marsthumper, ping, what should I do for https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/77866 ?01:19
marsis it OK to just nuke a vcs import like that?01:20
mwhudsonif the user asks, yes, generally01:24
mwhudsoni guess you might consider suspending, renaming and marking it abandoned01:24
* mwhudson goes for lunch01:25
marsthumper, ping, how do you assign a VCS import as a project's trunk/01:58
marsor any branch, for that matter...01:58
marsin reference to https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/7801401:58
mwhudsonmars: you need to be a project maintainer02:15
AdamDVAnyone here?02:18
AdamDVAny diagnosis on:02:18
AdamDVmake: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.02:18
AdamDVERROR: Unable to install apache config appropriately02:18
AdamDVAny ideas spiv?02:20
mwhudsoni think we need more context02:20
AdamDVI just ran ./rocketfuel-setup02:21
AdamDVI shall delete lp-branches and try again02:21
mwhudsonprobably not02:30
AdamDVShould the progress bar be stuck at the middle?02:30
AdamDVIts right now like this:02:30
AdamDV[#########|          ]  20274KB    78KB/s | Fetching revisions:Inserting stream02:30
mwhudsonyeah, it might get stuck for a while like that02:31
mwhudsonit has to download ~150 megs02:31
AdamDVIts been like that for at least 5 minutes.02:31
AdamDVthe KB meter is advancing, but the ###'s arent02:31
AdamDVWhich I assume is fine02:31
wgrantbzr likes doing that.02:31
wgrantI let it sit like that for nearly 5 hours a week ago, and it finished fine.02:31
wgrantIs LP still a hot product?02:31
mwhudsonwgrant: yeah02:33
wgrantmwhudson: :(02:34
AdamDVHas anyone actually gone through the rocketfuel setup here?02:36
ajmitchyes, a number of us have02:36
ajmitchI haven't tried on a clean jaunty install, which is the most likely to get a good result I think02:37
wgrantAdamDV: Worked fine for me on Jaunty.02:38
wgrantIt just took ... a while.02:38
wgrantBut it was the first night, and I am in .au.02:39
AdamDVwgrant: how long?02:39
* ajmitch ended up leaving it to branch at night02:40
wgrantAdamDV: Um, it took about 5 hours all up, but that was with a bug or two in rocketfuel-setup that made it take far too long.02:40
wgrantThe actual RF branch checkout took 3-ish hours.02:40
wgrantAnd downloaded 280MB.02:40
AdamDVBug fixed?02:40
wgrant(that's by the counter bzr gives you)02:41
wgrantThe bug was fixed.02:41
wgrantOtherwise it would have taken many hours longer.02:41
AdamDVMan, can't I download the branch anywhere?02:55
wgrantbzr get lp:launchpad02:56
wgrantBut that's what it's doing now.02:56
wgrantIt will take a while.02:56
ajmitchdidn't the wiki refer to a tarball of the branch that may be useful?02:56
wgrantThat's true.02:56

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