spivmwhudson: I guess timeouts viewing code.launchpad.net/people/+me is known?02:18
mwhudsonspiv: um, some are02:18
mwhudsonspiv: are there lots of source package branches there?02:19
spivmwhudson: OOPS-1304EB1502:19
mwhudsonor alternatively, is the person involved a member of many teams?02:19
spivmwhudson: This is happening to me, I don't have an source package branches.02:19
spivI am in a number of teams, I'll let you be the judge of "lots" :)02:19
spivOr "many"02:19
mwhudsonoops not copied yet, of course02:20
spivFWIW, I do see "teams_with_branches" in the traceback.02:20
mwhudsonoh right02:21
mwhudsonthen it's known yes02:21
mwhudsoni think thumper has a branch ready to land that will fix it02:21
spivThat's good.  I'd like to be able to see code.l.n/~spiv again :)02:21
Snova_I can see it...02:22
spivmwhudson: so if all goes well that'll be fixed on edge a couple of days?02:22
mwhudsonspiv: yeah02:22
spivSnova_: heh.  logging out to see my own code page on lp seems a bit odd :)02:23
spivmwhudson: thanks02:23
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pisecxHi. What does "triaged" mean?08:29
jpdspisecx: That a developer has looked at a bug, and there is sufficent information there to fix it - someone just needs to get round to doing it.08:31
pisecxjpds: thanks08:31
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_KubaAre you having problems with launchpad site?11:06
_Kuba"Sorry, there was a problem connecting to the Launchpad server. "11:06
bigjoolsallenap: are you CHR today?11:10
allenapbigjools: Yes, probably, thanks for the reminder.11:11
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pisecxhi. I have a question. I have a project in launchpad. created a bug. another person have easy changed bug description. he doesn't belong to project, to team or to anything else. is it ok? =)12:30
pisecxI mean, anybody can just change bug description12:30
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wgrantYes, anybody can change the description or status of a bug.12:35
homyCan you upload a pot template for translation without registering a project?12:39
beunohomy, you can't, no12:40
homyok, thanks.12:40
pisecxwgrant: is it a good idea? )12:44
pisecxcan I refect update?12:44
pisecx* reject12:44
wgrantpisecx: You can always revert the update manually. The current policy very rarely causes problems, as far as I've seen.12:48
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pisecxhi, which additional permissions has driver of project?13:35
pisecxBug supervisor can change status of bugs. What can do driver of project?13:36
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maxbpisecx: I know that approving bugs for milestones is one13:54
mvohi! I seem to be unable to access my http//code.launchpad.net/~mvo page (oops from timeout) - is there a way to workaround that (e.g. ask for a batchsize in the url or something)?13:56
noodles775allenap: have other people reported the same timeout as mvo? ^^13:58
* beuno has the same problem13:59
allenapnoodles775, mvo: I'm not aware of anyone else having similar issues, but I'll look into it now.13:59
beunoonly the popular people do13:59
allenapI was too hasty!13:59
beunowhen you're part of too many teams13:59
beunomvo, it's being worked on by thumper14:00
allenapbeuno: Thanks :)14:00
mvobeuno: thanks!14:00
beunomvo, if you try enough time14:00
beunoit will eventually go through14:00
beunoyou can slap on /$project14:00
mvoit never occured to me that I could be popular, but I'm happy that LP tells me I am :)14:01
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allenapjtv: Hi there, are you available to help answer a Translations question? https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/7801515:26
Usamahello, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/icewm/+bug/270019 when it will be decided15:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270019 in icewm "Arabic support in icewm" [Undecided,New]15:31
UrsinhaUsama, I guess that's an icewm bug, not Launchpad's15:35
Usamaicewm is prepackged in ubuntu I guess15:35
dpmallenap: answered15:36
UrsinhaUsama, but language support is added when the software is developed15:36
allenapdpm: Thanks, you rock :)15:37
Usamaicewm team isn't responding and I think it's easy to include the patch. is that possible?15:39
dpmallenap: you're welcome :-)15:40
UsamaI think the team can do it. any one can patch it but the problem to provide it with patch. thanks any way15:44
allenapdpm: Do you have time for another translations question? https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/7823815:54
dpmallenap: I've had a look, but I can't answer that one. I've moved the question to rosetta instead of lanuchpad and I'll let jtv1 answer it (jeroen, that was https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/rosetta/+question/78238 in case you're still around)16:01
jtv1dpm: I just got my system back up, but am on a call now and won't be working after that.16:02
dpmjtv1: np, enjoy your evening!16:02
jtv1Thanks.  I think the question is about exporting translations to a bzr branch, but I'm not sure.  That's not operational yet, because we're not really done with 2.2.7 yet.16:03
allenapdpm, jtv1: Thank you both :)16:03
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james_wI'm getting a 'ConjoinedBugTaskEditError'16:10
james_whow can I know that a task has "Status tracked in <series>" from the api?16:10
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eikuIs there a translation memory in launchpad ?16:15
eikuI am contributing to the translation of a game, but some imaginary terms cannot have a word-for-word translation. No problem so far, except that some other contributors may have choosen another translation for the same concept. Also the player will have it hard to understand what it is about :/16:17
eikuOf course I understand that most of the applications there don't need any translation memory (even if it would help a little). However, games are very hard to translate without16:19
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dpmeiku: there isn't a translation memory per se, but there is something quite similar called 'Global suggestions'. Global suggestions mean that translation suggestions will be shown for original strings which are identical across projects all Launchpad projects (or within the same project, in fact). This should help you for identical strings referring to the same concept in the translation of the game you're working in, but it will not cover all cases.16:21
eikuthis is a good thing16:22
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eikubut not enough for this case16:23
james_wtask.related_tasks seems to do it16:23
eikuanyway, I think this is only a small problem16:23
eikuonce the entire game is translated, people will probably re-read everything to check16:24
allenapjames_w: Hi James, sorry I missed your question. If you want some help from an LP bod specifically, you can ping the help contact (which should be set in the channel title).16:29
james_wok, thanks16:30
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synicis there a way to search bugs with launchpadlib?16:46
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synicalso, it looks like staging.launchpad.net is currently broken :(16:55
synicone more thing, I cannot see how you can mark a ticket as "fix committed" via the launchpad API.  https://launchpad.net/+apidoc/#bug16:59
synicwhat am I missing?16:59
allenapsynic: I'll try and get you some answers :)17:02
synichaha, ok :)17:02
allenapsynic: Btw, staging seems to be okay for me.17:04
synicI guess it's the staging api: https://api.staging.launchpad.net/bugs/1, and just https://api.staging.launchpad.net/17:05
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1/+text)17:05
allenapsynic: Bug 1 is sometimes a problem; it's so huge that operations on it often time-out on staging.17:07
allenapsynic: Okay, to search for bugs, you invoke searchTasks() on a bug target, which can be a project, a distribution, etc.17:08
synicah, ok17:09
allenapsynic: So, to search malone bugs you can do: malone = root.projects['malone']; bug_tasks = malone.searchTasks(has_cve=True, ...)17:09
allenapsynic: It returns bug tasks, so if you want bugs you'll need to access the bug property of each bug task.17:10
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allenapsynic: This also might be confusing you for your second question. Say you get a bug with: bug = root.bugs[404010]17:12
allenapsynic: To update the status you need to get the relevant bug task for your context. For bug 404010 there is only one task, so: bug_task = bug.bug_tasks[0]17:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 404010 in malone "Refactor c.l.mail.handlers.MaloneHandler" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40401017:13
allenapsynic: Then to set it to fix released: bug_task.status = 'Fix Released'; bug_task.lp_save().17:14
synicthat'll do, thanks a bunch :)17:14
allenapsynic: You need to use the "pretty" names for statuses and importances. I think these enumerations will be exposed in the API at some point, but for now you need to code them into your application.17:14
synic"Fix Committed" is pretty much the only one I need now, I basically just want to write a bzr plugin that'll allow me to say "Fixes #44049" in the bzr comment and have it do the appropriate thing17:15
allenapsynic: Do you know about bzr commit --fixes?17:19
allenapsynic: It doesn't mark bugs as fix committed, but does set up a link between the branch and the bug.17:20
allenapsynic: The branch status will update when the code is merged into the merge target. Your script could watch for this and then mark the bug as fix committed. Maybe this is your plan already :)17:21
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aquariushey, guys; does the JSON API support JSON-P callbacks?18:34
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mhall119|workquestion, I have an Ubuntu derived distro called Qimo18:49
mhall119|workcan I use Launchpad to manage things like packages and builds?18:50
mhall119|workI already have a project for it: https://launchpad.net/qimo18:50
mhall119|workbut I don't have the Builds and PPA sections like nUbuntu and Fluxbuntu have18:50
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maxbmhall119|work: You probably wanted to register a distro, not a project, then19:22
maxbAlthough only Ubuntu itself actually has PPAs and builds, because Launchpad only has a build farm for Ubuntu19:23
mhall119|workmaxb: I see build and PPA links on both nUbuntu and Fluxbuntu projects19:47
maxb.... both of which are empty19:47
synicis a bzr plugin, post hook, how do you get the comment of the commits?19:48
mhall119|workI was hoping I could have a "diffs only" solution19:48
maxbsynic: Perhaps you want #bzr ?19:48
mhall119|workmaxb: where would I register a distro at?20:09
maxbI think that's a matter of asking a Launchpad administrator at the moment20:10
mhall119|workoh, do you know how i can contact said administrator?20:11
maxbIt's probably best to file the request in the answers tracker at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/20:12
dmentreHello. I'm having an issue while trying to sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct: invalid signature. Details here: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2009-July/009160.html  For everything is right. Any idea of what might go wrong?20:21
dmentres/For everything/For me everything/20:23
TheOpenSourcererIs it just me or the Bug filing module not working? I am trying to report a bug and it is just timing out.20:54
blueyedis there a way to configure the reply-to for lp.net mailinglists, i.e. not replying to the sender by default?21:24
LarstiQblueyed: for my (bzr) bugmail the reply-to is the bug21:42
SamBblueyed: you're supposed to just use a client that works21:42
blueyedLarstiQ: I'm talking about lp.net mailing lists though.21:42
SamBblueyed: there is a *reason* they call that process munging21:43
blueyedSamB: funny. yeah. I know what you mean.. but however, thunderbird e.g. does "not work".21:43
SamBalso try using "reply to all"21:43
blueyedreply to all will work (in TB at least), but also send another mail to the sender.21:44
blueyed"process munging"?21:44
SamBblueyed: no, they call the changing of reply-to addresses "munging"21:44
LarstiQblueyed: oh eh. Don't know but wouldn't want to21:44
SamBblueyed: so you've *tried* reply to all, or are just *guessing* about what it would do?21:45
SamBor have gmail and therefore *can't* actually try it ?21:45
blueyedSamB: I've tried, with TB.21:50
blueyedwell, IMHO reply-to-list should be default (on a a list), although that's munging. I've read a lot of discussions about this already, just got a user complaint.21:51
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