B5Dusterhey all - quick question. Couldn't find anything on google on this one. I'm able to boot a diskless frontend box thru normal means but I'd like to do an HD install from the diskless session (not able to boot from CD drive). Is this possible?00:57
B5DusterI have crappy little via epia sp series based front-end and I can't boot from my sata dvdrom drive or via my usb HDD so I'm looking for another (not too difficult) solution to get this front-end up and running without constantly network booting it01:00
B5DusterI'm kind of at a loss01:04
B5DusterDoes anyone know how to install to HDD from a running diskless front-end session?02:02
B5DusterI guess since I can boot a network image I could pass it the initrd and installer kernel..02:03
unimaginativeI wonder why this adapter is only working at 100Mbit / sec when it's advertised speed is 1Gbit /sec02:49

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