arandiddo: or if you do the autoremove afterwards, then ff-3.0 will be pulled and that should free a bigger chunk00:00
BUGabundoand xul00:01
iddoi wonder if i should, im using google-chrome only so far00:01
arandiddo: well, if you can live with a rather buggy, no-java-flash-etc.-support but rather fast, browser, I guess chromium would work...00:03
iddoflash works ok00:04
iddowould do u mean no java?00:04
iddoisn't gmail etc. java?00:04
BluesKajchromium is ok actually and if you need plugins they can be enabled from the cli00:04
arandiddo: BluesKaj: wha? I'm behind apparently...00:04
BUGabundohttps://www.mozdev.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=21299 https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/40507000:06
ubottuwww.mozdev.org bug 21299 in Core "GM crashes Firefox 3.6" [Critical,New]00:06
BUGabundoiddo: no. gmail is javascript00:06
BUGabundoname sounds similar but VERY diff00:06
iddohmm maybe u r right about no java00:07
iddoi tried some websites in chrome00:07
Shane_FaganJS is different00:07
iddoso how to enable java ?00:08
BluesKajarand,  check out #chromium00:08
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yofelgood night folks00:13
BUGabundohey yofel00:13
BUGabundoor is it bye ?00:13
yofelit's bye for now :P00:13
yofelmv $ME /dev/bed00:14
faganHehe look the Apollo 11 source code http://code.google.com/p/virtualagc/source/browse/trunk/Comanche055/?r=25800:16
alteregoaits fortran?00:30
faganNope its assembly00:31
faganVery early assembly00:32
alteregoawhat kind of computer?00:32
alteregoadiscrete integrated circuits ?00:32
faganI dont have a clue, id say its something very primitive00:33
alteregoayeah something like pong00:33
faganWell it was like the 60s00:34
BUGabundofagan: like TRON ? http://ante-estreias.blogs.sapo.pt/231191.html00:37
faganTron never saw it00:37
drs305Yeah, anyone knows you only need THREE carrots....00:52
alteregoayeah jack jazzrabbit or something00:52
drs305nevermind... doh00:52
BUGabundojoke FAIL ?00:53
drs305Tab fail, wrong channel  ;-)00:53
LLStarkswhat is multilib?01:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about multilib01:49
alteregoaa spastic binary01:49
BluesKaj!info multilib01:49
ubottuPackage multilib does not exist in karmic01:49
BluesKajffft , of course it doesn't ..it's a multi library of some sort i bet01:50
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richardcavellis it just me or does it take ages to reload update manager's package information on karmic?02:28
billybigriggerwhat mirror are you using?02:28
billybigriggerFetched 10.1MB in 13s (731kB/s)02:29
richardcavellbillybigrigger: I'm using the main server because the Australian one isn't up to date02:29
richardcavellIn any case it has to download about 10 megs02:29
billybigriggeryeah, i have ~10 ppa's in there02:29
billybigriggeri don't know what your sources.list is like02:30
richardcavellall I've got is medibuntu02:30
richardcavellIt's as though instead of just downloading the new stuff, it downloads the whole package info again02:30
billybigriggerhow long does $ sudo apt-get update take?02:31
alteregoa20 seconds02:32
billybigriggerwhat's wrong with that?02:32
alteregoachange your mirror02:32
richardcavellokay it only took 30 seconds for me that time but I only just downloaded them 10 minutes ago02:32
richardcavellit took about 5 minutes on a high speed ADSL connection 10 minutes ago02:33
alteregoayeah, they are updated frequently today02:33
billybigriggeryou can change your mirror so something closer to you, but might take a few hours or days to sync the latest updates02:33
alteregoayou can get up to 100 new packets per weekend02:33
richardcavellalright, I just changed my server to the Australian one02:35
richardcavellI'm keen to update because I get quite a lot of app crashes02:36
billybigriggerhow long does it take to update?02:36
richardcavelland I want them to fix things like the login window02:36
billybigriggerlogin window?02:36
richardcavellbillybigrigger: About 10 minutes.  It has to download 10 megabytes02:36
richardcavellThere is no login window on Karmic02:36
billybigrigger10 minutes? from the aus mirror?02:36
richardcavell10 minutes from the main server02:37
billybigriggerhow long from your local mirror?02:37
alteregoakarmic has a good karma02:37
richardcavellI'm doing it now02:37
billybigriggerand what bug are you experiencing?02:37
billybigriggerim pretty sure everyone using karmic has a gdm login window02:37
billybigriggerif you don't you should file a bug against it02:37
richardcavellI understand it will take ages if it's the first time it has downloaded the package information, but after that it should only download the new stuff02:37
richardcavellbillybigrigger: how do you get to your login window?  If I select log off, it logs off and then logs straight back in again02:38
billybigriggerwell you need to file a bug for that02:38
billybigriggerlogout/login works fine, and this would be the first time i've heard anything about that problem02:38
richardcavellbillybigrigger: so do you have a login window?02:38
richardcavellSo you're using Karmic and if you log out it gives you a login window02:39
richardcavellactually I do have a login window now02:40
richardcavellyou reminded me02:40
richardcavellbut it was an update, I downloaded it within the last week02:40
richardcavellI have filed plenty of app crash reports with launchpad.net02:40
billybigriggeryes there's a login window, i just confirmed it02:40
billybigriggeryou should file a bug02:41
billybigriggersince when did this start happening?02:41
richardcavellbillybigrigger: when I first installed alpha 3 it had no login window02:41
richardcavelland then I downloaded it via update manager02:41
billybigriggerlast gdm update was 3 days ago, and i don't seen any fixes for anything related to your problem02:41
billybigriggerso you should file a bug02:41
richardcavellI've already got about 10 bugs on launchpad at the moment02:42
richardcavellthey'll think i'm making them up :)02:42
billybigriggerfile away02:42
richardcavellanyway I changed my Software Sources to download from the Australian server and I'm downloading now02:42
billybigriggerwhat does this say...02:43
billybigrigger$ apt-cache policy gdm02:43
richardcavellhang on a sec I'm reloading package information02:43
billybigriggerfire up a new tab?02:43
richardcavellSee, it's downloading a 5 meg file right now02:44
richardcavell  Installed: 2.27.4-0ubuntu602:44
richardcavell  Candidate: 2.27.4-0ubuntu602:44
richardcavell  Version table:02:44
richardcavell *** 2.27.4-0ubuntu6 002:44
richardcavell        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status02:44
billybigriggeruse pastebin next time02:44
billybigriggerjust needed to know what installed version you had02:44
billybigriggerinclude your installed version when filing that bug02:44
billybigriggeralso the output of uname -a might help a little more02:45
billybigriggerjust a simple $ ubuntu-bug gdm might work02:46

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