dgroosWell, 2 main tasks: noting who is on/off task, and when I need everyone's attention, locking up the desktop.00:04
dgroosbefore I had a dataprojector in the room I would commonly share my desktop with other users.00:04
Lnsdgroos: so the remote/vnc is a big deal00:05
dgroosAlso, I used apple remote desktop for several years before entering Linux world.00:05
* Lns hopes to get all of that functionality in tcm by the end of the next 2 weeks00:06
dgroosI don't often use the chat because I'm usually wandering around the room, helping students.00:06
Lnsthat makes sense00:06
Lnsdo you have clients in classrooms too?00:06
dgroosWhat do you mean?00:07
Lnserr...sorry, do you use ltsp?00:07
Lnsoh heh00:07
dgroosYes, exclusively.00:07
Lnsdo you have ltsp clients in the classrooms too or just in a lab?00:07
dgroosLet me find a picture...00:08
Lnsooo, screenshots ;)00:08
dgrooscheck out this folder: http://gcos.mpls.k12.mn.us/gcos/Members/mrg/folder-for-images/00:12
dgroosthe last 4 images show that I've got a lab in my classroom :)00:13
dgroosthough the computers aren't being used during this particular time.00:13
dgroosfancy zoom is awesome, ay?00:14
Lnsdgroos: wow, nice looking tables!00:15
Lnsare those tablet PCs?00:16
dgroosthey are the thin clients... recycled p3's and p4's--check here for details (bottom of page) http://gcos.mpls.k12.mn.us/gcos00:17
LnsThat is awesome00:22
dgroosKeeps me off the streets...00:22
Lnsyou're doing a good thing there00:24
Lnskeep it up!00:24
dgrooswith your-all's help :)  Thanks00:27
Lnshaha..that's what makes a community00:27
LaserJockdgroos: do students seem to like the monitors?00:28
LaserJockI was wondering about glare00:28
dgroosahh... growing communities of scientists... grows edubuntu community, too :)00:28
LaserJockI love seeing kids workin' with chemicals :-)00:28
dgroosGlare isn't the issue has mainly to do with angle of view but that isn't to bad.00:29
LaserJockhow's the typing?00:29
dgroosAh... Dr LJ ;)00:29
LaserJockI might be a tad biased00:29
LaserJockI was just thinking about when I'm teaching labs00:29
dgroosThey pull the keyboard from under the glass and put it on their lap.00:29
LaserJockand how it's difficult to have lab manuals and the experimental setup going00:30
LaserJockin a setup like yours you can have the lab "manual" on screen00:30
dgroos1 person is the keyboarder, the other the mouser--using the mouse on the under-table.00:30
LaserJockor what would be simply awesome would be to have sort of a guided multimedia tour through the experiment00:31
dgroosYes--the idea is to allow the new tools to recreate a new environment, one where there is a community of (novice) scientists building/creating (some might say discovering :) knowledge).00:32
LaserJockinstead of plain text recipes00:32
LaserJockalso would allow for more in-lab data analysis. right now we have the students just write down data and process it later because we don't have in-lab computers00:32
dgroosI'm not to big on recipies--though they do need to learn basics.  Yes, I see the computer as a big help-resource, for example: https://public-wikimedia.mpls.k12.mn.us/groups/onlinelearningcontent/weblog/07958/Introduction_to_LabQuest.html00:33
dgrooscheck out these labquests--they are incredible--allow students to setup their own data collection and see live graph--very powerful.00:34
dgroosok I've been informed that it's dinner time--I don't ignore that :)  Thanks for checking out my stuff and I'd love to talk about it more.00:35
* Lns waves to Edubuntuers00:53
dgroosLaserJock: were you able to see that vodcast, BTW?02:11
dgroosI have never been able to make it work on an ubuntu machine...02:11
ace_suareshey dgroos!02:13
ace_suaresI just looked up on irclogs what I couldnt see since i was in a netsplit, obviously02:13
ace_suaresall your pictures and description02:13
ace_suaresREALLY great!02:13
dgroosHowdy ace_suares!02:14
dgroosand... you've been helping me succeed at it!  Thanks...02:14
ace_suareswouldnt' mind if you added your story to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuLTSP/Stories with links to your photo and descrition pages!02:15
ace_suaresAmazing setup, especially the 'tablet' look on those ooooold pc's!02:15
dgroosThat is an excellent page.  When I started looking at Ubuntu/thin clients I found next to no useful stories--there are already 2 on that page (maybe more haven't looked for a couple days)02:16
dgroosCheck out my project blog--you too can build these table--look especially at the posts from last summer--just breeze through the picts.  http://groosd.blogspot.com02:17
ace_suaresHey LaserJock rss feed on there.. now you gotta update more often, LJ! :-)02:18
dgroosthat's what I was thinking ;)02:19
ace_suaresamazing! buid day :-)02:19
ace_suaresre stories page02:19
ace_suares i posted the first one last week from a mail to the list02:19
ace_suareswith permission02:19
ace_suaresto my great surprise it was edited within a day or two and a second story showed up!02:19
ace_suaresI gotta subscribe to that page...02:19
dgroosa community is given meaning by its stories... we need 'em.02:20
dgroosI looked into gobby.02:21
dgroosLooks like it would be a great tool to create programs.  I really like the way that it automatically highlighted each person's work with their own color.02:22
dgroosIt's pretty much only linear.02:23
dgroosYou can't make tables and doesn't wrap.02:24
dgroosI want to know more about our edubuntu community.  I'm fine taking the page from google docs and putting it on the wiki.02:28
ace_suaresdgroos: that's a good thing!02:28
ace_suares(you'll avoid a lot of flak too :-)02:28
ace_suaresWaht you ar edoing is really awesome I am sitting here with goosebumps.02:29
dgroosOK, where should I put it?02:29
ace_suaresI was too surprised that there are so few stories with pictures..02:29
ace_suaresdgroos: the doc? Try /Edubuntu/WikiSite/Incoming/SomeName and then send that link to the list!02:30
dgroosace_suares: you're not sitting in a boat right now opening up bottles to read the notes within them, are you... ;)02:30
ace_suaresI am *planning* on using 'Incoming' to vet new contributions by the community02:30
ace_suareshe he02:30
dgroosI'll put it there :)02:31
ace_suaresthe bottle is open though :-) did you see the video on the site or somewhere on TV in east america?02:31
dgroosHmmm... I don't see much TV--it was on your site :)02:31
ace_suaresdgroos: read your mail :-)02:31
ace_suaresdgroos: that's okay. It was a very intersting experience. As you can see I am not an actor. But I vote for next f2f meeting on one of those beaches :-)02:32
dgroosThanks man.  You are very encouraging.02:33
ace_suaresthx you can not estimate how good it does me to see those pictures of yours. My project failed. See www.suares.an/rkcs02:33
ace_suaresIt's very nice to see successfull projects!02:34
ace_suaresdgroos: but please warn me if i am over-encouraging...!02:34
dgroosace_suares: this is a very comprehensive page.  It's quite interesting to see the way you presented these 3 projects.02:48
dgroosIt seems like all were quite successful and the only problem comes if the project is dropped before kinks get ironed out.02:48
dgroosI would need pages to write about the 'kinks' in my projects...02:49
dgroosBut, there are solutions to them all, thanks to edubuntu committee.02:50
ace_suareswell in fact the only kink was the director, who favourd MS and got all the sysadmins a week of all-inclusive hotel/sales in orlando FL... and they wen on local tv to say they where the first curacoa organisation to help (!) a multio-billion corporation to secure their computers... ehe hehehehe03:02
dgroosyou actually were very adroit on your page describing the issues--but reading between the line it was evident that money/politics was working to discount the success of the projects.03:05
dgroosdon't give up though... keep pushing.  the winds of politics will change and you'll be in the place, along with the majority of people, to get things going in a better, more sustainable way.03:06
ace_suareshehe that's what I am still rooting for. I give Linux/LPI courses now and Open Office, if there's enough students.03:06
ace_suaresI've got appointmets pending with politicians, and I give lectures regularay03:07
ace_suaresI am still confident that Free Software is the thing. However, If I've had 426 thin clients placed and 58 servers, in 2005, I would be a big shot now, instead of becoming one 'later'. And the whole ltsp edubuntu thing would also have advanced, there was quite of big grant from the Dutch government (all together about 1 000 000 USD.03:08
ace_suaresI needed maybe 6-800.000 to setup the hardware, and the rest could go into software development (minus my own fee).03:09
ace_suaresWe could then fan out over trinidad, and other caribbean islands, with a complete solution, and by now (2009) we would have won several awards... I guess they missed out on that in turn for a week all -in hotel in orlando.. cheap people...!03:10
ace_suaresnow i need to do some ruby on rails, won't look often in this channel. David, YOU ROCK!03:11
mssI have a edubuntu 8.04 setup with HP5125 clients ...09:00
mssAfter 4 clients,  the server does not respond to DHCP requests ...09:01
mssHello ... anyone around ?09:03
alkisgIs that "4 clients" specific?09:03
alkisgOr can it be e.g. 2 or 6 clients?09:03
mssit can be 2 - 609:03
alkisgSo, the clients don't PXE boot when that happens?09:04
alkisgOr they do, but it hangs afterwards when ipconfig runs?09:04
mssno ... just looking for IP addr via DHCP ...09:04
alkisgHmmm... upload your /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf to pastebin.com09:04
msswell... the setup is in a remote location without internet access...09:05
alkisgAh. So your not onsite now, eh/09:05
mssbut I can get the data needed later in the day ..09:05
mssno reliable internet on site ...09:06
alkisgHow different is it from a standard edubuntu installation? Did you change anything in dhcpd, tftpd etc?09:06
mssnothing changed ... standard config ....09:06
alkisgDo you perhaps have another dhcp server running? E.g. in a router?09:07
mssI saw some messages about crawling edubuntu / ltsp setups in mailing lists ...but no resolution ...09:07
mssno ... simple setup with two NICS, one not used ( no internet), the secondary for thin clients ...09:07
alkisgDid you assign an ip to the non-used NIC?09:08
mss10 clients connected thru netgear 10/00 switch -- could never boot up more than 5 at once09:08
mssyes ....09:08
mssIs that a problem ?09:09
alkisgIs the IP on the same subnet as the first NIC?09:09
alkisgE.g. and ?09:09
mssIt is
mssso diff subnet09:10
alkisgOK so the dhcp server won't get mixed up as to which NIC it should use...09:10
alkisgI can't imagine what would go wrong while pxe booting that would cause this, except maybe a switch problem or a broken pxe bios09:11
mssI saw in logs .... the DHCP server repeatedly offering IP address to clients , log after they have timed out .....looks like server is stuck in loop offering client addresses....09:11
alkisgE.g. if you had modified dhcpd.conf and it didn't offer a boot filename, then the clients would continue requesting, and the server would continue offering, but you said that you didn't modify dhcpd.conf...09:12
mssdoes not look like switch problem ... if I turn on only that client after booting system, one client will boot up at a time ..09:12
alkisgMaybe the switch drops some broadcasted packets when there's a lot of traffic? I don't know, but I'd try another switch if it's available09:13
alkisgOK when you get there, copy /etc/ltsp/dhcpc.conf and /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/default/dhcp3-server and `ifconfig -a`09:15
msssure .. will do that ...09:15
alkisg...and maybe try disabling the same nic, just in case (e.g. if you had netmask= it would get mixed up)09:16
alkisg*the _second_ nic09:16
alkisgAh, and also get the client's NIC pci id09:16
alkisgFinally, if the clients have another boot method (cd, hd, usb, floppy) you could try gpxe09:17
alkisghttp://www.etherboot.org => it may work or it may better tell you what's wrong09:17
mssI saw several "system slow" messages like the above, but no clear reolution with hardy09:19
alkisgHe has an authentication problem, you have a dhcp problem... I don't see any similarities...?09:20
mssthis one ...09:26
mssand this one09:27
alkisgIf it's a dhcp3-server problem, then it would require network dumps to make an appropriate bug report so that upstream could fix it09:29
alkisg...and in this case, changing e.g. dhcp3-server with dnsmasq would make it work09:30
* alkisg gotta go, bbl...09:31
mssthanks .....bye alkisg09:32
Ahmuckwell, it was fun while it lasted ...16:56
dgroosAhmuck: ?17:01
Ahmuckpower outage, blew up the server17:02
Ahmucknot sure if it is the psu or the mobo, but something blew17:02
dgroossorry :(17:03
Ahmucknot sure i'm going to put out the expense in fixing it.  the lab cost money to run, it was a community thing that i was doing as a good will thing17:03
mhall119Ahmuck: where?17:04
dgroosAhmuck: do you have something online describing this service/project?  I always like to see what others are working on.17:09
Ahmucknope, not online.  i can take a photo of the lab if you want, a panoramic17:10
Ahmuckand do a description.  i've been torn about keeping it open, or closing it down.  we had just made the decision to move it to a building that had a window to get more traffic17:10
Ahmuckmhall119 where as in location?17:12
mhall119Ahmuck: yeah17:12
Ahmuckosborne, ks17:12
mhall119are you a part of the -ks LoCo?17:12
Ahmuckmhall119 i'm glad your here.  my clients are 800mhz with 256mb ram.  any chance qimo will run on those?17:12
Ahmuckmhall119 yes17:13
mhall119Ahmuck: Qimo will run fine17:13
Ahmuckmhall119 sorta, i don't subscribe to the lists, don't participate in the web stuff, just the irc channel17:13
mhall119Ahmuck: you might ask around in your LoCo to see if anyone has hardware you can use to fix the server17:13
Ahmucki sponser a regional LUG, and i promote ubuntu in the lug17:13
mhall119another good place to ask17:14
Ahmuckour LoCo is small, very small17:14
mhall119I've gotten a lot of donations from the -fl LoCo17:14
Ahmuckoddly, though there are a number of techs in the area, some in the ISP, business, etc. i'17:14
Ahmuckve never been able to attract anybody of that caliber for the lug17:14
dgroosAhmuck, cool.  I suppose you've pondered using ace_suares' project page?  Looking for it but can't find it--where again is this prototype edubuntu wiki?17:14
Ahmuckthe lug is mostly gui startups people17:14
mhall119too bad17:15
Ahmucksome converted to linux because they had no license keys, however those that have converted are so happy with xubutu that they refuse to change back to windows17:15
AhmuckLaserJock: needs to put the wiki in the title17:16
Ahmucksadly we operated our community magazine out of that lab.17:17
dgroosSo... Ahmuck, I would like to read about it, the project page is a good place, ay?17:26
Ahmuckwell, i've had mixed success.  8.10 was great, 9.04 has been a pain17:27
Ahmuckit's also listed as private enterprise rather than 501c, though it might be considered not for profit.  originally the idea was to provide inet access, office space, etc. to people who needed to get away from the house or couldn't afford to purchase a computer and inet17:28
Ahmuckin that aspect it's worked, unfortunately, not to the extent to pay the rent, utilities, so that's been coming out of pocket, plus the computer expenses, though most of that was from recycled hardware or donated hardware17:29
Ahmucki have a what some would consider a fault, a bleeding heart17:30
dgroosNice vision... tough to get something like this self-funded...17:30
dgroosI'm guessing that's a genetic disposition associated with lots of open-source, present author included :)17:30
Ahmuck*shrugs*, it comes out of my business income.  this means i was unable to buy a new camera this year, but *shrugs* i don't mind17:31
Ahmuckit's provided jobs to kids in high school17:32
dgroosComplex project... please consider writing this up.  Always the edubuntu-based projects are so much bigger than the technology though...17:33
dgroosthat isn't to underestimate the critical role of said tech.17:34
dgrooshmmm... I'm repeating myself...17:35
Ahmuckcomplex?  i just did it because it was a challenge ... :)17:36
Ahmuckwell, and i enjoyed it17:36
Ahmuckwhile i'm thinking of it, i just realized that 'm going to need that computer for some info we've kept on the lab.  looks like i'm going to have swap a new mobo in it.  the drive is "raided" to prevent data loss, however switching boards will mean i have to re-install?17:39
Ahmuckanybody know if 8.04.3 had good ltsp support, i may fall back17:39
ace_suaresif your drives are okay, they'll just work. Unless maybe i's hardware raid.18:52
mhall119yeah, changing mobo alone won't require a re-install, Linux > Windows19:07
Ahmuckmhall119 :)20:21
Ahmuckso i was reading about linux software raid and md.  i understand if it finds a bad sector, it won't rebuild the raid.  /me wonders if this had been fixed20:21
Ahmuckdownloading qimo20:23
Ahmuckmhall119 do you have a way to build an image for qimo? server side?20:23
mhall119what do you mean?20:35
mhall119for an LTSP?20:36
* mhall119 is a packaging machine!21:10
mhall119okay, I need some guidance on customizing XFCE22:33
mhall119customizing the default settings, to be used by new users22:34

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