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mattparryHi, I've just tried to install Alpha3 alternative, problem with grub installation - anyone have grub issues?00:42
neversfeldemattparry: nope, but #ubuntu+1 would be a better channel to ask00:45
neversfeldeRiddell: are you around?01:17
neversfeldenemphis: how is the progress?01:17
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shtylmanwhy is there not a progrss bar with text in qt?02:47
JontheEchidnaAdept had text in its progress bar02:51
shtylmandid they extend the widget?03:00
shtylmanand make their own...03:00
shtylmancause the stock one doesn't as far as I can see...03:00
shtylmanoh...and I think something in the new kde libraries causes segfault on exit... or something...03:00
JontheEchidnashtylman: it uses the setformat function it seems03:16
JontheEchidnai18n( "%p% [%1/%2B done, %3B/s] ETA: %4", <variablesgohere>)03:17
shtylmanahh...so I can have various strings in there as well03:17
shtylmanbeyond the %p or whatnot...03:17
shtylmangood to know :) thanks03:17
EagleScreenfilelight mola pero es algo inestable, si mientras esta escaneando te pones a tocar otros botones, se cuelga03:23
neversfeldeEagleScreen: you need spanish support? => #kubuntu-es03:26
EagleScreensorry i typed here by error03:27
nixternalwhat happened to plasma-widget-network-manager?03:38
nixternalnetworkmanagement :)03:38
nixternalhrmm, why does it pull in network-manager-gnome?03:40
EagleScreennixternal: there are two packages for plasma network-manager plasmoid, it may be an error03:44
nixternalwell, plasma-widget-networkmanagement !work03:44
nixternalplasma-widget-network-manager will not install as it is marked obsolete03:44
EagleScreenthey are plasma-widget-networkmanager and plasma-widget-networkmanagement03:44
nixternalthere is no networkmanager, just network-manager03:45
nixternaland it will not install as it is marked obsolete in teh repos03:45
EagleScreenplasma-widget-networkmanagement is the official in Kuubntu now03:45
shtylmanRiddell: lp:~shtylman/ubiquity-slideshow/qt03:45
nixternalnetworkmanagement !work03:45
shtylmanI just did a quick app that seems to do what the gtk side does...03:46
nixternalit is a crap icon for one, and all you can do is change the shortcut key for it03:46
EagleScreeni think neither of them works well for now03:46
EagleScreenin addiction I think there is a bug in network-manager package, it recomemnds network-manager-gnome or plasma-widget-networkmanager and it should recommend plasma-widget-networkmanagement03:47
nixternalwell this sucks03:48
EagleScreennormal issues in the development release03:48
nixternalEagleScreen: ya, week one03:48
nixternalI have been around here for more than 4 years, typically this kind of garbage happens a bit earlier03:48
nixternalnormal issues == laziness || jumping the gun03:49
nixternalin this case, it seems jumping the gun is the winner03:49
EagleScreennixternal: are you having this in karmic?03:50
EagleScreenthen it is normally03:50
nixternalno it isn't dude03:50
EagleScreenkarmic suffers on constant changes that break things temporary03:51
nixternalthe first month, OK, not post alpha303:51
nixternalEagleScreen: as did warty, hoary, dapper, and so on and so forth03:51
EagleScreenAlpha versions can suffer regresions03:51
nixternalnevermind, thanks03:52
nixternalthese types of regressions are for the first month...if this type of regression is expected, it needs to be communicated...I am tired of these somewhat idiotic moves03:52
neversfeldehttp://kubuntu-de.org is now a kubuntu.org twin04:59
neversfeldenemphis: you absolutely rock, thank you for all your work05:00
maconixternal: have you missed out on the interesting beta issues the last year?05:03
macohardy... compile flags changed and libc was updated and systems stopped booting... intrepid...dunno, didnt use it, something probably happened that i forgot about though... jaunty... intel driver goes insane 2 weeks before release05:04
zayxhey developer dudes05:41
zayxis not beig able to shutdown/reboot through kde dialogues a knowen packaging issue?05:41
* Gon ausente: Ausente por el momento08:07
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allee-kAnyone knows the proper way to extract from passwd the full-name in GECOS?09:47
allee-kin C++ ^^09:47
Riddellshtylman: genius!16:12
lex79JontheEchidna: can you ack this launchpad bug 407727 ?16:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407727 in kphotoalbum "Sync kphotoalbum 4.0.2-1 from debian unstable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40772716:46
Zorael^2Will there be eventually be an openoffice.org-kde package in karmic? Doesn't seem to be one so far, and it looks horrid without it.17:21
RiddellZorael^2: yes17:27
macois using kde the reason my openoffice.org uses text with no images for all the buttons and confuses the HECK out of me?17:46
Riddellyes, there's no kde theme currently, I'll poke Chris next week to see when the kde 4 one will appear17:54
Riddellyou should be able to install the gnome one though17:55
RioKurohey everybody18:17
RioKurodoes anybody know how to set my global cflags?18:17
Zorael^2Riddell: the gnome one? openoffice.org-style-human, or -default?18:57
JontheEchidnaRiddell: Debian experimental has the kde4 stuff in their 3.1.1 packages, btw19:02
JontheEchidna3.1.1 prerelease packages, that is19:02
JontheEchidnalex79: acked19:05
JontheEchidnaexcept arora crashed19:06
JontheEchidnatoo bad apport didn't get it19:06
lex79JontheEchidna: I was wrong, kphotoalbum need pkg-kde-tools 0.4.11, in ubuntu is 0.4.6 :(19:20
lex79I posted my comment in LP, sorry.19:23
JontheEchidnasomebody need to merge that I guess19:28
JontheEchidnaPlasma NM bugs are almost under control. I killed 20 duplicates and moved 20 more over to the plasma-widget-networkmanagement package as they were triaged19:55
JontheEchidnaStill needs a bit of work if anybody's interested: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plasma-widget-network-manager19:55
allee-k__Riddell: I've added a fix for bug 39039619:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 390396 in kdebase ""About Me" in System Settings throws an error when changing details" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39039619:56
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allee-kJontheEchidna: you asked yesterday about userconfig.   I'm interested in some pykde work.  Is there somewhere a TODO for it?20:00
JontheEchidnaI don't know if there's a formal TODO yet. Last I saw, there was a call for testing put out to the kubuntu-devel mailing list, with a package of the (still latest) bzr snapshot at https://edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/experimental20:02
JontheEchidnaallee-k: ^20:02
JontheEchidnahttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/guidance/userconfig-kde4 <- also20:04
JontheEchidnaOn the ML, it was proposed that once it got LDAP and samba integration that it could probably replace KUser20:05
_SimeI'm not sure if that is really needed...20:09
_SimeI'm also not sure who we would have to convice to get userconfig into kde svn.20:09
allee-kJontheEchidna: thx20:42
allee-k_Sime: ldap would be nice. as we here will soon: nis => ldap + krb ;)20:42
_Simeallee-k: yeah, but, if you were administering a network would you use userconfig or a tool from your server vendor?20:52
_SimeI'm not sure if userconfig should even aim at that scenario.20:52
_Simemaybe just for non-networked PCs.20:52
_Simelocal accounts.20:52
allee-k_Sime: If aim would be not-networked Kubuntu desktop/netbook, then IMO there would be no need to let userconfig primary interface show 'all' of  passwd/shadow/group20:59
_Simeallee-k: that might be true too21:00
allee-kmhmm, direct addressbook  link or/and integration would be more helpful21:07
davmor2Riddell: did you get to the bottom of what is causing the issue with the live cds?22:23
Riddelldavmor2:  system-config-printer-udev: Conflicts: hal-cups-utils but 0.6.19+git20090217-0ubuntu7 is to be installed23:33
davmor2Meh who needs to print anyway right?23:34
Riddellit'll get fixed with 4.3.0 on monday23:39
davmor2Riddell: cool so tuesday's cd's should be good to test again then?23:40
Riddellhope so23:40
davmor2Riddell: will that mean that the work shtylman has put into the ubiquity-kde front end will then show up too :)  /me hopes so it looks nice :)23:45
seelehmm.. would have liked to see a few more of my changes i recommended in the ubiquity ui23:53
* seele shrugs23:53
shtylmanseele: I think I got all your recommendations in23:56

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