rcsheetsi'm getting a really generic "permission denied" when i try to mount an nfs4 export, even from the nfs server. i'm running out of ideas for what to do. here's the best log output i've found so far: http://pastebin.com/d45780b6600:43
rcsheetserror 13 is apparently "permission denied" or "access denied" or some such thing.00:44
artillerytx_hooray its working00:48
artillerytx_so whenever i want to install something that is mysql dependent i just do localhost for the server00:48
giovaniartillerytx_: well ... the server is there, locally, so yes00:49
giovanithat's typical on small webservers00:49
artillerytx_is it bad to have no password on mysql user names01:06
giovaniartillerytx_: obviously, yes01:08
artillerytx_trick question01:08
bsmith_Is it possible to run a folding at home on a server02:29
rcsheetsi don't see why not02:29
bsmith_Do you have any suggestions for media server?02:34
twbbsmith_: apt-get install boinc? (re: folding)02:35
bsmith_twb: thanks02:35
twbbsmith_: sorry, it's "boinc-client".02:35
twbAnd the GUI is boinc-02:36
twbAnd the GUI is "boinc-manager"02:36
twbStrangely, folding@home doesn't appear to be listed there; I can see only "boinc-app-seti" and "boinc-app-milkyway"02:36
bsmith_twb: So what is it?02:37
twbI suppose it's possible that folding doesn't use the BOINC infrastructure, but that seems unlikely.02:37
bsmith_twb: do you have any suggestions for a media server with browser listening?02:39
twbI believe MythTV is a widely used media system.02:39
twbI cannot vouch for it personally.02:39
bsmith_I figured MythTV was designed for tv usage? not computer usage.  Or am I wrong/02:40
twbPerhaps you should clarify what you mean by a "media server"02:41
twbAt its most basic, a media server could simply be a fileserver with video and audio files on it.02:41
bsmith_specifically music02:41
bsmith_sorry should have been more clear02:41
twbbsmith_: are the speakers attached to your "media server", or to your desktop?02:42
bsmith_Im looking to do something similar to pandora.com but without the randomness? does this make sense.02:42
twb"We are deeply, deeply sorry to say that due to licensing constraints, we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S."02:43
twbSorry, I can't determine what pandora is.02:43
rcsheetshe wants a flash app or something to sit in the browser and play music at him, with the music being on the server.02:44
rcsheetsmusic on server, web server on server, browser on client, speakers on client. music flows out speakers.02:44
bsmith_oh terrible sorry didn't realize you were out of the U.S.  I want to listen to music from any computer without downloading the .m3u for streaming02:44
twbI wouldn't know about that.  Probably I would implement something using either xmms2 or by embedding mplayer in a fat browser and just putting an httpd on the server.02:45
bsmith_thanks rcsheets.  you have a suggestion02:45
twbbsmith_: what's wrong with downloading an m3u?02:45
rcsheetsbsmith_: could you use itunes rather than a web browser?02:45
rcsheetsyou could use the thing that comes with freenas02:46
twbitunes runs on GNU/Linux?02:46
rcsheetsthe name escapes me at the moment02:46
bsmith_rcsheets: yes but i would perfer not to02:46
rcsheetstwb: i assumed that the only linuxy part was likely the server.02:46
twbOh.  Sorry, I'm not used to people still using non-GNU/Linux desktops.02:46
rcsheetsnp, we made different assumptions02:47
bsmith_Are there any suggestions?02:48
abstortedminds1hi, i cant seem to get a network connect at all from eth0 to the router, other machines are working fine and acquiring a dhcp address.  any idea?02:49
twbabstortedminds1: are you running network-manager (NetworkManager) ?02:49
abstortedminds1yes i think so, the little icon at the top of the screen02:50
abstortedminds1if that is network manager then yes02:50
twbabstortedminds1: that sounds like a desktop, not a server.02:51
abstortedminds1i tried doing it through editing /etc/network/interfaces to auth eth0; ifface eth0 net dhcp02:51
bsmith_abstortedminds1:  what is your os?02:51
abstortedminds1yes i installed ubuntu desktop on the server02:51
abstortedminds1for gnome02:51
abstortedminds1ill remove it later02:51
twbabstortedminds1: OK, that's kinda bad juju02:51
twbabstortedminds1: I recommend removing network-manager entirely, and writing a simple /etc/network/interfaces file.02:52
twbIME most network problems are caused by NM02:52
abstortedminds1doing that now02:52
abstortedminds1k i removed it, ill let you know if this works02:53
twbinterfaces should read:02:53
twbauto lo \n iface lo inet loopback \n02:53
twballow-hotplug eth0 \n iface eth0 inet dhcp02:53
twbWhere those \ns are newlines.02:53
bsmith_Are there any suggestions for my music server02:53
abstortedminds1when i restart networking i get the same problem, DHCPDISCOVER on eth0 to port 67 keeps scrolling until it gives up02:53
abstortedminds1allow-hotplug i dont have02:54
rcsheetsbsmith_: yeah look into freenas like i suggested. it comes with some good stuff.02:54
bsmith_will do thanks02:55
twbabstortedminds1: make sure that NetworkManager isn't still running02:55
abstortedminds1ok, so there is no: auth eth0?02:55
twbThat would be "auto".02:55
twbChanging "auto" to "allow-hotplug" just means, theoretically, that you can unplug and reconnect the cable and it will automatically restart DHCP.02:55
artillerytxSo do i need to set up an internet dns server so i can look at the domains im hosting ?03:04
abstortedminds1any ideas guys? what other things could prevent this?03:05
twbabstortedminds1: no cable, or your DHCP server is picky about who it responds to, or your switch/router needs a reset03:08
abstortedminds1ok well, ill reset my router and check those, but its a typical linksys router03:08
abstortedminds1so well see03:09
AdamDVHow come my server install complains it can't find courier-imap courier-pop courier-imap-ssl courier-pop-ssl maildrop and a few other packages?03:13
twbBecause it's broken?03:13
AdamDVIts a linode :/03:13
ajmitchbecause you don't have universe enabled?03:13
AdamDVI've tried with 2 different images.03:13
AdamDVAH hah!03:13
AdamDVTHanks :)03:13
artillerytxis it bad that my apache2.conf file is missing Servertokens... and ServerSignature03:14
ajmitchsee /etc/apache2/conf.d/security03:15
twbUniverse is off by default for a reason :-/03:15
twbWhy are packages in main allowed to depend/recommend on packages in universe?03:15
ajmitchtwb: they aren't03:16
twbSo AdamDV is just trying to manually install those packages?03:16
ajmitchquite possibly03:16
AdamDVNo no.03:16
* ajmitch shrugs03:16
twbajmitch: it's also bloody annoying that depending on which order you install packages, you get a different MTA03:16
ajmitchAdamDV: how are you trying to install them, and what is complaining?03:16
AdamDVIt was the universe repo :D03:17
twbajmitch: I wish packages would consistently depend: exim4 | m-t-a, or postfix | m-t-a03:17
ajmitchtwb: they are being switched to depend: default-mta | m-t-a now I think03:17
twbajmitch: is there a blueprint or lintian template for that?03:17
ajmitchnot sure, but it is being taken up in debian as well I believe03:18
twbIt'd be nice to make a list of people whose fingers I need to jump up and down on :-)03:18
twbajmitch: so default-mta is exim4 on Debian and, what, postfix on Ubuntu?03:18
rcsheetspostfix ftw03:18
twbGood, good.03:18
ajmitchso it looks to be a virtual package provided by only one MTA on each distribution03:19
twbHmm, no hits for it on p.u.c, though03:19
ajmitchp.u.c probably doesn't have a list of virtual packages03:20
ajmitchpostfix provides default-mta on ubuntu though03:20
artillerytxand on shorewall to add ftp i do "FTP/ACCEPT    net    $FW"03:23
tiger2wanderhi all03:43
* ball waves03:44
tiger2wandercould anyone help me to find the way to get RAM manufacturer by command line?03:44
tiger2wanderI have used dmidecode command but it could not specify that information03:44
twbtiger2wander: try lshw03:46
twbBut I'm not sure you can ever get that information03:46
twbShort of driving out the the site and opening the case03:46
bsmith_Anyone here who can help me do a usb install of FreeNAS03:47
twbWhat is a USB install?03:49
bsmith_I need to make a bootable usb of FreeNAS. I tried uNETbootin03:50
twbEr, FreeNAS is a distro?03:51
twbOh, sorry, you mean network attached storage.  I was thinking network audio server.03:52
bsmith_twb: any solution?03:52
twbbsmith_: apparently freenas is a FreeBSD distro, so it's not appropriate to discuss it here.03:53
balltwb: unless you're mounting it on an Ubuntu Server box03:53
ball...or perhaps migrating or comparing.03:53
tiger2wanderI tried but no luck03:54
bsmith_I am comparing, I currently have ubuntu desktop 9.04 on, but was looking into FreeNAS as an alternate03:54
bsmith_I also mentioned this on the freenas channel but no such luch03:54
twbbsmith_: then you must stay in the freenas channel nd be patient.03:55
twbWe cannot provide technical support for freenas03:55
bsmith_well what about a working music server in ubuntu 9.04 server or desktop?03:55
ballbsmith_: they may be sleeping03:56
twbbsmith_: I'm not aware of any free software that meets the requirements you discussed earlier.03:56
ballbsmith_: what sort of music server? (What do you want it to do?)03:57
bsmith_ball: wish I was!03:57
bsmith_ball: I want to listen to music from a web browser.03:57
* ball stares blankly03:57
bsmith_ball:  I don't want to download a streaming file.03:58
ballYou want the audio amp connected to the server and to use a Web browser running on another box to control music playing software on the server?03:58
bsmith_bsmith stares blankly03:58
bsmith_I want to be able to listen to music from the server on any computer without having to download the .m3u03:59
ballbsmith_: sounds like a job for something like mythbuntu03:59
bsmith_Ill check it out, do you have any more details on it?04:00
twbball: let me paraphrase04:00
twbball: he wants to store music on a server which has an httpd.  When he browses to that httpd from his desktop, he wants to download a flash/java app that will play the music on his desktop, without needing to actually set up a normal music player (e.g. winamp or mplayer) on the desktop.04:02
twbbsmith_: correct me if I'm wrong.04:02
ballhttp is a peculiar choice for that, but the people in #mythbuntu may be able to steer you right.04:02
balltwb: oh, you just want some flash thing then.  I don't do those.04:03
bsmith_ball: thanks.  twb: What I want is similar to jinzora jukebox04:03
twbball: indeed, I think the requirements are fundamentally screwy.04:04
twbball: to me it sounds like bsmith_ is yelling "I want to circumvent the lockdowns in my company's SOE!"04:04
balltwb: that occurred to me too ;-)04:05
twbBecause obviously if you have root on the desktop it'd be far simpler to set up xmms2 or mplayer.04:05
ballI actually would like to do something similar, but with genuine client software installed on the, erm, clients.04:05
twbball: meaning something that can talk to icecast / http / whatever?04:06
* ball nods04:07
ballSomething that can talk to whatever I end up running on the media server04:07
twbball: are you running Ubuntu on the desktops?04:07
ballI run Ubuntu on my own desktop and for the set-top boxen in the other rooms I will probably run that or something very much like it.04:08
ball(this is a long term project)04:08
bsmith_twb: http://en.jinzora.com04:08
ScottKmysql 5.1 in Unstable in Debian, so does that mean we're going to make the jump for Karmic?04:08
twbbsmith_: I think that's talking about plugging the stereo into the server.  That's easy.04:09
balltwb: that's handy because almost any music-playing program for Linux is going to work as a remote X client.04:10
ball...so no fancy streaming stuff required ;-)04:10
bsmith_thanks for the help04:20
=== vrizlle is now known as vraa
artillerytxwhy would shorewall prevent my computer locally from access it05:56
twbartillerytx: that's a question you should ask shorewall, methinks05:59
twbOh, shorewall is actually in Ubuntu05:59
artillerytxwell i uninstalled it and its not working06:00
twbWhat does "iptables-save" say?  Pastebin the output06:00
twbOK, and what is being blocked?06:01
artillerytxi can access the apache server and see that06:01
artillerytxbut i know you guys don't support webmin but i can't access webmin06:02
artillerytxand my domain is no longer working06:02
artillerytxonly thing i can think of is i recently installed shorewall06:02
ScottKYou access webmin via your web server, so if you can see web pages, it's not the firewall.06:03
* ScottK is pretty sure....06:03
twbScottK: webmin sits on its own port, not via apache06:03
artillerytxwell that sucks06:03
qman__well, not knowing anything about your particular setup06:03
qman__I'd have to assume that shorewall needs exceptions for your other services06:03
twbartillerytx: shorewall is still sitting in your firewall.06:03
artillerytxi removed it though06:04
twbYou haven't, according to iptables-save.06:04
twbartillerytx: you need to rip it out, or whitelist the appropriate ports and such.06:04
artillerytxrip it out06:04
twbIncidentally, I think ufw(8) is probably a more approved firewall wrapper than shorewall, around here06:04
qman__I put together a bash script to do my firewall06:05
twbqman__: I don't even use bash06:05
artillerytxso how do i get rid of shorewall completely06:05
qman__sudo apt-get purge shorewall06:05
twbUnless you count the (da)sh instance in "pre-up iptables-restore </etc/iptab"06:05
qman__ought to clear out all the files06:05
qman__and then you need to flush iptables06:05
qman__and set the default policies06:05
artillerytxthats a little more than i know how to do06:06
qman__sudo iptales -F06:06
twbYou'd want to set the policies first06:06
qman__sudo iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT06:06
twbOtherwise you'll lock yourself out, since they default to DROP06:06
qman__sudo iptables -P OUTPUT ACCEPT06:06
qman__my bad06:06
artillerytxokay so run the first one first06:06
artillerytxor the second one06:06
qman__run the iptables -P ones first06:06
qman__then iptables -F06:06
artillerytxk output than input06:06
qman__either way06:07
artillerytxor input than output sorry06:07
twbqman__: how about this: iptables-save | sed 's/DROP/ACCEPT/; /^-/d' | iptables-restore ?06:07
twbevil enough for ya? ;-)06:07
qman__that would overcomplicate it06:07
artillerytxk ran those commands06:07
twbartillerytx: can you still talk to the server?06:07
qman__now your firewall should be accepting all traffic06:07
qman__unless there's some modules jammed in dropping stuff on you06:08
twbartillerytx: at this point, you should unplug your server from the internet because otherwise it will be attacked06:08
artillerytxwell i have my routers firewall06:08
qman__I tried to use moblock once06:08
qman__it doesn't use iptables06:08
error404notfoundhow would you grade: http://pastebin.com/m66b41292 ?06:08
qman__I couldn't get it to accept LAN traffic06:08
twbqman__: I have no "moblock" here06:09
twbqman__: URL?06:09
twberror404notfound: what are you trying to achieve?06:09
qman__it's a peerguiardian-like tool for linux06:09
twberror404notfound: setgid is 1000, not 400006:09
twbSorry, setuid06:09
qman__but when I installed it it basically broke all my networking06:09
error404notfoundtwb, assure that no non-neccesaary files has a root bit set...06:09
error404notfoundtwb, you sure?06:10
twbI think so06:10
artillerytxyou guys have a good tutorial for installing a firewall06:10
twbSorry, I'm wrong06:10
artillerytxor no of one06:10
qman__ufw should be pretty easy06:10
twbe.g. /tmp has 1777, which is sticky06:10
qman__look for it in the official documentation06:10
twbartillerytx: ufw is the recommended firewall wrapper06:10
qman__like I said, I wrote mine in a bash script for iptables a long while ago06:10
artillerytxalright i will check that one out06:11
twbartillerytx: of course hard-core bitches like qman__ and myself tend to do it by hand06:11
qman__so I haven't used any of the nice stuff06:11
qman__I can show you my script if you want but it probably won't help you, it's tailored to my setup06:12
twbIndeed, it'd be quite dangerous to give artillerytx a raw iptables script at this point06:13
artillerytxhaha yeah not a good idea06:14
artillerytxI'm learning slowly06:14
twbLike letting your niece handle a blunderbuss06:14
artillerytxmy house would be on fire06:14
error404notfoundtwb, http://www.faqs.org/faqs/computer-security/most-common-qs/section-15.html06:14
twberror404notfound: I used this: sudo find / -xdev -type f \( -perm +4000 -o -perm +2000 \) -ls06:15
error404notfoundtwb, lemme try that...06:15
twberror404notfound: as to whether the hits it finds NEED to be setuid/setgid, that is a question I cannot answer easily06:16
twbYou would need to consult docs on those programs06:16
twbBut just looking at them, it doesn't surprise me that low-level networking (e.g. ping) and password-related (e.g. passwd) programs are setuid06:17
qman__I know that in order for pppd to work, it must be suid06:18
qman__but other than that06:18
twberror404notfound: it is also obviously a good idea to mount /home and NFS mounts with nodev,noexec,nosuid06:18
error404notfoundtwb, unfortunately i have all structure on a single disk...06:19
uvirtbot`New bug: #405185 in samba (main) "wins (dup-of: 288496)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40518509:06
uvirtbot`New bug: #405195 in quagga (main) "When stopping a specific daemon, _all_ routes are flushed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40519509:41
_rubenouch, that'd be a severe bug i'd say09:57
roxyHi dears, please sombody can help me...i am having problems ... for somereason I los the comunication among Vlans and I can do ping from one vlan to another one11:36
roxyi didn't any change, it just happended11:36
\shroxy: hmmm? trunk or access switch configuration...when you are on trunk, and you're tagging the pakets via 8021q i would say it11:46
\sh's a routing problem more on your router/switch side11:46
roxyhi sorry, my internet was down12:08
roxythanks /sh12:08
roxydo you mean is a sitch or router problem cause also I have iptables12:09
\shroxy: depending on your vlan setup....normally you need a switch/router with trunk ports to tag your pakets (when you have "vlan" interfaces on your linux machine)...if you have still ethN or bondN interfaces and no vlan interfaces, you are running an accessport configuration on your switch with vlan ids configured per switch port12:11
\sh(which means access ports)...if you don't have any tcp connection between your networks, then it could be an access list prob or an iptables prob (when you don't run access lists on your vlan router)12:12
\shactually when you can ping, your interfaces are ok...so it's something else...not the vlan interfaces on your machine12:14
roxyno, i can ping from different vlan,..i can ping from the server to soem printer printer (which is in another vlan), but i can ping from my PC to the printer (which are in the same swich but dirrent vlan)12:15
roxywhen i do tracert (form my windows client) to the server, just show me one route, but when i do to the printer show my extrenal address12:16
\shroxy: as said, it has nothing to do with your machine itself..it's a routing/firewall/paketfilter/access list problem12:16
\shyou should consult your network admin12:16
roxyyou mean in iptables?12:17
\shroxy: I don't know which network infrastructure you are using...if your router uses iptables, most probably12:17
roxywell, I am new in that and I need to resolve it12:17
roxyyes, I do, but i did not any modification and this just stop today12:18
\shroxy: check your iptables rules then...no problem regarding ubuntu-server or any ubuntu package...local network problem :)12:19
roxydo you know which ruler can let me ping betwenn vlans?12:20
roxyfro ecample vlan 1 and 2?12:20
\shroxy: I don't know your network infrastructure...ask someone who setup your infrastructure...it's nothing I/we can debug from here...12:21
roxywell, this is the problme there ar eno body just me12:23
roxyand i dont have any documentation about the configuration12:23
\shroxy: company? or just a hobby setup? if it's a company...kick your manager12:24
roxywell, i will try to fin the problem first, thanks any way12:25
roxyI have another question, sorry I am new..i am installing a okidata B6300, everything ok, but I don't know how configurate the ppd file, everything in thye file is commented12:47
=== You're now known as ubuntulog
KiraWhich ftp server is the most popular among Ubuntu users?14:16
BilgeWhy don't you make a poll14:17
Kirain the forums?14:17
BilgeWell not on IRC14:17
KiraI think I shoul.14:17
KiraWhen the Ubuntu OS installer asks you for desired server roles, FTP server is one of the choices, right? I don't know how I missed it.14:19
andolKira: I don't know which of ftp servers is the most popular, but I know vsftpd is one of the most popular14:21
andolKira: Regarding the installation, pretty sure there is no FTP server role. The command "sudo tasksel --list-tasks | grep -i ftp" gave me no answers, on an Ubuntu 9.04 system.14:22
Kiraso it's not just me.14:41
RoyKerm. when I try to 'halt' my opensolaris vm on virtualbox, it starts shutting down and then it just hangs14:43
j0nrtrying to get my mail server to allow me to use it to send mail from remote clients... i.e. use it as a smtp server but i keep getting relay access denied. I have set up (i believe) the very basic dovecot and postfix requirements (no certs) but it stil doesnt work14:52
j0nrwhere do i start?14:52
Sam-I-Amj0nr: http://www.postfix.org/STANDARD_CONFIGURATION_README.html14:56
Sam-I-Amit doesnt consider the machine you're using to send the message as local, hence the error.14:57
j0nrSam-I-Am: slightly confused... the mahcine I am using is my windows mobile device...15:00
Sam-I-Amj0nr: so, windows mobile is the client, ubuntu is the server15:10
Sam-I-Amis the windows mobile device always on a network you control or somewhere in the world?15:10
j0nrSam-I-Am: just on the orange network15:15
j0nrthe error i get is "check you have network coverage and account info is correct" .. i know i have coverage as i am able to recieve mail15:16
Sam-I-Amsince your device is not on a secured network, you'll need to configure authentication on your mail server15:18
Sam-I-Amonce authenticated, you can originate mail from anywhere.15:18
j0nrSam-I-Am: I am trying to set up authentication suing this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix but it seems to be not working15:57
Sam-I-Amdoes it return any errors?15:58
ScottKj0nr: Look in the server guide.  It's got directions that work.16:04
Sam-I-AmScottK: ha, sounds like we should remove docs that dont work :/16:05
Sam-I-Amhave the same problem with openldap16:05
ScottKj0nr: Which release are you using?16:05
Sam-I-Amusually with certs16:05
ScottKSam-I-Am: It's a wiki, so people can fix it.16:05
ScottK... or remove it.16:05
ballTime for a sandwich.16:09
* ball returns, avec sandwich16:17
j0nrI have it working!!16:23
j0nrat last16:23
j0nrfollowing many different guides, it finally works16:23
j0nrunfortunately 'blindly' following guides but i can;t hope to 'really' understand what I am doing, its not my job16:24
ballj0nr: what's working?16:31
Davieyj0nr: \o/16:32
Davieyj0nr: You could try and re-create it.. following the guide16:32
ballIs the on-demand governor a KVM thing, or part of Ubuntu Server?16:33
ball(is it specific to Ubuntu?)16:33
ballhello Daviey!16:34
Davieyhey ball16:34
Davieyball: not exactly sure what you mean tbh.16:35
ballDaviey: I'm trying to find out more about things kirland mentioned in the podcast16:35
DavieyThe Ubuntu kernel includes an on-demand governor16:36
Davieysince 2.6.9 iirc16:36
ball...does that Just Work[tm] on suitably-equipped hardware?16:36
ball(is there a utility I can use to watch the cpu & bus speed?)16:37
n8boundsany Canonical Ubuntu Server support customers in the Room?17:16
incorrecthi, can anyone suggest an alternative to dss (darwin streaming server) apple seem to have dropped support for linux17:56
incorrectnever tried it17:59
incorrectdoes that only stream mp3's and oggs18:01
* ball hugs Ogg/Vorbis18:05
* ball sighs18:15
ballI really have to go.18:15
cypr1nushas anyone tried installing joomla on ubuntu server? whenever I want to install joomla using address: it wants to download some .phtml file, while simple php file with only phpinf() in different directory, works ok18:29
bitprophetcypr1nus: your Apache config, or an htaccess file, needs to set some kind of AddHandler so that .phtml files get interpreted as, I guess, php. (Most likely.)18:51
cypr1nusmost likely not, because it's the second time i install joomla and in the previous case everything hoes fine without any handlers18:52
sommerivoks: yo19:11
ivokssommer: how are you?19:12
sommerivoks: not bad... livin the dream, how bout yourself?19:13
jmedinaivoks: helol19:13
ivokslivin the dream? what's the dream about? :)19:13
ivoksjmedina: hi19:13
sommerivoks: waiting for football season to start again :-)19:13
ivoksi'm enjoying the sun :)19:15
sommergood times... you on vacation?19:16
ivoksworking vacation19:16
ivokswhen you run your own company, there are no vacations any more :/19:16
sommerah, I hear ya19:17
ivoksnice... debian moved drbd to dkms19:18
jmedinavacation? what is that?19:19
* jmedina is a robot19:19
uvirtbot`New bug: #404917 in samba (main) "mounted samba shares unavailable after suspend" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40491719:21
metalfan_is there somewhere a kernel with imq support for ubuntu thats somwhat maintained?19:29
ballWhat's an imq?19:32
jmedinaa Intermediate queue19:32
jmedinaused for ingress traffic shapping19:32
ballah, okay.19:33
jmedinaimq emulates a network interface19:33
jmedinaIm not sure if IMQ is built in in the kernel19:34
jmedinathere are other alternatives like IFB (Intermediate Frame Block)19:35
jmedinawe use shorewall for ingress  traffic shapping19:35
jmedinait is enable in hardy kernel19:35
jmedina$ grep -i iFB /boot/config-2.6.24-24-generic19:36
jmedinaimq isnt19:36
metalfan_yes, modprobe coudnt load imq19:36
metalfan_will look into ifb19:36
uvirtbot`New bug: #405421 in drbd8 (universe) "Please sync drbd8 8.3.2-2 (main) from Debian unstable" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40542119:51
mathiazivoks: ^^ does this require some work on the kernel part?19:55
ivoksdrbd was removed from kernel19:55
mathiazivoks: like dropping the drbd module from the u-module?19:55
mathiazivoks: ah ok - it has already been done19:56
ivoksoh, it wasn;t...19:56
mathiazivoks: I don't know - that's why I ask?19:56
ivoksi'm sure i've seen a post that tim removed it...19:56
ivokslet me check19:56
ivoksi'll file a bug to remove it19:57
mathiazivoks: change CN_IDX_DRBD to 0x6 in drbd/linux/drbd.h19:57
mathiazivoks: is this still an issue in Ubuntu?19:57
ivoksdrbd now can dynamicaly assign cn_idx19:57
ivoksand it is provided in modprobe.d/dkms19:58
ivoksMODULES_CONF[0]="options drbd cn_idx=7"19:58
ivokshm, tim said that he removed it from kernel20:00
ivoksbut it's still here20:00
ivoksah, no... i'm running jaunty kernel :)20:00
mathiazivoks: I've acked your merge request20:01
ivoksgreat... thanks20:01
mathiazivoks: the new drbd package should in the archive in a few days20:01
mathiazivoks: will you be around tomorrow for the meeting?20:02
ivokswell need to merge corosync, openais and pacemaker in next two weeks20:02
ivoksi'll try, but i don't promise anything since i'll be travelling tomorrow20:02
mathiazivoks: understood :)20:03
ivoksi have to get up and go to zagreb, and then back again20:03
ScottKmathiaz: Did you see Debian uploaded mysql 5.1 to Unstable?20:06
mathiazScottK: yes20:06
mathiazScottK: I need to check if the two blockers I noticed have been fixed20:07
mathiazScottK: 1. test suite enbaled20:07
mathiazScottK: 2. cluster support20:07
mathiazScottK: for the latter, cluster support is not enabled in 5.120:07
mathiazScottK: one proposal is to check if the cluster engine is used in the install and not upgrade if so20:08
mathiazScottK: I'm not sure if this is the best solution though20:08
ScottKmysql 5.1 in Main will make it possible to simplify our amarok packaging in Kubuntu.20:11
mathiazScottK: right. Doesn't akonadi rely on mysql 5.0?20:18
ScottKIt does.20:18
mathiazScottK: the plan is to get only one version of MySQL in main20:18
ScottKIt was using 5.0 due to maturity concerns though.20:18
ivoksso it should work with 5.1, right?20:18
ScottKAFAIK, yes.20:18
ivoksfor server, we should move to 5.120:19
ivoksit would be nice if there won't be kde apps that need 5.020:19
ScottKI really don't think it's a problem, but I'll check.20:20
mathiazScottK: I don't think there should be a problem as akonadi is starting its own mysqld process20:21
mathiazScottK: rather than using an embedded mysqld20:22
* ScottK nods20:22
ScottKmathiaz: Riddell is going to do some testing, probably tomorrow.20:40
bitprophetAnyone here use rsyslog? curious whether the apparently-really-old version shipping with 8.04/Hardy (rsyslog 1.19) even supports the TSL/SSL stuff that seemed to be its big draw20:58
ScottKdunno about Hardy, but it's the default syslog starting in Karmic.20:59
bitprophetand in the next Debian too, I think.20:59
bitprophetSadly most of my systems -- the *newer* ones, that is -- are on Hardy :(21:00
bitprophetwonder if our centos boxes even have rsyslog in yum. bleah.21:00
jmedinabitprophet: isnt disabled at compile time? some debian projects disable TLS /SSL because license confilicts or something21:06
jmedinaor probably compiled agains gnutl21:07
bitprophetcould be21:09
bitprophetbut I don't think this old rsyslog version even had TLS upstream, so nothing for debian to disable. ha.21:09
bitprophetso might be time for me to brush up on my ssh tunneling or stunnel whee.21:09
jmedinaopenssh vpn is easy21:10
jmedinano x509 certs involved21:10
jhrozek_Hello, anyone using Cobbler for deploying Ubuntu around here?21:38
quizmei'm getting permission denied even though I have write access........ anybody know why?   # echo "hi" > /etc/bind9/named.conf.local23:01
jmedina /etc/bind9, that dir exists?23:13
uvirtbot`New bug: #405518 in samba (main) "package smbfs 3.0.28a-1ubuntu4.8 failed to install/upgrade: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40551823:16

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