ctmjrneohashi: run sudo nvidia-xconfig in a terminal then reboot see if that fixes it00:00
th0rh4f1: that should allow you to use two or more sound feeds at once00:00
stefgFloridaGuy: as i just found out gksudo is part of the gksu package00:00
funkyHatth0r: why is installing esound a good idea? esound is deprecated00:00
linuxguy2009Im creating a custom compilation 100% SVG icon theme, and Im wondering if anyone know if a theme is missing an icon for an app, does ubuntu look at a "fallback" set of icons to grab it? Like from Clearlooks or Human maybe?00:00
th0rfunkyHat: I tried pulse and didn't like it...so went back to esound. I admitted already that pulse is the wave of the future...if you want to recommend it to him go ahead00:01
Lostinspace_46th0r coincidently pulse-rt is on of the fies that xmodmap is complaining about00:01
h4f1th0r: I have installed pulseaudio. esound is not even installed00:01
FloridaGuystefg, and thats installed00:01
civixierDr_Willis, thanks for responding. I tried using ./configure --prefix="</usr/local/lib/python3.0/> with the same result. It says that I should write where python is installed, isnt that the right place?00:01
th0rh4f1: if you have pulse installed you should be able to use two or more audio feeds at once...can't have both esound and pulse00:02
stefgFloridaGuy: so what happens if you run gksudo synaptic ?00:02
nonewmsgsis there a way to have fstab autoconfigure itself via a gui or an automatic set up?   i just added a drive00:02
funkyHath4f1: which version of ubuntu?00:02
th0rh4f1: make sure all your audio apps are using pulse as the audio system and not alsa00:03
yommpulseaudio is especially nice if you have multiple linux  boxes , only 1 needs to be connected to an amp , the rest connect via network to the pulseaudio server & play their audio over the network ... quite nice !00:03
h4f1 funkyHat:  90400:03
MxGuys,guys! my sound just stopped working00:03
andresmhhow can I make Ubuntu syncs the time with some kind of web service so it's always on time?00:03
funkyHath4f1: is it upgraded from previous versions, or a fresh install?00:03
Mxhow do I fix it00:04
nonewmsgsth0r, how do you do that?  i have trouble with a java app and k3b00:04
h4f1th0r:  wait so or alsa or pulseaudion or esound ?00:04
FloridaGuystefg, Failed to run synaptic as user root.The underlying authorization mechanism (sudo) does not allow you to run this program. Contact the system administrator.00:04
th0ryomm: yeah....and you are using all those system resources for pulse whether you want a server or not...on every box00:04
funkyHath4f1: pulseaudio00:04
h4f1 funkyHat: upgrade00:04
stefgandresmh: ubuntu uses ntp-sync by default00:04
MxI am 9.0400:04
GammaXanyone know how I can set my video driver from nvidia to vesa?00:04
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yommth0r , you can easily disable the server side00:04
h4f1cause I use alsa sound, cause only that seems to support my microphont00:04
stefgFloridaGuy: so your user is not a member of admin / sudo group00:04
th0ryomm: you can easily disable pulse <smile>00:04
funkyHath4f1: have you tried to fix your sound before (with previous versions)?00:04
andresmhstefg, where do you configure what server it uses then?00:04
yommdisables th0r  :)00:05
linuxguy2009GammaX: Why in the world would you want to downgrade your video to vesa?00:05
Lostinspace_46I don't understand why xmodmap needs pulse any way way.  But then again when I tried to pipe yesterday, klogd wanted my "Ham" callsign.  Go figure!00:05
th0ryomm: there may be a reason there are so many howtos on removing pulse and installing esound00:05
GammaXlinux, cause i believe its overheating my laptop lol00:05
funkyHath4f1: pulseaudio is a layer on top of alsa, so it should support all cards that alsa supports (there are some bugs though)00:05
h4f1 funkyHat:  the sound is working. but some time can't have two applications accesing the sound/00:05
Mxfunkyhat:I have a sound problem as well00:05
funkyHath4f1: can you check that pulseaudio is running?00:05
FloridaGuystefg, i guess not sence i did alowd root access in advanced user mot on the netinstall cd00:05
th0rh4f1: Mx I have no sound problems at all <smile>00:05
linuxguy2009GammaX: If your laptop is on, its gonna get warm. Changing display to vesa wont do anything but make the screen look like crap.00:06
Guest34901does ubuntu have  ppc version?00:06
Mxneed help with my sound00:06
nonewmsgsis fixing th sound problems a priority for 9.9?00:06
rootlinuxusrGuest: It does.00:06
Mxcan anyone help00:06
funkyHatMx: when did your sound stop working? was it after an update or something?00:06
Guest34901rootlinuxusr is it old or updated?00:06
h4f1funkyHat: Yeap it's running00:06
GammaXlinuxguy2009, As I said before.... Its (over heating) my laptop. An nvidia 8600m puts out osme heat00:07
rootlinuxusrGuest: updated.00:07
stefgandresmh: it's in the time/date control applet00:07
moymoyGammaX: what's the core temp of your card?00:07
Mxfunkyhat:it just stopped00:07
linuxguy2009GammaX:  Yeah thats what they do. You can use whatever drivers you want and the card still eats the same power and puts out the same heat.00:07
MxI didn't update anything00:07
rootlinuxusrFirst link under Desktop CD00:08
linuxguy2009GammaX: Buy a lappy cooler thats about as good as it gets.00:08
funkyHatMx: does it work if you reboot?00:08
FloridaGuystefg, users-admin...has me..my user and root00:08
Mxno it does not00:08
Balkfor all00:08
MxI dual boot with windows and my sound card works just fine00:08
yommth0r : that reason imho is the same as there were  so many tutorials on how to build your nvidia driver ( in the old days  I mean :)  ) or anything else that requires a bit of tweaking and doesnt work 100% out of the box00:09
stefgFloridaGuy: then check /etc/sudoers if the admin group has sudo privileges. I don't know if that's the default if you choose to run a root account00:09
Mxfunkyhat:are u there?00:09
jeanrussouDr_Willis: it was my /etc/inputrc settings00:09
linuxguy2009Mx: What version of Ubuntu?00:10
th0ryomm: well....I don't subscribe to the 'one install does everything' philosophy. If I want a sound server I will install a sound server. My sound system should play sound on my computer...end of story.00:10
andresmhstefg, really? Where exactly? This is all I see http://img413.imageshack.us/img413/7541/screenshot1nkf.png00:10
yommth0r : that's exactly my point :)00:10
Mxlinuxguy:did u get that?00:10
linuxguy2009Mx: Does the sound work in a live CD boot?00:11
Mxyes it does,isn't that funny00:11
funkyHath4f1: who owns the process?00:11
stefgandresmh: not that one... in system> admin > time & date00:11
funkyHath4f1: also what is the output of the "groups" command?00:11
linuxguy2009Mx: You might have a buggy update installed. I would recomend maybe trying the LTS release cause its had more fixes and patches etc.00:11
Mxhow do I do that?00:12
neohashineed help with x11 error: screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration... yeah upgrade to nvidia 185.18.14 (via installer) killed acceleration.. running low graphivs mode at this moment.00:12
linuxguy2009Mx: ubuntu.com download the ISO for 8.04.3 LTS00:12
th0ryomm: I would be interested in knowing if removing pulse and installing esound fixed the issues for these guys00:13
ubottuUbuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download Jaunty, and help keeping the servers' load low!00:13
andresmhstefg, great! found it. i now realize i don't have ntpn00:13
Mxu mean 9.04.300:13
yommneohashi ; sudo nvidia-xconfig     & then restart your comp or your x server00:13
linuxguy2009Mx: There is no point releases for regular releases. I meant what i said 8.04.300:13
funkyHatMx: no, he means 800:13
neohashihave tried that .. sudo nvidia-xconfig && restart did nothing00:13
h4f1any one know "how to ubuntu cluster" at least some tutorial or where to look for ?00:14
yommth0r ; for multiple sound sources , don't they need to enable software mixing ?00:14
Xodiac13what is the wine irc00:14
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu00:14
th0ryomm: just install esound and make sure the apps use alsa00:14
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ctmjrneohashi: when you said upgraded what driver did you have before that?00:14
FloridaGuystefg, here's what sudoers says....   http://pastebin.com/m19fa05f000:14
GammaXubuntu is literally about to melt my laptop case lol00:14
Guest30263whats are some cool plugins for the desktop00:14
Pandemic187hey can somebody tell me how to install themes on xubuntu?00:15
mohdhi guys00:15
linuxguy2009GammaX: The operating system has nothing to do with how hot your hardware gets.00:15
th0ryomm: but installing esound automatically uninstalls pulse00:15
mohdi have problem with installing .tar.bz2 archives00:15
mohdanyone help !!!00:15
ctmjr!eyecandy | Guest3026300:15
ubottuGuest30263: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy00:15
GammaXlinuxguy2009, obviously if its controlling it.00:15
stefgFloridaGuy: http://pastebin.com/m1a2081a4 is waht it shoul be00:15
yommth0r : is that new since Jaunty ?00:15
th0rmohd: you don't install tar.bz2 archives00:15
Pandemic187can someone tell me how to install themes in xubuntu?00:16
mohdyes th0r00:16
mohdi still cant install it00:16
neohashiwell.. not entirely sure.. 180.. the official one via ubuntu gui installer00:16
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu00:16
th0ryomm: I guess...I was out of computer for a while (dead toshiba) and when I got the replacement i waited for jaunty before installing00:16
linuxguy2009GammaX: Dear god! Go download ANY other linux distro or install windows. Hardware uses a preset voltage and creates its own heat as a result. All OSs will do the same thing as far as heat goes. Has absolutley nothing to do with it.00:16
FloridaGuystefg, replace mine with that00:17
help`why this warning come when i use pppoe: Jul 27 02:16:51 kad pppd[7785]: Warning - secret file /etc/ppp/chap-secrets has world and/or group access00:17
stefgFloridaGuy: yes.. i just added the needed lines00:17
th0rmohd: and how do you do that, do tell? You can install the contents....once you extract it00:17
GammaXlinuxguy2009, wow I wish u knew what you were talking about.00:17
mohdwhen write xvid this it goes ok00:17
linuxguy2009GammaX: Same here dude.00:17
mechtech_nyany other software I could use for gnutella?00:17
yommlinuxguy : and what about speedstep & cpu fan voltages & stuff ?00:18
stefgFloridaGuy: and make sure you're member of admin00:18
mechtech_nyother than gtk-gnutella?00:18
ctmjrneohashi: did you uninstall it first before installing the new driver if not you need to uninstall everything and reinstall00:18
Mxlinuxguy:so u mean that the 8.04 is more stable than 9.0400:18
mohdbut when write ./configure or make it say error00:18
GammaXlinuxguy2009, a preconfigured OS has drivers wich set voltages... hardware doesnt control that.00:18
yommlinuxguy : that could very well be OS specific00:18
th0rmechtech_ny: did you try gtk-gnutella, limewire, azureus00:18
linuxguy2009Mx: 8.04.3 has had probably about 300+ updates integrated since 8.04 release. So yes.00:18
Gnealinuxguy2009: actually, your OS can determine how hot your hardware gets00:18
mechtech_nyGammaX: also often BIOS settings can control voltage00:18
linuxguy2009Gnea: lol00:18
bonez46why do some pages allow me to interact with the menu and hotkeys while others seem oblivious to hot key combinations and instead require mouse pointer activation?00:18
th0rmechtech_ny: did you search synaptic for gnutella?00:19
GammaXmechtech_ny, agreed.00:19
yommlinuxguy : gnea is right00:19
mechtech_nyth0r: limewire for Ubuntu?  I have not...will try now...thanks00:19
linuxguy2009yomm: lol00:19
Gnealinuxguy2009: if I tell my OS to run a boinc client that chews up CPU usage, the fans are going to spin faster.00:19
stefg!frostwire | mechtech_ny00:19
ubottumechtech_ny: frostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire00:19
linuxguy2009Gnea: CPU usage has nothing to do with OS choice.00:19
mechtech_nystefg: thanks00:19
th0rmechtech_ny: If I remember right limewire is java00:19
linuxguy2009Gnea: lol00:20
mohdth0r i cant th0r can i pm u because i cant speak here00:20
mohdok  ???00:20
yommlinuxguy2009 : Gnea : I'm more referring to how the OS hndles things like Intel's Speedstep , & variable fan voltages00:20
Guest30263why is y name Guest00:20
GammaXlinuxguy2009, stop trying to "POWN" people and know the facts. I asked for help... not an noob reply.00:20
mechtech_nyth0r: I'll just give frostwire a try first...thanks00:20
linuxguy2009yomm: Thats all controlled on a BIOS level not OS level.00:20
ubottuNOTICE - Please stop this discussion NOW. See !offtopic for things that are inappropriate to discuss in this channel. Continuing will result in action being taken.00:20
linuxguy2009ctmjr: lol00:21
Gneayomm: I haven't noticed any problem with variable fan voltages... not sure about the speedstep, though.. pretty sure it's not an issue, though.  lm-sensors is great at keeping tabs on it.00:21
mechtech_nyguest30263: because you need to register you nick with the server to own it00:21
ctmjram not an op but making me dizzy00:21
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode00:21
linuxguy2009mechtech_ny: Who cares who is registered?00:22
help`why this warning come when i use pppoe: Jul 27 02:16:51 kad pppd[7785]: Warning - secret file /etc/ppp/chap-secrets has world and/or group access00:22
linuxguy2009guest30263 I see00:22
mechtech_nylinuxguy2009: guest30263 might...see above posts00:22
jeeveshow can I make a custom launcher for Gl_tail?00:22
linuxguy2009Yeah I see00:22
mohdtell me how to install this00:23
kitcheGuest30263: most likely it's due to whatever client your using00:23
Gneamohd: 'this'?00:23
th0rmohd: what are you trying to install?00:23
linuxguy2009jeeves: google is full of simple tutorials such as this.00:23
stefghelp`: you should chown it to the dialout group and chmod it to 77500:23
Lostinspace_46My xmodmap is giving me problems.  Looking for permissions, most of which I can prolly deal with. The missing or moved files are a different matter.  The errorlog is here  http://paste.ubuntu.com/234129/  and I am pretty well stuck00:23
mohdyes gnea00:23
mohdyes th0r00:23
yommctmjr : what discussion are you referring at ?00:24
stefg!permissions | help`00:24
ubottuhelp`: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions00:24
th0r!ask | mohd00:24
n1lqjis there away to turn off the local echo on stdin when running a program?00:24
ubottumohd: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:24
jeeveslinuxguy2009, thanks.00:24
Gnea!troll | mohd00:24
ubottumohd: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel00:24
help`stefg got u00:24
Lostinspace_46A somewhat related question.  Session ID.  That refers to login and not boot, correct?00:25
linuxguy2009Gnea: Who is a troll?00:25
trollboyhaving a crazy driver problem.  I've got a device, that has the kernel module loaded, but its not being applied.  It works under puppy linux.  Here's what I see:  dmesg, lsusb from Ubuntu: http://pastebin.com/m5703d5f5   lsmod from ubuntu: http://pastebin.com/m3836152a   dmesg from puppy linux: http://pastebin.com/m3bee584d  lsmod from puppy linux: http://pastebin.com/m6545239500:25
stefghelp`: thinking twice 775 might be not optimal... read the permissions factoid00:25
Gnealinuxguy2009: please see the description that ubottu just gave mohd00:26
linuxguy2009Gnea: Why do you hide behind ubottu? Be your own man. hehe00:27
FloridaGuystefg, what format is sudoers supose to be?00:27
Gnealinuxguy2009: do you have an on-topic question?00:27
help`stefg same thing00:27
stefgFloridaGuy: plain text :-)00:27
linuxguy2009Gnea: Im not sure your a mod and can really do anything about it,00:27
help`stefg should i use sticky ?00:27
Guest30263how do your register your name00:27
mohdi see it gnea00:27
stefgFloridaGuy: you need to logout and back for changes to take effect00:28
mohdi have 2 eyes00:28
Guest30263can it be done from terminal00:28
help`stefg can u check default permissions with ur system?00:28
Gneamohd: k, just wondering what you were trying to install00:28
FloridaGuystefg, ...ok was just woundering...cloror of it changed when i saved it00:28
Dr_WillisGuest30263:  if you mean register your nickname here on IRC.. start with /msg nickserv help00:28
stefghelp`: no... just make it belong to :dialout and make yourself member of that group00:28
FloridaGuystefg, had to make it read/write in order to saved it00:28
Gnealinuxguy2009: that's okay, the channel is publicly logged.00:28
mohd.tar.gz2 archive00:29
FloridaGuybrb see what happens00:29
linuxguy2009Gnea: Please dont pretend to be a mod.00:29
help`stefg actually i'm using root00:29
th0rmohd: WHAT tar.gz2 archive?00:29
Gnealinuxguy2009: welcome to /ignore00:29
help`stefg and root is in the own files !00:29
stefghelp`: bad system admin... no bedtime story tonight :-)00:29
mohd.tar.gz2 archive when try to compile it its okyes thor00:30
th0rGnea: for some reason he doesn't want to tell us <smile>00:30
stefghelp`: chown it to root:dialout and make sure it's not worl readable00:30
Gneamohd: what's the full filename?00:30
mohdbut when write next step (make ) it bring error00:30
yommmohd : the way to install 'this' is to do 'that' !00:30
Gneatrollboy: do you have the same results from ubuntu?00:31
th0rmohd: that isn't an install problem it is a compile problem....try asking in #gcc00:31
linuxguy2009mohd: Whats your issue with your tar.gz file?00:31
mohdis this room ???00:31
trollboyGnea, see my pastebins00:32
trollboyI got LSMOD and DMESG from both00:32
mohdtar xvzf package.tar.gz00:32
Guest30263nickserv register 92bud9200:32
Gneatrollboy: yeah, they're all from puppylinux. this is #ubuntu, can you provide the Ubuntu logs?00:32
Gnea!info libmp3lame000:32
ubottulibmp3lame0 (source: lame): LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.98-0.0 (jaunty), package size 129 kB, installed size 328 kB00:32
FloridaGuystefg, thanks....everything works now00:32
trollboyGnea, re-read I got both, lemme repaste them to you00:32
Gneatrollboy: ok00:32
help`stefg i did as u told me , there is no world user or group in my00:32
Gneatrollboy: didn't see the dmesg from ubuntu00:33
FloridaGuynow gota run to store00:33
stefgFloridaGuy: np.... and next time just don't use a root pw00:33
johAlright, I'm having serious issues with the live usb stick00:33
trollboyits with the lsmod00:33
trollboyone sec00:33
johFor some reason it mounts my main harddisk read-only under /cdrom00:33
Gneatrollboy: no it's not00:34
stefghelp`: 'world' is a term for 'everyone' the last octet00:34
johAnd I'm unable to unmount it because it's busy00:34
arandmohd: and version 3.98-0.0 won't cut it? (This is in the ubuntu repos -- way easier)00:34
Gneatrollboy: I see 2 lines from dmesg00:34
trollboythat's all there is for it00:34
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:34
h4f1joh: try --force or something00:34
mohdno arand there is another progs not found in repos00:34
help`stefg aha these are permissions : drwxrwsr-x00:34
trollboyI run dmesg -c to clear the buffer, I plug the device in, do dmesg again and that's ALL there is00:34
GneaLostinspace_46: is someone being offtopic?00:34
stefghelp`: a chmod 777 woul mak a file 'world writable' .00:34
johh4f1: umount2: Device or resource busy00:34
help`stefg okie00:34
johh4f1: It just won't unmount00:34
Sp0tterI'm having problems setting up nvidia Twinview with my HDTV.  It only lets me use max resolution of 1024x768 instead of the regular 720p one of my tv.  I have read tons of forums and tried all sorts of things.. lots of conflicting info.. some day disabed the eide auto settings, some say enable them.. i've tried lots of stuff.. anyone have a solution they know works?00:35
Gneatrollboy: are you plugging it into a usb port on the system, or into a usb hub?00:35
yommjoh : or cd out of devices the directory... that prevents unmounting sometimes00:35
h4f1 joh: even if you're root ?00:35
Sp0tterusing Ubuntu 9.04 with the revision 180 nvidia driver00:35
johyomm: I'm not in the directory!00:35
johfuser -m -v /cdrom displays nothing00:35
Lostinspace_46No, I saw that message earlier, and couldn't figure out what  the issue was00:35
FloridaGuystefg, i know...guess who ever created mint linux...new how to set everything up for that00:35
h4f1 joh: are you trying to umount cdrom ?00:36
help`stefg same thing :(00:36
johh4f1: Yes, /dev/sda1 on /cdrom type ext4 (ro,noatime,barrier=1,data=ordered)00:36
trollboyGnea,  on which?00:36
trollboyI get the same output regardless00:36
johh4f1: Why on earth is it mounted as /cdrom?00:36
Lostinspace_46I thought that command would give me the offtopic list.00:36
johh4f1: The usb stick is mounted as /media/live00:36
h4f1joh: try eject00:36
trollboyubuntu ONLY got it direct though, never through a hub00:36
Gneatrollboy: it's a usb device, right? are you plugging it into a usb port that's on the system, or into a usb hub that's plugged into a usb port on the system?00:37
johh4f1: It's not my cdrom that's mounted under /cdrom, it's my primary hard drive!00:37
johh4f1: For some reason, the usb live system mounted it under /cdrom without the option to unmount it00:37
trollboyGnea, its a usb device, it is plugged directly into the ubuntu box00:37
h4f1 joh: funny. so how do you want it to umount if the whole system is working there00:37
Gneatrollboy: alright - what kind of device is it? phone?00:37
johh4f1: this is a live usb stick, and I need to use it to rescue my main system00:38
trollboyGSM TTY device00:38
trollboya modem00:38
Lostinspace_46  Session ID.  That refers to login and not boot, correct?00:38
johh4f1: But I can't do anything as long as my primary hard drive is mounted00:38
travlingeekother then the net download can i install app from a cd what are the step by step if its possible00:39
Lostinspace_46I guess I just mean session.00:39
h4f1joh: shouldn't be mounted to rescue ?00:39
johh4f1: No, you00:39
Maira_LRBIs there someone already used wubi?00:39
johh4f1: No, it shouldn't but for some reason the live cd mixes the devices up00:39
MxI am downloading for installation to solve a sound problem in 9.04. pls is there nothing else I can do get sound in 9.0400:40
johh4f1: I think it believes that /dev/sda1 is the usb stick00:40
h4f1joh: what exactly you want to rescue ?00:40
johh4f1: My primary hard-drive00:40
johh4f1: I need to run an fsck on it00:40
johh4f1: But I can't as long as the stupid live system has it mounted00:41
johh4f1: And I'm unable to mount it00:41
coleysjoh: sudo umount /dev/sda#00:41
stefgjoh: your bios might swap drives around to enable booting from usb... run sudo fdisk -l or cat /proc/partitions and see if your harddrive is on sdb now00:41
h4f1 joh: do you have gparted in live cd ? if so run it. there should be an option to umount00:41
Gneatrollboy: looking00:41
johcoleys: umount: /cdrom: device is busy.00:42
edgei would like to put new music on my Ipod, what program would best work for doing this and creating new playlists?00:42
coleysedge: gtkpod00:42
Gneatrollboy: are you sure it's using the correct module? are there any other modules being blacklisted?00:42
coleysjoh: You want unmount your cd rom?00:42
hkdnzHello: I am looking to install ubuntu on my spare PC. The PC has two identical HDs. One HD I want Ubuntu on, the other one holds important data. How can I tell on which HD I will install ubuntu?00:42
johcoleys: It's not my cd rom00:42
johcoleys: sda1 is my primary hard-drive and is mounted under /cdrom00:42
help`stefg does this affect on my pppoe login ?00:42
coleysjoh: sudo umount /dev/sda# #(CHANGE NUMBER TO PARTITION. THAT YOU WANT TO FSCK)00:42
monkey2I am trying to keep directories in sync between 2 computers in a real-time fashion, any ideas on how to achieve this. I have been trying lsyncd and incron, any suggestions? thanks.00:42
coleysmonkey2: nfs?00:43
johstefg: My hard-drive is /dev/sda100:43
monkey2coleys: nope.00:43
johstefg: The usb stick is /dev/sdb100:43
coleysmonkey2: rsync00:43
trollboyGnea, its the same module that puppy's using00:43
trollboyGnea, I don't believe its blacklisted,  how do I check?00:43
coleysjoh: Go into live cd, and do it. =o00:43
johstefg: /dev/sda1 on /cdrom type ext4 (ro,noatime,barrier=1,data=ordered)00:43
stefghelp`: should not... it'S a waring that everyone can read or modify your pppoe login, but it should still work00:44
johcoleys: I *am* in a live cd, you don't understand my problem.00:44
coleysjoh: Then you should be clear!00:44
Gneatrollboy: what I'm wondering, is if there's another module that's being blacklisted that it needs - usually in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist00:44
Lostinspace_46Is it considered bad form to autopost a question every 1/2 hour.  So that if someone has any advice they can leave a message?00:44
monkey2coleys: lsyncd is using rsync with inotify (but I run into issues when propogating changes bidirectionally)00:44
coleysLostinspace_46: Whats your question?00:44
h4f1joh: did you try umount with gparted ?00:44
trollboyGnea, no such file or directory00:44
help`stefg what's ur permission of ppp Directory ?00:45
switch10__coleys: he was clear. You came in late00:45
stefgLostinspace_46: just imagine wht happens when 1327 people in this channel do this00:45
Gneatrollboy: is there anything in /etc/modprobe.d/ ?00:45
coleysswitch10__: Thats his problem, not mine.00:45
trollboyone moment00:45
Lostinspace_46coleys  Huge..LOL.  xmodmap is giving me fits,00:46
stefghelp`:-rw------- 1 root root    80 2009-04-08 08:53 chap-secrets00:46
coleysLostinspace_46: How'd it happen?00:46
Lostinspace_46I have errorlog at http://paste.ubuntu.com/234129/00:46
stefghelp`: ah, i see... only root shall access it, because the pppd is running as root anyway00:47
help`stefg got group and user root00:47
trollboyGnea, the driver is not listed anywhere in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist00:47
Lostinspace_46coleys  Well some of it is due to missing files pulse-rc for one00:47
volkcan anyone tell me why 'ls -lsaR > test.txt' has different input than 'ls -lsaR' when i check in the .txt file?00:47
Gneatrollboy: okay. what kind of modem is it? make/model?00:47
coleysLostinspace_46: When did it occur, after update or... removal of something?00:48
help`stefg change it to 600 permission and it work00:48
boss_mcvolk, does ls use the stderr stream as well as the stdout?00:48
volkboss_mc: i dont know, how do i tell?00:48
Lostinspace_46This is the first time I have tried to use it00:48
volkboss_mc: i should mention i am doing this in /00:48
travlingeekif somebody would like to help me would it be possible to do it in pm00:48
bp0hello, im trying to follow the instructions at the bottom of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.20/+bug/8679800:48
volkboss_mc: all otehr directories run ls -lsaR perfectly why / has trouble running that command00:48
boss_mcvolk: try ls -lsaR 2> text2.txt00:48
trollboyGnea Multitech Systems MultiModem GPRS model MTCBA-G-U-F400:48
coleystravlingeek: Just ask your question.00:49
bp0but im not getting very far00:49
switch10__travlingeek: what is your question00:49
travlingeekwell im want to know iif  possible to install app from a cd and if yes how00:49
trollboythe drivers on their page: http://www.multitech.com/en_US/SUPPORT/Families/MultiModemGPRS/drivers.asp are NOT compatible with debian based kernels due to changes in the Debian Kernel Header USB file structure00:49
Lostinspace_46coleys I thought it would be easier to mod my keymap00:49
volkboss_mc: what does the 2> do ?00:49
coleystravlingeek: get .debs to the cd, and yes.00:49
geirhavolk: &> text2.txt redirects both stdout and stderr to the file00:49
boss_mcvolk: it's the same as > but for the second output stream (stderr)00:50
xcdfgkjhgcvI can't connect using VPN and can't figure out what's wrong.00:50
volkls -lsaR 2> text2.txt or ls -lsaR&> text2.txt00:50
th0rxcdfgkjhgcv: you using network manager?00:50
boss_mcvolk: either, try & first actually00:50
Gneatrollboy: well according to what you pasted, there should be a new device in /dev/ttyUSB0 or something like that?00:50
coleysLostinspace_46: Im not really sure about problem to be honest, I havn't had similar problems myself.00:50
xcdfgkjhgcvth0r: Yes. I think I should check ufw00:50
mechtech_nyhow to kill package installer please00:51
trollboyGnea, yeah, there SHOULD be, and it is on Puppy linux, but no love on ubuntu00:51
th0rxcdfgkjhgcv: if you get nowhere and are grasping for straws you might consider switching to wicd00:51
Lostinspace_46coleys you have xmodmap working? Which ubuntu distro00:51
joshoot it00:51
th0rxcdfgkjhgcv: don't know how it is with vpn, but nm won't do static ip....wicd will00:51
PizlozVideoRam no longer does anything in xorg.conf how do i increase the video memory from 256 to 512?00:51
Server_Sidehow can i set screenlets to start auto when ubuntu does?00:51
Sp0tterI'm having problems setting up nvidia Twinview with my HDTV.  It only lets me use max resolution of 1024x768 instead of the regular 720p one of my tv.  I have read tons of forums and tried all sorts of things.. lots of conflicting info.. some day disabed the edid auto settings, some say enable them.. i've tried lots of stuff.. anyone have a solution they know works?00:51
coleysLostinspace_46: I use arch linux.00:51
geirhaLostinspace_46: Why do you need to use xmodmap?00:52
xcdfgkjhgcvth0r: Do I need to open any ports?00:52
th0rxcdfgkjhgcv: not sure...let me check00:52
switch10__Server_Side: in session00:52
Gneatrollboy: hrm, and you're on 9.04?00:52
volkis there a command that shows how long another command took to carry something out?00:52
Tfnrsh hey there i got a problem with bzr-gtk n bzr-notify here maybe u can take a look http://paste.arneburk.de/bzr_error.log00:52
Server_Sideswitch10__: how??00:52
Lostinspace_46coleys Ahh, see Jaunty changed some file names.00:52
geirhavolk: prepend the command with time. "time command"00:52
xcdfgkjhgcvth0r: It's pptp00:52
coleysLostinspace_46: Makes it alot more confusing I imagine.00:52
volkgeirha: thank you00:52
trollboyGnea, yup, running 2.6.28-13-generic on this box (my test box) and 2.6.28-13-server on the box it will finally be deployed on00:53
mechtech_nyth0r: how to kill package installer?00:53
th0rxcdfgkjhgcv: port 1723 I think00:53
monkey2what can I use for realtime file synchronization between 2 machines?00:53
xcdfgkjhgcvth0r: Inbound?00:53
Tfnrshrsync is nice00:53
Lostinspace_46geirha, because I spent two days trying to find out where my defaylt keymap was using GTK00:53
th0rxcdfgkjhgcv: I would think both. and if you can enable ip protocol 4700:53
monkey2Tfnrsh: but it is not real time..00:54
stefgmonkey2: rsync and a clever script :-)00:54
th0rmechtech_ny: what package installer?00:54
geirhaLostinspace_46: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard -> Layouts tab00:54
Tfnrshah ok i get the point00:54
volkboss_mc: actually 2> and &> differ00:54
mechtech_nyth0r: frostwire00:54
boss_mcvolk: 2> should have less stuff in it00:54
volkbut boss_mc &> does the trick00:54
trollboyGnea, thoughts?00:54
volkboss_mc: 2> yeah, why did taht have less stuff00:54
th0rmechtech_ny: is it frozen?00:55
volkboss_mc: and does &> print all the stuff?00:55
mechtech_nyth0r: yup00:55
boss_mcvolk: there are two output streams, stdout (1) and stderr(2)00:55
th0rmechtech_ny: open a terminal, type 'ps ax00:55
usr13_mechtech_ny: frostwire is not a package installer, it is a p2p application.00:55
Lostinspace_46geirha: Perhaps I mis-spoke.  I want the actual file that kernel reads at startup00:55
usr13_mechtech_ny: You want to kill frostwire?00:55
boss_mcvolk: > (or 1>) pipes out stdout while 2> pipes out stderr00:55
th0rmechtech_ny: and see if you can find the installer. If so, note the process number on the left side and then 'kill -9 #'00:55
UnholyLessonsCan someone please walk me through installing iTunes on ubuntu. I keep having problems00:55
boss_mcvolk: and &> pipes out all output streams together (there can be stream 3, 4, etc... in some programs)00:56
mechtech_nyusr13: nope, kill frostwire package installer00:56
Lostinspace_46geirha:  It doesn't read it at boot, I checked dmesg00:56
boss_mcvolk: for some reason your command was using both stdout and stderr which is why you needed &?00:56
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geirhaLostinspace_46: Oh, the console mapping?00:56
UnholyLessonsI just decided to use ubuntu instead of vista and now the most important application to get working is itunes00:56
Lostinspace_46geirha:  Yes...that..lol00:57
Tfnrshim not sure about that but i heard of something called "heartbeat" perhaps it works for you00:57
eb4bgrhello, I need help about ubuntu 9.0400:57
GneaUnholyLessons: itunes doesn't work in ubuntu.00:57
Lostinspace_46geirha:  My jargon isn't up to speed yet00:57
UnholyLessonsIve read a few help articles that says it does00:57
Tfnrshcan anyone help me with this bazaar prop00:57
geirhaLostinspace_46: I think you want the console-data package00:57
UnholyLessonswhat distro works with itunes00:57
uninvertedAnyone know how to make the Menu key a Compose? I tried "compose:menu" in xorg.conf, but that doesn't do anything.00:57
fivetwentysixUnholyLessons: UnholyLessons; why would you use iTunes? Unless of course you need some ipod support.00:57
Gneatrollboy: that's a bit beyond me, I suggest making a post about it on ubuntuforums.org00:58
UnholyLessonsI need to sync my iphone, thats the only reason00:58
Lostinspace_46geirha:  Which would be...?00:58
GneaUnholyLessons: unless you can provide those urls, I doubt it.00:58
A3KHello, I just did a reinstall and now my application audio isn't working. I fixed this once before really easily, but forgot how.  I seem to recall disabling oss...any suggestions?00:58
boss_mc!iphone | UnholyLessons00:58
ubottuUnholyLessons: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod00:58
trollboyGnea, ok, I just posted it to the users mailing list as well00:58
Gneatrollboy: awesome00:58
mechtech_nyth0r: invalid signal specification00:58
Gnea!itunes + UnholyLessons00:58
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:58
Gnea!itunes | UnholyLessons00:58
ubottuUnholyLessons: itunes is not available on Linux, but there are many audio player alternatives (see !players). For Daap clients (sharing music with other iTunes clients on the network), install banshee00:58
Lostinspace_46geirha: I am going to set several shortcuts, and I need to get into the file to do it00:58
Vubixwhats the command to navigate nautilus as root user? from alt+f2 ?00:59
th0rmechtech_ny: what did you type? kill -9 <process number>00:59
FirefisheHow do I kill the current xserver session from terminal? One of my Firefox extensions just took touchpad control away from me, so I need to restart the server.00:59
ctmjrtrollboy: this might sound grazy but i had installed  a usb remote control for a mythtv setup on ubuntu it seemed hal was grabbing the remote and seeing it as a keyboard and mouse before the drivers could load so i ran these to commands to find out what had the remote locked up mount -t usbfs none /proc/bus/usb to mount the usb devices and this to look at them sudo cat /proc/bus/usb/devices00:59
Lostinspace_46geirha: My left hand doesn't work too well00:59
uninvertedVubix: gtksu nautilus00:59
Tfnrshokay another question is anyone facing problems using dav n svn on jaunty amd64 ?00:59
Vubixuninverted: thanks00:59
eb4bgrhello, I need help about ubuntu 9.0400:59
mechtech_nyth0r: typed kill -19176 #   <---just like that01:00
Gnea!ask | eb4bgr01:00
ubottueb4bgr: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:00
trollboyctmjr, cat: /proc/bus/usb/devices: No such file or directory01:00
th0rVubix: I think they use gksudo now instead of gtksu01:00
geirhaLostinspace_46: The package console-tools even. It contains commands to alter the keymapping for the console01:00
Pizlozthis laptop had 512MB of video memory on the windows that came with it but only 256MB on my ubuntu installation. bios does not have a variable for it. it does not seem to adjust on its own either01:00
uninvertedVubix: gtksu X runs X as root01:00
th0rmechtech_ny: kill -9 1917601:00
Vubixth0r: gksu works as well01:00
geirhaLostinspace_46: Install it, run "dpkg -L console-tools" to get a list of the files it installs, and read the man-page for the commands installed to /usr/bin/01:00
ctmjrtrollboy: did you run this first? mount -t usbfs none /proc/bus/usb01:00
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th0rVubix: yeah...gksu works...but gtksu is there any more01:01
Lostinspace_46geirha:  Thank you very much.  I will try that.  I am always trying to learn more.01:01
trollboyctmjr, sorry mounted it, I get this on the Texas Instruments: I:* If#= 0 Alt= 0 #EPs= 1 Cls=ff(vend.) Sub=00 Prot=00 Driver=(none)01:02
trollboyDriver none01:02
FirefisheHow do I kill my current xserver session and restart it from an xterm?01:02
A3Kactually, I think it was disabling pulse audio, but I have forgotten how I did it01:02
FirefisheUhh....regular terminal session, rather.01:03
Tfnrshtry /etc/init.d/gdm / kdm restart01:03
eb4bgrok, sorry.  i'm trying to load ubuntu copied to one folder into a fat32 drive as "mode" live-hd.  I'm using grub boot loader.  grub loads ubuntu, but don't load ubuntu desktop.  what's wrong at grub.01:03
mattgyverwill wakeonlan wake a windows computer?01:03
FirefisheTfnrsh: Thanks01:03
Tfnrshits a certain protocol so its doenst depend on os01:03
Tfnrsh q matt01:03
FirefisheTfnrsh: One more question if I may?  May I run two concurrent x sessions?01:06
stefgPizloz: https://help.ubuntu.com/7.04/installation-guide/i386/boot-parms.html ... set a mem=512M in the kernel line in /boot/grub/menu.lst01:06
FirefisheTfnrsh: That is, is it possible ;)01:06
TaftHi! My workplace switcher isn't working. This might have to do with disabling it in CompizConfig for 3D windows. Anyway I disabled 3D windows, I need to know how to enable workspace switcher again.01:06
th0rFirefishe: no...only one X at a time, unless you count vnc sessions01:06
Pizlozstefg: tyvm01:06
Firefisheth0r: What is the technical limitation, in a nutshell, on running two x sessions?  I certainly don't know much about VNC.01:07
Lostinspace_46th0r I thought one had to use xinit to start an xsession??01:07
Firefisheth0r: by VNC, are you referring to virtual machines?01:08
Tfnrshjep u can actuallay firefishe01:08
eb4bgrok, sorry.  i'm trying to load ubuntu copied to one folder into a fat32 drive as "mode" live-hd.  I'm using grub boot loader.  grub loads ubuntu, but don't load ubuntu desktop.  what's wrong at grub??01:08
eb4bgrkernel /Boot/Ubuntu/casper/vmlinuz01:08
cyborg i have 1 iso file and 1 disk. how can i check the disk? same as the iso file01:08
eb4bgrinitrd /Boot/Ubuntu/casper/initrd.gz01:08
FirefisheTfnrsh: That's what I'd like to do, what do I have to do?01:08
Tfnrshor maybe but i think so01:08
th0rFirefishe: no...vnc is a remote connection something like remote desktop. You can have several connections via the network and each will display a working desktop. But locally you can only run one X session at a time01:08
tanner2007hey guys01:08
TaftHey can anyone help me out?01:09
tanner2007how could i tell which ubuntu im runnign 64 or 32 bit?01:09
Tfnrshgoogle displays01:09
Tfnrshoh well ok i was wrong01:09
Lostinspace_46Tfnrsh: You don't need to use xinit to start and xsession?01:09
linxehtanner2007: lsb_release -a might tell you, or uname -a01:09
Firefisheth0r: Okay, I've not done two at once--didn't know it was possible or not, which is why I'm asking--but what's the reason no more than one local x session can be run?01:09
stefg!version | tanner200701:09
ubottutanner2007: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »01:09
th0rLostinspace_46: you need to use xinit to run a local X session...but vnc I don't think requires it01:09
th0rFirefishe: have no idea01:09
Tfnrshmh no dont think so01:09
Pizlozstefg: that appears to be for RAM rather than VideoRAM01:09
cyborguname -a01:10
cyborg tanner200701:10
TaftMy workplace switcher isn't working. This might have to do with disabling it in CompizConfig for 3D windows. Anyway I disabled 3D windows, I need to know how to enable workspace switcher again.01:10
tanner2007x86_64 GNU/Linux01:10
tanner2007so thats 64 bit correct?01:10
Tfnrshi heard somehting about that u can run different X on different displays01:10
Tfnrshbut im not sure01:10
cyborglooks like01:10
Lostinspace_46Tfnrsh:   So I could use xinit in the command you mentioned earlier?01:10
Tfnrshto do waht ?01:10
boss_mcTaft: look at keyboard shortcuts (in system->prefs01:11
Tfnrshim kinda drunk01:11
trollboyctmjr, still there?01:11
tanner2007thanks guys01:11
cyborghow can i compare an .iso file and a disk?01:11
boss_mcTaft: change the one called "move between windows, using a popup window"01:11
luxosalguien aki01:11
stefgPizloz: oh, ok... VRAM is a different story... i lost track of all the changes in xorg, so i don't know. In the good old days (TM) you could set in xorg.conf, but nowadays it's not even necessary01:12
Firefisheth0r, Tfnrsh:  This is how I'm postulating:  Each X session is run on it's own Display.  The virtual terminal for most default X sessions is ctrl-alt-f7, by default.  What I was wanting to do was start another one in another virtual terminal.  ctrl-alt-f3, as an example.01:12
cyborgluxos   nem erteni  spanyol01:12
tuxwulfHow can I make sure a module starts with certain options?01:12
Tfnrshi dont know any other way01:13
Pizlozstefg: indeed XD but i assume there must be a way to tell the system to use 512MB of VRAM if the original windows on this system was using it. very puzzling01:13
boss_mcFirefishe: startx -- :301:13
FirefisheTfnrsh: How do I use vnc to have multiple terminal sessions, then?01:13
Firefisheboss_mc: That will do what I want?01:13
sagacihey guys, i know it's not in ubuntu 9.04 but is there a way to gain an animated boot sequence?01:13
boss_mcFirefishe: it opens x in tty301:13
Tfnrshits not that hard but i dont know sry01:14
Firefisheboss_mc: k, thanks.  I'll experiment.01:14
boss_mcFirefishe: it's been a while since I tried it, so no promises on synatx....01:14
kn100_OK mate has a problem, he is running ubuntu on a laptop, its using the drivers that came with ubuntu, thanks to there being no drivers in hardware drivers, but compiz works. but anyway, his screen keeps flickering01:14
th0rFirefishe: you start the vnc server with the command vncserver :1, or vncserver :2...all the way up to :9 if I remember right01:14
FirefisheTfnrsh: K, I appreciate it. I'll do some rtfm'ing around and figure it out.01:14
Tfnrshgood luck01:14
Firefisheth0r: Thanks01:14
kn100_its hard to describe, but there are horizontal white lines going through the screen every now and then for a split second01:14
Firefisheth0r: I'll experiment a bit01:14
dmsupermanMy gnome-panel is stuck, alt+click doesn't move it and neither does normal dragging. Creating new panels doesn't fix it either01:14
boss_mckn100_: you got access to this pc?01:14
th0rFirefishe: virtual terminal F2 does correspond to F8 for X, but I don't think you can run them both at the same time01:15
Tfnrshbut vnc should do the trick01:15
kn100_boss_mc, no but i have the person on the phone, and he is VERY good at following instructions01:15
Tfnrshthats the point i guess01:15
th0rFirefishe: you access the vnc connections by port number, :1 coirresponds to 5801, :2 to 5802, etc01:15
th0rFirefishe: it should be possible to open the vnc connections with vncviewer localhost:5801 and so on, and have several desktops in windows on the screen01:16
UnholyLessonswhats the best bit torrent client for ubuntu01:17
th0rFirefishe: never tried it though...no guarantees01:17
evanescentis there any good OSS productivity software (I looked around google and turned up nothing). E.g. a way for co-workers and I to exchange chat/lists/doodles/charts/etc in real time integrated into the same application?01:17
th0rUnholyLessons: there is no best01:17
evanescentI guess it'd be called collaboration software more properly01:17
UnholyLessonswell im using transmission, in windows i used utorrent01:17
boss_mckn100: ask them to run "lspci -v | grep VGA" in a terminal01:17
kn100_boss ok01:17
nelson_hello, I got a problem in my 9.04. The "Locals" menu icons open VLC instead of nautulus. Anyone knows how to solve this ?01:17
UnholyLessonsis transmission just fine for downloading torrents01:18
amaneAnyone have some advice for mounting a Samsung phone01:18
powerUserbudHow do you install songbird01:18
UnholyLessonsonce i mount a HD, where in the file system can i find it?01:18
Firefisheth0r: I did a:  startx -- :3 whilst on Virtual Terminal 3 (ctrl-alt-f3) and x started gnome up in ctrl-alt-f8.01:19
th0rUnholyLessons: where ever you mounted it01:19
kn100_UnholyLessons, media/ or mnt/01:19
Firefisheth0r: At least I know it's possible.01:19
Firefisheth0r: I'm not saying it's *practical* ;)01:19
th0rFirefishe: really? must be part of the new xorg....it wouldn't work in the old X01:19
JeruvypowerUserbud: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Songbird01:19
cooper77zHello, what would be a good way to temporarily disable gnome and run cinelerra from the command line?01:20
UnholyLessonsThank You01:20
Firefisheth0r: I'm running the latest 9.04 with all the updates and all the weird stuff ;)01:20
lowlycoderwhat's the quickest way to setup hadoop?01:20
th0rFirefishe: learn something new every day01:20
Firefisheth0r: True, we do.01:20
Firefisheth0r: Which vnc do I want?  vncserver, vnc-server, vnc4server?01:20
eb4bgri'm trying to load ubuntu copied to one folder into a fat32 drive as "mode" live-hd.  I'm using grub boot loader.  grub loads ubuntu, but don't load ubuntu desktop.  what's wrong at grub??01:20
amaneIt's a Samsung Beat I'm Running Jaunty01:21
th0rFirefishe: I think vnc4server is the newest01:21
Gnea!info mobile-broadband-provider-info01:21
ubottumobile-broadband-provider-info (source: mobile-broadband-provider-info): database of mobile broadband service providers. In component main, is extra. Version 20090309-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 18 kB, installed size 132 kB01:21
th0rFirefishe: but any would probably work.01:21
cooper77zhow much ram does gnome use up to run?01:21
th0rFirefishe: but if you want remote connections there are two better choices....X forwarding via ssh and NX01:21
Firefisheth0r: is the package 'vncserver' a meta package for the latest?  Or doesn't that package work that way?01:21
nelson_how do I see the "Open with" options tab for folders as I see in the properties for a file ?01:22
th0rFirefishe: not sure...I installed vnc4server01:22
th0rFirefishe: and it installed vncserver01:22
cooper77zhow do I make gnome stop running for this session only01:22
=== ez is now known as Guest6323
cooper77zhow do I kill gnome?01:22
Pizlozcooper77z: /etc/init.d/gdm stop01:23
th0rcooper77z: do you want a terminal session or to switch desktop environments?01:23
kn100_boss_mc, 01:05.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RS690M [Radeon X1200 Series]01:23
bruce89cooper77z: you select something else in gdm01:23
powerUserbudwhy my keyboard keep beeping01:23
Firefisheth0r: I see.  Well, this is a laptop, so what I'm wanting to do is have multiple xsession open.  Now, to have them in a virtual gui-terminal on a common desktop--say, one terminal running xfce and another fluxbox, etc.--would be ideal.01:23
kn100_boss_mc, any ideas?01:23
cooper77zI just want to kill gnome for this session only and run cinelerra from the command line01:23
Firefisheth0r: spelling correction:  multiple xsessions open01:23
boss_mckn100_: does he have these problems with compiz switched off?01:23
th0rFirefishe: you might also consider installing VirtualBox and running separate installs....you could run suse, winxp and redhat all in windows on ubuntu01:24
kn100_erm let me tell him to turn it off01:24
kn100_disabling the effects from 'change my desktop wallpaper' will disable compiz right01:24
PizlozpowerUserbud: try disabled "Play Alert Sound" in System > Preferences > Sound > Sound01:24
cooper77zthanks pizloz Iam going to kill gnome01:24
FlaxiHi guys, I deleted the Ubuntu partition from my hard drive and now I'm getting error 17 every time I try to boot01:24
cooper77zjust for this session01:24
FlaxiWhat can I do?01:24
boss_mckn100_: I assume he's using jaunty01:25
Firefisheth0r: I have virtualbox installed--currently using it to run the new Palm WebOS sdk and emulator, along with Eclipse for program development--niiiice ;)01:25
kn100_boss_mc, course01:25
boss_mckn100_: does he have these problems with compiz switched off?01:26
th0rFirefishe: yeah...I love it. For what you are trying to do you are probably best to try running several X sessions. vnc I think you will find too slow to respond01:26
kn100_boss_mc, i am telling him to turn compiz off now01:26
Firefisheth0r: I also have various ubuntu, kubuntu, SuSE, etc.  I'd probably install open solaris if I ran any virtual machine at all.01:26
Firefisheth0r: I follow01:26
Firefisheth0r: Thanks :)01:26
th0rFirefishe: I have solaris installed...but it is terribly slow01:26
eb4bgrgood night, see you later.01:26
Firefisheth0r: Yes, at least in virtualization it is.  It runs fine natively.01:27
Firefisheth0r:  I mean, the Open Solaris live cd works just fine.01:27
arifwhat time is it in the UK? (checking system clock)01:27
FlaxiOk I found how to fix it, but so I type "root (sdb,2)" or "root (sdb2)"?01:27
cooper77zafter I kill gnome with this command gksudo cinelerra start cinelerra?01:27
FlaxiThis is in the GRUB terminal01:28
arifalso, how do i direct responses to people like kn100 just did to me?01:28
boss_mc!tab| arif01:28
ubottuarif: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:28
DrknezzHi! Is there anyway i can disable Compositing with a hotkey? KDE401:28
cooper77zcan cinelerra run without gnome?01:29
rwwarif: type their name at the start of your message01:29
Drknezzcooper77z: yes01:29
arandFlaxi: My guess is root (1,2) This would be sdb301:29
FirefisheDrknezz: alt-shift-f1201:29
cooper77zwhat command will start it drknezz?01:29
DrknezzFirefishe: Thx01:29
Tfnrshubuntu jaunty amd64 bzr-gtk doesnt work , stderrr smt like incompatible api << can someone help01:29
Flaxiarand: I made a mistake I need sdb1 instead, would that be root (1,0)?01:29
arifsweet, many thanks people. will try tab in the terminal now...01:29
Pizlozcooper77z: once gnome has stopped using the command i gave you you shouldn't use gksudo as it's for starting graphic applications01:29
boss_mcFlaxi: yep01:30
Flaxiboss_mc: Thanks01:30
Drknezzcooper77z: Just install it and run it, it MAY have gnome look, but it will run, no wonder you use kde/xfce ....01:30
edoceohow do I start the setup in a different GUI mode?  Doesn't seem to like my monitor :(01:30
arandFlaxi: hang on, make thaat root (hd1,0) for sdb101:30
powerUserbudmy desktop is working now but something go wrong if I try to set desktops with CompizConfig01:30
cooper77zhow then should I start cinelerra from command line withought gnome?01:30
FirefisheDrknezz: Had a compositing issue with kde4 (4.2.4 in my case) giving me an error saying compositing was too slow.  When it gets this testy, I just reboot in recovery mode, do a nice little fsck from the recovery mode ncurses screen, and boot from there.  Works nice that way at times ;)01:30
Firefisheoh, he's gone...pish posh01:30
Flaxiarand: Then setup (hd1)?01:30
kn100_boss_mc, the flickering apparently occurs every now and then, about every 5 or 10 seconds, just a quick flash of horisontal white noise, i have got him to disable compiz, and he is testing now01:31
arandFlaxi: I guess so, if you aim to install to mbr of sdb01:31
cooper77zdrknezz, how much ram does gnome use up?01:31
crazy2kDoes someone use wmii2? What is your "mod" key? xmodmap says "mod1        Alt_L (0x40),  Alt_R (0x6c),  Meta_L (0xcd)" but I tried with both left and right alt keys and none worked when doing Mod-T.01:31
vijayi just upgraded to ubuntu 9.04,my wireless is not working now,its keeps asking for wps password,any idea whats the issue01:31
boss_mckn100_: sounds like the open source drivers on that card aren't good enough to run compiz...01:31
boss_mckn100_: which is a bit of a bummer01:32
nelson_is there a portuguese support channel ?01:32
Flaxiarand: Well I'm really trying to remove GRUB and reinstall the Windows bootloader but I forgot my Windows password01:32
kn100_boss_mc, yeah, at least they kind of can lol01:32
boss_mc!pt | nelson_01:32
ubottunelson_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.01:32
cooper77zthanks drknezz, I'll google the rest :)01:32
kn100_boss_mc, how can he composite without compiz?01:32
FirefisheOn the subject of turning off compositing with alt-shift-f12 in kde4, will another, subsequent application of alt-shift-f12 turn compositing back on?01:32
boss_mckn100_: unfortunately ati dropped support for those cards a few months (and one ubuntu version) back01:32
boss_mckn100_: what does he need it for?01:33
kn100_boss_mc, a dock01:33
boss_mckn100_: metacity can do compositing01:33
kn100_avant window manager01:33
boss_mckn100_: but it's not great...01:33
kn100_boss_mc, erm how do i enable it?01:33
arandFlaxi: hum, I SuperGrubDisk can do that nicely I think, and there is tools on SystemRescueCD for changing your windows password...01:33
boss_mckn100_: open gconf-editor01:34
boss_mckn100_: go to Apps->metacity->general01:34
boss_mckn100_: check the compositing_manager box01:34
Firefisheboss_mc: My P4 desktop of about 5 years ago has an AGP 256MB video card.  I tried using the Jaunty live-cd but it didn't have the ATI fglrx driver for it, so I just stuck with 8.10.  Working fine :)01:34
boss_mckn100_: test away...01:34
kn100_boss_mc, thanks for all your help01:34
boss_mcFirefishe: like I said, they dropped support one ubuntu version ago, they all work fine in 8.10 (well, using version 9.3 which is ok)01:35
boss_mckn100_: no01:35
monkey2I am trying to exclude files that begin with a dot in any and all directories using rsync, I have put - .* in my exclude-from file, yet this doesn't work, any ideas?01:35
storm-zenNeed help with sound.  ( Sigh. ) It's never worked right since gutsy.  I'm now in Jaunty.  It works for a while, and then it stops.  Then I reboot six times and it works for a while again.  I'd love to find out what this is and fix it for good.01:35
nelson_boss_mc: thanx01:35
nelson_hello, I got a problem in my 9.04. The "Locals" menu icons open VLC instead of nautulus. Anyone knows how to solve this ?01:36
Dr_Willisstorm-zen:  you mean to say if you reboot 5 times - it wont work?01:36
Firefisheboss_mc: Are you saying that ATI dropped the support?01:36
vijayhello everyone,i just upgraded my machine from 8.04 to 9.04 and my wireless stopped working now,asking for wpa password again and again,anyone know whats the issue01:36
Firefisheboss_mc: Or ubuntu?01:36
storm-zenDr_Willis: Surely you don't think I'm making that distinction.01:36
Dr_Willisstorm-zen:  ive seen stranger things.. Ive had sound cards not work in Linux.. UNLESS i power off and boot straight to linux.. if i booted to windows and 'soft' rebooted to linux = no sound.01:36
Pizlozconsidering VideoRam does nothing in xorg.conf now. how can i increase the VRAM from 256 to 512 (the original windows i replaced on this machine had 512) when there are no bios options to change it?01:37
powerUserbudif theres a difference between a desk and workspace01:37
boss_mcFirefishe: ati have stopped developing drivers for 'old' cards, and the last driver they made runs on Xorg 1.4 but Jaunty uses 1.6 so no compatibility...01:37
Flaxiarand: Which would you recommend to fix this, changing my Windows password or fixing GRUB?01:37
storm-zenDr_Willis: Yes, that is a bit stranger. :p01:37
kn100_boss_mc, o lord01:37
boss_mcFirefishe: so it's ATI's fault and ubuntu had to drop it to develop01:37
Firefisheboss_mc: I see.  Well, I'm glad my laptop uses nvidia ;)01:37
Dr_WillispowerUserbud:  you can have several virtual 'workspaces' I guess you can say. the current one you are seeing is your current desktop.01:37
kn100_well disabling compiz seems to have fixed it01:37
kn100_nvidia (o)01:38
Dr_Willisstorm-zen:  yep. "plug and play' getting set oddly and not resetting.01:38
boss_mcFirefishe: indeed, I even bought a new card when that happened so I could use jaunty (which is btw, SEXY)01:38
storm-zenIt just bugs me that i've tried to solve this one problem more times that I even cared to count.01:38
boss_mckn100_: has he got compositing working?01:39
Dr_Willisstorm-zen:  this is a laptop or desktop box?01:39
storm-zenI guess I haven't tried to solve it in Jaunty yet, though.01:39
arandFlaxi: I don't understan how those two things could be linke to the same issue?01:39
=== ^Einstei1 is now known as ^Einstein
kn100_boss_mc am taking him through it now01:39
kn100_sorry about the msn lag01:39
superdaniel49i need help with changing the screensaver on xubuntu 9.0401:39
Firefisheboss_mc: I've got Jaunty on the brain, boss ;-).  Works beautifully on my Asus G50Vt-X1. The usual 4 gigs (of which I think it sees only 3 for some reason), and the nvidia 9800 GS chipset 512mb vram.  not bad at all.01:39
Dr_Willisstorm-zen:   I suppose you dont want me to point out that you can get an ok Creative sound card for $30 ? :)01:39
boss_mckn100_: he might find he get's the same problems... but metacity is much much lighter than compiz so he may have luck01:39
LLStarkswhat is multilib?01:39
powerUserbudYesterday I was going through my workspaces but then I moved to a desk and everything except for my background dissapeared01:39
storm-zenDr_Willis: No, as I've already bought a Turtle Beach one, for the same reason?01:40
Dr_Willisstorm-zen:  so BOTH sound cards have the same issue?01:40
boss_mcFirefishe: 512Mb of your addressable memory space is going to your graphics card, and the rest to the kernel01:40
kn100_in the current linux kernel, is there a way to disable gui booting and have it display the text boot?01:40
boss_mcFirefishe: if you had 64bit you'd get your whole 4Gb01:40
Flaxiarand: The problem is, I had Debian installed on a partition and when I'd finished with it I formatted the partition to NTFS but now I can't boot because I get GRUB error 17 and when I try to use the Windows recovery console it asks for my password so I can't use "fdisk /mbr"01:40
boss_mckn100_: the recovery console?01:40
arandkn100_: edit fstab, remove quiet and splash01:40
storm-zenDr_Willis: It would seem so.  Though I haven't checked the (unsupported, although it looks like it is supported) soundchip since I got the card.01:40
kn100_arand, this is on a linux based phone01:41
Firefisheboss_mc: Aha!  So that's the culprit.  64 bit has it's own issues, too, I guess, being still so experimental, at least in linux (or am I blowing wind with this assumption?)01:41
powerUserbudCan flash 10 be installed on a 64 bit system01:41
kn100_i have the kernel source code which i can (and have) compiled and flashed to the phone01:41
kn100_is there a way in the terminal01:41
kn100_i can get a terminal from the phone01:41
superdaniel49powerUserbud: probably so01:41
musikgoat|mainkn100_: usually you can boot to init 3 or another init to stop x from starting01:42
arandkn100_: oh... well you'd still need to edit the kernel boot parameters somehow...01:42
Firefisheboss_mc: Either way, I'd have to do a complete re-install, and I have *so much installed and configured already*, it'd be a shame to lose it all again.01:42
boss_mcFirefishe: it's been around a while, the big issue is drivers, they all need to be adapted for 64bit, most have been but some are still not done01:42
Dr_WillispowerUserbud:  I got flash 10 going on this 64bit system01:42
boss_mcFirefishe: that's always the way... *sadface*01:42
Firefisheboss_mc: Tell me this:  Does nvidia have a proprietary driver for 64 bit ubuntu jaunty?01:42
powerUserbudDId you get it from The Adobe sit. it said I had the wrong architecture01:42
superdaniel49Dr_Willis: do u know how to change the screen saver on Xubuntu 9.04?01:43
storm-zensuperdaniel49: The screensaver, or the screensaver program?01:43
boss_mcFirefishe: I believe so, although the nvidia drivers are frowned on :) (they replace large swathes of the linux graphics system with their own, less efficient system)01:43
kn100_ok i can edit the boot perams01:43
kn100_i just found them01:43
Xodiac13i need help on getting the game openanno http://www.unknown-horizons.org/site/index.php?page=download01:43
boss_mcFirefishe: but on the flip side, the nv (open source) drivers are pretty sketchy01:43
Firefisheboss_mc: well, do the 64bit 3d linux drivers work?01:44
LLStarkswhat is multilib?01:44
boss_mcFirefishe: i use the proprietary ones01:44
boss_mcFirefishe: don't know, think so01:44
musikgoat|mainFirefishe: my x64 nvidia 185 drivers work well01:44
boss_mcthere you go01:44
superdaniel49storm-zen: the screen saver, u know like the thing that comes after a certain time of not doing anything01:44
storm-zen( I guess I'll just try rebooting until it works again.  Who knows?  Maybe it's electrical... )01:44
arandFlaxi: Ok, if you don't plan on using grub anymore, I'd say go with reinstalling ntldr using supergrubdisk, that is a fairly easy process from what I remember.01:44
musikgoat|mainFirefishe: suprisingly so01:44
Firefishemusikgoat|main: propritary or open source?01:44
Dr_Willissuperdaniel49:  not a clue.01:44
storm-zensuperdaniel49: There should be an icon for that under System somewhere.01:44
Firefishemusikgoat|main: proprietary rather01:44
musikgoat|mainFirefishe: the proprietary nvidia drivers01:45
boss_mcFirefishe: 185 is proprietary01:45
cooper77zhow do I know gnome stopped when I can still use it?01:45
Firefisheboss_mc: ah, I see..thanks for that clarifcation :)01:45
superdaniel49storm-zen:let me look01:45
storm-zensuperdaniel49: System/preferences/Screensaver01:45
Firefisheboss, musikgoat|main:  Now I'm thinking of 64bit virtual machine creation ;)01:45
dmsupermanMy gnome-panel is stuck, alt+click doesn't move it and neither does normal dragging. Creating new panels doesn't fix it either01:46
cooper77zmaybe I need to log out first01:46
superdaniel49storm-zen: i'm on the xfce desktop01:46
storm-zenOh yeah, why doesn't <ctrl><alt><backspace> work anymore?01:46
boss_mcFirefishe: unfortunately, without some GRUB wizardry you can't have both running at once....01:46
spycodeHow can I overclock the shader clock in the nvidia-settings? Someone can help? sorry my english01:46
lasehopesinyouui can't extract my rar files01:46
boss_mc!nozap | storm-zen01:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nozap01:46
lasehopesinyouuit goes right to wine file01:46
storm-zensuperdaniel49: Ah, that's pertinent information, you know.01:46
boss_mc!dontzap | storm-zen01:46
ubottustorm-zen: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.01:46
storm-zenThat will work; thanks boss_mc.01:46
superdaniel49storm-zen: what do u mean pertinent information?01:47
kn100_say i have the kernel source code from a device, what boot perameters would i need to do to make it have a text boot and not boot with a graphic01:47
musikgoat|mainFirefishe: i think the current stable in jaunty is 180.44 though, and they worked fine as well01:47
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boss_mcspycode: what's your native language?01:47
Flaxiarand: Thanks, I'll have to reboot out of this live CD so I'll give a go and see what happens01:47
spycodeHow can I overclock the shader clock in the nvidia-settings? there's only Clock and Memory, where's the shader? someone knows anyother method to do this?01:47
Firefishemusikgoat|main: The 64 bit version, you mean?01:47
storm-zensuperdaniel49: Nevermind.  Try running gnome-screensaver.01:47
Firefishemusikgoat|main: thanks01:48
musikgoat|main!info nvidia-glx-18001:48
ubottunvidia-glx-180 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-180): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 180.44-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 8682 kB, installed size 26188 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)01:48
superdaniel49storm-zen: ok then let me try that01:48
vijayim propting for password again again when wireless security is enable,anyone know whats the issue01:48
storm-zensuperdaniel49: Oh, wait... that won't work.01:48
spycodei'm using the 190.18 graphics beta driver01:48
storm-zenSorry; half asleep.  Did you google xfce?01:48
spycodebut even in the 18001:49
musikgoat|mainspycode: any benefits or specific reason?01:49
spycodeI don't have the shader option01:49
cattellarwhat's the command to open that settings manager that control consolekit, to remove password requirements for certain tasks ?01:49
spycodemusikgoat|main: more compatibility with dx10 games01:49
storm-zenok... I'm off to mess with sound now.01:49
Firefishemusikgoat|main: Again, though, my only *problem* (if I can call it that) is, do I nix my current i386 system install and redo it for 64bit.  I'm not doing anything particularly 64bit-ish, and it might just mess up my programming.  I think I'll wait for another hard drive to put it on.  This lappie has dual drive bays, one of which is currently empty. ;)01:49
musikgoat|mainspycode: dx10 games via wine?01:49
spycodemusikgoat|main: example: Silent Hill Homecoming01:50
musikgoat|mainFirefishe: seems like a good idea01:50
musikgoat|mainspycode: cool01:50
powerUserbuddoes anybody here use Songbird ?01:50
spycodewine 1.1.2601:50
spycodemusikgoat|main: running pretty nice than windows01:50
spycodewindows really sucks01:50
FloodBot1spycode: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:50
boss_mcFirefishe: or install it on a usb pen!01:50
superdaniel49powerUserbud: what is songbird?01:50
boss_mcFirefishe: fun fun fun01:50
Firefisheboss_mc: Yeah, I could do that, too.01:51
losherFirefishe: 64 bit is not as stable as 32 bit. I think you're right to make sure you can boot back into 32 bit easily...01:51
cooper77zhow do I stop gnome completely and return to command line only?01:51
TiMme again, hello everyone, i wanna know how i can modify my sound card propriets?01:51
Firefishelosher...My Thoughts Eggs Aktly ;) hee01:51
boss_mcFirefishe: I did that to test jaunty performance with the new graphics card01:51
spycodemusikgoat|main: do you know how to make an overclock in my vga in the xorg.conf... without any settings from nvidia...?01:51
musikgoat|mainlosher: however the stability is far greater in the past couple years than before,  i will now recommend it to users01:51
spycodemusikgoat|main: sorry my english01:51
superdaniel49why so you think i upgraded this Windows 98 computer to Xubuntu spycode?01:51
musikgoat|mainspycode: no01:51
Firefishelosher: I've got the palm webOS sdk installed, and have eclipse and vbox for the webOS emulator.  It's working nicely, and I don't really wanna mess it up!01:52
powerUserbudSongbird is an open source music player01:52
spycodexubundu is rules superdaniel49 it will works nice in a 98 PC01:52
Firefisheboss_mc: Using a usb pen is a good way to test a lot of things.  The only pen I have that is working, however, is one with an old install of Slax on it. ;).  I did for experimental reasons.  I have to work with the pens more to get them to work.  My earlier attempts proved fruitless.01:53
cooper77zif i type in /etc/init.d/gdm stop then terminal says ok does that mean gnome stopped even though I still have gui???01:53
superdaniel49spycode: that's why I upgraded to Xubuntu. The Windows 98 partition was already messed up01:53
Firefisheboss_mc: The newer pen-editions, though, may work better.01:53
arandFlaxi: seems like the main page for that one is down currently, but http://freshmeat.net/projects/supergrub/ seems to have some mirror download links01:53
spycodesuperdaniel49: yes... I can imagine that...01:54
superdaniel49Firefishe: I tried Slax, but i was not satisfied01:54
Firefishesuperdaniel49: Well, it's quite dated.01:54
spycodesuperdaniel49: Windows seven is windows 95 with new themes and support... but... this shit stills windows LoL01:55
outyi like 7 :(01:55
sebsebseb!ot |  spycode outy01:55
ubottuspycode outy: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:55
sebsebseband it's Vista version 201:55
superdaniel49spycode: I mean after i upgraded to Xubuntu, it went a lot faster, so it was worth it01:55
aaron_any suggestions on getting atheros 802.11 wireless to work?01:55
outynvm just woke up01:56
cooper77zis there a multimedia production channel for ubuntu?01:56
superdaniel49cooper77z: i'm not sure if they have it01:56
jocefuswhen i browse network folder in nautilus it comes back empty as does smbtree, however it i point nautilus to smb://ip it connects to the server and smbtree as well as network folder magically start working01:56
cooper77zsuperdaniel49, if I stop gnome but I can still windows and background does that mean gnome stopped using ram?01:57
krayonHi.  I am looking to be able to access more than ~3gb on an ubuntu 8.10 system (32bit).  I hear I can install the server version of the linux kernel but can't find any linux-image-x.x.xx-x-server package.  Can it be installed (and used) easily?01:58
superdaniel49Usually if ur on a dual boot with 2 os by each other. It hasn't stoped using RAM01:58
cooper77zI am just using 8.04.2, but when I stop gnome, I can still use the windows01:58
Scunizikrayon: if you're referring to more than 3gigs of ram the server package or kernel won't help you.. 64 bit is the only way to get more access to ram... ON ANY OS.. not just ubuntu01:59
edoceohow do I get the the installer to try to do the GUI installer in a different Graphic mode?  After usplash my screen just goes blank01:59
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test34Scunizi: you could have a ram HD and use it that way02:00
cooper77zsuperdaniel49, terminal says ok when I stop gnome, but all windows type graphics remain02:00
outyhey when i go to system > preferences > appearance > visual effects tab  and try to turn on"ExtrA"  it changes my minimize, maximise, and close buttons to some dodgy ones that i dont like,   and the "extra"  is always turned off again after a reboot,  any idea whats going on ?02:00
Scunizitest34: yes.. but that's just like vram from the 80's.. another partition.. not functional, operational ram..02:00
outyits making docky not work02:00
jocefusi am using 9.04 latest updates. when i browse network folder in nautilus it comes back empty as does smbtree, however it i point nautilus to smb://ip it connects to the server and smbtree as well as network folder magically start working. i have no issues browsing server shares from winxp laptop02:01
superdaniel49cooper77z:do u have Gnome on a partition not used by windows?02:01
test34Scunizi: use it as swap partition, then it's almost like real RAM ?02:01
mattgyverjocefus, its a known bug02:01
cooper77zI am only running ubuntu linx superdaniel4902:01
krayonScunizi: What about bigmem?02:01
Scunizitest34: naw... you should already have a swap.. 2 is redundant and not used much anyway02:02
test34Scunizi: it could be your only swap partition02:02
Scunizikrayon: I don't know anything about bigmem.....02:02
TiMhi there02:02
TiMi need some helep about sound card02:02
Scunizitest34: true.. takes more than a noob to set up though.. :)02:02
jefinc!ask | TiM02:02
ubottuTiM: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:02
krayonScunizi: My understanding is you can use BIGMEM to enable support for >3gb in the linux kernel.02:03
superdaniel49cooper77z: so ur don't have dual boot. Where when the computer starts it gives u a choice of booting into Windows or ubuntu?02:03
test34Scunizi: maybe but it isnt impossible02:03
mattgyverjocefus, see my pm02:03
Scunizikrayon: you should google it and see what it actually does.. does it give seemless access to that extra ram? or does it set that extra amount up as something else? partition, swap, whatever?02:03
Scunizitest34: my point exactly02:04
TiMi installed my sound card, but now i'm having no sound on firefox02:04
cooper77zsuperdaniel49, I reformatted and lost all microsoft influences02:04
krayonScunizi: According to a post on http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/2828/ the server kernel allows for referencing the extra.02:04
yoyonedkrayon: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=72556702:04
SuperMiguelwhats the best windows program to read ext3 partitions?02:05
superdaniel49cooper77z: how did u install ubuntu. Live CD or Downloaded image?02:05
krayonScunizi: Well, I run ArchLinux and according to some forum posts on the bbs the bigmem makes stuff slower :( Having said that, the request was still made to me to put it on a system for testing.02:05
Scunizikrayon: great.. follow that.. you should also ask youself.. do I actually use the 3 gigs recognized now or is most of it left dormant?.. you may be chasing windmills.02:05
yoyonedkrayon: I use 64 bit on arch everyday there is no reason not to use it02:06
krayonyoyoned: I'm not sure if all the software they are using will work with it (and they use Ubuntu not arch)02:06
cooper77zsuperdaniel49, I made an image after I completely installed fedora from a linux for dummies disk02:06
Scuniziyoyoned: krayon should say if he even has a dual core machine.02:06
krayonyoyoned: Otherwise I'd probably just do that ;)02:06
superdaniel49cooper77z: did u get the image from the Official Ubuntu site?02:07
FirefisheThanks boss_mc, th0r (though I know he's gone now), musikgoat|main, and all the rest who helped me today! :-)02:07
FirefisheBye for now02:07
krayonyoyoned: Thanks for the link, that sum's it up nicely :)02:08
cooper77zI don't know, superdaniel49.02:08
Rapt0rJezuz_loli sex02:08
cooper77zI think so superdaniel4902:08
FloodBot1Rapt0rJezuz_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:08
cooper77zis there some kind of code I can read from the cd iso, superdaniel49?02:09
Paddy_NI!ops | Rapt0rJezuz02:09
ubottuRapt0rJezuz: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, , elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!02:09
superdaniel49cooper77z: first make sure that the image came from the ubuntu site (www.ubuntu.com)02:10
=== tj__ is now known as tj83
cooper77zsuperdaniel49, I would bet $100 it's a genuine ubuntu os02:10
superdaniel49cooper77z : r u sure?02:11
cooper77z99.95 percent sure superdaniel4902:11
kfanno sound with dv41155se HP   laptop02:12
superdaniel49cooper77z: if it's not from the website, then download the live cd version or the alternate install cd for whatever processor u have and burn the image02:12
ubottukfan: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP302:12
cooper77zsuperdaniel49, isn02:13
cooper77zsuperdaniel49, isn't there a way to read the iso to make sure it's genuine?02:13
jetlooking for help with the o2 micro integrated card reader02:14
superdaniel49cooper77z: is or isn't cuz all u put was isn02:14
cooper77z<cooper77z> superdaniel49, isn't there a way to read the iso to make sure it's genuine?02:15
superdaniel49cooper77z: not that i know of02:15
longbowmd5 sums02:15
syntaxcooper, to make sure i would just reinstall getting the iso from ubuntu.com02:15
cooper77zok superdaniel49, but how do I kill the gui for now?02:15
jcmariniwine is telling me that the window on a virtual desktop is too small to fit my virtual page; which is blatantly obvious to me and; the help programs are complaining about legalities; as usual.02:16
superdaniel49follow what syntax told u cooper02:16
natewiebe13anyone know anything about a promo video that was for a linux mobile project?02:17
jcmariniwhat is wrong with my wine; is it stakle or something02:17
trelaynehey all, I'm trying to creating an ad-hoc network  (who's SSID is not visible) on my ubuntu A machine. I've manage to make the network but for some reason the SSID shows up on my ubuntu machine B's list of SSIDs. Any know what I need to do to make the network invisible?02:17
natewiebe13there was a guy that was running linux and had his phone, computer, and car synced02:17
aaron_atheros wireless card wont work, and suggestions?02:17
cooper77zIt's genuine, I downloaded it from www.ubuntu/... syntax!02:17
syntaxbut at first you didnt know02:17
cooper77zI know, syntax02:18
longbowtry to check the damn md5 sums!02:18
syntaxoh ok02:18
ubottunatewiebe13:: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:18
cooper77zunless, they cloned the site like ebay clones, syntax02:18
natewiebe13yoyoned: wireless? i had a question about a video i saw02:18
=== Wizzup` is now known as Wizzup
yoyoned!wireless|) aaron_:02:19
ubottu) aaron_:: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:19
yoyonednatewiebe13: oops02:19
natewiebe13no probs02:19
natewiebe13yoyoned: but have you seen that video?02:19
aaron_yoyoned: thanks02:19
yoyonednatewiebe13: no, but cars running linux sound really cool02:19
superdaniel49you could check the website by using someone elses windows based computer and use that thing that checks if the website ur looking at is genuine02:19
nicklas_hello, when trying to burn a ubuntu iso to a usb memory with make usb startup disk the program tells me "cant determine partitonnumber" ... what to do?02:19
xcdfgkjhgcvI keep getting the error "VPN Connection Failed" When trying to use pptp with network manager.02:20
natewiebe13yoyoned: i saw it on youtube one time.. i think it was moblin, not sure, but i cant find it anywhere02:20
cooper77zbut, I did install the server from an os that might not have been ubuntu.02:20
natewiebe13it was their vision for the next 5-10 years02:20
evanescentis there any good OSS collaboration software (I looked around google and turned up nothing). E.g. a way for co-workers and I to exchange chat/lists/doodles/charts/etc in real time integrated into the same application?02:20
superdaniel49nicklas_: have u tried to format the usb disk02:20
cooper77zif I can't kill gui, is that an indication that my edition of ubuntu is not genuine?02:20
nicklas_superdaniel49: no02:20
syntaxjust reformat and install the iso from the site..that will elimate the prob02:21
superdaniel49nicklas_ try that and then try making the usb startup disk again02:21
jet!help with card reader02:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:22
cooper77zthat is so frustrating, syntax, I have reinstalled so many times, and I want to try to fix this installation, I know there is a way to verify it's authenticity without reinstallation!02:22
SuperMiguelto format HD in fat32 whats the name of the program i need to install?02:22
natewiebe13found it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX5UAfWiPR802:23
syntaxLike i said man it might be the version of your ubuntu02:23
IndyGunFreakSuperBert: if you're using linux, you can use gparted, if you're not using Linux,  you can downlod a gparted live cd02:23
cooper77zthanks syntax :)02:24
monkey2has anyone tried lsyncd, I don't think that the --exclude-from argument works correctly02:24
syntaxI know you dont wanna reformat again br0 but this time make sure 100 percent you get it from the site, Reformat and see what happens02:24
Austin`What's a good application for tracking time spent on a project?02:24
jetlooking for help to get integrated card reader working???? anyone?02:25
IndyGunFreakAustin`: the clock.. itse installed on all apps.02:25
Tfnrshno one is using bazaare ?02:25
cooper77zI don't even know how to make sure, syntax, short of ordering the disk by mail. I redownload is not even secure from a corrupt os !!!02:25
dandersonHi all. I'm wanting to install the latest ubuntu on a system that already has an encrypted hard drive (set up by ubuntu, but another distro replaced it later). Does the main installer disk allow reuse of an existing encrypted volume?02:26
natewiebe13anyone know if moblin is still working on this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aX5UAfWiPR8 ??02:26
cooper77zsyntax, I'll order a disk by mail, though, thanks for the heads up :)02:27
Dr_Willisnatewiebe13:  check the 'disrtowatch' web site  - i think there was a new release of moblin the other day.02:27
panickedthumbnatewiebe13: yeah there's a new release02:27
richardcavellIs it just me or does it take ages to reload update manager's package information?02:27
syntaxyou would order when you can download? most if not all of the people thats on ubuntu has gotten it from the site..02:27
natewiebe13except.. this is not what you think02:27
panickedthumbnatewiebe13: unfortunately, it seems it only works on atom processors. My eee 900 with a celeron won't boot it02:27
richardcavellsorry wrong channel02:28
superdaniel49anyone know how to change the screen saver on Xubuntu 9.04 (Xfce desktop)?02:28
cooper77zbye for now02:28
Tfnrshjava babe02:28
kfanmy dv41155se overheats with ubuntu and not windows anyone help?02:28
natewiebe13Dr_Willis, panickedthumb: this is a video where they show integration into watches, cars, computers, tv's, etc02:28
natewiebe13its a year old02:28
bsmith_Is it possible to run folding@home on a server02:29
Dr_Willisnatewiebe13:  seen things like that done over the last few years...02:29
mazda01_hi ya'll02:29
panickedthumbnatewiebe13: aha, gotcha. yes i think they are still working on that02:29
kfanwhy does my computer overheat in ubuntu and not windows?02:29
test34bsmith_: yes02:29
natewiebe13its a good idea02:29
mazda01_anyone need any help with something?02:29
bsmith_test34:  Is there instructions?02:30
panickedthumbkfan, my wife's does as well02:30
test34bsmith_: same instructions as a desktop02:30
superdaniel49kfan: it's probably with the hardware ur using02:30
Tfnrshtell me how to get bzr running on jaunty 6402:30
mazda01_kfan: state your problem02:30
panickedthumbkfan: if it's a laptop you might try changing the cpu frequency02:30
jasonESPN 360 video will not load02:30
=== jason is now known as Guest69601
jetcmon people02:31
bsmith_test34: Thanks, do you also know of any media server "software" to play in a web browser?02:31
panickedthumbkfan: or if you have compositing on Ubuntu but not windows, that could be why02:31
jeti want to get my friggin card reader to work i already lost my whole computer once this afternoon.....02:31
Austin`IndyGunFreak: ;p something more advanced than that. A 'project manager' perhaps?02:31
* xTheGoat121x is now awake!02:31
xTheGoat121xBut I'm going back to sleep.02:32
dandersonAustin`: if you happen to use Emacs, org-mode has all of that and more.02:32
Dr_Willisjet:  built into a laptop?02:32
dandersontodo lists, project management, timeclocking, agenda mode...02:32
test34bsmith_: I dont understand exactly what you want to do02:32
jetDr_Willis: yea, its one of those o2 micro ones02:32
powerUserbudget someone help install the latest version of firefox02:33
Austin`danderson: I don't use emacs :(02:33
bsmith_I want to listen to music from any computer connected to the internet in the browser (firefox, IE) without having to download a streaming file02:33
Dr_Willisjet:  that means little to me.   I have had laptops in the past that have odd chipset/built in readers  - often its just the sd card that work in them..  some times they dont work at all. theres just a lot of varity in the things.02:33
Dr_Willisjet:  its possible theres some kernel options that might get it going. but you would have to check the forums for that exact laptop/chipset of the things.  some of my netbooks need special boot optiosn to get theirs seen properly.02:34
Dr_Willisjet:  some only work IF theres a card in the slot when you boot.02:34
jetDr_Willis: i had someone helping with it this afternoon and i screwed up i was so far into terminal i didnt know what i had done to go back and try again02:34
FloridaGuyafter 2 weeks of trying to get my display set to 1280x1040....sence Polaroid recomends 1040x768....1040x768 was all i could get ubuntu 9.04 to do...when other distro's i could get 1280x1040...so i asked a #xorg if i could copyed a mandriva xorg.conf over...that i had stored on my usb stick if it would work...they said it should..so i did that..rebooted...#xorg was right ...i now have my 1280x104002:35
jetDr_Willis: the reader is seen with lspci02:35
jetDr_Willis: but no cards will mount02:35
linxehFloridaGuy: err02:35
Dr_Willisjet:  yep. ive had some readers that only some of the slots work.  You try having a card inserted when it boots up?02:35
FloridaGuylinxeh, err...what02:36
jetDr_Willis: im pretty sure its been in there when it boots a few times but i still dont get anything02:36
powerUserbudupdate Firefox to 3.5 anyone02:36
jetDr_Willis: what about boot options?02:36
rww!ff35 | powerUserbud02:36
ubottupowerUserbud: Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY02:36
robert__how is AIM? does it have all the webcam and mic features?02:36
robert__for Ubuntu i mean 1.502:37
linxehFloridaGuy: what you said made little sense; what are you trying to achieve ?02:37
Dr_Willisjet:  ive seen some that work on my netbooks.. but it may deped on your exact chipset.02:38
Schwanowskihuh, my scroll wheel does no twork02:38
mattb123Hello all.  I just installed Ubuntu 9.04 and I'm trying to get my wireless to work.  I was told I need to install "linux-backports-modules-2.6.28-13-generic" package.  How should I do that?02:39
Schwanowskiwhat might be the problem?02:39
robert__how is AIM for Linux? does it have webcam/mic?02:39
cooper77zhi, how do I finalize a mail order for ubuntu cds when the only option is to change my request?02:39
Dr_Willisrobert__:  what 'AIM' for linux? theres several 3rd party IM clients that can do AIM chatting.02:39
Dr_Willisrobert__:  as far as i know the  official AIM client for linux is very very old.02:39
robert__Dr_Willis, the official aim02:39
robert__oh ok02:39
jetDr_Willis: maybe you can make some sence of a few terminal outputs and tell me if its nearly hopeless or not it wont bother me much. im already down an 80 gig zune02:39
frosteerobert_...Try pidgin02:39
DruleI'm now a member of the Ubuntu family ;)02:39
DruleThanks pal.02:40
FloridaGuylinxeh, im useing a polaroid LCD tv..that has monitor on it...polariod recomends 1040x768.....other distro's i have been able to get 1280x1040...ubuntu i havent been able to get the 1280x1040....i have a xorg.conf stored on my usb stick from mandriva....#xorg   ...told me to copy that over to ubuntu...and it worked02:40
lstarnesmattb123: open a terminal and enter this: sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-$(uname -r)02:40
Schwanowskirobert: pidgon is the common IM client at ubuntu.. you can try it in windows as well02:40
Dr_Willisjet:  i am heading to work here in 10 min. so cant really help much. Other then to suggest ya pastebin the output  somewhere.. and hopefully find  someone else who can help.02:40
emyhello can anyone recommend me a channel to disccus history? like a network too?02:40
jetDr_Willis: get to work brother lol02:40
jetDr_Willis: thanks anyway02:41
* richardcavell can't play Counter-Strike with a ping of 30002:41
Dr_Willisjet:  been off work for 2 weeks.. back to 3rd shift.. UGH02:41
linxehFloridaGuy: 1040x768, or 1024x768 ?02:41
jetDr_Willis: i go back for 4 nights tomorrow night02:41
cooper77zoh, I get it, it changed the request automatically, "Request changed successfully." :)02:42
Tfnrshis there a cahnnel for networking support ?02:42
cooper77zso, how do I kill the gui to free up ram for cinelerra?02:42
mattb123Istarnes, just tried, and it says it couldn't find the package02:42
jetso can anyone else take a stab at helping me out with my card reader?02:43
Dr_WillisTfnrsh:  'networking support' is a VERY broad topic.02:43
FloridaGuylinxeh, 102402:43
Tfnrshid like to start with dns n routing02:44
Tfnrshgreeting to your nerds hows life02:46
cooper77zsure jet what's wrong?02:46
Tfnrshim havin a wine02:46
Dr_WillisTfnrsh:  start? you mean yoi basicially wish to learn about them? or is tehre an actual propblem?02:46
H_M-LaptopHey, I installed gtk-chtheme to use with fluxbox today... and when I went to boot back into GNOME, I noticed it changed my theme there. So I went to change it the normal way, and that control was broken. I apt-get removed gtk-chtheme, but this problem didn't go away.02:46
H_M-LaptopI found a forum post saying this was due to something that changed in my .gnome2 config....02:47
H_M-LaptopAnd the best way to fix it is to simply delete the .gnome2 folder and change your settings all over again... -- But is that the only option?02:47
Tfnrshthere is no actual problem, and i got the basics but im lookiong forward to rent a rack with my own uplink02:47
reorampagehey all, i'm a total noob at linux and irc but i really dont know where else to turn for help. is this the right room to seek help?02:48
cooper77zhow do I kill gnome and return to command line?02:48
Tfnrshsoooo mom sais itd be a great idea to get some knowlegde first :d02:48
jetcooper77z: im trying to get an sd card to mount with an o2 micro integrated reader02:48
H_M-LaptopAnyone have any idea with the problem I said above? :(02:48
jetcooper77z: pm?02:48
cooper77zhmmm, I am using a usb card reader "dynex" with 8.04.2 and it works fine02:49
Tfnrsh/etc/init.d/gdm/stop || killall -9 gdm02:49
H_M-Laptopjet: Why have a PM?02:49
H_M-Laptopjet: That's like the biggest sign of someone doing something malicious.02:49
lstarnesH_M-Laptop: some people prefer PM because they can't keep up with the channel02:50
linxehreorampage: it depends what you want to do:) probably02:50
jetH_M-Laptop: yea someone was helping me this afternoon that way thats why i asked i can keep up fine lol02:50
cooper77zmaybe, jet, you should take back your current reader and get a dynex one?02:50
H_M-LaptopAnyway, does anyone know a way to restore the gnome gtk2 theme control from gtk-chtheme?02:51
H_M-LaptopBecause I REALLY don't want to have to configure everything again.02:51
jetits an integrated on in my laptop :\02:51
cooper77zmaybe you gotta shell out $20?02:51
toogreenhi there, something really strange is happening with Apache under 9.04: when i setup my site under default port 80, all works fine. If I change the port, apache seems to still be running but my site is unavailable. Any ideas anyone?02:51
jetit MIGHT be my only option?02:52
H_M-LaptopWelp.. I guess it can't be TOOOOO bad to just simply start over with a new gnome config....02:52
cooper77zmaybe ??? dynex works fine for me :)02:52
* H_M-Laptop wipes his tears and deletes the folder.. then restarts02:53
sabayonuseri have a serious question regarding the speed of "ubuntu 9.04 gnome" verses "sabayon 4.2 gnome". why is sabayon lightening fast when compared with ubuntu??02:55
* richardcavell advises HMLaptop to use backups02:55
bazhangsabayonuser, please discuss in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here02:55
richardcavelltoogreen: firewall?02:55
sabayonuserthis is on-topic. i am asking a question regarding ubuntu 9.0402:56
toogreenrichardcavell, nah its off and ports are accessible02:56
bazhangsabayonuser, no, it is not. Please take chat elsewhere02:56
richardcavelltoogreen: are you able to ping the port from another computer?02:56
toogreenrichardcavell, when i try to load the site apache is running but tells me the page is unavailable02:56
toogreenrichardcavell, yes02:56
WiiWbazhang: :)03:01
sabayonuserit takes a while longer to open pidgin, firefox, and even at boot up. what can be done?03:01
richardcavelltoogreen: sorry got cut off.  What do you get if you http request from another computer?03:01
toogreenrichardcavell, a "Not Found" error03:02
sabayonuserbazhang: read up. i missed to type your name.03:02
toogreenrichardcavell, so Apache is running indeed and responding, just doesn't load the content03:02
toogreenrichardcavell, cuz at the bottom of the error page i see the server info: Apache/2.2.11 (Ubuntu) PHP/5.2.6-3ubuntu4.1 with Suhosin-Patch Server at "removed" Port 9903:03
toogreenrichardcavell, and then if i go back and change /etc/apache2/ports.conf to port 80, restart apache, same page same content loads fine. I don't get it!03:04
evanescentis there a good whiteboard/blackboard app for ubuntu? that runs over the network so two people can use it at once?03:04
sabayonuserany idea's here to make ubuntu go faster?03:05
richardcavelltoogreen: okay, so it is serving03:05
richardcavelltoogreen: it's just refusing to serve the content of your site03:05
richardcavelltoogreen: #apache has 112 users right now.  Try there.03:05
jeti need help with tis stupid o2 reader03:05
kn100i need to borrow someone really quick03:06
kn100is there anyone from the US here with at&t internet03:06
kn100preferably with the high speed dsl03:06
sabayonuseris there a special plug for ubuntu to use more cpu power?03:06
lstarnestoogreen: I think the channel for the apache httpd is #httpd.  #apache is the channel for the Apache Software Foundation03:07
abstortedminds1hi, im experiencing issues connecting ubuntu, i removed network-manager and setup:  auto eth0; iface eth0 inet dhcp in my /etc/network/interfaces file, when restarting network, it hangs on not getting any dhcp offers03:08
richardcavelllstarnes: ok my bad03:09
* richardcavell logs off to play counter-strike03:09
cooper77zHow do I suspend all programs except the one I click on to free up ram?03:09
jrs5fgI have a little grub stage1 problem03:10
jrs5fgso I'm installing ubuntu for a person who knows nothing about operating systems and bootloaders...03:10
cooper77zI don't know much about grub jrs5fg03:10
cooper77zhow do I suspend grub, jrs5fg?03:11
bazhangcooper77z, you dont03:11
lstarnescooper77z: grub only runs once, and that's when you boot03:11
jrs5fgokay so I created a dedicated /boot partition at install...03:12
jrs5fgwhich apparently overwrote whatever was installed at /boot03:12
jrs5fglike the kernel03:12
cooper77zbazhang, how do I make gui cease and go back to command line?03:12
sabayonuserjrs5fg: i think ubuntu is very easy to set up and install. it works every time.03:12
bazhangcooper77z, for what purpose03:12
jrs5fgyes but I really don't want to reinstall it03:12
jrs5fglike everything's set up03:12
cooper77zto free up ram for cinelerra, bazhang03:12
jrs5fgexcept that /boot is essentially empty03:12
=== Mr is now known as Guest37651
jrs5fgwell I've restored some of it03:13
jrs5fglike the kernels03:13
jrs5fgbut stage1 doesn't exist.03:13
bazhangcooper77z, you want to use cinelerra with out a desktop environment?03:13
jribjrs5fg: the installer only formats a partition if you tell it to03:13
cooper77zyes, because I don't have very much ram bazhang03:13
jrib!grub > jrs5fg03:13
ubottujrs5fg, please see my private message03:13
bazhangcooper77z, that does not make sense03:13
user__someone can help me03:13
cooper77zwhy not bazhang?03:13
tiger2wanderhi all03:14
lstarnescooper77z: you need a GUI in order to run a graphical application03:14
lasehopesinyouui can't extract my rar files03:14
lasehopesinyouuit goes right to wine file03:14
lasehopesinyouuhelp :(03:14
jrib!rar | lasehopesinyouu03:14
ubottulasehopesinyouu: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free03:14
bazhangcooper77z, it is self-evident03:14
cooper77zI was told differently, but it could have been errant lstanes03:14
tiger2wanderis someone known the way to check RAM's manufacturer by command?03:14
lstarnescooper77z: have you tried a lightweight window manager such as fluxbox?03:14
jrs5fgjrib -- the partition is formatted tho03:14
jrs5fgit's just blank03:15
jrs5fgand overwrote the original /boot mount point03:15
cooper77zwill I have a choice at startup which window manager to use lstarnes?03:15
jrs5fgbasically how do I get stage1 back?03:15
jribjrs5fg: right, I told you about the installer for teh future.  Read ubottu's grub instructions on how to reinstall grub03:15
lstarnescooper77z: yes, by changing which session you use03:15
jrs5fgwell grub is installed...03:15
jrs5fgstage1 just isn't where it should be03:16
cooper77zwill that free up ram for cinelerra, lstarnes?03:16
jribjrs5fg: so install it where it should be03:16
jrs5fgI've used grub-install and recreated the system map and everything03:16
lstarnescooper77z: fluxbox uses significantly less ram than gnome or any other full desktop environment03:16
jrs5fgwhere do I find stage1...?03:16
lstarnescooper77z: how much swap do you have?03:17
cooper77zthanks, lstarnes, I'll meditate on it03:17
cooper77zlstarnes, I don't know03:17
Tfnrshawwww ubutnu community sucks03:18
lstarnescooper77z: check the system monitor or htop03:18
jribjrs5fg: wow, follow ubottu's instructions on using the super grub disk.  That should work afaik03:18
Tfnrshmaybe gentoo next time03:18
jribTfnrsh: do you have a question?03:18
cooper77zchecking lstanes03:18
lstarnescooper77z: how much ram do you currently have?03:19
Tfnrshactually i got a question03:19
masterofhateany body know anything about the new ubuntu operating system after installing the package manager will not open i get an error03:19
jribTfnrsh: so ask your ubuntu support question03:19
lstarnesmasterofhate: version 9.04?03:19
cooper77zlstarnes, 384 shadow, whatever that means and 256 cache, whatever that means03:19
lstarnesmasterofhate: what is the error?03:19
Tfnrshim running jaunty amd64 and bzr doesnt work03:20
lstarnescooper77z: I would strongly suggest getting more ram if you're going to be using applications that use a lot of ram03:20
jrib!doesn't work | Tfnrsh03:20
ubottuTfnrsh: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.03:20
Tfnrshnice thanks03:20
jribTfnrsh: you need to provide details so we can help you03:21
cooper77z648 swap lstarnes, I can't afford it right now, it's like $85 for a gig03:21
Tfnrshubuntu community sucks :D03:21
Tfnrshyoure another proof03:21
bazhangTfnrsh, no need for that03:21
sabayonusercould it be possible that my pc is too slow for ubuntu 9.04? i have a p4 3.2ghz and 640mb ram, ati 64mb vga. could it be my vga is too low???03:22
jrs5fgwell ubottu won't parse any requests about the super disk...03:22
linuxguy2009Anyone have any experience in Ubuntu icon theme set creation for gnome?03:22
lstarnescooper77z: I'm not sure what you're asking03:22
bazhangcooper77z, its lstarnes03:22
jrs5fgsabayonuser: I've run Unreal Tournament on a 32 MB video card03:22
cooper77zdid the swap tell you anything more, lstarnes, sorry03:22
bazhangcooper77z, please tab complete users nicks03:23
lstarnescooper77z: 648MB?03:23
cooper77zyes lstarnes03:23
cooper77ztab works bazhang03:23
lstarnescooper77z: that seems like enough swap03:23
WiiWhow to setup a password with length of 2 ?  what can I do with : /etc/pam.d/ ?03:24
cooper77zthanks for the help people :)03:24
lstarnesWiiW: 2 characters?03:24
WiiWlstarnes: yes03:24
lstarnesWiiW: that is way too short to possibly be secure03:24
tiger2wanderdid you known the way to find RAM manufacturer by command line?03:24
WiiWlstarnes: I know03:24
sabayonuserjrs5fg: is your 9.04 fast? mine is fast when compared to windows. but it's noticeably slow when i tried a different linux distro.03:24
linuxguy2009WiiW: Why not just set the system to autologin if thats the issue.03:24
tiger2wanderI have use dmidecode but the manufacturer is not specified! :(03:25
Brian_HI'm trying to setup a preseed file that partitions my drives and makes / and swap encrypted however I can't get the recipe right, can anyone provide some insight?  I've tried the "use entire disk and setup lvm and encrypt" however I always get grub error 18 on boot, I think its because the installer for 9.04 doesn't make a separate unencrypted /boot03:25
WiiWlinuxguy2009: ok , that's a good way03:25
thepeonStupid vi question, anyway to get out of edit mode without using esc??03:26
Brian_Hanother question... if I'm encrypting my entire / parition it's not necessary to encrypt my home directory right?03:27
matakswhat program in ubuntu that is like winamp?03:27
psywipedyea Brian_H you realy need to make a boot partition03:27
bazhangmataks, audacious03:27
timbojimbocan any one help me with installing pokerth?03:27
linuxguy2009Brian_H: encrypting the "/" root folder is everything. Unless you have a seperate home partition, it will be encrypted also.03:27
psywipedBrian_H you could also use trucript03:28
jribthepeon: some people use ctrl-[.  Personally, I swap escape with CapsLock on my keyboard03:28
mataksbazhang, ok thnx03:28
Brian_Hpsywiped, linuxguy2009: thanks, I'm trying to setup a preseed file that does all of these choices for me but am having some dificullty getting the d-i paritioning part down03:28
timbojimbocan any one help me with upgrading from 0.6.4 to 0.7.1 pokerth?03:29
Brian_HI see examples for regular paritioning, but none for setting up a regular /boot parition, and then encrypted / and swap03:29
=== channelbot is now known as krismanto
krismantocan i know the package name mirc for linux test?03:30
krismantoits exist or not?03:30
linuxguy2009mataks: Visit your add/remove list and look through the Sound & Video catagory for a list of options. Rhythmbox comes by default and thats what I use.03:30
jribkrismanto: try xchat instead03:30
krismantoi use ubuntu jaunty..there is mirc for ubuntu text?03:30
FloodBot1krismanto: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:30
sabayonuserok.. maybe my username offends you people. it came up automatically when i booted a different distro using usb "live cd." is there a way to make my ubutnu 9.04 faster?03:30
krismantojrib:know something about eggdrop03:30
raarAny clue what's wrong with this?: http://pastebin.com/d21ff2461 - I'm trying to add a user with the useradd command and arguments listed in --help, yet it errors telling me the possible arguments03:30
jribkrismanto: ask the channel and see :)03:31
linuxguy2009 sabayonuser: no03:31
thepeonjrib thanks, that helped.  Stuck with awn's terminal interface (esc minimizes the window)03:31
jribraar: looks to me like you aren't passing the LOGIN part03:31
WiiWwhen 9.10 login to gnome desktop , I saw it used my memory is 212MB , is it normal ?03:31
mataksim new to linux and im bothered with the two panel at the top and the bottom.. is there a way to merge them like on windows.. the taskbar and the tabs tray is only at the bottom03:32
linuxguy2009WiiW: Is what normal?03:32
sabayonuserlinuxguy2009: thank you! i tend to be straight forward. sorry to offend the rest.03:32
kingdongwhat is the 'best' distro to run on a eee pc 1000he03:32
kingdongthe standard build or some custom eee build ?03:32
Brian_Hmataks: yes you can right click the top bar and add a window selector to it I think03:32
linuxguy2009mataks: Theres tons of tutorials for panel customization on google its been asked a million times.03:32
raarjrib: ahhh, I see.. silly me, I had all the options right but forgot the main part :( thanks!03:33
Brian_Hthen delete the bottom panel03:33
WiiWlinuxguy2009: 9.10 is so faster , from power on to login to desktop , it is only 15 second03:33
linuxguy2009WiiW: What are you telling me for? hehe03:33
jrib!karmic | WiiW03:33
ubottuWiiW: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:33
WiiWjrib: ok , I see03:34
kingdonganyone ?03:34
Brian_Hkingdong: don't know but I know there is a ubuntu netbook remix, give it a try03:35
linuxguy2009kingdong: Have you tried Ubuntu Netbook Edition?03:35
kingdongit look like shit03:35
kingdongits for a dev server03:35
kingdongnot a desktop03:35
FloodBot1kingdong: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:35
kingdongi plan to migrate from netbsd to ubuntu03:35
kingdongsince the 'trial' will be done on a eee so no idea wich distro to use, is the standard 9.x distro supporting most of the eee hardware ?03:36
linuxguy2009kingdong: There is the netbook release of ubuntu other than that do you have any specific questions that we might be able to help with?03:36
Brian_Hyou're not making any sense.. you asked about a netbook OS now you're talking about a dev server?03:36
=== adamg_ is now known as webman
matakslinuxguy2009, k thnx i'll look for it03:36
kingdongdev server on a netbook, nothing fancy, python, apache, svn, etc, etc03:36
SgeoHi all03:36
mataksbazhang,  in audacious i can't see the playlist..03:37
SgeoWhy doesn't the Guest account work? I try it, then the screen goes between black and off repeatedly, then it locks under my account03:37
matakswait i see it now. hehe03:37
bazhangmataks, you have to click one of the buttons on the right hand side of the player window, will bring it up03:37
linuxguy2009mataks: If your the one looking for media players. Go to Applications menu, Add/Remove and search in the Sound & Video for apps.03:37
linuxguy2009mataks: Also have you tried the default Rhythmbox?03:38
kfanhow can i adjust my laptop fan to make it always run at full speed?03:38
linuxguy2009kfan: Perhaps the BIOS setup? Might be set to a power saving setting.03:39
matakslinuxguy2009,  yes i tried the rhythmbox and it's big..  i mean not like audacious its so cute. hehe03:39
wershow do i send private messages on twitter using gwibber? :)03:39
cooper77zanyone know how many hours a dell inspiron 1000 was made to be used for?03:40
jribcooper77z: ask dell03:40
linuxguy2009cooper77z: Yeah call Dell for expected battery life.03:40
mazda01_kfan: what kind of laptop is it again?03:40
cooper77zjrib, how can I completely back up my os and doccuments on dvd?03:40
jrib!backup > cooper77z03:40
ubottucooper77z, please see my private message03:40
jribcooper77z: personally, I like rsnapshot03:41
cooper77zubottu, I don't know where to find your private message03:41
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:41
linuxguy2009cooper77z: A live CD session that includes Part Image program. I use Parted Magic distro live CD.03:41
jribcooper77z: look on the left or bottom of your xchat for "ubottu" in red and click on it03:41
jrs5fgcan someone give me their /boot/grub/stage1?03:42
linuxguy2009cooper77z: www.distrowatch.com look for Parted Magic.03:42
jribjrs5fg: did you use the super grub disk?03:42
jrs5fgor a url where I would download it from?03:42
jrs5fgubottu would return me errors when I asked about it...03:42
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:42
jrib!grub > jrs5fg03:42
ubottujrs5fg, please see my private message03:42
jrs5fgcan't I just download a /boot/grub/stage1?03:42
jribjrs5fg: click on the link he gives you03:42
mazda01_jrs5fg:   http://pastebin.com/f3c2af3dc03:43
bruenigmazda01_: ahahahaha03:43
SgeoAny help?03:43
bruenigI was waiting for someone to pastebin03:43
mazda01_bruenig: what are you laughing at?03:43
bruenigmazda01_: you pasted a binary file03:43
linuxguy2009Sgeo: Hola! How can we help you today?03:43
SgeoWhy doesn't the Guest account work? I try it, then the screen goes between black and off repeatedly, then it locks under my account03:43
jrs5fgwell I think I need a binary file...03:43
jrs5fgbut I don't know where it starts03:44
bruenigbut you can't paste a binary file03:44
kn100LOL at binary03:44
SgeoAs though I clicked Locked screen03:44
kn100He just broke the internet03:44
mazda01_bruenig: HA, you're right.  i din03:44
bruenigjrs5fg: http://omploader.org/vMjFtdw03:44
artillerytxHey guys im trying to use lmsensors but when it says want to add lines automatically it never does anything03:44
jrs5fgand I can't find where the ELF line starts lol03:44
linuxguy2009Sgeo: Log into a regular account and choose guest from user switcher applet.03:44
mazda01_bruenig: i didn't realize stage1 was a binary file. ha ha03:44
kn100You cant do THAT on the internet03:44
Sgeolinuxguy2009, what is not a regular account?03:44
jrs5fgtrying now03:44
SgeoIt worked before03:44
cooper77zthanks everyone :) I am really pleased with my system now, it just needs more ram03:44
linuxguy2009Sgeo: Any account.03:45
SgeoAnd that's what I've been doing, assuming that this account is a regular account03:45
bruenigcooper77z: just needs less bloat03:45
linuxguy2009Sgeo: 9.04?03:45
kit_cooper77z, how much ram you got?03:45
cooper77zkit, what is shadow ram?03:45
SgeoAlthough the Update thing has been bugging me to update stuff. I'm currently a bit scared of upgrading the kernel03:45
krismantojrib:i mean irc for linux text only..no gui03:46
linuxguy2009Sgeo: Dont know of any reason it shouldnt work. It should come right back in as guest.03:46
SgeoDon't think that's relevent03:46
jribkrismanto: try irssi and weechat then03:46
SgeoCould running too much stuff cause a problem?03:46
mazda01_bruenig: have you tried out the command line app, pastebinit? it's awesomem no more copying and pasting into pastebin, i just issue pastebinit /filename   and it returns a link and i paste that and I am good to go03:46
bruenigmazda01_: quite familiar03:46
kit_cooper77z, i'm not sure. something on your cpu or graphics adaptor maybe03:46
linuxguy2009Sgeo: How much ram do you have?03:46
SgeoNot sure offhand03:46
=== selocol_ is now known as yimi
SgeoJust closed out of a bunch of stuff, about to try again03:46
cooper77zI am not sure either, so I don't know how much ram I have, maybe 1.2 gigs?03:46
bruenigcooper77z: free -m03:47
mazda01_Sgeo: just issue free -m and you can see how much ram you have03:47
bruenigbe the first number03:47
linuxguy2009Sgeo: System menu, Administration, System monitor will say.03:47
SgeoClosing out of stuff worked03:47
cooper77zbye bye for now :)03:47
=== yimi is now known as selocol_
linuxguy2009Sgeo: English?03:48
kfansays i only have 3637 ???03:48
kfanwhat the hell shouldnt it before 4000?03:48
Sgeolinuxguy2009, hm?03:48
eli_hi, I did setting ufw allow 443, but I checked open port by use nmap -v localhost then opened 139, 445 port...03:48
SgeoI closed out of a bunch of open stuff, and now the Guest session thing is working03:48
eli_plz help me03:48
linuxguy2009Sgeo: You have 1Gb total or free?03:48
linuxguy2009Sgeo: How much free?03:48
kfanhow can i only have 3637 ram  ???? shouldnt it be 4gig?03:49
linuxguy2009kfan: 32bit CPU limit? Not sure what the actual limit is at all. Guess.03:49
Frank83Greetings guys. Is there a way to remove the message "Loading from disk **** swap ****" at ubuntu's load up?03:49
linuxguy2009kfan: 32bit OS limit I mean03:50
mothdragonHi I'm trying to get the scanner portion of my new Brother MFC-290C Multifunction printer working in Ubuntu 9.04, I'm not too familiar with my way around Linux... But I have been able to get the printer portion working... Anyone Have Any Ideas? I tried looking online for XSANE drivers, and various other variations on search, but I din't find anything helpful...03:50
eli_could you help me firewall setting?03:50
linuxguy2009Frank83: Its just stating what it is doing. Whats the problem?03:50
kit_3637mb could be 4,000,000,000 bytes03:50
Frank83Linuxguy2009: There is really no problem at all. I was just wondering how it could be removed. Pure curiosity. That is before I start messing with the GRUB (I thought I could remove it from there)03:51
linuxguy2009mothdragon: Brother have excelent Linux driver support. google for brother linux support. They have drivers in deb and rpm formats there.03:52
Sgeo298used now03:52
macgyver_all, I seem to have lost my bluetooth, dmesg shows it as there, but I cannot seem to get it to activate --> dmesg |grep Bluetooth --> Bluetooth: HCI device and connection manager initialized03:52
=== Guest8540 is now known as stew
SgeoAfter I closed out of stuff and started the guest account03:52
macgyver_for the record, it was working fine before I did the updates03:53
mothdragonlinuxguy2009: all I've been able to find is the cups and the lpr drivers for the printer... It doesn't seem to have any effect for Scanner though...03:53
linuxguy2009mothdragon: Did you install them both using sudo?03:54
mothdragonlinuxguy2009: yes... It's possible that I'm scanning wrong though... I'm just learning the device too... just bought it today03:54
linuxguy2009mothdragon: Do you notice if you got an error saying that /user/share/cups/model folder doesnt exist?03:55
jessicascocan man read HTML?03:56
belorixis Ubuntu Studio an Oddicial Ubuntu Release03:57
ubottuUbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org03:57
mothdragonlinuxguy2009: no, the instructions told me I had to make that.... The instructions didn't tell me though that I had to make the /var/spool/lpd/mfc290c directory though03:57
bazhangbelorix, you can install the package on top of Ubuntu, it is official03:57
linuxguy2009motherdragon: http://solutions.brother.com/linux/en_us/download_scn.html03:57
linuxguy2009mothdragon: Your printer scanner is listed under the brscan3 models. There is a seperate driver for the scanner looks like.03:58
kit_jessicasco - no, do you mean as in html on the web? you could use links, it's a console based web browser03:58
mothdragonlinuxguy2009: Ahh... thank you! checking it out now! :)03:59
fezi fergut my rewt passwerd.... halp!!!11103:59
linuxguy2009mothdragon: Im sure itll work great for you. Brother has excelent drivers for linux.03:59
kit_fez - use sudo su03:59
kit_and then when you're in as root run passwd04:00
Lenin_Cathow do you blank a disc in ubuntu?04:00
linuxguy2009Lenin_Cat: Brasero can blank a CD-RW or DVD+_RW04:00
arbicHello i need help , i delete bot folder04:00
jrib!noroot | kit_04:00
ubottukit_: We do not support having a root password set. See !root and !wfm for more information.04:00
jrib!sudo | fez04:00
ubottufez: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)04:00
linuxguy2009Lenin_Cat: Or do you mean a hard drive or what exactly?04:01
jribfez: there is no root password by default.  You use sudo when you need administrative privileges.  Ubottu's link should fill you in, but ask if you are unsure about anything04:01
linuxguy2009Lenin_Cat: Yeah try Brasero04:01
Tfnrshdoes anyone know a good linux community ?04:01
Brian_H"I am unable to deny the allegations that a) I'm a straight rider, b) it may not be in your best interests to "fuck with me" and c) in spite of the police making attempts to locate and apprehend me, my record to this point has proven to be flawless and unscathed"04:01
jribTfnrsh: please keep the discussion in this channel related to ubuntu support only04:01
linuxguy2009 Tfnrsh: No none of us know of a good linuc community. lmao04:01
linuxguy2009Right here!04:01
kit_jrib, read what fez asked04:01
jribkit_: I did04:02
Tfnrshboth funny04:02
mcrawforfirefox 3.504:02
urifuHi. I'm wondering if someone could help me with a graphics driver problem I've been having.04:02
linuxguy2009urifu: Fire away!04:02
mcrawforubottu: firefox 3.504:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about firefox 3.504:02
Tfnrshlike someone told me firefox would play lfash videos without flash support04:02
CShadowRunCan anyone tell me where the sessions dialog has gone? I need to stop gnome-panel from restarting so i can replace it with AWN.04:02
eli_Hi, could you help me firewall setting?04:02
mcrawforubottu: firefox-3.504:02
ubottuFirefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY04:02
linuxguy2009CShadowRun: Startup applications under preferences04:03
CShadowRunlinuxguy2009, nope, that doesn't have any session control04:03
kfanwhy youtube choppy?04:03
urifuOk. I have an ATI Radeon HD 4870, and upon installing Ubuntu, it requests that I install restricted drivers to use the full potential of the card. Upon installing the drivers, my display flickers on startup and whenever I attempt to change the screen resolution.04:03
linuxguy2009CShadowRun: You can select what apps startup. What else do you want?04:04
CShadowRunlinuxguy2009, i want the sessions menu, so that i can stop gnome-panel from automatically being restarted04:04
urifuI tried installing other drivers, and once I reboot after installing them, Ubuntu won't even boot. All I get is a garbled screen.04:04
duncanAnyone know if the 9.10 alpha will update between each phase or do I need to update it manually?04:05
jrib!karmic | duncan04:05
ubottuduncan: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:05
linuxguy2009CShadowRun: I belive gnome panel has to be running or else you cant get to a terminal or anything else for that matter.04:05
linuxguy2009CShadowRun: You would render your desktop useless.04:06
thiebaudeduncan, when 9.10 comes out you upgrade from 9.04 if you want04:06
CShadowRunlinuxguy2009, not really, theres plenty of alternatives (awn, cairo, etc)04:06
CShadowRuni'm planning to use awn or cairo, havn't decided yet04:06
linuxguy2009CShadowRun: If your Cairo crashes how do you restart it without gnme panel menus?04:06
kfanis awn a ram eater?04:06
j0rd_can someone recommend a good virtualization system. I need to run windows (under my linux) for the adobe CS suite and Internet Explorer (web testing)04:06
CShadowRunlinuxguy2009, from a tty?04:06
duncanthiebaude: I know that I can upgrade when it is released, just that 9.04 uses an older version of the kernel that has issues with my laptops chipset that was fixed in 2.6.3004:07
jrib!vbox | j0rd_04:07
ubottuj0rd_: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox04:07
linuxguy2009CShadowRun: What the hell is a TTY?04:07
CShadowRunlinuxguy2009, or even better, the same way that gnome-panel restarts itself, if the dialog wasn't removed -.-04:07
hansolo6691 04:07
urifuIs there some other kind of driver that I need to install to get my video card to work?04:07
j0rd_jrib: do you use it?04:07
jribj0rd_: sure04:07
hansolo6691 04:07
j0rd_jrib: better than vmware?04:07
CShadowRunlinuxguy2009, ctrl + alt + FX allows you to switch ttys04:07
CShadowRunyou are in TTY 704:07
jribj0rd_: try both and use what is better for you04:07
linuxguy2009CShadowRun: Just change desktop environments. Easy as that. You cant remove gnome panel.04:07
CShadowRunlinuxguy2009, you used to be able to, before jaunty -.-04:08
kfani need a virtual  program for windows also but with USB04:08
CShadowRunit used to be right there in the sessions dialog04:08
j0rd_jrib: don't have that kind of time, which is why i'm asking here for advice04:08
linuxguy2009CShadowRun: Google it. I did and couldnt find anything before.04:08
j0rd_jrib: but i'll look into vbox and how it works with Adobe CS04:08
j0rd_jrib: thanks04:08
jribj0rd_: vbox should work fine04:08
CShadowRunlinuxguy2009, i've done alot of googling unfortunatly it's all out of date information for intrepid and below, where the sessions dialog is still there04:08
bastidrazorlinuxguy2009, you can stop using the panels.04:08
linuxguy2009bastidrazor: K dude fill us in.04:09
duncanor better yet is there a simple way to upgade the 9.04 kernel to 2.6.30?04:09
duncanwithout breaking everything04:09
kfandoes vbox have usb support?04:09
thiebaudeduncan, yea you can but i dont have a link04:09
imanhay dear04:09
bastidrazorlinuxguy2009, right click the panel and select delete. panel in gone.04:09
linuxguy2009kfan: The on ein the repos no. On vbox.org yes.04:09
hansolo669 04:09
boss_mcwill firefox3.5 be the default in karmic does anyone know?04:10
CShadowRunbastid_razor, hehe, i actually need to stop the gnome-panel process, as it takes the notification area04:10
linuxguy2009bastidrazor: Yeah that kills one. What about the second. hehe04:10
linuxguy2009bastidrazor: Brickwalled04:10
jribboss_mc: #ubuntu+1 for karmic discussion please04:10
thiebaudeboss_mc, yes it will04:10
boss_mcjrib: ah, forgot that one, going there now, cheers04:10
linuxguy2009boss_mc: I think theres an Ubuntu+1 room or something for that.04:11
bastidrazorCShadowRun, you can delete the applet on the top panel that has notificatoins04:12
urifuIs there any way I can get my ATI Radeon HD 4870 working on Ubuntu with fan control as well? without screen flickering or garbled color screen on boot?04:12
urifuI'm on Windows right now, too. Ubuntu won't even boot.04:12
LinuxGoldgot ubuntu server (x64) installed into my laptop, trying to figure out how to apt-get install kubuntu-9.04-alternate-i38604:12
CShadowRunbastidrazor, yea, that makes gnome-panel crash (and then repeatidly crash and restart itself), gotta love gnome-panel. That's why i'm trying to get rid of it...it's so buggy -.-04:12
LinuxGoldBurned that into CD04:12
linuxguy2009urifu: 9.04 wont boot?04:12
urifuEvery time I boot I get garbled colors. I installed CCC from Synaptic and after I rebooted, all I got was garbled color and no login screen. I saw the Ubuntu loading screen though.04:13
LinuxGoldmy laptop isn't connected via wireless yet, so no network connection to do apt-get install kubuntu-desktop04:13
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linuxguy2009CShadowRun: Gnome panel keep reapearing not cause of a bug. Its programmed into it. Panel is a must have.04:14
CShadowRunlinuxguy2009 no it's not, theres many, many alternatives to gnome-panel04:14
linuxguy2009CShadowRun: i didnt say there wasnt.04:14
bastidrazorCShadowRun, have you tried unchecking 'indicator applet' in startup programs?04:14
CShadowRunand it's not a must have because i did without it for long periods of time in hardy, and intrepid04:14
linuxguy2009CShadowRun: You can nolt kill the last gnome panel no matter what you do.04:14
LinuxGoldhow do I configure apt to also include CD, I ran apt-cdrom add, it couldn't find anything from kubuntu-9.04-alternate-i386 CD04:15
CShadowRunlinuxguy2009 i did it fine in hardy and intrepid04:15
linuxguy2009CShadowRun: Were on 9.04 now. Cant do it.04:15
CShadowRunbastidrazor, what's the indicator applet?04:15
CShadowRun<linuxguy2009> shh :P04:15
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kit_could be a safety feature for those people who accidentally removed all their panels and couldn't right click on one to add another.04:16
linuxguy2009CShadowRun: Well then quit asking about it.04:16
linuxguy2009kit_: Your exactly right. It would render there system seemingly dead.04:16
CShadowRunlinuxguy2009 just because you don't know the answer to something, doesn't mean that i can't have a conversation with someone else who may be able to solve the problem, please stop.04:16
william56hey, i wanna update from ubuntu 8.04.1 to the latest, and i read that i should make sure that everything's updated as much as  8.x can before doing the dist upgrade.. anyone know what i absolutely have to update before trying to upgrade?04:17
CShadowRunbastidrazor, whats the indicator applet? :)04:17
bastidrazorCShadowRun, that is the applet that runs in the gnome panel04:17
CShadowRunah, i see04:17
linuxguy2009CShadowRun: Then quit putting my name on your messages to other people.04:17
LinuxGolddid I get the wrong package?04:17
jrib!print > yitehay04:17
ubottuyitehay, please see my private message04:17
kit_who was asking about removing all their gnome panels /04:18
linuxguy2009The indicator applet doesnt run the gnome panel. The gnome panel runs the applets.04:18
linuxguy2009Little backwards there.04:18
william56LinuxGold: i'm googling a little on that now..04:18
CShadowRunbastidrazor i've removed it from startup but that process isn't running right now so i doubt it's restarting gnome-panel04:18
urifuSo nobody has any idea on what I should do?04:19
CShadowRuni'll try restarting X, be back in a second. (I'll stay online, bouncer. But i won't get messages)04:19
urifuIs there some specific issue with the ATI Radeon HD 4870 and Linux? It used to work but now it doesn't function correctly.04:20
william56LinuxGold: what exactly does it say when you try apt-cdrom add?04:21
LinuxGold0 packages found04:21
CShadowRunSucess! it's gone04:23
CShadowRunthanks bastidrazor04:23
bastidrazorCShadowRun, nice, glad i could help04:23
duncanalso if I upgrade my kernel to 2.6.30 or higher is there anything else I need to rebuild against it for compatability?04:23
william56LinuxGold: maybe the second post here? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83720904:23
LinuxGoldchecking it out...04:24
bazhangLinuxGold, are you trying to install using the alternate iso by using aptoncd? or adding the cd as a repo to do that?04:24
bastidrazorCShadowRun, gconf-editor is a powerful tool, in the future you could dig around there too.. apps/panel holds all the configurations for the gnome-panel04:25
ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »04:25
LinuxGoldill try that one04:25
LinuxGoldbazhang: I haven't tried aptoncd...04:25
CShadowRunbastidrazor, it was the applet that did it in the end, anyway :)04:25
LinuxGoldI'm too used with untar, make make install, blah..04:25
bazhangLinuxGold, is that your goal?04:25
bastidrazorCShadowRun, yeah, my thinking was the applet was causing errors whent he panel wasn't there.. the indicator applet is on a time delayed start04:26
LinuxGoldbrb as I try aptoncd and 2nd post mentioned earlier04:26
LinuxGoldthanks -- brb04:26
mojo_i would like to ask how to configure Upstart to run Apache204:26
mojo_or is there any script/port to use Apache2 with Upstart?04:27
CShadowRunbastidrazor, it could also have been some key i removed in gconf-editor earlier04:27
CShadowRunbut yea, it's gone now, now i can just choose between awn and cairo :D04:27
bazhanghttp://upstart.ubuntu.com/ mojo_ have you seen this04:27
CShadowRunbazhang, funky04:28
bazhangCShadowRun, the reset panels command?04:28
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bastidrazorCShadowRun, i'm fond of cairo-dock04:28
mojo_bazhang: yes I have04:29
CShadowRunbazhang, huh?04:29
CShadowRunbastidrazor, hehe, i'm gonna give it a whirl, i'm a crazy quad screen user, so alot of panels don't work (gnome-panel, for example :D)04:29
mojo_I would like to ask if anyone here has Upstart native job rule for Apache2 so I could replace the Apache2 initscript version, thanks alot04:29
n00b101how would you record and store logons, passwords and security access for users in a workplace environment?04:29
bastidrazorCShadowRun, the repo version is a bit old.. they have debs of more recent releases with better effects04:30
CShadowRunn00b101, are you talking about automatic login?04:30
CShadowRunbastidrazor, cool, got a link?04:30
CShadowRunn00b101, or a secure password storage utility04:30
william56hey, i wanna update from ubuntu 8.04.1 to the latest, and i read that i should make sure that everything's updated as much as possible before doing the dist upgrade.. anyone know what i absolutely have to update before trying to upgrade?04:30
n00b101CShadowRun secure pw storage utility04:31
CShadowRunwilliam56, it would be a good idea to update everything04:31
n00b101id think04:31
CShadowRunn00b101, i recommend keepassx, it's in the repos, i use it for all my login information, it stores it all encrypted, i have a diffrent password for every single service i use (and thus have about 600 unique passwords)04:31
j0rd_jrib: you know if vbox can run an existing version of windows on a different partition? from what i'm reading it appears not04:31
bazhangwilliam56, yes04:31
bastidrazorCShadowRun, http://tinyurl.com/njj9xv  install the dock first then the plugins.. sudo dpkg -i filename.deb04:32
n00b101CShadowRun, thanks. one last question, does it work on windows servers aswell? or would i need something different04:32
CShadowRunbastidrazor, no ppa? D:04:32
william56bazhang: ??04:32
CShadowRunn00b101 keepass is cross platform, theres a version for just about everything from pocket pcs to opensolaris04:32
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macgyver_has anyone else here had issues with Bluetooth disappearing in jaunty?04:33
bastidrazorCShadowRun, i've not looked for a ppa.. i just snag the debs from the developers themselves.04:33
n00b101nice thanks04:33
macgyver_it was working fine for me and then just vanished...04:33
macgyver_adapter is showing as ok --> Bluetooth: HCI device and connection manager initialized04:33
Overloadedwhen I switch to another user using "su <user>". Is there a log so I can check?04:33
lstarnesOverloaded: you should be using sudo -i -u <user>04:35
lstarnesOverloaded: try /var/log/auth.log04:35
Overloadedlstarnes: nothing in my auth.log. The point is..someone may be loggin with my user and noone knows. thats bad :(04:37
CShadowRunbastidrazor, deb http://repository.cairo-dock.org/ubuntu jaunty cairo-dock wget -q http://repository.cairo-dock.org/cairo-dock.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -04:37
CShadowRunshiney :)04:37
delicowamaybe you should disable remote login04:37
lstarnesOverloaded: make sure that your password is secure04:38
fsdawhen using 'lshw' what does 'Device Not Claimed' Mean??04:38
bastidrazorCShadowRun, nice.04:38
^Phantom^Wrong chat actually.04:39
^Phantom^Well, maybe.04:39
bastidrazorCShadowRun, what version is the ppa offering? 2.0.8?04:39
Overloadedlstarnes: oh there's SULOG_FILE in /etc/login.defs. Just uncommented. think it'll work now04:40
^Phantom^I have an old laptop hard drive (it's 500 or so MB in size) that I want to format and put DSL on, but I'm afraid it might have a virus on it.  If it does, can it infect my CMOS?04:40
CShadowRunbastidrazor, dunno yet, i seem to be hanging while wgetting the gpg key :(04:40
^Phantom^Or is there any safe way to remove and insert an internal drive WHILE UBUNTU IS RUNNING?04:41
CShadowRunbastidrazor, darn, i think that repo is dead, lol04:41
bastidrazorCShadowRun, https://launchpad.net/~matthaeus123/+archive/ppa  ..not sure how well this guy is trusted but launchpad hosts his ppa.04:42
^Phantom^Would I be safe unplugging my internal hard drive after unmounting it from within Ubuntu?04:43
* macgyver_ is stressing out....04:43
^Phantom^And plug in another one04:43
CShadowRunbastidrazor, hehe looks ok to me, he seems to package alot of fun stuff04:43
m0r0nHas anyone sucessfully installed Listen?04:43
fsdayou mean Hotplugging04:44
^Phantom^fsda, I guess04:44
obtelI just updated firefox from conical and it is now slower than hell... had to go to Opera to browse the Internet04:44
bastidrazorCShadowRun, i would definitely recommend use at your own risk.. any ppa is that way, imo04:44
darthanubisobtel: so?04:44
^Phantom^fsda, i run ubuntu on an external drive04:44
CShadowRunbastidrazor, indeed04:44
darthanubisCShadowRun: ppas work just fine04:44
obtelSO?  Why?04:44
darthanubisobtel: who can tell from your informed blurt?04:45
macgyver_all, is there a way I can find out what is up with my Bluetooth?04:45
^Phantom^fsda:  so would i be safe to swap out two internal drives using an unmount command on the internal one that is presently plugged in?04:45
darthanubismacgyver_: noone can tell anyting from "what is up?"04:46
fsdaI do not know04:46
CShadowRunbastidrazor, yay xinerama support :D04:46
ozzloythe volume buttons on my laptop stopped working after having connected my bluetooth headphones.  i'm not finding anything in the internets.  can i get some direction of where to look?04:47
obtelLook I'm new to this And I really don'y need the god damned Holy Gee Wiz Im a cumputer Guru Crap... Can anyone tell be how to back todays upgrades out of my cumputer?04:47
macgyver_I have rebooted into windows, device is fine, in Ubuntu when I did the initial installation it was there and working ok, after updates and installing some apps (all from the reputable location) it has vanished04:47
CShadowRunfunny part is i think i'm the one who feature requested that god knows how long ago :)04:47
LinuxGoldneither works -- aptoncd is not installed by default.04:47
^Phantom^fdsa i'm nervous to plug it in and boot with it because i don't remember if there is a virus or something on it04:47
LinuxGoldFound 0 package indexes, 0 source indexes, 0 translation indexes and 1 signatures04:48
macgyver_darthanubis, I did ask earlier, so I want just throwing a n00bie out there :)04:48
mojo_I would like to ask if anyone here has Upstart native job rule for Apache2 so I could replace the Apache2 initscript version, thanks alot04:48
darthanubisobtel: watch your language kid04:48
lancerockemy sessions arent saving for some reason. so i tried ticking/toggling the check box that says 'remember running apps' and restarting and even with it ticked/toggled off it starts pidgin on startup and no other app. no matter what i do it remembers pidgin and no other app04:48
darthanubisand grow up04:48
obtelKid? U got to be kidding me I'm 5804:49
^Phantom^do i dare boot up with this drive plugged in?04:49
macgyver_darthanubis, I think  might just run through the install again (no biggie) and see where it disappears04:49
darthanubis"Can anyone tell be how to back todays upgrades out of my cumputer?" And learn how to ask a question so that people can understand you, and then itwon't all go over your head04:49
^Phantom^I guess all i can do is try heh04:50
macgyver_bbs guys04:50
belorix!ubuntu studio04:52
ubottuUbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org04:52
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rufuscureI just installed ubuntu through windows, and now I'm in ubuntu, and I'd like to delete all my windows files, where do I start?04:52
rufuscureI don't have usb boot on my bios,or a cdrom drive*04:52
UnholyLessonsCan someone please help me get itunes working for ubuntu04:53
william56rufuscure: delete the files or the whole partition, specifically?04:53
=== amoclr is now known as amocla
rufuscureI didn't set up a partition, but if it is I'd like to remove it04:53
UnholyLessonsI am searching for reasons to keep running Linux, but I keep finding stuff I cant do that I can do with Windows04:53
rufuscureor just remove windows all together idk04:53
CShadowRunrufuscure, you've installed ubuntu _inside_ windows, inside being the key word here04:53
CShadowRunif you remove windows, ubuntu is inside windows! you'll remove ubuntu too.04:54
LinuxGoldunholylesson: then linux is not for you.04:54
dirtyfreebooteris the disk equivalent to top for cmd line disk performance monitoring?04:54
rufuscureI used the live cd to install in windows rebooted to ubuntu and finished the installation04:54
CShadowRunyes, you installed inside windows04:54
UnholyLessonsWell I want to keep it to force myself to learn it and I need help getting iTunes working becuase I need it for my iphone04:54
rufuscurehow do i get rid of windows now04:54
CShadowRunyou'll need to use the livecd to install outside of windows04:54
CShadowRunto do that, you boot from the CD04:54
abstortedmindsi just installed ubuntu 9.04 on a hardware raid 1, and when i reboot it basically doesnt recognize my cd04:55
rufuscurei don't have a cdrom drive04:55
CShadowRunduring the install you'll have an option to remove windows if you want (in the disk partioning part, selecte use entire disk).04:55
LinuxGoldunholylessons: dual boot?04:55
CShadowRunrufuscure, ah, is it a modern computer?04:55
CShadowRunyou could boot from USB04:55
CShadowRunis it a netbook?04:55
UnholyLessonsThat sounds like an option BUT I already formatted, and now i just have ubuntu04:55
rufuscureits an old tough top work computer imma use it to trouble shoot dsl cables outside04:55
UnholyLessonstrying to force myself to use it04:55
LinuxGoldok, buy 2nd desktop for itunes only.04:56
william56dirtyfreebooter: what are you talking about?04:56
UnholyLessonsI pulled up an article on how to install itunes but I need someone more linux-intelligent to help me install it04:56
UnholyLessonslike....walk me through it maybe04:56
mechtechso...why did noone answer my plea for help re: gtk-gnutella on the gtk-gnutella server?04:56
LinuxGoldI'm not familiar with itunes and linux.04:56
CShadowRunrufuscure, hmm, does it have a removable hard drive?04:56
CShadowRunyou could put the hd in a diffrent computer, and then install ubuntu04:56
rufuscurei could crack it open and take it out maybe04:56
UnholyLessonsbut u might know how to walk me through this : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone04:56
CShadowRunrufuscure, it's a tricky one, do you think it might support boot from USB?04:57
Symmetrialo all04:57
CShadowRunyou could use a usb drive to install ubuntu that way04:57
LinuxGoldunholylessons: that is a good chance to force yourself to learn how linux works that way.04:57
william56hi Symmetria04:57
rufuscurei checked the bios and it doesn't04:57
CShadowRunah :(04:57
rufuscureif you don't think there is a way i could try to find a cdrom online04:57
UnholyLessonsyeah but i keep running into walls because i dont understand what the instructions are asking me to do04:57
mechtechrufuscure: shoot...I have a couple old dc-rw drives...I could give you one...where you at?04:58
rufuscurehow do i check my partitions in ubuntu04:58
UnholyLessonsI went here : http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads and downloaded the one for my architecture, but what do i do now04:58
rufuscureriverside ca04:58
CShadowRunrufuscure, there is a way but it's only theory in my mind and i don't know how to fully do it04:58
CShadowRunrufuscure, gparted04:58
mechtechI'm in Sac04:58
rufuscurek hold on04:58
mneptokrufuscure: df -h04:58
UnholyLessonsI downloaded a "key" and now I need to run this "sudo apt-key add sun_vbox.asc04:59
UnholyLessonsbut it doesnt work04:59
mechtechrufuscure: pm me your address and I'll mail one to you04:59
mneptokrufuscure: do you have a USB key with ~800MB free?04:59
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, the .deb file.. you should be able to double click it or .. are you any bit familiar with terminal?04:59
UnholyLessonsjust a little bit04:59
rufuscureits called a go book04:59
rufuscurei pulled the dvd out of my other laptop and it doesn't fit05:00
UnholyLessonsI already downloaded and installed it05:00
william56hey mechtech, how many of those drives do you have? ;)05:00
rufuscureso its kind of unique, im not sure if your drive will fit mech05:00
mechtechwilliam56: 205:00
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, run the wget command .. copy paste that whole line into a terminal and run it.. the apt-key one will not work if you havne't snagged the key.05:00
UnholyLessonsI ran wget and it said "OK"05:01
rufuscurei need to set up the lan to get gparted afk05:01
mneptokrufuscure: do you have a USB key with ~800MB free?05:01
UnholyLessonssudo apt-key add sun_vbox.asc05:02
UnholyLessonsdavid@david-laptop:~$ sudo apt-key add sun_vbox.asc05:02
UnholyLessonsgpg: can't open `sun_vbox.asc': No such file or directory05:02
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, wait.. you downloaded and installed what?05:02
UnholyLessonsI'm following these directions05:02
mneptok!info liveusb-creator-ubuntu > rufuscure05:02
Sinatrahow do i mount cue/bin files in ubuntu?05:02
william56mechtech: check your pms05:02
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, the wget line .. you need to include the | sudo apt-key part of that line also.05:03
UnholyLessonsi downloaded the one for my architecture05:03
anirbanI can't find the pg_hba.conf file under /etc/postgresql .05:03
belorixHow can i install Ubuntu Studio on an already installed version of ubuntu05:03
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, no reason to download it if you're adding a repo for it.05:03
darthanubisSinatra: search synaptic for those extentions05:03
kpkudidoes anyone know how to fix the error in banshee when a song is in the same album but banshee assums that that is not the case because the artist name is a little diffrent?05:03
bastidrazor!studio > belorix05:04
ubottubelorix, please see my private message05:04
UnholyLessonsthe sun_vbox.asc05:04
UnholyLessons is saved to my desktop05:04
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, either way.. do you know where the deb file is you downloaded?05:04
Sinatrabetter idea i'll just use bchuck05:04
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, in a terminal type : cd ~/Desktop ..then run the apt-key command05:04
UnholyLessonsi clicked it, and said to open it, when it was done downloading it installed with package manager05:04
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, then you should have virtualbox 3.0 already installed.05:05
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, that page is giving you multiple ways to install the program. 1 is to use a deb.. the other is to add a repo05:05
UnholyLessonsthen it may be installed05:06
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, in a terminal type virtualbox-3.005:06
uknow_whats a good limwire equal on ubuntu05:07
bastidrazoruknow_, frostwire05:07
uknow_thanks haha i i could think of was frostbite noting poped up hahah05:08
UnholyLessonsdavid@david-laptop:~/Desktop$ virtualbox-3.005:08
UnholyLessonsbash: virtualbox-3.0: command not found05:08
WIGGMPk1How can I create a shortcut in alacarte that can launch an application that runs in the terminal???05:08
uknow_anyonw know alot about ham radios05:08
UnholyLessonsI know it might be frustrating helping me but I really need your help getting through this :david@david-laptop:~/Desktop$ virtualbox-3.005:08
UnholyLessonsbash: virtualbox-3.0: command not found05:08
ozzloynever mind i fixed it.  system -> preferences -> sound -> Default Mixer Tracks -> choose different stuff in that menu05:08
ozzloythanks anyways!05:09
CelrocUnholyLessons: Does it make a difference if you type "virtualbox"?05:09
* kindofabuzz burps.05:09
kindofabuzzjust start typing virtual and hit tab05:10
UnholyLessonsdavid@david-laptop:~/Desktop$ virtualbox05:10
UnholyLessonsThe program 'virtualbox' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:05:10
UnholyLessonssudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose05:10
UnholyLessonsbash: virtualbox: command not found05:10
FloodBot1UnholyLessons: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:10
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, lets just add the repo, that'll be much easier since it may need some dependencies05:10
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, have you added the line to your sources.list yet?05:11
CelrocShapeShifter499: Hi05:11
deepaki am using ubuntu 9.04 on my laptop compaq nx6110 and having problem with my wifi05:11
UnholyLessonsNo, I do not know how to do that05:11
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, in a terminal type gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list05:11
deepakplease help me i have  Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 02)05:11
mechtechwilliam56: check your pms05:12
UnholyLessonsOk its opened05:12
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, which version of ubuntu are you using? if jaunty add the jaunty line to the main bottom of the file05:12
mechtechwilliam56: that's PMs...not p m s05:12
anirban Where to find the pg_hba.conf file under /etc/postgresql . I am on Ubuntu 9.0405:12
UnholyLessonsI am using Jaunty, add the "jaunty line"?05:12
mechtechdeepak:  What's the issue?05:13
UnholyLessonsadd this to sources.list ?? deb http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian jaunty non-free05:13
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, deb http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian jaunty non-free  add this line to the bottom, on its own line05:13
ShapeShifter499If I'm able to make and compile a linux for my embedded device (a ViewSonic V35) how do I get it installed?05:13
abstortedmindsWhat do I need to do in order for ubuntu to support Intel Matrix Raid (Hardware Raid)05:14
UnholyLessonsok i added it and saved it, whats next bastidrazor (ty btw)05:14
mechtechUnholyLessons: you have a lot of system resources?05:14
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, next you need to do the line with wget.. the entire line in a terminal05:14
mechtechUnholyLessons: good...you'll need them, I only have a 1.7Ghz proc and 1GB RAM and puttputt saves the zoo crashed winxp on virtualbox on my daughter's profile, then win7 all alone crashed on vb05:15
ShapeShifter499anyone know?05:15
UnholyLessonsok it said OK05:15
UnholyLessonsmechtech, im just running itunes in vb05:16
torturedsoul802hey can anybody here help me out?05:16
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, good, now sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get install virtualbox-3.005:16
coz_torturedsoul802,  what is the issue?05:16
torturedsoul802I just installed Ubuntu on my laptop and cant get it to connect to the internet05:17
torturedsoul802it acts like its trying to connect, but doesnt05:17
coz_torturedsoul802,  cable  dsl  wireless???05:17
torturedsoul802im new to Linux besides rooting and modding a G105:17
UnholyLessonsLooks like I already have it05:17
UnholyLessonsdavid@david-laptop:~/Desktop$ sudo apt-get install virtualbox-3.005:17
UnholyLessonsReading package lists... Done05:17
UnholyLessonsBuilding dependency tree05:17
UnholyLessonsReading state information... Done05:17
UnholyLessonsvirtualbox-3.0 is already the newest version.05:17
FloodBot1UnholyLessons: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:17
krismantothere is any httpd packages for ubuntu?05:17
DaZUnholyLessons, ever heard about pastebin?05:18
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, it should be listed under applications>system tools ..  i think05:18
krismantoi tried apache2 but it gives me an error when i treid to start it05:18
krismantotreid > tried05:18
coz_torturedsoul802,  mm that should picked it up automatically o005:18
torturedsoul802i know05:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about httpd05:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about apache205:18
torturedsoul802ive seen on forums that the Nvidia ethernet cards have problems?05:18
coz_torturedsoul802,  ah05:18
torturedsoul802something about forcedeth?05:18
torturedsoul802idk what that means exactly05:18
UnholyLessonsit isnt listed anywhere05:18
coz_torturedsoul802,  what model number?05:19
musikgoat|maintorturedsoul802: that shouldn't be the case, can you pastebin the output of the command dmesg05:19
torturedsoul802HP Pavilion dv9013cl05:19
musikgoat|main!pastebin | torturedsoul80205:19
ubottutorturedsoul802: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic05:19
deepakplease help me i have  Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 02)05:19
UnholyLessonsIn my add/remove programs app, virtual box OSE is available...but thats not what i want is it05:19
ShapeShifter499hello? anyone know the answer to my question05:19
FloodBot1ShapeShifter499: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:19
Faltzeris the Gateway battery w35052lb supported on Ubuntu?05:20
musikgoat|mainUnholyLessons: no, don't get ose if you want good usb support05:20
UnholyLessonsOk, not getting OSE, just trying to install and use 3.005:20
torturedsoul802im connecting through my xp desktop btw lol05:20
UnholyLessonsfor itunes05:20
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, no, in terminal type which virtualbox-3.005:20
ShapeShifter499hello? anyone know the answer to my question05:20
ShapeShifter499If I'm able to make and compile a linux for my embedded device (a ViewSonic V35) how do I get it installed?05:20
UnholyLessonstype : which virtualbox-3.0?05:20
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, yes05:20
FaltzerI need to know because power management doesn't seem to work on it (i.e cannot set display brightness, etc.)05:20
Sinatraokay i just tried use bchunk to convert the bin/cue to an iso and it failed05:21
Sinatraany other options?05:21
musikgoat|mainUnholyLessons: why 3.0? the version i use is 2.2.4 and it works well05:21
UnholyLessonsfor itunes?05:21
DaZSinatra, there is bin2iso script iirc05:21
UnholyLessonsdavid@david-laptop:~/Desktop$ which virtualbox-3.005:21
musikgoat|mainUnholyLessons: your trying to run itunes for syncing, iirc, right?05:21
coz_torturedsoul802,  you could try disabling ipv6 by adding    alias net-pf-10 off to  /etc/modprobe.conf    to find out if opc6 is enabled tyep ifconfig -a  and if you see a  sit0 device  it is enabled also you see an inet6 entry under the ethernet device eth0 or eth105:21
UnholyLessonsI'm very new to linux and i really need itunes for syncing my iphone05:21
torturedsoul802Is there anything specific from dmesg?05:21
matakshelp pls i just installed an emerald theme and im missing something on the title bar.. here's the screenshot   http://img242.imageshack.us/i/screenshot1lc7.png/       .......     and here's the theme that im trying to use.. anyone?05:21
mechtechUnholyLessons: wouldn't you still need an OS to run iTunes on?05:21
coz_torturedsoul802,  to see if ipv6  I meant05:21
Sinatrawhat is this IIRC i been hearing about?05:21
=== uknow__ is now known as uknow
matakshttp://kims-area.com/?q=node/15 <-- the theme that im trying to use05:22
DaZif i recall correctly <:05:22
torturedsoul802hey Coz, can you AIM me b/c this is like impossible to read in here?05:22
UnholyLessonsbastidrazor is helping me follow these instructions but i keep having problems im a noooob05:22
dahliais there a gui tool for setting up new disks?05:22
kindofabuzzWhy is my Pidgin still showing buddies that aren't even logged in anymore?05:22
mechtech!private message05:22
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.05:22
torturedsoul802IFCONFIG -A outputs eth0, eth1, lo and pan005:23
UnholyLessonsbastidrazor are u still there05:23
mechtechwas hoping that would give a person more info on how to rather than ettiquette05:23
coz_torturedsoul802,  I am tryin to PM you05:23
coz_torturedsoul802,  do you see it?05:23
UnholyLessonshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone       is what im using to get it working05:23
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, the bottom of that page suggests installing dkms .. sudo apt-get install dkms05:23
kindofabuzzif you're not nickserv registered you can't pm05:23
UnholyLessonsi already have dkms05:24
Sinatradaz: may i private message you the talk in here is too fast05:24
DaZSinatra, if you have to [;05:24
musikgoat|mainUnholyLessons: you shouldn't try to build/install 3.0, 2.2.4 is in the repo's and is much easier to install05:25
outyis there a way to copy my xchat settings from ubuntu across to windows ?05:25
UnholyLessonsim installing 2.2.4 right now musikgoat05:25
musikgoat|main!info virtualbox05:25
ubottuPackage virtualbox does not exist in jaunty05:25
musikgoat|mainUnholyLessons: ok05:25
UnholyLessonsjust ran sudo apt-get install virtualbox-2.205:25
J_DahmerHey yo05:25
musikgoat|mainUnholyLessons: sorry, guess i misread05:26
UnholyLessonsIs installign and using KDE pretty easy? I hear it looks way better than gnome05:26
CelrocShapeShifter499: I wonder if someone in the Gentoo channel might be able to help you; even if it is a little of topic, Gentoo users have experience compiling and installing operating systems to computers. Might be able to help with your embedded device05:26
=== mac__v is now known as mac_v
UnholyLessonsHow do I install a larger more interesting repository so i can find more good apps05:27
rwwUnholyLessons: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop     will install it05:27
mechtechUnholyLessons: synaptic package manager does it all for you (KDE) and my daughter prefers it05:27
ShapeShifter499Celroc: ok whats their channel?05:27
CelrocShapeShifter499: One moment, please05:28
UnholyLessonshow do i get my system to stop always asking me for root password?05:28
UnholyLessonscan i make it so my user has all the abilities root does05:28
ShapeShifter499Celroc: ok w8ing05:28
CelrocHehe, sorry, I think it's #gentoo05:29
CelrocShapeShifter499: Should be on Freenode05:29
kindofabuzzUnholyLessons, that's not a good thing to do05:30
ShapeShifter499Celroc: tnx, I'll go ask my questions there05:30
CelrocShapeShifter499: np05:30
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, if you're going to use the 2.2 version it would be a good idea to remove the line you added to sources.list05:30
musikgoat|mainUnholyLessons: i don't think that is wise, would you want a script that has the ability to impersonate you be able to do things without your authorization?05:30
UnholyLessonsno, good call musikgoat05:30
mechtech*sniffs* smells a soon=to-be-hosed computer05:31
musikgoat|mainthe privilege system is essential to the security of linux and is one of the things that *finally* microsoft is starting to realize05:31
outyi realised something today about ubuntu,  which as a new user is like "oh well that helps"05:31
outythe file structure and permissions system is all like one giant website05:32
abstortedmindsif my router is using a DHCP server, can i still get a static ip ?05:32
outyand how its all basically text files05:32
crankharderanyone know why my gnome panels are showing up on top of mythtv?05:32
anirbanhazrapg_createcluster 8.3 main Can u rcmd me the default settings . I am trying to install http://www.opennms.org/wiki/Installation:Debian05:32
UnholyLessonsok i am configuring 2.2.4 or w/e05:32
musikgoat|mainouty: that is a good analogy05:32
UnholyLessonsit brought up a GUI05:32
mechtechabstortedminds: simply, yes05:32
UnholyLessonsUnable to find a precompiled module for the current kernel!               │05:32
UnholyLessons │                                                                           │05:32
UnholyLessons │ Without a suitable kernel module you will not be able to start any VMs.   │05:32
UnholyLessons │ It is strongly recommended to compile a kernel module now.05:32
FloodBot1UnholyLessons: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:32
abstortedmindsmechtech, should i disable it on router?05:32
bastidrazorabstortedminds, you should set the static ip in the router.05:33
mechtechabstortedminds: the only problem would be if another computer got "your" ip first, then you would have no throughput05:33
abstortedmindsyea im not worried about that, i have 3 computers on my subnet05:33
abstortedmindsso like 101, 102, 10305:33
=== Mike is now known as Guest70317
matakshelp pls i just installed an emerald theme and im missing something on the title bar.. here's the screenshot   http://img242.imageshack.us/i/screenshot1lc7.png/       .......     and here's the theme that im trying to use  http://kims-area.com/?q=node/15. anyone?05:34
abstortedmindsill just set that in wicd, and should work with dhcp enabled05:34
mechtechabstortedminds: disable dhcp? depends on how many other computers are on that network and what they do05:34
mechtechabstortedminds: yeah...you got it...leave the router dhcp, and static setup for all three pcs and you're set05:35
UnholyLessonsOk im on step 3 of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone05:35
UnholyLessonsdavid@david-laptop:~/Desktop$ sudo gpasswd -a David vboxusers05:35
UnholyLessonsgpasswd: unknown user David05:35
lstarnesUnholyLessons: it's case-sensitive05:35
UnholyLessonsok it worked when i uncapped the d05:36
UnholyLessonsOk i did STEP 4 now05:36
abstortedmindsdo you recommend wicd for that mechtech?05:36
UnholyLessonsit gave me a number like it said05:36
UnholyLessonsnow what exactly do i do with it05:37
yaboois firefox 3.5 out for ubuntu yet?05:37
cmartin0i have prerelease repo enabled but I still have version 180 of the nvidia drivers and the newest is  185.18.14. when will ubuntu roll the new drivers?05:37
lstarnes!ff35 | yaboo05:37
ubottuyaboo: Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY05:37
mechtechabstorted: I have never used wicd...I used man interfaces05:37
lstarnescmartin0: probably in a later release of ubuntu05:37
strykerFor some reason, my songs are not playing in Amarok. I just installed it, and none of my songs will play. I can play them in Rhytmbox but they will not play in Amarok. please help05:38
UnholyLessonsbastidrazor still there buddy?05:38
mechtechmataks: is that your main de, or one of the other desktops you have setup?05:38
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, yeah.05:39
UnholyLessonsstep 4 on the url05:39
UnholyLessonshaving more problems because of my noobness05:39
strykeranybody know why amarok won't play my songs?05:39
sHyLoCk_stryker: amarok 2?05:39
mechtechstryker: cuz it's not vlc05:39
strykeramarok 205:39
mataksmechdave,  main05:39
UnholyLessonsThe output should be a number. Now edit /etc/fstab and add the following line, but make sure you set the devgid= number to the output of the previous command.05:40
UnholyLessonshow do i edit it and put the number it gave me in it05:40
strykermechtech: please elaborate05:40
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, gksudo gedit /etc/fstab05:40
sHyLoCk_stryker: check synaptic for amarok related packages05:40
yukaboyshowhola como esamos05:40
mechtechstryker: vlc has worked best for me for all media types, audio, video, many codecs...very good software05:40
sHyLoCk_i needed to get a lot of extr stuffs to get things working..like amarok-engines, etc..05:41
krammer_is there an irc for python05:41
strykerwell, vlc was best for movies, my computer would just crash if i used the default movie player that ubuntu would bring...05:41
Doshirohey all. I am in need of some help getting wireless set up on my other laptop05:41
mechtechmatak: sorry bro...I wish I could help you with that...the only thing I can think is un-install that theme05:41
Doshirorunning ubuntu 8.1005:41
yukaboyshowpor lo visto solo hablan ingles aqui español nadie sabe!!05:41
strykeryo se yukaboy05:42
strykerjaja Hola05:42
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:42
UnholyLessonsok i did it05:42
UnholyLessonsi made the dit05:42
strykerde donde eres?05:42
yukaboyshowy tu05:42
strykerPuerto Rico05:42
yukaboyshowlo que pasa es que ya hiba a poner mexico 5 usa 0 jeje05:42
krammer_is there an irc for python05:42
yukaboyshowoye puerto rico que bien muy lindo verdad05:43
strykersi, precioso :D05:43
UnholyLessonsi dont see  virtualbox in my system drop down though05:43
yukaboyshowyo vivo en cancun!05:43
LinuxGoldmy server is now connected via wireless05:43
Doshirocan anyone answer some questions for me about setting up wireless on an HP pavilion?05:43
LinuxGoldmy first time -- woo05:43
mechtechUnholyLessons: applications>systemTools>Virtualbox05:43
strykersHyLoCK_: i downloaded another package related to amarok2 from synaptics, i will give it a shot05:43
UnholyLessonsall thats there is something called Dolphin05:43
sHyLoCk_stryker: good luck ;)05:43
UnholyLessonsno virtualbox, weird05:44
yukaboyshowtu en que parte de puerto rico vives oye una pregunta veo que aqui es linux lo que manejan05:44
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, there is also #vbox channel if things become stale here. i'm soon to bed05:44
strykersi, es linux05:44
strykery no vivo en puerto rico al momento05:44
UnholyLessonswell it looks like ive installed it all and it should be ready to rock, its just not in my dropdowns05:44
LinuxGoldnow doing apt-get install kubuntu-desktop05:44
yukaboyshowlo que pasa es que tengo una duda yo tngo windows y la verdad he visto el linux y me llama mucho la atencion05:44
=== thejackal is now known as Guest15280
yukaboyshowy quiero cambiarme05:44
mechtechUnholyLessons: did you see my post?05:44
yukaboyshowme lo recomiendas05:44
strykerdigame su pregunta05:44
yukaboyshowal 100%05:44
UnholyLessonsyes mech, not there either05:44
yukaboyshowde que stryker?05:44
strykeren verdad depende de lo que quieres hacer con tu computadora05:44
strykersi eres un gamer or un casual user05:45
yukaboyshowpues la verdad mi maquina me sive mas que nada de uso personal  nada mas descargar cosas ver peliculas nevegar en la web05:45
UnholyLessonshow do i put ur names in the front of the message so it highlights my text to u in red05:45
yukaboyshowlo normal05:45
mechtechUnholyLessons: do you have terminal output to paste at paste.ubuntu.com?05:45
Doshirocan anyone answer some questions for me about setting up wireless on an HP pavilion?05:45
mechtechUnholyLessons: just type it in05:46
strykeroh, pues si, no veo ningun problema en eso, eso lo ago yo tambien, pero with a little bit of gaming ;)05:46
=== nabeel is now known as Guest17867
yukaboyshowpor que ?05:46
UnholyLessonsdavid@david-laptop:~/Desktop$ paste at paste.ubuntu.com05:46
UnholyLessonspaste: at: No such file or directory05:46
thejackal221hi everyone05:46
cmartin0has anyone tried the 190 nvida beta drivers?05:46
yukaboyshowno es compatible con todos los juegos05:46
strykerno, casi ningunos05:46
strykeres un proceso complicado para poder jugar un juego bueno si no es compatible05:46
abstortedmindsmechtech, did you remove network-manager?05:46
strykersHyLoCK_: no luck :( when I play the song, it just acts if it finished the song already05:47
yukaboyshowmm.. jaja de todas formas no juego mucho05:47
UnholyLessonsdamn it i feel like we made lots of progress but now we're just stuck again05:47
strykersi lo que haces es ver peliculas y surf el web y un poco de musica, esto esta muy bien05:47
mechtechUnholyLessons...no, I meant terminal output from when you ran apt-get install that you could then copy and subsequesntly navigate using a browser to paste.ubuntu.com and paste there, then copy THAT url to paste here for all of us to read05:47
yukaboyshowes que la verdad me llamo mucho la atencion la forma del escritorio las opciones que tiene y mas que un amigo tiene su unbutum en su usb05:47
strykerte recomiendo wubi para que veas como funciona sin tener que quitar a windows05:48
strykersHyLoCK_: i tried in the #amarok channel, but no one responds05:48
UnholyLessonsok im at paste.ubuntu.com05:48
sHyLoCk_stryker: hmm05:48
UnholyLessonsu want me to paste here what happened after apt-get install?05:48
strykeris there any plugin i should try findin in Add/Remove?05:48
rod_hi anyone knows how to add channel?05:48
matakshelp pls i just installed an emerald theme and im missing something on the title bar.. here's the screenshot   http://img242.imageshack.us/i/screenshot1lc7.png/       .......     and here's the theme that im trying to use.. anyone?05:48
mechtechUnholyLessons: terminal output is what your teminal window pukes out at you after you issue a command or run a script05:49
yukaboyshowentonces viene siendo un trial !05:49
yukaboyshowo un demo nada mas05:49
strykeres una opcion05:49
strykerno, te lo instala con windows05:49
strykerosea, tienes los dos a la misma vez05:49
UnholyLessonshre u go05:49
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:49
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php for troubleshooting. Please file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.05:49
FloodBot1stryker: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:49
yukaboyshowy no interfiere con la velicidad de mi memoria ram por que no tngo mucho solo 51205:50
strykerno no05:50
strykerel proceso es este05:50
strykerinstalas ubuntu con wubi05:50
yukaboyshowahh ok!05:50
rod_how to join another channel05:50
MrPiracyis this the spanish room?05:50
strykery cada vez que le prendas tu computadora05:50
UnholyLessonsdid that help mechtech?05:50
sHyLoCk_rod_:  just type join #channelname05:50
strykerMrPircay: is there a problem?05:51
strykerte pregunta si quieres usar ubuntu or windows05:51
UnholyLessonsim following these intructions05:51
UnholyLessonsill be right back, need to smoke one05:51
yukaboyshowt leo05:51
FloodBot1yukaboyshow: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:51
MrPiracystryker: nope, i am just wondering .... trying to configure xChat here05:51
UnholyLessonsthis linux is stressing me i wanna learn it so bad05:51
mechtechUnholyLessons: no...go to http://paste.ubuntu.com ...on that page, there is a form, you put your username you use in here into the form, then inside the big form field, you paste what you copied from your terminal...then click the paste button on the webpage...this will generate a new url with a special number at the end...then copy THAT url and paste that in here...then we can all look without flooding the room with terminal output05:51
Jeruvy!es | stryker05:51
ubottustryker: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:51
strykerMrPiracy: np :P05:51
UnholyLessonsyeah i did that mechtech, and posted it for u to see05:51
mechtechUnholyLessons: you ARE learning...we all are...just keep moving forward05:51
strykeryukaboy, estoy usando ubuntu instalado por wubi ahora mismo :P05:51
MrPiracystryker: that's the english room, rite? (just want to be sure)05:52
strykerthis is the english room, just talking with someone that is speakin spanish05:52
MrPiracystryker: ok, np05:52
Jeruvystryker: its better to take it to #ubuntu-es, so not to distract here :)05:53
artistxeUnholyLessons, read lines 51 and 5205:53
strykerJeruvy: i understand, but as I was in the middle of a long conversation, i thought it rude to suddenly stop and tell the user to move channels05:53
artistxeUnholyLessons, and tell me what line 50 is missing05:54
Jeruvystryker: not at all.  Its a normal activity for irc.05:54
mechtechUnholyLessons: read what you pasted...you will see where it tried to add you to the virtualbox users, but the installer did not have permissions to change /etc/fstab...so, you need to add yourself to the group by editing fstab yourself as root05:55
artistxeUnholyLessons, and line 44 is missing somethig as well05:55
strykersHyLoCK_: i can't get it to work, any suggestions?>05:55
sHyLoCk_stryker: im guessing you have all the codecs installed05:56
mechtechgonna smoke...brb05:56
strykersHyLoCK_: yes05:56
CoventIf switched from generic kerner to server j´kernel, how do I swich back to generic?05:56
UnholyLessonsso how do iedit that stuff05:57
UnholyLessonsi need to edit fstab as root05:57
artistxeyou could sudo gedit05:57
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, gksudo gedit /etc/fstab05:58
bastidrazor!gksudo > artillerytx05:58
ubottuartillerytx, please see my private message05:58
artistxebastid_razor, stop repeating me  ;)05:58
bastidrazorerr.. artistxe gksudo for graphical and sudo for cli05:58
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto05:58
bastidrazorartistxe, sudo is not gksudo05:58
bastidrazorartillerytx, sorry.. wrong tab completion05:58
Steve100er wrong terminal05:58
steevmorquick question everyone05:59
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto05:59
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages06:00
steevmorI just installed ubuntu as a virtualbox VM on my macbook pro06:00
steevmorand it's limited to 800x600 res06:00
=== _MrsApple_ is now known as _MrApple_
sHyLoCk_stryker: not sure, maybe some kde4 dependencies are missing if ur on gnome? amarok2 works fine in kde4 for me.06:01
bastidrazorsteevmor, have you installed the guest additions?06:01
strykeryeah gnome06:02
steevmorah, no i haven't.06:02
steevmorwhere do i get those?06:02
bastidrazorsteevmor, that i don't know. possibly #vbox will have the answers.06:03
strykersHyLoCK: rhythmbox is boring and dull.. lol... im gonna try VLC if i don't fix Amarok06:04
thejackal221newbie here, how do I run a program from terminal06:04
cfeddestart a terminal window and type the command at the prompt.06:05
cfeddeis that what you're asking?06:05
thejackal221thank you but I don't know what command to use06:06
thejackal221I am trying to run vurtualbox06:06
UnholyLessonsok im editing fstab06:06
UnholyLessonswhat was it that i needed to edit06:06
deepakplease help me i have  Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 02)06:06
deepakand it is not working06:06
WholeGrainsthejackal221, what program are you wanting to run?06:06
UnholyLessonscan i just log in to terminal as sudo06:07
UnholyLessonsso i can run everything06:07
ironmagmayou can log into ubuntu as root06:08
ironmagmabut it's not very safe06:08
bastidrazor!sudo > UnholyLessons  .. read this page it'll give you some great information06:08
ubottuUnholyLessons, please see my private message06:08
WholeGrainsthejackal221, I don't have that installed, have you tried typing 'virtualbox' (without the quotes)06:08
thejackal221no one sec06:08
mechtechUnholyLessons: once you run a command as root (ie: use sudo[superuser-do]) you will have super user priviledges for a time...for instructions on how to add yourself to virtualbox users group see here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/234252/06:09
bastidrazorUnholyLessons, in short the easy ways is to use  sudo -i06:09
thejackal221never mind I found the program in the app menu06:09
WholeGrainsthejackal221, ok, enjoy06:09
Lostinspace_46When syslog give you this msg.  Jul 26 12:02:55 mypos kernel: Cannot find map file.  How do you know which map file?06:10
UnholyLessonsmechtech, i just read your paste and ill admit it was way above my head man06:10
mechtechUnholyLessons: just line 2 then06:11
thejackal221I have xp on another hd can I use virtualbox to access it?06:11
outyhow do i adjust gnome-do docky settings ?06:11
UnholyLessonsi ran line 2. worked fine06:12
mechtechUnholyLessons: you don't want it to run on bootup anyways most likely, so after line 2...skip to line 1906:12
^Phantom^I bought a Coraline DVD tonight, and upon trying to play it on this computer, the media player freezes up.06:12
^Phantom^Is there a solution to this?06:12
UnholyLessonsdavid@david-laptop:~/Desktop$ sudo gpasswd -a david vboxusers06:12
UnholyLessonsAdding user david to group vboxusers06:12
mechtechthejackal221: you have to setup sharing in vb06:12
thejackal221ok thanks06:12
outyin opera on ubuntu, i go to facebook and it brings up google06:13
outybut the http addy is facebook06:13
mechtechUnholyLessons: good...now issue command on line 1906:14
mechtechUnholyLessons: virtualbox06:14
UnholyLessonsI did06:15
beningis wifi has installed on jaunty?06:15
mechtechUnholyLessons: rebbot06:15
UnholyLessonsreboot...ok ill brb06:15
beninghas wifi installed on jaunty?06:15
thejackal221thank you for all your help06:15
mechtechUnholyLessons: er...reboot06:15
UnholyLessonsplz dont leave ur helping me so much06:15
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ShapeShifter499I give up06:17
abstortedmindshi, i just installed the restricted video drivers for ubuntu and now when it boots up my screen is  blank06:18
abstortedmindsyea i had a feeling something bad would happen06:18
abstortedmindshow do i revert?06:18
sHyLoCk_abstortedminds: which card do you have?06:19
UnholyLessonsSo I rebooted and now virtual box shows up under system tools06:20
mechtechUnholyLessons: great...use away06:21
RickXcan anyone tell me how to connect to a VPN? I have one configured in network-manager, but I don't see where/how to start/connect.06:21
Lostinspace_46When syslog gives you this msg.  Jul 26 12:02:55 mypos kernel: Cannot find map file.  How do you know which map file?06:21
abstortedmindsmechtech how do i remove this video card06:22
abstortedmindsi mean driver06:22
^Phantom^is there any way to play copy-protected dvds on ubuntu?06:22
abstortedmindsubuntu boots up, but when its about to go into the desktop, the video goes blank06:22
^Phantom^I just bought a movie tonight and it's not playing :(06:22
WholeGrainsWhere is the log for boot errors? For example it will say 'Loading hd(x,y) ext4 letters-&-numbers, then flash an error msg06:22
psywipedodd whats with the mass quit06:23
bastidrazora netsplit06:24
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit06:24
mechtechabstortedminds: You want to install the package 'envyng' from the repositories.06:24
mechtechSystem=>Admin=>Synaptic package manager.06:24
mechtechWhen this opens use the search option and type in envyng.06:24
mechtechWhen the package is found right click on it and choose 'Mark for installation'.06:24
mechtechOnce it installs look in Applications=>System tools=>Envyng.06:24
mechtechThis package automates installing and uninstalling ATI/Nvidia drivers.06:24
TorturedSoulhey all06:25
macgyver_ok, fresh install, Bluetooth working, all I have done is install the ATI driver and Xchat06:25
^Phantom^Is there any way to play copy-protected dvds on ubuntu?06:25
TorturedSoulwhat do i do if my comp wont display the battery life correctly06:25
TorturedSoulalways shows 0.0%06:25
macgyver_I will now do a update and a reboot and see in Bluetooth stays, if it does not, what can I do to see what caused it to stop working?06:25
cbk486hello, I am running audacity 1.37 with ubuntu 9.04, and I no longer have sound when playing audio files from within the application, but I used to have sound. I can still hear sound in my headphones from flash and media players like exaile, however.06:25
^Phantom^I'm trying to play a copy-protected DVD in ubuntu, it refuses to start up.  Totem Media Player just freezes up.  How can I work around this?06:26
b0nnhrm, I am using NBR and want to know how to add things to the 'Favourite' menu06:26
b0nn^Phantom^: try with mplayer, or dragonplayer06:27
TorturedSoulhow do i get my battery status to show correctly06:27
^Phantom^thank you06:27
cbk486@Phantom: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras06:27
^Phantom^Also, things look WICKED WEIRD with 3d-glasses on lol06:27
b0nndoes this #channel not have a kickbot for when people log into IRC as root?06:28
cbk486hello, I am running audacity 1.37 with ubuntu 9.04, and I no longer have sound when playing audio files from within the application, but I used to have sound. I can still hear sound in my headphones from flash and media players like exaile, however.06:28
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abstortedmindsman this is screwed up06:29
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
cwilluabstortedminds, did you get any of that?06:30
mechtechabstortedminds: did you see my last post?06:30
abstortedmindsoh let me check06:30
TorturedSoulhey when i try to "modprobe ac or "modprobe battery" I get "module XXX not found"06:31
abstortedmindsmechtech i cant get to desktop06:31
abstortedmindsill just install it from command line in recovery mode?06:31
abstortedmindsoh wiat, seems to work now06:31
=== Guest18261 is now known as myself
ianm_what's the best-sounding open source command-line text-to-speech app?06:32
mechtechabstortedminds: http://paste.ubuntu.com/234260/ <---I would still install envyng06:32
drurewcan someone point me to an extensive mysql databese how too06:32
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)06:33
TorturedSoulwhen i try modprobe ac or modprobe battery, i get module not found? anyone have a cue how to fix this?06:33
TorturedSoulcant get battery status06:33
mechtechdrurew: http://www.webwisesage.com/addons/free_ebook.html06:33
cwilluabstortedminds, escape from the grub menu (that line that shows up when you reboot), hit recovery kernel, and you should get a menu that will let you into a failsafe x mode, that you can do whatever you need to from there06:33
abstortedmindsok ill try tha tin a biit06:34
strykerIs there a bug in Shiretoko in which some image files are not correctly displayed?06:34
Temlar_XionTorturedSoul, try lshw06:34
cwilluabstortedminds, incidently, which chipset?06:34
cwillustryker, define correct06:34
strykercwillu: some images in different websites appear greenish06:35
strykercwillu: when they are not supposed to06:35
cwillustryker, probably colour profile06:35
strykercwillu: erm, explain please :D06:35
cwillustryker, if that's the case, they're actually being displayed 'correctly' according to the colour profile they have stored06:35
cwilluthere's an about:config to turn it off06:35
cwilluif that fixes it, then you know what the problem is06:36
cwilluone sec06:36
garysoncan anyone tell me why06:36
garyson/home/gary/Desktop/pidgin-fonomobutton-0.1.5/fonomobutton.c make all install06:36
garysonreturns as permission denied06:36
cwillustryker, it's related to gfx.color_management.display_profile, but I don't know the setting to turn it off offhand06:36
MikeLI want to use avant-window-navigator because it's very pretty. However, it has an unreasonable set of dependencies. Any ideas for something else I could use?06:36
strykercwillu: isee, a google search seems other people have the same problem06:37
=== thejackal is now known as Guest77138
MikeLgaryson: are you doing that as root?06:37
bastidrazorMikeL, cairo-dock06:37
coz_MikeL,  you could also use cairo dock06:37
cwillugaryson, you'd have to sudo it if it's trying to write things to places outside of your home directory06:37
coz_MikeL,  which video card are you using?06:37
garysoni'm fairly sure i'm root06:37
mechtechgaryson: use sudo?06:37
Lostinspace_46When syslog gives you this msg.  Jul 26 12:02:55 mypos kernel: Cannot find map file.  How do you know which map file?06:37
cwillustryker, you're on ff3?06:37
cwilluor 3.5?06:37
WholeGrainsWhere is the log for boot errors?06:38
MikeLcoz_: intel06:38
cwillustryker, about:config -> gfx.color_management.mode -> 0 and see if that fixes it06:38
garysonmechtech how do i use sudo06:38
coz_MikeL,  ok cairo dock will work with intell but no the opengl implimentation in it06:38
cwillugaryson, sudo make install06:38
gartralgaryson: man sudo06:38
cwilluor whatever the relevant command is06:38
coz_MikeL,   there are still going to bedependencies  ...are you running gnome or kde?06:38
DaZcwillu: die06:39
MikeLcoz_: openbox06:39
cwilluDaZ, wha?06:39
DaZmakedepend <:06:39
mechtechgaryson: sudo is a pre-command paramenter for use with any command...it means Super User Do: whatevercommandyoutype06:39
coz_MikeL,  ah ok  well then you are going to get an unreasonable number of gnome dependencies with awn06:39
DaZdamn, i don't remember what did debfiles06:39
DaZbut telling people to do make install is stupid06:39
MikeLcoz_: 11MB is acceptable - awn was ~260MB06:39
strykercwillu: how do i change that setting?06:39
coz_MikeL,  and unless openbox has a compositor onboard  you will have to use fake transperancy with cairo-dock06:40
cwillustryker, go to about:config in the browser, and find the relevant string, or add it (new -> integer) if its not there06:40
MikeLcoz_: xcompmgr06:40
mechtechgaryson: you just type it in before your command, then it will ask for your password, you type that in (you will see no output when typing in your password) hit enter and the command should work06:40
coz_MikeL,  right that is because of the extra gnome dependecies it would require06:40
coz_MikeL,  ok  then cairo dock should work but I have not tried it on openbox  ever06:40
MikeLcoz_: ok... that thing is nice06:40
coz_let me check06:40
mechtechgaryson: example: sudo pico filename06:41
duryodhanhi ... I am unable to change my screen resolution in ubuntu .. I have a nvidia card and nvidia settings only shows 1680x1050, I wanna try something smaller like 1024x768 for this game I am playing06:41
mechtechgaryson: would allow me to edit a file I have no permissions to06:41
DaZmechtech: there's still pico in ubuntu? :o06:41
mechtechDaZ: I use it every day06:42
gartralduryodhan: why not turn up the game/06:42
strykercwillu: thank you! it worked!06:42
garysonah thank you mech tech06:42
mechtechno prob06:42
=== DaZ- is now known as DaZ
cwillustryker, incidently, is that off images that you have control over, or just random pictures from elsewhere?06:43
macgyver_there it goes, something in th eupdates I just did took out my Bluetooth06:43
coz_MikeL,   apparenlty cairo dock can be used on openbox06:43
MikeLcoz_: yup - and I really like this thing06:43
strykerrandom pictures, i.e. from facebook's gui or the huffingtonpost.com's gui etc06:43
cwillunvm then :p06:43
strykerthe problem is with jpegs, at least what i read :P06:43
coz_MikeL,  cairo dock?06:44
strykercwillu: thanks!06:44
cwilluwell, it's not technically wrong, but ya06:44
MikeLcoz_: yup06:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ciarodock06:44
coz_MikeL,  yeah it is pretty robust06:44
MikeLcwillu: it feels kinda glitchy - but nothing serious06:44
MikeL!info cairo-dock | gartral06:44
ubottugartral: cairo-dock (source: cairo-dock): A light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs easily. In component universe, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 312 kB, installed size 928 kB06:44
coz_MikeL,  if yu need configuration help you can meet me in #cairo-dock  we have a separate channel for support06:44
cwillus/cwillu/coz_/?<MikeL> cwillu: it feels kinda glitchy - but nothing serious06:45
MikeLcwillu: sorry06:45
cwilluMikeL, np, just got really confused for a moment :p06:46
duryodhangartral: ?06:46
gartralduryodhan: yes?06:46
strykerI usually don't get an answer to this question, but if anybody here has gotten Call of Duty 4 to work on ubuntu and has the time to help me install it, PLEASE let me know!06:46
gartralduryodhan: you should be able too turn the games resolution up..06:47
duryodhanyou said why not turn up the game? whats that mean ?06:47
duryodhanthe game is runnign at 1680x105006:47
duryodhanbut everything is too small06:47
DaZstryker, winehq06:47
duryodhanwhich I don't like06:47
gartralduryodhan: just wondering.. what game?06:47
strykerDaZ: meh, i've tried, unfortunately its too complicated for me, i've tried so many times :(06:47
DaZtried to browse the webpage?06:48
DaZyeah it's hard06:48
DaZso much text and buttons >:06:48
gartral!enter | DaZ06:48
ubottuDaZ: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:48
=== yoyo is now known as bootme
DaZi don't care06:49
gartral!attitude | DaZ06:49
ubottuDaZ: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines06:49
DaZ!stopabusingthebot| gardar06:49
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:49
strykerjaja a bot war!06:49
DaZstryker, it works on wine06:49
DaZat least it says so on this cute webpage http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=1280406:50
duryodhangartral: openTTD06:50
strykerI got it to install on wine, but i would get a "critical" DirectX error when I started to play06:50
bullgard4'~$ man ps;  To get security info: ps -eo euser,ruser,suser,fuser,f,comm,label.' What security information is thus obtained by the parameter 'fuser'?06:50
=== IVBela1 is now known as IVBela
DaZstryker, there is ubuntu how-to06:50
DaZprepare for sourcepatching06:51
gartralduryodhan: ok, quit the game.. go into System>administration>NVIDIA X Server Settings and the second in the list down should let you change your resolution06:51
bitplanemy clock crashed a few days ago.. how can i kill and restart it without starting a new GNOME session?06:52
duryodhangartral: thats exactly my question .. it doesn't .. it only shows 1 resolution06:52
DaZbitplane, you mean applet?06:52
gartralduryodhan: what card+linktype+driver serise you running?06:53
Temlar_Xionduryodhan, look up xorg.conf editing06:53
bitplaneI think so, the little date and time thing in the upper right panel06:53
DaZjust remove it from the pannel and add again06:53
bitplaneit says 4:26am on thursday :/06:53
bitplanei tried that, it won't remove06:53
DaZkill gnome-panel06:53
duryodhangartral: nvidia driver 180.4 8600M GS 512MB06:54
bitplaneyey, now I have 10 clocks!! thanks :)06:54
gartralduryodhan: nice card.. what link type? VGA, DVI, HDMI?06:54
sleepy_catnick c_nick06:55
DaZbitplane, screenshot?06:55
bitplaneit's okay, i've closed them... it just wasn't removing or adding the ones when i right clicked06:55
losherbullgard4: it's apparently a filesystem access user ID. On certain systems, just knowing this is enough to allow access to files, including possibly those you normally wouldn't have permission to access. Don't ask me for details, because I don't know of them. I just recall there being an issue with nfs at one time because file system handles weren't sufficiently random and hence could be...06:55
losher...predicted, allowing unauthorized access.06:55
cNoNimji all06:55
duryodhanand Temlar_Xion the xorg.conf is configured by nvidia, the display subsection doesn't have a Modes line06:55
duryodhangartral: right now just watching it on my laptop screen06:56
cNoNimhow i can install ubuntu with lvm?06:56
DaZcNoNim, tried google?06:56
duryodhanI wonder if someone ever answered 'hmm .. sudo apt-get install google' doesn't install any package06:57
gartralduryodhan: whats the last 2 option subsections?06:57
loshercNoNim: if you can't figure out how to install it, you probably shouldn't use it, else how are you going to troubleshoot it if something goes wrong with it. Why not stick to nice, simple, reliable old ext3...06:58
duryodhanOption         "TwinView" "0" Option         "metamodes" "nvidia-auto-select +0+0"06:58
duryodhangartral: ^ ^06:58
garysonsudo make all install ~/Desktop/pidgin-fonomobutton-0.1.5/Makefile returns as "no rule to make target all. stop" can someone help06:59
loshergaryson: try: sudo make all install -f ~/Desktop/pidgin-fonomobutton-0.1.5/Makefile07:00
DaZgaryson, don't worry, you don't need it anyway07:00
gartralduryodhan: that in the X Server Display Configureations page, isnt it? whats the last 2 page in the list on the far left of the nvidia x server window?07:00
neohashihi running ubuntu 9.04 (2.6.28-13 generic) and I tried to enable openGL 3.1+ for development by installing NVIDIA-Linux-x86-185.18.14-pkg1.run07:00
* DaZ tries to act like other ubuntu users 07:00
neohashibut X fails with the error "(EE) Screen(s) found, but none have a usable configuration." nvidia-xconfig dosen't help..07:00
cNoNimok, how i can enable expert mode on live DVD, or live DVD don't have expert mode?07:00
loshergaryson: Daz: well, you need the -f07:00
cNoNimlosher: i use it, on gentoo07:01
garysonthank you losher07:01
Cryptorchilddoes anyone knows how to se ident on xchat?07:01
loshercNoNim: I find lvm makes recovery ten times more difficult...07:01
moymoycNoNim: you have to run nvidia-xconfig as root because it needs permission to write to xorg.conf07:01
lstarnesCryptorchild: it should be the username setting in the network list07:02
=== VanDyke_ is now known as VanDyke
cNoNimcNoNim: ???07:02
DaZCryptorchild, google.com/search?q=xchat+ident ?07:02
lstarnesCryptorchild: also, /set irc_user_name07:02
losherdaz: how do 'other ubuntu users' act, exactly?07:02
bullgard4losher: Thank you for commenting. I guess I got your main point. But could you please tell me what a filesystem access user ID is? The output column 'FUSER' lists entries such as 'root', 'daemon', 'syslog'. I believe that 'root', 'daemon', 'syslog' are no filesystems. A filesystem may be ext3, ext4, fat32. Please resolve my misunderstanding.07:03
duryodhangartral: last 2 are nvidia settings configuration and DFP-0 (Seiko), the latter being a sub selection of 'GPU-0'07:03
DaZloesh, this discouraging attitude <:07:03
neohashiall I did was Ctrl+Alt+F1 , sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop .. sudo sh NVIDIAxxxx .. sudo reboot.07:04
gartralduryodhan: ok, hit the DFP-0 and tell me the link info that you see..07:04
lstarnesbullgard4: I think 'root', 'daemon', and 'syslog' are the names of the accounts of the owners of those processes07:04
Cryptorchildlstarnes: works, thanks07:04
=== xx is now known as Guest73983
cNoNimlosher: lvm allows you to resize the logical drives, and do not use all the disk space.07:04
duryodhangartral: Flat Panel information07:04
losherbullgard4: well, it was an educated guess, based on the man page. I could be completely wrong. The man page does say "if it's available". Maybe it's not supported on your system?07:05
duryodhangartral: and other stuff about flat panel , connection link : dual . chip location : internal , Signal : LVDS07:05
gartralduryodhan: ya07:05
duryodhangartral: what is all this stuff ? :)07:05
gartralduryodhan: tech. info.. ok, you should see scaling options there somewhere on the right, yes?07:06
loshercNoNim: I agree, but lvm comes at a price i.e. greater complexity, particularly during recovery. So it worries me when I see someone asking how to install it...07:06
bullgard4losher: Hmm. I will do more snooping on it.07:06
rod_ /join #lamp207:06
lstarnesbullgard4: "filesystem access user ID" may refer to the name of the user account being used by the process for accessing the filesystem07:06
duryodhangartral: yeah and it is selected to 'Stretched'07:07
UnholyLessonsSo i installed virtual machine in order to run itunes, but now I have to install windows on it?07:07
UnholyLessonswhy cant WINE just work with itunes damn it07:07
bullgard4lstarnes: Ah! Thank you for explaining.07:07
losherbullgard4: lstarnes: hmm. It *does* say it's a *user* id, so that does make sense...07:07
duryodhangartral: it says the scaling comes in only if frontend and backend resolutions are different07:08
DaZUnholyLessons, wine page says it works07:08
xShadowxSo, I don't have a blank CD to burn an iso for super grub...is there anyway I can fix Grub Error 17 without a CD?07:08
duryodhangartral: which in my case they are not07:08
DVA5912UnholyLessons|> because mac is like ms in that aspect07:08
DVA5912and maby low support07:08
cNoNimlosher: recovery after what?07:08
gartralduryodhan: ok.. turn on Force full GPU scaling... and when you go back into the game, select a lower resolution, and it will sale too look right07:08
loshercNoNim: after file system errors...07:08
UnholyLessonsit keeps giving me error during install...all i do is double click the itunessetup.exe and click next all the way through and it errors07:08
mike_bruns_99Hi All.  Running 9.04, running into a Mouse/Trackpad issue.  Running on a Dell Vostro.  Everything was working fine, but I disabled some unnecessary services.  I.E. apache.  Now the Mouse/Trackpad doesn't work.  I tried plugging in an external USB mouse, but still no luck.07:08
duryodhangartral: ok07:08
duryodhangartral: will try that .. I will need to restart X right .. ?07:09
losherxShadowx: got a live install CD? You can run grub from it...07:09
mike_bruns_99I ran a sysvconfig and added back any of the services I disabled, but still no luck.07:09
DVA5912UnholyLessons|> Do you have to use itunes?07:09
mike_bruns_99Any suggestions?07:09
DaZDVA5912, no, he doesn't07:09
gartralduryodhan: only if it says so, though, you probably wont have too07:09
xShadowxYes, I'm booted off that now.07:09
duryodhangartral: also , online there is talk about setting useEDID to false .. is that also something I should try ? do you have idea about what that does ?07:09
Antaranianhi there07:10
duryodhangartral: Foce Full GPU scaling is already active07:10
lstarnesbullgard4: just so that you know, that was purely an inference based on the provided description in the manual page07:10
AntaranianI'm newbie here07:10
xShadowxHow do I run grub from it? i need to make it recognize Vista. I dual booted with Kubuntu, did something wrong, got grub error 22, uninstalled Kubuntu using the live CD and gparted, then got grub error 17..07:10
gartralduryodhan: yea, tht will cause the card too ignore the EDID info about your monitor, it can be tryed, but may or may not give the effect your looking for..07:10
AntaranianI want tochange look of my ubuntu to smth new07:10
losherbullgard4: lstarnes: it makes more sense than my over complicated theory though...07:11
huffmanAre there any GUI applications that allow you to configure X devices?  i.e. a gui version of xinput07:11
Antaranianwhere can I get help for this ?07:11
duryodhangartral: well the force full GPU scaling didn't work .. maybe I should try the Edid thing07:11
bullgard4lstarnes: Your comment is helpful for me, anyway.07:11
losher!grub | xShadowx07:11
ubottuxShadowx: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto07:11
DaZAntaranian, do you seriosly need help with it?07:11
eboyjrAntaranian: I can help you a little bit.. if you need07:12
happosadeIs there another channel for 9.10 problems?07:12
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+107:12
Antaranianit will be nice, thanks :)07:12
duryodhangartral: thanks for all the help .. I will need to restart X to see the EDID option take effect .. hopefully nothing breaks ..thanks bye07:13
gartralduryodhan: good luck07:13
Antaranianeboyjr: DaZ what I need to do, folks ?07:13
eboyjrhuffman: Maybe this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=106039307:13
BrunHi, Folks!07:13
BrunHelp me join Ubuntu fileserver to Ubuntu PDC.07:14
DaZAntaranian, gnome-look ?07:14
xShadowxOkay, thanks, how would I add Vista to it? I was told that I should use a recovery disc to run the fixmbr command...is that another option? Oh and I have a USB stick...could I possibly fix the mbr that way?07:14
eboyjrAntaranian: Okay, you can navigate to http://gnome-look.org/ and click on Metacity and GTK+2.0 themes07:14
Antaranianthanks, let me look at it07:15
huffmaneboyjr: Checking it out, thanks07:15
DaZxShadowx, you can install ubuntu on usb stick and recover windows mbr with windows cd07:16
DaZhm, or*07:16
xShadowxOk, so could I put super grub on it and boot from that?07:16
Bob_DolexShadowx, yes, you need to run fixmbr, however, this kills grub, so you then need to reinstall grub, if both linux and vista are installed.07:17
DaZxShadowx, get ubuntu iso and unetbootin07:17
DaZand read about grub recovery from livecd07:17
cooper77zhello, how do I run cinelerra from command prompt?07:17
torturedsoulhey can anyone help me really quick with a battery problem?07:17
cooper77zwithout graphical yadayada?07:18
DaZtorturedsoul, get windows07:18
DaZquick enough?07:18
torturedsoullol, have it on my desktop07:18
torturedsoulonly problem i have is battery state wont display07:18
cooper77zeverythings gone pink07:18
xShadowxOk so right now, only Vista is installed. I'm booted from a liveCD. Is there a program I can get that I can make my PC boot from a USB just so I can fix windows for now? I have this http://neosmart.net/blog/2008/windows-vista-recovery-disc-download/07:19
cooper77zor purple07:19
torturedsoulwent to /proc/acpi/battery/bat007:19
torturedsoulthe files have no info in them07:19
DaZxShadowx, unetbootin07:19
huffmaneboyjr: Cool, that is pretty much what I was looking for.  I take it there is no standard app that ubuntu users use (or is distributed with Ubuntu)?07:19
eboyjrhuffman: No, but it would be nice.. maybe in the next release it will be pushed. Who knows? :)07:20
cooper77zplease help me get rid of excess gui to run cinelerra with most ram available to program.07:21
huffmaneboyjr: Well, I'm mainly looking to add support for devel features of X, so I *was* hoping there was some standard app I could add to and just push the patch to the devs... Looks like it will have to mostly be done from scratch.07:22
unforgiven512Is there a way to completely replace firefox-3.0 with firefox-3.5 on Jaunty?07:22
cooper77zhow can I get rid of gnome untill I reinstall gnome?07:23
huffmaneboyjr: When is the next release btw?07:23
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+107:23
Cryptorchildwhat's the idea of ubuntuone? i have slow internet connection07:23
eboyjrCryptorchild: File backup, basically.07:23
richardcavellanyone here using clonezilla?  Can you vouch for its ability to backup and restore multiple partitions in one disk image?07:24
loshercooper77z: sudo apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop might do it. At your own risk...07:24
richardcavelllosher: that does hardly anything07:24
cooper77zwhat is the risk losher?07:25
loshercooper77z: the risk is that your X11 will stop working & you won't be able to recover...07:25
DaZcooper77z, meeting with the console07:25
robertxsI got an problem with my laptop Amilo 1705, i followed this guide http://www.amilo-forum.com/topic,1065,30,-Amilo-Li1705-No-sound-from-headphone-jack.html - so i can listen music thru my spearks and it WORKS! But the music is jumping and dont sound good at all :/ someone who knows how to fix that?07:25
cooper77zI know how to reinstall gnome, it that's the risk losher07:25
losherrichardcavell: cooper77z: odd, ubottu says it's how you install gnome. You'd think it would work in reverse too...07:26
mattwj2002hi everyone07:27
cooper77zit doesn't, gnome won't leave losher07:27
richardcavelllosher: it doesn't07:27
losherrichardcavell: cooper77z: time to start googling 'ubuntu remove gnome' then...07:27
DaZcooper77z, remove gtk2 or something like that, with every dependency07:27
cooper77zbeen there done that lasher07:27
richardcavelllosher: Do what I did. Try to fix it by manually removing packages from the root shell until you start getting kernel panics and can't boot at all.  Then spend the weekend reinstalling all over again.07:28
defrysksudo apt-get remove metacity chould do the trick07:28
richardcavelllosher: <excuse my frustration. Spent the weekend reinstalling>07:28
DaZrichardcavell, cool07:29
losherrichardcavell: cooper77z: no need to apologize. Been there....07:29
cooper77zthe only thing I can think of is to decide on the programs I want, then reformat and run only from command prompt07:29
loshercooper77z: well, if ram usage is the issue, you don't have to actually uninstall gnome, you just have to stop it running. That's easier...07:30
* Symmetria groans07:30
cooper77zso,lasher, if I stop gnome in terminal and terminal says ok, does that mean gnome stopped hogging ram?07:31
Symmetria:( my test file transfer died at 3.2 terabytes07:31
Symmetriawget crashed07:31
mattwj20023.2 terabytes o.O07:31
DaZ-c? :f07:31
mattwj2002what were you transfering?07:31
richardcavellmattwj2002: that's a lot of pr0n07:31
Symmetriaheh, a 10 terabyte sparse test file07:32
SymmetriaI'm testing our new south africa -> london circuit07:32
mattwj2002is that the one on wikipedia?07:33
Symmetriaunfortunately the server I'm using for the download can't go any further :(07:33
Symmetriaooops further/faster07:33
Symmetriaits still using less than 10% of the line capacity07:33
Symmetriawhich one on wikipedia?07:33
WindowsUserget 10 servers on both sides?07:33
WindowsUserthats my windows response :)07:33
Symmetriaheh windows, just gonna get a much much bigger server to stick in there for testing07:33
Symmetriamattwj2002, yeah, I have a 10G circuit on that system07:34
loshercooper77z: if you stop gnome from inside a terminal (running under gnome), you will lose your xsession entirely. That's not what you want. If you want to run an X application, you basically need an X server and a window manager. Many people who want to conserve resources switch to Xfce I believe.07:34
mattwj2002nice :D07:34
Symmetria 0% [                                                                       ] 32,026,498,776 84.5M/s  eta 38h 8m07:34
Symmetria;p thats a test thats currently running07:34
richardcavellSymmetria: I got kicked off my University server yesterday for downloading Half-Life 2 over steam after 1.5 Gigs.07:35
cooper77zlosher, what are you talking about?07:35
mattwj2002I know this in a bit off in left field....but has anyone built a router using this guild?07:35
cooper77zI have a server losher07:35
loshercooper77z: I thought you said you want to conserve ram so you can run cinelerra?07:35
yoyohey I can't get my nvidia drivers to load...i get this error at startup... http://img38.imageshack.us/i/helpizj.jpg/ does anyone know what I can do to fix it07:35
mattwj2002richardcavell you mean they shutoff your port?07:35
cooper77zI do, losher07:35
richardcavellmattwj2002: yep07:36
mattwj2002universities suck07:36
Symmetriahaha I've moved 22 terabytes of data this weekend just testing crap07:36
mattwj2002when it comes to that07:36
richardcavellmattwj2002: I think it happened automatically because I was wardriving at midnight07:36
loshercooper77z: cinelerra is an X application. It requires a running X server to execute. With me so far?07:36
richardcavellsitting in my car with the heater on outside the building, using wifi07:36
richardcavelll33ching Half-Life 207:36
cooper77zare you talking about gui or os, losher07:36
lgcI can't seem to be able to revive my wireless connection after suspend. I wonder if someone else is having the same problem. Input wanted.07:37
DVA5912Whats a good programming language for developing 3d games07:37
richardcavellDVA5912: C++07:37
DVA5912richardcavell|> i meant to say programming ide07:37
richardcavelllgc: there's plenty of other people who have the same problem07:37
richardcavelllgc: do you know what a resume/thaw script is?07:37
lgcrichardcavell, well, at least I don't feel alone anymore!07:37
roracleokay, i've been doing this all day and i have school starting tomorrow.  the issue i'm having is setting up my netbook (which receives a wireless signal) as a router to my desktop (because i don't have a network cable long enough to reach in here).  IE:  Internet Connection Sharing.  I have done it with my Mac in the past, but it's pretty much dead these days, so I know a wireless signal can be routed to a desktop.  Could anyon07:38
cooper77zhow do I get rid of gnome for a session?07:39
lgcrichardcavell, I pretty much can imagine what they do, indeed. I don't know where to poke to get 'em running, though.07:39
roracleyes sir07:39
loshercooper77z: neither. I think you need to do some reading. You sound very confused about gui, os, X, desktops, window managers and gnome.07:39
mattwj2002do you want to do that with ubuntu?07:39
kindofabuzzcooper77z, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop07:39
richardcavelllgc: often involves modprobe07:39
mattwj2002internet sharing I mean?07:39
roracleyes i do.  my netbook has ubuntu 9.04 on it and the desktop has that and windows on it07:39
cooper77zI want my command prompt back without gnome, losher07:39
richardcavelllgc: you'll have to google it because I don't know enough to help you myself.07:39
bazhangcooper77z, you cannot use cinelerra without an X server; this was explained several hours ago07:39
mattwj2002I was just talking about this07:39
cooper77zkindofabuzz, been there done that07:40
mattwj2002this is pretty advance though07:40
roraclethat's fine as long as the instructions are there07:40
kindofabuzzcooper77z, well that's how to do it. don't know what to tell you07:40
redhat_how to use two way interface shorewall07:40
loshercooper77z: I don't think I can help you, sorry...07:40
roraclei tried using firestarter and dhcpd and all that with failure around every corner07:40
cooper77zthanks for trying losher, different individuals have different teks and methods, and ideas of reality :)07:40
lgcrichardcavell, do such scripts do more than waking the wireless connection?07:41
redhat_wat about webmin07:41
mattwj2002here is another easier guide too07:41
richardcavelllgc: they do whatever you put in the script07:41
richardcavelllgc: on Macbook typically we have to restart wireless and Bluetooth07:41
nomad77roracle: firestarter can do it07:41
unforgiven512How can I completely replace firefox-3.0 with firefox-3.5 in Ubuntu 9.04?07:42
richardcavellnomad77: good advice.07:42
=== yoyo is now known as towtruckbob
lgcrichardcavell, oh, I see.07:42
richardcavellnomad77: just use the wizard on firestarter07:42
mojo_I would like to ask if anyone here has Upstart native job rule for Apache2 so I could replace the Apache2 initscript version, thanks alot07:42
cooper77zbazhang, they said I don't need gui to run cinelerra!07:42
roraclewell, firestarter keeps telling me i have a problem.  i think my dhcp server is messed up or something07:42
losherroracle: buy a long cable & stop wasting your time. If you were paying even a tiny fraction of what support really costs, you wouldn't think twice about doing it any other way...07:42
kindofabuzzunforgiven512, 3.5 is already in Jaunty07:42
alexchanGah. Irssi is frustrating.07:42
Bob_DoleI like IRSSI Dx07:42
eboyjralexchan: Need help? :)07:42
bazhangunforgiven512, you cannot replace it; it is a separate package07:43
alexchanI'm learning it slowly Eboyjr. =)07:43
unforgiven512kindofabuzz: yes, I know this. however it is called shiretoko, and it's exectuable name is firefox-3.507:43
bazhangcooper77z, well they were wrong, so please let it drop.07:43
roraclebrb, i need a cig07:43
richardcavellunforgiven512: it's called something different for legal reasons07:43
cooper77zok bazhang, will do :)07:43
unforgiven512I know, but if I remove package "firefox"07:43
bazhangunforgiven512, it will just be re-installed07:43
kindofabuzzunforgiven512, http://ubuntuzilla.wiki.sourceforge.net/07:44
richardcavellanyone here use clonezilla and can vouch for it being able to restore a whole disk with multiple partitions?07:44
bazhangkindofabuzz, no need for that, it is in the repos07:44
cooper77zbye bye for now07:44
unforgiven512So there's no way to give firefox-3.5 the official firefox branding, as well as the executable name "firefox" rather than firefox-3.507:44
richardcavellunforgiven512: well you can download the official version from mozilla.com07:45
kindofabuzzthere is a need if you want mozilla's version and not ubuntus07:45
strykeri have a quick question, i have 4 virtual desktops with compiz, how can i change the desktop background for each?07:45
towtruckbobcan someone help me with nvidia drivers...http://img38.imageshack.us/i/helpizj.jpg/07:45
unforgiven512I just enjoy the convenience of the apt repositories07:45
kindofabuzzstryker, you can't with compiz i don't think. you have to use another app for that07:46
strykerkindofabuzz: i see, do you know what app is that?07:46
kindofabuzzstryker, no, google is your friend =)07:47
strykeryou gave me a good starting road :D thanks!07:47
bloupotloodHi guys, anyone here with a Panasonic dp-180 Workio?07:47
bazhangstryker, you may wish to find out for certain by joining the #compiz channel07:47
mrmehi all07:47
strykerbazhang: i tried, but no one responded07:47
yesitisjustmewhen i run googleearth screen turns black i think maybe is my video card driver has this happen to anyone?07:48
bazhangstryker, it may take more than 2-3 minutes07:48
strykerbazhang: i see, well, thanks07:48
richardcavellyesitisjustme: not me07:49
=== Wajih is now known as MaWaLe
richardcavellyesitisjustme: what video setup do you have?07:49
yesitisjustmeati radeon 9200se 128mb07:49
syntaxhow do you fix the sound on ubuntu when it makes a fuzzy sound..My sound doesnt work at all and i had to shut down..After comeing back on from rebooting it makes that noise07:50
Bob_DoleI have a 9200SE, 64MB..pretty crappy with the open source drivers.07:50
richardcavellyesitisjustme: I don't know much about the ati drivers, man07:50
itai_michaelsoncan anyone help me with a simple rsync command - i want to copy one hard disc into another07:50
richardcavellitai_michaelson: get grsync07:50
=== aaaaa is now known as Azeri
yesitisjustmei see07:50
Q-collectiveIs there  anyone inhere with some experience with a Broadcom 4306 wireless card?07:50
towtruckbobI need help with my xorg.conf with nvidia drivers07:51
Bob_Dolerichardcavell, if he is on 9.04, it's the open source driver, not fglrx.07:51
richardcavellBob_Dole: Okay07:51
itai_michaelsonrichardcavell, can i set grsync to run everyday at a specific hour?07:51
cooper77zwhat is wrong q- collective?07:51
richardcavellBob_Dole: again I don't know much about it07:51
richardcavellitai_michaelson: No, for that I'd use cron07:51
Q-collectivecooper77z: well, my brothers' laptop, he's RaWolf inhere btw, has such a card and Ubuntu 9.04 doesn't seem to be able to make it working07:52
itai_michaelsonrichardcavell, i thought so, thats why i want to know the right syntax for the sync command07:52
Q-collectiveI'm a bit puzzled07:52
cooper77zdoes he have the driver on cd or disk Q- collective?07:52
itai_michaelsonrichardcavell, basically i want to copy sdc1 into sdc2 ,thats it07:53
Q-collectivecooper77z: we installed the driver via system -> administration -> hardware drivers07:53
markmqthis is really bothering me07:53
markmqwhy is surfing the web such a disaster in ubuntu07:54
kindofabuzzworks for me07:54
markmqp4 2.4ghz 2 gigs of ram07:54
cooper77zmaybe try using the windows for wireless program, Q- collective?07:54
markmqwhy should xp out perform it?07:54
babyshambleshi all, i want to install xbmc on my jaunty, so i follow this step http://xbmc.org/wiki/?title=HOW-TO_install_XBMC_for_Linux_on_Ubuntu_with_a_minimal_installation_step-by-step, but when i search xbmc on synaptic i don't find it. please help. thank you07:54
markmqits aggravating07:54
Q-collectivecooper77z: how do you mean?07:54
Q-collectivemarkmq: how does it perform poorly?07:54
kindofabuzzbabyshambles, did you add the repos?07:55
markmqit chugs along when multiple tabs are open07:55
cooper77zthere is a linux program that allows you to install windows wireless drivers q- collective07:55
itai_michaelsonrichardcavell,  will rsync -ax --delete --force /sdc1 /sdc2 be correct?07:55
mrmehi all07:55
markmqit even has a problem with crap sites like dig07:55
richardcavellitai_michaelson: okay. I'm not the expert at it.  I relied on grsync to keep my backup and it didn't work to restore when I needed it, so I'm disavowing it07:55
babyshambleskindofabuzz : yes i did07:55
markmqload time is atrocious07:55
itai_michaelsonrichardcavell, ok07:55
richardcavellitai_michaelson: I'm going to image-based backup07:55
richardcavellitai_michaelson: clonezilla07:55
markmqscrolling pages screeches to a halt a majority of the time07:55
Q-collectivecooper77z: you're referring to b43-fwcutter?07:56
markmqmany a time it goes grey and askes for a force quit07:56
syntaxI have no sound in ubuntu linux..How do i fix that07:56
itai_michaelsonrichardcavell, but i'm backing up data not /07:56
markmqcompiz or no compiz same effect07:56
markmqis flash purely to blame?07:56
cooper77zno, it's called window wireless drivers, q- collective07:56
sHyLoCk_syntax: alsamixer?07:56
lancerockefor some reason gparted seriously lags after about 7 minutes in it. any ideas?07:56
markmqits not because flash block doesn't help much07:56
richardcavellitai_michaelson: okay, so sdc1 is mounted as /home or something, is it?07:57
richardcavelllancerocke: what do you mean by lags?07:57
Q-collectivecooper77z: and where can I find it? :x07:57
markmqI've even enlisted the help of noscript and yesscript to stop the javascript from bogging it down07:57
richardcavelllancerocke: sometimes it takes ages but as long as it's working, let it work07:57
itai_michaelsonrichardcavell, mounted as /data and the other partition as /backup07:57
lancerockerichardcavell, the mouse and everything moves slowly07:57
markmqits a train wreck the only one that performs somewhat adequately is chromium with its unofficial release07:57
richardcavellitai_michaelson: okay07:57
markmqwith no flash support07:57
cooper77zyou can find it in synaptic and in add/remove Q- collective07:57
richardcavellitai_michaelson: well I'd be tempted to replace /sdc1 and /sdc2 in your command with /data and /backup07:58
richardcavellitai_michaelson: keep them mounted07:58
markmqI know its not this channels job to try to keep people from running for the hills of comfy windows07:58
markmqbut god almighty what is the deal07:58
lancerockerichardcavell, even is i leave it idle without doing any operations then move the mouse it starts lagging07:58
itai_michaelsonrichardcavell, of course , you are right.....07:58
markmqmy laptop outperforms my system07:58
markmqwhich is an antique compared to this07:58
Q-collectivecooper77z: right, so just run that and it should work?07:59
markmqmy first thought that it was using swap instead of my ram07:59
richardcavelllancerocke: can't explain that, man07:59
markmqbut I checked and thats not the case its using about 2 megs of swap and 99% ram07:59
UnholyLessonscan someone help me getting my Wine install itunes without error07:59
cooper77zwell, Q- collective, after you install windows for wireless, then find the driver and install it :) !07:59
* richardcavell logs off to play Half-Life07:59
itai_michaelsonrichardcavell, i just found a good HOWTO so i'll follow that : http://www.mikerubel.org/computers/rsync_snapshots/#Rsync.....thaks07:59
markmqthe real question the ubuntu team should be asking themselves.  why should web browsing be such a nightmare compared to windows08:00
markmq90% of my computer use is geared towards that08:01
kaiser10123does 9.04 have support for aircards out the box?08:01
markmqand its a nightmare08:01
RaWolfcooper77z: what driver do i need to download? Broadcom406?08:01
markmqno responses?08:02
UnholyLessonswhat should i set the base memory size at for a windows xp VM im going to be using for itunes08:02
markmqshould I go back to using lynx?08:02
th0rmarkmq: we don't feed trolls...you should go back to windows08:02
cooper77zRawolf, do you have it on disk?08:02
markmqhalf of your total UnholyLessons08:02
RaWolfmmm nop08:02
markmqth0r: but thats my point I'm not trying to be a troll per say.  although I am being one.08:03
kaiser10123cooper77z: any clue about using aircards08:03
UnholyLessonsIt recommends 192MB but I have a total of 3584MB....really half of that?08:03
markmqth0r: I'm just frustrated and I wish there was an answer out there08:03
cooper77zthen you will have to find a site you can trust, and dl the driver rawolf08:03
kaiser10123i have pdf guide but not sure how to do it off fresh install with no internet08:03
SlartUnholyLessons: try giving it 128 MB then.. nothing will explode if it gets to little memory08:03
markmqth0r: I feel like my computer is overly equipped to do nothing but browse the web and it struggles to do that in ubuntu08:03
lancerockeu have to use memtest 1 stick at a time? if so, thats ridiculous08:04
lgcmarkmq, what are you talking about? There are but just a few pages, for example those using Microsoft Silverlight, that can't be viewed on Linux. All else is as good or better. I work with two hi-res laptops side by side, and, when I look at the same page, the one on Linux looks much better. Starting from the fonts.08:04
cooper77zwireless is inherently insecure kaiser1012308:04
Slartlancerocke: I don't think so... but it's been a while since I ran memtest08:04
markmqlgc I'm not talking about appearance i'm talking about speed08:04
kaiser10123cooper77z: i know but im using an aircard through sprint and have no other internet08:05
cooper77zthat's fine08:05
markmqI like/prefer the appearance of ubuntu to windows08:05
markmqI love the functionality08:05
Bob_Dolemarkmq, The flash plugin has issues, so if you are on flash heavy sites, it will be slow08:05
markmqbut that doesn't detract from the sluggish experience08:05
UnholyLessonsi setup virtual machine for windowsxp...now do i actually have to install windows with a XP CD or what?08:05
kaiser10123cooper77z: can i send u guide and u tell me if i can do it without internets08:06
SlartUnholyLessons: yes08:06
Bob_Dolemarkmq, mac suffers it too, but it seems to be a lot better on mac than linux.08:06
lgcmarkmq, even so, I find no noticeable difference, except backwards: IE8 is soo much slower and soo much inferior than Firefox, for example.08:06
SlartUnholyLessons: or you can use an iso of an xp install cd08:06
kaiser10123like maybe go download gnome-ppp as .deb to have it to install08:06
cooper77znope, kaiser, but you can buy another wifi card with a disk :)08:06
markmqthe truly disappointing part of my experience is this08:06
markmqrunning vmware windows xp I can get a better web experience than my native linux one08:07
markmqthere is something fundamentally wrong with that08:07
Bob_Dolemarkmq, I told you, it is flash that is causing that.08:07
kaiser10123cooper77z: no its not  wifi card it connect to cdma08:07
UnholyLessonsim installing it now08:07
markmqwell yes I realize that but its also javascript08:07
markmqand yes I do have flash block08:07
markmqand yes it does help but only marginally08:07
cooper77zwhat is cdma kaiser?08:07
UnholyLessonshow well do virtual machines work and what do people normally use them for08:08
Bob_DoleYou can run the windows version of Firefox and Flash under WINE (I last tested with WINE 1.1.23) and it'll be fast08:08
markmqthey work well UnholyLessons08:08
kaiser10123cooper77z: phone service like 3g for cell phone08:08
Bob_DoleWINE 1.0.1 is unstable, but firefox will run under that.08:08
SlartUnholyLessons: works pretty well for normal, non-3d-graphics stuff08:08
syntaxI have no sound in ubuntu linux..How do i fix that..it wont pick on autodetect08:08
markmqvmware is a great piece of software and it almost feels native UnholyLessons08:08
kaiser10123it can connect anywhere u get cell coverage08:08
SlartUnholyLessons: I use it for my scanner software and to backup my mobile phone08:08
cooper77zhmmmm... I don't know kaiser, maybe contact the service provider for a disk?08:09
UnholyLessonsok cool thanks a lot08:09
UnholyLessonsim going to use it for itunes08:09
kaiser10123there is no disk08:09
Bob_DoleThere is no spoon08:09
cooper77zwell, what is there kaiser?08:09
kaiser10123im sending u the pdf08:10
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
cooper77zI don't want the pdf kaiser.08:10
kaiser10123it has a guide for ubuntu08:10
Bob_DoleIf 3G connects anywhere you get cell coverage.. I wouldn't be able to connect here.08:10
kaiser10123cooper77z: but i need gnome-ppp08:10
cooper77zhuh, kaiser?08:10
kaiser10123is that on 9.04 or do i need to find a .deb for it08:11
markmqI guess my best hope and truly all of our best hopes is that the web truly adopts html 5 and we can finally see the end of flash08:11
bloupotloodGuys, anyone here ever connect a Panasonic PD-180 Workio to Jaunty?08:11
markmqand all its drudgery08:11
Cryptorchildmy VirtualBox is v 2.1.4_OSE but sun have the v 3 how to update into his version? it's not listed on package man? please help08:11
=== bloupotlood is now known as bluegoon
SlartCryptorchild: wait until the version is updated in the repos08:12
markmqCryptorchild: add the repository that does have the update or wait for ubuntu to support it in theirs08:12
cooper77zwhy does gnome make arbitrary colors and lines?08:12
lgcmarkmq, and if you complain about the speed of Firefox, which is indeed slow, Windows or Linux version, try using the Fasterfox add-on, so you get better mileage. Or drop it altogether in favour of Opera, which is very fast and nice, but does have its glitches, though.08:12
SlartCryptorchild: if you really have to use the newer version you'll have to download it from sun's site manually.. that's not recommended though08:13
markmqlgc I have exhausted those options08:13
bluegoonIf a printer isnt compatible with jaunty machines, is it possible to install the printer on a windows box, and have the jaunty's print to it via network share?08:13
ubuntuokay, so, I tried using that boot thing for the usb and it didn't work. Not only does my computer not boot from it, it acts like it's not even there. What do I do?08:13
markmqopera is good but not as clean as firefox08:13
Cryptorchildok that make sense08:13
markmqand I do feel like firefox performs well in windows unlike ubuntu or linux I should say08:13
=== kb is now known as Guest2528
xshadowxSorry about that08:14
=== yoyo is now known as towtruckbob
markmqits almost like it has gotten worse over the updates, as far as speed and web usability08:14
xshadowxAnyway, yeah, does anyone know about the ms-sys program thing for linux? I need it to fix my mbr.08:14
Bob_DoleMy only complaint with firefox: memory leaks galore08:14
cooper77zubuntu, booting from sd card was only ever a concept :)08:14
Cyber_Akumamemory leaks?08:14
Cyber_AkumaI thought they fixed that08:14
Bob_DoleThey fixed some.08:15
Cyber_Akumathough now it uses an insane amount of CPU08:15
towtruckbobstill trying to fix my nividia xorg.conf file...i have been googling for quite a while now...any help would be appreciated08:15
lgcmarkmq, I have to agree with you on that, though it's much faster and generally good enough. And it has LOTS of widgets and appearances. But it ended up getting on my nerves on certain pages, like Google Finance, for example.08:15
Bodsdaxshadowx, dont know about ms-sys, and ive missed most of the convo but a 'fixmbr' command from a windows recovery console should fix your mbr08:15
Cyber_AkumaNot sure if this counts as an Ubuntu question or not08:15
Cyber_AkumaBut I use the grub bootloader supplied by ubuntu08:15
Bodsdatowtruckbob, the xorg.conf file is not used by default in the latest version of ubuntu08:15
Cyber_Akumaand I tripleboot08:15
Cyber_AkumaIs there a way to make the other distros autoupdate the menu.lst on ubuntu's partition?08:16
BodsdaCyber_Akuma, not unless they are linux OS's, windows cant read ext2/3/4 so it cant write to the menu.lst08:16
cooper77zwhy does cinelerra say my sd card was made in 1969?08:16
Cyber_Akumathey are08:16
Cyber_AkumaVista, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE08:17
Cyber_Akumaim trying to make opensuse update the menu.lsu on ub......08:17
Cyber_Akumaawww crap08:17
Cyber_Akumajust realized, I installed ubuntu on ext408:17
xshadowxYeah, sorry, long story, basically, I installed Kubuntu, then got grub error 22, I uninstalled thinking that would fix the problem, then I got grub error 17. So now, I'm booted up from my Ubuntu LiveCD and am kin of stuck. I don't have any blank CDs nor does my CD burner work, so I tried using a USB boot way with Supergrub installed on it. Didn't work08:17
Cyber_Akumaopensuse can't read that yet08:17
lgcmarkmq, weird thing is, though, that your browsing experience is so much worse in Linux than it is in Windoze. It's contrary to my own experience.08:17
markmqyou have to make sure it append the menu.lsu and not overwrote it08:17
towtruckbobbodsda: im using 8.1008:17
syntaxi need help on a sound issue..anyone08:17
BodsdaCyber_Akuma, then no.. but you could easily write a script to do that when suse can readt ext408:17
markmqlgc: you dont find yourself trudging along most of them time08:17
cooper77zdid apollo have sd card?08:18
Cyber_AkumaBTw, is there a way I can add a grub entry for ubuntu that does not specfically need the kernal listed?08:18
Cyber_Akumabecause ubuntu dosen't seem to autoupdate either >.<08:18
markmqlgc:  I use many tabs and when I have maybe 2 open with any kind of flash element my experience is ruined08:18
markmqubuntu will update when you've installed a new kernel through the updater08:18
BodsdaCyber_Akuma, It makes no sense to add an entry without listing a kernel... it wont boot.08:19
markmqneither will go fetch the info from the others grub conf on its own08:19
J_DahmerI was banned on #mac and #windows, what do I do08:19
Cyber_Akumaevery time it complains that it cannot understand the menu.lst08:19
markmqyou'd have to write your own grub conf script08:19
Cyber_Akumabecause ive had to modify it08:19
xshadowxOh and this is the ms-sys program I was talking about.... http://ms-sys.sourceforge.net/ I am a linux noob so I need to figure out how to make that file compile and work!08:19
Cyber_AkumaI see08:19
Bob_DoleIf I avoid 3 websites, native firefox is fast and usable. Youtube, *confidential*, and Gaia Online. these 3 websites slow down firefox horribly.. all 3 use flash extensively.08:19
markmqso that they append themselves08:19
th0rJ_Dahmer: learn to behave08:19
cooper77zgoodnight friends :)08:19
Cyber_AkumaOh yeah, and speaking of kernels08:19
markmqso when you update one the other appends the other08:19
Cyber_AkumaWhats a good way to remove the older kernels after an update?08:19
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_nick
Cyber_Akumathe boot dir gets messy after a while with several kernels in it08:20
Bodsdaxshadowx, what are you having issues with? it gives good instructions08:20
BodsdaCyber_Akuma, just rm the kernel's you dont use by checking them off against the ones listed in menu.lst08:20
xshadowxWhen I download it and extract, I don't know what to do after. I did the terminal commands on there and nothing happens.08:20
markmqwell Bob_Dole when you are on a site like digg reddit or any other new story aggregator you'll find that you'll be browsing plenty of flashed based sites at once08:21
Cyber_AkumaHuh, I was told I shoulden't just delete them08:21
markmqeven with adblock its a shit storm08:21
syntaxi got a ?08:21
markmqyou can delete the them if you know you're new kernels are stable08:21
markmqand I dont think just delete them from the directory willl remove them from your boot loader08:22
Bodsda!compile | xshadowx08:22
ubottuxshadowx: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)08:22
Cyber_Akumathey arentt in my bootloader08:22
Cyber_Akumagrub only has one ubuntu entry, that I have ot manually update08:22
Cyber_Akumathe autoupdater fails to modify it08:22
Bodsdamarkmq, the boot loader knows nothing apart from a file path.08:22
lgcmarkmq, Oh, not at all. Right now I have 4 or 5 Firefox independent windows sparsed around my typically 6 desktops (ever heard of multiple desktops in Windows?) and one of them has at least 5 tabs, and one of those is Google finance, which is indeed Flash. And I do it all the time, concurrently with several other apps. Heck, I even watch por*otube on Firefox with my processor at 100% without problems!08:22
Bob_Dolemarkmq, if it slows down too much I'd just fire-up the windows version of firefox under WINE (using 1.1.23, not 1.0.1, or later than 1.1.23) and it'd be fast. infact, I have the windows version running right now and on a few flash based sites. it isn't slowing down or crashing.08:23
markmqthen I must have a shit video driver or I'm missing something08:23
wizzo50what is the command using wine to install a program on Ubuntu08:23
Cyber_Akumayoutube runs like crap for me in firefox08:23
stillbornwhat does gnome-settings daeomon do???08:23
Bodsdalgc, you dont seem to understand the concept of 100% cpu usage08:23
Cyber_AkumaIE, opera, and chrome however08:23
Cyber_Akumait runs well08:23
markmqbecause I have serious troubles browsing just moderately08:23
Cyber_AkumaI wonder why flash sucks in firefox08:23
Bob_Dolewizzo50, you double click on the .exe file08:23
xshadowxWhich one of those options (under the screen shot for the ms-sys program) would I use to fix my mbr for Vista? It seems as it only has xp, 2000, and 200308:23
lgcBodsda, illustrate me, please.08:23
bastidrazorCyber_Akuma, use apt-get or synaptic to uninstall older kernels. it is perfectly safe08:23
markmqlgc: my specs aren't complete trash although they aren't cutting edge08:24
raghu125coorgfor certain files in folder  permissions automatically gets changes to apache:apache? is there any fix for it?08:24
wizzo50Bob_Dole: YOu can't run a .exe file in Ubuntu08:24
Bodsdalgc, 100% cpu usage spike are a good thing, but one program using 100% cpu can eb fine, but other programs 'will' be suffering08:24
Cyber_AkumaI was just asking if there was basically a sort of "clean up" command or script that rmeoves the older ones for me, but if not I can jut manually remove them08:24
lgcmarkmq, mine neither!08:24
markmqlgc: p4 2.4 hyperthreading 2 gigs of ram and an old gforce 520008:24
Bob_Dolewizzo50, WINE makes it run..double clicking it runs it with wine08:24
markmqplenty to browse the web by anyones standards08:24
BodsdaCyber_Akuma, interesting idea actually. I might get to work on something like that tonight08:25
Cryptorchilddoes anyone knows which repository have most updated packages?08:25
BodsdaCryptorchild, main probably08:25
markmqlgc: I feel like I'm in a war with firefox to relinquish my cpu back to me08:25
wizzo50Bob_Dole: That is the Archive Manager08:25
ILMAN5i need games for ubuntu!08:25
Bob_Dolewizzo50, not for me08:25
ILMAN5can someone recommand me ?08:25
BodsdaILMAN5, pingus08:25
bastidrazor!games | ILMAN508:26
ubottuILMAN5: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php08:26
floatingis there an equivalent on linux to xampp lite ? I am used to using that on windows and usb stick.08:26
ILMAN5i want your recommand not the bot ones08:26
wizzo50Bob_Dole: I know it is like ~ wine /desktop/ ???? but can't get it right08:26
BodsdaILMAN5, the bot is there for a reason, listen to him. but pingus and frozenbubble are cool08:26
lgcmarkmq, well, perhaps your hardware just doesn't digest well Firefox and Linux together. Sorry about that, but that's not a Linux issue, IMHO.08:26
Bob_Dole2.8ghz Core2Duo, 4GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD 3850...and flash makes firefox slow to a crawl. once I have about 20-25 tabs open, the frame rate on youtube videos drops to about 10FPS or less. With Firefox under WINE I get more than that.08:27
markmqI tend to disagree because the same hold trues for my laptop which is worse08:27
Cyber_AkumaFirefox and Flash run like crap on my laptop in ubuntu08:27
markmqand my laptop is running win 7 beta08:27
Cyber_Akumabut they work perfectly in opensuse08:27
Cyber_Akumawonder why08:27
markmqand will outperform this pc in firefox any day of the week08:27
Cyber_Akumadifferent flash version? gpu support?08:27
Bob_DoleTremulous is a great First Person Shooter available in the repos.08:28
Cyber_AkumaI guess I can't blame firefox for stutering on youtube on this desktop08:28
lgcmarkmq, as per Ubuntu 8.10, I'm having growing trouble with the performance of the graphics engine, since it seems so unresponsive and power-hungry. But then again it might be my hardware getting old, sadly.08:28
Cyber_Akumasince its a pentium 3 system, 1.13ghz, with only 1gb of PC133 SDRAM....08:28
Cyber_Akumabut sinc IE6 and Opera actually run it well...08:28
Cyber_AkumaHell, even on ym laptop in Win7 it stutters in firefox08:28
Bob_Dole1.13ghz? Is that a tualatin or one of the recalled Coppermines?08:29
markmqwin 7 runs beautifully on my laptop08:29
markmqI was stunned08:29
Cyber_Akumatualatin IIRC08:29
Cyber_Akumaits been a while08:29
ILMAN5i downloaded fretsonFire.tar.tg08:29
ILMAN5how can i open it ?08:29
markmqI think its a 2ghz celeron with 1 gb of ram08:29
Cyber_Akumaand win7 runs well?08:29
Cyber_AkumaThat.... that IS surprising08:29
markmqILMAN5: forget that game it blows go download urban terror  http://urbanterror.net08:29
Cyber_AkumaThen again, they WERE designign it so itll work on netbooks too...08:29
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:30
wizzo50HOw do you use wine to run a exe file off your desktop after downloading it08:30
SlartILMAN5: isn't frets on fire available through the repos?08:30
markmqsetup wine wizzo5008:30
bastidrazorwizzer, wine ~/Desktop/file.exe08:30
Bob_Dolewizzo50, have you even installed wine?08:30
markmqthen you should be able to right click on it and run through wine08:30
Slartwizzo50: right click the file or use a terminal, like bastidrazor said08:30
Cyber_Akuma<Slart> ILMAN5: isn't frets on fire available through the repos? <---- yes it is, I saw it yesterday08:31
Cyber_Akumain add/remove programs08:31
wizzo50I do have it installed, Wine08:31
wizzo50Does ITunes run on here?08:33
lgcEver since my update to Jaunty I can't have an 'su' terminal at my disposal. The 'gksudo x-terminal-emulator' doesn't work. Who knows what gives here?08:33
markmqitunes does not run through wine wizzo5008:33
markmqyou'll be better off running virtual windows08:33
markmqand thats a nightmare08:34
ILMAN5hmm what should i do with tar.gz file /08:34
ILMAN5hmm what should i do with tar.gz file?08:34
bastidrazorlgc sudo -i    possibly?08:34
markmqipod + linux = nightmare for the common user08:34
wizzo50What is a good music program that does run on here08:34
markmqflash + linux = another nightmare for everyone08:34
Slartlgc: that feels like a very roundabout way of getting a root terminal.. why not do "sudo -i" ?08:34
markmqis good08:34
xshadowxuhhhhhh so ./configure isn't doing anything in terminal08:34
markmqand does have ipod support08:34
FloodBot2markmq: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:34
markmqfair enough FloodBot208:35
lgcbastid_razor, nice, indeed. Thanks. Though I hate getting the 'Failed to contact the GConf daemon; exiting.' error and the distinctive black term.08:36
hkaisI what to use a package of hardy-backport. but if I add the repo i will get all updates. how can I use only one package of the newer repo?08:36
markmqI wish open software compared to its counterpart but I feel like its always going to be trying to play catch up08:36
markmqits a sad state of affairs but that is truly the case08:36
markmqand with that I'm out.08:36
ashwinihi all, recently i tried to install graphics and net related packages from ADD/REMOVE program, and in result my gnome got freeze now even on restarting I am not able to click on Applications/Places/SYstems etc and the tope pannel is also not showing date time tc. how to fix the problem , kde is owrking fine08:37
eric785mark - i feel the same08:37
UnholyLessonsSo im running windowsxp in a VM. How do I get it to connect to wireless NIC? i havnt used xp in a while thought it automatically connected to wireless08:37
markmqit does make me sad08:37
markmqbelieve me08:37
eric785unfortunately corporation have the advantage08:37
sHyLoCk_ashwini: what packages did u install?08:37
markmqokay I'm out08:37
lgcmarkmq, shape up man! It's not so bad...08:38
jigpehello guys how to use or run on CLI WeeChat?08:38
jigpesudo apt-get WeeChat is not running08:39
jigpeand also weechat08:39
eric785never heard of weechat08:39
ashwinisHyLoCk_ i dun remmeber but some thing like desktop environment etc. I guess the problem lies with the them , is ther any log file generated of isntallations or to see the history of installation08:39
lgcbastid_razor, do you happen to know where I can report such bug?08:39
eric785i just swiched to ubuntu recently08:39
lgceric785, welcome aboard!08:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about stick08:40
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging08:40
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports08:40
floatinganyone know some bundle install on ubuntu that would install php,mysql,phpmyadmin,apache ? Rather something that wouldn't install any extra beyond that, like xampp lite on windows :o)08:41
sHyLoCk_ashwini: check /var/log/apt08:41
ashwinisHyLoCk_ thanks I will check and will cometry to fix08:42
sHyLoCk_ashwini: good luck08:42
ashwinisHyLoCk_: THanks08:43
ReeferAnyone here to help me with wifi issues with ubuntu?08:44
ReeferI have a few questions.08:44
Reefer1. Is there any programs in the assisting of stealing wifi connections?08:45
Reeferfor ubuntu08:45
bazhangReefer, no08:45
bazhangReefer, that is not supported here. Dont ask again08:45
ReeferThis isnt ubuntu help?08:45
eric785n ostealing08:46
ubottupiracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o08:46
bazhang!illegal > Reefer08:46
ubottuReefer, please see my private message08:46
eric785reverse engineering is okay08:47
eric785make your own wifi connection08:47
hkaisdo I need to add the backport repo in sources.list if I pin ejabberd of backports in hardy?08:48
J_DahmerIs there a nutrition channel?08:49
SlartJ_Dahmer: ask in #freenode08:50
eric785i wish more hardware supported linux, specifically the model i just bought08:50
SlartJ_Dahmer: there might also be a way of listing channels in your irc client08:50
wizzo50How do you open Weechat?08:51
unforgiven512I upgraded my PulseAudio using a ppa -- How do I revert back to the old version?08:51
eric785unfortunately i cant get access to any ppas08:52
eric785there isnt one on the driver disk08:52
Slartunforgiven512: uninstall pulseaudio and everything you updated, remove the ppa, install again08:52
unforgiven512Slart: Thank you.08:52
unforgiven512The new version is garbage.08:52
lokpesthow do I change so I dont have to use sudo at one specific place outside /home ? :)08:53
wizzo50How do you install weechat on here08:53
=== iwat is now known as iwatth
lesshastewhere does this line put the .h file?  /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 'IpStdCInterface.h' '/home/user/Desktop/Ipopt-3.7.0/include/coin/IpStdCInterface.h'08:53
unforgiven512Slart: What about all the stuff that depends on it? Ugh.08:54
unforgiven512Slart: Would forcing a version be a good idea, after deleting the PPA from my sources?08:55
eric785install weechat on where08:55
Leoneof`Ubuntu is very complicated :-/08:56
eric785wizzo let me see if i can install it08:57
lokpestLeoneof`: s/complicated/different08:57
wizzo50eric785: How do you?08:57
Leoneof`lokpset, right!08:57
Reeferfuck this08:57
Reeferyour all bitches08:58
Reeferfucking you guys08:58
Reeferfag ass niggers08:58
FloodBot2Reefer: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:58
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FloodBot2yinxiao: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:58
Leoneofso what is the best?08:59
eric785how far have you gotten wizzo08:59
TyrathIve got the Badoo virus - does this mean it infects Ubuntu computers?09:02
aaaaa[^^]hey, i get that on the terminal :ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:947:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) The dmix plugin supports only playback stream , its a game - and it crashes after a short time09:02
aaaaa[^^]is there a way to fix it ?09:02
Tyrathbasically my email address runs rampid and emails everyone on my email list09:03
=== cha2 is now known as cahjogja
chalcedny someone told us they use brasero for cd burning, i got it with apt-get - but how do you run it?09:06
eric785applications>sound & video > barsero09:06
xshadowxI feel stupid, I can't configure ms-sys so I can fix my mbr problems. I've been stuck using the ubuntu liveCD every time I want to use my computer for about a week and a half now..09:07
=== user101 is now known as user10
lokpestwhy does the welcome message from chanserv have an ! in the channel namne (#ubuntu!), then when I klick on that in Konversation it sends me to a different channel09:08
hyperionx11xshadowx, vista boot cd says unable to find a problem?09:08
Cyber_Akumaheh, my Vista partition is pretty damn corrupted too09:08
chalcednylokpest, click on the name in a different place, or set it in your channels to join on connection?09:09
JonathanEllisI have twin monitors running at 1280 x 1024 using Xinerama on a Matrox G200 twin output graphics card. Every time I boot, the second screen comes up at a lower resolution. When I restart X by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Backspace the second screen goes to the correct resolution of 1280 x 1024. I dont understand why this is happening. My xorg.conf is at http://pastebin.com/f2624ef8b09:09
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php09:09
lokpestchalcedny: sure I could do that, that doesnt mean haveing that ! is suboptimal/wrong09:10
Cyber_AkumaI thought gparted came installed on the ubuntu/xubuntu livecds?09:10
Cyber_Akumaat least it did on mine09:10
JonathanEllisxshadowx: Are you dual booting with windows?09:10
xshadowxNo, long story short, I uninstalled Kubuntu after grub error 22 appeared and now I have grub error 17 and I need to at least get back in to Vista. I don't have any blank CDs and my CD burner decided to not work..so, I'm kind of stuck. I tried using a USB boot up, but that failed. So I need to figure out how to use this ms-sys program to fix vistas mbr problem.09:10
hyperionx11xshadowx, win98 boot cd available online will install a mbr that vista repair notices and repairs09:10
eric785thats harder09:10
Cyber_AkumaI don't suppose there is a #windows channel on this server btw?09:10
xshadowxI dual booted with Vista and kubuntu. Or tried to at least.(sorry left that out)09:11
lokpestCyber_Akuma: ##windows :)09:11
Cyber_Akumaxshadowx: which did you install first?09:11
Cyber_Akumaor are you running one in a virtual machine09:11
xshadowxI had Vista installed first.09:11
lokpestand it was linked from #windows aparently...09:11
Cyber_AkumaI had no problems evne quad booting when I installed vista first09:11
JonathanEllisxshadowx: You might find Super Grub Disk would sort it out for you09:11
james_reinstall ubuntu and replace vista :P09:12
Cyber_Akumawhy do some channels have ## instead of #?09:12
xshadowxThat's what I had on the USB stick. It wouldn't boot from it...and it wouldn't even show up in BIOS09:12
james_you are on the live cd, right?09:12
james_hit the install icon :P09:12
JonathanEllisjames_: If he installs Vista after Ubuntu that would remove the Grub entry from the MBR09:13
james_i didn't say to install vista afterwards :)09:13
JonathanEllisxshadowx: Maybe your computer wont boot from a USB stick. Mine wont09:13
xshadowxWhat's the other option then? I tried this, but I'm stupid and can't seem to get the terminal commands right to configure it... http://ms-sys.sourceforge.net/09:14
JonathanEllisxshadowx: You might find that PartedMagic with Grub4dos might sort your problem09:14
james_xshadowx, if your computer has recovery mode for windows then maybe you can reinstall vista from there and get rid of ubuntu altogether09:14
james_you can always install ubuntu later09:14
Cyber_AkumaYeah, if you have no files you care to backup, id recommend that route, it woudl be the easiest and least messy09:15
james_JonathanD, there are guides to install vista after ubuntu09:15
xshadowxWell, I don't have ubuntu or kubuntu on either of my hard drives right now. I think on accident, when I installed kubuntu, it installed grub on my vista partition.09:15
pozicIs it possible to setup VPN only for certain applications?09:15
Cyber_Akumait should have installed it in the boot sector and on the kubuntu partition09:15
pozic(instead of running everything through the VPN?)09:16
Cyber_Akumathe stage 1.5 files on the kubuntu partition I mean09:16
JonathanEllisxshadowx: Does your Vista installation still have lots of applications in it? I ask because I find installing Windows apps a pain in the arse so you might want to keep your Vista intact and repair it rather than a comlete reinstall09:16
xshadowxI have A LOT of applications(more than I need) but I use it for music and other school stuff.09:17
JonathanEllisxshadowx: In that case you might not want to do a complete reinstall of Vista. Are you currently on the machine in question? How are you using it now?09:17
xshadowxYes, I am on it right now. I have booted up using ubuntu's live CD09:18
Cyber_AkumaDo you have the installers for all your aplications?09:18
Cyber_Akumaeither on disk or on our windows partition?09:18
JonathanEllisxshadowx: Can you give me a list of the partitions you have on your machine so I can get an idea what is what? You can see the partitions by running gparted09:18
JonathanEllisCyber_Akuma: If he has a lot of applications, it would take a long time to reinstall them all. Plus a fresh Vista install takes ages too.09:20
xshadowxI have /dev/sda1 (vista) and /dev/sdb1 (NTFS and nothing else on it)09:20
JonathanEllisxshadowx: So your vista is in place on sda1. sdb1 is a blank partition formatted as NTFS? What is that partition for?09:21
xshadowxSdb1 use to have Kubuntu on it. I uninstalled it and reformatted it back to NTFS hoping that it would fix everything.09:22
BePhantom_hi all, could anyone help me to disable the GDM? i have intrepid installed in my hard disk and i cannot access the terminal, i want to disable the gdm using my live cd so that i can start my intrepid and fix the problem09:22
BePhantom_is there something in /etc/gdm i can tweak to disable it_09:23
AdvoWorkHas anyone here ever heard of or come across programs running in ubuntu causing a monitor squeal? Turning monitor off, it goes. So i assume it was the monitor but now, ive just tested: if i load a terminal, it gets worse, close it,it goes away..09:24
JonathanEllisxshadowx: OK. I think I know what your problem might be. When you installed Ubuntu it replaces the code in the Master Boot Record to run Grub. Now that the partition that Grub was installed in is not there, it doesnt know what to do. I suggest the easiest way to proceed is to reinstall Ubuntu on your empty partition. It will replace the MBR code to run Grub. It should detect your Vista installation and put Vista as an entry in your boot menu in Gru09:25
JonathanEllisxshadowx: How much experience do you have with setting up partitions for Ubuntu?09:25
th0rxshadowx: don't do that...just fix the mbr to boot vista again09:25
xshadowxI did it before with Fedora.09:26
xshadowxbut that's about it.09:26
UnholyLessonswhats the command to edit a file like /etc/apt/sources.list in ubuntu09:26
JonathanEllisxshadowx: I mean, do you have a preferred partitioning scheme or do you prefer to let Ubuntu's installer decide how to partition?09:26
JonathanEllisUnholyLessons: sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list09:26
xshadowxI usually let the installer decide but make sure it's not messing with my hard drive with Vista on it. I think there is something I did wrong during the install of Kubuntu...at the end of the installation there was an option for "advanced settings" in there I should've looked because I'm pretty sure it installed grub on my first hard drive(the one with vista) rather than the one with kubuntu on it.09:27
aaaaa[^^]hi, i just set my audio to pulseaudio and used this link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio , but it doesnt work .. any sugestions ?09:28
JonathanEllisxshadowx: I forgot to ask. What do you want to achieve here? Do you want both Ubuntu and Vista or just one of them?09:28
UnholyLessonshow do you update apt in ubuntu09:29
xshadowxI wanted to successfully dual boot Vista and Ubuntu(or Kubuntu) so I can learn how to use Ubuntu/Kubuntu properly and still have Vista as my every day thing (for gaming and so forth).09:29
xshadowxI am quite interested in linux and some of my colleagues told me to try Ubuntu instead of Fedora.09:30
JonathanEllisxshadowx: I doubt it would have installed grub on your first hard disk. By default it places grub in /boot/grub which will be on your Ubuntu partition unless you setup a dedicated partition for boot or grub which it sounds like you didnt do.09:30
syntaxUbuntu is tight shadow09:30
wizzo50How do you setup Weechat on here09:31
tavia software for controling the fan?09:31
xshadowxPossibly, but there is a random 1mb unallocated space partition in my HD with Vista...I'm not sure what that is and I only found that after uninstalling Kubuntu09:32
masteronanyone here who knows something about xchat? ^^09:32
masteronhello :)09:33
JonathanEllisxshadowx: I would agree with your colleagues. What the Ubuntu installer has done is to replace the MBR code on your vista partition to run Grub instead of ntldr (the windows loader). Grub then gives you the choice of chain loading windows or loading ubuntu. That small partition is probably a rescue partition put there when you manufacturer first formatted your hard disk09:33
wizzo50_How do you setup WeeChat on GUI09:33
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xchat09:33
masteronhmm :(09:33
jdredwindHow do I run a program through terminal?09:33
UnholyLessonshow do you apt update in terminal of ubuntu09:33
masteroni need to know how to automaticly connect to my bnc on startup09:33
xshadowxSo what should I do then? Fix mbr and get rid of grub? Or reinstall Ubuntu and grub then add Vista to the loader? I think I've tried doing that once and I received another Grub error 22..09:34
mustafawhy my pidgin icon dosn't shows up in notification area09:34
AdvoWorkanyone else have issues with monitor squeal/whine when a few programs are open(if theyre minimized it doesnt happen)..09:34
mustafaI'm using 9.0409:34
UnholyLessonsim doing this : Add the relevant two lines mentioned below to /etc/apt/sources.list and run aptitude update && aptitude install xmms09:34
hyperionx11mustafa, it shows up in the shutdown menu when you "X" the pidgin09:34
UnholyLessonshow do i aptitude update and install on ubuntu09:34
taviany software for controling the speed of the fan?09:34
pozicUnholyLessons: that is the correct command09:35
JonathanEllisUnholyLessons: try sudo apt-get update09:35
wizzo50_How do you setup Weechat?09:35
pozicUnholyLessons: so unless you get an error message, it should work.09:35
lillisafter installing spotify over wine it seems my sound has pretty much stopped working09:35
pozicwizzo50_: like all other software?09:35
mustafathanks :)09:35
lillisanybody had similar issues?09:35
poziclillis: probably the crappy pulseaudio.09:35
geent1Do you like the Chrunch Bang09:36
jdredwindI am currently in terminal and I have a program I want to run. Is there a command I can type to initialize this?09:36
pozicwizzo50_: do not talk to me in private unless asked in public channel.09:36
wizzo50_How do you?09:36
UnholyLessonsoh i got an error and fixed it :)09:36
pozicwizzo50_: stop talking to me in private.09:37
pozicwizzo50_: if it is in the repositories, you just install it and read the Ubuntu documentation in /usr/share/doc/09:37
pozicwizzo50_: otherwise, you just read the README file distributed in the source distribution.09:37
JonathanEllisxshadowx: Its up to you. If you know how to fix the MBR to just run windows and you dont want Ubuntu then you could do that. I dont remember how to do that - you would probably boot from your Vista CD and get it to repair your Windows installation. Personally, I would delete your NTFS partition on your second hard disk (the blank one) and then install Ubuntu. If you do it from the Live CD I can talk you through it if you like09:38
UnholyLessonsdoes anyone know any REALLY good repositories09:38
pozicwizzo50_: if there also is no README file, you read the source or use another program or you write your own program.09:38
wizzo50_pozic: I don't understand it09:38
UnholyLessonsWhats the name of that little app that monitors system performance and temperature?09:38
lillisUnholyLessons: conky ?09:38
Dayofswordssystem monitor?09:38
JonathanEllisxshadowx: You should then have a working dual boot system with Grub giving you the choice of whether to run windows or linux09:38
pozicwizzo50_: these instructions are easy to understand for someone who knows something about Linux. Read a book first if you do not understand. I read books on how to use a computer too. Nothing to be ashamed of.09:39
UnholyLessonsyeah its like the windows sidebar but came out way back. its a system performance monitor...looks real sleek09:39
UnholyLessonswhats it called09:39
jdredwindDoes any body know how to run a program through terminal.  I know the program is on the system some where but I can't find it. How do I run programs using the command line?09:39
xshadowxSo basically, if I install ubuntu the right way, Vista would show up in the OS selection screen?09:39
masteroncheck for the installed app09:39
JonathanEllisxshadowx: Yes09:39
JonathanEllisjdredwind: Just type the name of the program09:40
masteronyou'll find all the files installed by this app here09:40
JonathanEllisjdredwind: So if you want to run the text editor, for example you would type gedit09:40
xshadowxOkay, well I think I'll do that then... Let me know how to do this right. I'll start the install.09:41
JonathanEllisjdredwind: What is the program you want to run?09:41
pozicJonathanEllis: he said he doesn't know the name of the program.09:41
pozicJonathanEllis: :)09:41
jdredwindtf5 JonathanEllis09:41
jdredwindIt's a MUD client09:42
pozicjdredwind: so, just type tf5 <enter>09:42
JonathanEllisxshadowx: From the Live CD I think there is an icon marked Install Ubuntu or something similar. Double click that09:42
onatshi there09:42
Dayofswordsany chance ubuntu have a program built into default install that give all the info possible about your hardware and os, similar to windows' "system information"09:42
onatsim having issues with VNC on 9.04, i always get the first screen and then it locks up. is this a known issue?09:42
xshadowxOK. I'm at the partition part of the install already.09:42
pozicDayofswords: KDE has something like that in the control center.09:43
UnholyLessonshow do i install KDE?09:43
pozicDayofswords: you can also just run lspci09:43
JonathanEllisxshadowx: What are the choices? I think you want to use the whole of your second disk09:43
pozicDayofswords: for cpu info you can do cat /proc/cpuinfo09:43
k0effhi. I cant browse my network. I have SMB installed. Somebody can help?09:43
Dayofswordspozic: thank you09:43
jdredwindpozic , JonathanEllis: I tried that, it just brings up copy right info for the program and an introduction but none of it offers any real information on how to actually turn on the client09:43
bitplanehow can I add keys to gconf?09:44
pozicDayofswords: in general, if you have a specific question. that information can probably be found somewhere.09:44
xshadowx/dev/sda1 and dev/sdb1 I chose that one. Should I click "use the entire disk"? or Specify partitions manually?09:44
bitplanethe gui tool doesn't let me add new keys :/09:44
rdsnet_slatinaonats: yes09:44
rdsnet_slatinaonats: it is09:44
pozicDayofswords: normally, I only care about those things when stuff doesn't work, which isn't the case for me now.09:44
SandGorgonguys... i am using zsh as my shell - when I type a command that does not exist, Ubuntu usually suggests the package I should install to get it (in bash) - I dont get this in zsh. how do i enable this?09:44
pozicSandGorgon: you port the script which is written in dash to zsh09:44
rdsnet_slatinaonats: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=114545109:45
onatsrdsnet_slatina, any updates when it'll get fixed?09:45
taviusing lm sesors09:45
SandGorgonpozic, which script is that ?09:45
pozicjdredwind: url to program?09:45
rdsnet_slatinaonats: yes09:45
jdredwindMan I sure wish Linux was just a little more straight forward.09:45
JonathanEllisDayofswords: You can install hardinfo. sudo apt-get install hardinfo09:46
rdsnet_slatinabcs you use metacity09:46
aaaaa[^^]mmmm my sound doesnt work >_>09:46
UnholyLessonswhats the command to install KDE?09:46
pozicSandGorgon: something in /etc/ which you can probably find via Google. Something containing command not found package, IIRC.09:46
pozicSandGorgon: just find the exact response and use rgrep to find it.09:46
hyperionx11jdredwind, a mud client bringing up about program? try tf5 <tab><tab>09:46
jdredwindpozic: http://tinyfugue.sourceforge.net/09:46
pozicjdredwind: Computers cannot be much simpler than Linux from a user point of view.09:47
pozicjdredwind: the only alternative is an advanced AI for which you do not have the hardware.09:47
JonathanEllisxshadowx: You have already chosen sdb1? Does it ask WHICH hard disk to use when it suggests using the entire hard disk?09:47
onatsrdsnet_slatina, what should i be using then?09:47
rdsnet_slatinaonats: you go https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/353126 ?09:48
aaaaa[^^]can someone help? , i just set my audio to pulseaudio but i cant hear anything ,,, but i see sth on the output device09:48
UnholyLessonsCan someone help me im trying to install that different desktop enviroment for kubuntu,,,09:48
UnholyLessonsKDE, how do i get it on ubuntu09:48
pozicjdredwind: so, did you compile and install it from source?09:49
moymoyUnholyLessons: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop09:49
pozicjdredwind: if not, where did you get your version?09:49
jdredwindno, synaptic package manager09:49
jdredwindpozic: synaptic package manager09:49
pozicjdredwind: what is the name of the package?09:49
JonathanEllisxshadowx: Can you please prefix your messages to me with my name? Otherwise its difficult for me to keep track. Can you expand your Yes answer please as I am not sure what you are answering yes to (remember those exam questions where you have to answer in complete sentences :))09:50
jdredwindpozic: tf509:50
pozicjdredwind: man tf5 should work then09:50
pozicjdredwind: if it doesn't you should file a bug.09:50
jdredwindPozic: Linux doesn't like me09:51
pozicjdredwind: Linux is about the same as all the other *n*x operating systems out there.09:51
JonathanEllisjdredwind: Silly question perhaps. Have you googled tf5?09:51
pozicjdredwind: it is just not Windows, because you can actually use your machine as something else than a toy.09:51
xshadowxJonathanEllis: I'm not familiar with IRC, I'm sorry. But anyway, its a yes to choosing sdb1 and a yes to the installer asking which hard disk to use when using the entire disk09:52
bloupotloodpozic: lol, too true.09:52
pozicjdredwind: man tf5 works in my machine09:52
pozicjdredwind: I would say that you are just a lazy user who expects other people to hold your hands.09:52
onatsrdsnet_slatina, thanks. looks like no solid workaround yet09:52
jdredwindpozic: Hmm, lazy perhaps09:53
pozicjdredwind: there is nothing wrong with asking about weird system behaviour, but until now not a single creative thought was required by me.09:53
jdredwindpozic: But I don't have hands.09:53
jdredwindpozic: I type with my feet09:53
pozicjdredwind: if that really is the case I don't mind helping you.09:53
rdsnet_slatinaonats: y see09:54
pozicjdredwind: just start a terminal and then type in tf09:55
JonathanEllisxshadowx: No problem about the IRC etiquette: none of us was born knowing everything. So if you have the chance to install Ubuntu using the whole of sdb1 I would go for that, unless you have a particular partitioning scheme in mind. You can always change it later anyway, though its harder. Is there a separate option for guided partitioning? That might give some suggestions and choices09:55
pozicjdredwind: then you get some command interface where you can do /help09:55
jdredwindpozic: I don't mind you helping me either, but don't assume i'm lazy.  Before I decided to come into the channel I spent 45 minutes trying to run this program myself, until finally I decided to ask for help.  I wasn't looking for a hand hold. Just an arrow in the right direction.09:55
pozicjdredwind: you should be able to read English and go on from there by yourself.09:55
pozicjdredwind: if you spent that amount of time, I suggest you read a book on Linux in 3 hours.09:55
xshadowxJonathanEllis: Yes, there is a separate option. It says "Specify Partitions Manually (advanced)". It lets me choose the /root and other options.09:56
pozicYes, that guy is really interested in learning how to use a computer ;)09:56
twit324can I cum and masturbate all over the text?09:56
pozictwit324: you can try.09:56
insomicwhat idiot proff backup software should i use ?09:57
pozicIf it is proff, call Redhat ;)09:57
xshadowxJonathanEllis: There isn't really a specific partition pattern I'm looking for other than just to have a hard drive for vista and a hard drive for Ubuntu.09:57
pozicxshadowx: do you have two harddisks?09:58
pozicxshadowx: or just one?09:58
xshadowxpozic: I have two.09:58
JonathanEllisxshadowx: In that case, just use the whole of sdb109:58
insomicdose any know?09:58
pozicxshadowx: so, just say that Ubuntu can use the whole harddisk that does not contain Vista.09:58
twit324what are the main chat rooms on freenode?09:58
twit324like just off topic?09:58
pozicxshadowx: only you can know the device names.09:59
ActionParsnip!backup | insomic09:59
JonathanEllisIf you are interested I have found some info about partitioning so you can make an informed choice.09:59
jasonmchristos1hey how do i stop netstat from printing so much i cant read the first it doesnt scroll up?09:59
ubottuinsomic: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning09:59
=== uniquebob is now known as qe2eqe
ActionParsnipinsomic: i personally use a cron'd cp job to a firewire partition09:59
jasonmchristos1it prints so much on the screen and i cant read the first part09:59
jasonmchristos1im trying to do netstat09:59
jasonmchristos1from term09:59
ActionParsnipjasonmchristos1: pipe it into less09:59
insomic<ubu> what would you recound though10:00
jasonmchristos1ActionParsnip: how?10:00
xshadowxJonathanEllis: O10:00
ActionParsnipjasonmchristos1: netstat <some options here> | less10:00
cooper77zgnome just went nuts with the color control, everythings pink and blue @10:00
JonathanEllisxshadowx: Here they are https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LinuxFilesystemTreeOverview http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/partitioning https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/sparc/non-debian-partitioning.html10:00
xshadowxJonathanEllis: whoops, anyway, I'm at the final step before install. Should I click advanced and make sure the bootloader is not installed?10:00
pozicxshadowx: the last time I installed Ubuntu, I was amazed by the fact that all the partitioning stuff and resizing actually worked without problems.10:01
pozicxshadowx: doing it on two harddisks is even easier.10:01
JonathanEllisxshadowx: I cant remember whats in Advanced. Tell me whats there10:01
cooper77zoh, it's ok on the tube monitor, but wak on the lcd monitor10:02
jasonmchristos1ActionParsnip: thanks10:02
ActionParsnipjasonmchristos1: pipes are your friends10:02
xshadowxJonathanEllis: a box to click to install a bootloader or not (it's checked) and it says a device for boot loader installation with a drop down menu.The current choice is (HD0) which has Vista on it. Then popularity contest, and network proxy.10:02
JonathanEllisxshadowx: The first time I installed Ubuntu I just took the default options. I think I used the whole hard disk. Now, though I have my own partitioning scheme as I have experimented with various versions of Ubuntu10:03
ActionParsnipjason__: you can also use it for other stuff, like dmesg if you want to read it all10:03
ActionParsnipjason__: dmesg | less10:03
JonathanEllisxshadowx: That sounds fine to me. The bootloader on HD0 will install some code in the Master Boot Record of HD0 to run Grub on HD1. Then Grub will give you the option of running either Ubuntu or Windows10:04
ActionParsnipjason__: nm, wrong target, sorry10:04
=== ILMAN5 is now known as ILMAN
JonathanEllisxshadowx: I would go with those default options and not change anything10:04
xshadowxJonathanEllis: Even if Vista is on that hard drive?10:05
=== nick is now known as Guest41181
xshadowxJonathanEllis: The reason I'm asking is because this is exactly what I did the first time I installed Kubuntu on the hard drive..that's when I got grub error 22.10:05
JonathanEllisxshadowx: Hold on a minute please10:06
insomicafter looking over this HomeUserBackup (which i must say i like quite a bit ) is it still in the idea Phase right now or can i dowload it ?10:08
No1VikingIs ti possible to add a gpg key in a apturl link?10:09
ActionParsnip!info homeuserbackup10:09
ubottuPackage homeuserbackup does not exist in jaunty10:09
=== ILMAN is now known as ILMAN2
ActionParsnipinsomic: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup10:10
insomicim at that webpage right now10:10
JonathanEllisxshadowx: We can deal with Grub errors later. To explain what is going on, when your machine boots, the BIOS looks at the Master Boot Record of the first hard disk (on some BIOSs you can choose which hard disk to boot from but most will use the first hard disk by default). The Master Boot Record then tells the machine which partition to boot from. So you will set the Master Boot Record of your first hard disk to load Grub which will be in a partiti10:10
mataksneed help pls.. everytime i reboot my pc and when i start my audio volume will automatically mute.. why is that..10:11
insomicso is it  vapor ware10:11
lesshaste the touchpad on my toshiba tecra a9 fails intermittently and I see this in dmesg psmouse.c: DualPoint TouchPad at isa0060/serio1/input0 lost sync at byte 110:11
JonathanEllisxshadowx: There is some useful info about Grub here http://www.troubleshooters.com/linux/grub/index.htm10:11
xshadowxJonathanEllis: Alright, I'll check it out. Shall I continue with the install?10:12
matakshow to have a graphical grub?10:13
ActionParsnipinsomic: i don't know what that means. There are many backup solutions, just choose one that appeals and is supported and you'll be fine10:13
JonathanEllisxshadowx: You understand that changing the MBR of HD0 is necessary so you can run Grub. That will give you access to both your operating systems. Yes go ahead.10:13
MementoMoriwhere can I find ext4 kernel headers?10:13
=== adam is now known as Guest43140
mrmeany recommanded on media center?10:14
ActionParsnipmrme: can you expand10:14
ActionParsnipmrme: a few details would be nice :)10:15
JonathanEllisxshadowx: If you are using Pidgin you can search through this chat by pressing Ctrl-F. Its sometimes useful to search for your own name then you can see everything that has already been said. I suggest you note down those links to info about Grub and partitions for later10:15
saeed_i want install xps2 but i do know how.if possible help me10:16
ActionParsnipmataks: considering grub is on the screen for about 3 seconds, is it really worth it?10:16
bernardlychananyone have a jdownloader alternative?10:16
JonathanEllisxshadowx: Is the partitioner creating your partitions now? I need to go away from the computer for a few minutes. I will message you when I get back10:16
xshadowxJonathanEllis: yes it is.10:16
JonathanEllisxshadowx: OK. Let me know when its done10:17
JonathanEllisxshadowx: Back in a few minutes10:17
petervaquestion: is it possible to install ubuntu hardy with raid6, instead of the standard installer options (raid0, raid1, raid6)?10:17
ActionParsnippeterva: sure10:17
ActionParsnipsaeed_: all i can find on xps2 is its one of dell's systems10:18
petervaActionParsnip: as in, from the installer?10:18
ActionParsnippeterva: can't see why not10:19
JonathanEllisxshadowx: I'm back. Any progress?10:19
saeed_no xps2 is a web server10:19
petervaI dunno, but the installer just gives the options for creating raid0, raid1 and raid5 :)10:19
saeed_i need this for mono10:19
ActionParsnippeterva: you'll have to consult the (sucky) fakeraid documentation to see if its supported though10:19
xshadowxJonathanEllis: It's currently copying files at around 40%10:19
ActionParsnipsaeed_: have you tried asking in #mono ?10:20
JonathanEllisxshadowx: OK. Let me know when its comlete10:20
ActionParsnippeterva: if you want decent raid setups get a proper raid card and ditch the software rubbish that motherboards come with10:20
petervaActionParsnip: mdadm is not software rubbish on the motherboard :)10:21
petervawe want mdadm for a reason10:21
petervaand I know it's possible to make a raid6 array in mdadm, but I was asking if it was possible from the installer :)10:22
ActionParsnippeterva: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mdadm states:  mdadm is a Linux utility by Neil Brown that is used to manage software RAID devices, previously known as mdctl. Besides managing, it can create, delete, or monitor Linux software RAIDs10:22
ActionParsnippeterva: the wiki shows some commands that may help10:22
ActionParsnippeterva: the raid you are configuring is the fake raid in the bios which may give you issues. If you get a raid card, the raid management will be managed in the card and the OS will only see the disk/s shown to it by the raid controller10:24
=== Guest43140 is now known as Takhisis
petervaActionParsnip: thanks, I'll sort it out :)10:25
ActionParsnippeterva: hope you get the gold :)10:25
petervaI hope so as well :P10:26
Cubehey, how can i get the EVOLUTION-RSS plugin to run on ubuntu?10:26
floatingon ubuntu, should canon powershot cameras be auto-mounted, detected, when plugged into USB and turned on ?10:27
mabihi folks, got a quick question: i'm including universe packages on my alternate (jaunty) install cd. now it looks for a debian-edu-archive-keyring udeb - and i'm wondering WHY?10:27
ActionParsnipfloating: you can check detection with:   sudo fdisk -l10:27
ActionParsnipfloating: and    dmesg | tail10:27
Cubehey, how can i get the EVOLUTION-RSS plugin to run on ubuntu?10:28
floatingdmesg shows new usb high speed device, and fdisk -l gfives maybe a new partition, not sure if that one was there :>10:28
floatingi try mount it10:29
floatinghow should I mount it though10:29
xshadowxJonathanEllis: still there?10:29
ActionParsnipCube: http://gnome.eu.org/index.php/Evolution_RSS_Reader_Plugin10:29
JonathanEllisxshadowx: Yes10:29
ActionParsnipfloating: can you pastebin the fdisk output please10:29
LaestrygoCube: you need to install a plugin10:30
Laestrygoit's in the repo10:30
xshadowxJonathanEllis: It's finished installing.10:30
CubeActionParsnip: lol im on that page. im just looking for the ubuntu binary10:30
lstarnesmabi: uncheck the cd in system > administration > software sources under the "third-party software" tab10:30
Laestrygobut, i don't really recomend it10:30
CubeLaestrygo: oh which repo?10:30
ActionParsnip!find evolution-rss10:30
ubottuFound: evolution-rss10:30
Laestrygodefault ubuntus10:30
CubeLaestrygo: well, i'd like to have one program for email and rss. or is there any big reason not to use it?10:30
ActionParsnip!info evolution-rss10:30
ubottuevolution-rss (source: evolution-rss): Evolution RSS Reader Plugin. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.2-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 103 kB, installed size 524 kB10:30
ActionParsnipCube: there you go10:31
mabilstarnes: oh, i missed that in my statement. the error comes up right after booting into the installer CD.10:31
mabii'm packaging this for a no-network install10:31
Laestrygoi use a firefox plugin10:31
mabinow retrying with dists/universe cleaned up10:32
lb__good morning :) I got a question about wget: at times you can download a file which is served by some script, for example a link like http://example.com/dl/download.php?arg1=foo&arg2=bar&fileID=666. is there a way for wget to determine what the downloaded file's name should be, like a "usual" browser would be able to?10:32
lstarnesmabi: forget what I said, I misread the question10:32
LaestrygoCube: NewsFox10:32
JonathanEllisxshadowx: Is it telling you to reboot? If so, I will wait here and please come back and tell me if both Windows and Linux boot properly. If it doesnt work, boot from your Live CD10:32
CubeLaestrygo: ok i installed it. its in the plugins window, its turned on. but where do i add a feed?10:32
xshadowxJonathanEllis: Yes, it's telling me to reboot. I'll be back.10:32
Laestrygoin preferences10:33
ActionParsnipCube: http://gnome.eu.org/evo/index.php/Evolution_RSS_Reader_Plugin:Setup_Feeds10:33
LaestrygoCube: Edit>Preferences10:33
ActionParsnipCube: the link was on the wiki i gave ou that you said you were reading10:33
CubeActionParsnip: ;)10:33
Cubethanks guys10:33
ActionParsnipCube: reading is good :D10:34
ActionParsnipmaybe i'm old fashioned in my age10:35
CubeLaestrygo: so whats the advantage of newsfox?10:35
floatingActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/m68cb40b  ..seems like none of those is the camera ?10:35
Laestrygoit will render the web in firefox10:35
Laestrygoevolution uses gtkhtml which is baaaaaaad10:35
Laestrygothey're planning to replace it with webkit, but it'll take time10:36
jacky4im having trouble with a nvidia video card giving me full resolution...the max i can have is 1200 x 800 but my screen goes way higher than that...any ideas...im using nvidia 180 drivers10:37
ActionParsnipfloating: no that is only your internal drive10:37
jacky4using buntu 9.0410:37
ActionParsnipfloating: have you trie gkcam or whatever gnome uses for cameras10:37
floatingI have a xfce, but I can check if there is something like that10:37
pozicjacky4: nvidia-settings10:37
pozicjacky4: it could be that you have a crappy card.10:38
pozicjacky4: if you have a good card, nvidia-settings works10:38
ActionParsnipfloating: you can use gnome apps in xfce but there will be a camera app some place, or you can install one, kde has digikam10:38
xShadowxJonathanEllis: Okay, well it seems to be working...although last time I installed, and rebooted, I got a grub error 22. I should check to make sure that doesn't happen...but as of right now Ubuntu seems to work properly. I'm going to reboot again and I'll let you know.10:38
prospirehow do I get a mp3 on ubuntu...I mean a codec.... and my graphics driver is not shown in propertier hardware10:38
ActionParsnipjacky4: you'll need to run it with: gksudo nvidia-settings10:38
JonathanEllisxShadowx: Great. Can you check that windows boots too10:38
jacky4pozic: im in nvidia x server settings right now...the max it will let me go is 1200 x 800 i have a 7600 gt10:38
ActionParsnipjacky4: you can add lines to xorg.conf to get weird resolutions10:39
Mkopis totem supposed to be able to play DVDs? It's giving an error "Could not open location. You might not have permission to open that file."10:39
jacky4actionparsnip: the nvidia settings were just under administration for me...10:39
prospirehow do I get a mp3 on ubuntu...I mean a codec.... and my graphics driver is not shown in propertier hardware10:39
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ActionParsnipjacky4: i use command line a lot, and irc is text based so I give text based advice10:39
ActionParsnip!mp3 > prospire10:39
ubottuprospire, please see my private message10:39
pozicjacky4: well, I would say then you cannot go higher.10:39
jacky4actionparsnip: U understand...what exactly do i need to add to my xorg.conf...i can pastebin if you want10:40
prospireFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats10:40
ActionParsnipjacky4: i can hive you mine for reference if you wish10:40
pozicjacky4: it can also be the case that you need to add another resolution to the screen section of xorg.conf10:40
pozicjacky4: but I personally doubt that is necessary.10:40
ActionParsnipjacky4: actually i cant as my ubuntu box is off right now :(10:40
mabiyep, removing debian-installer from dists/universe did the trick...10:41
mabigday folks :-)10:41
pozicjacky4: there already should be a screen section in the xorg.conf file, just add the resolution you want to it.10:41
prospirea page comes where it shows download codec....when I click the download it shows some error...10:41
RabbitbunnyI'm trying to create a panel launcher to ssh into a box and grab a screen, i have \"gnome-terminal --command="ssh user@box 'screen'"\", This doesn't work very well, namely the terminal disappears. It sticks around if I don't pass a command to ssh. Hints?10:41
ActionParsnipjacky4: you can add resolutions to xorg.conf if the app will not give you the res you desire, if you websearch around you will find examples of the file which you can copy parts out of10:41
prospireActionParsnip: :-(10:41
jacky4pozic and actionparsnip: im sure a 7600 gt is good enough for better htan 1200 x 800 res10:41
ActionParsnipjacky4: i know10:41
pozicjacky4: pressing Control-Alt-+ you can do cycle through the resolutions.10:41
prospireActionParsnip: a page comes where it shows download codec....when I click the download it shows some error... :-(10:42
ActionParsnipprospire: well what error. saying you get an error then a smiley is less than helpful10:42
prospireActionParsnip: it gives a server contact error10:43
jacky4pozic and actionparsnip: im gonna pastebin my xorg.conf10:43
ActionParsnipprospire: can you pastebin the error please10:43
ActionParsnipjacky4: sure10:43
prospireActionParsnip: wait a sec10:43
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke10:44
mariobrod69helow inc10:44
jacky4pozic and actionparsnip: http://pastebin.com/m7f8c613e10:44
mariobrod69cno pinoy d210:45
CubeActionParsnip: Laestrygo: ok this is with the awesome (:P) dark theme i made, i have no issues displaying email (coz the background is black/dark) but when viewing feeds is unreadable, only if i select it http://imagebin.org/57321 any ideas?10:45
ActionParsnipjacky4: ok in the subsection display in the screen section add this: Modes      "1024x768@60"10:46
prospireActionParsnip: my graphics is not recognized in ubuntu10:46
ActionParsnipjacky4: change the res to whatever you want it to do10:46
ActionParsnipCube: i use neither rss not evolution so i am clueless10:47
CubeActionParsnip: lol ok10:47
ActionParsnipprospire: what is the output of:  lspci |grep -i vga10:47
Coudyhi, I need help with this bug  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/39600310:47
ActionParsnipjacky4: you will need: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf    to get write access10:47
jacky4ActionParsnip: i dont want to mess this up could you add that line to where it supposed to go and pastebin it back to me...res 1920 by 120010:48
jacky4oh wait whats 1080p for 16 by 10?10:48
jacky41920 by what?10:48
Coudyhi, can someone help with this ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/39600310:48
bloupotloodIf you set up a printer,on a windows machine, and print to it via samba, do you print using WINDOWS or the printer?10:48
ibrarHow to incremental build kernel I am using10:49
ibrar fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-my kernel-image kernel-headers10:49
ibrarIt always build whole kernel10:49
ActionParsnipjacky4: http://pastebin.com/d1095b15b10:50
prospireActionParsnip: the output is - "01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation D9M-20 [GeForce 9400 GT] (rev a1)"10:50
prospirebut resolution is very low10:50
prospireand display properly not shown10:50
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ActionParsnipbloupotlood: the job goes to the spooler process which is shared on the wndows side10:51
ActionParsnipprospire: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18010:51
ActionParsnipprospire: then reboot10:51
ActionParsnipnvidia kick ass10:51
thirdwheelhey all, i installed torrentflux on xubuntu 9.04 and I can't get any downloads to start - I click the start button, select all files and click "Run Torrent" but the start button stays, the estimated time says unknown and no downloading happens10:51
jacky4actionparsnip: thanks i will try it...i tried upgrading to 185 nvidia drivers but i got some kind of failed to load nvidia kernal error on startup then it went into low graphics mode10:51
ActionParsnipprospire: fantastic support for all OSes on all architectures, can't go wrong10:51
pozicthirdwheel: wow, what a fantastic description of the problem.10:52
hdonwhat's that program called for recording my screen with gstreamer?10:52
bloupotloodActionParsnip: So, in terms of drivers etc, the windows machine will handle it?10:52
pozicthirdwheel: too bad nobody will help you like this.10:52
bloupotloodActionParsnip: im having an epic battle with a freaking Panasonic Dp-18010:52
ActionParsnipbloupotlood: you will need drivers on the Linux side to tell it how to talk to the spooler10:52
hdonit's like.. the name of a middle-eastern city i think?10:52
bloupotloodActionParsnip: thought about setting it up on a win machine, and sharing that with the Linux nodes10:52
thirdwheelpozic, well that's all I can gather from it - the logs tell me nothing and no new processes start10:52
bloupotloodActionParsnip: dammit, ok10:52
hdonah, istanbul10:53
bloupotloodActionParsnip: dont understand why im struggling so badly with this printer10:53
pozicthirdwheel: if there are no logs, always use strace first.10:53
mataksis there a messenger program in linux that supports webcam streaming?10:53
bloupotloodActionParsnip: there are even drivers for it on Openprint.org or w/e that site is called.10:53
pozicmataks: just use a combination of msn/jabber/whatever + skype10:53
bloupotloodActionParsnip: Whenever anyone prints to it from an ubuntu machine, the task is "completed", yet nothing happens printer side..10:53
ActionParsnipbloupotlood: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPPrinter10:54
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matakspozic,  my fren is using yahoo messenger.. any program that support ym webcam10:54
bloupotloodActionParsnip: Sweet dude, thanks again.10:54
pozicmataks: I do not know of such a program.10:55
EvelinaI have a script that contains a call to rtcwake and therefore restarts the computer after some minutes. The problem is that when I run the script using a cron job, then the computer doesn't seem to start up as it should afterwards, ehy?10:55
pozicmataks: people with no clue about computers can use Skype too.10:55
pozicI do not work for Skype, but it is the only software I know that works with video and audio over more than one platform.10:56
ActionParsnipmataks: gyachi i think supports cam10:57
mataksActionParsnip,  yes im googling at it.. but the link is broken :(10:58
RabbitbunnyThere we go...10:58
RabbitbunnyI'm trying to create a panel launcher to ssh into a box and grab a screen, i have \"gnome-terminal --command="ssh user@box 'screen'"\", This doesn't work very well, namely the terminal disappears. It sticks around if I don't pass a command to ssh. When running the command in a terminal I get "Must be connected to a terminal" Ubuntu 8.10. #ubuntu doesn't know. Hints?10:58
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ActionParsnipmataks: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=2&url=http%3A%2F%2Fubuntuforums.org%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D82567&ei=ZXptSuOJNeWutgeiqv2IDA&usg=AFQjCNG6r61_PdZwHwpixIgKlKmvqqypuQ10:59
ActionParsnipgod i hate google10:59
FloodBot2ActionParsnip: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:59
ActionParsnipmataks: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=8256710:59
EvelinaWhen I try to log in remote the host says connaction lost or something similar. The problem occur when I try to log in after using rtcwake by a cron job, but not using the rtcwake by a script as a user.10:59
RabbitbunnyIt turns out you have to tell shh to create a terminal, via the -t switch. \"gnome-terminal -e "ssh -t user@box screen"\". Interesting.10:59
jacky4actionparsnip: that didnt work...still same res...i looked up my video card and its supposed to support max res of 2560 x 160011:00
ActionParsnipjacky4: maybe so but if you use a 15" CRT monitor ten it won't11:01
ActionParsnipjacky4: you may need to tweak xorg.conf to match your monitor settings11:01
jacky4actionparsnip: im using a monitor capable of 2560 x 160011:02
ActionParsnipjacky4: then your xorg.conf doesnt reflect that11:02
jacky4ah what do i need to add11:02
jacky4i changed your mode display to 1920 x 20011:03
ActionParsnipjacky4: not sure tbh, if you search round for sample xorg.conf files using nvidia you will bump into something juicy11:03
jacky41920 x 120011:03
myselfDD-WRT OWNS!!!!!!!!!11:03
ActionParsnipjacky4: you may need to increase the refresh rates in the monitor section11:03
ActionParsnipmyself: yer a bit behind...11:03
coleysjacky4: type: nvidia-xconfig11:04
RubyHey I'm wanting to dual boot two SATA HDDs, one has Ubuntu 9.04 and the other Windows, and all the tutorials I can find only list it on either two IDE hard drives or an IDE and a SATA11:06
ActionParsnipRuby: all drives have ide ;)11:06
ActionParsnipRuby: in linux, the technology doesnt matter, its handled by the kernel11:06
myselfthey dont have tomato support for my router specifically  and dd-wrt works great11:06
RubyWait, so we are on the same page here11:07
Rubyby IDE I am thinking like what connects some CD/DVD drives to the motherboard11:07
Rubymy HDDs do not have those connectors.11:07
jacky4coleys:ok i did that...11:07
ActionParsnipRuby: by IDE you really mean PATA11:08
=== kb is now known as Guest10745
RubyI see.11:08
ActionParsnipRuby: the IDE is that little controller thingy on the drive itself and gives you the disk cache11:09
ActionParsnipRuby: back in the day, drives didnt have that so and relied purely on the motherboard, the new drives (when they were new) were called IDE, Integrated Drive Electronics11:09
ActionParsnipRuby: if you are dual booting on any technology with ubuntu, grub simply doesnt care, the kernel give it hardware support so it could be a scsi drive, 3 SATA and a PATA and all wil be bootable by grub11:10
RubyGive me a second11:11
ActionParsnipRuby: provided you have driver modules for each so they are readable 9the default install has modules for the vast majority of onboard controllers11:11
RubySo to do this I'd have to have the ubuntu drive with GRUB set as the master?11:11
MementoMoriI'm looking for ext4.h kernel header but I can't find it. Which package should I install?11:12
ActionParsnipRuby: the drive can be master or slave, as long as its not on cable select you are fine11:12
vega_hm sata drivers don't have master/slave stuff?11:12
MementoMorivega_ no11:13
ActionParsnipRuby: as long as grub can be reached by the system you will be fine as grub will manage the rest 9or LILO is you decide to use lilo)11:13
pozicMementoMori: linux-2.6/fs/ext4/ext4.h11:13
RubyWould it be easist to just have the ubuntu drive as the master, because that what it seems like it is11:13
pozicMementoMori: installing a recent source package should get you the file.11:13
cmcasperhi people can you give me some help ?11:13
ActionParsnipRuby: if you wish11:13
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:14
ActionParsnipRuby: just install windows first, then the dual boot will be managed for yo11:14
RubyAh that would be a bit problematic11:14
pozicWindows does not care about other operating systems. Ubuntu does.11:14
RubySo I need to reinstall windows?11:14
PikioraEvening all :)  I have a question re: deleting stuff from / I don't get the option to send to recycle bin.  I need to delete a large file.11:14
jacky4actionparsnip: im just gonna try to upgrayed to the latest nvidia drivers...i need to learn how to rmmod nvidia and modprob nvidia11:15
pozicjacky4: modprobe -r nvidia11:15
MementoMoripozic: I've installed the linux-source package and I've extracted it in /usr/local but I'm not sure I can use it inside my C projects11:15
pozicjacky4: or with sudo before it, depending on your setup.11:15
thirdwheelok, python's running something briefly, but it dies before anything can happen and nothing is being logged grr11:15
h4ck3rs0nlyhello ppl, i really need to know why my computer starts ubuntu so slow, he starts it after 1 minute, ive checked the messages from ubuntu and it sais this, Jul 27 11:48:13 h4ck3rs0nly-desktop kernel: [    9.886531] HDA Intel 0000:00:1b.0: PCI INT A -> GSI 16 (level, low) -> IRQ 1611:15
h4ck3rs0nlyJul 27 11:48:13 h4ck3rs0nly-desktop kernel: [   57.886127] lp0: using parport0 (interrupt-driven).11:15
jacky4pozic: can i pm your real quick?11:15
pozicMementoMori: that is described in your compiler documentation.11:15
_drhi, i'm trying out ubuntu 9.04 and i cannot help but wonder why it uses half a gig of ram when i'm doing nothing?11:15
pozicjacky4: no11:15
thirdwheelnot to mention the output from strace is gibberish to me11:16
_dralso there's lots of free physical mem and it uses loads of space on the swap partition11:16
MementoMoripozic: what shoul I read?11:16
_drit's fscking slow11:16
pozicMementoMori: google gcc documentation11:16
_drsumming up the processes resident memory values doesn't even slightly equal 500mb11:16
gartralh4ck3rs0nly: have you installed bootchart?11:16
_drwhat could be wrong?11:16
pozicMementoMori: basically what you are asking for is basic C programming knowledge.11:16
pozicMementoMori: there is a header file and that header file is on your system and you want your compiler to be able to find that file.11:17
=== ToXBoT_ is now known as ToXBoT
MementoMoripozic: no. I'm not asking for C programming. I'm asking for the headers to be in the right place11:17
pozicMementoMori: every compiler known to mankind has a thing called a search path.11:17
gartralh4ck3rs0nly: i recommend doing so and taking a look at the log it creates on boot-time, its a very helpfull tool11:17
RubyI'll ask my question again, because it has not been answered11:17
_drMementoMori: man gcc /-I11:18
pozicMementoMori: search paths need to be set by the user, in this case you.11:18
h4ck3rs0nlyok ill do11:18
ActionParsnipjacky4: could be the key, if you use the .run file from nvidia.com you may hit gold. I wiould make sure you uninstall all the curret nvidia stuff11:18
RubyTo dual boot windows and ubuntu, with ubuntu as the master, do I have to reinstall the OS on any of the drives?11:18
pozicRuby: no\11:18
ActionParsnipRuby: no, you can simply configure grub and both will be fine11:18
ActionParsnip!grub | Ruby11:18
ubottuRuby: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto11:18
MementoMoripozic: not agree with you...11:18
arandRuby: what is your current setup?11:18
pozicMementoMori: about what?11:19
jacky4pozic: if i download the fresh drivers from nvidia and go through the installation all i need to type is modprobe -r nvidia to fix it...cause before i got this after the installation....http://img38.imageshack.us/i/helpizj.jpg/11:19
RubyWindows Vista and Ubuntu 9.04 on seperate drives that I've pretty much treated like two male leopard geckos11:19
MementoMoripozic: kernel headers should be in standard path11:19
vega_Ruby: just boot to ubuntu and add windows to grub config and that's it11:19
pozicjacky4: so, did you read the log?11:19
pozicMementoMori: and they are, AFAIK.11:20
RubyWhich, to the unbriefed, if two male leopard geckos are put in the same enclosure they usually fight and kill eachother.11:20
gatotkacaI need a help for bridge-utils11:20
pozicMementoMori: I do not know how yours ended up in /usr/local11:20
vega_ubottu: and configure the ubuntu drive as the one the machine boots from (in the bios)11:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:20
RubyI'll be back in a bit, booting onto ubuntu.11:20
gatotkacaI need to share my connection from eth1 (wireless) to usb011:20
MementoMoripozic: etx4 headers should live here: /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.28-13-generic/fs/ext411:20
gartral!info bootchart > h4ck3rs0nly11:20
gatotkacabut it is always failed11:20
ActionParsnip!ics | gatotkaca11:20
ubottugatotkaca: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php11:20
jacky4pozic: yeah i didnt understand any of it...and then upgrayed from 8.10 to 9.04 and now im using the nvidia 180.44 drivers again11:21
pozicMementoMori: yes, and AFAIK, that's exactly what installing an ubuntu source package does.11:21
ActionParsnipjacky4: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=99097811:21
gatotkacaobottu: why I cannot use bridge-utils?11:22
pozicjacky4: if you do not understand, you search for the error message on google.11:22
pozicjacky4: you also read the README which has been written by nvidia, I think.11:22
ActionParsnippozic: or any search engine at all11:22
pozicActionParsnip: yes, you are right. I do not know a better search engine than google, though.11:23
ActionParsnippozic: there is no better, they are all equal11:23
ActionParsnippozic: different search algorithms different results11:23
pozicActionParsnip: search is a part of information retrieval. For some queries you can measure which one is better.11:24
ActionParsnippozic: depends on the search criteria. Ive found ask.com to yield more accurately than google in many cases11:24
pozicActionParsnip: but I agree that searching for Britney Spears could return either the official webpage first and then the wikipedia entry or in the other order.11:24
pozicActionParsnip: ok, I will test ask.com with some of my test queries.11:25
ActionParsnippozic: which is why i say "websearch" rather than "google"11:25
ActionParsnippozic: all i'm saying is that there is more than goole11:25
kibibytehow to detect person in my LAN which overloading networj traffic11:25
user10how do i open my ip to external world to access from ubuntu at a specific port where my webserver is running?11:26
ActionParsnipkibibyte: do you mean a logged in user on a system?11:26
nevynkibibyte: ntop at the gateway if you know it's internet traffic. will let you get stats on which ip's are using data.11:26
kibibytewe have LAN and someone is using rapid share i want his IP11:26
user10how do i open my ip to external world to access from ubuntu at a specific port where my webserver is running?11:26
kibibyteneveyn but gateway is somne hardware router very simple11:27
pozicActionParsnip: ask.com has a smaller index, but for the queries I entered that did have a result, the result was good enough.11:27
ActionParsnippozic: theres also msn.com and yahoo.com too, all are equally good11:27
kibibyteis there any sniffer which can tell me whos overloading network bandwith11:27
JonathanEllisI have twin monitors running at 1280 x 1024 using Xinerama on a Matrox G200 twin output graphics card. Every time I boot, the second screen comes up at a lower resolution. When I restart X by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Backspace the second screen goes to the correct resolution of 1280 x 1024. I dont understand why this is happening. My xorg.conf is at http://pastebin.com/f2624ef8b11:28
pozicActionParsnip: msn.com is not very good, imho. Yahoo is quite good, indeed, but slightly slower I think.11:28
ActionParsnippozic: true, it is slower11:28
pozicGoogle simply still has superior processing power.11:28
ActionParsnippozic: true but it isnt the one and only11:28
ActionParsnippozic: and sometimes it throws up some real garbage11:29
gartralwhois bazz11:29
ibnulislamhow to list files of some specific mime type?11:29
candrodorWhere exactly does grub get installed to on a computer?  I have two HDs, one currently has XP installed, and I'm going to try installing Ubuntu again, hopefully this time it should all go to plan.  But where will GRUB be installed to, and do I need to do *anything* to make sure it picks up on both OSs?11:29
arandibnulislam: ls *.mimetype ?11:29
pozicWhy can't people simply read the manual here?11:29
user10repost: how do i open my ip to external world to access from ubuntu at a specific port where my webserver is running?11:30
Red1Alright, the boot went well11:30
Spykemcccandrodor you use windows 2k,xp,vista,7 ?11:30
ActionParsnipibnulislam: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PythonRecipes/MIMETypes11:30
nexTacyahoo will probably be using microsofts "bing" soon11:30
mataksnice gyachi supports webcam streaming for ym :)11:30
pozicnexTac: they will? That's bad. URL?11:30
durtcandrodor, needs to be on the MBR of the first drive the bios 'sees'11:30
Myrttiplease keep the offtopic somewhere else, this is Ubuntu support channel, everything else to #ubuntu-offtopic or more relevant channels11:30
ActionParsnipibnulislam: actually scratch that, just got excited11:30
Red1Aside from the fact that while booting ubuntu my mobo gave me an "overclock fail" message, and my CPU is now running at 2.8 ghz11:30
rntkcandrodor: you can choose the partition where grub is installed during the install11:31
nexTacpozic: i only read it on german newspage at http://www.heise.de/newsticker/Bericht-Microsofts-Bing-soll-fuer-Yahoo-suchen--/meldung/142597 perhaps you can find english one11:31
kibibytehow to detect person in my LAN which overloading network traffic11:31
candrodorSpykemcc: XP.  I know from reading things that it should all work fine, but I tried the other day and it er, didn't.  I think that was more a problem with XP than Ubuntu though, and is probably sorted now.11:31
Red1Oh and I have a question regarding NVIDIA X Server Settings11:31
durtkibibyte, I suggest using iptraf11:32
ActionParsnipkibibyte: if your interconnecting devices are not intelligent they you will have a hard job, you could nmap each pc (if you have a small handful) to see what is going on11:32
Red1How do I save settings? I use a resolution of 1152x864 and I have to set it back every time I boot11:32
Red1When I try Save to X configuration, it gives me an error about not being able to make a backup11:32
candrodordurt/rntk: so it's both the MBR and a separate partition, if I understand that right?11:32
rntkcandrodor: yes11:32
ibnulislamarand: what is *.mimetype?11:32
h4ck3rs0nlyi need to know how i can see whats wrong with my boot sequence after running bootchart11:32
arandcandrodor: grub comes in two parts, one is installed to a normal partition, usually in /boot/grub/ on your ubuntu main partition, the other part is put in the mbr, which is a small section in the beginning of the hard-disk which basically says which partition to look for and start the grub loader from.11:33
candrodorah, ok!  That makes a lot more sense now.11:33
ActionParsnipibnulislam: you may have to use a small script to run the 'file' command on every file on your system, then test that output for a certain string11:33
kibibyteActionParsnip, how??11:33
Spykemccif you have more than 2Gb of ram > use gparted do a windows xp partition, one to save your windows datas and an ext3 partition for linux ... just save linux data in windows backup partition as shared datas ...11:33
ActionParsnipkibibyte: nmap is hugely complex, i suggest you research it some11:34
pozicnexTac: so Yahoo just has given up on search.11:34
kibibytedurt, iptraf is sniffer?11:34
MyrttinexTac, pozic: the whole yahoo-bing-microsoft discussion is offtopic to this channel, take it elsewhere11:34
ibnulislamActionParsnip: Is there not any switch in find just like -type?11:34
nexTacMyrtti: ok sry ;)11:34
arandibnulislam: any mimetype, i.e. if you're looking for .txt files you'd do ls *.txt, and for .ods ls *.ods etc...11:35
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rntkcandrodor: so just choose the MBR of your primary HD during your install (it is probably the default option, but check it anyways), e.g. /dev/sda11:35
ActionParsnipibnulislam: theres -type which will filter files folders links special files blocks etc11:35
Spykemccsomeone know better tha arch linux ???11:35
pozicibnulislam: I think there are libraries to get the mimetype of files.11:35
ibnulislamI used find . -exec file {} \:11:35
ActionParsnipSpykemcc: depends on your requirements11:35
pozicibnulislam: so, you could use that in combination with find to do what you want.11:35
candrodorSpykemcc: assuming I won't be needing to share many files, is it more effective to have an ntfs and an ext3 "storage" folder, and maybe a separate fat32 or even pendrive for when I do occasionally need to share things?11:36
ActionParsnipibnulislam: sure, then you will need to grep that output for what you need11:36
h4ck3rs0nlyi need to know how i can see whats wrong with my boot sequence after running bootchart11:36
ibnulislamActionParsnip: But I need filtered records for a specific mime type.11:36
ActionParsnipcandrodor: fat32 isnt very robust, ntfs is much better11:36
candrodorrntk: when it refers to (hd0) in the install process, that's equivalent to /dev/sd1, right?  'cause of how Grub names things.11:36
ActionParsnipibnulislam: yes, the output of file will be the mime type, you can grep that text, if there is a match then output the name to the terminal11:37
SpykemccI use ntfs for massive amount of datas between windows and linux ... you should be fine ... just remember to dismount the drive before reboot or shutdown ...11:37
ActionParsnipibnulislam: i'd ask in #bash for further advice. it is more specific to your query11:37
arandcandrodor: no, hd0 is sda with no number to specify the partition.11:38
h4ck3rs0nlyno1 can help me?11:38
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rntkcandrodor:  I can't say that for certain, it might be different if you're installing from usb disk for example. I think there's a button called advanced where you can see the /dev/xxx type of listing11:38
durtkibibyte, more of a simple traffic analyzer.11:38
arandcandrodor: and (hd,0) would be sda111:38
Spykemccand linux partition type drives can't be used in windows easily, so it's better to let linux handle ntfs ...11:39
ActionParsnipSpykemcc: you can use   www.fs-driver.org11:39
Spykemcclinux care about windows, but windows don't care about linux ...11:39
candrodorAh, ok.  Awesome.11:39
frogzoo1Spykemcc: there's an ext2 driver which works well11:39
ActionParsnipSpykemcc: but linux has ntfs-3g which can mount the ntfs as read /write (best effort)11:39
SpykemccI know but it can't be used for windows apps ...11:39
candrodor(10:37:31 AM) Spykemcc: I use ntfs for massive amount of datas between windows and linux ... you should be fine ... just remember to dismount the drive before reboot or shutdown ... | That can be set to umount automatically, surely?11:40
arandcandrodor: sorry that was wrong (hd0,0) reperesents sda111:40
frogzoo1the windows ext2 driver works fine11:40
brutushow do I change my home folder permissions so that other users cannot 'cd' into my home?