jimisrvroxSiDi: you around?00:24
SiDijimisrvrox: yes00:27
jimisrvroxdid I tell you when I did down/up on the iwconfig that my system froze?00:27
SiDiThis sounds like a wifi driver issue00:28
SiDiaptitude search rt25 please00:28
jimisrvroxhrm well heres the other thing turned on the pc the other day and it told me it had a CMOS checksum error but I dont think it has anything to do with it00:29
SiDiAnd tell me which has a 'i' in fron of the name00:29
* SiDi doesnt know what CMOS is :|00:29
jimisrvroxive got tons of driver files but havent a clue as to whats what heh00:29
SiDi[01:28] <SiDi> aptitude search rt25 please ;)00:30
SiDiType this : aptitude search rt2500:30
SiDiin a console * And tell me if one of the two entries has a 'i' in front of the name00:30
jimisrvroxshows nothing on this box00:31
jimisrvroxbut if you asking me to do it on my other box that has no net?00:31
th0rSiDi: cmos is where the bootup bios is installed....could indicate a hardware problem in the computer00:32
th0rSiDi: cmos is the technology of the eeprom for the bios00:33
SiDijimisrvrox: on the box that has the internet problem yes00:33
jimisrvroxcpu is running at 53C and the CMOS error only came up once but when I just rebooted it did not come up00:36
th0rjimisrvrox: the cmos error might have been just a glitch...or it could have been an early warning. Just keep an eye out for repetitions in the future00:39
jimisrvroxth0r: are you good with wireless stuff?00:40
jimisrvroxlast I remember that I had this problem is it ended up being a rather easy fix..problem is I did not document any of it so im here again..00:41
jimisrvroxthis time im doc'ing it00:41
th0rjimisrvrox: not really00:42
jimisrvroxalright then th0r gots me another ? bsides my net connection..one is I have my usb formatted as fat32 to work with windows so not suprisingliy when I try to copy something from my linux box onto my usb drive it tells me that its a read=only file system...how can I format my drive to where I can use it in both win and linux so that I can put some files from my *nix box on there right now. I...00:55
jimisrvrox...have access to a windows box if it makes it any easier...00:55
th0rjimisrvrox: the fat32 should be fine. How big is the drive?00:57
jimisrvroxbig enough to cover what I need..00:59
jimisrvroxbut it tells me that its readonly so I cant for whatever reason copy the stuff over..01:00
th0rI use such usb drives all the time without problems. You might have to add them to fstab if you aren't running the gnome file system with xfce...try adding a line to fstab just to see if it works01:00
jimisrvroxi run gnome01:01
jimisrvroxbut its beyond me as to why I cant seem to copy the stuff..01:01
th0rjimisrvrox: then the mount should be automatic....but I have heard of that problem before...give me a sec01:01
jimisrvroxit mounts and everything just fine01:03
jimisrvroxI cna even cut/paste into a hdd from the usb but I cannot go from my linux fs to the usb01:03
th0rjimisrvrox: do a mount command and see what options the usb drive is mounted with01:05
jimisrvroxok brb01:05
jimisrvroxok all I did was type in mount01:11
jimisrvroxand I got something like rw, nosuid, blah blah blah is that what youre asking about?01:11
th0ryeah....the rw means the drive is mounted read/write01:11
jimisrvroxok so you need to know what the other parameters are?01:12
th0rif it was mounted read only it would be ro01:12
jimisrvroxoh ok01:12
jimisrvroxthats what I was thinking myself01:12
th0rnot really....just wanted to check that01:12
jimisrvroxbut when I go to properties it tells me that its a vfat01:12
th0rjimisrvrox: might also be mounted with the wrong permissions....does it say 'users'01:12
th0rjimisrvrox: yeah..vfat is fat3201:13
jimisrvroxsaid something about permissions could not be determined01:13
th0rpastebin the mount command output01:13
jimisrvroxwhen I clicked on the permissions tab in the properties01:13
jimisrvroxI cant..01:16
jimisrvroxI have no net connection on that box01:16
jimisrvroxId have to write the shit down01:16
th0rjimisrvrox: ok....checking google I found a web page that says they fixed the problem by reformatting the usb drive....01:17
th0rjeez! just found out I can't copy and paste a url from opera!01:17
jimisrvroxok thats fine by me..already cut/pasted whatever the hell I wanted..01:18
jimisrvroxbut how would you format the drive in linux?01:18
jimisrvroxbc i am no cli expert..but I am learning some in a linux class right now using suse sles9 server and it sucks bc I do not learn anything about the desktop type stuff and inztead of helping us the stupid ass teacher tells us to go to google..01:19
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th0rjeez...darn marina wifi01:22
th0rjimisrvrox: you still there?01:23
th0rthe url I had indicated that reformatting the usb drive in windows might solve the read only issue...might be worth a try.01:24
th0rI have seen the problem before...had it myself...but don't remember what i did to fix it01:24
jimisrvroxheh sounds like me with the damn wireless01:28
jimisrvroxthing of it is when you format it in windows you have to format it as a windows FS01:28
th0rjimisrvrox: that is oki....use fat32...it will work fine in linux as vfat.01:34
th0rjimisrvrox: in fact, I would prefer fat32...so whatever you put on the drive is readable by ANY computer (except mac of course)01:34
th0rjimisrvrox: I run only linux on my computer, but would still format a usb drive as vfat01:36
th0rjimisrvrox: need to call it a night here. Hope the reformat works for you...good luck with the wireless01:50
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tavelram_Im about to install xubuntu 9.04, but id like to netboot via grub instead of burning the iso. Where can I get the netboot installer without having to download the iso and extract them manually?04:54
tavelram_Could/should i use the ubuntu netboot instead?04:54
forcesyou mean netinst?04:56
tavelram_probably, not familiar with (x)ubuntu.04:56
forcesbut the netinst is an ISO too04:56
forcesand you need to burn it04:56
tavelram_ok, then no :)04:56
forcesuse unetbooting04:57
forcesyou need an ISO image, the use an USB to boot from it04:57
forcesthen install ubuntu04:57
tavelram_that would be even mor overkill04:57
tavelram_forces, how similiar are ubuntu and xubuntu?04:59
forcesthe DE makes the difference04:59
forcesubuntu uses gnome and xubuntu xfce04:59
tavelram_yeah, but do they share the same boot process etc?05:00
forcesthe install process is the same in both05:00
forcesin all05:00
tavelram_forces, ok, so I can use this guide for the entire process? https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/installation-guide/i386/ch05s01.html#boot-initrd05:00
tavelram_ok, so is there anywhere I can browse the 9.04 online?05:01
tavelram_all i want is the files netboot/ubuntu-installer/i386/initrd.gz and netboot/ubuntu-installer/i386/linux, without having to download the whole iso.05:02
forcesthe netinst ISO has like 8MB05:05
tavelram_oh, ok.05:05
tavelram_nevermind, found the files i was looking for.05:08
tavelram_i might have followed an unneccesarry symlink or something, but this is a kickass path :p   /pub/os/Linux/distributions/ubuntu/ubuntu/dists/jaunty/main/installer-i386/current/images/netboot/386/ubuntu-installer/i38605:09
gobuxI'm having problems using the nvidia-xlg-71 package with xubuntu 9.04.  Does anyone know if this still works?05:18
gobuxsorry, that's nvidia-glx-7105:21
psycho_oreossounds like a driver for older chipsets05:25
matir /away just when u think u r alone, take a look around06:04
matirsorry floks06:05
n2diymatir: how could you ever think you were alone?06:08
matiri dont . people do06:31
hosokahello everyone09:31
hosokaIf I minimize my Firefox where does this go actually ? I cannot find this nowhere.09:31
hosokaIn Ubuntu it was easy to find but in Xubunt bit different.09:31
pteagueshould still be able to alt+tab to it09:32
hosokaok, tried it out and it works. Great.09:33
pteaguealthough if it's not showing up on the panel & it's not in alt+tab it may have crashed... in which case you can open a terminal & `ps aux | grep firefox` to see if it's even running09:33
hosokafound it with alt+tab09:34
hosokaI now do see it on the panel. But slightly behind a active program currently running.09:35
hosokathanks for the tip.09:35
mikubuntuwhats the significance of this msg? : W: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/restricted/l/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24-24-generic_2.6.24.18-24.1_i386.deb12:33
mikubuntu  Connection failed [IP: 80]12:33
vinnlmikubuntu, that means that the server you get your packages from is (temporarily, I presume) down12:34
vinnlYou could try selecting a different mirror though Applications->System->Software Sources12:34
mikubuntu(after a reboot on my friends machine) hes freaking out12:35
vinnlOh wait, it's not down for m12:35
vinnlDoes he still have an internet connection?12:35
mikubuntuhe just sent me the email with the error message12:35
mikubuntui think thats his only comp12:35
mikubuntulemme call him12:36
hexbaseWhen i want to reboot, xfce says i dont have permission for hal.powermanagement or something like that16:28
nikolamhex ctrl alt backspace , then ctrl alt delete16:33
hexbasewhen i do that?16:33
vinnlnikolam, wouldn't it better to find the cause of the problem?16:34
nikolamvinnl, it happens sometimes to me to. My cause is xfapplet staying in memory i think16:35
vinnlhexbase, do you happen to know if you use xfapplet?16:35
nikolamwhen xfapplet is killed, user can log in ok16:35
hexbasevinnl, i dont know16:36
vinnlThen you probably don't :)16:36
hexbasevinnl, no i dont have it16:38
nikolamhexbase, you can go to console with ctrl alt F216:39
nikolamand see what processes are active Before login to xfce and after problem with unable to restart from xfce16:39
nikolamtype ps -A | grep xf   before log to xfce16:40
nikolamso system refuse to restart -> ctrl alt backspace -> ctrl alt F2 ->log in -> ps -A  | grep xf16:41
nikolamsee if you can see xf* something16:41
ianMachello, I have a ibook g4 running osx 10.3, I partitioned the HD using jaunty live and now I cant get back into osx.... any ideas on how to fix it?17:22
ianMacI have a ibook g4 running osx 10.3, I partitioned the HD using jaunty live and now I cant get back into osx.... any ideas on how to fix it?17:22
vinnlianMac, did you also install Xubuntu after partitioning it? And are you sure you preserved the OS X partition during partitioning?17:23
ianMacI did, Im in xubuntu now17:23
ianMacI used the xubuntu partition tool during install17:24
vinnlOK, ehm, could you install Gnome Partition Editor to find out whether your OSX partitions are still there for sure?17:24
ianMacsure, Im pretty new to linux distros, can you tell me where I can get that?17:24
TheSheepsystem->synaptic package manager17:26
TheSheepand search for that17:26
ianMaccool thanks17:26
vinnlOr Applications->Add/Remove :)17:27
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ianMacokay, the partition editor and it says it cant mount "machintosh HD" because the enclosing drive for the volume is locked17:38
vinnlHmm... Could it be that you did not shut down your computer correctly before you installed Xubuntu?17:39
ianMachonestly I dont remember17:40
ianMaccould be because I had a hard time installing xubuntu and had to shut down from the xubuntu install several times by holding down the power button17:40
vinnlOK well it seems like it might not matter, I think we can conclude that it is still there17:41
vinnlWhen you boot your computer, do you see something like "Press Esc for boot menu"?17:41
ianMacyea it shows 19.84gb for it17:41
ianMacno it takes me to yaboot and asks me to choose between osx or linux or cd, when I choose osx it shows a file blinking to the mac logo and then a question mark17:42
ianMacI tried holding option after the boot chime and it only gave linux as a choice to boot17:42
vinnlHmm, I don't really know anything about yaboot and the only thing I know of the question mark is that it means something went wrong booting17:43
vinnlWhich might after all have to do with the error you got in Gparted17:44
ianMacI guess I need to find out how to unlock the mac drive now17:44
vinnlDoes gparted also show a suggestion for resolving it?17:44
vinnlI would guess a disk check but I have no idea how that works on OS X disks17:44
ianMacno, it just shows a caution sign next to fiel system that says uknown17:45
ianMacya, thats what I said lol17:45
vinnlAnd in the right-click menu there's also no "Check disk for errors" or something?17:45
ianMaclemme see17:46
ianMacokay I double clicked it and it says warning unable to detect file system: possible reasons- file system is damaged, file system is unknown to Gparted, there is no file system available17:48
vinnlHmm, the file system for OS X was HFS, right?17:48
ianMacI think, but Im not sure, its whatever is default for osx 10.317:49
vinnlIt says here Gparted can check HFS+ but not HFS17:49
vinnlYeah well I have little to no knowledge about OS X :S17:49
ianMachda3, it says it up top17:49
vinnlThat's the name of the device, not the filesystem17:49
vinnlHmm :S17:49
ianMaclol, my bad17:49
vinnlYou might try to see if there's an OS X support channel and whether they can help you there17:50
ianMack thanks anyway, I made some progress, at least I know its still there17:50
vinnlYeah let's hope all the data on there is still intact :S17:50
ianMacyea, if not I guess I'll just have to do a new install17:51
ianMachey, whats the best flash plugin for ppc?17:51
vinnlEhm, I believe you had to fuss around with nspluginwrapper but I'm not sure17:52
vinnlOh, ubottu's not here :(17:52
vinnlianMac, ah: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash#Flash%20for%20AMD64%20and%20PPC17:53
ianMachey vinnl, r u still here?18:02
vinnlianMac, yep18:02
ianMacfriggin battery died, and for some reason xubuntu is freezing on wake up18:03
vinnlWake up as in fresh boot, or did you hibernate of suspend?18:03
ianMacanyway, any suggestions on a good flash plugin for ppc?18:03
vinnlBecause the latter is known to often have problems18:03
ianMachibernate of suspend18:03
vinnl*or suspend, sorry18:03
vinnl<vinnl> ianMac, ah: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash#Flash%20for%20AMD64%20and%20PPC18:03
ianMaccool, I'll check it out, thats next on my list18:05
ianMacthx for your help vinnl18:06
vinnlyw :)18:06
dkkongIs there a way to make a bootable backup of my entire Xubuntu system (desktop settings, etc)? I've tried using RemasterSys and it says the image is too big for a DVD. I have an empty external harddrive I could use.19:33
vidddkkong, why not simply install on that drive, and copy all the folders and files from your working to backup?19:35
dkkongLike do a new installation to the external, and just copy the system to the main drive? Would that make it bootable?19:36
vidddkkong, the install makes it bootable....19:37
vinnlIbelieve there was one other than RemasterSys but I can't recall its name19:37

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