Maira_LRBSomeone can help me?00:35
th0rMaira_LRB: depends on your question00:36
Maira_LRBI installed wubi xubuntu, and, today I uninst. the wubi, but, the boot already appear in. I try to remove, but I cant get00:37
th0rMaira_LRB: I never used wubi. If no one here can help try #ubuntu00:38
Maira_LRBwell, thanks00:38
Maira_LRBI'll try then00:38
guyfawkeshi everyone00:46
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Sp0tterI'm having problems setting up nvidia Twinview with my HDTV.  It only lets me use max resolution of 1024x768 instead of the regular 720p one of my tv.  I have read tons of forums and tried all sorts of things.. lots of conflicting info.. some day disabed the eide auto settings, some say enable them.. i've tried lots of stuff.. anyone have a solution they know works?01:04
* SiDi usually clicks on AutoDetect after everything is plugged, and it works.01:25
SiDiIf you don't get an answer here, you can try #ubuntu and #nvidia | I personally can't help you, never had such an issue :/01:26
Sp0tteri've tried both those channel :)01:30
Sp0tternot a single response or comment01:30
Sp0ttergot it02:15
Sp0tteri just changed to a d-sub cable instead of using component out02:16
Sp0tterand then it autodetected it02:16
superdaniel49anyone here know how to change the screen saver on Xubuntu 9.04?02:25

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