asachmm didnt like the syntax ;)00:00
asacoh one TARGET has no _VERSION ;)00:01
asacstill not happy00:01
asacok xpath lacked quotes ;)00:02
asacfeels like an infinite loop now00:03
asacbdrung_: do you know if its a problem to do a "call" from a "call"?00:04
bdrung_asac: updated patch?00:04
bdrung_asac: thats ok00:04
asacbdrung_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/234143/00:04
bdrung_asac: you should call yourself, but others ;)00:04
asacoh i think i know what might be the problem00:05
asaci have a bad install.rdf for testing00:05
BUGabundoasac: https://www.mozdev.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=21299 https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/40507000:06
bdrung_immer die schuld auf andere schieben ;)00:06
ubottuwww.mozdev.org bug 21299 in Core "GM crashes Firefox 3.6" [Critical,New]00:06
asacbdrung_: noe ... aber install.rdf war wirklich kapuut ;)00:07
asacnevertheless, same result00:07
asacinfinite something00:07
asacnot really looping because CPUisnt utilized00:07
bdrung_asac: yes, same symptoms here00:07
asacbummer ;)00:07
asaci  see it00:07
asaci didnt pass any file in ;)00:08
asacso its waiting for stdin ;)00:08
bdrung_yes, with a file it works00:08
asacnow the real version comparer and all is good00:10
asacso at best moz-xpi --compare-versions00:11
asacor something00:11
asacnot sure00:11
asacmpkg --compare-versions00:11
BUGabundoasac: ahhhh I found out what cause GM to break FF: http://general.arantius.com/im-a-googler-now00:11
asacBUGabundo: gm == globalmenu?00:12
BUGabundoasac: Grease MOnkey00:12
BUGabundowhat have I been talking about for the last 30 min !??00:12
bdrungasac: moz-xpi --compare-versions? is there already a comparer?00:13
asacbdrung: no. if you do that we should make a script out of it ;)00:13
asacit could also help us in other things we did00:14
asaclike the auto-sync stuff for .xpis from AMO00:14
asacwe implemented some bad heuristic there as well afaik00:14
asachmm. though maybe checkout the branch that volans did00:14
asacmaybe he really implemented it00:14
bdrungasac: and i could use my favorite toy language00:14
asacwhatever you prefer00:14
asac(but please dont pull in stuff that normal users dont have)00:15
bdrungthe snake00:15
asacat best something that is installed by default ;)00:15
asacso java might be a bit bad choice imo.00:15
bdrungasac: link?00:15
asaci dont know00:16
asaci think he compared versions somewhere in those scripts00:16
asacmaybe we worked around it00:16
asacbut i am sure it would have been helpful there ;)00:16
asaci really think we worked around by just mirroring everything and hoping that the ftp server has the right timestamp order00:18
BUGabundoasac: what's Mozilla MicroB?00:18
asacthats something nokia did afaik00:19
asaci never got it00:19
bdrungasac: he only searches for the version, but not for minVersion or maxVersion.00:19
asacjust that it caused a bunch of problems during 1.9 cycle because they landed lots of embedding stuff without proper review00:19
asacand then everything got backed out00:19
asacbdrung: yeah. i remember now that we wanted a comparer to see if a new version is available, but then00:20
asacwe relied on the order and hope00:20
* asac feels a bit bad that this never got rolled out00:21
bdrungasac: next weekend i will write a little python script for it. that will be no big deal.00:21
bdrungfunctional programming :)00:21
bdrunggood night00:22
asacbdrung: thx00:23
bdrungasac: do you push your fix?00:23
asaci am really happy how far we managed to drive xpi.mk forward ;)00:23
asaci never had time to do this for ages00:23
asacone thing we might want to do is to review how well its usable for non-cdbs stuff00:24
asace.g. can we provide the right hooks so its easy for plain rules00:24
asacand can we make parts of it useful (like xpi:depends) for extensions that dont use xpi.mk for repacking ;)00:24
asacbut well. i think that crewating a .xpi should be ok as an intermediate step00:25
asacanyway. its late00:25
bdrungasac: yes. and we need to fix the dependencies. try to clean and then run target binary and you will fail. this should not happen00:25
asacbdrung: for me running debuild -b works multiple times00:25
asaclet me check clean + binary00:25
asacbut good night00:25
asaci can check that on my own00:25
bdrungrunning with fakeroot debian/rules clean binary00:26
bdrungasac: ping me donnerstag abend00:26
bdrungafter my exams00:26
bdrungnow, really gn800:26
asacbdrung: good luck00:27
bdrungit's so late that i mix german and english00:27
asaccommitted rev 21200:33

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