mhall119from what I've gathered, certain apps don't run well with multiple instances on the server00:00
dgroos1mhall119: nice that you popped in!  And, saw the chats the other day and saw that you and your wife are hanging around edubuntu more--welcome :)00:01
gavinmcif your thin clients have very little ram or cpu, local apps will be very limited.00:01
gavinmcanyway, could you reload the wiki nat page? I've changed the test a little00:01
dgroos1my minimum setup is a PIII, 933 MHz w/at least 384 megs ram...00:02
gavinmcyeah, they should be able to run all local apps I would have thought.00:04
mhall119I have a bunch of Dell GX1 and GX100 boxes without hard drives that I want to use for thin clients00:05
* Ahmuck has 800mhz, 512mb ram00:05
mhall119needless to say, local apps won't run well on early model P2 CPUs00:07
gavinmcanyway, did you update the dhcp server config as in step 2?00:07
Ahmuckmhall119 really ?00:10
mhall119really what?00:10
gavinmcdgroos1: step 2?00:10
dgroos1gavinmc: yes.  I'm booting an ubuntu machine on the same part of the network as I've got the thin clients.00:11
Ahmuckmhall119>needless to say, local apps won't run well on early model P2 CPUs00:11
mhall119Ahmuck: I guess it depends on the app, but 200MHz isn't going to be real responsive00:12
gavinmcdgroos1: fabulous.00:12
dgroos1hmmm... strange, it won't even get half way through the boot process--just kind of hangs with a blank screen...  I'll try and boot with the regular network connection...00:14
Ahmuckmhall119 sorry, i was thinking larger than 200mhhz00:14
gavinmcdgroos1: that is a bit wierd.00:20
gavinmcis it possible your regular PC tried to PXE boot?00:22
gavinmcdgroos1: you might need to alter the BIOS so it boots the hard disk first00:23
gavinmcdgroos1: or disable pxe booting00:23
dgroos1gavinmc: OK it booted well, I did the test, and it gave the same ip.00:26
dgroos1Also, I tried firefox and it didn't work.00:26
dgroos1Now on to step 3!00:27
gavinmcdgroot1: okay00:27
dgroos1OK I checked the file /etc/sysctl.conf (might be nice for newer newbies than I to tell them to type 'sudo gedit /etc/ssyctl.conf')00:30
gavinmcdgroos1: yeah, you may be right on that00:30
dgroos1and it says what it needs to say.  I don't get the line, "then to make the settings immediately"?00:31
dgroos1does it mean to add the said line into the said file?00:32
gavinmcdgroos1: reload the page. is it clearer now?00:32
dgroos1:) affirmative.00:34
dgroos1Step 4--you introduce the word 'masquerading' with out defining it--might want to add a link or quick definition.00:36
dgroos1Also, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to compare the provided with, to see if I need to change something in the provided command to make it fit my network.00:38
gavinmcdgroos1: is correct for you, but I need to think how to explain it00:40
gavinmcdgroos1: masquerading is somewhat explained in the conceptual steps, but it's a pretty terse explanation00:43
dgroos1OK.  I'm at working on the /etc/network/interfaces (might want to add the sudo gedit directions there, too) and I feel a bit uncomfortable with the 'looks something like' descriptor.  Since I don't really have the big picture-I'm doing this recipy-style, I'm not sure of what needs to be exactly like what you have and what can be different.00:48
dgroos1...except you do state that I use the ethx of the LTSP interface so I know that can vary.00:49
dgroos1The only differences I've got from what you've got on the page are that I use eth0, not eth1, and I've got the 'network' line above the 'broadcast' line.  So, I think what I've got is OK.00:52
dgroos1I'll try the test, now.00:53
gavinmcI'll work on that in a second, just adding something on masquerade....00:55
dgroos1OK--I just did test for step 4 (ping and it did ping!00:56
gavinmcsounds good00:56
dgroos1Might want to change directions from: Edit the dhcp settings on the ltsp server, as above, to: Edit the dhcp settings on the ltsp server, as per the directions in step 2 (and provide the code: sudo gedit  /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf)  Don't underestimate the apparent complexity of 'simple' directions when one has limited knowledge :)01:01
gavinmcactually, if you reload, that's already done.01:03
dgroos1Step 5 says: setting the dns option to the ip address of the main network dhcp server' How do I find out what the ip address of the main dhcp server, is?01:03
gavinmcand reload again. I've added how to determine the dns01:05
dgroos1I get: domain gateway.2wire.net01:08
dgroos1search gateway.2wire.net01:08
dgroos1so is the 'nameserver' the same as the DNS server?  I'm guessing it is :) and here is the mistake in what the volunteer did yesterday-- he had put in !  Let me see...01:09
gavinmcthat's correct. I'm adding that in if you reload the page again01:10
dgroos1I was able to ping w/the other ubuntu...01:18
dgroos1and I just booted a thin client w/firefox as localapp and it is working, also :)01:18
gavinmcdgroos1: try the web??01:18
dgroos1Thanks so much gavinmc and after dinner (my wife has been waiting so patiently) I'll visit the page and review what you did, the questions and comments I made in the IRC, mix in some reflections and maybe edit a thing or two on the page as well.  Please check tomorrow (or I guess later today:) ) and see if I made no mistakes or if what I added--if anything--can be improved.01:20
sbalneavHey gavinmc01:20
sbalneavHello dgroos101:21
dgroos1Again, I sure appreciate you focus on making the documentation--or wiki if that's not the same--great!01:21
gavinmchi scott!01:22
dgroos1howdy sbalneav01:22
dgroos1back from Brazil?01:22
dgroos1Anyway, talk to you later and if you get a chance, add your 2 cents into the google doc--just let me know if you're interested and I'll add you as co-editors and of course this goes to everyone.01:23
sbalneavYep, back01:25
gavinmcokay, I've updated that NAT wiki page a bit.  It's hopefully a little more newbiew friendly.01:53
gavinmcif anyone has a moment to look it over, it's at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/ThinClientHowtoNAT01:53
gavinmcI'm off to bed now. it's 3am here in sweden :-)01:57
gavinmcsbalneav: do you have a lot of edubuntu/ltsp bugs on your plate just now?02:06
dgroosI'll go over the instructions...02:23
dgroosin the 'Requirements' section there is a list of 'you will need' and then it lists several bulleted items.  I would have started to stress upon reading those requirements because I wouldn't be confident I'd be able to get all that info.02:26
dgroosAt the end of the section, however, you say: If you don't know the information above, you can find it out.  Skip down to the section below on "information gathering".02:26
dgroosI would recommend to put some version of that last sentence ABOVE the list of requirements to reassure the reader.02:27
Howie69anyone else have Gcomrpis fail miserably after installing Edubuntu?02:28
Howie69it fails to start, I've done all of the updates, still fails to start02:28
Howie69complains about Python collecting garbage02:29
dgroosI think I know what you mean by, "the conceptual steps are:" -- you want to provide readers with a brief description of the goal of each stage ie what the role of the stage is in the overall process.02:33
Howie69Exception ImportError: 'No module named Numeric' in 'garbage collection' ignored02:33
Howie69Fatal Python error: unexpected exception during garbage collection02:33
dgroosI'd suggest simply putting, "overview of the steps".02:34
dgroosLikewise, call the next section, "Detailed instructions" to dovetail with the previous suggested change.02:35
Howie69The GCompris in the Jaunty repositories doesn't work. It's an old version with an unsatisfied dependency. Installing python-numeric will fix it.02:36
Howie69It's been broken in the repository for 7 months now?02:36
Howie69seems like someone would have fixed the simple dependency02:37
dgroosIn step 1, it says to boot a PC (I'd suggest say 'boot a computer' because the 'PC' part threw me when I was following these instructions earlier, believe it or not :) )02:41
dgroosStep 2-- might be nice to provide a link to the 'basic ltsp server setup first' page because that could be part of the issue--Although I know big efforts are currently happening to clean up the wiki that kind of extra support is useful to newcomers to the edubuntu/ltsp community.02:44
highvoltageace_suares: thanks for your enthusiasm, and sorry for implying that you're "crazy"07:36
highvoltageace_suares: for the record I don't think you are07:38
nubaegreets highvoltage07:41
nubaehey... u packaged some ltsp cluster stuff, do u have experience installing it?07:41
nubaeI'm getting an error on startup of my thin client where the thin client gets stuck looking for the app server I guess (gets stuck at getltscfg-cluster)07:42
highvoltagenubae: greetings08:01
highvoltagenubae: installed, but not tested yet. I'll probably get to do some testing over the next 10 days or so. You're quite cutting edge, the whole of ltsp-cluster has only been in karmic since last week! (I think one package is still in the upload queue)08:02
highvoltagenubae: I think it's best to file a bug on that so long and to subscribe myself and stgraber08:03
highvoltagenubae: when I do testing I can watch out for it and bug stgraber if I can't figure out what's going wrong08:03
nubaeyeah, I sent him an email, but didn't get a response08:41
nubaehe must be pretty busy I guess08:41
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ace_suareshighvoltage: hmmm maybe i *am * crazy :-) must be to put time in the wiki :-)14:16
highvoltageace_suares: heh14:49
ace_suareshighvoltage: on the photos page https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Edubuntu/Community/Photos there was a link to your blog but you changed the url, i fixed it so now it works again. Could you check for me the last three links (named 1 2 3) and see if they work for you? If not, would you remove them from the page OR notigy me and I will remove them ? thx14:56
Ahmuckin reguards to breakage, the ford model t has evlovled to something entirely different than it was.  however one wouldn't want to make 8 hour trips in that old model t.  breakage will happen and shouldn't be viewed as a bad thing.  when it breaks, there is a chance to fix it, and/or if it breaks links from another site, and they are doing their link checks, it'll get fixed.  i've noticed...15:08
Ahmuck...that pages with bad links are not normally maintained anyway15:08
ace_suaresAhmuck: on the photos page https://wiki.edubuntu.org/Edubuntu/Community/Photos Could you check for me the last three links (named 1 2 3) and see if they work for you? If not, would you remove them from the page OR notify me and I will remove them ? thx15:09
Ahmuckheh, ur a take charge kind of person15:11
Ahmuckyes, i'll check.  i can see ur trying to rope me into this thing15:11
* ace_suares pulls out whip15:12
ace_suaresAhmuck: what are u working on ?15:12
Ahmucklinks point to monkeysnest.com15:14
Ahmucki'll remove them15:15
Ahmuckmonkeysnest.com is a dead link15:15
Ahmuckdead site15:15
ace_suaresgood thx !!!15:15
ace_suaresI just wanted a second opinion maybe it was my dns or something.15:16
Ahmuckwhat am i working on?15:16
Ahmuckace_suares: when did you test the links?15:22
Ahmuckace_suares: one issue with dead links, is prolly want to wait a couple of weeks b4 erasing them.  i've had problems with my host, and my site's been down myself from time to time15:27
dgroosHello All15:38
Ahmuckace_suares: is there a wiki team?15:40
dgroosHi Ahmuck--any luck with NAT--tried it yet?15:40
Ahmuckdgroos: not yet, not been to the computer lab this morning yet15:41
Ahmuckit's summer :)15:41
Ahmuckbut sometime this morning i hope15:41
dgroosI must keep telling myself that... ;)15:41
dgroosThe directions are seeming to be the cats meow, let me know how they work for you.  Not that I could probably help debug :)15:43
Ahmuckyes yes, i will15:43
Ahmucki've many things to do today but i'll try to get to it i hope15:43
ace_suaresAhmuck: not yet i think. Want to create one ?15:47
dgroosAnyone familiar with X server? I'm trying to install a program in /opt/ltsp/i386 using chroot.  Problem is, this program requires a graphical installer.  I've configured things so that the install works as a regular user, sudo user, but not as root.15:49
ace_suaresdgroos: i think what you mean is that if you install the program as root, it can't open a display to start the graphical installer ?15:49
dgroosace_suares: exactly.15:50
dgroos...and thus can't install the program.15:50
ace_suaresI am not very versed in X but I know that you need to tell your xserver that it needs to accept connections from root.15:51
mhall119|workdgroos: are you working on a local X server, or a remote one?15:51
ace_suaresAnother option would be to start a second X server on another display and let the root session connect with that one15:51
ace_suaresbut that's probably a bit too generic for you15:51
dgroosI'm sitting at a thin client running Terminal...15:51
mhall119|workdgroos: the root user's environment probably isn't configured to use your X display15:52
dgroosace_suares: yes indeed generic/general--I don't know how to allow it.15:52
mhall119|workdgroos: did you connect as the user, then su to root?  or connect as root?15:52
dgroosIs there any way to not be logged in as root when chrooting into the i386?15:53
dgroosmhall119|work: I tried sudo and it worked, also as plain user and also worked.  sudo su didn't.15:53
ace_suaresdgroos: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30798415:54
mhall119|workdgroos: I think sudo still users the logged-in user's environment15:54
mhall119|workwhere as sudo su will put you into root's environment15:54
mhall119|workdgroos: have you tried "sudo -s" instead of "sudo su"?15:55
dgroosa cornucopia of solutions!  thanks ace_suares and mhall119|work! I'll try them all and get back to you...15:57
dgroosOK... The suggestion on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=307984 didn't work for me:16:12
dgroosdgroos@gcos2:~/Desktop$ DISPLAY=:0.0 xhost +16:12
dgroosNo protocol specified16:12
dgroosxhost:  unable to open display ":0.0"16:12
dgroosI googled with the "root cannot connect to the x server ubuntu" and another suggestion/idea I got was to use 'xhost +' while as root in the chroot didn't work:16:14
dgroosroot@gcos2:/# xhost +16:14
dgroosxhost:  unable to open display "localhost:11.0"16:14
mhall119|workdgroos: if you're connecting remotely, DISPLAY should be yourremotehost:0.016:15
mhall119|workor whatever display number you use16:15
dgroosAnd I realized that I can't use sudo -s as I'm automatically root when I chroot.16:16
mhall119|workdgroos: you might trying binding /home/user to $chrootdir/root16:16
dgroosmhall119|work I'm on a thin client--not sure if that is considered remote?16:17
dgroosbinding... would that mean making one folder think it is another?16:20
ograace_suares, just saw your mail about photos fly by, there is a series of 1h video tutorials about edubuntu somewhere on youtube (10-15 videos)16:23
ace_suarescool i ll search16:24
ace_suaresps auxwww|grep zim16:24
mhall119|workdgroos: I believe it is a remote server, yes16:30
ace_suaresogra http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdvJIGQCVi016:33
ograace_suares, right, thats the stuff i meant16:33
ace_suaresgreat stuff16:34
ace_suaresI think it should be posted on help,ubuntu.,com instaed of the wiki16:34
dgroosThis solution I found on the web partly works: I sudo su, and as root I entered: cp /home/dgroos/.Xauthority ~/ and then I was able to launch X server as root.  However, when I chroot that "cp /home/dgroos/.Xauthority ~/" command doesn't work, saying 'no such file or directory'.16:36
dgroosmhall119|work: is this the use-case for binding?16:37
ace_suaresdgroos: no when you chroot there is no /home/dgroos... just copy the file into your /opt/ltsp... before you chroot16:40
mhall119|workdgroos: it's close16:42
mhall119|worksame idea, making .Xauthority available to the root user under the chroot environment16:42
mhall119|workyou'll need it in the root user's home directory under the chroot env16:43
mhall119|workyou'll need to put it there before you chroot16:43
dgroosace_suares and mhall119|work: thanks that's what I was thinking but didn't have enough details--this should do it...16:44
mhall119|workdgroos: you can use mount to bind /home/dgroos on top of /opt/ltsp/root or wherever it is16:45
mhall119|workinstead of copying files around all the time16:45
dgroosmhall119|work: can you give me a command?  I've never done this action before.  I'm not sure what 'on top' might mean.  Is it like saying it would be parallel to it? or inside of it?  I'm thinking folder hierarchies here.16:48
mhall119|workdgroos: it would be like symlinking, only temporary and transparent16:48
mhall119|worklet me see if I can find it16:48
mhall119|workdgroos: "mount --bind /home/dgross $chrootdir/root", replacing $chrootdir with the actual path16:50
mhall119|workit should leave anything currently in $chrootdir/root alone, but any apps looking there will see what is in /home/dgroos16:51
mhall119|workso, $chrootdir/root/.Xauthority will actually be /home/dgroos/.Xauthority16:51
mhall119|workjust don't forget to umount it when you're done16:52
mhall119|workanyone here from Tennessee?16:54
dgroosmhall119|work: I substituted, "$chrootdir/root" with "/opt/ltsp/i386/root" in the command you provided, hit return and I get this: >16:59
mhall119|workdgroos: got what?17:02
mhall119|workyou might need to run that command through sudo17:02
dgroosthis symbol: >17:02
mhall119|workdid you leave out the quotes?17:03
dgroosInstead of a normal prompt I get ">"17:03
dgroosand yes, I left out the quotes.17:04
dgroosI'll Ctrl-C to get out of this and then try again as sudo.17:04
mhall119|workcan you copy/paste the whole line you used?17:04
dgroosdgroos@gcos2:~/Desktop$ mount --bind /home/dgroos /opt/ltsp/i386/root"17:06
dgroos> ls17:06
dgroos(As you can see at the > prompt I tried to type in "ls" but when I hit return, all that I got was the ">"17:06
mhall119|workdgroos: you left the trailing " in there17:06
mhall119|workbash is waiting for another one, which is why you got the > prompt17:06
mhall119|workit thinks you're tring to pass in a multi-line string17:07
dgroosoops!  OK, I've seen that before and never sure what it meant, thanks.  Now I'll try with sudo and no """ :)17:07
dgroosthe command worked!  Then I tried chrooting running the install script and... no joy, same error.17:10
dgrooswait--I needed to run the: cp /home/dgroos/.Xauthority ~/  right?  so I went back and tried and it wouldn't work: "no such file or directory"17:12
dgroosMaybe I'll try the temporary solution of copying it and see if that works.  To unmount as you said, do I use the identical command but just type Unmount instead?17:14
ace_suaresdgroos: when you say cp /home/dgroos/.Xauthority ~/ , where is ~/ ?17:15
ace_suaresie which user are you at the moment u issue the cp command ?17:15
ace_suaresand did you also try the xhost + solutions that was in the thread I sent you !?17:16
mhall119|workdgroos: you just need to "sudo umount $chrootdir/root"17:17
ace_suaresDISPLAY=:0.0 xhost +17:17
mhall119|workace_suares: does he run that on the thin client or the server?17:18
dgroosace_suares: I was root in the i386 chroot when I did the cp17:18
mhall119|workdgroos: you can't do the cp from within the chroot env17:19
mhall119|workbecause you can't see /home/dgross fromthere17:19
dgroosace_suares: yes I actually had done the xhost + command earlier which got me as far as I had gotten.17:19
mhall119|workyou need to cp /home/dgross/.Xauthority $chrootdir/root/17:19
ace_suaresmhall119|work: yep !17:19
ace_suaresnad after that do the chroot17:20
ace_suaresit'll work :-)17:20
mhall119|workin theory17:20
dgroosI'm on it!17:20
dgroosI should probably unmount, first?17:22
mhall119|workyeah, before you cp17:22
mhall119|workotherwise you're just copying it ontop of itself17:22
mhall119|workwhich might cause infinite recursion and destroy the space-time continuum17:23
mhall119|workin theory17:23
ace_suaresmhall119|work: not really I think the user he is in the chroot is root and not dgroos17:25
ace_suaresmhall119|work: superace saves the world ones again :-)17:25
dgroosmhall119|work: yes, before umounting I tried to cp and it said it was already there.  Good news though, I got an error message and multiverse still accessible :)17:27
dgroosWhile multiverse still here, no joy still :(  Not that I'm complaining...17:28
ace_suareshmm so you succeeded in starting the gui as root when you where NOT in the chroot17:31
ace_suaresbut you did not succeed when you are in the chroot ?17:32
dgroosace_suares: exactly--I'm doing it again right now to double check it still works and it does work as root via sudo su, but does not work in the chroot.17:39
ace_suaresokay but to make it work in the non-chroot you had to do something with Xauthority, yes?17:40
ace_suaresI mean the cp command17:40
dgroosRight.  Therefore I think the problem is still with Xauthority17:40
ace_suaresokay now do the same steps like you did just now in the non-chroot envoronment, but stop just before the cp command17:41
ace_suares.Instead issue 'pwd' and show us the results. it will print the working directory.17:41
dgrooswhere should I be when issuing this command?17:42
ace_suaresin ~/17:42
ace_suaresjust do a cd ~/ and then pwd17:42
ace_suaresi just wnat to know where to are you cp the Xuathority file17:43
ace_suaresso you do cp /home/dgroos/.Xauthoriy ~/ ? how'd that work ?17:43
ace_suaresbacuse ~/ and /home/dgroos are the same place?17:44
dgroosI did this: cp /home/dgroos/.Xauthority ~/ while I was root and it worked...17:48
ace_suaresbut you are root now are you ?17:48
dgroos"Now"? not at the moment...17:48
ace_suareswell try to recreate the steps, becoming root and so, but stop just befor the cp command.17:49
ace_suaresthen do cd ~/ and then pwd17:49
mhall119|workdgroos: chroot root is not the same as non-chrooted root17:49
ace_suaresno mhall119|work we are working now in the non-chroot environment lets stay there for a sec17:50
dgroosok--I just entered the chroot--I'll back out and sudo su...17:51
dgroosit said: /root17:51
ace_suaresyep! so you where copying /home/dgroos/.Xauthority to /root and then it worked17:51
* Ahmuck going to create a website of website address that people can blacklist in their DNS for now allowing alternate OSs and browsers outside of MS and IE17:52
ace_suaresnow cp /home/dgroos/.Xuathority to /opt/ltsp/.../root and then after that do the chroot17:52
ace_suaresand try agian17:52
ace_suaresi mean cp the file in to the /root/ directory of the $chrootdir17:53
ace_suares /opt/ltsp/i386/root/ probably17:54
ace_suaresI give up, i don't know enoug of thios stuff. Maybe look in #ltsp for answers ?18:00
dgroosace_suares: I'm still trying--just a little slow w/keyboardingish stuff.  #ltsp is a great idea if I can't get it.  Thanks for your effort and I'll want to make a wiki page on how to do this rather specialized but important process.18:02
* ogra wonders what you try to do18:03
mhall119|workdgroos: part of the problem may be that the .Xauthority file is for user dgross, which doesn't exist in the chroot env18:03
dgroos***dgroos sometimes wonders this too ;)18:03
ograwell, what do you want to achieve ?18:03
dgroosI'm working on installing the program CmapTools into the chroot so that it can work as a localapp in the thin client.18:04
mhall119|workogra: he's trying to install an app on an LTSP server, but the installer requires an Xwindow18:04
dgroosthe problem is that cmaptools--yeah mhall119|work said it.18:05
ograyou need to create a homedir for your user, bind mount your homedir and tmp top the respective equivalents in the chroot18:06
mhall119|workbasically he's having to run as root under a chroot environment, and is having trouble forwarding X data from there back to the X server on the workstation he's sitting at18:06
dgroosI can get the installer to work as regular user, as sudo, as sudo su when in my desktop, but not as root in the chroot.18:06
ograthere should be plenty of howtos for running X apps in chroot environments for debian18:07
dgroosCool, a decent google search terms would be...?18:08
mhall119|workdgroos: http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/49418:11
dgroosmhall119|work thanks! and thanks ogra for the tip.18:11
mhall119|workdgroos: try "echo $XAUTHORITY" as sudo su on your desktop, and under chroot, see what they say18:13
ograthat still wont work18:16
* ogra sighs18:16
mhall119|workdgroos: also http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/49418:17
ogradgroos, http://paste.ubuntu.com/234638/18:21
ogradgroos, try that, but be careful, the app has access to your server through it, if it modifies devices etc that might damage your server install18:22
dgrooswow! thought it was over, had lunch and come back to many ideas--you guys are amazing!18:22
mhall119|workdgroos: we're amazing when we get it working18:23
mhall119|workright now we're just helpful18:24
mhall119|workan "E" for Effort, as they say18:24
dgroosogra: I did the echo $XAUTHORITY command in both roots and in both places came up with a blank line being printed.18:24
ogratry my paste above18:24
mhall119|workdgroos: what about as your regular user18:24
ograxauth wont get you anywhere18:24
ograto access the xserver you need access to the sockets in /tmp18:25
mhall119|workI didn't know that18:25
dgroosmhall119|work :)18:26
ograbind mount /home /dev /tmp, make a backup of passwd and group in the chroot, chroot into your chroot dir etc etc ... as i pasted above ...18:26
mhall119|workyeah, follow ogra's instructions, they look very comprehensive18:27
mhall119|workI also didn't think to bind /dev and /proc, but I guess for an installer they may be needed18:27
dgroosogra: I'll head to pastebin now...  (also, echo $XAUTHORITY printed the same, a blank line, as normal user)18:27
ograplease check that paste for errors first, i just typed it in quickly18:27
ograbut essentially you should get whats required18:28
dgroosogra: OK by mhall119|work definition, you've achieved 'amazing' status :) :)  It Works!  Thanks.  I'll make a wiki page (which template) with what I can add and come back here and link it so you can improve it...18:34
ograbut please put a big red warning on top :)18:35
ograthe chroot has full acess to your host machine with that18:35
ograif someone installs any third party binaries that modify settings on /proc or /dev that will/might damage the host system18:36
dgroosI'll put the warning.  How does a person know if some software might modify settings on /proc or /dev?18:37
ograwell, thats the point, if you need that solution because it is a binary installer for something you essentially dont18:38
ograwhat exactly did you install ?18:38
Ahmuckmy rooting program18:39
Ahmuckheh, just kidding18:39
mhall119|workor is he?....18:39
Ahmuckace_suares: u have a task for me, a wiki page to look at ?18:41
dgroosI'm installing CmapTools.  It is the best concept mapping software available from all I've used/checked-out.  It really is a program that should be in every school computer.  Have I gushed enough?  http://cmap.ihmc.us/conceptmap.html18:41
mhall119|workhey ogra, have a quick question about soyuz18:41
mhall119|worksorry, I was being nosey and poking around your profile, and thusly learned about soyuz18:42
mhall119|workI have an Ubuntu derivative, Qimo, that desperately needs to be managed by something like Launchpad18:42
mhall119|workcan I use Launchpad for that?18:43
Ahmuckoooh, cmaptools would be soo good at visualualizing edubuntu18:44
ogramhall119|work, i'd ask in #launchpad, but given LP is opensource you should be able to set up your own local soyuz instance18:46
mhall119|workogra: I really don't have the resources to run my own LP18:46
mhall119|workI'll check out #launchpad though, thanks18:46
ograthere might be #soyuz too, not sure18:46
dgroosAhmuck: exactly what I had been thinking. :)  Want to download the software and we can make a map on a cmapserver I run on the internet.18:52
dgroosWe can co-edit it, even synchronously which is wondrous to behold!18:52
dgroosCool, also, is that cmaps made on the cmapserver are simultaneously published on the web.  CmapTools is freeware to all education organizations.  They have no interest in opensourcing it though, I think because of military grants that have funded it.18:54
ace_suaresAhmuck: you can help dgroos putting the info on the wiki and the send the link to the page to edubuntu-users so we all can look at it and enjoy!18:56
ace_suaresAhmuck:  if you are on -devel, i sent 2 mails about tasks that need be vetted in the next meeting (when is the next meeting)18:57
ace_suaresGonna cook and eat now, tg ogra cam in to help dgroos :-))))))))18:57
Ahmuckdgroos: not oss?19:06
TunaSushihi all.  is edubuntu a full ubuntu-based OS, or is it an addon disc for ubuntu?19:07
dgroosAhmuck: no :( and though many education leaders on the web have encouraged them, they won't.  Some day, I'd like to get a big grant and make an open source tool with it's capabilities, but better.19:10
dgroosAnd, I don't know if any open source projects already in existence could be used as a base.19:11
ace_suaresTunaSushi: full ubuntu based OS but there are addons to... check http://www.edubuntu.org/19:13
AhmuckTunaSushi: it's an addon at this time19:15
Ahmuckhowever, edubuntu decided to at the last meeting to create a dvd full ubuntu-based OS at our last meeting19:16
Ahmuckhrm, did it change recently ?19:16
TunaSushiso currently the proper process is to install ubuntu, then install from the edubuntu cd?19:27
ace_suaresTunaSushi: Rather than an operating system on its own, Edubuntu 9.04 provides an educational application "layer" on top of an existing Ubuntu desktop. Edubuntu 9.04 is an Add-on on top of regular Ubuntu desktop. Start by downloading and installing Ubuntu 9.04, then you may install the Edubuntu educational layer one of the following ways:20:03
ace_suaresTunaSushi: from www.edubuntu.org20:03
ace_suaresso I was wrong, it is an add-on cd.20:03
ace_suaresBut you coudl also install Ubuntu and then20:03
ace_suaresFor users with a fast Internet connection it is possible to instead just go to "Add/Remove..." in the Applications menu and select educational software from the Education and Games categories.20:03
mhall119|workace_suares: for now it is, there's plans for a full DVD image that is directly installable20:03
ace_suaresSo actually: install ubuntu and do the rest via internet if your connections is fast enough20:04
ace_suaresmhall119|work: I lik eplans20:04
ace_suaresI like plans20:04
Ahmuck30 day trail of wind or wind top by msi for schools22:23
Ahmuckanybody use the msi?  what's the quality like?22:36

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