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jelmerlifeless: Hi02:06
jelmerlifeless: Sorry, DebConf network went away yesterday02:06
mwhudsonwow, the new picker thingy is shiny02:11
wgrantDoes it work for branches yet?02:20
wgrantAh, it does. It sucks less than the old one.02:21
mwhudsonthis is (a) true (b) not hard02:29
wgrantAlthough it needs improvement.02:30
wgrant"Please enter at least 3 characters."02:31
wgrantHow arbitrary.02:31
mwhudsonpatches very very welcome in this area, i think :)02:33
wgrantMmmm. Why are the 3.0 announcement edit actions on the bottom, not the side?04:12
wgrant(they are nice, though)04:13
jms1989what would cause a ssl error when access the lp testing environment on (launchpad.dev)?06:25
jms1989I get (Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)06:26
wgrantjms1989: Possibly trying to use the wrong port.06:28
jms1989I am accessing it at https://launchpad.dev. that should automatically use port 443.06:29
jms1989I'm not sure what I did wrong, I followed the instructions to get it working.06:32
jms1989I'm using links and firefox to test it. both fail at the ip and domain level.06:34
wgrantPossibly Apache segfaulting - try restarting it.06:37
wgrantJust reloading after installing mod_python seems to cause problems.06:37
mwhudsonjms1989: maybe apache isnt set up right?06:37
mwhudsoni think serving plain http on port 443 will do that06:37
wgrantThat was my suspicion06:37
wgrantBut a similar thing can happen when the child segfaults, which happens if you rocketfuel-setup on a fresh Apache.06:38
jms1989its a fresh install. think it was cause by the ubuntu installer installing lamp and ssh server at the install stage?06:38
mwhudsonrocketfuel-setup doesn't activate mod_python, does it?06:38
wgrantwgrant: It doesn't? Hm/06:39
wgrantMaybe it was another module.06:39
wgrantmwhudson: ^^06:39
* wgrant looks harder.06:39
jms1989how can06:39
mwhudsonjms1989: try sudo apache2ctl restart, read the error.log and if that doesn't work pastebin /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/local-launchpad06:39
jms1989I find out if mod_python is enabled?06:39
wgrantI certainly had it segfaulting after rf-setup reloaded it.06:40
wgrantrestarting fixed it.06:40
jms1989restarting apache says that /var/tmp/bazaar.launchpad.dev/static/ and /var/tmp/ppa doesn't exist.06:42
wgrantThat's fine.06:42
wgrantThe latter is my fault, but it shouldn't be a problem.06:43
jms1989hmm, after redoing the build process, I'm getting an error saying qrunner isn't running but the line above is says it shutdown qrunner. I'm confused.06:53
wgrantThat's normal.07:01
wgrantFor me it then proceeds to start everything up.07:01
jms1989logging out and restarting the process didn't work. ssl still fails. Id I access directly, I get a page saying nothing exist on that address.07:02
jms1989ttyl, going to bed.07:14
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