spotterthere appears to be a major problem w/ gnome settings daemon00:09
spotterfilling up my hd w/ output that .xession-errors is catchng00:09
spotterrepeated ** (gnome-settings-daemon:3457): WARNING **: Connection failed, reconnecting...00:09
TheMusospotter: Is this karmic? Have you filed a bug?00:10
spotterjust figured out what it was00:11
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spotteralso noticed gnom-volume-control-applet chewing up all my cpu00:12
funmani just noticed a bug in karmic related to gnome/pulseaudio interaction, i'm not sure who to bug about it and how to look deeper into it00:42
TheMusofunman: please file a bug against pulseaudio and it can be taken care of from there.00:43
funman287 open bugs on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio :/00:43
TheMusofunman: well if you don't find a bug thats similar to your bug, please file a new one.00:44
funmanthe problem is more, will it be looked at considering the number of "new, undecided" bugs00:45
funmani'll just try to talk with the gnome people00:48
arandfunman: well, if you don't report it it will definitely not be looked at ;)00:48
funmanarand: true :)00:48
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funman01:50 [gnome] !irc.acc.umu.se *** Banned: botnet (2007/09/02 19.51)00:51
funmanor perhaps i'm not ..00:51
billybigriggerwhat version of grub is karmic going to end with?02:14
faganIts the default at the moment for new installs02:19
billybigriggersince when was it updated to 2.0?02:25
faganOh my mistake02:25
billybigrigger1.96 is the latest in svn02:25
billybigriggerit is dubbed grub2 i know02:26
billybigriggeryeah, i created that page thanks :P glad it's becoming known :)02:26
faganThats why I got mixed up02:26
billybigriggerits old, started at a2 and haven't done much with it since02:26
faganBloody long page02:26
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ScottKlool: I'm just uploading libio-compress-perl to resolve the problem we discussed last week.  It took awhile since upstream merged several modules into one package.  It'll also have to go through New and then get promoted to Main.07:17
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AnAntHello, can someone sponsor this merge: LP  40456109:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 404561 in debhelper "Candidate revision debhelper_7.3.8ubuntu1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40456109:06
AnAntand should I retitle this bug LP 401816 to a merge request ?09:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401816 in guile-1.8 "Conflicting types for 'jmp_buf' " [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40181609:07
AnAntas there is a patch for a merge there09:07
lesshaste the touchpad on my toshiba tecra a9 fails intermittently and I see this in dmesg psmouse.c: DualPoint TouchPad at isa0060/serio1/input0 lost sync at byte 110:11
lesshasteI have to restart the computer to recover from this10:11
MementoMoriwhere can I find ext4 kernel headers?10:15
lesshastehttp://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12577 appears to fix my problem10:17
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 12577 in Input Devices "DualPoint TouchPad at isa0060/serio1/input0 lost sync" [Normal,New]10:17
lesshasteany chance of including it in jaunty?10:17
lesshasteor should I email someone about it?10:17
tseliotlesshaste: can you file a bug on launchpad about it and send a request to the kernel-team mailing list (attach the patch), please?10:35
lesshastetseliot, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/365968 I added to there10:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 365968 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics "touchpad randomly failing" [Undecided,New]10:35
lesshastetseliot, how do I email the kernel-team mailing list?10:36
lesshasteok I worked out the mailing list :)10:36
tseliotlesshaste: subscribe to the mailing list https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/kernel-team10:36
lesshastetseliot, done10:42
tseliotlesshaste: ok, thanks. I'm sure that someone from the kernel team will get back to you10:43
lesshasteit's a shame those kernel bugs in launchpad don't get triaged much10:44
lesshasteI suppose it's a manpower problem10:44
Tonikwill new releases keep the "Delete removes files without asking" behaviour of Nautilus?10:50
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YokoZarhmm, ubuntu-bug ubiquity doesn't work11:23
YokoZarshould probably bother pitti about that11:23
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gaspaI need a rebuild of graphviz package (main), for ocaml transition... it builds in my ppa, apart lpia, which it already does.13:33
gaspajames_w: are you around?13:33
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ograKeybuk, does udev have any rules to create framebuffer devices or does that totally rely on the hardcoded stuff in initramfs ? i seem not to be able to find who it would create such devices13:55
Keybukhow do you mean?13:56
ograKeybuk, ogra@babbage1:~$ lsmod|grep fb13:57
ogramxcfb_ch7026            3876  013:57
ograogra@babbage1:~$ ls /dev/fb*13:57
ograls: cannot access /dev/fb*: No such file or directory13:57
Keybukthen that module didn't request one13:57
ograthat module should create a frambuffer device13:57
ograweird, it does so if its compiled in13:58
ogra(which was the case in jauntys kernel)13:58
Keybukprobably a bug in the module13:58
Keybukanything in /sys/class/framebuffer ?13:58
ograogra@babbage1:~$ ls /sys/class/framebuffer13:58
ograls: cannot access /sys/class/framebuffer: No such file or directory13:58
Keybukthere you go then13:59
Keybukin theory, udev needs no rules13:59
Keybukit will create all devices the kernel asks for13:59
Keybukrules are only needed to override the kernel (e.g. changing names or ownership)13:59
ograCONFIG_FB_MXC=y ... i guess that needs to be modularized too if the device driver is a module14:00
Keybukif it's ARM, I'd sarcastically guess that nobody implemented that bit of the kernel yet <g>14:01
ograoh man ... ogra@babbage1:~$ sudo modprobe uvesafb14:01
ograuvesafb: failed to execute /sbin/v86d14:01
ograwhy the heck is that even compiled14:01
cody-somervillemvo, You asked me a question about update-manager, and a dbus service or something the other day. What was that question again?14:03
mvocody-somerville: if xuubntu supports shutdown via the gnome-session dbus interface. but as I understand it xubuntu now uses gnome-session too, so my question is mood14:04
mvo(or answered)14:04
cody-somervillemvo, gnome-session only runs when logged in as the gdm user14:05
cody-somervillemvo, so the answer is no, the gnome-session dbus interface is not available in Xubuntu14:05
mvocody-somerville: oh, ok14:06
mvocody-somerville: thanks, then I need to look at some update-notifier changes again :(14:06
cody-somervillemvo, Sorry :(14:07
cody-somervillemvo, I'll investigate if xfce4-session provides a similar interface14:07
ograHA !14:07
* ogra found the issue14:07
mvocody-somerville: that would be very nice, having something to use on the dbus would be great14:08
* cody-somerville wishes there was an fd-o standard/spec for cross-desktop session manager dbus interfaces like this.14:08
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ograhmm, are modules in /etc/modules loaded top to bottom or bottom to top ?14:15
cody-somervillemvo, doesn't hal provide an interface?14:16
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chrisccoulsoncody-somerville - HAL is not used for power management anymore14:19
chrisccoulsonit is consolekit that provides an interface for stopping/restarting, but the issue with using that directly is it doesn't give the session a chance to terminate properly14:20
cody-somervilleHow did HAL accomplish that?14:20
chrisccoulsonAFAIK - HAL has never had anything to do with stopping/restarting (only hibernate + suspend)14:21
chrisccoulsonmvo - how did update-notifier work before (I can't remember now)?14:22
seb128chrisccoulson, it was using the session client interface and gdm I think14:23
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seb128chrisccoulson, ie closing the session and putting gdm in restart mode14:23
chrisccoulsonseb128 - thanks, i thought that was probably the case14:23
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cody-somervilleseb128, would gdm-legacy be an okay name for the source and binary package for gdm 2.20.x?14:26
seb128I would rather use gdm-2.2014:26
cody-somervilleseb128, okay.14:27
ograogra@babbage1:~$ ls /sys/class/graphics/14:36
ografb0  fb114:36
ograHA !14:37
ograKeybuk, you were right, the module misses a dep on another module that has to be loaded before14:37
lamontso out of curiosity, how in the &&%( was backporting debhelper 7 to hardy-backports justified?14:39
lamontI mean, it's not like it potentially affects the majority of the archive....14:40
lesshasteI get " shm.c: mmap() failed: Cannot allocate memory" all the time when using pidgin14:40
lesshasteis this a known problem?14:40
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lamontlesshaste: in karmic?14:42
Keybukogra: fbcon?14:44
ograKeybuk, nope, mxcfb_ch7026 needs to depend on mxc_ipuv3_fb14:45
ograKeybuk, seems FSL never uses frambuffers modularized :)14:46
ograogra@babbage1:~$ modinfo mxcfb_ch7026|grep depends14:46
lesshastelamont, jaunty14:47
\shhmmm..where is config dir of postgresql-8.3 in jaunty hiding nowadays? normally there was a /etc/postgres  directory in the past...14:54
kkszysiuHello. Im making deb package but I dont know how to make tar.gz archive with dir tree started from "."15:17
kkszysiulike in data.tar.gz15:18
kkszysiudir structure starts from . like ./usr/lib...15:18
ionYou’ll want to create a source package (dh_make) and build the deb out of it using dpkg-buildpackage (or the handy wrapper, debuild). #ubuntu-motu should help.15:19
Picikkszysiu: Have you read the packaging guide:  http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide  Also, packaging related questions are more on-topic in #ubuntu-motu15:19
superm1cody-somerville, you are uploading an old gdm to be available side-by-side with 2.26+?15:28
cody-somervillesuperm1, side-by-side, no15:28
cody-somervillesuperm1, installing 2.20.x will uninstall 2.2615:28
superm1cody-somerville, yeah that's what i meant15:29
superm1why not just sort out issues with new gdm15:29
superm1this seems like a problem in the making..15:29
cody-somervillesuperm1, We will eventually but its unlikely such an endeavour would be complete for karmic15:29
superm1cody-somerville, what are the current issues?15:29
cody-somervillesuperm1, its requires gnome-session and gnome-settings-daemon15:30
superm1cody-somerville, ah right15:31
superm1well you are going to have issues with the installer not being able to support autologin anymore once you switch to old GDM15:31
cody-somervillesuperm1, Could you elaborate?15:31
superm1cody-somerville, in the appropriate installer component(s), when it offers automatic login reconfigures the custom.conf in /etc/gdm nowadays.  it used to do gdm-cdd.conf, but I don't believe that legacy support remains15:32
cody-somervillesuperm1, I guess I'll have to fix that15:33
cody-somervillesuperm1, Thanks for pointing that out15:33
superm1nonetheless, you need a nice way to query what version of gdm is on the livefs if you wanted to use gdm-cdd.conf or custom.conf on demand15:33
superm1cody-somerville, yup np.  take a look through user-setup, i think most of that happens there nowadays15:34
seb128cody-somerville, superm1: having gdm2.20 and gdm will make conffile handling trickier too15:37
seb128ie you will need to support people switching between those15:38
seb128and the conffile move between binaries and versions15:38
superm1i'm not encouraging gdm2.20 myself, i'm fine just having gnome-session-bin and gnome-settings-daemon stuck in the install for mythbuntu until xfce has suitable replacements15:38
superm1we've got a workaround for bug 403291 for now (albeit a bit of an ugly one)15:39
Usamahello, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/icewm/+bug/270019 when it will be decided15:47
Usamaimportance undecided15:48
Usamait's simple patch that could make it works15:48
lamontlesshaste: that would make it a question for #ubuntu....15:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 270019 in icewm "Arabic support in icewm" [Undecided,New]15:49
LaneyUsama: I suggest you try and get that patch integrated upstream15:49
Laneypop by their IRC channel15:49
lesshastelamont, really?.. the chances of anyone in #ubuntu even being able to understand the question... :(15:49
Usamathey don't respond15:49
lamontlesshaste: this would be the channel to discuss your patch to fix the problem15:50
lesshastelamont, I take your point.. although it makes me sad :)15:51
ubottuError: <Bugtracker.plugin.Sourceforge instance at 0x1178908> bug 1440618 not found15:51
lesshastelamont, maybe this is an acceptable question.. I see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gstreamer0.10/+bug/317537 but in my case I get it just by running pidgin15:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317537 in gstreamer0.10 "E: shm.c: mmap() failed: Cannot allocate memory" [Medium,New]15:54
lesshastelamont, should I open a separate bug report?15:54
lamontlesshaste: either that, or if it matches closely enough, you could just mark the existing bug as also affecting pidgin15:57
lesshastelamont, ok but I feel sure it's not a pidgin problem16:08
gaspaAmpelbein: hi.16:14
Ampelbeingaspa: hi16:14
gaspahave you plan to merge ocaml-bjack?16:15
Ampelbeingaspa: it's pretty far down my list so if you want to take it, feel free to.16:15
gaspathanks, it's required to go on with ocaml transition,16:15
Ampelbeinno problem.16:16
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spotterwould not having pulse audio installed making gnome-volume-control-applet and gnome-settings daemon go crazy?17:18
spotteri.e. they both keep on repeating to .xsession-errors "WARNING **: Connection failed, reconnecting..."17:18
spotterhmm. it appears so17:19
seb128spotter, yes, there is bugs about those and next upload will recommends pulseaudio17:21
spotterit keeps on trying to run /usr/bin/pulseaudio and open related files17:21
spotterseb128, this seems like a depends17:21
spotterit fills up my hd17:21
seb128no, a recommends17:21
spotterthen it shouldn't output warnings every 1ms17:21
seb128you are not forced to use the the applet or enable the g-s-d option17:21
spotterwhat options in g-s-d?17:21
seb128the volume control17:21
seb128it's a plugin you can enable or not in gconf17:22
seb128anyway the excessive pulling is a bug17:22
spotterwell, I can't seem to disable it easily :)17:22
seb128the gnome-media issue is fixed in git17:22
spotterso is an ubuntu desktop going to be usable w/ pulse?17:22
seb128well recommends are thing installed by default you can uninstall if you know what you are doing17:22
spotteras I was having major issues w/ flash with pulse b417:22
seb128or rather yes but you will have no volume control17:23
spotterI mean usable w/o17:23
seb128you need pulseaudio to get volume control17:23
seb128that's a GNOME choice17:23
spotterbut you read it right17:23
spotterhave the flash issues been fixed? (or dont know?)17:23
seb128ultimately flash is an adobe problem if you use the closed source adobe version17:24
spotterI can deal without volume control at least on this machine (thinkpad w/ hardware buttons)17:24
spotterdidn't fedora make a non pulse mixer?17:24
spotterthought I read something in lwn17:25
seb128dunno, that's fedora who pushed to pulseaudio requirement over GNOME17:25
spotterwhat gconf do I change for g-s-d17:25
seb128I would find ironic if they wrote a non pulse version too17:25
seb128ie they just rewrote the capplet to be pulseaudio only17:25
seb128that's probably what you read about17:25
spotterright, and people complained as it killed their audio17:26
spotterso they put a non pulse one in for those who need it17:26
seb128I would be surprised17:26
seb128we had a non pulse version before in GNOME17:26
seb128ubuntu patched jaunty to still use it17:26
seb128the fedora guys said they would want such hack upstream and that audio stack and drivers should be fixed17:27
seb128but there is plenty of non pulse mixers around17:27
seb128in ubuntu too17:27
seb128spotter, /apps/gnome_settings_daemon/plugins/media-keys/active17:27
spotteranyways, know the gconf key i need to change?17:27
spotterthat just killed g-s-d :)17:28
seb128restart it?17:28
spotterthough didn't seem to affect widget in xchat17:29
spotterno more noise17:29
spotterdidn't redo widgets in any app running17:29
spotterany idea how to remove gnome-volume-control-applet?17:31
seb128spotter, go to system, preferences, session17:32
seb128and uncheck the corresponding line17:32
seb128or startup application it's named17:32
cody-somervilleseb128, gnome-keyring-daemon installs a autostart file to /etc/xdg/autostart - that shouldn't happen anymore right because pam takes care of it now?17:35
seb128cody-somerville, pam is only used when you don't set autologin no?17:35
seb128ie in the autologin case you need the autostart17:35
spotterseb128: this is what I remember http://lwn.net/Articles/330432/17:35
cody-somervilleseb128, correct17:36
spotterhopefulyl now wont end up with a 4GB .xsession-errors file after one day17:37
cody-somervilleseb128, I have three gnome-keyring-daemon processes running - do you imagine that could cause problems?17:37
seb128spotter, you should better use pulseaudio and try to get it working17:37
seb128ie better to use energy to solve issues than to roll back to old technologies to avoid having to do the work17:38
spotterseb128: except I cant deal w/ firefox hanging every time I close a tab that ran flash17:38
seb128cody-somerville, I doubt it other people would have noticed17:38
spotterI could avoid flash17:38
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spotterbut unfortunately, want it for some things17:38
spotterneed either chrome or firefox process model to come around so this wont be an issue :)17:39
billybigriggerdtchen, ping17:39
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cody-somervillewhy is /usr/sbin not in my PATH anymore?22:18
seb128soren, hi, could you look at bug #403216 which is waiting for sponsoring?22:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 403216 in vm-builder "[debdiff] vm-builder dies with: AttributeError: 'VM' object has no attribute 'ec2'" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40321622:20
seb128soren, could you also look at bug #391224?22:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 391224 in open-vm-tools "open-vm-tools should recommend open-vm-toolbox" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39122422:39
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kozzwhere should packages that contains python code install the files?23:17
kozzbecause coherence installs the files in /usr/share/coherence/ so I have to set PYTHONPATH to that directory for coherence so work23:17
kozzare the files installed in the wrong directory or is there some PATH that need to be adjustet23:17
kozzlooks like most packages have their files installed in /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages23:18
DktrKranzkozz: it's a known issue. I talked to coherence co-maint about it, he has to provide a public module via a new python-coherence package23:18
kozzDktrKranz: right, was no bug about it on launchpad so I though it could be something on my machine only, some path that hadn't been updated during the upgrade or similar23:21
kozzthanks for the info23:21
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ebroderIs there any way to suppress certain messages with notify-osd?23:56
ebrodere.g. the system-config-printer messages that a job has completed?23:57

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