paperMonolith_hello, i just installed bazaar in vista64, i seem unable to revert fils to previous versions, i tried command line and it does nothing and in the browser the option appears greyed out. in the log it shows that  there clearly are several revisions. if this is a common issue, could you please point me to the solution, if this is a noobish thing, please point me in the right direction, thank you.01:43
bob2paperMonolith_: what command are you running?02:14
paperMonolith_the one in the docs: in the intended folder i do "bzr revert <file>"02:21
paperMonolith_but i think i now understand the problem02:21
paperMonolith_if i change the file, and don't comit, it lets me revert. but i can't seem to revert to previous commits02:22
paperMonolith_should i be using uncommit?02:22
jampaperMonolith_: bzr revert -r -2 file02:23
jamyou have to specify what you want to revert back to02:23
jamby default "bzr revert" reverts to the last commit02:23
paperMonolith_oh, i see. thank you then :)02:23
paperMonolith_it worked. thank you :)02:24
paperMonolith_when i do this, the last commit for this file dies or does it have a backup? if it has a backup, how do i access it?02:26
fullermdrevert doesn't do anything with commits.02:28
fullermdIt only changes the file in your working copy.02:28
paperMonolith_ah. ok. i understand. thank you.02:31
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pstI would like to use NestedTrees and have read http://bazaar-vcs.org/BazaarFormats. It looks like I need dirstate-with-subtree but it says not recommended for use - what are my options for nested trees?10:58
fullermdpst: There aren't really any, NestedTrees are only partially implemented.11:26
pstfullermd: well thats a pitty, do you have any advice on how high the risk is? :)11:27
fullermdWell...   what's there is incomplete, what is complete mostly doesn't have a UI, and I think it bears an incomplete relationship to the feature as it's currently planned to actually be completed.11:28
fullermdI wouldn't try using it unless you were planning to catch up and help develop it...11:29
pstI doubt my programming skills are good enough for that11:29
pstthanks anyway, now i need to find another way to accomplish something similar11:30
fullermdYou can look into the scmproj plugin (I think that's what it's called)11:30
pstI will do that, thanks a lot11:30
LarstiQit is, http://launchpad.net/bzr-scmproj11:35
pstfound it already will give it a try and see if it is a fit11:38
LeoNerdI may have asked before, how but safe is it to use rsync to push a mirror of a bzr repo tree, for offsite backup purposes?16:48
jetolehey guys. I just started working with bzr from two different locations, how do I update my files on this computer so they are current from the commit I did on another computer when this computer already has the repo setup17:45
jetolei.e. I was working from home computer. Did a commit, checked out from work and did a commit at work and now I want my home computer to have the commit I did at work?17:45
LarstiQjetole: `bzr pull` if you are working with branches, or `bzr update` for checkouts17:46
jetoleI think update since I want all the local checkout on each computer to be kept in sync?17:47
jetoledoes that sound right?17:47
jetolethey are both working with the same branch I believe17:47
* jetole tries update17:48
jetoleupdate looks right. It shows the modded file and shows that I have changed to the latest commit #17:48
jetolethanks LarstiQ17:48
lifelessjelmer: hi22:38
jelmerlifeless, moin22:44
lifelessgot, oh 10 minutes for me?22:44
lifelesshttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/subunit/progress-gtk/+merge/9487 got partially reviewed by you the other day22:45
lifelesshttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/subunit/subunit2junitxml/+merge/9534 is a new [tiny] branch22:45
jelmerlifeless: so, the gtk one I did fully review but my network was gone by the time I was submitting my review22:46
lifeless /o\22:47
ronnyi could use some sample code doing a directory rename with MemoryTree22:48
jelmerlifeless, submitted again22:50
lifelessthanks jelmer22:50
lifelessthe subunit2junitxml one is _tiny_22:50
lifeless(just skip the untouched gtk stuff :P)22:50
jelmerheh, that's trivial indeed22:52
lifelessthats really the point of subunit :P22:53
lifelessso, with that, you could replace the buildfarm with hudson rather easily ;P)22:53
jelmerhow'd your talk go?22:53
lifelesswell I think22:54
lifelesscouple of interesting after-talk discussions22:54
jelmerlifeless, Thanks, there's things I enjoy better than setting up java on outdated and remote tru64 machines :-P22:54
lifelesswould have been nice to point at lots of projects using it; but at the heart of it I don't think thats actually important - it simply reflects network effects22:55
lifelessjelmer: well, thats true. [64, heh, heh]. What I mean to say is that splitting out separate projects can be good :)22:55
* jelmer nods22:56
jelmerlifeless, do you know if there's a release of check with the subunit support yet?22:59
lifelessI've been meaning to poke about doing a release.22:59
lifelessjelmer: why the objection to catching AE?23:00
jelmerlifeless, it doesn't necessarily mean that accessing that function was what threw the AttributeError23:00
lifelessfair enough; I flip to and from on this point23:02
lifelessheh, typo you missed23:03
lifelessjelmer: http://paste.ubuntu.com/242682/ - incremental23:06
SamBjelmer: what's this other thing on fetch.py:1073?23:07
jelmerlifeless, +123:08
jelmerSamB, replay range allows you to do multiple replays in a row23:08
jelmersaves some roundtrips23:08
jelmeronce replay works it may be interesting to look at it23:09
lifelessjelmer: I'll probably play with stacked progress during the week23:11
lifelessjelmer: after thats finalised I'm going to look at a 0.2 release23:11
jelmerlifeless, anyway, looking forward to trying out the gtk stuff with samba :-))23:11
jelmerlifeless, cool23:11
lifelessjelmer: I'd really love it if you could fix the perl bugs soon23:12
SamBjelmer: oh, any particular reason the UA field is so wierd looking?23:14
SamBUser-Agent: SVN/1.6.1 (r37116)/bzr1.18dev+bzr-svn0.6.4dev0 neon/0.28.423:14
jelmerSamB, because of the svn client libs23:14
SamBjelmer: which part do you supply ?23:15
jelmerSamB, the string bzr1.18dev+bzr-svn0.6.4dev023:15
SamBokay ...23:15
SamBso why the heck do they put that after a slash ...23:15
jelmerthe rest is not controlled by bzr-svn23:15
SamBjelmer: yeah, I realize you don't control all of it -- that's why I asked ;-)23:17
lifelessjelmer: do you think thats possible?23:24
vxnickhello sailors23:34
vxnickwrong channel... :P23:34
* vxnick slips back into the shadows23:35
SamBjelmer: so what repositories do you test this on, anyway?23:47
jelmerSamB, testsuite23:50
lifelessjelmer: do you think you'll have time to fix the perl bugs in the subunit bugtracker over the next weekish ?23:51
jelmerlifeless: Not sure, I'm a bit short on time at the moment having just come back from 4 weeks of travel23:51
* SamB *still* wants DWARF frame info in subvertpy23:57
lifelessjelmer: have you written perl output bindings at this stage?23:59

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