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FLOZzhi  _o/10:12
kwwiithorwil: after asking the IT guys about the surge protection, I was told that you can create an RT ticket at rt@ubuntu.com10:37
thorwilkwwii: rt@ubuntu.com??10:39
knomethorwil, https://rt.ubuntu.com/10:39
knomethorwil, ubuntu:ubuntu10:39
thorwilwow, what an odd thing10:40
kwwiithorwil: yes, you can send an email there and it will create a new rt ticket which will be processed by the IT peeps10:40
knomekwwii, or use the web interface:)10:40
thorwilmost horrible interface since long. anyway, https://rt.ubuntu.com/Ticket/Display.html?id=714110:48
SiDithorwil: you got a rt login ? :O10:51
mac_vdarn it! just missed some discussion in here! 2 days silent and the minute i'm gone people are busy chatting ;p10:52
thorwilSiDi: connections! ;)  it's a very long and complicated name/passwd nobody could ever guess!10:52
thorwilmac_v: of course, that was the opportunity everyone was waiting for ;p10:53
mac_vmeh ;p i knew it... i had my doubts all along ;p10:54
knomeSiDi, ubuntu:ubuntu10:54
SiDimac_v: but we didnt expect you to come back, so we're gnna be silent for a few more years10:54
mac_vthorwil: btw what is the " most horrible interface since long " ?10:55
SiDiknome: :O10:55
knomeSiDi, ;)10:55
thorwilmac_v: https://rt.ubuntu.com/10:56
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kwwiithorwil: did you make a ticket or should I?14:28
thorwilkwwii: i did. #714114:31
kwwiithorwil: cool, thanks14:48
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