depending on the size of the drive05:26
coz_that1guythatnnee, ok hold on05:26
mido1nb72: You could give gpart a try. This restores partition tables, but has to work on the real drive, not on the image file. Due you have a backup (in a few minutes) I think you can risk this.05:26
that1guythatnneethe drive is 350 gb05:27
coz_that1guythatnnee,  ok go here  and download  dban  http://www.dban.org/05:27
mido1nb72: gpart != gparted05:27
coz_that1guythatnnee,  ok that drive may take nearly  8 hours to low format05:27
coz_that1guythatnnee,  what rpm is the drive do you know?05:27
that1guythatnneebut there is way to check?05:28
lstarnesrvn: ?05:28
rvnprogress? ideas?05:28
coz_that1guythatnnee,  well  it should be on the drive itself or the serial number an manufacturer and look it up05:28
mido1nb72: In case gpart could not restore your partition table, you could use photorec for recovery,. or foremost.05:28
lstarnesrvn: what were you using to play the video that had sound?05:28
coz_that1guythatnnee,  it may be a bad drive or a drive with bad sectors05:28
mido1nb72: Both detect jpeg files and recover them from any block device or image file, regardless of the filesystem.05:28
m0r0nCan anyone help me install Songbird?05:29
coz_that1guythatnnee,  if either of those are the case then well at least the bad sectors may be able to be overwritten or fixed with low format05:29
mido1nb72: You don't perhaps understand German?05:29
nb72mido1:  I've used photorec before (friend deleted all from the camera).05:29
mido1Then give photorec a try05:29
Lostinspace_46midol  Thanks for trying.  I guess I'l do it the long way.  Compare keycodes and scancodes (in hex) and write a new keymap.05:29
nb72mido1: no german, but I have a german neighbor (not really a geek though).05:29
nb72Can photorec see the drive if I can't mount it?05:30
lstarnesrvn: from what I've seen, some users have been having similar issues with that card in earlier versions of ubuntu05:30
rvni have had ZERO issues from ubuntu 6, 7, 8...05:30
lstarnesrvn: including 8.04?05:30
rvnand 8.1005:30
lstarnesrvn: did the issues start immediately after upgrading to 9.04?05:31
rvnnow all of the sudden, poof, no working05:31
rvni didnt upgrade05:31
rvni had no linux for a while05:31
rvni just installed 9.04 clean05:31
rvnas a dualboot05:31
rvnwith win705:31
FloodBot1rvn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:31
lstarnesrvn: was sound not working at all since it was installed?05:31
rvnno boot-up ubuntu sound05:31
rvnnot on the live cd either05:32
FloodBot1rvn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:32
mido1nb72: Photorec should work from any image file or block device, without knowing anything about the filesystem.05:32
acdspit00mido:  finally did it let me log back off and log back in to see if it worked05:32
acdspit00mido1:  brb05:32
nb72mido1:  Sweet thanks for all the info.  I guess I'll get cracking.05:32
mido1nb72: So "photorec /dev/sdb" should work.05:33
Peddyrvn, could you please repeat your issue again?05:33
rvni have an intel ich8 sound card in my laptop05:33
rvnit makes no sound05:33
rvnfor a few seconds i got a video to make sound through headphones only05:33
m0r0nHow do I install an application if I get a folder with contents in it?05:33
lstarnesrvn: what model laptop?05:33
cooper77zhello friends, what's a straight forward way to enable multiple monitor space in hardy?05:33
rvnbut other than that there has been nothing05:33
Peddyrvn, I have ich8 too.05:33
mido1nb72: Good luck.05:33
rvnp6831-fx gateway, lstarnes05:33
lstarnesmido1: it depends on the contents05:34
coasterfanbaseHi I have a question, If I installed linux with wubi but wanna extend linux to my whole hd how would I go about doing that05:34
lstarnesmido1: oops.05:34
lstarnesm0r0n: it depends on the contents05:34
mido1lstarnes: np.05:34
Peddyrvn, open 'pavucontrol' and go to the Output tab, is the volume turned down, or muted?05:34
rvncoasterfanbase, boot from live cd and extend partition, deleting all other non-linux05:34
coasterfanbasebut i dint use a live cd05:34
acdspit00mido1:  it didn't work05:34
coasterfanbaseas said i used wubi05:34
Jeruvycoasterfanbase: basically you can't, wubi is a virtual disk05:34
mido1acdspit00: Hmpf.05:35
* rvn installs pavucontrol05:35
acdspit00mido1:  want to check out my xorg.conf to make sure its right05:35
coasterfanbaseso i couldnt extend how big it is05:35
rvni used alsamixer and the volume manager to check those before05:35
rvnand they were not05:35
rvnplus it made sound thru the headphone earlier05:35
mido1Yes, paste it to paste.ubuntu.com05:35
rvnnot muted05:35
rvn100% sound05:35
m0r0nlstarnes: I need to install it, and it's giving me like everything to install it, just I don't know how05:35
aaaaa[^^]huhu, i cant find the skype packages , how are they named ?05:35
mido1acdspit00: Yes, paste it to paste.ubuntu.com05:36
lstarnesm0r0n: what are the contents exactly?05:36
coasterfanbasejw then what would happen if i passed up the 30 GB I set up with wubi when I installed05:36
coasterfanbasewill it say filled disk or start extending how big the virtual disk is05:36
mido1lstarnes: Perhaps the end of the "container" filename will help....05:36
lstarnesrvn: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=676550 appears to be pretty much exactly the same issue that you're having05:36
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic05:36
Peddyrvn, I had exactly the same problem that you have when I upgraded to 9.04, and I fixed it by following this guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96269505:37
acdspit00midol1:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/233635/05:37
lstarnesrvn: although that appears to have been an earlier release05:37
Peddyrvn, also, have a look here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto05:37
thiebaudecoasterfanbase, so you just want to install ubuntu and wipe windows from the drive?05:37
aaaaa[^^]did anyone read my message ? lol05:38
m0r0nlstarnes:  http://imagebin.org/5716705:38
rvnPeddy, i have 1.0.18 already - does that matter?05:38
acdspit00midol1:  there are some extra lines underneath that don't have any text but couldn't figure out how to get rid of in vim, don't know if that makes a difference.05:38
lstarnes!skype | aaaaa[^^]05:38
ubottuaaaaa[^^]: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga05:38
mido1acdspit00: Give me the url.05:38
coasterfanbasethiebaude: I have linux running in a virtual drive through wubi but I wanna now take it off a virtual drive and have it engulf my whole hd but since im on a netbook i dont have a CD drive05:38
cooper77zI guess I'll have to settle for twin monitors while my subconscious mind works on the solution to creating more desktop space with a laptop in hardy :)05:39
thiebaudecoasterfanbase, you can use unetbootin05:39
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:39
sn00zerIs it a horrible idea to run a file and possibly webserver in a virtual machine on a host box serving as a router/firewall?05:39
thiebaudeit also installs on hard drives05:39
Peddyrvn, it just grabs the latest one (the title is misleading), which is
coasterfanbasethiebaude: but would I loose what ive set up on the virtual drive already?05:39
Peddyrvn, click on the link to that thread, it takes you to a new, updated one.05:39
richardcavellAnyone running on an Intel GMA950 chipset here?  Take my advice and install Karmic. It works *heaps* better on a GMA950 than Jaunty.05:40
DVA5912What kind of encryption is wr5Y04U7hRRwM05:40
rvnpeddy: which is confusing and has 6 different things to download or so05:40
qwyethsn00zer, I think that's a great idea... by running that service in a firewall you have created an extra layer of security and portability05:40
rvnpeddy: i assume i want the top download?05:40
lstarnesm0r0n: have you read the "INSTALL" file?05:40
rvngah i cant download them cuz i dont have a ubuntu forum account05:40
thiebaudecoasterfanbase, can you back up data?05:40
rvnthat's stupid05:40
acdspit00midol1:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/233635/05:40
mido1acdspit00: You must paste me the url of the code you put on paste.ubuntu.com, otherwise I can't find it.05:40
lstarnesDVA5912: it could be prettu much any type of encrypion05:40
DVA5912its not md505:40
m0r0nlstarnes: I've tried but I don't know what they are talking about05:41
lstarnesDVA5912: where do you see that?05:41
coasterfanbasethiebaude: I can but it would take a long time to set up my external to back up this05:41
lstarnesm0r0n: paste the contents of that file to http://paste.ubuntu.com05:41
sn00zerqwyeth: Ok, but just to clarify, the host would serve as my WAN gateway firewall as well, with any vm's LAN facing only.05:41
DVA5912Im well snooping on the network. some is going on some writing.com website. i got the username but the pass is encryptred05:41
cooper77zI think the solution involve a simple bios setting, I will try on next boot05:41
mido1acdspit00: That's okay, don't mind the indent.05:41
m0r0nlstarnes: http://pastebin.com/d27ee7dbd05:41
thiebaudecoasterfanbase, i dont know what to say05:41
coasterfanbasethiebaude: is there a way to possibly extend the virtual drive to take up almost the entire hd05:41
mido1acdspit00: should have worked.... hm...05:41
lstarnesDVA5912: that could be linux's crypt() or maybe DES05:41
thiebaudecoasterfanbase, i dont know05:41
lstarnesDVA5912: depending on what that is05:42
coasterfanbasethiebaude: oh ok then thanks for the help05:42
lstarnesDVA5912: it might be a completely different algorithm05:42
thiebaudecoasterfanbase, np05:42
cooper77zgoodbye friends05:42
DVA5912im thinking its a php cookie05:42
lstarnesm0r0n: that's relatively simple05:42
mido1acdspit00: Sorry, I'm a bit helpless at the moment.05:42
lstarnesm0r0n: open a terminal05:42
muxnellhaving problem with abiword after a recent upgrade, it bombs out whenever print or print preview is clicked. anyone knows what is happening?05:42
m0r0nlstarnes: Ok05:42
lstarnesm0r0n: type "cd ~/Desktop/listen-0.6.2" (without "'s)05:42
qwyethsn00zer:  As long as that machine can handle the combined load of the VM and your WAN traffic, it seems like a good idea... Also consider that if you later find a reason to not want the machine hosted on that box, it's very easy to move a vm to another host05:43
lstarnesm0r0n: then type this: "export PREFIX=/usr/local; make clean; make; sudo make install"05:43
m0r0ncd (The command) is changing the directory your looking at in Terminal right?05:44
matakshelp pls i want to install these theme in my computer.. http://gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=1&id=78633&file1=78633-1.jpg&file2=78633-2.jpg&file3=78633-3.jpg&name=BlueSpace+II     <-- why is that i can't see trasnaparency in mine.. help pls.....05:44
lstarnesm0r0n: yes05:44
acdspit00richardcavell:  I have Intel 945GSE chipset it wouldn't help me would it?05:44
lstarnesm0r0n: when it asks for a password, type in your password.  Nothing will show but the password will still get through05:44
richardcavellacdspit00: yes it would05:44
richardcavelloh wait05:44
richardcavellI'm referring to graphics chipset not CPU chipset05:44
m0r0ninstall: cannot stat `src/*.pyc': No such file or directory make: *** [install] Error 105:44
acdspit00midol1:  its cool, does it matter if that file hash lines at the bottom that are empty?05:45
rvnok im running the script Peddy05:45
acdspit00midol1:  maybe if I do a restart it will help05:45
sn00zerqwyeth: What are recommended specs for such a setup? I have a P3 and P4 available, but its going in a closet with crappy airflow, so I was leaning towards the P3 and maxing out the ram in it.05:45
richardcavellacdspit00: yes, it would help you enormously05:45
muxnellhaving problem with abiword after a recent upgrade, it bombs out whenever print or print preview is clicked. anyone knows what is happening?05:45
richardcavellacdspit00: I suggest downloading Karmic and running it as a live CD.  You should see the difference05:45
lstarnesm0r0n: I'm not sure how to fix that error05:45
rvnsn00zer, p3 is more stable arch, p3 is the basis for core systems, where p4 arch was dumped ironically05:45
mido1acdspit00: No, some more comments doesn't matter.05:45
lstarnesm0r0n: make sure that you have met all the requirements for that program05:46
Peddyrvn, that's good. it may take a while, it downloads the source of everything ALSA-related and compiles it.05:46
sn00zerrvn: hmm, thats interesting.05:46
acdspit00midol1:  well their not # their just blanks05:46
rvnsn00zer, yeah05:46
DVA591212:39:27 to unix is what05:46
acdspit00midol1:  ill try restarting and see what that does later05:46
mido1acdspit00: Blanks or spaces doesn't matter either.05:46
qwyethsn00zer: I can't make that kind of a recommendation because I don't know what kind of load you have on your WAN or on your fileserver.  P3 sounds like a good place to start, though, and you can refactor if you end up with performance issues.05:47
acdspit00richardcavell:  i have a Samsung NC10 I am surprised how smooth this is05:47
richardcavellacdspit00: You running Jaunty?05:47
richardcavellacdspit00: I'm on a 2nd-gen MacBook.  Jaunty had poor video support, but Karmic is much much better05:48
rvnsn00zer, also depends on the clock speeds a bit, if u have a 500mhz p3 and a 3ghz p4, the p4 will do much better overall, heatwise the p3 will be better regardless of clocks, and if the clocks are close (1.4ghz p3 vs 1.4ghz p4 or similar) go with the p3 for stability and heat05:48
acdspit00richardcavell:  Jaunty 9.0405:49
PeddyI have a headless server. Is it possible to open X apps remotely through ssh? How?05:49
richardcavellacdspit00: If it ain't broke for you then don't fix it.  But Jaunty's video support was awful for me.05:49
rvnsn00zer, anything 300mhz or better is fine for fileserving as long as its not  being used as a desktop as well, and its just for one or two people to access05:49
rvnsn00zer, u may wanna direct further questions to #hardware05:49
sn00zerrvn: I think its a 900 mhz p3 and a ~2ish ghz p4. Heat was my main concern which pushed me towards the p3.05:50
lstarnesDVA5912: unix time expresses a full date+time as seconds since midnight on 1 Jan. 197005:50
SandGorgonhow do I change my login shell to zsh ?05:50
rvnsn00zer, i'd go with the p3, early p4 is inefficient as heck, late p3 (900mhz+) is very efficient05:50
lstarnesSandGorgon: chsh -s $(which zsh) $USER05:51
rvni hav a 1ghz p3 in my basement05:51
SandGorgonlstarnes, thanks05:51
acdspit00richardcavell:  where do download?05:51
rvnawesome box05:51
matakshelp pls i want to install these theme in my computer.. http://gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=1&id=78633&file1=78633-1.jpg&file2=78633-2.jpg&file3=78633-3.jpg&name=BlueSpace+II     <-- why is that i can't see trasnaparency in mine.. help pls.....05:51
sn00zerrvn: qwyeth Thanks for all the help05:51
muxnellanyone here uses abiword?05:52
Peddyrvn, how's the script progressing?05:52
acdspit00midol1:  anything you can suggest to take off my boot list or any services i should stop?  I mean its quick now but wondering if i can get any more speed out of this netbook05:52
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
rvnPeddy, its going... ill pull up the log tail05:53
rvnits compiling.. stuff05:53
rvnlibtool a lot05:53
Peddyrvn, okay. I think there was a verbose switch, but it's too late now.. ;D05:53
muxnellanyone here uses abiword?05:53
muxnellanyone here uses abiword?05:53
muxnellanyone here uses abiword?05:53
FloodBot1muxnell: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:53
rvnnobody uses abiword05:53
mido1acdspit00: Not at the moment.05:53
rvngo download openoffice05:53
* sn00zer uses vim05:54
muxnellwhy not?05:54
rvnbecause i like notepad05:54
rvnand if notepad doesnt have the balls05:54
rvni use openoffice05:54
m0r0nHas anyone installed "Listen" before?05:54
acdspit00midol1:  thats good I got BUM but didn't see anything that would be good to remove05:54
Dayofswordsm0r0n: i may have, whats it do?05:55
m0r0ninstall: cannot stat `src/*.pyc': No such file or directory make: *** [install] Error 105:55
rvnPeddy, its done, rebooting05:56
Peddyrvn, alright05:56
blognewbhi guys. are there issues using nginx with ISPConfig as Control Panel?05:57
matakshelp pls i want to install these theme in my computer.. http://gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=1&id=78633&file1=78633-1.jpg&file2=78633-2.jpg&file3=78633-3.jpg&name=BlueSpace+II     <-- why is that i can't see trasnaparency in mine.. help pls.....05:58
rvnPeddy, well, improvement, now it works thru headphones 100% of the time afaik06:00
Peddyrvn, check that the volume levels are up, (for me, they're muted at every reboot)06:01
rvnmaster 100, headphones 81, pcm 10006:01
rvnno others listed anymore06:01
rvnused to have front06:01
Peddyrvn, are you on a laptop?06:01
FloodBot1rvn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:01
Peddyrvn, try running 'pavucontrol'. Does it open?06:02
rvnfront left and front right 100%06:02
rvnnot muted06:02
rvni unplugged headphone06:02
rvnno sound06:02
Peddyand alsamixer?06:02
FloodBot1rvn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:02
=== sisto is now known as Guest46750
rvnalsamixer was what i listed earlier06:02
Peddyoh, right.06:02
Saturn2888I need help getting an fstab entry for sshfs to work. I don't know if there's a channel for it or not.  I already autogen'd an SSH public/private key. The public key is on the server  for the user I want it to be, but for some reason, I can't figure out how to get it to mount using fstab. I thought all the info's correct. I dunno how to specify in fstab that I wanna use SSH public/private key06:02
Peddywhat version of Pulseaudio do you have?06:02
rvnno idea06:03
rvnhow do i check06:03
rvn(i hate pulseaudio btw, it sucks balls)06:03
rvn(causes problems, never fixes any)06:03
Peddyrvn, apt-cache policy pulseaudio06:03
=== Guest46750 is now known as sisto_
rvnto be more specific06:03
m0r0nDayofswords: Any idea?06:04
=== sisto_ is now known as sisto
Peddyrvn, could you give me the full lspci line for your audio?06:04
Dayofswordsnone what so ever,06:04
rvn00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)06:05
rvnalsamixer says its a IDT 92HD71B8X06:05
Peddyok, you may need to blacklist some things that need blacklisting:06:05
=== Crazyguy_ is now known as Crazyguy
rvnplease stop linking me to that page and tell me what on it to do06:06
Peddyrvn, sorry, I can't remember :P06:06
Peddyrvn, I just remembered :O06:06
Peddyhaha sorry06:07
PeddyGo to the 'update to latest version of alsa' section06:07
rvnbut didnt i just do that06:07
Peddyand remove the alsa that you just installed06:07
rvnno way06:07
PeddyI'm certain that this is the way I did it (I still have the files in /usr/src/) but I remember trying the script, as well.06:08
rvni dont like it06:08
d1gitalhi all, i'm using hda-intel, and having a strange problem.  I cannot hear anything from my headphones except the pc beep.  everything in alsamixer is 100% and the speakers are working fine.. any ideas?06:08
PeddyI'm sorry for being so vague, but I'm sure this time.06:08
rvnhow do i remove the version i installed...06:08
Peddyrvn, run the script again, see if it has any remove options.06:09
Peddyrvn, proof: look at the dates too: http://pastebin.com/m11e6003206:09
rvni got a thing06:09
rvnit's fixing it..06:09
rvnno idea wtf that proves06:10
PeddyThat's when I was running the Jaunty alpha. I had to recompile every time an alsa update was released upstream, which was like every day.06:10
Peddyit's just a listing of the files (could have been easily faked), but it isn't.06:10
rvndoing a reboot06:11
rvnill b bak...06:11
Peddyer wait06:11
Peddymkai :/06:11
Relysishey digital are you still there?06:12
RelysisI've been looking through the forums and found a thread specifically talking about hda intel and no headphone sound06:13
Relysisit's from 2005, but it's worth a shot, if you haven't found that yourself06:13
rvnok the old version i installed is gone06:13
rvnand the version from repos is back06:13
rvnnow ill follow that page's direcctions06:13
vega_cd Relysis06:13
d1gitalRelysis: thanks, i'll give thsi a try06:14
rvnthe damn section of the thing06:14
rvnit tells me to goto the damn script06:14
rvnand run it06:14
rvngod fuck damn06:14
FloodBot1rvn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:14
RelysisI hope it helps, sometimes even the old threads have tricks that still work06:14
bullgard4I'd like to search the web site http://ubuntuforums.org, for example for the search term 'Ekiga'. There is an Edit field 'Search' in it. Why do I have to answer a question such as "How many ears does the average human have?" before the search starts?06:15
user3976mlnа русские здесь есть?06:15
Peddyrvn, you're on the wrong section.06:15
Peddyrvn, just scroll down a bit, it tells you how to do it manually.06:15
rvnPeddy, u said goto "upgrade to the latest version of alsa"06:15
rvnand then right below that06:16
Peddyrvn, about 3/4 down the page06:16
rvnit says "the instructions here are outdated"06:16
rvni am right there dude06:16
FloodBot1rvn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:16
Peddyrvn, it worked completely fine for me.06:16
bullgard4ru! | user3976mln06:16
PeddyIn case you're wondering, the reason why it works is because of this:  ./configure --with-cards=hda-intel06:16
Peddybullgard4, I think ubottu left because of the netsplit06:17
bullgard4I see. sri06:17
rvnPeddy, there was a script that said "hda intel " or something06:17
rvnat that link06:17
d1gitalUnfortunately, that thread isn't of much help, since i had to compile the driver in order to make the sound work at all, so i've already done that.  It's probably worth mentioning that the headphone audio DID work at the time when i got the laptop speakers to work, but after reboot it no longer makes a sound06:17
rvnand i asked u " which one do i download "06:18
rvn"the first one i assume?"06:18
RelysisDigital, I found another possible fix that looks a lot simpler if you're not busy reading06:18
Relysistry editing /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base and add this option at the end:06:18
Relysisoptions snd-hda-intel model=z71v position_fix=106:18
d1gitalrelysis: i've already manually set the model option for my card in order to get the speakers to work =\06:19
coz_mataks,  sorry guy06:20
coz_mataks,  did you get that solved?06:20
Relysisbah, now I'm just reading through threads about this.. wish I had more expertise with sound drivers06:21
d1gitalit seems to me that my driver should be OK, since the pc beep comes over the headphones am i right?06:22
Peddyrvn, are you compiling the latest?06:23
Relysismakes sense to me06:23
Relysisdid you upgrade your kernel or anything before the restart?06:23
rvnPeddy, ... it errored06:24
rvnsudo make on the alsa-driver.. errored06:24
rvnfollowing directions to the letter06:24
rvnlatest alsa06:24
d1gitalrelysis: i dont think so, but i suppose i could try to recompile again with my current kernel just in case06:24
rvni hate this06:24
FloodBot1rvn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:24
iluminator101k3b hangs on creating gui...any ideas?06:25
rvnk4b? :D06:25
matakscoz_,  no man..  help pls i want to install these theme in my computer.. http://gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=1&id=78633&file1=78633-1.jpg&file2=78633-2.jpg&file3=78633-3.jpg&name=BlueSpace+II     <-- why is that i can't see trasnaparency in mine.. help pls.....06:25
vishalhi, i am using a laptop and in ubuntu jaunty my touch pad does not work but in opensolaris it works fine I want to use ubuntu jaunty as my primary os but I don't know how to configure and get it settings done. Can anyone please advice me06:26
rvncoz_, install restricted video driver06:26
coz_mataks,  give me the direct  them link not the preview link :)06:26
coz_rvn,  for mataks ??06:26
rvnmy mistake06:26
bullgard4vishal: Analyze first the dmesg.06:26
matakscoz_,  here  http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/BlueSpace+II?content=7863306:27
coz_mataks,  ok did you install that  yet?06:27
matakscoz_,  i don't know how to isntall. when i drag it to appearance it says failed to install06:27
coz_mataks,  ok hold on06:27
rvndo it manually06:28
rvnextract the file06:28
rvnthen copy the resulting directory06:28
rvnto ~/.Themes/06:28
FloodBot1rvn: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:28
bullgard4I'd like to search the web site http://ubuntuforums.org, for example for the search term 'Ekiga'. There is an Edit field 'Search' in it. Why do I have to answer a question such as "How many ears does the average human have?" before the search starts?06:28
coz_mataks,  ok is that pacakage on the desktop?06:28
mataksrvn,  yes?06:28
vishalbullgard4: I am new to linux I am not sure how to analyze it. I have put the output in a paste bin :   http://pastebin.ca/150756306:28
rvnsee the text above ur name that i wrote06:28
matakscoz_,  what you mean?06:29
coz_mataks,   right click the pacakage and click  "extract here"06:29
matakscoz_,  i already extracted the file  and i have gtk folder sumthing n other 206:29
xangua@google gnome colors | mataks06:29
coz_mataks, ok  right click that folder and  "create archive"06:29
rvnmataks, u need to do it with the console06:29
xanguammmm where is the bot ¿¿06:29
coz_mataks,  make sure it is set to  tar.gz06:29
eboyjrbullgard4: So the forum knows that you are a genuine human. The forum does not want bots to search its forums.06:29
rvncoz_, i ont think that ur plan will work06:29
matakscoz_,  what folder will i click?06:29
coz_rvn,  yep it will just did it06:30
vishalbullgard4: you need to type answers to questions while searching is to avoid automated bots from overloading the system06:30
coz_mataks,  when you extracted that pacakge you got a  BLueSpace_II folder correct?06:30
loshereboyjr: why would a bot want to search the forum?06:30
matakscoz_,  k done.. i make zip it to tar.gz06:30
bullgard4eboyjr: What's wrong if bots are searching this website?06:30
rvni want to install the audio systems from ubuntu 8.1006:30
rvncan i do that06:31
rvnor should i just wipe my linux and say FU to 9.04 for not working with my sound card06:31
coz_mataks,  if the folder is  BlueSpace_II  then yes right click it and make sure it is pacakges as a tar.gz06:31
coz_mataks,  then drag that onto the appearance window06:31
d1gitali have another interesting problem.  it seems that when i boot my machine cold, that is, turn it on from powered-off state, my touchpad/keyboard work fine, but not after a reboot. has anyone heard of this?06:31
matakscoz_,  still it failed. i drag it already06:31
losherrvn: might as well downgrade to 8.04.3 LTS...06:31
coz_mataks,  hold on06:31
rvnlosher, i like 8.10 :/06:31
rvnlosher, it works for me06:31
credobytedoes anybody know a good network monitor which counts ALL traffic ( daily/weekly transfer reports ) ?06:32
J-_!info mypaint06:32
coz_mataks,   download this   http://files.getdropbox.com/u/132551/BlueSpace_II.tar.gz06:32
losherrvn: that's fine. It's just not supported as long...06:32
bullgard4vishal: This kind of overload can be easily stopped using other bots. This is a weak argument, and I do not believe it.06:32
vishali am using a laptop and in ubuntu jaunty my touch pad does not work but in opensolaris it works fine I want to use ubuntu jaunty as my primary os but I don't know how to configure and get it settings done. Can anyone please advice me06:32
coz_mataks,  drag that pacakge on to the appearance window then click the  "Customize" button06:32
rvnlosher, well since the currently supported versions' support is blatantly failing to resolve my issue, does it matter?06:33
vishalbullgard4: I am new to linux I am not sure how to analyze it. I have put the output in a paste bin :   http://pastebin.ca/150756306:33
matakscoz_,  still failed.. it says can't move directory over directory06:33
losherrvn: it doesn't matter to me. I tried 9.04 and got tired of it's little failures, and went back to 8.0406:33
eboyjrlosher: bullgard4: A possible reason would be that the search functions take more resources to complete, and if bots are doing it, it will slow it down for the rest of us. Another reason is they do not want bots or other programs or Google to search it, and that they only want the search results accessible through that forum directly.06:33
vishalbullgard4: That is the only thing I can think of why they will put that feature in06:34
coz_mataks,  ok go into the home directory under .themes06:34
bullgard4vishal: You did not put the output of dmesg in your paste bin. There is something else in it.06:34
coz_mataks,  delete the theme there first06:34
coz_mataks,  then drag that pacakge onto the window06:34
rvnproblem tho is im out of cds06:34
=== coz_ is now known as coz
rvni used my last one to burn 9.04 :(06:34
=== coz is now known as coz_
xanguamataks: the best theme is gnome colors - http://code.google.com/p/gnome-colors/ :D06:34
losherrvn: unetbootin claims to let you do a CD-less boot from an iso06:34
rvni used that to boot from a flash drive06:35
matakscoz_,  ey man how to go to .themes folder..  i forgot hehe06:35
rvni cud go that route06:35
rvnmataks, type it in the bar06:35
coz_mataks,  hit ctrl+h06:35
vishalbullgard4: that is wht I got when i typed in dmesg06:35
coz_mataks,  that shows hidden folders06:36
mataksk wait06:37
that1guythatneedis coz here?06:37
matakscoz_,  yehey.. i installed it now.. what's next?06:37
Cyber_AkumaIs there any way to check what you recently installed form the terminal and uninstall it? Some of the stuff I installed is causing problems, but im not sure what (I have a pretty good idea though)06:38
bullgard4eboyjr: You say that a bot may slow down the human's search. But the requirement to answer a question at the beginning is doing just the same. So nothing is gained, quite the contrary.06:38
coz_mataks,  hit the  "Customize" button06:38
vishali am using a laptop and in ubuntu jaunty my touch pad does not work but in opensolaris it works fine I want to use ubuntu jaunty as my primary os but I don't know how to configure and get it settings done. Can anyone please advice me06:38
xanguaCyber_Akuma: synaptic>file>history06:38
loshereboyjr: I suppose load is an issue, though I fail to see the advantage of not being indexed in google, or of being confined to the forum, unless one was planning to charge for it...06:38
coz_mataks,  under the Controls tab  find the theme06:38
matakscoz_,  the theme change but with no transparancy06:38
coz_mataks,  right hoold on06:39
eboyjrbullgard4: losher: Maybe that isn't the best reason, but if bots are searching the forums, then more requests are made06:39
Cyber_Akuma<xangua> Cyber_Akuma: synaptic>file>history <--- err, the things it "messed up" are my GUI, im stuck in a text prompt06:39
sameeri want to know how to enable the root login06:39
coz_mataks,  now open ccsm06:39
Flannelsameer: Why do you want to do that?06:39
matakscoz_, ok it's open now06:39
sameeri coulnt able to open some appplications06:39
sameerand i want to update the packages06:40
coz_mataks,  ok hold on one minute :)06:40
Flannelsameer: You want to use sudo, thats how Ubuntu grands admin privledges06:40
bullgard4vishal: I read in the headline: "dmest on opensolaris". But I advised to analyze dmesg in Ubuntu. This are two differences. Please correct that.06:40
vishalsameer: http://manishtech.wordpress.com/2007/07/21/enabling-root-login-in-ubuntu/06:40
xanguasameer: what apps¿¿ synaptic¿¿ do you have permissions¿¿06:40
Flannelvishal: Please don't do that.06:40
sameerno its not opening06:40
Myrtti!noroot | vishal06:40
sameerhow to open from terminal06:40
woodgrain2701I downloaded flash player, but the movies still wont play. It just comes up blank, but no longer says that I need to download a plug-in06:40
xanguajum why there is no bot ¿¿06:41
SephrI have a python shell shortcut set to "Shift+F3" using the command, "/usr/local/bin/python3.1"; how do I make this open in gnome-terminal?06:41
Flannelsameer: instead of [command] you do: sudo [command]06:41
Flannelsameer: or gksudo if its a graphical program06:41
sameerwhen i click synaptic its takes time then nothing happens06:41
vishalFlannel: Pls adivce wht did I do wrong ?06:41
xanguawoodgrain2701: do you installed flash from the package manager¿¿06:41
coz_mataks,  ok  under the Accessibility category click on the Opacity brightness and saturation plugin06:41
Flannelvishal: There's absolutely no reason to enable the root account, so there's no reason to tell him how.06:41
matakscoz_,  k wait06:41
vishalFlannel: I see06:41
matakscoz_,  and then06:42
losherI used to agree with the 'not root password' policy, *until* I tried to do a single-user boot & it asked for the root password...06:42
sameersorry but whats the command for synaptic and others06:42
vishalbullgard4: I need to install ubuntu again and then check it out06:42
Flannellosher: And you hit ctrl-D....06:42
coz_mataks,  ok under the Opcaity tab  in the window specific settings field06:42
bullgard4vishal: Yes please.06:42
Peddyrvn, sorry that I left, how's ALSA going?06:42
=== user10 is now known as user100
vishalsee you later then06:42
coz_mataks,  copy and paste this into the field      (name=gnome-panel) | (type=Menu | PopupMenu | DropdownMenu | Dialog | ModalDialog) -1862106:43
sameeri found gdmsetup.desktop in applications how to open that from command06:43
rvnPeddy, it errored06:43
losherFlannel: won't ctrl-d take to to multi-user mode?06:43
=== user100 is now known as user101
Peddyrvn, when compiling?06:43
rvnPeddy, i am abandoning Ubuntu 9 and returning to 8.10 in anger06:43
rvnPeddy, yes06:43
Peddyrvn, sudo apt-get build-dep alsa06:43
Flannellosher: No.  It even mentions that you either type the root password, or if you don't have one, hit ctrl-d06:43
matakscoz_,  ok done06:43
coz_mataks,  ok test it out06:44
Peddyrvn, make sure your kernel headers are installed as well (that guide says how to do it)06:44
losherFlannel: in that case, I withdraw my objection...06:44
rvni followed the guide letter for letter06:44
GuiseppiCUM CUM CUM CUM CUM06:44
matakscoz_,  ahmm.. nothings change for me06:44
coz_mataks,  is compiz running?  do dyou have wobbly windows06:44
rvnPeddy, still error06:45
rvnits fuckin source errors06:45
Flannelrvn: Please mind your language06:45
matakscoz i remove wobbly windows.. and compiz is running.. still no transparency06:45
coz_mataks,  mmm06:45
xanguaall this just for a theme jum...........................06:45
coz_mataks,  ok that window rules string did strange things here hold on06:45
rvnFlannel, it's been 2 hours of problems after 1 hour of being ignored, i'm angry06:45
woodgrain2701i downloaded flash from the package manager but it still wont play the videos06:46
Peddyrvn, could you pastebin the compilation log for me please?06:46
sameerwhy my login screen setup is not coming up i loged in not as root06:46
rvnPeddy, as much as would fit in the terminal buffer: http://pastebin.com/m657dccc806:46
coz_mataks,  hold on06:47
xanguawoodgrain2701: so do you restarted the browser¿¿06:47
Temlar_XionSup guys.06:47
woodgrain2701yes, i restarted the browser06:47
matakscoz_,  help i  think i screwed up. . i can't see my taskbars now.. and trays after i check the opacity and saturation..06:47
squibblesgood afternoon, sexy people!06:47
coz_mataks,  no problem ok are you still in ccsm06:47
SephrI have a python shell shortcut set to "Shift+F3" using the command, "/usr/local/bin/python3.1"; how do I make this open in gnome-terminal?06:48
ProfOakIs there a way to remote desktop so I can see other network's computers? (If they're willing of course)06:48
Temlar_XionSo, I have just purchased the brand new spiffy Alienware M17x w/ dual Nvidia 260GTX in SLI. Ubuntu has a heck of a time, read: cant, use the cards. Any suggestions? Using 180.44 nvidia drivers06:48
xanguawoodgrain2701: how do you installed it¿¿ from terminal¿¿ from add/quit ¿¿ from synaptic¿¿06:48
coz_mataks,   uncheck the opcaity  plugin  then    highlight that string I gave you and hit the edit button06:48
matakscoz_, ok06:49
xanguawoodgrain2701: go to add/quit and install 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' if you use gnome desktop06:49
nomad77Sephr: gnome-terminal -e commandgoeshere06:49
coz_mataks,  when the dialog opens  move the slider up to nearly 8006:49
matakscoz_,  there it goes back.. i think too much opacity is set to make it invisible06:49
Sephrnomad77: thanks06:49
WCCobraWhat the best Media Center software for Ubuntu (or linux in general)??? Any suggestions on what to go with?06:49
ProfOakWCCobra: There's always XBMC  (Xbox Media Center)06:49
xanguammmm has changed the name06:49
Temlar_XionWCCobra, Checkout mythtv06:50
coz_WCCobra,   XBMC is one06:50
PeddyWCCobra, look at MythTV or Moovida06:50
ProfOakIs there a way to remote desktop so I can see other network's computers? A simple yes or no will do.06:50
matakscoz_,  yehey.. thnx you soo much.. it's working now :)06:50
coz_mataks,  cool :)06:50
xanguamataks: try gnome colors - http://code.google.com/p/gnome-colors/06:51
coz_mataks,  it takes a while to get used to the hundreds of settings in compiz06:51
losherProfOak: yes, check out vnc06:51
Temlar_XionI'm having an issue with SLI and Ubuntu not recognizing the display adapters. When attempting to use the SLI display the screen goes black and the system is unresponsive after gdm is started06:51
WCCobraAlright, I got 2 for XBMC and 2 for MythTV... at least that narrows it down    Thanks06:51
matakscoz_,  thank you so much..  :)06:51
coz_mataks,  no problem guy enjoy  :)06:52
losherWCCobra: mythtv is very full-featured. I've never tried xbmc...06:52
Cyber_AkumaIs ther eany way to rollback what I just installed?06:52
Temlar_XionProfOak, Other networks? As in you're on and you want to check out all the computers on 172.16.0,0/16?06:52
woodgrain2701i couldn't find ubuntu-restricted-extras06:52
Peddyrvn, I'm sorry I couldn't be much help (I don't know a lot about compile errors). Maybe try asking here when there isn't a netsplit. Just remember, that compiling ALSA with that flag should get your audio working, as it did for me.06:52
ProfOakTemlar_Xion: Yeah, my friend needs some tech help, and it's too late to help them IRL at the moment.06:53
WCCobraMythTV looks nice, I'm just afraid it's not as smooth to work with06:53
Whitegasmg'day does anyone know an easy way to expand and remove partitions06:53
Temlar_XionProfOak, Logmein.com is easiest, averts firewalls and stuff, needs windows or mac on the target system06:53
coz_WCCobra,  mythtv is a PITA in my opinion06:53
Cyber_AkumaIts what I use under ubuntu to manage my partitions06:53
losherCyber_Akuma: it depends what you installed. If it's a single package or packages, you can remove them. If it was a general upgrade, no06:53
alex__woodgrain2701: Have you run sudo apt-get update ?06:53
coz_WCCobra,  XBMC  or moodiva06:53
ProfOakTemlar_Xion: Oh thanks. I'll give it a try06:53
Cyber_AkumaIt was manually installing several packages06:53
Cyber_Akumanot really updates06:53
Temlar_XionProfOak, anytime06:53
Whitegasmthankyou Cyber_Akuma06:53
Cyber_Akumawell, more like dozens...06:54
Cyber_Akumanp Whitegasm06:54
Cyber_AkumaBut they were all manual and optional06:54
that1guythatneedCan any of you help me with the install of ubuntu it doesnt recognize my drive06:54
ProfOakTemlar_Xion: Not to bother, but is there some sort of free alternative?06:54
losherCyber_Akuma: then you can remove or downgrade them (almost) as easily as you installed them. How did you install them?06:54
Peddythat1guythatneed, do you know what kind of drive you have?06:54
Temlar_XionProfOak, it is free06:54
RaNaim looking for a cheap webhosting by the year not monthy does any know one know of good site06:54
that1guythatneedwhat do u mean06:54
Cyber_Akuma"How did you install them?" using "add/remove programs"06:55
that1guythatneedmaxtor is the manufactureer06:55
woodgrain2701i just ran it06:55
Temlar_XionProfOak, Just have your friend install it himself setup a free account, you'll both need to know the user/password and just do the 'free' one06:55
xanguaRaNa: read the topic06:55
Cyber_AkumaBut im stuck in a termina now06:55
Cyber_AkumaI assume its the ATI drivers I installed, though I installed a lot of software so I can't be sure06:55
Peddythat1guythatneed, SATA, IDE, etc?06:55
Cyber_AkumaMost of it was applications and games though, so I can't think of anything other than the drivers causing this06:55
alex__woodgrain2701: Are all the repositories active in Synaptic?06:55
Temlar_XionAnyone have experience w/ nvidia and SLI on ubuntu?06:55
losherCyber_Akuma: presumably the drivers. So try using add/remove to remove them again?06:56
Cyber_AkumaAs I said, my gui no longer works06:56
Cyber_Akumaif I try, it just shows corrupted images onscreen06:56
Peddythat1guythatneed, isn't Ubuntu recognizing the disk?06:56
that1guythatneedIt is SATA06:56
losherCyber_Akuma: sorry, forgot. sudo apt-get remove <package name>06:56
Cyber_AkumaAnd I used the gui to install them06:56
that1guythatneedits not06:56
Cyber_AkumaI can't find it, im looking through dpkg.log right now06:57
Cyber_Akumanothing about ATI in there for some reason06:57
Peddythat1guythatneed, could you go into the BIOS and check what storage mode the disk configured for? It will be something like IDE or AHCI.06:57
soreauCyber_Akuma: What are you trying to do?06:57
that1guythatneedit is IDE06:57
Cyber_Akumarollback everything I installed just now06:57
woodgrain2701i dont know, how can i tell?06:57
that1guythatneedi switched it to AHCI06:57
Cyber_AkumaThe weird thing is though06:57
that1guythatneedearlier and it didnt help06:57
Cyber_AkumaAFTER everything as installed, it was still working fine06:57
Cyber_Akumathen I tried one of the games I installed06:57
bullgard4I'd like to search the web site http://ubuntuforums.org, for example for the search term 'Ekiga'. There is an Edit field 'Search' in it. Why do I have to answer a question such as "How many ears does the average human have?" before the search starts?06:57
Cyber_Akumait started glitching up then crashed ubuntu, after that the GUI no longer worked when I rebooted06:58
cooper77zplease help me add monitors to my system06:58
Temlar_Xioncooper77z, google.com06:58
cooper77ztemlar_xion, google doesn't work06:58
losherCyber_Akuma: sorry, you're way out of my depth at this point...06:58
Peddybullgard4, it's to identify if you're a computer or human. Called a CAPTCHA.06:58
cooper77zgoogle is broken06:59
nomad77bullgard4: to prove you're not a bot06:59
soreaucooper77z: With your gpu, you probably might be fortunate to get clone mode working06:59
bullgard4cooper77z: Plug them in. --  Report the exact error messages which you obtain when trying to use them. And tell about the exact situation you are in.06:59
cooper77zno error msg, bullgard4, both work perfect as twins07:00
soreauCyber_Akuma: Can you pastebin the X log from the failed session? (in /var/log it should be Xorg.0.log or so)07:00
kellii need help with something that can tell my net speed?07:00
bullgard4Peddy: What is the use of this 'Capcha'? It is a nuisance.07:00
losherkelli: there are web pages that do that. Search for e.g. speakeasy speed test07:00
eboyjrbullgard4: www.captcha.com07:00
aaaaa[^^]hi, is there a way to reset the sound settings ?07:00
* credobyte will try to find a cup of coffee. Away!07:00
eboyjrbullgard4: sorry dont click that07:00
bullgard4nomad77: Why do I have to prove that? This is a nuisance.07:00
=== dani is now known as Guest78324
eboyjrbullgard4: www.captcha.net and read below07:01
Cyber_Akumalet me see07:01
LSD|Ninjabullgard4: They're things site operators implement to run people off07:01
kellilosher, what can i use toy show on desk top net usage07:01
Cyber_Akumayeah, I have it here, ill pastebin it07:01
rvnPeddy, your logic was flawed and time-wasting, unfortunately, as the alsa update script already had that line...07:01
cooper77zI am really asking for help here07:01
Cyber_Akumaits empty07:01
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Guest78324i originally had vista, then i installed ubuntu, finally i added XP. but whenever i want to boot vista, it boots xp. also in grub xp is displayed as windows vista. i need to access vista, how do i fix this problemo?07:02
Cyber_AkumaXorg.0.log and Xorg.failsafe.log are empty07:02
soreaucooper77z: It is possible that your video hardware is only capable of clone mode07:02
eboyjrcooper77z: What happens when you try to access Google?07:02
eboyjrcooper77z: nevermind.. I misread07:02
rvnGuest73007, that's because u put xp before vista - boot into xp, and install vista boot manager, and change the bootloader to vista's07:02
soreauCyber_Akuma: What about Xorg.0.log.old or Xorg.1.log?07:02
rvnGuest73007, er, not boot manager, vistabootpro07:03
Cyber_Akuma/var/log right?07:03
losherbullgard4: if you join as a member, I think you no longer need to do the captcha...07:03
Guest78324vista was already on, xp was added after.07:03
Peddyrvn, I'm no expert at all, I just know that compiling it myself fixed it for me, and doing the automatic script didn't. I assumed that I as I had the exact same sound chipset as you, it'd work, but clearly you can't compile it. I still maintain that compiling the latest ALSA with those flags is the way to go, but if you want to give up and go back to 8.10, that's your choice.07:03
soreau! who | Cyber_Akuma07:03
Cyber_Akumatheres only those two07:03
kellican anyone tell me of something that can record net usage?07:04
sudomksandwichQuestion:  is there a way to change file copy to an external USB drive such that I can unplug it without unmounting?07:04
sudomksandwichkelli:  how do you mean?  Like bandwidth?07:05
ader10I'm having trouble installing a font07:05
prymalkelli: just network traffic? or port 80 only?07:05
kellihow much i'm using07:06
tavelram_shit :)07:07
ader10netsplit much?07:07
CodeWarhow do I start a .pdf file from a shell and have the system know what the default file opener is07:07
sudomksandwichkelli:  how much internets you're using? =)   I seem to remember seeing somehting like that in lifehacker. let me check07:07
corigo2A quick newbie question. If I want to back up my current setup before doing an upgrade, I only need to backup the root partition, yes?07:07
rwwCodeWar: xdg-open /path/to/file, I think.07:07
corigo2current partitions are: boot, root, usr, var, and home07:08
uknowis there a way to send a message pop up from ubuntu over lan to windows xp07:08
cooper77zplease help me use multiple display moniters as deskspace in hardy.07:09
nomad77corigo2: you need to backup your users  /home for personal settings ,just the hidden files at the minimum07:09
loshercorigo2: basically you want to backup everything except home, to be sure of being able to get back to your current state. 5 partitions seems like overkill. I usually just keep root & home...07:09
Cyber_Akumaanybody else have any ideas?07:09
* xangua is falling asleep07:09
cooper77zthis is not a difficult question07:10
woodgrain2701i think all my repositories are active07:10
CodeWarrww, yes xdg-open and gnome-open both work from xterm doesnt work from emacs eshell but i ll figure that out .. thanks07:10
soreaucooper77z: Your difficulty is in your graphics hardware, not the question07:10
cooper77zI think you are mistaken soreau07:11
cooper77zit's digital soreau07:11
loshercooper77z: if it's such a simple question, why do you need help with it?07:11
soreaucooper77z: What does Sys>Prefs>Display tell you?07:11
cooper77zbecause I am anoob soreau07:11
cooper77zno display menu doreau07:12
* credobyte is back.07:12
cooper77zits an easy fix, i just know07:13
soreaucooper77z: Which version of ubuntu is this? And how did you install it? Cleanly, or upgrade from previous version?07:13
cooper77zthis is so simple, not hd not drivers, its an option thing07:13
woodgrain2701i installed flash through synaptic but it wont play flash videos07:14
cooper77zsoreau, I am using 8.04.2 with gnome07:14
xanguawoodgrain2701: do you already installed ubuntu-restricted-extras ¿¿07:14
cooper77zI used command to install it07:14
Temlar_XionIf anyone has SLI issues... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1174194&highlight=sli&page=207:15
ader10I am unable to install the font lime.pcf. Help, please.07:15
xanguaader10: just copy to /usr/share/fonts07:15
soreauwoodgrain2701: What package did you install exactly?07:16
Temlar_XionMy system has 4GB RAM physically but it's only registering 2.5GB. Anyone heard of this?07:16
cooper77zI printed the commands on my paper from my printer07:16
cooper77zthat's how I activated gnome07:16
xanguaTemlar_Xion: use an 64 bit os07:16
Temlar_XionI'm aware that 32bit is only 3.2507:16
woodgrain2701how do i install ubuntu-restricted-extras?07:16
ader10xangua: Not working07:16
Temlar_Xionxangua, But 32bit allows up to 3.25GB07:16
soreauTemlar_Xion: If your kernel is configure without PAE it may not report >3.5GB mem07:16
iamcalledrobTemlar_Xion: what OS?07:17
Temlar_XionUbuntu 9.0407:17
ader10can I place a 3-line paste?07:17
xanguaader10: then is not a font07:17
Temlar_Xion32bit, can register 3.2507:17
xanguawoodgrain2701: from add/quit, console, synaptic, the one you want07:17
nomad77Temlar_Xion:   then check your kernel07:18
Temlar_Xionnomad77, Standard install and I'm inexperienced with reviewing/editing kernel. Can you guide me or point me in the direction to a website that can help?07:18
cooper77zplease help me install multiple display monitors to increase space on the desktop07:18
woodgrain2701i cant find ubuntu-restricted-extras07:18
Horatio_HellpopCan someone please help me update OpenSound?07:19
nomad77Temlar_Xion: not atm i'll try googling07:19
phuonghieuhi every body07:20
phuonghieui'm from VN07:20
cooper77zhi phuonghieu :)07:20
Temlar_Xionnomad77, same, googling07:20
woodgrain2701i installed flashplugin-nonfree07:20
phuonghieui'm using ubuntu, that very good07:21
phuonghieuI come to this room to lean english07:21
cooper77zphuonghieu, can you help me install multiple display monitors on laptop in hardy?07:22
phuonghieuno, I can07:22
eboyjrcooper77z: I do not think your computer supports this feature.07:22
phuonghieuno, I can't07:22
cooper77zok, thanks ph07:22
cooper77zyou are quite mistaken ebo07:23
eboyjrcooper77z: Okay, why is that?07:23
phuonghieuyes, because my english is very bad07:23
ader10xangua: It is a font. It opens in the font viewer.07:23
cooper77zbc it's a powerful system07:23
Horatio_HellpopAnyone using OpenSound?07:24
xanguaader10: and how is the font called¿¿ do you already searched it in sys>prefs>appearence07:24
cooper77zebo, it's digital07:25
ader10It is not in sys>prefs>appearanec07:25
cooper77zthe graphics are digital07:25
cooper77zuse of driver ???07:25
eboyjrcooper77z: I do not think that all powerful systems can support this feature. Some cheap systems can support it and vice-versa. Tell me, go to System > Preferences > Display, and take a screenshot. Then post it to http://pastebin.ca/ so I may see it.07:25
cooper77zsure ebo07:26
woodgrain2701youtube says that i either have java script turned off or I have an old version of flash07:26
nomad77Temlar_Xion: your missing may be cached,but found this fwiw  http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-use-more-than-3gb-ram-on-32-bit-ubuntu.html07:26
eboyjrwoodgrain2701: You do not have Flash installed.. I will give you a link to install it. One second please.07:26
cooper77zsorry, ebo, I can't do that afterall07:27
Xodiac13is there anyway i can get the lib file i need07:27
Xodiac13i forgot the command07:27
jacksemprulanyone can help me?07:27
cooper77zdoesn't make you correct, tho ebo07:27
jacksemprulhow to make my wine working properly?07:27
=== jacksemprul is now known as Elena-
Xodiac13 error while loading shared libraries: libfmod.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory07:27
Xodiac13how do i fix this problem07:28
Temlar_Xionnomad77, I do have a fair amount in cache07:28
eboyjrwoodgrain2701: Click this link: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ . Then where it says "Select version to download..." , select .deb for Ubuntu 8.04+. Agree to the terms and click the yellow button.07:28
alex__jacksemprul: Um... what isn't working?07:28
Temlar_XionAbout... 4.2GB total huh07:28
cooper77z2 monitors are not a luxury in video editing, they are necessary07:28
Elena-when i play wine...just about 2 minute it will closed unexpectedly07:28
Xodiac13can someone help me fix a problem i need a lib file and i forgot the command07:29
eboyjrwoodgrain2701: I hope this helps.07:29
Xodiac13on how to download it07:29
Xodiac13ive looked in synaptics and i couldnt find it07:29
Temlar_Xionnomad77, Sweet. I was getting close to that. More so looking at the PAE options but it was pointing me in the same direction, you just found it faster, Thank you.07:29
nomad77sure :)07:29
eboyjrcooper77z: Why can't you do that? You can type what you see. That will help also.07:29
Temlar_Xionnomad77, :) brand new alienware m17x fun fun07:30
eboyjrcooper77z: Make sure your alternate monitor is plugged into your computer.07:30
Xodiac13can someone please help me07:30
cooper77zebo, it's plugged in and displays a twin image\07:30
eboyjrXodiac13: What are you looking for?07:31
=== uknow_ is now known as uknow
woodgrain2701i have already downloaded flash. i just did what you said and package installer came up and says there is an "error: dependency is not satisfiable: libatk1.0-0"07:31
Temlar_XionIs there a way to see how many DIMMs are on your motherboard without cracking open the physical machine?07:31
Xodiac13eboyjr: i need a lib file and i forgot the command this is the error im getting  error while loading shared libraries: libfmod.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory07:31
eboyjrXodiac13: When are you receiving this error?07:32
Xodiac13when i am trying to play skulltag07:32
cooper77zI am going to try to alter the display in bios07:32
Xodiac13its like doom online07:32
Xodiac13its like doom online07:32
alex__Temlar_Xion: Window case FTW07:32
Temlar_Xionalex__, Alienware M17x laptop ftw07:33
alex__Temlar_Xion: lol =P07:33
Temlar_Xionalex__, :D07:33
Temlar_Xionbut srsly, any idea?07:33
Xodiac13eboyjr: you there07:33
pakohi room, ive just installed xubuntu-desktop  on my gnome machine, xfce works wonderfully BUT cant see my partitions, what can i do???07:34
Temlar_Xionnomad77, <3 win, that did it. registering 3.9GB active ram07:34
=== xomas is now known as xomas_
alex__Temlar_Xion: sudo lshw | grep DIMM07:34
eboyjrXodiac13: Yes, one second please.07:34
Xodiac13eboyjr: k07:34
alex__Temlar_Xion: Had to test it really quick to see what you needed to grep for =P07:34
eboyjrXodiac13: I am searching through the packages.07:34
Xodiac13eboyjr: k07:35
spadgehas anybody here tried using eclipse and opengl to make a graphical program? just curious if it all works fine07:35
alex__Temlar_Xion: Get it?07:35
phuonghieuplease help me: how to update FF3.0.12 to 3.5.1?07:35
eboyjrXodiac13: Can you find the package fmod3 ?07:35
Temlar_Xionalex__, Sorry, intense WSOP hand07:35
Xodiac13eboyjr: no ive looked isnt there a command to obtian the lib file07:36
alex__Temlar_Xion: sudo lshw | grep DIMM07:36
xanguaphuonghieu: wait until the next ubuntu release or add this repo - https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ppa07:36
Temlar_Xionalex__, Yep read up, gives 2 line items, I assume that means 2 DIMMs total or 2 DIMMs active?07:36
phuonghieuok thank07:36
eboyjrXodiac13: Try sudo apt-get install fmod307:37
alex__Temlar_Xion: It should say something like description: DIMM 400 MHz (2.5 ns) if there is one installed in the slot or description: [empty] if there isn't07:37
Xodiac13eboyjr: k is that the lib file i need for the error07:37
alex__Temlar_Xion: However many come up is how many slots you have07:38
woodgrain2701I have installed flash multiple times, multiple ways, but i still cant watch videos07:38
Horatio_HellpopSomeone please tell me how to update OpenSound07:38
cooper77zwhere does bios store password? on the hard drive or a chip?07:38
eboyjrXodiac13: Yes, try it. And if it doesn't work, I have an alternate solution.07:38
Temlar_Xionalex__, awesome. Thank you sir. <307:38
Horatio_Hellpopcmps chip07:38
alex__cooper77z: It's with CMOS I would assume07:38
Horatio_HellpopCMPS CHIP07:38
Xodiac13eboyjr: k07:38
Temlar_XionTwo @ 1066mhz07:38
eliezeralguem fala portugues??07:38
cooper77zis that a chip alex?07:38
joaopinto!pt | cooper77z07:38
eliezerAlguem fala portugues????07:39
alex__cooper77z: It is where it saves all your BIOS settings. You should be able to reset it by removing your motherboards battery for about 10 seconds07:39
Xodiac13it said couldnt find package07:39
bazhangeliezer, #ubuntu-pt or #ubuntu-br07:39
eliezerpoderia me ajudar na instalação de um pacote??07:39
Xodiac13eboyjr: it said coulndt find package07:39
xangua!br | eliezer07:39
cooper77zso it's a seperate chip from the hard drive?07:39
eliezerbazhang =D07:39
eboyjrXodiac13: Okay...07:39
xanguaagg no hay bot¿¿07:39
alex__cooper77z: Yes lol. it's on your motherboard07:39
xanguawhere is the bot¿¿07:39
=== _MrsApple_ is now known as _MrApple_
Horatio_Hellpopyou have to clear cmos via jumper07:39
bazhangxangua, absent for a moment07:40
cooper77zok, that's kool, I thought it was so.07:40
Temlar_XionHoratio_Hellpop, Can also be lost via removing battery for 10-30 seconds too07:40
eboyjrXodiac13: Try this forum post: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=5766818&postcount=4 It may be exactly what you need. :)07:40
Xodiac13eboyjr: k07:40
Horatio_Hellpopya, i also use jumper cap just to be sure07:41
cooper77zso I couldn't modify the display bios, I didn't know how to make the computer use 2 monitors as display space07:41
alex__Temlar_Xion: Something is wrong with my lshw o.O I've got Dual Channel DDR3 @ 1666 mhz ram and lshw says 400 mhz rofl07:41
eboyjrnice nickname :(07:41
Temlar_Xionalex__, Overclocking ftw?07:41
eboyjryeah lol07:41
Horatio_Hellpopmust be a pedophile07:41
alex__Temlar_Xion: Hell yes =P07:42
iRapeHoratio_Hellpop, It is supposed to be about love. :P07:42
Temlar_Xionalex__, Sounds like the string is maxxed @ 1266mhz and it's just an overflow to 400mhz07:42
bazhangHoratio_Hellpop, please stop07:42
Horatio_HellpopHey, i am not the one with "I rape" in my screen name07:43
alex__Temlar_Xion: Not quite sure what's happening on there... everything looks right when I check it out in Windows XP =P07:43
Horatio_Hellpoppretty offensive07:43
eboyjriLove: Good choice.07:43
Temlar_Xionalex__, WinXP beats Linux at some things sadly.07:43
alex__Temlar_Xion: Yup =( That's why I dual boot.07:43
Horatio_HellpopThere could be a rape victim in the room, how do you know07:43
Temlar_Xionalex__, I have to dualboot Vista, sadly.07:43
eboyjrbazhang: I really think you should give iLove another chance?07:44
bazhangHoratio_Hellpop, that is enough please07:44
alex__Temlar_Xion: I had been tri-booting with Win7 for a while07:44
Xodiac13eboyjr: im not going to do it its going to be a pain in the butt07:44
Temlar_Xionalex__, I got a free upgrade to Win7 x64, how is it looking?07:44
alex__Temlar_Xion: Basically, it seems like it's got all the features of Vista with the compatability and lower requirements of XP07:45
eboyjrXodiac13: Okay.. I am sorry it had to be like that for skulltag :/ lol07:45
Xodiac13eboyjr: lol its not that its because when i try to install the tarball i extract it and when i try to find the installation files it doesnt say07:45
alex__Temlar_Xion: So it's not so much of a system hog07:45
undermeindI'm having issues with Amarok...can anyone help?07:47
eboyjrXodiac13: Would you like me to still try to help and solve your problem?07:48
woodgrain2701when i downloaded flash, in terminal is said 'Please ask your administrator to remove the xpti.dat from the07:48
woodgrain2701      components directory of the Mozilla or Netscape browser.'07:48
Xodiac13eboyjr: yes plz07:48
Temlar_Xionalex__, I think i'll give it a whirl after I get my <3buntu setup, i'm happy that I figured out the sli thing so I can do 1920x1200 res07:48
akscimy headfones dont work on the front panel audio jack, although i can hear the system beep!07:49
eboyjrXodiac13: Okay how far did you get? What files/folder have you created?07:49
Xodiac13eboyjr: i need to find out what fmod i need to download i dont want to dl the wrong one07:49
Xodiac13eboyjr: theres like 4 of them07:50
cooper77zwhat program to modify display specification in bios?07:50
alex__Temlar_Xion: Wine works with Hulu Desktop =))07:50
eboyjrXodiac13: Are you running a 32-bit or 64-bit system?07:51
Xodiac13eboyjr: 32bit07:51
Temlar_Xionalex__, hehe nice.07:51
Temlar_Xionalex__, Have to have XP as I'm sysadmin at an XP domain office.07:51
Temlar_Xionalex__, In a VM at least.07:51
cooper77zwhat terminal command to make computer use 2 moniters as shared deskspace?07:52
alex__Temlar_Xion: Win7 has built in virtualization to XP for anything that won't run in win7 (Assuming your CPU has hardware VT)07:52
nomad77cooper77z: try installing xinerama07:52
eboyjrXodiac13: You want the stable Linux 32-bit one. http://www.fmod.org/index.php/release/version/fmodapi42602linux.tar.gz07:52
cooper77zI am scared bc camerama wasn't worth a hjcv07:52
=== anl_ is now known as anl
Xodiac13eboyjr: i extracted it07:53
cooper77zanything ending in orama sounds like dkjdd to me nomad7707:53
akscii dont hear sound from my cabinet's front audio jack! but i can hear system beep when i enable 'pc speaker' from the preferences! please help!07:53
WhitegasmWhy can't i delete a certain partition with gParted?07:53
Temlar_Xionalex__, It does, core2quad 2.0ghz (yes quad core in laptop)07:54
Temlar_Xionbut we're heavy VMware users07:54
Temlar_XionAnd I'm only on windows if I have to be, otherwise it is linux07:54
nomad77cooper77z: well most window-mgrs are built to use xinerama in my experience but graphics settings need to be correct also,no dual-screens here so not an expert07:55
nanotubecooper77z: try xrandr07:55
eboyjrXodiac13: Okay...07:55
cooper77zthat's ok nomad77707:55
mataksanyone knows how to make linux taskbar and windows tabs merge like on windows?07:55
alex__Be carefull... activating xinerama made my X session not run >.>07:55
eboyjrXodiac13: Did you install the .deb?07:55
Xodiac13eboyjr: theres no .deb of the fmod07:56
cooper77znonotuve, will you help me install xrandr? please?07:56
nanotubecooper77z: xrandr is installed by default.07:56
WhitegasmDoes anyone know how to use gParted?07:56
eboyjrXodiac13: sudo update-fmod3 -l /Path/to/extracted/tar/i/think/07:56
nanotubecooper77z: the problem is learning how to use it :) that's where "man xrandr" comes in handy...07:56
cooper77zso, I am makeing a simple mistake nano07:56
eboyjrWhitegasm: What do you need help with?07:56
aksciplease help,... i'm not able to hear music from my front audio jack! although i can hear system beep07:56
cooper77zwhat next nano?07:56
Xodiac13eboyjr: lol all i did was extract the fmod after i downloaded it07:56
Xodiac13eboyjr: i need help getting it to work07:57
Xodiac13eboyjr: installing it and everything07:57
eboyjrXodiac13: Where did you extract the fmod to? Like what folder?07:57
Whitegasmi can't delete a partition, i botched an install and i have the botched install tree still mounted on my OS as a partition07:57
nanotubecooper77z: sorry, i gotta go... but google around for xrandr tutorials and such.07:57
mneptokWhitegasm: you cannot delete partitions while they are mounted07:58
Xodiac13eboyjr: i just extracted it onto my desktop in the folder same name as the download07:58
cooper77zit's too difficult, I can't understand the teks07:58
cooper77znano, goodbye07:58
WhitegasmI booted the live cd and unmounted but still couldn't delete the partition07:59
eboyjrXodiac13: Okay. In a terminal, type (without pressing Enter): " sudo update-fmod3 -l "07:59
eboyjrXodiac13: Then drag and drop the folder into the Terminal window.07:59
Xodiac13eboyjr: k07:59
eboyjrXodiac13: Make sure you leave a space after the -l08:00
Xodiac13eboyjr: k08:00
eboyjrXodiac13: And no quotes ;)08:00
eboyjrjust making sure :P08:00
Xodiac13eboyjr: okay08:00
krishna_i am not getting flash in seamonkey.. but getting it good in fireofx... helppppppp08:01
cooper77zio!, I just figured out the benefit to having 2 twin monitors that were different, because it trains your eyes not to go shortsited!08:01
Whitegasmmneptok: how do I delete partitions so that I can do a fresh install of ubuntu, i am dual booting08:01
nomad77Whitegasm: after changing things either need to select apply or commit,been a while08:01
uknownis it possible to send a lan message from ubuntu to xp08:01
Xodiac13eboyjr: i did this  "sudo update-fmod3 -l /home/chris/Desktop/fmodapi42602linux" and it said command not found08:01
eboyjrWhitegasm: What happens when you click the partition you don't want, and clicking the Delete button on the top?08:01
eboyjrXodiac13: Okay...\08:02
krishna_Whitegasm, Gparted08:02
Whitegasmeboyjr: Please unmount any logical partitions having a number higher than 508:02
cooper77zso, my eyes have to work to look at the other moniter, which is not lcd and it;s 2x as far away from my eyes. I get it !!!08:02
cooper77zthanks for all the help ununtus, I am looking at the other monitor now and retraining my eyes08:04
Xodiac13eboyjr: it says this  update-fmod3: command not found08:04
cooper77zthat's why no way to make it so08:04
cooper77zbad for eye health08:04
bazhanghttp://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR12 cooper77z08:05
eboyjrXodiac13: Are you sure that you downloaded and executed the .deb from http://launchpadlibrarian.net/11124065/fmod3_3.75-5ubuntu0_i386.deb ?08:05
Xodiac13eboyjr: o lol it gave me an error on the page it says no such resource08:06
cooper77zI needed to retrain my eyes on a further different monitor, I was losing my sight, literally08:06
eboyjrXodiac13: Oh. Haha okay. One second...08:07
Xodiac13eboyjr: k08:07
cooper77zIt's so easy to look at lcd, compared to tube monitors from a distance08:08
lancerockeim looking for a nice compact/small font for linux thats free08:08
akscican anyone please help, i'm not able to hear any sound from my front panel audio jack!08:08
cooper77zthat's why so difficult to add a second monitor to desk space08:09
bazhangcooper77z, please read the link provided above08:09
cooper77zI have already made a decision, it's so clear when I refocus on the laptop screen after refocussing on the tube screen, thanks for all the help bazhang08:10
`bozHi all i have a windows app i need to run , just wondering how to install windows xp to run alongside ubuntu08:11
Bob_Doleinstalling windows FIRST makes it a lot easier08:11
R0ncoToke`boz, Try wine.08:12
cooper77zbye and good night/morning :)08:12
`bozstart from scratch?08:12
`bozwine doesn't work for this app roncotoke08:12
Red2I am having trouble installing Hamachi08:12
Bob_DoleIt is possible. you need to resize your partitions, install windows to it, then use the live cd to fix grub.08:13
Red2I downloaded it and its just a bunch of files in a folder, I don't know what to do08:13
kellianyone know of an apt for checking net usage?08:13
eboyjrXodiac13: Okay how did you install skulltag in the first place?08:13
kasmhey, has anyone successfully compiled ffmpeg for jaunty? I keep getting "undefined symbol: avcodec_channel_layout_num_channels"08:13
R0ncoToke`boz, Also there are other tools which allows you to run windows from within ubuntu.08:13
* Bob_Dole and things speed up again08:13
Cyber_AkumaNM, got it fixed08:14
Red2so uh08:14
Red2what do I do?08:14
kellianyone know of an apt for checking net usage?08:14
richardcavellkelli: gkrellm?08:14
R0ncoTokeRed2, http://maketecheasier.com/how-to-install-and-configure-hamachi-in-ubuntu/2008/09/0708:15
richardcavellIt keeps a running total08:15
Xodiac13eboyjr: i just have to go to www.skulltag.com/download and get the linux base and ubuntu then i downloaded the game doom and put them all in the same folder08:15
`bozyes i'm aware thanks roncotoke but i think it would be easier in the long run to just bite the bullet, as much as i hate to do so, and install winxp as well. and08:15
akscikelli: you can check your net usage within system resources tab of monitor itself!08:15
eboyjrXodiac13: What is your version of Ubuntu?08:15
Xodiac13eboyjr: 8.1008:15
Xodiac13eboyjr: when i try to load it up it says that it need a lib file and i cant get it08:16
`bozso it looks like its repartition or start from scratch08:16
wizzo50APAN Check08:16
ubu_manAfter resized my ubuntu partition using gparted, my grub has gone haywire... I get this *grub loading please wait error 17* .. what should i do now08:16
oldude67'boz no matter what your going to have to repartition if you want to dual boot with xp.08:17
R0ncoTokeubu_man, Try fix the grub booting from live CD.08:17
eboyjrXodiac13: You have your iwads? The reason I am asking is because I am unfamiliar with skulltag with your current situation.08:17
TorssonHi im having problem with ubuntu server, when im using static local-ip on eth1 and crosswired cable between 2 machines ubuntu hangs at "Configuring Network" and dosent continue and i need to boot in failsafe and remove it from the interfaces file, but if i do if-up when the machine is online it works just fine, any idea how i can fix this? some timeout time or somthing?.08:17
`bozanyone know of any apps to assist in repartitioning ?08:17
wizzo50kelli: APAN check mem usage08:17
ubu_manR0ncoToke: what do you mean by fixing... You mean changing the menu.lst file08:18
netsrotHi, I'm trying to create a livecd from iso, will cmd make it bootable? "wodim dev=/dev/scd0 driveropts=burnfree -v -data ubuntu.iso"08:18
Xodiac13eboyjr: all i want to do is play doom online and this program seems cool i downloaded the wad file and put it in the doom folder i made with the game extracted on my desktop08:18
Cyber_AkumaUbuntu 9.04 dosen't seem to support my video hardware anymore (Radeon x1200), I googled it, but coulden't find much info. Is it possible to have decent video acceleration with this hardware?08:18
R0ncoTokeubu_man, I mean yes reconfiguring the grub again.08:18
netsrots/cmd/this cmd/08:18
BabajusHey guys i need an advice which filesystem to use in windows that is write&read support?08:18
Red2Now I just have to find ghamahci08:18
Red2since ghamachi has no downloads08:18
Xodiac13eboyjr: all it said is to download all the files and skulltag will do the rest08:18
ubu_manR0ncoToke: hi k, is there any gui tool available in the live CD cos I am not too confident using the text editior08:19
krishna_ i am not getting flash in seamonkey.. but getting it good in fireofx... helppppppp08:19
eboyjrXodiac13: Okay. We will install skulltag another way. If this doesn't work I don't know what will, but I don't give up too easy. Open up your Software Sources in System > Administration.08:19
bullgard4'~$ man ps; A CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot. For example, humans can read distorted text as the one shown below, but current computer programs can't:08:19
bullgard4CAPTCHA example08:19
R0ncoTokeubu_man, Not as of my knowledge.08:20
aksci Babajus, use any filesystem which windows support, you'll get all the permissions here08:20
Xodiac13eboyjr: k08:20
eboyjrXodiac13: Skulltag needs to be installed the right way.08:20
krishna_ i am not getting flash in seamonkey.. but getting it good in fireofx... helppppppp  I HAVE SUN JAVA plugin  and FLASH FROM ADOBE INSTALLED08:20
R0ncoTokeCyber_Akuma, From what I've been told. The version of Xorg that ships with 9.04 is not supported by ATI's drivers. However, I did find this from the end of April - http://news.softpedia.com/news/Latest-ATI-Linux-Driver-Introduces-Support-for-Ubuntu-9-04-109720.shtml08:20
Red2I can't find ghamachi08:20
ubu_manhi folks, anyone knows is there is any gui tool in LiveCD to configure the grub at menu.lst.. thanks08:20
Red2all the links are down08:20
Xodiac13eboyjr: i opened it08:20
eboyjrXodiac13: Navigate to the Third-Party Software tab, and hit "Add..."08:20
Babajusaksci: i dont need a windows partition couse of errors when reqading m,y usb harddrive so im heading in linux filesystem s08:21
apoleo12another question, for the terminal keymap, using sudo loadkeys us in there: how do i have it styed there rather havin to load it every time after reboot?08:21
Xodiac13eboyjr k i did08:21
timboyit's official ubuntu and x4500 intel don't get along!!?!?!?!08:21
Xodiac13eboyjr: k i did08:21
leoooguys i have a question, where can i read, or how can I set specific drivers to specific devices, or what is generally the best practice in a situation like that08:21
eboyjrXodiac13: Here is your APT line: deb http://skulltag.com/testing/public/deb/ intrepid multiverse08:21
Cyber_AkumaR0ncoToke: are those drivers avaliable in teh reposotories or do I need to manually install?08:22
eboyjrXodiac13: Hit "Add source"08:22
aksciBabajus, i didn't get you! do you want write permissions on your usb drive?08:22
ubu_manhi folks, anyone knows is there is any gui tool in LiveCD to configure the grub at menu.lst.. thanks08:22
Xodiac13eboyjr: this is what i put in  deb http://skulltag.com/testing/public/deb/ intrepid multiverse08:22
Xodiac13eboyjr: this is what i put in  "deb http://skulltag.com/testing/public/deb/ intrepid multiverse"08:22
Red2Yet again08:23
eboyjrXodiac13: Good. Then add the source, and close the Software Sources window08:23
Red2I cannot find ghamachi08:23
Red2All the links08:23
Red2are down08:23
FloodBot1Red2: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:23
eboyjrXodiac13: No quotes tho ;)08:23
Babajusaksci: no basicaly i need a linux filesystem like ext3/4 or maybe reiserfs which have read&write support in windows?08:23
Xodiac13eboyjr: k08:23
Xodiac13eboyjr: i did it08:24
aksciubu_man, there's something called as startupmanager, it's gui for most of grub properties, but wont configure grub from the scratch08:24
bullgard4'~$ man ps;  To get security info:  ps -eo euser,ruser,suser,fuser,f,comm,label.' What is the effect of the parameter 'fuser'?08:24
Red2Does anyone else have ghamachi08:24
Red2That they can upload08:24
Red2to a server08:24
leoooguys i have a question, where can i read, or how can I set specific drivers to specific devices, or what is generally the best practice in a situation like that08:24
eboyjrXodiac13: It will start to update packages. Okay.. Now run the command `sudo apt-get install skulltag`08:24
Xodiac13eboyjr: okay08:25
aksciBabajus, i dont think you can have write support for linux partitions on windows, but there's a software called linux reader which can read files from linux fs08:25
apoleo12another question, for the terminal keymap, using sudo loadkeys us in there: how do i have it styed there rather havin to load it every time after reboot?08:25
eboyjrXodiac13: When it is done installing, run `skulltag`. It will inform you that it cannot locate your iwads. This is a necessary step08:25
krishna_ i am not getting flash in seamonkey.. but getting it good in fireofx... helppppppp  I HAVE SUN JAVA plugin  and FLASH FROM ADOBE INSTALLED08:26
vadimhi everyone. I need urgent help. Can't boot into dualbooted winxp. When trying only Starting up.... appears and nothing more. Please help08:26
Babajusaksci: ok then thanks for help :)08:26
Xodiac13eboyjr: what do i do then08:26
apoleo12uz: huh? what does themes have to with...?08:26
bullgard4leooo: What do you mean by "to read specific drivers to specific devices"?08:26
b3rz3rk3rkrishna_, just use different plugins.. the one from gnome is good08:26
eboyjrXodiac13: It told you that you cannot locate your iwads?08:26
krishna_b3rz3rk3r, i cannt understand08:26
Xodiac13eboyjr: its still installing08:27
mneptok!enter > Red208:27
krishna_b3rz3rk3r, it workds in firefox08:27
vadimhi everyone. I need urgent help. Can't boot into dualbooted winxp. When trying only Starting up.... appears and nothing more. Please help08:27
jamieleshawHello, Does anyone know howto enable cURL on a fedora server?08:27
leooobullgard4: opps i meant, install specific drivers for specific devices, for example i have two different network cards, and i need a separate driver for each one08:27
eboyjrXodiac13: When it is done installing, run `skulltag`. It will inform you that it cannot locate your iwads. This is a necessary step.08:27
Red2Mneptok, I apologize08:27
mneptokRed2: please try to keep youer questions on a single line.08:27
Red2But nobody seems to be listening08:27
b3rz3rk3rkrishna_, is your seamonkey a different build number to your FF?08:27
akscican anyone please help me configuring my front audio jack for sound! i can only hear system beeps but no music or sound tests08:27
Xodiac13eboyjr: yea it said it08:27
Xodiac13eboyjr: it needs iwads08:27
krishna_b3rz3rk3r, i installed the latest seamonkey version...08:28
vadimhi everyone. I need urgent help. Can't boot into dualbooted winxp. When trying only Starting up.... appears and nothing more. Please help08:28
eboyjrXodiac13: Okay. Open File Browser and navigate to your home directory. Do you know how to show hidden files? Press Control+H and open the '.skulltag' directory.08:28
krishna_vadim, ##windows ??08:28
b3rz3rk3rkrishna_, that may be the problem then. Incompatible plugins is a possibility08:28
jamieleshawWhich channel is fedora?08:29
akscivadim, can you elaborate a little?08:29
eboyjrXodiac13: You should see only 1 file. This file is called 'skulltag.ini'08:29
Xodiac13eboyjr: i did that i found one file08:29
b3rz3rk3rkrishna_, you can also choose to change your plugins (small white icon in bottom right) try the ubuntu/gnome specific ones08:29
bullgard4leooo: In Ubuntu one usually installs a particular driver by downloading the associated DEB program package from an Ubuntu repository using the program Synaptic. If you have got 2 network cards you may need to install two different DEB packages.08:30
eboyjrXodiac13: Okay, good. This is the folder where you put your wad.08:30
krishna_b3rz3rk3r, where is that button ?08:30
vadimaksci: yes. what details should I provide?08:30
Xodiac13eboyjr: lol how do i get the wad now lol08:30
Xodiac13eboyjr: :)08:30
sniff^cpu history 100%08:31
b3rz3rk3rkrishna_, if you can find it (or it isnt there) then you can also access it through the "tools" menu too i believe08:31
oldude67kreshna_. looks like a block (lego looking08:31
eboyjrXodiac13: Ah. I don't even know what a wad is... One second :P08:31
akscivadim, can you see the windows option on your grub?]08:31
vadimaksci: yes I can08:31
leooobullgard4:  yea but lets assume we are not using an uptodate driver in the resp. and i want to use one that i downloaded as an earlier version, how do i make it know what network card to work with, instead of working with both?08:31
b3rz3rk3roldude67, lol.. it does, doesnt it :p08:31
Xodiac13eboyjr: okay08:31
=== uknow__ is now known as uknow
krishna_b3rz3rk3r, tools drop down menu of seamonkey ???08:31
krishna_b3rz3rk3r, which one to choose ?08:32
akscivadim, so what happens when you enter thru it?08:32
vadimaksci: "starting up" appears and stays forever until I ctrl+alt+del08:32
b3rz3rk3rkrishna_, i dont have seamonkey available to guide you.. perhaps somone else reading this can help??08:32
krishna_b3rz3rk3r, ok :'(08:33
eboyjrXodiac13: Look in your original folder for a Doom.wad or Doom1.wad or Doom2.wad.08:33
Xodiac13eboyjr: k08:33
aksciproblem is probably with your windows installation! try to repair it if you've got its intallation disc!08:33
matakscan someone help me install this on my theme? http://kims-area.com/?q=node/15    .... i have emerald but i get error  when i try to import the file08:34
apoleo12does anyone know about keymapping specifically in bash (terminal)?08:34
b3rz3rk3rkrishna_, basically you are trying to change your plugins from Adobe -> Gnome08:34
ubu_manR0ncoToke: Hi, just one more qn.. I was just wondering, why do i have to modify the menu.lst file.. Cos when i boot up my computer, my grub menu doesnt even show up.. so cud the prob lie elsewhere08:34
krishna_b3rz3rk3r, i am a new user of ubuntu08:34
eboyjrXodiac13: Complete list of possible WADs: http://skulltag.com/wiki/IWAD08:35
HalabundIf I install Firefox 3.5 from the ubuntu repositories, is it going to replace 3.0?08:35
Xodiac13eboyjr: okay08:35
kfanHey everyone anyone know how to install 26 inch insignia driver for monitor in 9.04 ubuntu?08:35
vadimaksci: i tried fixboot but in vain08:35
ubu_manbtw, what is seamonkey discussion about.. Is seamonkey good in anyways08:35
b3rz3rk3rkrishna_, welcome :)08:35
eboyjrXodiac13: Once you find it, place it in /home/xodiac/.skulltag08:35
Xodiac13eboyjr: i will08:35
ubu_manMost importantly, can u play youtube out of the box in seamonkey .... :D08:36
R0ncoTokeubu_man, Using the boot CD you can put your grub back in, like a fresh install.08:36
aprilharehello. have amd64 ubuntu 9.04 installed, need 32 bit version of libphonon library to install calibre 0.6.0 - how do i install 32 bit libphonon? libphonon4 package is installed.08:36
krishna_Is it possible to reinstall grun alone from livecd in GUI way.. without typing commands ??08:36
ubu_manR0ncoToke: U mean installing the ubuntu again...08:37
kfanhow to install 26inch tv monitor? in ubuntu08:37
aprilharekfan: 1) plug it in. 2) turn on machine.08:37
eboyjrXodiac13: Btw, what time zone are you in? :) I am just curious.08:37
Lenin_CatI cant get my analog mic to work08:37
bullgard4leooo: I do not know the answer.08:38
kfani dont think ubuntu knows its a 26 inch does that matter for games tho?08:38
Xodiac13eboyjr: uhm crap im in LAX its 10:3808:38
Xodiac13eboyjr: uhm crap im in LAX its 12:3808:38
aprilharekfan: what sort of connection are you employing and why don't you think ubuntu is smart enough?08:38
Xodiac13eboyjr: you08:38
b3rz3rk3rkfan, you can cahnge your resolution after you are on the desktop08:38
bullgard4'~$ man ps;  To get security info:  ps -eo euser,ruser,suser,fuser,f,comm,label.' What is the effect of the parameter 'fuser'?08:39
Stupendousstevekfan: Inches don't matter, it's about how you use it - set the resolution08:39
eboyjrXodiac13: Oh, me too LAS (vegas)08:39
Xodiac13eboyjr: nice08:39
kfanu guys r funny08:39
aprilhareyay! somebody thinks I'm funny!08:39
Xodiac13eboyjr: i would be mountain time but im in the Marine Corps08:39
ubu_manR0ncoToke: but dude, wont that destroy all the data and most importantly , all the configurations.. Or do u mean somehting else..08:39
R0ncoTokeubu_man, No buddy. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435108:39
HalabundIf I install Firefox 3.5 from the ubuntu repositories on Jaunty, is it going to replace the 3.0 I already have installed?  If no, is it going to use the same profile that the 3.0 version used?08:40
kfanok so now i know inches dont matter,,,, but how come when i play world of pad man my computer shuts off after about 5 mins of playing?08:40
mattycozehey guys I'm trying to squeeze some extra battery life outa my laptop with ubuntu atm, I was wondering why I have two services; acpid and apmd working in the background to manage the power?08:40
R0ncoTokeubu_man, I dint mean to re-install ubuntu. GRUB is not ubuntu.08:40
b3rz3rk3rHalabund, you can get the daily builds which wont replace your existing FF08:40
eboyjrXodiac13: How cool :)08:40
aprilharehello. have amd64 ubuntu 9.04 installed, need 32 bit version of libphonon library to install calibre 0.6.0 - how do i install 32 bit libphonon? libphonon4 package is installed.08:40
ubu_manR0ncoToke: ok cool.. lemme have go at this shit08:40
b3rz3rk3rkfan, not enough fans? :p08:40
Xodiac13eboyjr: yeah im a grunt08:41
Xodiac13eboyjr: 031108:41
Stupendousstevemattycoze: iirc if acpi is present it will be used08:41
Halabundb3rz3rk3r: Acutally I would like one that *will* replace the 3.0 I have08:41
gideonHi all08:41
Stupendousstevemattycoze: that is, if the hardware supports it08:41
akscivadim, fixboot and fixmbr would repair their mbr, but the problem i think is with the installation!08:41
kfanb3rz4rk3r i thought it was not enought fans too and overheating so i put a House fan for experiment to cool down  laptop and laptop is cold and it still does it08:41
mattycozeStupendoussteve how do I find that? and is that like some optimised settings?08:41
eboyjrXodiac13: Wow. Is it fun? And are you practicing with Doom ? :P08:42
akscirepair it when you see the installation 'C:/WINDOWS' option later in the course!08:42
b3rz3rk3rkfan, internal temp?08:42
apoleo12does anyone know about keymapping specifically in bash (terminal)?08:42
Xodiac13eboyjr: lol well lets just say i got back from Iraq and now we are training for Afghanistan08:42
Stupendousstevemattycoze: apm is old, acpi is the newer standard. If your hardware supports acpi it will use that, otherwise fall back to apm08:42
kfannever checked :(08:42
kfanimg going to tho08:43
b3rz3rk3rkfan, the outside may be cold, but laptops are wel known to have poor airflow, you may still be overheating your GPU08:43
mattycozeStupendoussteve, because I've got like 2hrs battery life these days if i'm lucky. I used to get a good 4hrs out of it when the laptop was with vista; the computers only a year old, so I don't figure the battery's too bad... except the ubuntu battery meter reckons it charges to 60%08:43
apoleo12For the terminal keymap, using sudo loadkeys us in there: how do i have it styed there rather havin to load it every time after reboot?08:43
Lenin_CatI cant get my analog mic to work08:43
b3rz3rk3rkfan, you can get a fancy widget, or you can just use CLI: "sensors"08:43
Stupendousstevemattycoze: In the cpufreq applet you could clock it down, power save might help08:43
kfanill try fancy widget08:44
eboyjrXodiac13: Wow well that sounds pretty heavy duty08:44
kfanim a linux newb08:44
b3rz3rk3rmattycoze, have you re-calibrated your battery recently?08:44
kfanbut i LEFT windows for good!!!!08:44
mattycozeb3zr3rk3r re-calibration?08:44
_MrApple_probably the wrong place to ask but any one here know a good motorcycle channel?08:44
Xodiac13eboyjr: we pt like no other and im a SAW gunner so i have to carry more wait than everybody else everyone knows what there doing08:44
mattycozeStupendoussteve okay I'll try that... haven't got the applet, is it available via Synaptic?08:44
Xodiac13eboyjr: i got the same error it said i need the wad08:45
Stupendousstevemattycoze: I may have the name wrong, it is cpu something, I am not in ubuntu atm and cannot check08:45
mattycozeoh okay08:45
aroonii cant hear audio for streaming .wmv in firefox on jaunty .... and i cant hear it in movie player..... the sound indicator is greyed out... how do i fix?08:45
Xodiac13eboyjr: i download doom2 and put the wad in there it just said the same thing08:45
thehi i install cups-pdf in ubuntu jaunty and when i print a job every thing seem to be ok but no pdf file will be print :(, can y help?08:45
b3rz3rk3rmattycoze, yes, its a good idea to do so every few months to maintain your battery. Basically, you just need to use it until it dies, then charge till full08:45
_MrApple_ probably the wrong place to ask but any one here know a good motorcycle channel?08:45
=== the is now known as the_geremy
AdolaHow do I get a new ip?08:46
b3rz3rk3rAdola, internal or external?08:46
vltHello. Is there an easier way to install ubuntu from a running linux w/ a DVD iso than running a virtual machine like qemu or virtualbox?08:46
Adolab3rz3rk3r: External?08:46
StupendoussteveBurning it to a dvd and rebooting08:46
eboyjrXodiac13: Argh.. okay lol 1 sec08:47
b3rz3rk3rAdola, internal: your network, external: Internet08:47
Xodiac13eboyjr: k08:47
Adolab3rz3rk3r: um.....Use internet?08:47
the_geremyhi i install cups-pdf in ubuntu jaunty and when i print a job every thing seem to be ok but no pdf file will be print :(, can y help?08:47
aksciarooni, install win32 codecs08:47
mattycozeb4rz3rk3r lol i'll try it, but I'm a little skeptical about the whole battery saver 'techniques'08:47
_MrApple_ probably the wrong place to ask but any one here know a good motorcycle channel?08:47
b3rz3rk3rAdola, you want a new external ip: reset your router08:47
arooniaksci, package name?08:48
b3rz3rk3rmattycoze, well documented fact... will prolong life.. just google it08:48
arooniaksci,         w32codecs is already the newest version.08:48
b3rz3rk3rmattycoze, "how to keep battery in good condition" or soemthing like that08:49
oldude67mattycoze, most of the time they are from the people who made the batteries in the first place.08:49
eboyjrXodiac13: So Doom2.wad and skulltag.ini are next to each other?08:49
aksciarooni, w32codecs, non-free-codecs08:49
arooniaksci, how do i get those08:49
the_geremyhi i installed cups-pdf in ubuntu jaunty and when i print a job everything seems to be ok but a can not find the printed pdf file :(, help?08:49
bullgard4'~$ man ps;  To get security info:  ps -eo euser,ruser,suser,fuser,f,comm,label.' What is the effect of the parameter 'fuser'?08:49
Xodiac13eboyjr: yes the message i get is this M_LoadDefaults: Load system defaults.08:49
Xodiac13Cannot find a game IWAD (doom.wad, doom2.wad, heretic.wad, etc.).08:49
Xodiac13Did you install Skulltag properly? You can do either of the following:08:49
Xodiac131. Place one or more of these wads in the same directory as Skulltag.08:49
Xodiac132. Edit your skulltag-username.ini and add the directories of your iwads08:49
FloodBot1Xodiac13: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:49
Xodiac13to the list beneath [IWADSearch.Directories]08:50
ubu_manR0ncoToke: Awesome dude, it worked.. And to think, tt I wasted a whole day googling for nonsense... Thanks again, dude08:50
vadimaksci: well it was ok before, i didn't reinstall - how can I repair installation?08:50
oldude67bullgard4, ps -e ?08:50
wizzo50When you download a .exe file on Ubuntu, how do you run it to setup a program on here?08:50
aksciarooni, sudo apt-get install08:50
b3rz3rk3rXodiac13, pastebin08:50
arooniaksci, yes but which package?08:50
R0ncoTokeubu_man, Always a pleasure!08:50
Xodiac13b3rz3rk3r: k08:50
matakshelp!!! how can i make my window border like in screenshot 2               http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Glasa+%2B+Glasa-Pro?content=7089308:50
bullgard4oldude67: Your message is too short to be comprehensible.08:50
aksciarooni, ummm,... sudo apt-get install w32codecs non-free-codecs!08:50
lancerockedoes anyone know of a real linux alternative to dreamweaver with IN THE APP preview?08:51
arooniaksci, thanks i did search for them08:51
_MrApple_ probably the wrong place to ask but any one here know a good motorcycle channel?08:51
b3rz3rk3rlancerocke, have you tried linux-apps?08:51
oldude67bullgard4, what are you trying to do with the ps command?08:51
eboyjrXodiac13: Okay.. change the name from Doom2.wad to doom2.wad08:51
mattycozelancerocke tried frontpage with wine *heresy*08:51
akscivadim, thats what, follow the installation course, after you press F8, you'll get an option enter to install and R to repair! that is it!08:51
Xodiac13eboyjr: k08:51
eboyjrXodiac13: It should be all lowercase08:52
lancerockeb3rz3rk3r, bluefish but thats just an advanced text editor08:52
Xodiac13eboyjr: k08:52
wizzo50Any help? How do you run a program you download in Firefox to set it up?08:52
Adolab3rz3rk3r: I'm on dail-up, no router.08:52
anon^_^anyone using Jaunty and truecrypt?08:52
lancerockemattycoze, im looking for a linux app08:52
mattycozelol kk08:52
anon^_^or have issues installing Truecrypt on Jaunty08:52
b3rz3rk3rlancerocke, perhaps check out the site, linux-alternatives then? I dont know any off-hand, but thats a huge list of alternatives, should be something there08:52
computer_where is my internet temp files located?08:53
ortsvorsteherwizzo50: which program did you load down?08:53
b3rz3rk3rAdola, then just re-dialup :p08:53
Xodiac13eboyjr: lol it works the sound is off woot08:53
eboyjrXodiac13: Haha xD08:53
lancerockeb3rz3rk3r, i did. i didnt like any of the apps they suggested. and none had in the app preview08:53
abhilashm86what is alternative software for unigraphics in ubuntu?08:53
eboyjrXodiac13: And for a second I thought the sound wasn't working :P08:53
eboyjrXodiac13: Congrats I'm glad I could help08:54
Xodiac13eboyjr: thank you very much i just need to figure out how to fix the sound problem now08:54
Xodiac13eboyjr: thank you i appreciate it08:54
b3rz3rk3rlancerocke, :(  looks like you might be out of luck then08:54
lancerockeb3rz3rk3r, that sucks08:54
wizzo50ortsvorsteher: This has happen to me alot.  MyspaceIM08:54
eboyjrXodiac13: Wait I'm confused now :P the sound is good?08:54
b3rz3rk3rlancerocke, there is always WINE, as im sure you know.. but thats not very stable08:54
abhilashm86unigraphics is modelling software.....08:54
mattycozehas anyone got a HP Pavilion laptop with those 'expansion ports'?08:55
computer_where is my internet temp files located?08:55
lancerockeb3rz3rk3r, yes i already tried installing dreamweaver cs4 with no luck08:55
Xodiac13eboyjr: well the sound is off it plays but the timing is off08:55
ortsvorsteherwizzo50: so, search the web howto install myspaceim. is it a linux version?08:55
wizzo50With in Pigeon08:55
b3rz3rk3rAdolf, have any luck there? just disconnect from the net, and dial up again.. you will have a new external IP08:55
R0ncoTokeAny one in here using karmic ?08:55
eboyjrXodiac13: That must be because of a slow computer, maybe08:55
b3rz3rk3rlancerocke, have you tried cs3? I think its DW8.. was stable08:56
oldude67RONcoToke, try ubuntu+108:56
matakshelp!!! how can i make my window border like in screenshot 2               http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Glasa+%2B+Glasa-Pro?content=7089308:56
Xodiac13eboyjr: lol well it has a duo core processor 2.66 ghz 1 gig ram, and radeon x20008:56
b3rz3rk3rmataks, looks like Emerald to me08:57
osfameronI've just lost my 1680x1050 mode on my monitor (no idea why - I typed xrandr --auto at command line accidentally, opened the Display Preferences dialogue, and it's been shot to hell ever since :-( )08:57
Xodiac13eboyjr: i hope original doom doesnt have a problem on my desktop08:57
osfameronany idea how to configure my VGA with 1680x1050 again?08:57
b3rz3rk3rXodiac13, you can play that as a flash game now.. i forget the site, but il find if if you like?08:58
Xodiac13b3rz3rk3r: im just trying to play original doom online08:58
eboyjrXodiac13: Well I have to go now Im tired but glad I can go to bed solving a problem :)08:59
* vinzO is playing Chrono Trigger via ZSNES Emulator08:59
b3rz3rk3rXodiac13, here: http://www.silvergames.com/game/doom-triple-pack/08:59
Xodiac13eboyjr: thanky you and the sound is good now i just had to reload the game08:59
Xodiac13eboyjr: goodnight08:59
eboyjrgood night, and again congratz :P08:59
Xodiac13thank you again have a good night09:00
anon^_^this is a support channel yes?09:00
Lenin_Catmy mic is all fizzy09:00
mataksb3rz3rk3r: yea it said that use emerald.. i downloaded the file black.emerald that's the name of the file and i can't load it in emerald... why is that...  i get error msg it's tar something..09:01
R0ncoTokeanon^_^, Yes!09:01
Xodiac13b3rz3rk3r: thanks i got the sound working09:01
anon^_^anyone familiar enough  to know why "install package" would be greyed out when trying to install a deb?09:01
aksciLenin_Cat, turn off mic boost or lower its volume!09:01
Xodiac13b3rz3rk3r: good night thank you09:01
anon^_^no dependency errors09:01
anon^_^just grey09:01
anon^_^can't install09:01
lstarnesanon^_^: is there an "unlock" button of some sort?09:01
_MrApple_ probably the wrong place to ask but any one here know a good motorcycle channel?09:02
akscianon^_^: huh!?09:02
R0ncoTokemay be its unsupported debs09:02
anon^_^it's truecrypt09:02
anon^_^just tried Ubuntu 64bit binary09:02
anon^_^won't run09:03
ortsvorsteher!enter | anon^_^09:03
apoleo12anon^_^: maybe your cpu isnt 64 bit?09:03
anon^_^## sudo sh truecrypt-6.2a.setup-ubuntu-x6409:03
oldude67anon^_^,  did you untar it?09:03
R0ncoTokeAny one know any java support channels in freenode ?09:03
anon^_^from terminal09:03
anon^_^executes script09:04
lancerockeb3rz3rk3r, im looking for  a linux solution09:04
anon^_^gets through license09:04
anon^_^then deb opens up09:04
R0ncoTokelancerocke, shoot it out.09:04
anon^_^and install package is greyed out09:04
anon^_^can't click09:04
lstarnesanon^_^: try installing it via the terminal with dpkg -i09:04
R0ncoTokeanon^_^, Please stick your queries to a single line.09:04
oldude67anon^_^, quit flooding the channel please.09:05
apoleo12does anyone know about this command loadkeys? because that being asked I have to load it every time I start bash in console09:05
anon^_^lstarnes it will install with dpkg -i but doesn't leave an entry in synaptic09:05
apoleo12how do I have it loaded once from point on?09:05
lancerockeR0ncoToke: im sorry i have no idea what that means09:05
osfameronyatta! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Use cvt/xrandr tool to add the highest mode the LCD can do09:05
anon^_^that isn't normal behavior for truecrypt installs, which is very strange to say the least09:05
lstarnesanon^_^: what about aptitude show truecrypt?09:05
lstarnesanon^_^: or dpkg -l | grep truecrypt09:05
=== Xanthomryr__ is now known as Xanthomryr
anon^_^lstarnes pm?09:07
lstarnesanon^_^: please keep it in the channel, unless it's not related to ubuntu09:07
anon^_^ok, i just thought that it would help since some individuals seem annoyed when i don't write in full sentences09:08
anon^_^## aptitude show truecrypt  ## will list output in terminal, but does not show a synaptic entry09:09
Lenin_Cataksci, but then I cant hear anything09:09
b3rz3rk3rlancerocke, let me know if you fine one09:10
aksciLenin_Cat: test it,.. lower it only to the extent where u can hear properly!! too much will result in hell lot of fuzzing!09:10
Lenin_Cataksci, but there is no place were I can hear it without to much fuzzing09:11
ubuntui am not able to install the software drom apt -get install09:13
matakshelp!!! how can i make my window border like in screenshot 2               http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Glasa+%2B+Glasa-Pro?content=7089309:13
anon^_^## dpkg -l | grep truecrypt ##  also shows the package installed when using,  sudo dpkg -i to install, but still no synaptic entry showing09:14
lstarnesanon^_^: I'm not sure what's happening09:14
lstarnesanon^_^: er, what's causing that09:14
anon^_^i also purged 6.2a and tried an install with 6.2, same result.  Trying to install by deb, will have the install package field greyed out09:14
anon^_^i thought it might be a bad package, but it doesn't seem to be isolated in that sense09:15
ubuntuunable to install the software from apt -get install it says could packagenot find the09:15
anon^_^just performed a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.04 coming from 8.1009:15
lstarnesubuntu: what are you trying to install?09:15
ubuntulstarnes: gtypist and vlc not working for both09:16
lstarnesubuntu: what is the full command that you are using for installing vlc?09:16
lstarnesubuntu: it should be this: sudo apt-get install vlc09:16
ubuntuanon^_^: yes i have fresh install of ubuntu 8.10from 9.0409:17
syntaxWhats the best program to use in linux to play .3GP files09:17
anon^_^ubuntu, i was speaking to lstarnes ;)09:17
wizzo50HELP! Anytime you download something, how do you install it on Ubuntu?09:17
lstarnesubuntu: he wasn't asking you something09:17
ubuntulstranes: yes i did the same you are telling09:17
lstarneswizzo50: please don't shout "help".  It depends on what you downloaded09:18
lstarneswizzo50: particularly what format it is09:18
wizzo50lstarnes: Anything, just as if your on WIndows with firefox.09:19
ubuntulstranes : i am using 8.10 and tried sudo apt-get install vlc it just ask for the confirmation password09:19
lstarneswizzo50: it still depends on the file format and what it is09:19
anon^_^ubuntu: you enter your password yes? then what09:19
wizzo50lstarnes: *.exe09:19
lstarneswizzo50: ubuntu doesn't use .exe natively09:19
lstarneswizzo50: you have to use wine if you want to run .exe files in ubuntu09:20
arquebus[1]wizzo-that is a windows format, you cant run it on linux09:20
ubuntuwizzo50: i am not using .exe files09:20
lstarnesubuntu: not all of us are talking to you.  If we have a message for you, it will start with your name09:21
ubuntuanon^_^: it says couldnot find package after entering password09:21
lstarnesubuntu: go to system > administration > software sources09:22
fatfishyso whats the deal with the easy install package system, like click n run or different09:22
lstarnesubuntu: under the "ubuntu software" tab, look for "Community-maintained Open Source software (universe)"09:23
anon^_^fatfishy, Ubuntu 9.10 will have a new appcenter09:23
lstarnesubuntu:make sure that is checked, then close09:23
fatfishyskimmed the wiki page on it looks prty cool09:23
the_geremyis there somebody with ubuntu jaunty and functioning cups-pdf?09:24
fatfishyso kinda like a getdeb interface wth screenshots09:24
fatfishyand reviews09:24
ubuntulstarnes: yeah that is checked09:25
lstarnesubuntu: what about multiverse?09:25
fatfishyever install a mac app. pretty redic drag the icon over. why not hit yes please09:26
ubuntulstranes : yeah multiverse is also checked09:26
syntaxWhats the best program to use in ubuntu linux to play .3GP files09:27
xxthinkwhy the usb of my notebook often halt down?09:27
lstarnesubuntu: close out of that, then try sudo apt-get install vlc09:27
xxthinkI use ubuntu 9.0409:27
xxthinkmy notebook is asus a6517-crdr09:27
ubuntulstranes: still not working09:28
KeifferWhat do you recommend for a portable usb stick, Ubuntu or Slax?09:28
syntaxfatfishy ive tryed but no sound and theres no plugin for it09:29
lstarnesubuntu: what error?09:30
ubuntulstranes: couldn't find the package vlc09:30
b3rz3rk3rKeiffer, i think most ppl in here would say Ubuntu :p09:30
lstarnesubuntu: try running sudo apt-get udpate09:31
Keiffer<b3rz3rk3r> won't it be slower? have you tested it?09:31
anon^_^lstarnes: ubuntu is from india, you think the issue could be latency or packetloss from bad peering?09:31
ubuntulstranes : sudo apt-get update is working09:31
b3rz3rk3rKeiffer, i only use USB Ubuntu as a replacement for LiveCD's because it is faster09:31
anon^_^lstarnes: are there ubuntu repositories in india?09:32
b3rz3rk3rKeiffer, if you are looking for something really lightweight then you should checkout Puppy or DSL09:32
lstarnesanon^_^: I think so09:32
Saltukhi all09:33
Saltukcan any1 help me where i can find a  dep file  for Ati Radeon hd 2400 pro09:33
fatfishysyntx: u try vlc?09:34
lillemanI am building a minimal ubuntu media center install, with only X, mplayer and a web GUI. However, I need to install restricted drivers automaticly (as in gnome, when you check a box). Can this be done without enormous hussle?09:34
fatfishymaybe xbmc could play the audio09:35
Al_nz_laptevening all09:35
=== dgeary2_ is now known as dgeary2
anon^_^ubuntu: who is your ISP?09:35
b3rz3rk3rAl_nz_lapt, hey, welcome09:35
ubuntuanon^_^: national internet backbone09:36
KeifferAnd if I put ubuntu on a USB stick, how can I encrypt the data? In case of loosing. And what exacly should I encrypt?09:36
anon^_^I found a similar thread online about Airtel blocking archive.canonical.com in India09:36
Al_nz_lapthey b3rz3rk3r09:36
anon^_^it's a few years old though lol09:36
Al_nz_laptis there any other way to see what storage deices are conected other than fdisk -l? trying to see a disk that has got problems09:37
matakshelp!!! how can i make my window border like in screenshot 2               http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Glasa+%2B+Glasa-Pro?content=7089309:37
ubuntuanon^_^: now its working09:37
b3rz3rk3rKeiffer, UBuntu encrypts by default, but if you want something stronger you can look at TruCrypt09:38
Keiffer<b3rz3rk3r> TC would be my choice too. But I doesn't support systemfile encryption as in Windows.09:39
anon^_^Keiffer: Either you could use a LUKS container through dmcrypt or create a file container with truecrypt09:39
anon^_^Keiffer what are you trying to accomplish?09:39
anon^_^Are you trying to encrypt an OS on a USB stick?09:40
b3rz3rk3rKeiffer there is always the option to use a hidden container for your secure data?09:40
KeifferI want to encrypt my portable usb Ubuntu so no one can know who am I, what I talk on xchat, what pgp keys I have09:40
turneralex__hey im converting all the servers at work from redhat to ubuntu (about 600 servers :/), and we need to install the drivers for the Fiber channel HBA's which are all emulex. the lpfc drive is now RHEL + SUSE only :( and the script determines whether or not its actually RHEL so i cant convert the package. what can i doooo?09:40
turneralex__i reallly want to convert to ubuntu09:40
anon^_^If that's what you're trying to do, then you're going to have to go the LUKS route to have an encrypted linux OS09:40
vavoyshWhat is a good ISO mounter/emulator to use on ubuntu?09:40
KeifferYes, I know how TC works but if I encrypt all the stick how on earth will I boot it?09:40
b3rz3rk3rKeiffer, is this going to be used on multiple machines or just one?09:40
matakshelp!!! how can i make my window border like in screenshot 2               http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Glasa+%2B+Glasa-Pro?content=7089309:41
anon^_^Keiffer, LUKS is not truecrypt09:41
b3rz3rk3rmataks, that is Emerald09:41
Keiffer\Multiple machines09:41
anon^_^and yes you're still going to have the issue of making sure that the machine you have access to will boot off the USB first before the hard drive09:41
b3rz3rk3rthat is easy to change in the Bios though, assuming it isnt password protected too09:42
mataksb3rz3rk3r, so i can't use the theme? i have emerald09:42
linuxtux121hey guys09:42
Al_nz_laptisw there anything I can do to get data off a disk that doesnt appear to be detected by fdisk? ddrescue i think only works on disks listed in fdisk. dmesg shows the problematic disk is sdd....09:42
Leoneofwhat's the different between Ubunut v9.04 and the previous version ?09:42
linuxtux121if I want to upgrade my RAM09:42
linuxtux121how can I check my motherboard and stuff09:43
Keifferanon^_^ yes I am aware of that.09:43
b3rz3rk3rmataks, if you have emerald set as your WM, then you should just need to isntall the theme and activate it09:43
* b3rz3rk3r is AFK - Lunch...BBL09:43
turneralex__ikonia: LOL09:43
vavoyshWhat is a good ISO mounter/emulator to use on ubuntu?09:43
akscimataks, but it is a gtk theme! i think you should change your window decorator to gtk-window-decorator09:44
mataksb3rz3rk3r, when i try to import the theme i get error msg..  "error calling tar" why is that09:44
mataksaksci,  how?09:44
roflparrot<sudo apt-get install gparted> doesn't work for me09:45
turneralex__does anyone know about lpfc?09:45
ongunwho can help to me ?09:45
iceroot!ask | ongun09:45
ongunthanks . iceroot09:46
anon^_^Keiffer, check out this tutorial, you'd need to download an Ubuntu alternate CD, or the Ubuntu DVD then start text based installer mode and apply it to installing on a USB drive09:46
ubuntui want to know all about linux and ubuntu is the guides like  Kernighan & Pike's The Unix Programming Environment are good for linux also09:46
onguni download the update09:47
ongunand there was some error09:47
ongun: crash reports have been identified  !!!09:47
ongunand pc want to password09:47
onguni wrote the password09:48
adityagi want to connect internet through my cell phone, and i dont know how to do that in ubunu, any help people ?09:48
ongunand the next 2 day : when i open the some page ... it closed itself09:48
ongunwhy ?09:48
ongunand i cant open it now ??09:48
ongunadityag : what kind of ur phone ?09:49
akscimataks, if you're using compiz, in the fusionicon, you'll get the window decorator option! switch it there!09:49
lstarnesom26er: /msg ubottu !pdf09:50
om26erlstarnes: pdf viewer softwares09:51
MikeChelenadityag, depends on the type of cell phone, whether using wifi, bluetooth, or usb cable09:51
lstarnesom26er: evince is the default for ubuntu09:51
ubuntu>i want to know all about linux and ubuntu is the guides like Kernighan & Pike's The Unix Programming Environment are good for linux also09:51
turneralex__how do i change the ram09:51
MikeChelenom26er, evince is good, xpdf works too, and xournal allows annotation09:51
turneralex__isnt ram a kind of animal?09:51
mataksaksci,  my problem with the theme is that i can't import the theme in the emerald.. i get error msg... "error calling tar".. why is that09:51
turneralex__do computers have sheeps too?09:51
lstarnesmataks: do you get anything else with "error calling tar"?09:52
lillemanhow do I auto start something to start when the X server is up? More specific, Id like to start mplayer as soon as X is up and running09:52
turneralex__i was swapping out my processor09:52
MikeChelenturneralex__, ask in #ubuntu-offtopic09:52
ongunand the computer give initramfs error09:52
turneralex__and ran out of heatsink compound09:52
turneralex__so i used the rest of my vagisil09:52
turneralex__now my vagina is bloody itchy09:53
lstarnesom26er: ubottu isn't working right now09:53
akscimataks, you cannot import because it is not a native emerald package, go to system(menu)>appearance n install the theme there!09:53
matakslstarnes, .. only error caling tar and i can't import the theme09:53
ongunWho can help to me ?09:54
adityagMikeChelen: ongun: nokia e61i connection using usb cable09:54
ongunhm... i think there is some phone for ubuntu ...09:55
mataksaksci,  i get error msg when i drag the theme to appearance .. says that .. the theme apeared to be not a valid theme09:55
ortsvorsteheri am using a headset, but i am not sure, that the microfon works. how can i test it?09:55
ongunbecause me too want it (use ubuntu in my phone ...) but someone said: u must have special phone09:56
ubuntunewbieHi , does anyone know why I can't list files using ls command ? /media/disk/ ls -l -R > ~/Desktop/C_drive.txt bash: /media/disk/: is a directory09:56
ubuntunewbieit said bash: /media/disk/: is a directory09:56
akscimataks, wow nice theme! but i love my emerald aero! :P09:57
akscimataks,dont drag it,... click on install and select the package! i got it installed here!09:57
mataksaksci, ok wait' ill try09:58
bcjIf I were to create a Linux file server with a RAID 5 configuration.  Is it possible to set spin-up for the disks independently - for example, in order to save power, is it possible to only spin up one drive when reading (most of the time), then spin up the other drives to write (very occasionally)?09:58
bcj...or do all RAID 5 drives spin up together?09:59
=== drnorris is now known as sh4
akscimataks: and change the decorator to gtk, else only the colors would be imported and rest would remain the same!09:59
mataksaksci, im tyring to install this one.. with the window border like this http://gnome-look.org/content/preview.php?preview=2&id=70893&file1=70893-1.jpg&file2=70893-2.jpg&file3=&name=Glasa+%2F+Glasa-Pro10:00
mataksaksci,  i can't get it right how to change decorator to gtk?10:01
adityagMikeChelen: ongun: nokia e61i connection using usb cable10:01
ongunadityag: hm... i think there is some phone for ubuntu ... because me too want it (use ubuntu in my phone ...) but someone said: u must have special phone10:02
stovicekubuntunewbie: ls -l -R /media/disk/ > ~/Desktop/C_drive.txt10:02
SiLv3Ra lot of linux shells10:02
SiLv3Rhere running lool10:02
akscichange the decorator from emerald to gtk from 'fusion icon' on the panel's notification!10:02
Virion___Is vmware-tools outdated for ubuntu 7.10?10:03
Oreganoi run Ubuntu in VirtualBox, should i be ashamed?10:03
Oreganoah, thought so10:03
Bob_DoleI run ubuntu in virtualbox on ubuntu.10:03
feyneri have 3 versions of ubuntu running in virtualbox10:04
SiLv3Rme too10:04
feyneri feel i get more power out of the system t hat way10:04
Bob_DoleNah, I just do it to test things I fear might make my system go boom.10:04
SiLv3Rbut ubuntu sux a little10:04
Oreganoi have one. and android just for the hell of it10:04
SiLv3Ri need help10:04
feynerya because ubuntu isent rhel510:04
SiLv3Rhow to make bots and flood channel with it10:04
Virion___where can i download android? :D10:04
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
Aloysiusthis tech suport10:05
=== NCommand` is now known as NCommander
Oreganoit's just a Live cd. you can't download a full version10:05
feyneror click install10:05
oldude67Aloysius, yes10:06
AloysiusI cant get a web cam to work, I have umbuntu but i dont know nothing about computers.10:06
Oreganohttp://code.google.com/p/live-android/downloads/list <- the download for Android10:06
SiLv3Rtell me how to make bots and flood channel with it ?¿10:06
ubuntunewbiestovicek: thanks it works :D10:07
stovicekubuntunewbie: your welcome10:07
aftertafany clever experienced lvm people around??? i need to reinstall and i dont want to keep my windows partition :)10:07
SiLv3Rstovicek now help me10:07
stovicekSiLv3R: not a chance10:07
feynerdo it10:07
AloysiusCan any one help?10:07
ubuntunewbiestovicek: btw , do you know how to generate md5sum on a directory ?10:07
oldude67Aloysius, synaptic type in webcam10:08
oldude67add cameramma10:08
Aloysiusyeah i figured it would be something like that10:08
stovicekubuntunewbie: md5sum won't go recursive. but you can wildcard it for all of the files within a directory like: md5sum *.avi10:08
AloysiusI am not so good at this stuff10:08
Aloysiusright, i had done this before. Which one should I install?10:09
oldude67Aloysius, not in gnome right this minute dont know if its under admin or preference...10:09
aftertafAloysius: and the more you try the better you will get ;) we all have been there :)10:09
SiLv3Rtell me how to make bots and flood channel with it ?¿10:10
SiLv3Rtell me how to make bots and flood channel with it ?¿10:10
SiLv3Rtell me how to make bots and flood channel with it ?¿10:10
FloodBot1SiLv3R: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:10
oldude67SiLv3R, goodbye10:10
ortsvorsteher!ot | SiLv3R10:10
stovicek!ops | SiLv3R10:10
icarusstupid question  here is this irc world wide?10:10
ortsvorsteheris ubottu not working today?10:10
rwwortsvorsteher, stovicek: I note that ubottu still isn't around.10:10
ubuntunewbiestovicek: oh , I hope to do that since I had a 200 doc+xls+ppt on my cd which is sorted with dates and directory10:10
ortsvorsteherthx rww10:10
Aloysiuscameramoniter? should I install that one?10:10
oldude67ortsvorsteher, nope hes down10:11
stovicekrww: mmm yeah...10:11
icarus<icarus> stupid question  here is this irc world wide?10:11
SiLv3RBotnet ?¿10:11
SiLv3Roh yep10:11
rwwSiLv3R: Discussion of channel abuse is against Freenode policies. It would likely be in your best interests to stop.10:11
rwwicarus: yes, it is.10:11
SiLv3Rrww why ?¿10:11
feynerrww: irc cop10:11
SiLv3Ri want to make botnet10:11
stovicekrww: we could always reproduce the message10:11
icarussthank you rww10:11
AloysiusOhh, Actualy, I do have something more interesting you guys may be able to help with...10:12
oldude67Aloysius, what program are you trying to get your webcam working for?10:12
aaronvarghese can some 1 remote me10:12
icarussilver please dont make a botnet10:12
AloysiusI want to beable to record and shit10:12
SiLv3Rwhy ?¿10:12
aaronvarghesecan som1 remote me10:12
AloysiusI cant even get the computer to detect the cam...10:13
SiLv3Raaronorosen sorry i cant ;[10:13
icarusfirst off i ask you why do you yourself want to create a botnet10:13
SiLv3RAloysius download driver10:13
feynerhe wants to hack10:13
feyneri support this10:13
aaronvargheseim sorry10:13
aaronvarghesecant som110:14
Leoneofwhat's the different between Ubuntu v9.04 and the previous version ?10:14
oldude67Aloysius, what does lsusb say?10:14
feynerit has a larger number10:14
SiLv3Ri hate hacking10:14
ftab/j #svn10:14
SiLv3Rim good man10:14
SiLv3Ri just want..10:14
feynerbang bang bang10:14
SiLv3Rto flood my channel with fake users10:14
SiLv3Rlike some channels do10:14
aaronvarghesecan som1 remote desktop me10:14
icarusleoneof ubuntu 9.04 is more trimed dowown10:14
aftertafSiLv3R: then google it, it is off topic for a support channel, my firiend10:14
MikeChelenadityag, maybe check out gnubox10:15
aaronvarghesecan som1 remote desktop me10:15
rwwLeoneof: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/904overview10:15
wizzo50How do you uninstall a program on here?10:15
feyneraaronvarghese: why10:15
aaronvarghesecan som1 remote desktop me10:15
icarussilver there are some books on demionoid about how to be 1337 if that is what you are asking10:15
aaronvarghesebecause i wana test it10:15
ftabI added a folder and files to the repository but not yet commited, now I want to delete that so I deleted that by removing the folder, but when I try to svn add folder again that it says already added10:15
SiLv3Ricarus i will check ....10:15
nperrywizzo50: sudo aptitude purge <progran>10:15
Leoneofthe problem, i just installed Ubuntu, and everything is very slow, it is need to install some software?10:16
feyneraaronvarghese: you dont have another computer to test with10:16
icarusjust search "computers" and you bound to find some thing relvant to your instransts (please make something that only atacks macfags)10:17
MikeChelenaaronvarghese, have you configured port forwarding on your router?10:17
alutzaleoneof: system specs?10:17
xtremegamerhello all10:18
LeoneofLaptop , Ram=2Gb , Cpu=2ghz Dual core , VideoMemory = 512Mb10:18
icarusXtremegamer can i ask astupid question10:18
xtremegameri got a problem , when i connect a sata drive ubuntu seems to find it but not mount it10:18
Leoneofit is very fast with Vista10:18
xtremegamerspit it out icarus10:18
alutzayes but what are your system specs?10:18
aftertafLeoneof: you on booted ubuntu or livecd ?10:18
Leoneofaftertaf , i installed Ubuntu on Harddisk10:19
icarushave you been able to play .exe games in wine (this is a open endied question)10:19
aftertafLeoneof: ok. What exactly is slow? all the OS, graphics...?10:19
xtremegamericarus well that's what i'm about to do if my sata drive would work that contain all my games :p10:20
aftertafxtremegamer: tried to mount it ??10:20
Bob_DoleI can play a few .exe games under WINE.10:20
xtremegameraftertaf wel you lost me :p10:20
wizzo50Can you use AVS Video Converter on Ubuntu?10:21
Bob_DoleEmpire Earth, Halo(halo needs a work around, though.)10:21
icarusoh boot up another distro and see if it reconices it if not the problem may be your hardware10:21
Leoneofaftertaf, moving windows in 3d mode is good and fast , but when i double click on any folder...it will open folder after about 1-2 sec10:21
Bob_DoleLeoneof, did you install with Wubi?10:21
Leoneofno, not with Wubi10:21
xtremegameraftertaf how to mount it then10:21
Bob_DoleThen my thought is then out the window.10:22
icarusbob doe what is wrong with wubi10:22
alutzaits slower10:22
imsGot a new skin for vlc and applied. I lost my interface menu. How can I get it back?10:22
Bob_DoleWubi emulates a filesystem ontop of NTFS, so it has a performance hit on disk access10:22
wizzo50nperry: Can you use AVS Video Converter on Ubuntu?10:22
icarusgood answer10:22
alutzaxtremegamer : do you get an error on mounting the sata drive?10:23
Leoneofany idea, pleasec10:23
Leoneofany idea, please?*10:23
xtremegameraltuza ill see dmesg a sec10:23
wizzo50Can you use AVS Video Converter on Ubuntu?10:23
icarusleoneon what was the queston?10:24
alutzaleoneof: you haven't said much about your computer, so it might be either your hardware that has problems or a conflict with drivers10:24
aftertafwizzo50: no need : use mplayer and mencoder. google for tutorials, very veery powerful tool10:24
Leoneoficarus , when i double click on any folder...it will open folder after about 1-2 sec10:24
alutzabut if you cant provide info no one can help you10:24
icarusdo you have compilz enabled?10:24
Leoneofalutza, how to know about problems in hardware or conflict?10:24
alutza... how old is your computer10:25
LeoneofLaptop , Ram=2Gb , Cpu=2ghz Dual core , VideoMemory = 512Mb10:25
aftertafxtremegamer: :)   google for mounting ntfs in ubuntu, or ask if u dont find ;)10:25
wizzo50aftertaf: I tried to install it, and didn't work. Now how do I uninstall it? Then I'll try them you said.10:25
aftertafwizzo50: tried to install  AVS.... .exe on ubuntu? it wont be installed, so dont worry :)10:26
Leoneofalutza , laptop is not a fault, it is run Vista very fast even with games like Crysis10:26
alutzawell... ubuntu-desktop is for desktops, and isn't fully compatible with laptops10:26
=== yacc__ is now known as yacc
icarusalutza i used it for about 3 months so far10:26
alutzaso only recently it started being slow?10:27
Leoneofalutza , it is started slow and until now10:27
aaronvargheseyou there10:27
icarusrun bleachbit10:27
wizzo50aftertaf: There was alot of errors in it and left some icons on the desktop. SO when I just delete them, there isn't anything else in the files anywhere on ubuntu?10:27
alutzait has been always slow?10:27
wizzo50aftertaf: How you do a cleanup on Ubuntu?10:28
Leoneofaluzta, always slow only when i open the folders10:28
aftertafwizzo50: how did you try, with wine ?10:28
icaruswizzo50 run bleachbit10:28
alutzawhat are your hard drives formatted in? NTFS? FAT32? ext3?10:29
Leoneofthey all r NTFS , but i think for Ubuntu Partition is ext310:29
=== aaronvarghese is now known as aaron11
alutzaNTFS is slow in ubunut10:29
icaruswhat is the best IDE for the beging programer wanting to learn python10:29
alutzabecause it's microsoft proprietary10:30
jdragoWow, 1300 people. Is there a Ubuntu Netbook IRC channel?10:31
Leoneofwell, alutza , when i started to install Ubuntu...it is converted the partition to ext310:31
xtremegamerlol ok fdisk -l doesnt work10:31
alutzaand even if you open your home folder it's slow?10:31
peabodyxtremegamer: check here http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/10:31
xtremegamernow it does xD10:31
icaruswhy is my text in a diffrent color10:31
Leoneofalutza , yes it is slow10:31
alutzai'm a bit confused now. try using gnome commander or Krusader10:32
alutzasee if those are faster10:32
jdragoAny fellow Netbook users? I just bought one today, and while I am enjoying Maximus (on the Ubuntu Remix), I'm having a hell of a time getting certain programs maximized (like Heroes 3 for Linux).10:32
alutzathey are just like total commander10:32
xtremegamerok big problem , my disk isnt in the fdisk list :p10:32
xtremegamermaybe if i boot ubuntu with the drive plugged in :p10:33
Leoneofalutza , thanks ^_^10:33
peabodysorry. I meant Leoneof, you should try this: http://smartmontools.sourceforge.net/10:33
vltHello. Any idea what could cause a "setpriority: Operation not permitted" error message? I'm the owner of that process I want to renice.10:33
peabodyit will tell you if there are any hardware diagnostic issues about your drive. It sounds like it could be failing10:34
Leoneofpeaboddy , thank you, will download it10:34
xtremegamerin dmesg it gives this error when i connect my drive : [ 3248.407340]          res 51/60:03:00:00:00/00:00:00:00:00/a0 Emask 0x10 (ATA bus error)10:35
xtremegamerbut then after3 lines it says : ata2: EH complete10:36
icarusis there any helpfull guides to getting games to work in wine?10:36
unforgiven512icarus: Yeah, there are plenty.10:36
xtremegamerill reboot see what it will do10:37
icarusunforgiven512: i looed for about a hour but i guess i must be ueing the wrong search terms10:37
unforgiven512icarus: there is a lot of information on the wine website -- http://www.winehq.org/10:37
unforgiven512is there any game in specific you are attempting to run?10:38
icarusand steam if posable10:38
MerlinWhi guys10:40
unforgiven512I remember running CS:Source a while back. Let me see if I can find you something useful10:40
icarusthank unforgiven you win yourself a internet highfive10:41
* unforgiven512 highfives icarus, via interwebs10:42
StarBombkidanyone know how to fix opengl rendered windows that cover up everything?10:43
icarusdid you find any thing10:43
tavelram_what should i kill do bring down X?10:43
KeifferI want to read my mail with Thunderbird, webmail extentions for Yahoo but I keep get this error "could not connect. receiving negative vibes from mymail@yahoo.com"10:44
StarBombkidIf i'm running something opengl, it tends to cover up everything on the screen. Anyone know how to fix this?10:44
unforgiven512icarus: try this link: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=57859810:45
StarBombkidanyone know how to make opengl rendered objects not cover up everything?10:46
richardcavellWhat's everyone's favourite software for creating a disk image?  I want to run it from a live CD, pack my whole partition into a single file and store it on a USB key, then be able to put it back onto the partition.10:46
unforgiven512I can't really read what's on there, my internet is being retarded, getting mad packet loss for some reason10:46
cygnuswhat programs should I install to harden 9.04? I can google how to configure them I just need to know the names10:46
icarusthe answer is simple starbombkid open your eyes10:46
Lenny-miceI need help setting up a web cam.10:47
tavelram_how can i kill the x-window server? when i kill-9 gdm it just restarts.10:47
icaruswhat is your problem unforgivn10:47
StarBombkidI mean that the opengl window is covering up the dropdown menus on that application which makes it impossible to see what the menu options are10:48
Lenny-miceI need help setting up a web cam.10:48
=== Daisy is now known as Dayofswords
Bob_DoleSo, how many people here run Folding@Home?10:50
Lenny-miceCan some one help me set up a web cam?10:50
unforgiven512icarus: I don't know. I'm using the neighbor's wifi and for some reason I just get periods of epic packet loss10:51
icarusperhaps he is torrenting10:52
DarkEyesor maby get your own10:53
Lenny-miceI am beyond noob. I don't know how to work Ubuntu for the life of me. Can ya help me George, can ya?10:53
icarusdark eyes the idea of this board is not to be a  critic but to help. play nice10:54
icarusunforgiven512: still there10:54
icaruswhen dose this happen10:55
unforgiven512I should get my own internet, however, I am broke.10:55
Lenny-miceAm i in the wrong chat room?10:55
unforgiven512It's completely random, I've seen no patterns to it.10:55
unforgiven512If they have a factory default WRT54G -- I don't think they use bittorrent10:56
KeifferWhat HDD/CD/DVD catalog software do you use?10:56
icarusi feel you man on the broke part. the only thing i can sugest is that he is perhaps using a packet sniffer application like wireshark to you but then agenen if they leave their wifi unsucure there is a high chance that they are not that tech savy10:58
stefgHi, after installing firefox-3.5 the sun-java plugin is missing in about:config in Shiretoko 3.5.1 on jaunty-64. Google found me some related forum posts in the english and german forums, but no solution... anyone in here managed to get that working ?10:58
sergeykish_Hello, my netbook (Acer Aspire One 751, Ubuntu 9.04) crash few times a day. It just power off, how can I find and fix problem?10:58
unforgiven512still admin/admin lol10:58
Lenny-miceno one wants to help...10:59
unforgiven512just set it to filter all MACs but mine bwah ha ha10:59
unforgiven512Lenny-mice: what do you need help with??10:59
icaruswhat did that do?10:59
stefgsergeykish_: so that is: you're doing nothing special, and suddenly the power cuts out... no reboot, but sudden black screen and dead machine ?11:00
=== NIdYa is now known as ce_cUlun
unforgiven512Oh, I didn't actually do it, I was saying I should.11:00
unforgiven512I was just typing one handed because my girlfriend wants to cuddle11:00
unforgiven512and I still want to IRC11:00
=== tyler_ is now known as windows
=== windows is now known as windoze
peabodyis anyone here big on virtualization?11:01
peabodyunforgiven512: u should probably spend more attention on the left hand than the right?11:01
sergeykish_stefg: yes, just browsing web11:01
icaruswow a ubuntu user with a girlfriend11:01
unforgiven512lol @ both of you11:02
Lenny-miceUnforgiven512: did you get that?11:02
stefgsergeykish_: my first guess would be that it's hardware related.... the box doesn't crash, it dies... some flakey battery connector ? Does it happen when you move the netbook (try gently shaking it)11:03
KeifferWhat HDD/CD/DVD catalog software do you use?11:03
peabodyfree xmen n00dz?11:03
unforgiven512peabody: I was typing with my left hand and had my right around her haha11:03
icarussorry that was totally inappropriate11:03
unforgiven512lol, I have major insomnia so she always falls asleep before me11:04
icarusso do i11:04
peabodytake an ambien11:04
peabodythat's what I do11:04
rww#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!11:04
Sj4lut!yo frankie11:05
sergeykish_stefg: checked, its all right11:05
rwwSj4lut: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php11:05
sergeykish_stefg: I don't touch netbook - use external keyboard11:06
unforgiven512peabody: I wish dude11:06
icarusis there a irc chanel for ubuntu gamers11:06
ShapeShifter499has anyone heard of the Pandora Potable Linux device?11:06
andy_Hi All11:06
stefgsergeykish_: it might still be some bad contact... do you use it on AC power or battery?11:06
ShapeShifter499info about it is here--------------> http://openpandora.org/11:07
rwwicarus: no. There's a Debian Games team in #debian-games on irc.debian.org, though.11:07
drurew!info phpmyadmin11:07
icarusthank you rww11:07
rageI'm looking at shifting from a 32bit install of Ubuntu to a 64bit version. Would I encounter any problems if I simply copy /home to a fresh 64bit install from a 32bit install (other than the fact I'll need to reinstall any applications I had)11:07
rwwShapeShifter499: do you have an Ubuntu support question? If not, discussion of Pandora would probably fit better on #ubuntu-offtopic.11:07
sergeykish_stefg: netbook on power now, but it dies in both cases11:07
rwwdrurew: ubottu is currently down. Try http://packages.ubuntu.com/11:08
=== altnickkeke is now known as innociv
ShapeShifter499oh I for got about #ubuntu-offtopic11:08
rwwrage: that should work11:08
Bob_DoleI wonder if the ARM port of ubuntu would run on the pandora11:08
rageCool, only concerned about local settings and files in /home11:08
rwwrage: I've copied /home from one install to another multiple times, and have never had problems11:09
rageApplications I can re-get11:09
=== tangent3_ is now known as tangent3
rageYup, excellent, I've done it from one 32bit install to another, but never to a 64bit install, I thought it unlikely anything would care, afaik nothing in /home is executable binary normally11:10
stefgsergeykish_: hmm... so have you read through the various logs in /var/log? is the netbook hot?11:10
drurewim looking for an extensive how for phpmyadmin ...trying to install joomla and need to create a mysql database...after installing the necessary packages, phpmyadmin is not accessable via localhost/phpmyadmin .11:11
v0d0ihi all11:12
icerootdrurew: you installed phpmyadmin with apt-get?11:12
sergeykish_stefg: acpi -t shows 49 C, what should I search in logs?11:12
drurew iceroot: aptitude11:13
icerootdrurew: ok, its the same11:13
icerootdrurew: apache is running? what is the error if you access http://localhost/phpmyadmin11:13
icarusrww i think there is a forwen languge server acn you vive it to andy11:14
rwwandy_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw 或者 #ubuntu-hk11:15
icarushey thanks man11:16
stefgsergeykish_: no particular idea... just skim over /var/log/syslog and dmesg if there's something suspiscious11:16
andy_ok, thank you.11:16
Incarus1where is /proc/mounts under ubuntu?11:17
lstarnesIncarus1: for me it's /proc/mounts11:17
Incarus1lstarnes, k, found it11:18
sergeykish_stefg: there is no 'error', 'warning' and 'fault'..11:19
FloodBot1DarkEyes: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:19
=== raven is now known as Guest88230
Incarus1!ops | DarkEye11:19
lstarnesIncarus1: it's been dealt with11:19
lstarnesIncarus1: and ubottu isn't working11:20
icarusstupid question here what is a flood and why did darkeyes get the banhammer for it11:20
rwwicarus: a flood is posting large amounts of text. darkeyes got muted by the floodbots to stop him from disrupting the channel.11:21
stefgsergeykish_: that's one more reason to look at hardware.... if the power suddenly cuts out it's usually a hardware problem, and no logging daemon has time to write soething into the logs11:21
lstarnesicarus: a flood is when someone sends a lot of text, often nonsense, to a channel on irc.  It's annoying and disruptive11:21
icarusrww: is this a form of spaming ?11:21
lstarnesicarus: it's sometimes called spamming, but real spamming involves ads11:22
* v0d0i chao moi nguoi11:22
* v0d0i hehe11:22
stefgsergeykish_: you could try the array.org-kernel and check if it changes something... but this looks very much like hardware trouble to me... bad ram, or a crack in the mobo11:22
Incarus1lstarnes, *incarus11:22
Incarus1lstarnes, i know what a flood is. where is admin?11:23
lstarnesIncarus1: I was talking to icarus, not you11:23
=== v0d0i is now known as toilaai
icarusrww apears to be the admin11:23
Incarus1lstarnes, yeah, sry11:23
* toilaai hi all11:23
rwwicarus: that's incorrect11:23
lstarnesIncarus1: the ops here can be listed with the command '/msg chanserv access #ubuntu list' when ubottu isn't working.  Also, there's the channel #ubuntu-ops11:24
Lynx-Oanyone here use ffmpeg?11:24
* toilaai hi delopart11:24
toilaaii use it11:25
icaruslynx-0 ; what are you refuring to ?11:25
Lynx-Oi'm trying to see what i did wrong...11:25
aftertafanyone good with ext3 disk repairing when you cant even mount it to chroot to it????11:25
aftertafwith live cd, mount gives bad superblock, wrong fs-type error . . .11:25
Lynx-Offmepg -i koh.m4a -vcodec wmv2 -sameq -acodec wmav2 -r 29.5 -f wmv2 Kingdom.wmv11:26
aftertafhave run fsck.ext3 -y /dev/sda2 but still no joy11:26
Lynx-OComes up as command not found11:26
aftertafffmepg ?11:26
sergeykish_stefg: thanks a lot11:27
toilaaidid u download the packet ?11:27
Red2For some strange reason11:27
moymoyi have choppy video playback with compositing enabled.. doesn't matter if it's compiz or xcompmgr .. Video tears and such ... i have a decent video card though.. NVIDIA 8600 GT11:27
Red2gksudo nautilus still isnt letting me change the system files11:27
aftertafmoymoy: which nvidia drivers you on ?11:27
MikeChelenmoymoy, tried different media players like vlc?11:28
Red2oh wait11:28
moymoyaftertaf: MikeChelen: i'm on the latest 185.18.14 driver and i've used VLC, mplayer, totem.. all the same issue.. and only with compositing enabled11:29
Incarushowto find out the uuid of a device?11:29
srvwhere is the c++ channel on freenode?11:29
* toilaai anyone here uses boost ?11:29
rwwIncarus: run the "blkid" terminal command11:29
moymoyIncarus: try `sudo blkid`11:30
stefgbot is dead?11:30
rwwstefg: yes11:30
icerootsrv: ##c++11:30
toilaaianyone use boost v1.38 ?11:31
iceroottoilaai: you have a specific question?11:31
Lynx-Offmpeg still isn't working after i rebooted11:31
aftertafanyone can help with mounting problem ??11:31
icerootaftertaf: just ask the real question you have, command + error or something like that11:32
th0rLynx-O: what is the response to 'which ffmpeg'11:32
steven_Greetings. I think i am getting close to having a working cam. I need some one to help me just a little more...11:32
moymoyaftertaf: just ask your question11:32
aftertafi did before :)11:32
steven_I have naked pictures of Bea Arthur11:32
Incaruswhere is admin?11:32
steven_free to any one who helps11:32
aftertafi'm trying to help  ongun, his system borked after an update... ill explain11:32
icerootIncarus: which admin? you mean ops? #ubuntu-ops11:32
Incarusiceroot, the admin, who ban spammers11:33
srvIncarus: stat filename11:33
srvi guess11:33
stillwontworkhi, i installed wrong graphics drivers, now my graphics dont work. how do i turn on generic drivers in root (recovery mode)?11:33
aftertafdrops to busybox whatever the kernel he tries, and boot to livecd to mount and chroot dont work either, cannot mount the / partition which is sda2 according to fdisk11:33
th0raftertaf: does fdisk -l /dev/xxx see the partition?11:33