Riddellshtylman: artwork is kwwii's domain00:00
RiddellI don't know about openoffice, wasn't it waiting on an upstream release?00:00
shtylmanhmm..might be...00:01
shtylmanwell...the stuff is there...so whenever that happens we will have the free space from kde3 libs00:01
Riddellwe don't have kde 3 libs currently00:04
Riddellwe have an unthemed openoffice00:04
shtylmanoh...goodie :)00:04
shtylmanno wonder it looks like death00:04
shtylmanI was wondering about that...00:04
Riddellshtylman: do you know what upstream release of openoffice we've waiting for?00:05
shtylmanRiddell: I think 3.2 ?00:06
shtylmanor one of the 3.1 lines00:06
shtylman3.1 actually00:06
shtylmanyea...I 3.1 if I remember right from a conversation I had with ccheney00:07
claydohScottK: re: release notes they were mostly done before I got there, I did add a few images, etc00:13
seeleshtylman: if you are looking for something to do, printing needs love00:41
shtylmanseele: what type of love does it need?? also seele...take a look at: http://shtylman.com/stuff/kubuntu_installer/installer_dialog.png00:42
shtylmanI want to change the installer popup dialogs to that...00:43
shtylman(ignore the other things we talked about) that have been fixed in the real version00:43
shtylmanseele: ??01:06
Riddellshtylman: the system-config-printer-tool needs to get feature parity with the gnome one, and have usability love applied01:08
Riddellit's all python01:08
shtylmanRiddell: alrights...whats the project name?01:08
shtylmanand you mean the thing under system settings -> printer configuration?01:10
shtylmanhehehe...git .. and not hosted in lp :)01:11
Riddellyes that's the one01:12
Riddellit's in kdeadmin01:12
Riddellit's a port of system-config-printer which is a gnome tool and somewhere in fedora's git hosting01:12
Riddellthere's bits still needing ported, bits needing fixed, then the usability plan to be applied01:13
shtylmanso do I just pull all of kdeadmin/ubuntu code? or can I just get the printer config part?01:13
Riddellget it from KDE SVN01:13
shtylmanahh so this is upstream related...01:13
Riddellit's developed by Kubuntu and generously donated upstream01:14
shtylmanany idea where it is located in the svn? off the top of your head01:14
Riddellit's the sort of thing upstream isn't very good at (geeks don't care about printing) but distros are (our users do print)01:14
shtylmanthe kde svn is a web of doom01:14
shtylmanwhere is that spec?01:17
shtylmanthat I am supposed to follow...01:17
Riddellwell the spec is just get the gnome version and port it to KDE01:17
shtylmanalrighty :)01:17
Riddellthen there's a .pdf file in the sources with seele's design01:18
Riddellso get it running and see what's missing compared to the gnome version01:18
Riddell(they layout of the gnome version has changed since to the fileview layout)01:18
shtylmanalright...I just pulled the gnome version01:19
shtylmanlemme try to get the running01:19
shtylmanfrom git01:19
shtylmanand then try to get the kde one running01:19
shtylmanand then go from there ...01:19
shtylmanis anyone else currently on this?01:23
shtylmanor has it sorta been orphaned?01:24
Riddellwell it's always on my Todo01:24
Riddellbut not reached the top yet this cycle01:24
shtylmanheh...I see01:24
shtylmandoes it ever?01:24
Riddellit did for a bit last cycle01:27
shtylmanwell...I can't promise any miracles...but I will "look into it" :)01:27
seeleRiddell: it did? for a few hours near the end of feature freeze?01:30
shtylmanalright...well got the gtk one running...01:34
shtylmanso you want a clone...??01:34
seelethere ought to be a printing page somewhere with a design spec01:35
seelethere were several functionality differences01:35
shtylmanseele: well..I have the pdf that is in trunk01:36
shtylmanbut I swear...I have seen this functionality in kde already...havn't I?01:36
shtylmananyhow..ok...just give me ALL the info ya got..and I can go from there :)01:37
seelethe functionality or the ui? there was a kde3 printer config tool01:37
Riddellseele: for at least a day01:37
Riddellshtylman: it's been in KDE 4 for a few releases now, but it's not complete01:37
seeleRiddell: oooh, a full day? sorry about the underestimation01:37
shtylmanRiddell: its the one we all currently use right?01:38
Riddellshtylman: yes01:38
shtylmanand yall just want it brought up to speed and make "prettier" and more "usable"01:38
shtylmanmake sure i understand :)01:39
shtylmanRiddell: the version I pulled from trunk...can I run that independently? or is there a special "run this module" command i need??01:39
shtylmanholy shit...it is 4k lines?. ..01:42
shtylmanjesus :)01:42
shtylmanthat will need to be put into separate files...01:42
Riddellit needs installed into /usr/share/kde4/apps/system-config-printer-kde01:42
Riddellthen run kcmshell4 system-config-printer-kde01:42
shtylmanso I can just modify the system files there if I want?01:43
shtylmanmodify in place and whatnot...01:43
* DaskreeCH yawns01:44
DaskreeCHOk Where are we ? :)01:44
shtylmanlost :)01:44
Riddellshtylman: yes you can01:45
Riddellshtylman: I typically work on it in bzr in a branch somewhere under https://code.edge.launchpad.net/system-config-printer then dump it back to KDE when it's ready01:46
shtylmanRiddell: noted01:47
DaskreeCHseele: ping01:47
shtylmanshould I go with what is in trunk as a starting point? or your branch Riddell?01:54
RiddellI don't think I have a current branch01:55
seeleDaskreeCH: pong01:55
shtylmanlp:system-config-printer  ??01:55
shtylmanor is that a mirror of svn?01:55
DaskreeCHseele: would kuser in System settings be a paperkut?01:56
Riddellright that's what I worked on last, it was synced to svn once I finished so go with svn01:56
shtylmanahh ok...gotcha01:56
RiddellDaskreeCH: it's a whole application, hardly a papercut01:56
DaskreeCHRiddell: It's not like it doesn't exist it does01:57
DaskreeCH it just doesn't turn up in system settings01:57
seeleDaskreeCH: uh.. no01:57
seelethat sounds like a bug, not a design problem01:57
DaskreeCHCan't recall why right now01:57
DaskreeCHah paperkuts are design issues01:59
DaskreeCHI'd probably have to think about those for a while.01:59
DaskreeCHDefaults don't count then?01:59
seeleuhm.. well the program exists as a design project so yeah01:59
seeleon the default? why it is being changed? what needs done to change it?02:00
seelei cant really make a sweeping generalization that all default changes are papercuts or related to design issues02:00
DaskreeCHWell I meant in a kubuntu sense of the word most defaults are just taken from KDE so it would more be an issue of should it be changed in Kubuntu or upstream02:01
DaskreeCHwhich entails a larger discussion than just a karmic release I would suppose02:01
DaskreeCHI've been really distracted this cycle so I haven't even been doing thorough bug hunting on the KDE 4.3 release :(02:02
DaskreeCHI'm trying to make it up by finding some paperkuts for the karmic release :)02:02
DaskreeCHSide note anyone been running Koffice ?02:03
DaskreeCH I tried to install Krita and it made me install the KDE 3 version02:03
ScottKIIRC upstream declared the KDE 4 one "not ready".02:05
DaskreeCHYes I know but there for testing02:06
DaskreeCHI had actually intended to use Krita (KDE3 version is waaay nicer btw) so it's not a complaint I was just wondering why when I had the Koffice 2 RC instaleld it would prefer the Krita KDE3 version02:07
ScottKIf you want KDE4 one, install krita-kde4.02:07
DaskreeCHAh that would probably be it02:08
DaskreeCHdoing this at 3:00 might have clouded that :)02:08
DaskreeCHHmm I thik that having the person's name from the install should make an entry in the Kaddressbook but that's probably not a paperkut either02:09
DaskreeCHDoes the quick access plasmoid in KDE 4.3 RC3 have a tooltip on hover for anyone?02:10

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