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ign0ramusEagleScreen, don't know, i don't use gui for packages00:02
EagleScreenaptitude ot apt-get?00:03
ign0ramusEagleScreen, the error was preventing apt-get from reading package headers00:03
EagleScreenis it already fixed?00:03
ign0ramusEagleScreen, it is now :)00:04
Zxcvbwould there be any problems with running kubuntu on a different system than it was installed and first run on (such as installing and updating on a desktop, then moving the hard drive to a netbook)?00:05
cjaeanyone why xchat doesnt work in kubuntu 9.04 ?00:26
bazhangcjae, it does work; what issue are you having?00:27
cjaesorry to whoever answered me, the was an issue with the startup list thing lol00:28
cjaeand lvm gurus in here00:29
bazhangcjae, which startup list00:31
cjaehang on cpu wire rubbing on fan00:31
cjaebazhang, figured it out, had startup list not shown00:33
cjaenetwork list00:33
cjaebazhang, know anything about lvm?00:34
bazhanghttp://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO cjae you read this?00:34
cjaeit think I have all the physical (lvm) partitions setup and a large volume group setup but not filesystems on it00:35
cjaeyes read that00:35
mattparryhi!  whats the development IRC for kubuntu call?00:35
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snarkster-phonehow do you make amarok re-run the codec wizard again00:37
ZeLDaHello i need assistance00:37
ZeLDaQuick hurry00:38
bazhangZeLDa, need a question00:38
snarkster-phoneno kidding00:38
ZeLDabazhang: when i try to login to my kubuntu i enters DOS and it says something bout: Starting K display manager: kdm00:38
cjaeand I think I need to mkfs ext4 /dev/buntulvm00:39
cjaeZeLDa, use crtl-alt f200:40
cjaethen login00:40
cjaeyour x windows is broken or not on00:41
cjaesee I have three hard disks one with / and swap not on a lvm partition, and the rest of the disk space(s)(the other two drives as well) need to be lvmbuntu but as ext4 and mount point of /home00:44
omarthamerhi can some help in xview00:45
omarthamerany one00:47
ZeLDaWhat is så fun using linux?00:47
omarthamerhi can any help in xview00:47
cjaebut I am not sure how to make /dev/lvmbuntu to ext4 and mount point /home00:48
fg56lxWhen ever I listen to music for any length of time, in any program, it begins to skip and stutter. What would cause this? And how can i fix it?01:11
ZeLDaCan someone give me an advice on what laptop i should buy01:13
LadyNikonZeLDa: thats a very hard question01:15
LadyNikonwhat are you intentions for the laptop?01:15
ZeLDaLadyNikon: a good one i can use linux on01:15
EagleScreenIBM laptos are good for Linux01:16
LadyNikonhave you gone to newegg and looked at the states01:16
ZeLDaAre they cheap?01:16
LadyNikonnow see.. i hate IBM01:16
EagleScreenbuy then any laptop with Linux preinstalled01:16
ZeLDaEagleScreen: how do i find a laptop with linux installed o.o?01:17
LadyNikonZeLDa: google.01:17
EagleScreenyeah, google01:17
ZeLDaAre thinkpads any good? o.o01:18
LadyNikonZeLDa: i would look for reviews of thinkpads01:18
LadyNikoninstead of asking in a small place like this01:18
LadyNikonIBM thinkpads are expensive..01:18
LadyNikonsorry LENOVO.. >.>01:18
ZeLDai checked the ibm01:19
ZeLDanot any good looking?01:19
LadyNikonastetix depends on the individual01:19
ZeLDaCan someone tell me why i heard linux is often used by hackers?01:19
ZeLDaLadyNikon: fun?01:20
LadyNikonZeLDa: do i find programming fun?01:20
ZeLDaLadyNikon: How do i become a programmer?01:20
LadyNikonok im done.01:20
ZeLDaLadyNikon: i was just kidding01:21
LadyNikonnooo.. really.01:21
bazhang!ot | ZeLDa01:21
ubottuZeLDa: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!01:21
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ZeLDaanyone here who knows anything of a game called uplink?01:45
bazhangZeLDa, certainly; that would be for #kubuntu-offtopic though NOT here01:46
EagleScreenany KDE application to explore which files are wasting my hard disk?01:56
CaliostroHi all01:56
pescadohi caliostro01:57
pescadodo you know how to set up a xerox printer in network01:57
CaliostroUnfortunately, I don't.01:59
pescadodont worry01:59
pescadowhat can i do for you01:59
DragnslcrEagleScreen- Dolphin's file search can filter by file size01:59
CaliostroI have very strange bug with one widget, "Quick Access". It not displays any folders or files in my filesystem02:00
pescado if anyone speaks spanish i can help it too02:01
EagleScreeni speak spanish, but the right place to speak spanish is #kubuntu-es02:02
pescadoi know EagleScreen02:02
purpleposeidonI gave kwin a bad compositing setting, now it crashes when it starts.02:03
EagleScreenpurpleposeidon: investigate what config file save these settings and rename/delete it02:03
pescadocertaintly you are in kubuntu-es too02:04
saint_the1sorry...delete as stated above and add again02:05
purpleposeidonEagleScreen: I using an alternative window manager and starting plasmsa to get to the config center would be easier. :P02:06
purpleposeidonOr just ``systemsettings``02:06
matthey I have an 8.5gb dual layer dvd and a 8.2 gb iso that I need to burn. I read that 8.5gb dvds are actually only 8.0gb. and that is what it shows up as. What do i do02:25
mattIs overburn safe for this amount of data?02:25
luis_Ei guys i got 1 problem with adobe flash player, there is a program, called zynga poker, than the tables appear invisible (doesnt show), at the start of the app, some words says: Refresh cache or upgrade adobe flash playe02:31
luis_this program is in facebook, i am using firefox, can someone help me?02:31
carpiiand have you done what it suggests ?02:32
saint_the1matt...try shrinking the iso02:53
Zxcvbwould there be any problems with running kubuntu on a different system than it was installed and first run on (such as installing and updating on a desktop, then moving the hard drive to a netbook)?03:14
EagleScreenZxcvb: minimal issues may be03:19
EagleScreenZxcvb: for instance you may need to reconfigure X server for the new Grpahics card03:20
moisesalguien me puede ayudar03:25
eddyyo tambien busco ayuda :D03:26
eddycon iptables03:26
moisesla verdad soy un novato y quisiera saver como restaurar KDE03:27
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:27
moisesOK gracias03:28
zaapielwat up g's03:28
zaapieli feel ya03:29
ZxcvbEagleScreen: isn't that supposed to be autodetected at runtime now?03:29
* zaapiel is just waiting on 4.303:29
BluesKajwaiting ?03:29
zaapielwell when its released03:30
zaapielno beta for me03:30
EagleScreenZxcvb: you may need to run only one command to call that auto-detection again: $sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phight xserver-xorg03:30
zaapielkubuntu should have packages pretty quickly after its released i assume?03:30
EagleScreenkubuntu will package KDE 4.3 for jaunty when it to be released03:31
ZxcvbEagleScreen: good, then I can install the kpkg stuff on the regular laptop (toshiba atheros)03:31
EagleScreenZxcvb: kpkg stuff? are you compiling a kernel?03:32
ZxcvbEagleScreen: yeah, the wifi chipset doesn't work right with the stock kernel (and neither does the alt-f9 killswitch)03:33
ZxcvbEagleScreen: same with sound03:33
EagleScreenZxcvb: take care to build the kernel for the right architecture (i386, amd64...)03:34
ZxcvbEagleScreen: yeah, fortunately I still have an i386 laptop I can stick the hdd in to install and compile stuff03:34
EagleScreenZxcvb: you will need build source package also to can install kernel modules on that kernel03:35
EagleScreenand you will have to install the kernel-image and the kernel-source packages on the object computer03:36
Zxcvbactually, just http://kernel.org/pub/linux/kernel/v2.6/linux-
Zxcvband the necessary stuff to make the kpkg03:36
love_Hi anyone knowhow i can install myeclipse in my system?03:36
ZxcvbEagleScreen: would it be best to install the new packages before or after moving the hard drive over?03:36
EagleScreeni wrote a guide to compile the kernel time ago, i lost it lol03:37
EagleScreenif hard disk works well in the object computer, it should be the same03:37
EagleScreenmake-kpkg --initrd binary will build all the .deb packages for you (image, headers, source and documentation)03:39
webby_i have a pretty annoying glitch when i use konqueror i always get these parts of a page usually some kinda box shape with distorted pixles  or it will look like the snow on a not tunned tv,  anyone know how i can fix this03:50
PichugeddonHi, anybody know how can i list channels?04:27
bazhangPichugeddon, search for them via /msg alis list *term*04:29
Pichugeddonmany tks bazhang, so long time without irc :)04:30
bazhangPichugeddon, best to avoid the /list command as that will likely disconnect you :)04:31
matakshow to enable the shortcut commands on kubuntu? i setup some shortcut commands in System Settings > Mouse/Keyboad > Global shortcut keys04:34
CaliostroPeople! Does anybody know where to place sounds (wav) to install them on kubuntu?  :)05:03
bazhangCaliostro, wav? to play them? to use as startup sound? could you please clarify05:05
Caliostrobazhang, to use as system sounds :)05:05
Caliostro(startup, too)05:05
bazhangCaliostro, let me websearch05:06
CaliostroNobody can stop you ;)05:06
bazhangCaliostro, can you see preferences sound in your menu? left click should let you choose custom on the sound and you just choose the wav file from there05:10
CaliostroBtw, I remember that someone asked me about config for 5.1 audio system on linux. Finally I created perfectly working (for me, of course) script .asoundrc. I can share it :)05:11
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matakshow to auto enable numlock on reboot?05:14
CaliostroI found solution for my problem. Thanks )05:21
fg56lxWhen ever I listen to music for any length of time, in any program, it begins to skip and stutter. What would cause this? And how can i fix it?05:30
Caliostro_Who stole my nick name?05:38
originCan I play music (from a player) to the mic input. I mean that... if somehing was listening to the mic input it would receve the sound being played to it?05:54
gherringmy mp4 playback sounds like static  :(05:56
gherringeverything else is good, but when I playback any media that has mp4 sound it nearly blows my speakers up with static and scratchy noises05:57
gherringI tried adjusting the kmix properties, different settings etc - to no avail05:58
gherringanybody know a fix?05:58
DaskreeCHAnyone can help with a X resolution problem ?06:10
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gherringDaskreeCH: maybe I can06:17
gherringwhat's up?06:17
publicyhey i need help06:34
publicyi changed the xrender composite to opengl and now everythings black, now  i got got into text base. i want to change back to xrender, how?06:35
publicyany help?06:36
kub1Xorg just started using 100% %CPU on my quad core Phenom II, & slowing the system to a crawl. Running KUb 904 64 bit. running the latest launchpad ppa kde 4.3? apt updated yesterday. Is this a known issue?06:39
kub1Xorg just started using 100% %CPU on one of my cores in a quad core Phenom II, & slowing the system to a crawl. Running KUb 904 64 bit. running the latest launchpad ppa kde 4.3? apt updated yesterday. Is this a known issue?06:55
b14ckhey--im trying to play a dvd on my computer. no palyer will play it atm. dragoon/vlc/etc... is there some package i need to isntall so all the plays will recognize it?07:16
b14ckand play?07:16
aicra<bl4ck>: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs07:21
publicyi changed the xrender composite to opengl and now everythings black, now i got got into text base. i want to change back to xrender, how?07:30
matakshow to enable automatic numlock on reboot07:31
publicyhow do you chaneg composite (to xrender) fmo opengl through text base?07:44
juggzhi all07:59
ShockValuehowdy everyone08:03
ShockValuejust getting my new system running.. everythign OK so far, but not getting any sound in flash..   any tips on this?08:04
cjaeok if I install fwcutter and am using kde 4.2.4 and try to setup a ip for the card it wont let, why08:16
juggzi play this game and i cant get raido strees to play throught it any help?08:17
juggzim drunk so forgive me for my spelling08:18
omarthamerhi i need some help08:21
omarthameron xview application08:21
omarthamerany information about xview buugs08:29
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kalpwhere should one mount a iso ?09:00
bazhangkalp, what sort of iso09:01
kalpiso file09:01
kalpbazhang iso file09:02
kalpwhere should one mount a iso ?09:04
bazhangkalp, I understand. distro? game? movie? what sort of iso09:04
kalpraphink hi09:04
bazhang!iso | kalp09:05
ubottukalp: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.09:05
matakswhere can i set shortcut keys in kubuntu09:05
kalpbazhang 9.04 alternate09:05
kalpubottu mountpoint can be anything?09:08
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:08
fg56lxWhen ever I listen to music for any length of time, in any program, it begins to skip and stutter. What would cause this? And how can i fix it?09:08
kalpraphink :  for mounting an iso, mount -t iso ... is right?09:10
kalpwhere should one mount a iso ? /dev/cdrom is ok?09:16
kalpi have mounted an alternate cd iso for 9.04 upgrade. what do i do next?09:33
bazhangkalp, what are you trying to accomplish?09:34
kalpbazhang upgrading to 9.04 using the alternate cd iso09:35
bazhangkalp, any reason not to do that via the net, minus the cd?09:36
kalpbazhang it didnt work and dont want to download as it costs me.09:37
kalpdoes 9.04 require a minimum latest kernel, i have the 27 ?09:38
bazhanghttp://bicchi.blogspot.com/2007/10/upgrade-ubuntu-from-iso-image.html kalp like this?09:41
kalpbazhang i hope it works, i wil try09:44
xircxwell that sucked09:44
xircxi had to install the gnome desktop inorder to reinstall kubuntu desktop ;\09:44
bazhangxircx, you want purekde?09:44
xircxno i wonted my kde desktop back09:45
xircxbut its cool i have it back now09:45
xircxi like having both gnome and kde on here so i always have a back up09:46
xircxlinuxs needs more games09:47
xircxwhats the link for the ubuntu game list forum10:05
bazhang!games |xircx10:13
ubottuxircx: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php10:13
kalp_9.04 upgrade failed, ca certificates problem, anyone?10:31
Indigo_Blackhello all / привет всем10:31
hagisbasherukhi Mike110:51
Mike1someone in #ubuntu-de has the problem that his ttys are not visible10:54
Mike1he just gets a black screen when pressing STRG+ALT+F1 in his Kubuntu 9.0410:55
Mike1that's not normal behavior i guess?10:55
Mike1he got a intel GMA3100 maybe that's causing it?10:56
MamarokMike1: no, ttys are independend from the graphic card10:59
Mike1Mamarok: but the resolution changes10:59
Mike1maybe it got a problem with that10:59
Mamarokdid he try Ctrl+Alt+F2 and the others till F6?10:59
MamarokMike1: the GUI resolution is not relevant for the framebuffer :)11:00
Mike1Mamarok: he tried all of them11:01
MamarokMike1: becuase the ttys are handled on start, long before you start the GUI11:01
Mike1Mamarok: i just find quite some bugreports for similar problems11:03
MamarokMike1: well, check on Launchpad if there are problems with his graphic card11:04
Mike1i'm doing that atm11:04
QrawlKDE is freezing my computer.  anyone know about this problem and have a solution?11:21
Laeborgks303874:~# htpasswd -c /etc/squid/passwd laeborg11:28
Laeborg-bash: htpasswd: command not found11:28
Laeborgand i can't find htpasswd in the repos11:28
kalpi have upgraded from kubuntu 8.1 to 9.04. but synaptic, adept and amarok are missing.11:29
kalpi have upgraded from kubuntu 8.1 to 9.04. but synaptic, adept and amarok are missing. what should i do?11:30
Mamarokkalp: synaptic is a Gnome application, not available by default in KDE11:31
hagisbasheruksudo apt-get update and apt-get upgrade --fix-missing kalenedrael11:31
Mamarokadept has been replaced by kpackagekit, integrated in the system settings11:31
hagisbasherukkalp even11:31
Mamarokhagisbasheruk: that will not work for Amarok, it's a different version11:32
kalpMamarok: i had installed it in kubuntu 8.1, after upgrade its not there11:32
Mamarokkalp: because it is a different version, there has been a database change11:33
Mamarokjust run sudo apt-get install amarok11:33
Qrawlis anyone having the problem of KDE freezing their computer11:33
MamarokQrawl: we ould need a lot more information than just that: what KDE, what graphic card, what graphic driver, etc11:33
Qrawlhow do I find out that information11:34
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MamarokQrawl: well, what Kubuntu version do you have?11:34
Qrawlim not running it now11:35
Qrawlbut I think the latest11:35
MamarokQrawl: also, you don't know what graphic card you have? You can run the command 'lspci' in a konsole11:35
mataksis there a program in linux that will restore system everytime you reboot like deep freeze in windows11:35
MamarokQrawl: what RC1? the latest is Kubuntu 9.04 wich comes with KDE 4.2.2 by default11:35
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Qrawlthe latest Kubuntu with the latest KDE11:35
Qrawllet me see if Dolphin tells me11:36
MamarokQrawl: the latest KDE is not the default one, did you add other repositories since the installation?11:36
MamarokQrawl: go to hel -> about KDE11:36
QrawlVersion 4.2.98 (KDE 4.2.98 (KDE 4.3 RC3))11:36
Qrawlbut the default one froze too11:37
Mamarokmataks: I don't know Windows at all, but the KDE sessions are saved if you log out11:37
MamarokQrawl: ok, so what graphic card do you have?11:37
QrawlVGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82915G/GV/910GL Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 04)11:37
MamarokQrawl: try the following: on a konsole, type mv .kde/ .kde_backup/, then restart KDE11:38
Mamarokthis will move the old KDE settings to a backup folder and will start with a fresh GUI11:39
Qrawli didnt mess around with it at all11:39
Qrawldoesnt seem like that would do anything11:39
Qrawlits basically a fresh install11:39
MamarokQrawl: just try it and report back11:40
Qrawlbleh... I was hoping it was a common problem11:40
Mamarokand no, you don't have a fresh install, because you run KDE 4.2.98, that is a lot of updates since Kubuntu 9.04 came out11:41
Qrawli know its going to freeze again.  Its bad on my HD to shut it off manually11:41
Qrawli was hoping there was a known solution and it was a common problem11:41
Qrawlthx anyway11:42
Mike1btw: Intel Onboard Graphic's performanc sucks under Windows also because of the very bad drivers11:44
Mike1how is it under linux?11:44
matakshelp my printer is not working.. i can't print.. why is that11:45
hagisbasherukGMA950 is good under windows and getting better in linux day by day11:46
Mike1hagisbasheruk: but for example are u able to play Doom3 with it? Or Nexuiz?11:48
hagisbasherukwell not doom 3 with gma950 on atom cpu11:49
matakshelp my printer is not working.. i can't print.. why is that11:51
ubuntuIs it properly connected?11:53
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dededede4salut !12:04
dededede4ya des gens ?12:04
bazhang!fr | dededede412:04
ubottudededede4: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr12:04
dededede4salut !12:04
dededede4salut !12:05
dededede4allo ?12:06
Mamarok!fr | dededede412:08
ubottudededede4: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr12:08
dededede4 Vous avez déjà eu l'erreur "APIC resources could be not allocated" à l'installa12:11
dededede4tion ?12:11
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timmyhey ppl12:22
timmy hello12:23
timmyhow r u12:23
timmycom in12:23
timmyi'm great12:24
ercanfrom where12:24
timmybut how do u change ur nick name12:24
timmyi'm from qld12:24
bazhangtimmy, /nick newnick12:24
timmyhow do u change ur nickname?12:24
=== ercan is now known as lancelot
timmytimmy, /nick upgrayedd12:25
timmyaww i dont know12:25
lanceloti changed12:25
lancelotits working12:25
timmyum qld is queensland, its in australia12:25
LadyNikontimmy: type by itself /nick upgrayedd12:25
bazhangtimmy, /timmy upgrade12:25
LadyNikon/nick upgrayedd12:26
LadyNikonlike that12:26
lancelothi alberto12:26
timmytimmy, / timmy upgrayedd12:26
LadyNikonstop typing timmy12:26
bazhangtimmy, no spaces before /12:26
LadyNikonONLY type what i say above12:26
LadyNikon/nick upgrayedd12:26
timmytimmy,/nick upgrayedd12:26
FloodBotK1timmy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:26
LadyNikonwhy are you typing timmy?12:27
lancelotjust type that12:27
LadyNikon/nick upgrayedd12:27
=== timmy is now known as upgrayedd
LadyNikonthere ya go :D12:27
upgrayeddthank u ppl12:27
upgrayeddwere u from?12:28
=== alberto is now known as alberto__
upgrayeddi'm from australia12:29
lancelothey how can i enter freenode server12:29
lancelotwhat time is it now12:29
upgrayeddwho me?12:29
upgrayeddumm its 9:30 here12:29
lancelotafter noon?12:30
upgrayeddwut ur time?12:30
lancelothmm here it is 143012:30
lancelotpls some body help me12:30
lancelothow can i enter freenode server do you know?12:31
bazhanglancelot, you are on it12:31
bazhanglancelot, #freenode channel you mean?12:32
bazhanglancelot, /join #freenode12:32
lancelotsorry u r really true12:32
upgrayeddcan u find ppl on this12:33
bazhang!ot | upgrayedd12:34
ubottuupgrayedd: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!12:34
upgrayeddis there like a search buttom?12:34
LadyNikonok so.. this isnt #irc.12:34
=== alberto is now known as alberto__
=== adam is now known as adam__
LadyNikonbazhang: you do realize you just told a guy who just learned how to change his nick.. how not to join another channel?12:35
upgrayeddany one know how to find ppl?12:36
LadyNikonupgrayedd: this isnt the type of channel for that12:37
bazhangupgrayedd, this is not a chat channel; its Kubuntu support12:37
LadyNikon/join #kubuntu-office12:37
alberto__ /join #kubuntu-office12:37
LadyNikon/join #kubuntu-offtopic12:37
LadyNikonsorry i dont have my glasses on12:37
upgrayeddok then, how do i get new programs on ubuntu?12:38
bazhang!software | upgrayedd12:38
ubottuupgrayedd: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents12:38
upgrayeddi knew that12:38
upgrayedd i already know how 2 get prgrams12:39
LadyNikonyou need to reword your question12:39
upgrayeddno i was jokin12:39
LadyNikonyou are probably gonna get your self removed from this channel.12:40
upgrayeddhow do go to another channel with peeps?12:40
LadyNikonIs there a way to get rid of the blocked updates?12:40
LadyNikonI am kind of tired of seeing the same updates12:40
LadyNikonupgrayedd: i suggest you google irc commands.12:40
bazhangupgrayedd, /join #channelname12:41
upgrayeddok thanks12:41
LadyNikon#channelname is the name of the channel you want to join12:41
LadyNikonnot the actual name of the channel12:41
* upgrayedd waves hello and does a fart12:42
upgrayeddhey ppl12:50
upgrayeddhow do get other chat things?12:50
upgrayedddoes anyone know?12:51
upgrayeddwut are other channels????????????????????????????////12:52
upgrayeddany one12:53
upgrayeddplz plz plz12:53
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Riddell, Tm_T, fdoving, Mez, tsimpson, jpatrick, seth_k, apokryphos, nalioth, Hobbsee, robotgeek, imbrandon, gnomefreak, genii, Hawkwind, trappist, LjL, haggai, fooishbar, crimsun, seth, apokryphos, DBO, nixternal, PriceChild, Pici or jussi01!12:55
LadyNikonbleh they should say that before i use it12:55
LadyNikonthank you gnomefreak12:55
YafaRay_Guest334can i have help withnetworking problem12:58
bob__hi, anyone had problems installing radeonhd 1.2.5-1?13:02
upgrayeddello again13:02
bob__I built .deb file using checkinstall, did dpkg -i <pkg>, but xorg can't seen to find the module: http://pastebin.com/fbf235e713:03
bob__the regular radeonhd 1.2.4-2 package in the repositories works fine13:05
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BluesKajhi folks13:17
upgrayeddhi folk13:20
upgrayeddhow u doin13:20
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Mamarokupgrayedd: this is a support channel, not a chat, please respect the guidelines13:40
upgrayeddi havnt said anything 4 ages13:41
BluesKajMamarok, has his stripes on today :)13:41
Mamarokhi BluesKaj :)13:41
BluesKajhi Mamarok :)13:42
BluesKajI'm having probs with konqueror losing the cursor on some websites13:44
elitrouBluesKaj: try using firefox:)13:47
BluesKajFF isn't rendering properly anymore ...some graphics etc don't show13:47
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elitrouBluesKaj: what version of FF do you use?13:48
BluesKajthe prob with konq isn't a biggie since very few sites seem to be affected13:49
elitrouBluesKaj: well, try to file a bug on konqueror and update to the latest FF 3.0.1213:50
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BluesKajelitrou, I'll give it another wek or so13:52
MamarokBluesKaj: or try firefox-3.5, works quite fine here13:53
BluesKajMamarok, 3,5 was worse13:53
BluesKajMamarok, open a site containing a lot of images with FF , then open the same site with konq , check the diff13:55
MamarokBluesKaj: I know, some sites just do much better with Konq13:57
ZeLDa77Can someone tell me what i need to install a game onto kubuntu? Its called uplink.exe and i dont know how to open it? Do i open it with terminal?13:57
MamarokZeLDa77: you will need Wine I think, as this is a Windows executable, those don't work by default in Linux13:58
Mamarok!wine | ZeLDa7713:58
ubottuZeLDa77: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu13:58
bazhangZeLDa77, uplink has a linux version13:59
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dbc254wanna make a backup, but there isn't a backup tool in Kubuntu. What do you folks use?14:25
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem dbc25414:31
dbc254lots of info there bazhang TY!14:35
BluesKajBBL , errands to do14:48
akashHi I am newbie.I have upgraded to Jaunty version.From that day my CPU usage become more than 80% frequently14:53
akash__ Hi I am a newbie,recently install Kubuntu (Jaunty ver).From then "top" shows more than 80% utilization very frequently15:21
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waltzingalongakash_: and? not expected? never noticed that with kubuntu 8.10?15:22
akash__With certain googling I found that there is some bug in Xorg15:23
akash__causing more than 80% cpu usage along with plasma15:23
waltzingalongakash_: so /usr/bin/X is around 80% cpu in top?15:26
akash__Currently Plasma and xorg toggling around 80%15:27
akash__Any solutions?? Lot of experts are here.15:31
bbtbonjour les gens16:02
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manosHey there16:11
manosI could use some help...:16:11
manosI am on a new kubuntu installation16:11
EagleScreenhi manos, what happens?16:12
manossound doesn't work on flash16:12
manosbtw it's intrepid16:12
manosamarok works great16:12
manosbut on konq I can't get any flash to play sound other than static16:13
manosI looked on the web but not anything useful so far16:13
EagleScreenyou are not the first one with this problem manos16:13
manosI realised that but are you aware of any possible solution ?16:14
EagleScreenmanos: pastebin the output of command 'lspci -vv -k'16:14
elitroumanos: do you use 32 or 64 bit version?16:14
BluesKajmanos do you have these installed ?  libk3b3-extracodecs and libxine1-ffmpeg16:15
manoslibk3b3-extracodecs: No,16:16
BluesKajinstall it16:17
manosneither the second one,  libxine1-ffmpeg16:17
manosboth ?16:17
manoskk thx will do right away16:17
BluesKaj!intelhda | manos16:17
ubottumanos: For fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto16:17
EagleScreenanother user had the same problem with a sound card similar to yours16:18
BluesKajintel audio is a problem on some setups16:18
manosI sort of had it a year ago as well but fixed it, the problem is I tried a gazillion of stuff and 1. I can't recall what I tried 2. I don't know which one fixed it16:18
manosoh an BluesKaj sorry I did a mistake, I have these installed16:19
BluesKajmanos, ok  check the URL above16:20
manoskk am doing it atm16:20
manosRealtek ALC662 rev116:23
manossudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base that file is empty16:24
manoswhat should I place instead of MODEL ?16:26
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manosALC662,  Realtek or something else ?16:26
eeanmI found a debian bug that says I need 2.6.30rc4 kernel to get my ethernet to work16:27
eeanmis there a repo with such kernels somewhere?16:28
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BluesKajb__, it's #kubuntu-offtopic16:32
b__thanks @ Blues16:34
BluesKajmanos, I don't know which one , do a , lspci | grep -i audio16:36
manos@BluesKaj "manos@manos-desktop:~$ lspci | grep -i audio16:38
manos00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)16:38
manosthat's what I get16:38
manosso I suppose I will go for the auto choice16:38
manosthanks for your help :)16:38
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BluesKajauto choice ?16:38
manos  m51vaASUS M51VA16:39
manos  g71vASUS G71V16:39
manos  h13ASUS H1316:39
manos  g50vASUS G50V16:39
manos  asus-mode1ASUS16:39
FloodBotK1manos: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.16:39
manos  asus-mode2ASUS16:39
manos@BluesKaj http://pastebin.ca/151490016:43
manosthat is what I get from the link you gave me so the only relevant one seems to be auto16:43
BluesKajmanos, I hope it works for you16:44
manoswill try and see if it works, rebooting now. Oh and here is a video about KDE I created today http://pastebin.ca/1514900 I hope you guys like it... First attempt16:45
manosthanks a lot16:45
livingdaylighthello channel16:52
manosBluesKaj and everyone else, thanks a lot for all the help you are giving!16:52
manosIt worked for me! :)16:52
livingdaylightis kubuntu a good kde distro?16:52
manos@livingdaylight in my opinion it's one of the best16:53
livingdaylightI put Linux Mint on my laptop but want to come back to Ubuntu16:53
manosfrom the ones I have tried at least16:53
livingdaylightmanos: i wondered, coz i thought for kde other distros specialize more than ubuntu, you know what i mean?16:53
manosLinux Mint has a few tools that are comfy but I never found anything as useful as *buntu16:53
BluesKajmanos, you're welcome :)16:54
livingdaylightmanos: yea, i'm not impressed with Mint; overhyped maybe, but all those tools (really there aren't many) to justify making another distro - its basically ubuntu, lol16:55
manos@livingdaylight yes, I do however I feel like *buntu distros can hold kde right on a rigid base16:55
manosI agree16:55
manosTo be honest I feel like home on *buntu16:56
livingdaylightwhy not make those tools and contribute them to the community? and have them available as packages for people that want to add them?16:56
manoswell if I am not wrong, you can install these tools16:56
livingdaylightmanos: a long time ago i tried pclos and they seemed to do kde very well... but i wasn't keen on kde. I just thought i'd give kde another chance since its gone to version 416:57
manosno other distro no matter how good implementation of kde or whatever else it is on top can challenge ubuntu in comfortable-ness16:57
livingdaylightmanos: yes, and i actually prefer our applications menu. Maybe i just got used to it. One useful feature is the filter bar which is abit like gnome do, which by the way is completely broken in Mint,16:58
livingdaylightmanos: how long you been running kubuntu?16:59
manosThe good with buntu is that I can always fix stuff one way or another if they/I break (them) up, on other distros I just had to reinstall them16:59
livingdaylightmanos: have you always used kde mostly, or gnome as well?16:59
livingdaylightmanos: well, there are other distros like Arch and gentoo and slackware which are prolly more stable, where things don't break to start with, and in the event can be fixed, but i'm not at that level of competence-that's the problem17:00
manosI returned to kubuntu yesterday after some months using Windows due to myself having to work on Adobe CS4 for some school stuff and because of exams I had no time to dualboot or anything nor the experience to go deeper into that17:00
waltzingalongmanos: welcome back17:01
manoshowever I had been using kubuntu almost all the time for half a year17:01
manosand before that I was using it with gnome as well, like 50/5017:01
manosthanks waltzingalong17:01
manosKDE4 is what actually introduced me to kde/kubuntu as I didn't get attracted to kde3 back then, my mistake as I now realize it had a great value feature-wize17:02
manosI had been using KDE since 4.0 but went mainly for it when it reached 4.2 RC or something17:03
manosAs far as the other distros you mentioned,17:04
manosArch to me has been a pain, tech-wise as it required attention and time looking for stuff (although that is a great learning experience)17:05
manosthe fastest/most responsive of all also,17:05
livingdaylightyea, i just don't have the competency17:05
manosSlackware, idk much I didn't find anything great about it so just installed it and then gave it the boot,17:05
manosGentoo, I am not sure as well17:06
ralf_jDoes anyone know how to get a Netgear WG121 USB WLAN device working with Kubuntu 9.04? When plugging it in I get the following in dmesg, an that's all: http://pastebin.ca/151490217:06
manosI have heard Mandriva has a good KDE implementation17:06
livingdaylightmy main gripe with kde is the amount of 'K's everywhere, but i'm downloading it to see what it has to offer17:06
manosearlier today I made a little video about kde17:07
waltzingalonglivingdaylight: :D17:07
livingdaylightwhat's good with Ubuntu also is that so many developers make ready made apps for it. And most guides and howtos use Ubuntu as example17:07
manosto show to some friends of mine and possibly attract them to kde ,17:07
livingdaylightwaltzingalong: hi!17:07
manosdon't forget, we hav egot cookies on our side :P17:07
livingdaylightmanos: link?17:08
manosdo you want a link to that video?17:08
manosoh ok17:08
manosone second17:08
manosthere it is17:08
manosmy first attemp on such a thing so be gentle :P hehe17:08
combohow can reset my pppoE modem so it change my IP adress ?17:09
manosalso, other that a flash sound issue ( on which the guys here helped me solve it easily) I had no other issue getting it on again17:10
manosafter every and every version the developers seem to improve the code as each time I am facing less and less obstacles17:11
manosthis time, using ext4 btw, I performed a a fast and easier-than-ever installation and btw it's booting just...FAST! Also took some seconds upgrading to KDE 4.3 , other than than my system is still "vanilla" pure17:13
livingdaylightnice video... and song17:13
ralf_jmanos: Which song is that?17:13
manosThe song is called "hey there delilah"17:14
waltzingalongralf_j: plain white t's - hey there delilha17:14
ralf_jthanks :)17:14
ralf_jand a really nice video :)17:14
livingdaylighti get tired on every other linux youtube being overwhelmed with heavy-metal; so, re-freshing to hear something else accompanying the video17:14
manosby plain white T's and thanks & you're welcome17:14
livingdaylightmanos: have you tried suse? they do a very polished kde too i hear17:15
manosmmm, Suse, used to be good, I tried the latest, nothing really good, it was one of the slowest and pretty much too badly themed, ALL green makes eyes hurt17:16
manosPLUS, it's NOVELL17:16
ralf_jwhat I like about Kubuntu is that they don't brand KDE17:17
ralf_jalmost all of the others change the K-menu button and some other things17:17
ralf_jI just hope the translation issues are solved now - things improved much the last 4 months17:17
livingdaylightralf_j: oh, that's a shame. I'd like to use kde and not know that i'm using it. So, i prefer a distro making it its own17:18
ralf_jlivingdaylight: well, then it's good we can choose :D17:18
livingdaylightralf_j: who hides or brands kde the best as far as you know?17:19
ralf_jand it'd be cool if bugfix KDE released would go into the official repositories - I had to add a PPA for KDE 4.2.4 and could not find Qt 4.5.2 at all17:19
manosare you guys using KDE 4.2 or 4.3 ?17:20
ralf_jlivingdaylight: I didn't try many - besides Kubuntu (which I use) I tried Fedora and Mandriva17:21
waltzingalong4.2.98 here17:21
manosoh fedora+kde is baaaad17:21
manosfrom my experience17:21
ralf_jboth changed the k-menu button and had another background (which didn't have a brand on it, if I remember correctly)17:21
ralf_jit was really slow, but that could also be caused by me running it in VirtualBox17:21
ralf_jwhere Mandriva really surprised me, they have the guest additions included already17:22
livingdaylighti'm downloading kde4.317:22
manossame problem with regular install17:22
ralf_jhm, k17:22
ralf_jwhat I like about Fedora are the releases and updates17:22
ralf_jyou don't have to upgrde the full distro every half a year to stay up-to-date17:22
manosI also liked Arch with the rolling release thing and the KDEMod,17:23
manostoo techy though, I had trouble solving the MANY issues I faced17:23
manoshowever it is so far the fastest KDE4 distro I have tried17:23
ralf_jyeah, I'd like to stay at a mainline distro, also to find tutorials and so on17:24
manoslivingdaylight: Are you going to install Intrepid or skip to test the Koala?17:24
ralf_jI have some linux experience by now, but I still prefer the easy-to-use ones :D17:24
manosTo be honest the most complete documentation around, imho is on Arch17:25
ralf_jKubuntu works pretty fast on my main system, though when running a game in wine I have to disable composite. on my laptotp, it's not that fast, but I still need tog et WLAN working to download the graphics drivers17:25
manosbut still can't compare to the usability of buntus17:25
ralf_jI was alwas told Gentoo would be documented really well? But I really don't want to wait a weekend for the updates while my PC is non-stop compiling :D17:26
manosit could be just me or just a prejudice but on anything else, even distros based on buntus, I can't feel as comfy, as at-home17:26
jhutchinsmanos: Gentoo will be documented really well as soon as they finish updating it.17:27
manosgentoo, hmmm compiling has both good and bad sides... I prefer to go for apt though :P17:27
ralf_jjhutchins: what are they updating?17:27
manossame question actually17:28
jhutchinsralf_j: Everything.17:28
ralf_jlol :DD17:28
jhutchinsThey will never be done updating.17:28
ralf_jwell, that is normal for rolling updates, isn't it?17:29
ralf_jso this also means they will never start documenting? ;-)17:29
jhutchinsThey seem to be particularly bad about it.17:29
jhutchinsLinux is thousands of different projects.  Many of them update often, some don't.17:29
jhutchinsralf_j: Oh, they've _started_ documenting...17:29
jhutchinsralf_j: Problem is that now that they're not the hot new fad the documentation doesn't get updated often enough.17:30
livingdaylightno way i can live with a 'K' for a Start button17:31
jhutchinsDebian (parent of *buntu) has a similar problem, they've been around for so long that there are lots of documents out there that are several releases behind and no longer true.17:31
jhutchinsReally?  Start button is an issue?  I know it was when Mandriva made it an inch wide...17:31
waltzingalonglivingdaylight: right mouse click on the kmenu icon, application launcher settings, then pick a different icon17:32
jhutchinsOr follow this: http://wiki.mandriva.com/en/Releases/Mandriva/2007.1/Notes#New_KDE_system_menu_button:_how_to_remove_it17:32
ralf_jcould anyone of you help me with WLAN issues? I can't get my WG121 working17:33
ralf_jafter plugging in, nothing happens. dmesg has the following new messages: http://pastebin.ca/151490217:34
waltzingalongralf_j: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/WG12117:35
waltzingalongralf_j: do not have one myself though17:36
ralf_jSo I really should use ndsiwrapper?17:36
ralf_jI read on the net that p54 should support it with the appropriate firmware17:36
ralf_jso I thought I could finally use a "real" linux driver ;-) (I had already used that adapted a year ago, using ndiswrapper)17:36
ralf_jwaltzingalong: thanks anyway :)17:37
waltzingalongralf_j: considering that it is not a kubuntu specific question, you might get some help from #ubuntu as well17:40
manosKDesk: Hey, welcome18:05
KDeskI think that I modified the groups which my user is part of, I would like to readd my user to the default groups. Which are the default groups?18:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about groups18:10
livingdaylighti got disconnected :/18:12
livingdaylightdoes kubuntu use mplayer? what are the default apps?18:14
KDesklivingdaylight: mplayer is not the default, the default is dragon player, but I thing it will be re-replaced with kaffeine18:15
livingdaylightnever heard of dragonplayer18:15
livingdaylighti have heard mplayer and vlc are #1 players for linux18:16
KDesklivingdaylight: it is a basic player that uses phonon. Yes, those are very good, but mplayer has no interface by default, or a very old, so you can use front ends for mplayer like smplayer.18:17
KDeskInstall vlc or smplayer.18:17
sourcemakerhow can I setup the refresh rate?18:39
sourcemakerin system settings... there is only the refresh rate 50 available... but my montor supports 6018:39
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danakilhi folks :)18:55
danakilwell, if anyone thinks he has some advice on helping me to install QTscript on jaunty... I will be very happy (I try to compile Amarok from trunk)18:56
RabenschwingeHello there. Could anyone give me a hint what I need to play a DVD with the Dragon player?19:03
RabenschwingeI can rip DVDs with k9video, but I just wanna play them with Dragon player...19:04
danakillibdvdcss2 i think19:05
danakilin the medibuntu reposotory19:05
RabenschwingeI already got that...19:05
danakiloh :(19:06
RabenschwingeOtherwise I wouldn't be able to rip DVDs I guess.19:06
danakilyes, you're right19:06
danakili don't even know if phonon supports reading DVD actually :)19:06
RabenschwingeThanks for the answer though... :) I'll try to install some of those libxine packages...19:06
RabenschwingeIs the Dragon Player based on Xine?19:07
danakilit is based on Phonon19:07
danakilso it depends which backend Phonon use19:07
danakilin Ubuntu, it is Xine by default I think19:07
danakilin SystemSettings, go to "multimedia" and in the "Backend" tab19:08
RabenschwingeHm. Xine as is is a pure X application. Neither Qt nor Gtk bindings...19:08
RabenschwingeAh, yes.19:09
RabenschwingeIt lists backends, but the only listed backend is Xine.19:09
danakilme too, it's the only one installed by default I guess19:09
kalibHi guys. I have an microsd reader in my desktop... The fact is.. I can't receive any message in dmesg when I put my card...19:11
kalibdoes any one knows how to fix it?:19:11
RabenschwingeAh, I solved my problem. It works with the libxine1-all-plugins meta-package install which again installs around six billion more packages.19:14
RabenschwingeGuess there is exactly one of them that I need.19:14
danakillol ^^19:14
relentlessHello! How do I start kde? I am using x11 forwarding on a remote server..19:14
RabenschwingeSorry, I got no clue about SD card readers. With dmesg you mean /var/log/dmesg?19:14
danakil(one day, package management will be easy in linux... one day...)19:14
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manoshey remember me ? The sound problem returned...19:19
manoshowever this time I have some additional problem info I think19:20
manosthis time Amarok doesn't work19:22
LogiI have an annoying problem on kde 4.3-rc3. I had two screens active earlier today and I dragged whateveryoucallthatthingthatreplacedkicker from its default location on the external screen over to what I considered the main screen. Now that I've removed and disabled the external monitor, the bar thing is not visible.19:24
Logiit's there somewhere off-screen since it connected me to the wireless, but I can't see it or manipulate it or drag it to where it needs to be19:24
livingdaylightmanos: <gulp>19:24
Logiis there a workaround?19:24
manosgrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrr @ PulseAudio19:26
noquinhodo u know how to copy my musics from ipod to my computer?19:26
manosQuestion: What's the worst that could happen if I uninstall PulseAudio ?19:31
noquinhodo u know how to copy my musics from ipod to my computer?19:32
manosnoquinho: Doesn't amarok work ?19:33
noquinhomanos: amarok is like itunes. I can listen my music while my ipod is conected in usb only. But if i unplug my usb , there is no more music.19:37
livingdaylightdoes kubuntu use Tomboy, or does it have its own version of a notepad?20:02
carpiiit has Kate20:03
carpiihm well Kate is just a text editor20:04
livingdaylightgedit is a text editor too20:05
livingdaylightgedit is definetely not tomboy though20:06
RabenschwingeThe equivalent of Tomboy is KNotes actually.20:09
RabenschwingeTomboy is a ... difificult program actually. It needs a mono environment to start to be able to run.20:10
RabenschwingeKNotes should actually be visible in your task bar... a "note" icon.20:10
dwidmannor perhaps basket20:11
PingJockybasKet is bad ass20:12
RabenschwingeYep... and you can always add a single note by right clicking the desktop...20:13
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noquinhodo u know how to copy my musics from ipod to my computer?20:22
goodtimeanyone from morocco bladi20:24
Mamarokgoodtime: this is a support channel, you might want to try the Morocco LoCo specific channel20:25
idyleHello everyone, I've got a strange problem with my cdrom -- first, I have state=mounted status=open from lshw, which doesn't make sense to me, and further, it's not showing up at all in /media/cdrom, AND I can't eject it20:27
Mamarokidyle: you mean with a media or is this specific for the drive?20:28
idylerunning karmic, the disk is a dvd, and it shows up temporarily, then disappears after a couple minutes20:28
idyleMamarok: seems to be specific to the drive, this is a windows vista cd I'm installing in a virtual machine20:29
Mamarokidyle: ok, specific to the media then :)20:30
idyleI managed to get the virtual machine to boot off the dvd at first, then it craps out later asking for the cd to be inserted20:30
idyleMamarok: but I can't even eject it!20:30
idylesudo eject /dev/cdrom does nothing!20:30
Mamarokidyle: Vista CDs are copy protected, may even have DRM, I am not sure you can read this with Linux, you should make a recovery CD for Vista instead20:30
idyleI've googled and read up many articles about this but nothing worked20:31
idyleMamarok: I managed to boot the installation OS in the virtual machine, so it obviously can read it!20:31
Mamarokidyle: you just need an image for the virtual machine, no need of a full DVD20:31
idyleMamarok: and that I can't eject it shows something's funky in the  OS20:32
idyleMamarok: alright I understand, but still...I can't eject it, and kubuntu can't see it20:32
Mamarokidyle: not the OS, as this is specific to this particular DVD, didn't you say that before?20:32
Mamarokyou can eject it manually20:32
idyleMamarok: no! You said that!20:32
idyleMamarok: using the paperclip method?20:33
idyleMamarok: unacceptable, that's silly that I would have to do that!20:33
idyleMamarok: It shows something wrong with kubuntu's handling of the disk20:33
Mamarokidyle: it's certainly not Linux fault, I would blame Vista any time20:33
Mamarokif it is copy protected and shuts down the drive20:33
idyleMamarok: is that possible?20:34
Mamarokidyle: seriously, I don't know20:34
idyle:| -- it's just nuts to me, it works for like 5 minutes, then the drive shoots itself and goes into a black hole20:35
MamarokI have had media problems on and of with this drive ere, regardless the OS I use, so it could well be a hardware problem too20:35
idyleMamarok: alright well I guess back to googling for a bit then manual ejection :\20:36
Mamarokidyle: sorry I couldn't help more20:37
idyleMamarok: it's cool, thanks for trying!20:37
Mamarokyaw :)20:37
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Mamarok!away > ross_20:57
ubottuross_, please see my private message20:57
zigibagidoi am new to IRC what do i do20:59
Mamarokzigibagido: do you have a specific question about Kubuntu? This is a support channel :)21:00
zigibagidoActually i am in the wrong place i am running Ubuntu but i think they are similer21:01
ubuntu__hi all, Im testing this ubuntu distribution, anybody view me here please? ty21:02
fg57lxI'm having a problem with sound. When ever I listen to any music (on any media player) or watch any video (even youtube) the sound starts to skip and jump around. What would cause this, and how could I fix it?21:02
ubuntu__anybody can see me please?21:03
ubuntu__and can write something to me ty21:03
zigibagidoi have Ubuntu dekstop and i made it into and FTP server using vsftpd and i have 7 users who are locked in their individual home directories and i want a public folder. I created the publci folder but if a user creates a directory inside of the folder another user cant go inside. How can i make it so the permissions are set automaticly?21:04
manosHey there again! :)21:07
manosI'm Back and guess what21:07
manosI have a new video! :D21:07
manosAnyone interested in watching it, it's short-ish and is theme-related21:07
gherringwhenever I go to youtube, the videos have no sound21:10
gherringanyone know what the problem could be?21:11
StupidWeaselCould be a codec issue, although I thought it was all inclusive with FLV.21:12
fg57lxI'm having a problem with sound. When ever I listen to any music (on any media player) or watch any video (even youtube) the sound starts to skip and jump around. What would cause this, and how could I fix it?21:14
asobiis there a pdf editor so i can insert text into field?21:18
manosAsobi: PDFs usually are a pain in editing/adding stuff but yes there is an editor I know of, one second, let me find it21:19
manos@asobi pdfedit21:20
asobii am not really editing much, just inserting text into field21:20
manosasobi:  pdfedit21:20
asobiyea, i found that... that seems way too powerful for what i need21:20
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* rosco_away is away: Gone away for now21:20
manosI am not really sure to be honest21:21
manosI never had to fill a pdf form21:21
asobigoogle suggests that the author needs to allow permission21:21
manosmaybe Okular or Adobe Reader can do the job21:22
asobii remember on windows i can click the fields and edit from there21:22
manoswhat program are you using to view PDFs now ?21:22
asobiheh yea, not good at all21:23
manosI suppose you are using kubuntu right ?21:23
asobiokular is for kde 4 i think21:24
asobiwhat's latest version of openoffice?21:24
manosnot in topic but I would give kde4 atry if I were you now back on topic21:24
manos3.1 I think21:24
manosoh and21:24
asobihmm then why am i using 2.421:24
manosbecause you are on hardy21:25
manosand it's getting only bugfixes21:25
manoswhy don't you give a try to adobe reader for linux ?21:25
asobihow can i just upgrade to oo321:25
manosadd a repo21:25
asobiadobe reader for linux?21:25
manosone second21:25
asobii hear oo3 has pdf edit support21:26
asobias an extension21:26
asobiwhile you're at it can you find a repo to get firefox 3.5?21:26
manosSure I can21:27
manosbut I am worrying about something21:27
manosadding all those brand new packages on a other-than-bugfixes outdated system might break dependencies and break hell open21:28
manosupgrading the system would be wiser and more clean21:28
asobi9.04? kde4?21:29
manos9.04 which would include kde4 as well21:30
asobioh ok21:30
manoshere is an easy guide on adding the adobe reader on your current system21:30
manosoops let me correct something :21:31
manossudo wget http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/hardy.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list , use that instead of the one containing gutchy21:32
asobihmm will that let me insert text or just read?21:32
manosI am nt sure21:32
gherringsound problem resolved: no sound on youtube: went to system settings, sound, and set all preferences to pulse audio21:32
asobii think reader just reads21:32
manosif on windows it gave you the ability to add text in forms the same will propably happen here21:33
asobihmm ok21:33
manosare you interested in something else ?21:34
manosa web based editor? http://www.pdffiller.com/index.php might work21:34
manosor Google Docs maybe21:34
asobigood idea, let me try21:34
asobiawesome, the online editor works21:36
manosno problem :)21:37
manosand reconsider moving to kde4, are you still there ?21:37
manos@manos test21:38
asobinext version is 9.10 in 2 months?21:38
asobii should just wait till then?21:39
FloodBotK1manos: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.21:39
asobican i skip from 8.04 to 9.10?21:39
manoshere is a longer video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOI0DmGppLw , both show how easy yet beautiful and feature-ful KDE4 has become21:40
manosI think you can21:40
* asobi has on board video...not sure if i can handle all the pretty stuff ~_~21:41
livingdaylighti've jusst installed Kubuntu in Virtual Box. Trying to get GuestAddisions installed21:41
livingdaylightbut i need root privilidges can someone tell me how i can get to /media/cdrom/Guestadditions as root?21:42
manosyou can but you have to do 2 or 3 upgrades21:42
manoslivingdaylight: use sudo21:43
asobinice video^^21:43
livingdaylightalso, i was playing with menu and now when i hit start button all i see is my folders; where did the applications menu go?21:43
manoswhat do you want to do exactly ?21:43
manosEdit the file , open a folder ?21:43
asobii am afraid upgrade might break stuff21:44
manosthanks asobi21:44
livingdaylighti don't know how to run the file from terminal. In the gui i see Guestaddisions and i can just click on the file and it starts running except it stops because it says i need root priviledges. Would be great if it just prompted me for the password, I'd gladly oblige in providing it. As it is only option is to hit return and exit installation21:44
manosupgrades can indeed break stuff21:44
noquinhodigitei apt-cache search songbird e nao apareceu nada21:45
livingdaylightalso any idea how to get my applications menu back?21:45
manostry running on the terminal "gksudo nautilus"21:45
manosor not21:45
manosit's for gnome ubuntu21:45
manostry sudo dolphin21:46
livingdaylightVboxLinuxAdditions-x86.run <---- how to run from terminal?21:46
livingdaylighti can't open a terminal because i lost my applications menu21:46
manosdarn :P21:46
manoskubuntu right ?21:47
livingdaylightin dolphin i saw a red folder called Root. I hoped if i used that to navigate to the file then i'd be in Root and i'd be prompted for the password but that was fail too21:47
manospress alt+f2 and write Konsole in the KRunner21:47
livingdaylightmanos: of course21:47
livingdaylightmanos: pay attention man :p21:47
noquinhoi want to install songbird21:48
noquinhoplease help21:48
LogiWicked: claydoh21:48
manosstupid spammers....21:48
manosso back on topic21:48
manosSo you skr*ed up the K Menu, sounds familiar, I had done it a gazilion times hehe21:49
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* ross_ is back.21:50
manosright click on the K icon21:50
manosremove this application launcher21:50
manosthen click on the cashew on the faaar right of the panel21:51
manosand add a new launcher widget :P21:51
noquinhoplease let me know  about songbird21:51
manosOh and give a try to lanchelot, it is a great menu21:51
noquinhodo i need install more repositories?21:51
manossongbird, ok noquinho :)21:51
manosjust a sec,21:52
manoswhich distro/version are you using ?21:52
noquinhobut i want by synaptic21:52
noquinhoand in synaptic does not have songbird21:52
livingdaylightok, i think that was a success with sudo dolphin; installed guestadditions. Now i just need to be able to restart. But where is the K menu?21:52
noquinhoi want to install new repositories21:52
livingdaylightwhat widget do i choose?21:52
manosniquinho, which distro and version are you using ?21:53
livingdaylightnoquinho: just go and get it from getsongbird.com21:53
manoslivingdaylight, hmmm21:53
manosmany will do21:53
manosapplication launcher, Lanchelot,21:54
manosLanchelot launcher*21:54
manoswhich one did you choose ?21:55
livingdaylightcouldn't see Lanchelot, so i put the old K launcher... but it ends up in the far right and can't move it!21:56
manosclick on the cashew again21:56
manosdrag and drop it where you want21:56
manosclick anywhere away from the panel or click on the cashew agai21:57
manosOh by the way there are 2 K Menus on the list the traditional and the Default which you propably had initially21:58
manossorry for the lanchelot , I guess you have to install kde4.3 which has it21:58
manosdid it work ?21:58
livingdaylightok, we're getting there!21:59
noquinhoi am using ubuntu 9.0421:59
livingdaylightcoz guestadditions is installed Kubuntu now covers entire 22" monitor - not complaining- Fantastic- what i wanted, but back to the BUT, now that i've added the K menu the entire panel is only half the width. I need it going all the way22:00
manosnoquinho you are propably on the wrong room we are kubuntu-related here but still I think I can help you22:01
livingdaylightnoquinho: amigo you should be asking in #ubuntu22:01
manoscashew again22:01
livingdaylightnoquinho: but like i said, go grab it from their website22:01
manosthe one on the panel not on top22:01
noquinhobut i trying to learn about repositories22:02
noquinhoi would like understand if i need add more in my notebook and which22:02
manostry "sudo apt-get install songbird" on terminal22:02
gherringanybody know of any konqueror extension to get youtube videos?22:02
manosns  something, nspluginwrapper I think22:03
livingdaylightnoquinho: SB is not in repos, that is why i am telling you, we all have to grab it from their homepage getsongbird.com22:03
noquinhonow i understand22:04
manosLDL: back on our issue,22:04
livingdaylightkonqueror is the default browser, are you serious?22:04
manosLDL: LOL haha22:04
skyhunterHi, someone know a webcam program like cheese? (Cheese dont work good here -.-, everything looks green)22:04
livingdaylighti've sorted out the width manos22:04
manosLDL: Great22:05
livingdaylightgetting the hang of this cashew quick :p22:05
manosdo you want an advice as far as konqie ?22:05
manosinstall something called22:05
livingdaylightwho is konqie? :)22:05
manosand install webkitkde22:06
manosit will make konq use WebKit ( used by Chrome and Safari) instead of its predecesor KHTML22:07
livingdaylightok, install webkitkde, lets see22:07
manosyou won't notice too much22:08
noquinhoi did it :)22:08
manosHow did it go ? Well done :)22:08
noquinhoi just extracted sungbird22:08
noquinhobut how do i install now ?22:08
manosgreat :)22:08
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:09
manosLDL: as I said no visible changes, it will just make konq display pages right22:10
livingdaylightmanos: done, will konqi now use webkitkde automatically, or do i need to point konqueror to it somehow?22:10
gabriel__Why is there a IRC client in the kubuntu default instalation? So old and unpopular tecnology22:10
manosLDL:I think it does it automatically22:10
livingdaylightgabriel__: you're using irc aren't you?22:10
livingdaylightmanos: you're not sure, ok. now how about the codecs?22:11
manosLDL: well to be honest I am :P It uses that , I checked it because I wasn't sure earlier today22:11
livingdaylighti wouldn't call irc unpopular technology... yes, its been around a while but its real useful if you ask me - essential even :D22:11
manoswhat codecs ?22:11
gabriel__yeah, but i talking about the medium user22:11
manosI am a medium user22:12
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats22:12
manosyet I can get help from here and also help others22:12
manosLDL : Install kubuntu-restricted-extras or something22:13
manosit includes all the codecs and stuff you might need22:13
livingdaylightgabriel__: i always wondered why xchat was not in Ubuntu by default? It is in most other distros, coz they know that most people, if it isn't, it will be one of the first things that they do install22:13
manosLDL: Did you get it right with them?22:14
manosthe next version of Kubuntu, 9.10 is going to include ( not as default though) Arora, a native, Qt Webkit browser that happens to be very good yet lightweight,22:15
livingdaylightmanos: still looking for Synaptic, lol22:15
manosfor what ?22:16
manosdo you have synaptic installed ?22:16
livingdaylighti suppose i could do it from terminal, but where is synaptic?22:16
livingdaylighti have to install it?22:16
manosthere is no synaptic in kde anymore22:16
livingdaylightI thought it was Ubuntu with kde on top22:16
manosKPackageKit has replaced it22:16
livingdaylightno gui front end?22:17
* livingdaylight has anbother look22:17
manoskubuntu is not just ubuntu + kde22:17
livingdaylightwell, it uses APT, right?22:17
noquinhoi have a icon in my desktop . Songbird22:17
manosit features more changes to be more kde-native, hence the removal of firefox, synaptic and other gtk-gnome apps22:17
noquinhonow how can i install ?22:17
administrator___hello everyone22:18
manosand yes, Kubuntu still is based on Ubuntu which is based on Debian which depends on APT or something22:18
manosand LDL: did you find kpackagekit ? It is named "Software management" also22:20
manosoh damn, time goes by faast, it's past midnight here, I will soon be leaving. (and no I am not cindirella hehe)22:21
livingdaylightmanos: did it by terminal... software management, which looks like Add/Remove in Ubuntu was misbehaving and crashed22:22
manosterminal ?22:22
manosuse krunner or w/e it is called, alt + F222:23
manosor better via the menu if you fixed it22:23
livingdaylightmenu is slow22:23
manosmaybe sudo is needed via terminal22:23
livingdaylightmenu is awkward22:24
manosyou can always use the traditional one22:24
livingdaylighti'd would be nice not to have to 'click' on each section and subsection to navigate back and forth22:24
manosdid you watch my videos ?22:24
livingdaylightif just be hovering and being on the edge the sub-menu would just open22:24
livingdaylightyou showed me one much earlier, yes22:25
livingdaylightwith the music by dahlia?22:25
manosyou mean something like what I was doing there ?22:25
livingdaylightmissed that22:25
manoswith the menu?22:25
manoslet's do something else22:27
livingdaylightfire away22:28
manos"sudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list" then add there "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu jaunty main"22:28
manossave, close and then "sudo apt-get update" and right up, "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"22:29
livingdaylightkonqueror is complaining about flash22:30
manosclick yes or w/e and take your time while you are upgrading to 4.3 which among others includes the Lancelot ( or something) Launcher22:30
manosKonqie...Flash hmm22:31
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash22:31
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats22:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about triggers22:32
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »22:32
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots22:32
livingdaylightmanos: i did install kubuntu-restricted, remember? its konqueror ... Anyways, it s complaining about gpg key22:33
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats22:33
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats22:34
manosignore it22:34
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!22:34
manosinstall it but it's not needed22:34
faydrissi am trying to create a flac footprint. the faq's say to metaflac --show-md5sum .* > halfstep2009-07-26.ffp.txt BUT i only end up with an empty ffp.txt22:35
livingdaylighthow does one turn javascript on in konqi?22:35
manosisn't it turned by default ?22:35
faydrisswhy not use epiphany instead?22:35
manosfor me it is I think22:35
faydrisskonq is an odd web browser. epiphany works very well.22:36
livingdaylightwell, won't play youtube because maybe that is the problem22:36
faydrissfirefox i do not like so much22:36
manosarora seems to be ok as well22:36
faydrissright youtube works on epiphany22:36
manossudo apt-get arora22:36
livingdaylightfirefox and opera are my favourite22:36
manosapt-get install arora*22:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about arora22:36
livingdaylightits gonna be a while dist-upgrading22:37
manostold you earlier, it's included in 9.10 kubuntu, it's a very very lightweight browser, Qt native, using webkit22:37
link777kubuntu 9.10 is available?22:38
faydrissAurora was designed with the intent of creating what the Web of the future will look like. Featuring an integrated Web and desktop environment, Aurora functions in three dimensions on the desktop.22:38
livingdaylighthey, kubuntu actually looks alrite... i might now put it on my laptop22:38
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ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about aurora22:39
livingdaylightcuznt: that looks wrong22:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about arora22:39
manosfaydriss I am not talking about aurora, I am talking about ARORA, a browser22:39
cuzntwhat looks wrong?22:40
senorpedrohi folks22:40
senorpedrohow can i switch back to amarok 1.4 on 9.04?22:40
cuznti am d/ling it aS I tyoe22:40
senorpedroamarok 2.0 is a piece of crap22:40
cuzntcrap is not a nice word22:40
manosespecially after all the efford the developers gave to make it22:41
senorpedrowell they developed in the wrong direction22:41
cuzntit is smooth'22:41
senorpedro1.4 was nearly perfect, 2 is the definition of regression22:41
manospedro you can always help them find the right direction :)22:41
senorpedroi try to22:42
manosopen project meand people can contribute22:42
manossome are not as open as they say :P22:42
senorpedroso is it possible to install 1.4 on 9.04?22:42
manosI don't really know22:42
manospropably by breaking a few dependencies and risking break chaos up22:42
senorpedrowhat depends on amarok 2.0 ?22:43
gherringsenorpedro: to start with purge amarok 2.022:43
senorpedroi already did that22:44
gherringsenorpedro: now download and install the version you want and cross your fingers22:44
senorpedrodownload and install? you're talking as if i'm using windows22:45
manos99.9 percent that you will fail on the first attempt to install it,22:45
gherringsenorpedro: simply by downloading the amarok version you want and clicking on it the package manager should take care of the rest22:45
manosit has different dependencies and quite possibly it will collide22:45
senorpedroisnt it possible to tell aptitude which version of the package to install?22:46
gherringmanos: true, but you want know where until you try22:46
gherringsenorpedro: yes22:46
manosOk amigos, it's uber-late for me, almost 1 am so I will have to leave you22:47
livingdaylightsenorpedro: i wonder whether that would be possible with ArchLinux or Foresight Linux because they are rolling distros, you could ask there22:47
gherringmanos: g'night22:47
livingdaylightmanos: ok, thx mate...22:47
manosThx! bye22:47
BluefuriousCiao a tutti!22:48
senorpedrolivingdaylight: i dont want to install a different distro just for switching the music player software22:48
livingdaylightsenorpedro: i'm just curious whether it would be possible... if so, that would certainly be a consideration for me, if i could get back my near-perfect  application22:49
livingdaylightBluefurious: Ciao ragazzo... ingesi!22:49
livingdaylightsenorpedro: you really like Kubuntu?22:50
senorpedrolivingdaylight: if its not possible with the distro-native package-manager you could certainly compile it by yourself22:50
livingdaylighti do wish *buntu would be a rolling distro though22:51
senorpedrowhat does rolling distro mean?22:51
senorpedrowhy dont you use a rolling distro then?22:52
livingdaylighti'm not competent enough to use Arch22:52
livingdaylightand if i weigh out the pros and cons overall i still prefer *buntu22:52
senorpedrowhats the problem with arch linux? i have it on my laptop, its very quick22:53
livingdaylightForesight Linux is interesting but community too small and slow servers meant slow installation..22:53
senorpedroyou can read everything in the wiki22:53
livingdaylightsenorpedro: you got Arch on your laptop and you're asking me what a rollin distro is?22:54
senorpedroi dont know what the expression "rolling distro" means22:54
senorpedroi know what arch linux is22:54
senorpedrobtw. for everyone who hates amarok 2.0 just like me: http://nomad.ca/blog/2009/apr/3/amarok-14-jaunty-ubuntu-904/22:54
senorpedrohow can i change the colors of qt3 (aka kde 3.5) applications in kde 4.2 ?23:06
senorpedroand also, how can i make the xserver to exit on ctrl-alt-backspace?23:07
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noquinhoi tried to install songbird but gave me a message23:07
noquinhoarquiteture error23:07
senorpedrodo you have 64bit system?23:08
senorpedrohow did you install? via paket manager or download from website?23:08
noquinhoi have23:10
noquinhoamd turion 64 x223:10
noquinhoi dont know23:10
noquinhoright click on mouse23:10
noquinhoi tried everything23:11
noquinhobut i can not install23:11
senorpedrowhich version of kubuntu do you have installed? x86 or amd64?23:23
senorpedroman isnt this obvious: you need the pakage for you architecture23:24
noquinhook guys!!! its impossible to install songbird in my linux. Please let me know another program to use my ipod and listen podcasts . No amarok please !23:27
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gherringsenorpedro: hey - you were right  :)23:32
gherringsenorpedro: I'm trying out amarok 1.4 and I do like it better than 2.023:33
livingdaylightnoquinho: banshee sudo apt-get install banshee23:42
fg56lxI'm having a problem with sound. When ever I listen to any music (on any media player) or watch any video (even youtube) the sound starts to skip and jump around. What would cause this, and how could I fix it?23:42
noquinhothanks living23:43
noquinhoi just installed banshee !!! now do u know how to import all my musics to banshee ?23:47
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sourcemakerwhat is the best way to store DVD movie for home entertainment on hard disk? server (expensive) oder external usb drives...23:56
gherringfg56lx: When my sound was doing that I went to system settings-->multimedia-->set all of my preferred audio devices to pulse audio and it resolved all of my sound issues23:58
fg56lxgherring: I tried that, but it still skipped.23:58
gherringsourcemaker: I use k9...it's in the repos23:58
sourcemakergherring: k9copy... I know that program :-) But my main question is... how can I save all the data (backup included)?23:59

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