ubottuPaddy_NI called the ops in #ubuntu (Rapt0rJezuz)02:09
Paddy_NIHello.. no one put a ban on  "Rapt0rJezuz_"02:12
naliothPaddy_NI: is he back?02:12
Paddy_NIdid you not see what he posted?02:13
Paddy_NIany way.. just letting you know02:13
ubottuHFSPLUS called the ops in #kubuntu ()02:14
bazhangthat is john_nels  ^^ hfsplus02:15
bazhangHFSPLUS, thought you said you were going to school02:15
HFSPLUSI am Next month02:15
bazhangso you are wasting people's time until then?02:16
HFSPLUSTodays my last offical day on irc02:16
bazhanghe has done this 'It's my last day on IRC' many times before02:17

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