BUGabundomy web cam works again !!00:43
* syn-ack spies on BUGabundo 00:43
syn-acktake off, big boy. :P00:43
* syn-ack runs00:43
* BUGabundo trows a lace around syn-ackfeet00:43
syn-ackI know what you look like. :P00:44
syn-ackBUGabundo, nice and AJaXy too00:46
BUGabundohey akgraner00:46
syn-ackLove that interface00:46
Oli``Has anybody tried running gens (genesis/megadrive/megacd/etc emulator) in karmic? If so, did you get sound?00:46
DanaGhow about a web.... CAN?00:46
BUGabundoOli``: no I did not00:46
akgranerBUGabundo, hey!00:46
Oli``BUGabundo: phew - so I (probably) haven't broken something on my own00:46
mattparryHi, Im having problems with grub installing on Alpha3, can anyone help?01:09
BUGabundohey mattparry01:10
richardcavellWhat's your problem matt?01:10
BUGabundoare you fully updated?01:10
mattparrywhen through kubuntu alternative cd install01:10
mattparrygot to grub installation, error on installing grub201:10
mattparrycannot write to partition01:11
mattparryall standard defaults01:11
EagleScreendid u choose to install GRUB in MBR?01:23
EagleScreeninstaller may not ask for it01:23
BUGabundooff to bed. bye01:25
xtknightanyone else have missing icons on the tasklist (only when grouped) and menus?01:34
DanaGhmm, what's something that'd be useful to put on a fast-access-time (but slow linear read speed) SDHC card?02:29
DanaGI have an SDHC card that I don't use, that gives about 15 megbytes per second, tops.  I'm wondering... what would be useful to put on it?02:29
=== thanks is now known as J-O-S-H-U-A
J-O-S-H-U-Aanyone out there?02:35
EagleScreen!ask | J-O-S-H-U-A02:37
ubottuJ-O-S-H-U-A: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:37
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:37
yofelhm, EagleScreen beat me to it... ^^02:38
J-O-S-H-U-Ai thought my question was pretty clear and precise lol02:39
EagleScreenwhich question?02:39
J-O-S-H-U-Athe one about anyone being here02:39
yofelJ-O-S-H-U-A: as you might have noticed, that doesn't count as a question ;)02:40
J-O-S-H-U-Awell then what is the harm then?02:40
bazhangJ-O-S-H-U-A, this is for development version; chat in #ubuntu-offtopic02:40
J-O-S-H-U-Aokay okay...02:40
J-O-S-H-U-Aso what is the reasoning behind killing pidgin?02:40
J-O-S-H-U-Aand can someone tell me about ubuntu one02:41
J-O-S-H-U-A^pretend like that was one line02:41
bazhang---> #ubuntu-offtopic02:41
J-O-S-H-U-Ai am on topic....02:42
bazhangmetaquestions/discussion not for here J-O-S-H-U-A02:42
J-O-S-H-U-Ametaquestions? I don't even know what that means02:43
yofelbazhang: ubuntu one yes, but replacing pidgin with empathy *does* count as karmic discussion. Or am I wrong?02:43
iddowhen i try to modprobe coretemp i get "no such device", anyone can help?02:43
bazhangyofel, thanks :)02:44
J-O-S-H-U-Ai asked the same question in #ubuntu and they sent me here, now you are sending me to the off topic channel, this is rather ueless02:44
yofelJ-O-S-H-U-A: well, for ubuntu one you might want to go to #ubuntuone02:45
J-O-S-H-U-Adoesn't seem like anyone is there02:47
yofelJ-O-S-H-U-A: as for empathy you could look at https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/replace-pidgin-with-empathy02:47
yofelJ-O-S-H-U-A: did you ever got to https://ubuntuone.com02:48
J-O-S-H-U-Ayes i did but details are a little vague there02:48
EagleScreenit is suposed that emphaty will offer more possibilities than pidgin02:52
J-O-S-H-U-AI see that thanks02:52
=== J-O-S-H-U-A is now known as wiz_of_ha
oldude67i am running on an older celeron 2.4 gig r chip with 733 megs of ram, my question is until i can afford to get me a new system, how much ram should i install to make vbox not so sluggish and the board only has 2 slots?03:38
EagleScreena modern system will run well on it, but virtualbox will waste as RAM as you configure for virtual machine in execution03:40
oldude67EagleScreen, ok i understand that, but if i can find like 2 1gig chips of ddr memory would it be a little more tolerable or am i just beating a dead horse?03:48
EagleScreen4 GB of RAM?03:49
EagleScreennot, 2 GB?03:49
EagleScreenyou only will use it if you use virtual machines03:49
oldude67well i do plan on running most everything in a virtual machine as sometimes i do stupid stuff and bork the system..easier to reinstall a virtual machine then the whole dang thing again.03:50
oldude67planning on getting a whole new system when i can get the money together...03:51
oldude67like i have already installed 9.10 on vbox already and have noticed it really really lags...and so does the base system...it runs you just have to be real patient with it.03:54
oldude67i pretty much have to close all other programs on the 9.04 base install or it probably wouldnt even run.03:56
oldude67ok everyone im out for the night, no new updates while im sleeping please..lol04:03
FloridaGuyhow stable is 9.10 as of now04:27
SeveredCrossPretty stable.04:28
SeveredCrossI use it day-to-day.04:28
FloridaGuyi never used an alpha or beta or rc of ubuntu....used mandriva 2009.1 sence alpha104:29
yoasifdecently stable, buggy of course04:33
yoasifdepending on your hardware too04:34
LeftmostI'm having an issue where one of my keys won't work as Alt_L, despite being xmodmapped to do so and returning Alt_L when pressed with xev running. Any ideas?04:49
FloridaGuycan i do the upgrade to 9.04 to 9.10 cli05:07
FloridaGuyor just update manager d05:07
DanaGFloridaGuy: try "do-release-upgrade".05:18
DanaGBest when run in 'screen'.05:18
FloridaGuyrun in screen...mean by update manager05:19
DanaG"screen" is a thing that makes it so that if, say, xorg crashes, the terminal with the stuff in it won't die.05:21
DanaGyou can reconnect with screen -r, or connect multiple times with screen -x.05:21
DanaGdo-release-upgrade is the command-line equivalent of update-manager.  Has more intelligence than just plain package upgrades.05:21
FloridaGuyupdate-manager -d already has 690 of 1048 packages downloaded05:23
FloridaGuycan i cancel and not screw it up05:24
DanaGyeah, if it's still just downloading, that's fine.05:24
DanaGIt's only bad to stop it if it's actually started installing.05:25
FloridaGuyprobly run better doing ...sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop....and not running an xserver wouldent05:26
DanaGIt's not necessarily... necessary... to do that.05:28
DanaGBut I guess that is a good insurance policy, so to speak.05:28
FloridaGuyplus alot of times big idownloads and installs seem a little faster with no over head like gnome and kde05:29
FloridaGuytime to get started...let everyone know what i think of it tomorrow05:31
FloridaGuyDanaG, do-release-upgrade05:36
FloridaGuyChecking for a new ubuntu release No new release found05:36
DanaGhmm, do do-release-upgrade --help05:46
DanaGthere's a "consider development versions" switch, I believe.05:46
FloridaGuyill just do the update-manager -d.....already got that started again05:47
sinani have just upgraded to Karmic, and my sound is not working correctly. What information can I provide to help the community?08:15
sinanand where to put said information?08:15
mac_vsinan: use $ubuntu-bug <package name>08:17
mac_vsinan: do you have launchpad account?08:18
sinanmac_v: no, i'll create one now.08:19
sinanmac_v: i don't know which package has the problem exactly, i suspect it is pulseaudio08:19
mac_vsinan: For more about finding the right package> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/FindRightPackage.08:20
sinanok, checking08:20
sinandid anyone else complain about sound in Karmic?08:20
sinanit doesn't play from GUI-based apps08:20
sinanbut if i run mplayer in the terminal, it plays ok08:21
sinanthough the volume control totally doesn't work ..08:21
sinanit also keeps doing "boom" noises, like if the card is going off and on again, every .. 30 seconds08:21
sinan(not so period, though)08:21
mac_vsinan: first create an account , use $ubuntu-bug command , it will show a list of similar problems , if already reported , provide extra info , if Not file a new bug08:22
sinanmac_v: the page you linked me to "does not exist yet"08:22
sinanmac_v: ok, thanks :)08:22
mac_vsinan: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/FindRightPackage < this link works, check again , you might have missed a letter08:23
mac_vi just checked08:23
sinanmac_v: yeah it does08:23
sinani think the problem was the the dot at the end of the first link :)08:23
mac_vyou might have copied it with the dot , ;p , you could have just clicked on the link ;p08:25
Machtinyohoho.. i have no sound in flash.. though i'm using the plugin from the adobe site.. why could that be?09:36
gnomefreakMachtin: try using ours but i have a feeling its your sound not so much flash09:38
Machtinhm. amarok plays test-mp3s09:39
Machtinmight i need some other sound-packages i need to install?09:39
gnomefreaksound works for everything else?09:40
Machtingnomefreak: well.. amarok does play these files at least.09:41
gnomefreakMachtin: are you playing something while trying to play a flash video?09:42
areelssomething wrong with volume here. it mutes after mp3 finishing to play, have to touch volume level if i wanna hear something09:42
Machtingnomefreak: nope, absolutely not09:42
gnomefreakMachtin: change the flash plugin to ours and test. if it than fails file a bug. luckily im not one of our sound guys09:43
areelsi've tried audacious and total video player or web browsers, doesn't differ with player, all doing the same, when playing finishes voila, it's muted09:43
Machtinareels: thanks :D09:43
gnomefreakareels: in Karmic?09:44
areelserr, total - totem09:44
areelsyea karmic09:44
Machtingnomefreak: was just PCM being too low.. don't get why i could hear amarok-files then.. but i don't mind09:44
* gnomefreak not seeing that09:44
Machtinthanks :)09:44
areelswhy i'm using karmic while i'm newbie with linux? i don't know that09:44
gnomefreakMachtin: flash is everything intensive maybe thats why?09:44
gnomefreakBUGabundo: hi, help09:45
areelsoh hold on, sound didn't mute after "invaders must die", omen started and i can still hear the sound09:45
areelsi think this problem doesn't apply on the prodigy09:45
gnomefreakareels: change any settings?09:45
areelsno i didnt09:46
areelswhere can i see logs for volume, is there any log for it?09:46
gnomefreaknow does it still do it with sometihing other than invaders.....09:46
gnomefreakareels: in gnome?09:46
BUGabundohey hey everyone09:46
BUGabundonice raining morning :)09:46
gnomefreakBUGabundo: here too09:47
BUGabundohey gnomefreak. let me have them09:47
areelsgnomefreak another strange thing happens also, i can't level up or down volume properly, i touch one degree down all sound goes, one degree up, then all comes as hell09:47
gnomefreakareels: in /var/log maybe? i looked but nothing jumped up and told me "im right here"09:47
BUGabundowhat's up guys09:47
BUGabundogive me the short version!09:47
gnomefreakBUGabundo: areels is having weird issue09:48
BUGabundowith PA?09:48
gnomefreakareels: sound mutes after playing something09:48
gnomefreakBUGabundo: im guessing yes since its still standard in ubuntu/gnome09:48
gnomefreakits too early to ask those questions09:49
areelswell that happened again, maybe karmic has AI? it doesn't like certain sounds and mutes?09:49
BUGabundothat used to happen to some ppl on jaunty09:49
BUGabundowhen they were using apps that FORCED alsa09:49
BUGabundoareels: what apps are you using?09:49
BUGabundoanything that can't properly use PA?09:49
areelsthat's not app dependent, it applies on all09:49
BUGabundoalso please install paman, pavucontrol09:49
BUGabundoand check their09:49
BUGabundoand also try to restart PA with $ killall pulseaudio09:50
BUGabundosometimes it gets stuck09:50
BUGabundoareels: well if you have a SINGLE app forcing alsa09:50
BUGabundosure everything breaks ;)09:50
areelswhat may force it?09:50
* BUGabundo checks mails09:50
areelslet me check active apps then09:51
BUGabundoareels: flash, some video apps, some music players09:51
BUGabundo etc09:51
BUGabundouse pavucontril09:51
BUGabundoit will tell you09:51
BUGabundo;) right09:51
areelspavucontrol is telling me all muted right now09:52
areelsi've only one active app09:53
BUGabundopush everylever to MAX09:54
BUGabundoalso open paman09:54
BUGabundoand check prop of stream09:54
BUGabundoto see if they are at 100%09:54
areelsmaxed and i can hear now, installing paman09:54
gnomefreakareels: ps aux will tell you something else :) but i would say file a bug since we are not able to help with sound issues (at least until someone that knoiws sound better shows up) if BUGabundo cant help you09:54
BUGabundoI had one at 99999% once09:54
gnomefreakgedit is broke and jedit is just well ugly and it loads 2 windows to start and you have to close one to use the editor :( ill be back in a bit09:55
* BUGabundo tests09:56
BUGabundoWFM gnomefreak09:56
* BUGabundo checks for updates09:56
BUGabundo$ sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade is too long09:56
BUGabundoneed to make an alias ;)09:56
areelsconnected to sing alsa_output.pci_8086_293e_sound_card_009:57
areelsvolume says i'm %100 but level icon says it's like %2009:57
areelsnow it's %48009:58
BUGabundohey mac_v09:58
BUGabundothere you go09:58
areelsdid it %100 again09:58
BUGabundoyou found what was crashing your sound09:58
BUGabundodon't count on that for long09:58
BUGabundomine when is acting up, tend to change it self a lot09:59
BUGabundoand I go nuts09:59
BUGabundoeither its at 140% ALWAYS or at 40%09:59
mac_vBUGabundo: hi... :)09:59
mac_vhi all... i just messed up my sound ! it was working fine , i changed the profile in the hardware tab , lost sound now changing back to the previous profile doesnt restore sound ,! :(10:00
areelsBUGabundo http://img44.imageshack.us/img44/371/screenshotvnz.png10:00
gnomefreakwhat is it with the sound problems today?10:00
* gnomefreak still gone10:00
gnomefreak3209 changesets with 17647 changes to 7317 files (+5 heads)  << is going to be a while im sure.10:01
mac_vah ha... sound restored... restarted PA10:01
BUGabundomac_v: eheh today seem a _guud_ day to fix sound probs lol10:01
mac_vfixed it :)10:01
BUGabundomac_v: $ pulseaudio -k10:01
BUGabundoseveral times until it dies for good10:01
BUGabundowhat music player is that areels?10:02
mac_vnot messing with it for now... ;p maybe next time...10:02
BUGabundoareels: well that fine at 100% now10:02
BUGabundoand does audacious use PA or ALSA?10:02
BUGabundosee on the Playback tab of pavucontrol10:02
mac_vBUGabundo:  but sound isnt as good as in Jaunty... :( , i guess its the PCM level, how do i get to it?10:03
BUGabundoits better now10:03
areelsit doesnt say what used by BUGabundo10:03
BUGabundobut there is this damn thing called Flat Audio10:03
BUGabundoits the worse implemention they could have come up10:04
areelsaudacious is using PA10:06
areelsshould i switch to alsa?10:07
mac_vBUGabundo: BTW , wht happened to the icons ? is it the libgnome update?10:07
mac_vno icons in context menu or buttons!10:07
areelsi still believe there is hidden artifical intelligence module in karmic and it volumes down songs if not likes10:08
BUGabundoareels: NO10:08
BUGabundomac_v: *again*!?!10:08
BUGabundoareels: :))10:08
BUGabundomac_v: can't see anything in the last updates that could cause it10:10
BUGabundohey OiPenguin10:10
mac_vyesterday's update killed all my icons!10:10
BUGabundonot here10:11
BUGabundoI had all updates at night and rebooted fine10:11
BUGabundo32 or 64 bits?10:11
BUGabundolast time that happened it was a messed lib on 64 bit10:11
BUGabundomac_v: we need some one else to confirm it10:11
BUGabundoplease make a backup of your apt.logs10:11
mac_vyesterday there where a few who had the same problem10:11
mac_vwas it libgnome which did it for the 64 bit? I think i'll file a bug for libgnome then10:13
mac_vhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/karmic-changes/2009-July/005347.html i think this was the prob10:15
* BUGabundo reads10:16
BUGabundocould be10:17
BUGabundoping seb128 on #ubuntu-devel10:17
BUGabundoif he is around10:17
BUGabundohey arand10:17
mac_voh ok...10:17
BUGabundoyofel [[[]]]10:17
gnomefreakin #ubuntu-bugs instead10:17
BUGabundomac_v: those kind of bugs to get HIGH prio10:17
gnomefreak#ubuntu-devel wont help you10:18
BUGabundognomefreak: he is not online10:18
BUGabundohey dupondje10:18
gnomefreakBUGabundo: its weekend did you expect him to be?10:18
dupondjehey :D10:18
arandBUGabundo: heya10:18
BUGabundowe are :D10:18
mac_vi had the prob since yesterday, hoped some else would file a bug ;p , guess i'll have to move my lazy a$$10:19
BUGabundobut seem several devs *do* have a live outside the place between the keyb and the chair gnomefreak10:19
dupondjewhats the auto sync page again from ubuntu10:19
BUGabundomac_v: you have too. I can't do it for you. diff arch :)10:19
dupondjewhere it notes the packages that get synced from debian ?10:19
BUGabundodupondje: no idea what you are talking about10:19
gnomefreaki would hope so. i even get yelled at for working on here too much. im only here a few hours in the morning10:20
BUGabundostupid google plugin10:20
BUGabundoI wrote "/google wiki ubuntu auto sync debian"10:20
BUGabundogota be careful with this thing10:20
BUGabundognomefreak: "/google gnomefreak"10:20
mac_vi just applied a fresh batch of todays updates , i'll restart and check one final time10:21
dupondjehttp://merges.ubuntu.com :D10:21
gnomefreaki forgot about that account#ubuntu-desktop too but that is iffy since its mostly a dev channel10:22
BUGabundognomefreak: http://www.macno.org/denticator/?user=gnomefreak10:22
BUGabundodon't you sleep?10:23
gnomefreakBUGabundo: define sleep :)10:23
BUGabundoletting go of the keyb for more then 1h10:24
gnomefreak74 dents is way too high. but you have a lot more. you are like only person i see denting but i have alot of people i follow10:25
BUGabundognomefreak: 100 dents per day on the last 7 days10:25
gnomefreakBUGabundo: where did you get mine from? i cant find it outside the link you gave me10:26
BUGabundognomefreak: where do expect to find that? I just know #denticator and #overlap10:27
gnomefreakBUGabundo: thanks :)10:30
BUGabundognomefreak: np10:30
BUGabundohey LSD|Ninja10:30
BUGabundodashua stuck in the door ?10:30
BUGabundoanyone else can confirm or deny this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/synaptic/+bug/261175 ?10:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261175 in synaptic "synaptic mentions "stable" distribution" [Undecided,Incomplete]10:33
BUGabundobeen having it since forever10:33
mac_vBUGabundo: yup... i can confirm10:35
BUGabundocan you state it there and add your sources.list?10:36
mac_vand this is in my karmic , fresh install...10:36
gnomefreakasking in #ubuntu-bugs might get you more of a response. maybe PPA is doing it?10:36
Boohbahi'm trying to use usb-creator in hardy to write karmic alpha 3 netbook remix iso to my usb stick. i created a clean w95 fat32 partition and set the bootable flag, then run usb-creator. i've had success with this hardware and older images. why won't it boot?10:37
BUGabundognomefreak: PPAs don't use this branchs eihter10:37
BUGabundoBoohbah: humm10:37
BUGabundoBoohbah: remove all partitions and let usb-creator make its own partition10:38
Boohbahok i'll try that10:38
BUGabundoalso UC may be broke, or UNR10:38
BUGabundoor even bad support from syslinux for that HW10:38
BUGabundoif all fails, get the latest syslinux upstream10:39
BUGabundoand run it on the USBstick after running UC, with safemode flag10:39
gnomefreakjust my luck. mozilla-devscripts stalled/died :(10:39
BUGabundosee man syslinux10:39
BUGabundoBoohbah: remember to use the locally downloaded syslinux and not the system one, lol10:39
BUGabundohey thekorn10:39
BUGabundothekorn: haven't seen you around! vacations?10:40
thekornhola BUGabundo10:40
thekornBUGabundo, no, drunken10:40
thekorncomon, it's weekend10:40
gnomefreakBUGabundo: i think that is saying that on upgrade (example 8.04-->9.04 instead of going to 9.10 unless use the -d option10:40
BoohbahBUGabundo: what do you mean local vs system?10:40
BUGabundognomefreak: ?? are we talking about the same thing?10:41
gnomefreakor better yet packages from stable version inwstead of grabbing unreleased packages from devel-cycle?10:41
BUGabundoBoohbah: ./syslinux and not just $syslinux10:41
BoohbahBUGabundo: oh, yes, if i decide to get upstream10:41
gnomefreakBUGabundo: the word "distribution" gives me that assumption10:42
BUGabundognomefreak: but *we* don't have any branch called like thart10:42
gnomefreakBUGabundo: you changed branch to distribution didnt you? or other way around10:43
gnomefreaksummary:   - synaptic mentions "stable" branche10:44
gnomefreak+ synaptic mentions "stable" distribution10:44
gnomefreakit wasnt you but that is it10:44
mac_vBUGabundo: i think the problem maybe , since we add custom repos?10:44
mac_vthose have "stable"10:44
BUGabundodo they?10:45
BUGabundooh right from google, opera, and stuff10:45
BUGabundocould be that10:45
* gnomefreak has alot of PPA's :) adding more as we speak but i do not suggest doing that10:46
BUGabundognomefreak: I bet you don't even come close to me!!10:47
BUGabundothe only thing I ever saw with more PPAs them me was Ubuntu Ultimate remix10:47
gnomefreaklet me pastebin it real fast :)10:48
BUGabundo$ pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.listhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/241345/10:48
* BUGabundo nothing beats pastebinit ahah10:49
gnomefreakhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/241346/  im looking at yours10:49
BUGabundo$ wc -l /etc/apt/sources.list10:49
BUGabundo72 /etc/apt/sources.list10:49
BUGabundo$ grep deb /etc/apt/sources.list | wc -l  5910:49
BUGabundoshould be more accurete10:49
gnomefreaki have 5610:50
BUGabundoyou have several lines!10:50
BUGabundoI compact every repo10:50
BUGabundognomefreak: tip: if you have the #comment in front of the deb line it will show on apt-cache10:51
gnomefreakBUGabundo: yes i know10:51
BUGabundognomefreak: like you have10:51
BUGabundodeb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu karmic-security main restricted deb-src http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu karmic-security main restricted deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu karmic-security universe deb-src http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu karmic-security universe deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu karmic-security multiverse10:51
BUGabundoI just have ONE for that10:51
BUGabundo# deb ftp://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ karmic-security main restricted universe multiverse10:52
BUGabundoall pockets in one line10:52
gnomefreaki see what you mean. eh since its not used atm and this system is always on dev-cycle10:52
mac_vgnomefreak: how well does midori handle flash and streaming videos? is it CPU intensive ?does it eat memory?10:52
gnomefreakmac_v: not sure i dont have it installed atm, its been a while since i used it10:53
mac_vah... saw your list ... just though you used it :)10:53
gnomefreakmac_v: i do but since reinstall and eye surgerys i havent thought about it10:55
gnomefreakits int he ubuntu repos10:59
gnomefreaks/int/ in11:00
* BUGabundo starts to unsub from *old* bugs that no long apply, like bug 32525211:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 325252 in plasma-widget-networkmanagement "Regression: cannot connect to WPA-PSK (TKIP encryption) wireless network with network manager plasmoid" [Unknown,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32525211:01
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
mac_vBUGabundo: Bug #407621 , seems gnome wants to remove icons!11:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407621 in libgnome "Icons missing from context menu , buttons" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40762111:13
BUGabundo           The change is not a bug but a GNOME  design decision11:14
BUGabundomac_v: where is the upstrem rationale?11:15
mac_vBUGabundo:   Bug #407474:11:16
mac_vThis report is public edit11:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407474 in ubuntu "Icons missing from gnome menu and drop down menus in all Gnome applications" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40747411:16
gnomefreakmac_v: gnome doesnt want to remove icons. mine are fine11:16
BUGabundomine too11:17
gnomefreakmac_v: testin midori on outube atm11:17
mac_vgnomefreak: i didnt say that , seb did11:17
BUGabundognomefreak: but seb128 confirmed it11:17
mac_v\o/ midori11:17
gnomefreakmac_v: midori+flash on youtube works here fine11:18
* gnomefreak watching hot chicks at comic-con (its not what you think11:19
mac_vits just that sometimes i let flash running in firefox , i was thinking of using another app for flask and stuff11:19
* richardcavell wonders what all these Ubuntu geeks are doing on IRC on a Saturday night. Why aren't they out with their girlfriends?11:20
BUGabundorichardcavell: what gfs?11:21
* gnomefreak working on a few things but im putting SM2.1 off till next week i think11:21
BUGabundodo you have a spare you can lend for a weekend?11:21
Boohbahrichardcavell: i dumped her11:21
richardcavellBoohbah: Okay, mate, whatever you need to tell yourself :)11:21
gnomefreakguys lets use #ubuntu-offtoic for that stuff :) thanks11:22
BUGabundorichardcavell: :)11:22
Boohbahi promise i'll start bughunting once i get this darn thing installed11:22
BUGabundognomefreak: ahhhh and I was already missing ikonia ;)11:22
richardcavellI've filed at least 10 bugs on karmic11:23
richardcavellthey only have two months to sort all the bugs out11:23
BUGabundorichardcavell: that's all?11:23
BUGabundoand me filling like a slacker11:23
BUGabundoI can do that on a weekend :)11:23
richardcavellBUGabundo: I'm only going for the ones that crash my system11:24
richardcavellMost of the bugs I file don't get looked at11:24
BUGabundo10 would be a close number11:24
BUGabundome too11:24
BUGabundobut that's bad11:24
richardcavellI tend to only file the bugs where I think there's a clear way forward for the developer11:24
BUGabundoI've stopped filling the little things cause I know they are just goingto stay in there11:24
richardcavellI mean, some bugs have an obvious solution, or you can track down the solution11:25
BUGabundobut they really should be fixed11:25
BUGabundothis is for Human Being not for geeks and workarounds11:25
BUGabundowe *need* more manpower11:25
richardcavellLike, on Karmic I'm getting this error where you get an underscore instead of an underline11:25
richardcavellSo on xchat instead of Connect with a _ under the C, it comes up as C_onnect11:25
richardcavellNow, I can send them a screenshot and they can hunt down exactly where the bug is11:26
richardcavelleasy peasy11:26
richardcavellother bugs are not so simple11:26
richardcavellfor example, on my laptop the screen goes black for about 2 seconds every couple of hours and comes back on again11:26
gnomefreakrichardcavell: try _connect_11:26
richardcavellhow do you find where the bug is?11:26
richardcavellgnomefreak: I'm saying the button looks wrong and the keyboard shortcut doesn't work11:26
BUGabundorichardcavell: I get that screensaver thing too. its filled on LP11:27
gnomefreakrichardcavell: if you filed it or commented on it or such iis in your LP home page under bugs11:27
gnomefreakrichardcavell: ah11:27
BUGabundorichardcavell: if you file the undersocer one, sub me to it too11:27
BUGabundoI have this one with Kmail where it makes me open it twice to get a GUI11:27
BUGabundothe first run just leave it on the backgroud11:27
BUGabundoI guess I could file that one11:27
richardcavellgnomefreak: look at bug #40451211:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 404512 in ubuntu "Time and Date Settings cosmetic problem" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40451211:28
richardcavellI filed one about xchat but it was marked as a duplicate11:28
richardcavellit's something to do with gtk - lots of apps have the underscore problem11:28
BUGabundoI've seen a few11:31
richardcavellwell they have two months to fix the whole distro11:32
BUGabundoas if11:33
BUGabundowe just get another devel and carry on11:33
BUGabundoits not Ubuntu devs place to fix all bugs11:33
BUGabundoits Upstream11:33
gnomefreakrichardcavell: steps to reproduce the underscore time one?11:34
richardcavellgnomefreak: it happens all the time on my machine11:36
richardcavellgnomefreak: and xchat has it bad too11:36
gnomefreakrichardcavell: how do you get to the dialog? i cant find it (its also very early for me still11:36
* gnomefreak cant stand Xchat11:36
richardcavellgnomefreak: System -> Administration > -> Time and Date11:37
gnomefreakBUGabundo: did you say you can reproduce that bug?11:37
richardcavellin xchat, when I select List of Channels... every keyboard shortcut is incorrect11:37
BUGabundohooo I see the _Unlock one11:40
BUGabundognomefreak: seems I can LOL11:40
BUGabundothe World Map is crazy11:41
BUGabundoblack and pinki11:41
gnomefreakBUGabundo: comment on the bug please11:41
BUGabundothe timezone map is broken11:41
gnomefreakgdm confirmed commented on it11:42
BUGabundoThe following errors were encountered: Server error, please  contact an administrator. OOPS ID:OOPS-1309EB10011:42
* gnomefreak 75% sure its gdm11:42
gnomefreakBUGabundo: i might have been working on it still please try again11:42
BUGabundo           If this is blocking your work, let us know by sending an  message to           feedback@launchpad.net.           Include the error ID           OOPS-1309EA109           in your message.11:42
BUGabundoLP down11:42
gnomefreakBUGabundo: no11:42
BUGabundolet me use Production instead11:42
gnomefreakedge works here11:43
BUGabundoyou where changing it11:43
BUGabundoat the same time I was11:43
BUGabundolp bug :)11:43
gnomefreaknot really a  bug since the page has to save you will run into conflicts11:44
BUGabundoit should be able to handle those conflits11:44
gnomefreakok smoke --> email11:44
BUGabundoon a better way then an OOPS11:44
gnomefreakBUGabundo: once page is refreshed it does11:44
BUGabundodon't smoke!11:44
BUGabundoI don't get it. you have healf probs and still smoke11:44
gnomefreakBUGabundo: thats like tell ing you to no blog ;)11:45
BUGabundoyou want to die soon(ner)11:45
gnomefreakBUGabundo: asap11:45
BUGabundonot the samething11:45
gnomefreakbe back11:45
BUGabundobut icant stop µblogging either11:45
mac_vBUGabundo: i found the workaround for the icons>we just need to change the gconf settings Bug #40762111:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407621 in libgnome "Icons missing from context menu , buttons" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40762111:45
* BUGabundo that's a minigun on my right arm :)11:46
BUGabundoquestion: where aren't you seeing the icons?11:47
mac_vlol ... now i can see them after i set the options11:48
BUGabundomac_v: question: where aren't you seeing the icons?11:49
cdE|Woozyeven the favicons in firefox' bookmarks and search engine dropdown list are gone :(11:50
mac_vBUGabundo: the icons where removed from dialogue buttons , drop down menus , context menus11:50
BUGabundoscreenshor after and before?11:51
mac_vcdE|Woozy: check this bug for a workaround Bug #40762111:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407621 in libgnome "Icons missing from context menu , buttons" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40762111:51
oslitohi, I need help with grub setup on xubuntu 9.10 alpha311:51
oslitoI cannot find menu.lst11:52
oslitoto add vista :>11:52
gnomefreakguys libgnome is 2.27.5-0ubuntu111:52
gnomefreak2.26 has the problem from what i see on the bug11:53
BUGabundo!info libgnome11:53
ubottuPackage libgnome does not exist in karmic11:53
gnomefreakoslito: give me a minute its a .cfg file11:53
gnomefreak!info libgnome-2.011:53
ubottuPackage libgnome-2.0 does not exist in karmic11:53
BUGabundognomefreak: libgnome what?11:53
cdE|Woozy!info libgnome2-011:53
ubottulibgnome2-0 (source: libgnome): The GNOME library - runtime files. In component main, is optional. Version 2.27.5-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 55 kB, installed size 244 kB11:53
BUGabundoneed more11:53
oslitognomefreak: ok, thx11:54
BUGabundo  Installed: 2.27.5-0ubuntu111:54
BUGabundomac_v: ^^^?11:54
mac_vBUGabundo: http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/icons.png11:54
BUGabundo$ apt-cache policy libgnome2-011:54
BUGabundoI saw that on the bug11:54
BUGabundojust don't know how it looks the other way11:54
mac_vBUGabundo: http://files.getdropbox.com/u/1325768/icons%20return.png11:55
gnomefreakoslito: its in /boot/grub/grub.cgf11:56
mac_vworse is , it removes favicons from firefox bookmarks [drop down ]!11:56
gnomefreaksorry its grub.cfg11:56
oslitook, i'll try to edit11:57
BUGabundoahhhh there it is11:58
BUGabundobeen looking for that gnomefreak11:58
mac_vgnomefreak: you dont have to edit grub.cfg [you shouldnt actually]11:59
BUGabundooh wait11:59
BUGabundoI see it now on gedit11:59
BUGabundono icon11:59
BUGabundomac_v: then how do i comment on a stanza?11:59
gnomefreakmac_v: thats where the menu.lst moved to. i dont  know enough about grub2 to tell you other ways12:00
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub212:00
gnomefreakgedit wont stop crashing here and its a known bug12:00
mac_vgnomefreak: BUGabundo options are edited in /etc/grub.d12:00
mac_vgnomefreak: BUGabundo and in /etc/default/grub12:01
gnomefreakhe left oops12:01
mac_vyou can edit grub,cfg actually , its set to read-only even for root12:02
BUGabundoCould not save the file /boot/grub/grub.cfg.12:02
mac_vBUGabundo: ^12:02
* BUGabundo takes a look at /etc/grub.d12:02
gnomefreakBUGabundo: sudo?12:02
mac_vgnomefreak: even sudo doesnt do it12:03
yaccIs there a description how to upgrade a Jaunty system to Karmic?12:03
* lupine_85 reckons karmic is pretty goofd12:03
gnomefreakyacc: update-manager -d12:03
mac_vgnomefreak: i found a workaround for gedit too...12:04
mac_vgnomefreak: open a file which has *not* been edited , and then try opening the file you want to edit , now you wont have crashes12:04
gnomefreakmac_v: is it a secret?12:04
gnomefreakmac_v: yeah i saw that12:04
yaccgnomefreak, Just to be sure, no way to downgrade if it goes even sourer than Jaunty is?12:05
gnomefreakyacc: right12:05
BUGabundocan't see where to comment a stanza12:05
gnomefreakyacc: it is more broken that jaunty12:05
mac_vBUGabundo: what do you want to comment?12:05
yaccgnomefreak, well, the question what is broken ;)12:05
BUGabundoit won't work with my 3G modem12:06
yaccgnomefreak, I'm not that so much into Gnome or KDE ;)12:06
BUGabundoit freezes the system12:06
BUGabundoso no use to boot from it12:06
BUGabundoyacc: $ do-release-upgrade -d12:06
BUGabundoworks even on servers12:06
mac_vBUGabundo: that you can do that comment in grub.cfg itself, change the permission to read and write and after edit change it back12:06
yaccgnomefreak, and Jaunty has a kernel that grills my laptop ;)12:06
gnomefreakoslito: it wont save i take it? try editing /etc/grub.d12:07
mac_vgnomefreak: oslito  no12:07
yaccgnomefreak, experiments suggest that 2.6.30 mainline ppa does not grill my CPU ;)12:07
oslitook. i'll wait12:07
mac_voslito: just update and run $sudo grub-update12:07
oslitook, i'll do thx12:08
BUGabundokewl. su works :)12:08
gnomefreakyacc: some video cards dont work in karmic so X well wont work12:08
yaccgnomefreak, print some12:08
yaccgnomefreak, print "nvidia" in some_video_cards_do_not_work_in_karmic12:08
gnomefreakyacc: off hand anything using the nvidia-glx-173 (or most of them)12:08
BUGabundodone mac_v12:08
mac_voslito: Bug #402795 has been fixed12:09
gnomefreakyacc: intel some of them and ati you need to use upstream for restricted drivers or use our free ones12:09
BUGabundoyacc: nvida works fine here12:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 402795 in grub2 "windows option not shown" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40279512:09
gnomefreakBUGabundo: your on the 180 drivers12:09
yaccgnomefreak, I'm using currently nvidia-18012:09
oslitomac_v: thx - update ongoing12:09
yaccgnomefreak, the free ones work similiarly well for my laptop.12:10
gnomefreakthe 180 drivers work here most people have issues with the 173 drivers since it moved to legacy12:10
gnomefreakmac_v: for fixing grub due to windows all you have to do is run update?12:11
mac_vgnomefreak: yup12:12
gnomefreakoh thats too easy12:12
mac_vhehe ;p12:13
BUGabundoisn't that been the way for ever?12:13
gnomefreakBUGabundo: no you used to have to fix it using installer or chroot into it12:14
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto12:14
* BUGabundo someone needs to update that for karmic12:15
* BUGabundo steps back12:15
gnomefreakBUGabundo: !grub212:15
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub212:15
richardcavellGRUB 2 rocks12:15
yaccto upgrade or not, that's the question, ...12:15
BUGabundoyacc: no question12:16
BUGabundodo ir12:16
mac_voslito: you dont even have to do anything in the terminal , if you complete the updates that issue should be fixed, if the windows item is missing , only then you need to run $sudo update-grub12:17
yaccBUGabundo, well, guess that's the answer. I means it's 1PM, I've got till 6PM to pick up a new hdd if it does not work out (because I need the old hdd's content). LUKS & LVM nowadays make it so nice, I remember the times where I had a cryptoloop based setup where one had to wonder if the data is accessible after an upgrade ;)12:17
oslitomac_v: ok, i'll try to reboot after update thx12:18
BUGabundoyacc: with grub2 full support for LVM makes it SO nice12:21
yaccBUGabundo, not here I guess, considering that my LVM PV is hidden in a LUKS volume.12:22
BUGabundono idea12:22
gnomefreak!info libnss3-1d hardy12:26
ubottulibnss3-1d (source: nss): Network Security Service libraries. In component main, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 993 kB, installed size 2600 kB12:27
gnomefreaki thought we updated that already12:27
gnomefreakoh damn sorry wrong channel12:27
BUGabundognomefreak: wasn't asac messing with that?12:27
BUGabundognomefreak: :)12:27
gnomefreakBUGabundo: yes12:27
rangaI have a problem with network speed throttling down unexpectedly.  The machine connects through a wireless N router as wired gigE.  The router is performing fine since another machine in Windows that connects wirelessly to the same router doesn't see this speed drop when it is occuring on this machine in question.  I am running Ubuntu 9.10.  When I restart my network using /etc/init.d/networking restart, there is no change.12:34
ranga  12:34
ranga I tried defining the /etc/network/interfaces to include eth0 and wlan0 but that didn't help either.  The only way I can get the speed back to the original 6 mbps range is by rebooting the machine.  Even then not all reboots restore the network speed.  The speed drops to as low as 200 kbps.  I am using a bandwidth testing site to measure.  I don't see any errors that I can spot in "dmesg".  I have been using linux a while a12:34
rangand like to play with it but in this case, I don't know where to begin.  Also, I had this similar problem with Fedora and Suse as well.  So, I suspect hardware but how can I confirm?12:34
BUGabundoHi_guys: LOL nice nick12:34
Hi_guysBUGabundo, thanks :)12:34
Hi_guysBUGabundo, the problem with that nick is Xchat always popup when someone say hi guys :)12:35
BUGabundoranga: can you _force_ the 54mb or even higher12:35
BUGabundoHi_guys: hi gbet ! LOL12:35
rangaI am not sure what you mean12:36
rangathis is the wired connection that is causing the problem12:36
BUGabundofor some reason I read wifi12:39
* BUGabundo re-reads backlog12:39
BUGabundo"ranga: I have a problem with network ...wireless N router"12:39
BUGabundothat was it12:39
rangaThe reason I mentioned the wireless N router is to say that another machine connects to it wirelessly and is fine even when this machine is experiencing sever network slowdown12:40
BUGabundoeth card?12:40
rangaonboard NIC12:40
BUGabundoHi_guys: hi :)12:40
BUGabundoranga: we need more then that12:41
mac_vhi guys12:41
BUGabundopastebin lspci12:41
BUGabundomac_v: _D12:41
rangaplease let me know what?12:41
Hi_guysBUGabundo, Yop, i've just reboot from fglrx install :)12:41
BUGabundoranga: sorry. not an experience user?12:41
BUGabundoHi_guys: does it work?12:41
* BUGabundo its hard to type that nick12:41
Hi_guysBUGabundo, Yep, fine, the latest version 9.712:42
Hi_guysBUGabundo, now i've to make few tests12:42
rangareasonably.  I am looking into the dmesg output for the appropriate section12:42
BUGabundoranga: $ lspci -v | pastebinit12:42
BUGabundoyou may need to install pastebint12:42
Hi_guysBUGabundo, I'll let you know what's going on :)12:42
BUGabundonice GPU :)12:45
legend2440is grub2 going to be included in koala by default?12:45
BUGabundo03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek  Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet  controller (rev 03)12:45
BUGabundolegend2440: already is12:45
legend2440BUGabundo: ok thanks12:45
BUGabundoranga: can you look on LP about bugs for that card?12:45
legend2440BUGabundo: in koala i can still choose ext3 if i dont want ext4 right? i use partimage and it doesnt work with ext412:47
BUGabundolegend2440: yes12:47
BUGabundobut ext4 is soo nice12:47
BUGabundolove the speed of fsck on it12:47
BUGabundoand deletes are much faster too12:48
BUGabundolegend2440: why using partimage?12:48
BUGabundojust leave the space12:48
rangaIt looks like there is some possible issue with 9.04 and this hardware12:48
BUGabundobut you are on karmic12:49
BUGabundomany things have changed in the kernel12:49
rangaI don't see anything with karmic12:49
BUGabundocare to describe it again so I can find a reproction case?12:50
BUGabundoranga: and can you open a bug to collect all this data?12:51
BUGabundoranga: $ ubuntu-bug linux12:51
rangaactually, one person does report that he didn't have the issue with 2.6.30-4 but12:51
rangaI don't see that12:51
BUGabundothen describe it, and add all the logs that LP asks for12:51
mac_vgnomefreak: are you using your /home from a pervious install or is it a fresh install? have you modified the gconf keys earlier?12:51
BUGabundoranga: you are on what kernel ?12:51
gnomefreakmac_v: define un edited file in reguards to gedit work around12:51
rangaLinux Myrkyr 2.6.31-4-generic #23-Ubuntu12:52
gnomefreakmac_v: im using files nad folders from my backed up /home but not the full /home dir12:52
legend2440BUGabundo: i use partimage because i have sysrescuecd in my / directory and use an autorun script to backup my ubuntu partition every once in a while by choosing it from grub menu list. it makes for a nice automated way to do backups12:52
mac_vgnomefreak: i guess that you might have edited the gconf , and forgotten about it12:53
* gnomefreak has to find a better backup app that lets me choose file/folder and tars the back up up12:53
gnomefreakmac_v: nope other than update-manager update-notifier i didnt touch it12:53
gnomefreakmac_v: what does gconf have to do with?12:54
mac_vgnomefreak: the gnome sets the icons to false ,12:54
mac_vgnomefreak: we can change it in gconf to true12:54
mac_voh we are talking about different things.... ! lol12:55
gnomefreakmac_v: i didnt touch it but this is a fresh install not an upgrade12:55
mac_vgnomefreak: unedited file , something which you havent edited example > ~/.aspell.en.prepl12:56
mac_vanyfile which you havent scrolled or added info12:56
gnomefreakthat file has been edited at one time or another :)12:56
mac_vi didnt edit that file... any other file which you have not edited ,12:57
gnomefreakmac_v: ok12:57
gnomefreakmac_v: thanks12:58
gnomefreakmac_v: thanks. thats alot of work for something that shouldnt be needed :)13:00
* mac_v confused if gnomefreak is mocking or really grateful 13:01
gnomefreakmac_v: little of both ;)\13:02
BUGabundooff to lunch. gone convert one more user after lunch :)13:02
rangaBUGabundo: I submitted a but in LP for this13:02
BUGabundothank you13:03
gnomefreakhave fun BUGabundo13:03
SKBErrors were encountered while processing: gnome-accessibility-themes13:12
SKBE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)13:12
SKBi'm tired of this, any thoughts?13:12
BluesKajhi folks13:17
richardcavellallquixotic: I want to know how your graphics stack is different.  I'm using karmic alpha 3 with all updates applied.13:33
allquixoticrichardcavell: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa13:33
allquixoticrichardcavell: see all those (very recent) commits that are not part of a tagged release? Yeah. I have those.13:33
allquixoticrichardcavell: same goes for xf86-video-intel, the xserver itself, etc13:34
richardcavellallquixotic: Okay13:34
allquixoticrichardcavell: the later Ubuntu is into the current development version's release cycle, the more out of sync their graphics stack will get with the git master13:35
allquixoticrichardcavell: particularly by about Beta time, you won't see any new major version pushes usually13:35
allquixoticonly bugfix point releases13:35
richardcavellallquixotic: is mesa the standard opengl implementation on karmic?13:35
richardcavellIs there even another option?13:36
allquixoticrichardcavell: Mesa is the _only_ hardware-accelerated OpenGL implementation I know of that is free software13:36
allquixoticand it's the only one that supports the Intel chips13:36
richardcavellThere you go putting that free software qualification on it again13:36
allquixoticI don't know of any proprietary Intel drivers if that's what you mean.13:36
allquixoticexcept Poulsbo, which is for a completely unrelated chipset they bought from PowerVR13:36
ikoniathe intel modules are open13:36
richardcavellI think the intel drivers are made with the support of Intel13:37
richardcavellunlike nvidia, who do their own drivers13:37
richardcavellin addition to releasing info with which others have made their open versions13:37
allquixoticrichardcavell: What I'm trying to say is, Mesa is only used for the "free software graphics stack" which is the collection of X.Org, xf86-video-*, Mesa, and DRI/DRM13:37
richardcavellwell wine uses that, doesn't it?13:37
allquixoticrichardcavell: by contrast, the Nvidia binary drivers do not use Mesa or DRI/DRM at all, nor does ATI's fglrx13:37
richardcavellI mean, we're talking about games here13:38
allquixoticwine doesn't use Mesa; wine uses OpenGL13:38
Milos_SDwhat version of pulseaudio is in Karmic right now?13:38
richardcavellhow does wine implement OpenGL then?13:38
ikonia!info pulseaudio13:38
ubottupulseaudio (source: pulseaudio): PulseAudio sound server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.9.15-4ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 542 kB, installed size 3436 kB13:38
ikoniaguy theory on video card's isn't an ubuntu topic, I suggest you take it to a pm13:38
allquixoticrichardcavell: Mesa is _one_ _possible_ _OpenGL_ _implementation_. It basically boils down to a few shared libraries in /usr/lib, chiefly among them /usr/lib/libGL.so.113:38
richardcavellMilos_SD: 0.9.15-413:38
allquixoticrichardcavell: when wine needs hardware-accelerated DirectX or OpenGL, it calls into that shared library. that shared library is implemented either by Mesa or by Nvidia or by fglrx13:39
allquixoticrichardcavell: for directx it just translates DirectX calls into OpenGL calls, which then call into the native OpenGL implementation13:39
Milos_SDI hope there will be 0.9.16 in final release :)13:39
richardcavellallquixotic: so nvidia make their own OpenGL implementation as well?13:39
ikoniaMilos_SD: drop a note to the current package maintainers, give them a prod see how they respond13:39
allquixoticrichardcavell: Yes, Nvidia's entire graphics stack, except for the X Server and related libraries, is completely independent of the free software stack13:40
ikoniarichardcavell: allquixotic this is nothing to do with ubuntu, I suggest you take it to pm or another channel13:40
richardcavellthe Windows idea is that you install a driver that attaches to the opengl.dll13:40
richardcavellikonia: we moved here to keep you happy13:40
allquixoticdon't make it a battleground, let's take it to pm13:40
ikoniarichardcavell: this is still an ubuntu channel, and your discussion is nothing to do with #ubuntu13:40
ikoniarichardcavell: this channel is for discussion ubuntu 9.1013:41
richardcavellallquixotic: okay pm13:41
tgpraveenhey guys13:46
tgpraveen<tgpraveen>i have a nokia e51 and banshee latest from unstable ppa13:46
tgpraveen<tgpraveen>when i connect my nokia e51 i get a pupup on my cell saying which mode i want to connect in i select the pc suite mode13:46
tgpraveen<tgpraveen>the other mode is mass storage mode btw13:47
tgpraveen<tgpraveen>but after i do this though network manager offers to establish a connection using the cell which i decline13:47
tgpraveen<tgpraveen>and i want to add songs using banshee13:47
tgpraveen<tgpraveen>but the cell doesnt show up in banshee any help?13:47
ikoniatgpraveen: what version of ubuntu are you using ?13:50
* gnomefreak more concerned about hte pasting13:50
ikoniathat's next ont he list13:50
ikoniaon the13:50
ikoniatgpraveen: hello ?13:51
BUGabundohey guys13:51
BUGabundohey tgpraveen ikonia gnomefreak13:52
tgpraveendoes it matter13:52
ikoniatgpraveen: yes it does13:52
tgpraveenhey BUGabundo13:52
ikoniatgpraveen: what version are you using ?13:52
gnomefreakhi BUGabundo13:52
tgpraveenits jaunty but the banshee is from unstable ppa13:52
tgpraveenthe latest one13:52
gnomefreakwrong channel and we dont support PPA's13:52
tgpraveenand for the pasting i wrote that13:52
ikoniatgpraveen: ok - so 1.) the ppa's are not supported 2.) this channel is for karmic13:52
tgpraveenat another channel so copy pasted13:52
ikoniatgpraveen: the other problem is pasting multiple lines in both channels,13:52
BUGabundotgpraveen: what ikonia means to say, is that +1 is for karmic support and discussion13:53
tgpraveenok what would be the best channel for me13:53
ikoniatgpraveen: flooding any of the ubuntu channels isn't great, try to phrase your question on one short sharp line13:53
ikoniatgpraveen: #ubuntu is the correct channel, but peoples PPA's are rarley supportable, you may do better asking the PPA owner13:53
tgpraveenand the reason that i ask here is that problem is not tied to this version specifically it affects the karmic version of banshee in karmic's repos13:53
gnomefreaktgpraveen: for PPA help on kaunty i would say #ubuntu-offtopic13:53
ikoniatgpraveen: how do you know it effects karmics repo's ?13:54
gnomefreakPPA's have no effect on Karmic or any other release13:54
tgpraveenwell problem is more related to this cell phone's handling in banshee and the mtp library13:55
tgpraveenand this occurs in jaunty using jaunty repo's version13:55
ikoniatgpraveen: I suggest you a.) log a bug for the jaunty version b.) speak to the PPA maintainer13:55
tgpraveenand since nothing has changed in those packages should occur in13:55
tgpraveenkarmic as well13:55
BluesKajtgpraveen, are you looking for a decent music player or are you determined to use banshee ?14:20
tgpraveen BluesKaj i am will ing to change14:21
tgpraveenbut i doubt the problem is of banshee14:21
BUGabundoexaile FTW14:21
BluesKajtry vlc14:21
BUGabundoand very active team14:21
tgpraveenit is more likely to be a problem with how this phone is handled by the mtp libraries14:21
tgpraveenhmmm ok will give them botha shot when time permits14:22
tgpraveenthought isnt vlc more of a video player14:22
BluesKajnm. yer looking for phone apps14:22
BluesKajvlc does it all14:22
tgpraveenhmm ok14:23
BluesKajdumped amarok for vlc14:23
BUGabundoI like exaile14:25
BUGabundoyou guys should give it a try14:25
BUGabundotheir new devel version 0.3 ROCKs14:26
BUGabundosee #exaile14:26
BluesKajright , but isn't that a gnome ap?14:26
BUGabundoreally easy to get too.14:26
BUGabundoits on LP brach14:26
BUGabundoso u just pull it via bzr14:26
BluesKajI have vlc set up nicely , gonna stick with it14:27
penguin42Oh I might give that a go, I use Rhythmbox at the moment14:27
BUGabundoBluesKaj: I have almost every player on the repos14:27
BUGabundovlc, totem, mplayer (gui and cli), exaile, RB,14:27
BUGabundoif you guys really want a nice experience, and are willing to try it (you should since you are running karmic) get the bzr version of exaile14:28
BUGabundothe PPA is a bit old, I think14:28
BluesKajyeah , I have a bunch too14:28
BUGabundomaybe now it was a 2 week old14:28
BluesKajBBL , errands to do14:48
introublehey karma people15:14
Zorael^2What could have happened if I suddenly get "disk full" messages regarding my root partition when I have ~8gb free according to df? Upon reboot, it won't boot unless I pass noswap as a boot option - it sticks at "removing temporary files" or something along those lines15:16
Zorael^2running Karmic, obviously15:16
introublenautilus crashes!!!15:18
ikoniaZorael^2: where is your swap partition ?15:18
penguin42introuble: I had that a couple of weeks ago, it seems to have been OK now for me15:19
introublewell i sent a problem report15:19
Zorael^2ikonia: /dev/sda7, I believe15:19
ikoniaZorael^2: you need to check15:19
introublei have built date 7/15/200915:20
Zorael^2ikonia: Sorry, confused two machines. It's at /dev/sdb2, fdisk reports15:21
introublei have cdrw drive, i put in a blank cd and then the image of the drive disappears from ubuntu file browser15:21
Zorael^2ikonia: partitionmanager calls it "unknown", but then it calls my ext4 partitions unknown too, so not sure if that's of relevance15:22
introublehey can i error check /fix ntfs drives with ubuntu?15:22
Zorael^2gparted properly detects it as a swap partition15:23
ikoniaZorael^2: check within linux15:24
ikoniaZorael^2: don't use 3rd party tools like partition magic15:25
ikoniaintrouble: windows file systems should be fixed in windows15:25
ikoniaintrouble: the problem is either your CD, or your drive15:25
Zorael^2ikonia: partitionmanager, it's in the repos15:25
Zorael^2ikonia: I avoid gparted since it pulls icky gnome deps I otherwise don't need, installed it just now to confirm though15:25
ikoniaZorael^2: sorry, I thought you said partition magic15:26
ikoniaZorael^2: look in your fstab15:26
Zorael^2ikonia: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/241859/15:27
penguin42hmm curious - all the icons have gone from my bookmarks menu in ff15:28
Zorael^2ikonia: this happened in the middle of a session (was attempting to update package lists), immediately checked df which said I had those 8gb free on my root partition, and upon rebooting it didn't get past "removing temporary files". Adding noswap makes it boot, at least15:28
introubleikonia, i just bought a new pack of empty cd-r's15:29
ikoniaZorael^2: are you sure it's your root file system is't complaining about ?15:29
ikoniaintrouble: that doesn't mean they are valid/compatible/not a problem15:30
introuble700mb and the iso to be burned is 589.1mb15:30
ikoniaintrouble: but if you take that stance, then the problem is your drive15:30
Zorael^2ikonia: technically no, it was talking about /var/run, if that makes a difference?15:30
introubleit worked with ubuntu 6.06!15:30
ikoniaintrouble: doesn't mean it's not a problem15:30
introublei have karmic yes15:31
introublea friend in irc burned it to me15:31
ikoniaZorael^2: interesting,  you don't have /var on a seperate partition so it shouldn't ba a proble15:31
ikoniaintrouble: doesn't mean the drive is not a problem now15:31
introublei thought he was gointo burn 9.04 but he burned latest build15:31
ikoniaZorael^2: I would first of all boot with no swap, then remake your swap file system with mkswap - then try to "swapon /dev/sdb2" and see if it likes that15:32
introubleubuntu sees that there is a cdrw drive, i put a empty cd in the drive disappears15:32
ikoniaZorael^2: then clear out /var/run15:32
introublebut it worked with 6.0615:32
ikoniathen reboot15:32
ikoniaintrouble: that means nothing15:32
ikoniaintrouble: things can break, thinks can be incompatible15:32
Zorael^2ikonia: remade the swap partition and enabled it, dmesg just confirmed with no error messages. Can I clean /var/run in a running session? (or do I need to do it from single mode/live environment)15:33
ikoniaZorael^2: you can clear it out running, it's normally just files used to contain PID ideas of running applications15:34
iktmade a thread but got no feedback, is there any work still happening on suspend/resume?15:34
Zorael^2ikonia: du -h says it's currently taking 320KB, but I'll clean it out for good measure15:34
ikoniait's in active development yes15:34
ikoniaZorael^2: I'm wondering more if it's a permissions prorlbme15:35
ikoniaZorael^2: also look at "df -i"15:35
ikoniaback shortly15:36
penguin42is anyone else getting 'gmplayer: Skin not found (default). and it not starting ? (mplayer works)15:36
Zorael^2ikonia: okay, I'll try rebooting without noswap (and without quiet)15:36
introublekarmic is such a bitch15:38
penguin42It seems good for me15:41
introublemy cdrw drive worked with 6.0615:41
introublebut not anymore15:41
penguin42introuble: Does it work at all?15:42
EagleScreenmy DVB-T worked with jaunty, and not with karmic15:42
EagleScreendue to a kernel bug15:42
penguin42Well DVB-T's are a little rarer; but CDRW is something very common15:42
EagleScreenit is normally, karmic is in Alpha state15:42
EagleScreenmy DVB-T is not rare, it has a native free kernel module15:43
EagleScreenintrouble: what about releases between dapper and karmic?15:44
penguin42EagleScreen: Oh but I mean it's a lot rarer than CDRW drives15:44
introubleubuntu sees the drive but does not see when cd is inserted15:46
EagleScreenintrouble: do you have a /dev/cdrom or /dev/scd0 ?15:47
introublei have only used 6.06 and 9.1015:47
introubleand im quite new to linux anyway15:47
introublemaybe i should unmount ntfs drives?15:48
EagleScreenintrouble: use paste.ubuntu.com15:48
EagleScreenand paste the output of the command 'ls -l /dev'15:48
introubleand btw, im on live cd 9.1015:49
penguin42if you are on a live CD how is it not seeing the CD?15:49
introubleeaglescreen, i pasted and used name introuble15:50
EagleScreenpaste here the url15:50
EagleScreenhave you got two CD Drives or are you using Live USB-Stick?15:51
introubleno there is no parameters on cdrw drive properties15:51
penguin42ah yeh, you have an sr0 and sr115:51
introublei have 2 cd drives, usb stick and 2 ntfs drives and im on live cd 9.1015:51
penguin42introuble: If you do a 'df' which one does it show your live cd being in?15:52
EagleScreenintrouble: paste also 'df -h'15:52
introublehere both http://paste.ubuntu.com/241911/15:54
penguin42introuble: OK, put a data cd in the other drive and do that df again and also cat /proc/partitions15:55
introublelive cd is on master, i tried to burn with slave15:55
penguin42(I mean an already burnt data disk)15:55
introubleok i stick ubuntu 6.06 in :)15:55
introublesome wonderful ppl sent like 5 copies to me some years back :)15:56
introublehere http://paste.ubuntu.com/241921/15:58
penguin42introuble: Well, it's found your other CD drive; and can mount it - so it's not a complete turkey on Karmic15:58
introubleim gonna order again when karma comes out and take the cd's to a local library15:58
introubleyes i have filesystem on other cd drive15:59
penguin42introuble: OK, so what happens when you shove a blank in then?15:59
introublethe icon disappears from file browser16:00
introubleand is a no show in df16:01
penguin42ok, that's fine - there's no filesystem there16:01
EagleScreencan't you burn a CD16:03
introublenautilus crashes when i use the built in cd/dvd creator16:04
penguin42introuble: Ah, nautilus crashing is a whole different kettle of fish!16:04
introublebrasero does not recognize the blank cd in drive16:04
introublei sent an error report on about that crashing16:05
penguin42introuble: OK, I think from what your saying it's unlikely to actually be kernel/hardware detection - although it's possible that it's having problems when burning16:05
introublemaybe i try to boot live cd with that other drive that isdisappearing now16:06
introubleand then use the better drive to burn16:06
introublebut.. 6.06 didnt boot up with the drive im trying to burn now16:07
introublebut booted with the other drive16:07
introublesorry if confusing16:07
introublein 6.06 today earlier i burned an iso which was suppose to be bootable with the drive that is disappearing now16:08
introubleand the burninc was ok16:08
introublebut the cd did not boot on neither of the drives16:09
introublebut then a friend from irc burned karma for me16:09
introublei thought he was going to burn 9.0416:09
introublebut this is good too16:09
introublei needed to move from 6.06 to 9.x cos there were no ntfs support in 6.0616:10
EagleScreenintrouble: use 9.04, it is stable16:10
EagleScreencan't you download 9.04 CD image?16:11
introublei downloaded 9.04 image and burned it in 6.06 but the cd did not came as bootable16:11
introubleso a friend in irc offered to burn and he burned 9.1016:11
EagleScreendid you check the md5sum?16:11
introubleno i did not16:12
introublebut it could also be because of the drive16:12
introublei dunno16:12
EagleScreenchek it to know it it is well downloaded16:12
introubleanyway i can always install windows and do some burning in there16:13
introubleyeah i've checked since16:13
introublebut it's a shame that i could not boot 6.06 with that older burner but it booted fine with that new'er burner16:14
introublebut im gonna try to boot 9.10 with that older burner now and see if difference16:14
introublewill be back here16:14
introublewhen does karma come out as stable?16:15
EagleScreenin October16:16
introubleok so there is plenty of time16:16
th1how can I stop pulseaudio from running? whenever I kill it then something starts it again immediately...16:22
BUGabundoth1: it autospaws16:25
th1but how can I stop it from doing that16:25
BUGabundoand I'm almost sure we already told you how a few weeks ago16:26
th1you told me how to control it with paman ;)16:26
BUGabundoand check the autospawn option16:26
th1I don't have /etc/pulseaudio.conf, only /etc/pulse/* and none of them have autospawn16:28
penguin42th1: IN my /etc/pulse/client.conf is a line that's commented out which says ; autospawn = yes16:29
penguin42th1: I suggest removing the ; to uncomment it and changing the yes for a no16:29
penguin42(wtf does ff3.5 in karmic have some odd custom google search set - it's annoying)16:30
th1penguin42, thanks it works ;)16:30
BUGabundopenguin42: multisearch addon!16:30
th1now I can play mame with sound16:30
penguin42BUGabundo: The what?16:30
BUGabundocheck LP and asac blog for more info16:31
penguin42th1: Oh you don't need to stop pulse for that - you can suspend it -  pasuspender /bin/cat16:31
penguin42BUGabundo: Thanks - I wouldn't have realised that was what was doing it - disabled; I don't like the way it isn't giving me normal google style results with the tabs for web/image/etc16:33
BUGabundopenguin42: +116:33
* penguin42 adds a comment to that saying I don't like it16:38
penguin42BUGabundo: I don't mind if things like that do stuff extra, but I want my normal Google with all the normal options etc16:45
introubleok im back at live cd 9.1016:48
introubleand the live cd did not boot with the older cd drive16:49
introublethere was some uncompress error16:49
introublebut booted fine with the newer drive16:49
* billybigrigger wonders why half the lawn is burnt and there is an empty jerry can of gas on the lawn16:49
introubleand still is, when i put blank cd in the other drive is a no show16:50
billybigriggerintrouble, i think cd burning is broken currently16:50
penguin42billybigrigger: I guess it's faster than mowing16:50
billybigriggersomeone correct me if i'm wrong16:50
BUGabundointrouble: kwnon bug16:50
BUGabundoyou can't see blank cds :(16:50
introubleah ok..16:51
billybigriggerpenguin42, haha yeah i guess...not really legal here though :P16:51
introublei install windows and download 9.04 and burn it to cd16:51
BUGabundohow do I lock my screen now?16:51
BUGabundocrtl+alt+L doesn't work16:51
BUGabundonor pressing the Lock from new FUSA16:52
billybigriggernew fusa?16:52
penguin42BUGabundo: ctrl-alt-l just worked here (Gnome)16:52
billybigriggerwhen did that roll down the pipe?16:52
penguin42BUGabundo: Do you have gnome-screensaver running?16:53
BUGabundobillybigrigger: not fusa17:06
BUGabundonot sure the name17:06
BUGabundothe thing that replaces fusa17:06
BUGabundopenguin42: don't know. need to check17:06
BUGabundopenguin42: yes screensaver is on17:06
penguin42BUGabundo: I mean is the process running?17:06
BUGabundorunning ou?17:07
penguin42ps -eaf|grep screen17:07
penguin42I see a gnome-screensaver17:07
BUGabundo1000     25785     1  1 17:06 ?        00:00:00 gnome-screensaver-preferences17:09
penguin42BUGabundo: That's the preferences thing - not the screen saver itself17:10
penguin42BUGabundo: Just run gnome-screensaver and then see if you can lock it17:10
billybigriggerctrl-alt-L works here BUGabundo17:11
BUGabundoyep that works17:13
* BUGabundo wonders why screensaver is not running17:13
* BUGabundo checks startup apps17:13
BUGabundowas disabled on the startup17:13
bcurtiswxanyone here know how to install a sound theme?17:16
th1bcurtiswx, a sound theme for what?17:18
bcurtiswxthi: its the sound theme that includes the sounds for empathy17:18
bcurtiswxth1: ^^17:18
bcurtiswxth1: its a tar.gz file17:19
BUGabundohaven't tried it bcurtiswx17:20
bcurtiswxbug #400485, which in my opinion needs a push to the "higher authorities" because of empathys push to default in karmic17:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 400485 in ubuntu-sounds "Empathy sounds not in default ubuntu theme" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40048517:21
billybigriggergeez stupid PA17:26
BUGabundoanyone having trouble with compiz?18:02
BUGabundomine died and won't start again18:02
BUGabundoWARNING : big trace ahead:18:05
kklimondaBUGabundo: can't you generate an apport crash?18:06
Twigathy*** glibc detected *** /usr/bin/compiz.real: corrupted double-linked list: 0x00000000031cd7a0 ***18:07
Twigathy^ that sounds bad c_c18:07
BUGabundoI tried to start metacity, and compiz start instead and works18:07
BUGabundokklimonda: apport did not kick in18:07
* BUGabundo checks var crash18:07
BUGabundono crash in there18:08
BUGabundowhere is apport settings?18:10
BUGabundoneed to be sure its enables18:10
bardyrHey, is there anyway i can get the old gnome-volume-control back? the new pulseaudio integration has broken my sound18:39
tgpraveenso they finally switched to the new pavucontrol18:42
BUGabundobardyr: go back jaunty18:42
tgpraveenwith all the per app volume control and all?18:42
bardyrtgpraveen, seems so18:42
BUGabundotgpraveen: No18:42
penguin42bardyr: If you start up the old volume control and tell it to control the OSS or Alsa mixer does it work?18:42
tgpraveenBUGabundo: then what is bardyr talking abt18:42
bardyrpenguin42, the gnome-volume-manager is changed18:43
BUGabundopenguin42: no longer18:43
tgpraveenand if no do u knw why? it seems that we are at a stage when if the change is to be  it should be18:43
BUGabundonow we have the less control EVER18:43
kklimondaI can't choose between my internal and external mic in the new dialog :/18:46
BUGabundome neither18:46
penguin42that level of choice isn't even showing up in paman18:46
kklimondabut I like it otherwise18:46
kklimondahmm.. any idea how to restore correct button order in GTK+ apps after I've tested (and removed) KDE?18:53
kklimondaalso icons on buttons are missing18:53
penguin42kklimonda: The icons with buttons - go to system->preferences->appearance and select Interface and there's a drop down of 'toolbar button labels:' - try that18:54
BUGabundokklimonda: you mean KDE changed the gnome UID?18:54
BUGabundoI mean18:54
kklimondapenguin42: it's only for toolbar18:54
kklimondawait, I'll make a screenshot18:54
kklimondahttp://img299.imageshack.us/i/weird2.png/ and http://img150.imageshack.us/i/weirdz.png/18:57
kklimondaI have removed ~/.gtkrc*18:58
kklimondaas firefox isn't really a GNOME app it's nothing in gconf..18:59
BUGabundothose look ok18:59
BUGabundoor are you talking about the change on gnome19:00
BUGabundothat removed icons?19:00
kklimondaBUGabundo: by default there are icons on buttons (for example life belt on Help button)19:02
kklimondaat least there always were19:03
BUGabundohas anyone seen this icon on LGs disk when mounted?19:03
BUGabundobottom right19:03
kklimondalol, weird :)19:04
kklimondait shows up itself?19:04
BUGabundowhen I pluged the disk19:04
BUGabundo1st tiem is see it19:04
BUGabundokklimonda: today we filed a bug19:04
BUGabundoabout icons that were removed19:04
BUGabundolet me find it19:04
kklimondaweird, it's not a notification area19:04
BUGabundothat's an applet19:05
BUGabundoDisk Mounter19:05
penguin42BUGabundo: My disk mounter doesn't do anything as pretty with my USB sticks etc - although one bug I have is that encrypted drive icons on DM are shit - you can't tell when it's mounted19:05
BUGabundopenguin42: neither do any of my disks19:06
* penguin42 goes to get some food19:06
BUGabundokklimonda: don't have an email or scrolllog for it19:06
BUGabundohave to grep my logs19:06
BUGabundoahhh the disk as a ICON.ico19:07
kklimondaBUGabundo: was it reported against gtk+ ?19:08
BUGabundonot sure19:08
BUGabundodon't rememer19:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407474 in ubuntu "Icons missing from gnome menu and drop down menus in all Gnome applications (dup-of: 407621)" [Low,Invalid]19:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407621 in libgnome "Icons missing from context menu , dialogue buttons , firefox bookmark favicons" [Wishlist,Confirmed]19:09
BUGabundogot to love FF awesome bar19:09
BUGabundoright  it was filled by mac_v19:10
BUGabundois that it kklimonda?19:10
kklimondaI don't think so19:10
kklimondabut thanks, it was related19:12
kklimondathere is /desktop/gnome/interface/buttons_have_icons19:12
kklimondaI guess that buttor order should be somewhere there too19:13
BUGabundoI don't understand what u mean by order19:16
BUGabundois it GNOME HUG ?19:16
BUGabundofrom the screenshots looked ok19:16
kklimondaBUGabundo: default is http://img259.imageshack.us/i/70359102.png/19:17
kklimondaand I have http://img150.imageshack.us/i/weirdz.png/19:17
BUGabundooh righ19:18
BUGabundolike I said: HUG19:19
kklimondaHUG? not HIG?19:19
kklimondano, wait..19:19
kklimondayeah, HIG19:19
kklimondaBUGabundo: but the default is from a new account so something has changed in my settings..19:20
kklimondastupid kde :/19:20
BUGabundoKDE has other buttons order19:21
aboSamoorhow can I attach the report of the ubuntu-bug without creating a new bug report ?19:22
kklimondaaboSamoor: apport-collect <bug number>19:22
kklimondaaboSamoor: you can't do it with ubuntu-bug itself as It always create a new report19:23
* BUGabundo toooo slow :(19:23
BUGabundowell ubuntu - bug is a GUI for apport-cli19:24
aboSamoorkklimonda, which level of access is recommended, I want to help as much as I can19:24
BUGabundoI do give it read and write19:24
kklimondaok, buttons order in Fx is saved in ~/.mozilla/19:29
aboSamoorLOL, it seemed i damaged the bug report more than 20 attachment files !19:30
aboSamoorbug 40536419:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 405364 in notify-osd "Memory leak in notify-osd in cairo surface creation - or what is left after fix for 378193" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40536419:30
BUGabundopoor subscrivers19:35
BUGabundoif I'm one of them you are dead :p19:35
aboSamoorI apologized with one extra comment ;)19:35
kklimondahelpful ubuntu community ;)19:36
aboSamoorI am also a subscriber ;). God bless gmail19:36
* BUGabundo Kmail user here19:36
* penguin42 uses mutt19:37
aboSamoorthere is no way to delete a comment !19:37
* aboSamoor tried Kmail, evolution, thunderbird and was never satisfied 19:37
kklimondayeah, I've tried most of mail apps and always went back to gmail interface..19:38
BUGabundoI just use gmail for my main account19:38
BUGabundoeverything else goes to kmail19:38
BUGabundoexcecpt a few logs and apt-changes that go into MUTT19:39
aboSamooris 150MB for banshee is ok ? if yes, is it reasonable to allocate 150MB to a music player ?!19:40
kklimondaaboSamoor: it takes ~52mb here19:40
aboSamoornow banshee is using 165.3 MB !19:41
kklimondahow many songs do you have?19:42
penguin42oh yeh what was that music player you were talking about earlier - the one starting with e?19:42
billybigriggerBUGabundo, ola19:43
BUGabundothey won't implemet video!19:43
penguin42ah right19:43
BUGabundoI've asked it19:43
aboSamoorI have 1786 song banshee, only music no videos.19:43
BUGabundo(07:18:38 PM) SiDi: videos dont have their place in a music player, except for some particular cases (Live DVDs, clips), but it remains videos, that are most efficiently played in a player dedicated to videos19:43
BUGabundo(07:19:00 PM) SiDi: go test banshee's video mode, see how it lags, see how its not convenient for actual video playing19:43
BUGabundo(07:19:30 PM) SiDi: What im trying to say, BUGabundo, is that video playing and music playing are different tasks with different contexts, that are best enjoyed with different apps19:43
billybigriggerdo you like banshee?19:43
BUGabundonever tried it, I thikn19:44
BUGabundobillybigrigger: olá19:44
billybigriggeri can recommend a different music player that will search your library 10x faster than banshee19:44
* aboSamoor the result for the mess I made with apport collect 3 threads with a total 39 email ! I will be kicked out for sure19:44
* penguin42 installs19:44
BUGabundonot more then if you sent it to bug 119:44
ubottuhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/1 (Timeout)19:44
penguin42is Exaile mostly python?19:44
BUGabundotry trunk from bazaar19:45
penguin42interesting, I'm learning python at the moment19:45
BUGabundoits worth19:45
BUGabundojoin #exaile19:45
billybigriggerif you guys are looking for a banshee alternative, try quodlibet, i was blown away by the library search speed19:45
penguin42in what way is quodlibet different from exaile?19:46
billybigriggeri don't know, never used exaile19:46
penguin42other than being unable to spell it19:46
kklimondabillybigrigger: searching in banshee is instant for me19:46
aboSamoorI don't like memory extensive apps [The 128MB mentality], but banshee beats others in interface and features.19:47
billybigrigger8600+ mp3 library, banshee is only using 56mb here19:47
penguin42rhytmbox seems to be taking 651m but only 39m resident19:48
kklimondabanshee scales really well as they have custom widgets for list display that don't load all songs at one time.19:48
billybigriggerbanshee only loads 30 songs at a time if i recall19:48
BUGabundo 4630 bugabund  20   0  773m 113m  18m S   10  2.9  23:12.62 exaile19:48
billybigriggeror whatever's in your window, and 10 up and 10 down19:48
BUGabundoaboSamoor: is 113MiBs ok ?19:48
aboSamoorI will switch to the first music player which supports non-English tags  [not sure if they are unicode or not, I think they are windows encoding]19:48
billybigrigger 5904 billybig  20   0  610m  86m  21m S    1  2.2   0:04.38 /usr/bin/quodli :P19:49
* penguin42 waits for his current song to finish19:49
kklimondaaboSamoor: most of players support non-english tags but only if they are in unicode (utf8 to be exact)19:49
* penguin42 would be surprised if most things didn't use utf819:49
BUGabundo5k songs in the playlist19:49
penguin422.7k on mine19:50
kklimondaaboSamoor: and only id3v2 for mp3 supports utf-8 officially19:50
billybigriggerwhat did you make me?19:51
* penguin42 wants to find a replacement for rhythmbox - I wrote a patch that to my feel improves the randomness of it, but never persuaded them to take it so I've had my own build sitting around for ages that I have to keep patching up to the latest version19:51
aboSamoor20857 eid       20   0  416m 188m  17m S    5  9.4  31:22.61 banshee-1,  it is now 188MB <---- for sure a memory leak19:51
billybigriggerdinner sounds good right about now19:51
billybigriggeraboSamoor, what version of banshee?19:52
billybigriggerapt-cache policy banshee19:52
billybigriggerInstalled: 1.5.1+git20090729.r3.157459d-0ubuntu119:52
billybigriggeryou might want to try the daily PPA for banshee19:52
aboSamoorbanshee Version: 1.4.3-519:52
penguin42BUGabundo: OK, so wtf when I just satart Exaile, import my library, select shuffle and hit play doesn't it do anything? I've even switched to playlists and clicked entire library19:53
* penguin42 double clisk entire library again and it gets going 19:53
kklimondahttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/bugs/407621 "No need for a poll i guess, since even Ubuntu's team is against this change" - huh, are Ubuntu devs against it? BUGabundo, my brother - find me another link ;}19:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407621 in libgnome "Icons missing from context menu , dialogue buttons , firefox bookmark favicons" [Wishlist,Confirmed]19:53
penguin42htf is that a wishlist?19:54
aboSamoorpenguin42, most of the arabic usage of technology is microsoft oriented. so no one is aware of utf8 and for arabic linux users this means headache all the time.19:54
penguin42aboSamoor: Ah I see, I suspect arabic had to solve the problem long enough ago before utf-8 was implemented that they've kept with their previous solution19:56
penguin42aboSamoor: Japanese has a similar selection of encoding problems (I think they have 2 or 3 different encodings for their 2 or 3 different character sets....)19:56
aboSamoorpenguin42, Japanese people know there is a problem, here none cares. Here, Microsoft means the technology.19:58
antoranzHi, guys!19:59
penguin42aboSamoor: Japanese has had working mechanisms on X for decades, I don't know what the equivalent state for Arabic is19:59
antoranzHow can I force kms to use vesa instead of intel?19:59
aboSamoorArabic fonts are really terrible on ubuntu, I wish have the time to contribute, every time I decide to do something I discover how many things I have to do in my work/study. so I am stick with bug reporting19:59
penguin42antoranz: Not sure, but I'd try unloading i915 or the related and loading the matching vesa module20:00
antoranzafter boot?20:00
antoranzrmmod i965; modprobe vesa;?20:00
penguin42BUGabundo: Hmm Elixair isn't exactly quick (version from the repo)20:00
penguin42antoranz: I'm not sure how this will work after it's already using it20:01
antoranzthat's why I was asking20:01
antoranzmaybe I could say something like kms=vesa (or somethink like that) on grub or st20:01
penguin42BUGabundo: It's currently resorting it's view based on playcount and has been at it for >2 mins and isn't playing while it's doing it20:03
penguin42antoranz: I've not actually figred out which bit does kms20:04
aboSamoorhow I am supposed to use add-apt-repository, it gives me error with banshee-team20:04
antoranzok... let me try to unload i965/load vesa to see what happens20:05
aboSamoorno manual for add-apt-repository ! The argument supposed to be ppa:username, but banshee team has more than one ppa, any it is not working !20:11
yofelaboSamoor: the arument is ppa:username/ppaname20:13
aboSamooryofel, thanks :)20:15
yofelyou're welcome20:15
bcurtiswxanyone here know how i can install a sound theme into ubuntu?20:21
bcurtiswxits a tar.gz20:21
billybigriggerextract the theme to /usr/share/sounds20:23
billybigrigger../ubuntu is the dir for the "Ubuntu" sound theme so... /usr/share/sounds/YOURTHEME20:24
billybigriggergeez i love when people get impatient haha20:24
aboSamoorLOL, the idea of using the daily build of banshee was not wise, now the new banshee crash before starting with database error !20:30
billybigriggerwhat error20:30
cbhlnow that I think about it, it's surprising that there are "install" buttons and the like for appearance themes, but yet not for sound ones... I wonder if there's a reason for that.20:30
aboSamoorbillybigrigger, An unhandled exception was thrown: The database file is locked20:31
aboSamoorcannot rollback transaction - SQL statements in progress20:31
billybigriggerdid you kill the old banshee process?20:31
billybigriggeryou might have wanted to remove the old banshee aswell20:31
yaccOk, I've upgraded today to karmic, seems like I lost X11 :(20:32
yaccnouveau complains about a GPU lockup.20:33
aboSamoorbillybigrigger, I used the quit action from the drop down menu in the notification area20:33
yaccnv complains that nvidia kernel module is missing.20:33
yaccdespite the fact that I've installed nvidia-glx-18020:33
billybigriggeryacc, $ uname -a20:33
yaccdkms status btw does not show nvidia either.20:34
billybigriggeraboSamoor, $ killall banshee-120:34
billybigriggeryacc, fully updated?20:34
yaccbillybigrigger no copy&paste for me :(20:34
billybigriggeryacc, ok try $ dkms status20:34
aboSamoorbillybigrigger, no process found20:35
billybigriggeraboSamoor, $ killall banshee20:35
yaccbillybigrigger as far as I can tell, it complained about some dpkg that it could not configure, so I had to run apt-get autoremove on my own :(20:35
billybigriggeryacc, try $ dkms status20:35
billybigriggernvidia, 185.18.14, 2.6.31-4-generic, x86_64: installed20:35
yaccbilly: dkms status shows the wlan driver (bcmwl), and couple of vbox drivers.20:35
aboSamoorbillybigrigger, banshee is not running anymore20:35
billybigriggerno nvidia driver?20:35
yaccbilly: no nvidia driver.20:36
billybigriggeryacc, cd /usr/modules/2.6.31-4-generic20:36
billybigriggerls -la20:36
yaccbilly: dpkg -l nvidia\* | grep ^i => nvidia-glx-180 is 'ii'20:36
billybigriggerwhere does build > point to?20:36
yacc /usr/modules?20:37
yaccDidn't you mean /etc/modules?20:37
yaccI've got no /usr/modules20:37
aboSamoorbillybigrigger, what should i do ? should report a bug ?20:37
billybigriggeraboSamoor, sure, that might help20:37
yaccbilly: we were both wrong ;)20:37
billybigriggeraboSamoor, i would try to remove banshee, and the daily ppa and install the daily again first20:38
yaccbuild => usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.31-4-generic20:38
billybigriggeraboSamoor, does the stable version of banshee run?20:38
billybigriggeryacc, are you kernel headers installed?20:38
yaccbilly: probably, I was capable of compiling nouveau, so I guess compiling kernel modules works.20:39
aboSamoorbillybigrigger, I was using the stable version, but there was a memory leak so the guys suggested to use the daily build before reporting a bug, so I added the repo and upgraded banshee20:39
billybigriggeryacc, $ sudo /etc/init.d/dkms_autostart start 2.6.31-4-generic20:39
cbhlHmm... I've just installed Karmic alpha 3 and updated it on one of my test boxes; and it freezes in gdm when I try to click "Other" before I can type a username. I have an intel chip. Apart from the batchbuffer dump (via https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Freeze), any ideas what I should do in the process of filing a bug report?20:39
billybigriggeraboSamoor, does the stable version of banshee run?20:39
yaccbilly: furthermore dkms complains that there is no nvidia 185.18.14, despite that /usr/src/nvidia-185.18.14 does exist.20:40
billybigriggernow, after you installed the daily20:40
aboSamoorbillybigrigger, the daily version is not working any more, it throws the error and the process hang without any noticeable behavior20:40
yaccbilly: dkms did not install/compile anything nvidia like.20:41
billybigriggeraboSamoor, so they both don't work?20:41
billybigriggeraboSamoor, sudo apt-get purge BOTH versions of banshee and install the daily again20:41
billybigriggerapt-get remove purge20:41
billybigriggerffa i hate being hung over haha20:41
aboSamoorbillybigrigger, I upgraded, can I have two version of banshee ?20:41
billybigriggeryacc, /var/lib/dkms/nvidia/185.18.1420:42
billybigriggerls -la20:42
billybigriggersource > points where?20:42
yaccbilly: no nvidia directory there.20:42
billybigriggerthat would be why dkms can't build nvidia20:42
billybigriggeryacc, what do you all have in /var/lib/dkms20:43
billybigriggerjust your vbox modules?20:43
yaccbilly: bcmwl, vbox*, vhba, virtualbox-ose-guest20:43
billybigriggerhow are you installing nvidia?20:43
yaccbilly: apt-get install nvidia-glx-18020:43
billybigriggerand what is the error?20:44
yaccbilly: no error?20:44
billybigriggerapt-cache policy nvidia-glx-18020:44
billybigriggerInstalled: 185.18.14-0ubuntu3 ??????20:44
aboSamoorbillybigrigger, I removed with purging and installed again nothing changed. I did not understand you how come I have 2 banshees ?20:44
yaccbilly: to late, I've just purged it, gonna reinstall.20:44
billybigriggeraboSamoor, well you had 1.4 and the 1.5.1 git versions installed20:45
billybigriggeraboSamoor, and they obviously aren't playing nice together20:45
yaccbilly: anyway, installing the deb from scratch did not create /var/lib/dkms/nvidia anyway.20:45
aboSamoorbillybigrigger, I am just using the unstable ppa available on launchpad, so I have only one20:46
yaccbilly: apt-cache policy nvidia-glx-180 => 185.18.14-0ubuntu3 Installed20:46
yaccbillybigrigger: something curious?20:47
billybigriggerdkms add -m nvidia -v 185.18.14 -k 2.6.31-4-generic20:47
* billybigrigger should not be trying to help today :P20:48
billybigriggeraboSamoor, well then you need to file a bug upstream (not on launchpad)20:48
yaccbilly: reinstalling the nvidia-180-kernel-source seems to do the right thing.20:49
aboSamoorbillybigrigger, yeah, I tried using ubuntu-bug. I have to use gnome/bugZilla :(20:49
billybigriggeraboSamoor, http://banshee-project.org/contribute/file-bugs/20:49
yaccbilly: that still leaves me with the problem that the nvidia driver seems to be not SO stable, ...20:49
billybigriggeraboSamoor, you need to file that against banshee, NOT on launchpad20:49
billybigriggeryacc, so did it build in dkms?20:50
aboSamoorit seems that today is the memory leaks day, nautilus is using 293 MB !20:59
aboSamoorI think I know how to reproduce the memory leak in nautilus, if you want you can test it ;). The leak happens when nautilus tries to view a thumbnail of a video file that is changing by any app, for example torrent file :)21:02
BUGabundoaboSamoor: use valgrind21:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about valgrind21:07
BUGabundodamn it21:07
BUGabundoG_SLICE=always-malloc G_DEBUG=gc-friendly  valgrind -v --tool=memcheck --leak-check=full --num-callers=40 --log-file=/tmp/valgrind%p.log APPNAME21:08
aboSamoorBUGabundo, should I kill the heavy nautilus process ?21:16
BUGabundothe question is: Can you ?'21:16
BUGabundo 3490 bugabund  20   0  663m  71m  18m S    1  1.8   2:49.32 nautilus21:17
penguin42if you kill nautilus it will just restart21:18
aboSamoorhow can I order the results in "top" according to the memory usage and not the CPU usage ?21:18
penguin42capital M i think?21:18
penguin42hit ? and it tells you21:18
yofelhm... anybody got a dual head setup with separate X servers and different resolutions?21:18
BUGabundoaboSamoor: $ atop21:18
BUGabundothen hit 'm'21:18
yofelI can't get compiz to like it :(21:18
BUGabundohey yofel21:18
yofelhi BUGabundo21:19
BUGabundoI did it in the past yofel21:19
BUGabundonot two Xs21:19
penguin42or at least I thought it did21:19
BUGabundojust one big one21:19
BUGabundobut diff resos21:19
penguin42capital M does it anyway21:19
BUGabundoI like atop better21:19
yofelBUGabundo: it works once I kill compiz.real. With compiz the resoultion of screen1 is borked, but screen0 is fine -.-21:20
BUGabundowell today I had a funny event21:20
BUGabundocompiz died, I couldn't start it21:20
BUGabundoonce I tried metacity --replace21:20
aboSamoor 3316      0      0       1783K 406.4M 318.8M     0K     0K  16% nautilus21:20
BUGabundocompiz started instead and is still workign fine21:20
BUGabundo19345 4173e3   3931         82K   1.2G 373.4M   1.2G 373.4M   9% firefox-3.621:21
BUGabundo20076 1239e4    499        844K 986.5M 296.2M 986.5M 296.2M   7% pidgin21:21
BUGabundo 3517 111237    230        167K 613.4M 267.1M 613.4M 267.1M   7% notify-osd21:21
BUGabundo18725 116661     68       2104K 727.5M 154.2M 727.5M 154.2M   4% gwibber21:21
BUGabundo 3490     67      0       1713K 663.3M 73060K     0K     0K   2% nautilus21:21
kklimondaBUGabundo: Fx 3.6?21:21
kklimondaliving on the edge as always? :)21:21
BUGabundokklimonda: of course21:21
BUGabundoyou know me21:21
aboSamoorBUGabundo, I am not sure what to do, I ran the command you gave to me, but it exists because it can not initialize inotify ?!21:25
BUGabundocan I say: OOPSS ?21:27
aboSamoorBUGabundo, ok, I believe that my interpretation is correct for nautilus memory leak. [I know that Beliefs has nothing to do with bug reporting]. I think testing the scenario is enough :)21:37
yaccbillybigrigger, still there?21:45
BUGabundowe are always here21:46
yaccbillybigrigger, well, I've got a kernel oops when running xorg / nv-18021:46
yaccAlthough it's not in the Xserver, ...21:47
billybigriggerwhats the error?21:48
yaccI left it to come up, and after some time when I came back to the laptop, I had a blinking Caps-Key and a dead laptop :(21:48
penguin42that's normally a kernel panic21:48
* aboSamoor always thought that nautilus is the worst part of ubuntu 21:48
yaccpenguin42, still not necessarilly an experience I cherish ;)21:49
BUGabundoaboSamoor: at least now we have tabs21:49
BUGabundojust took them 4 years to accept the patch21:49
yaccbillybigrigger, after that mysqld left a similiar oops, ...21:50
aboSamoorfirst time to know about the 4 years story ! I always felt something wrong with nautilus21:51
yaccIs there a way to make Ubuntu configure X11 via vesa?21:51
penguin42you should be able to do it by writing an X config file21:56
yaccAny idea what I do with that kernel oops?21:56
penguin42yacc: report it if you can capture the oops message21:56
yaccpenguin42, see the pastebin.21:56
penguin42oh yeh21:56
penguin42yacc: File a bug on it21:57
nztalfor some reason under ubuntu my screen turns blank (black) and then my desktop reappears.  this has happened with both a ATI and nvidia card.  it lasts probably 1-2 seconds, i'm not sure what frequency21:57
billybigriggeryacc, what do you have? intel of nvidia graphics?21:57
penguin42nztal: I've seen that as well21:57
yacc nvidia21:57
nztalpenguin42, ok.  glad it wasn't just me21:57
billybigriggeryacc, you could also try the new rc5 kernel that was released last night21:58
yacc00:05.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation C51 [Geforce Go 6150] (rev a2)21:58
penguin42nztal: Here's my bug report for it, you could confirm that and add your experiences: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-screensaver/+bug/40144121:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 401441 in gnome-screensaver "Screenblanks while in use" [Undecided,New]21:58
yaccbillybigrigger, how do I do that?21:58
nztalthank you21:58
billybigriggerinstall the headers, source and image from there ^^^^21:59
uffo9.10 should INCLUDE small simple option in packagekit to repair install system if it is broken, how i can currently fix this or i just reinstall my alpha2 (it works very stabe and fine but i broke install system myself)21:59
billybigriggeryacc, or install via git and build it yourself :P downloading the .debs is a little easier though21:59
BUGabundopenguin42: is that a dupe???21:59
uffoi hate so fragile install system that is so sensitive22:00
BUGabundouffo: recovery mode, choose the repair package option22:00
penguin42BUGabundo: Well if it is I don't know what it's a dupe of - if you know something to dupe it against feel free22:00
uffoBUGabundo: where in kpackagekit ??22:00
uffoBUGabundo: i have desktop running currently22:01
BUGabundouffo: what for? you get low(er) level tools, like dpkg and dselect eheh22:01
BUGabundouffo: ahh destktop22:01
kklimondabtw, what's the future of package managment in Ubuntu?22:01
BUGabundothought it was broken bewond boot22:01
BUGabundouffo: then try aptitude safe-upgrade22:01
BUGabundoit should *downgrade* any nasty depency prob you are having on kde22:02
BUGabundokklimonda: aptomething22:02
BUGabundoI'm subbed to the blueprint22:02
BUGabundokarmic +122:02
uffoBUGabundo: not working22:02
kklimondaheh, how to add signature to edited page on ubuntu wiki? Something like ~~~~ on wikipedia22:09
uffo9.10 should INCLUDE small simple option in packagekit to repair install system if it is broken, how i can currently fix this or i just reinstall my alpha2 (it works very stabe and fine but i broke install system myself), how to do it in simple way...22:09
kklimondahow is it broken?22:10
uffoi broke it tryng to force install flash .deb file22:10
penguin42uffo: Automatically repairing borkne things is very difficult - it's difficult for programmers to imagine all the ways it might be broken22:10
penguin42uffo: Now, you did read all the nasty warnings about using force didn't you?22:11
BUGabundokklimonda: copy from another? LOL22:11
BUGabundouffo: ah flash22:12
BUGabundothat's really bad package22:12
uffoinstall system is just little broken but there should be easy recovery option atleast for example when power off will broke system or...22:12
BUGabundomost of us have it broken22:12
BUGabundoI carry it since day 2 of this clean install :(22:12
uffoi tell you all that portable applications is most safer22:13
uffoto use22:13
kklimondauffo: what do you mean by broken? Is it just complaining about missing dependencies or have you overwritten some important files and now you are hunted by ninjas?22:13
uffokklimonda: no i know i did not overwrite something because flash do not exist on default release install22:14
BUGabundoI just placed the new flash 64bits .so on my system22:15
BUGabundonot even sure it works :)22:15
kklimondauffo: then how did you broke it?22:15
uffo kklimonda: synaptic nan repair that i know but how i can repair installsystem on kubuntu, i used sudo dpkg --force-depends -i install_flash_player_10_linux.deb22:16
penguin42uffo: So what error exactly do you get if you do something like apt-get install apackage ?22:16
uffoflash works fine without dependencies too i know22:16
uffowhen i click on some .deb it shows broken dependencies message22:17
BUGabundouffo: did you even followed my advice??22:18
BUGabundo(10:01:58 PM) freenode: uffo: then try aptitude safe-upgrade22:18
BUGabundo(10:02:16 PM) freenode: it should *downgrade* any nasty dependency prob you are having on kde22:18
uffo: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied)22:19
uffoE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?22:19
penguin42uffo: Do it as root22:19
BUGabundothat's workable22:19
BUGabundoyeah usually it *helps*22:19
uffoE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)22:20
uffoE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?22:20
kklimondaare you sure you are on the right channel? :P22:20
uffowhy not right22:21
penguin42uffo: Please paste the exact line you typed to get that error22:21
BUGabundouffo: $ ps auxw | grep apt22:21
uffosudo aptitude safe-upgrade22:21
cbhluffo: check if you have anything else running... dpkg, dselect, aptitude, apt-get, adept, synaptic...22:21
BUGabundomaybe you could have just lost a lock22:21
BUGabundodon't you have synaptic open?22:21
kklimondauffo: frankly if you don't know what this error mean nor you know that there is a flash package in ubuntu repository I'm not sure if karmic is for you yet. but that's my, biased opinion :)22:22
penguin42oh hang on, that second one is different - yes that is something else running22:22
cbhlpenguin42: I was listing packages that I am aware of which have anything to do with debian/ubuntu package management, all of which might lock the dpkg lock... :P22:23
uffokklimonda: alpha2 works very well, currently i just copied libflashplayer.so to firefox plugins folder and it works atleast without that damn* aptitute thing22:24
uffoi hate that install system years i have used ubuntu and i prefer portable software22:25
billybigriggerhas anyone here been working with raid arrays for awhile?22:25
uffolooks like i must reinstall whole system if it is so cursed that install system22:25
penguin42billybigrigger: I have done in the past, haven't got one on a kubuntu though - what's your problem?22:25
billybigriggeri just changed my 500GB raid1 array (EXT3) and backed up the data, released the array and created a new array raid0 with ext422:26
billybigriggerjust wondering how smart of a move that was22:26
BUGabundobillybigrigger: *after* you do it ? right lol22:26
billybigrigger:) haha22:26
penguin42billybigrigger: Well as long as you don't care for the safety but want speed it's good22:26
kklimondauffo: oh please, just shut down an app that is locking db and remove package you have installed22:26
penguin42billybigrigger: Remember with RAID 0 it's actually unreliability^2 likely to fail compared with a single disk22:27
billybigriggerunderstand that22:27
penguin42billybigrigger: As long as you know that then it should fly22:27
uffokklimonda: oh now i found that apt-get thing was on process so i just killed it, tryng22:28
billybigriggerext4 -> ext4 is a very noticable speed increase over ext3 -> ext4 :P22:28
* penguin42 won't rebuild fs as ext4 unless I have to for at least a year22:29
uffokklimonda: sudo aptitude safe-upgrade: this shows only information but how to repair it without packagekit22:30
kklimondauffo: paste it somewhere22:32
uffoThe following packages have unmet dependencies:22:32
uffo  adobe-flashplugin: Depends: libnss3-dev which is a virtual package.22:32
uffo                     Depends: libcurl3 which is a virtual package.22:32
kklimondajust remove adobe-flashplugin22:33
BUGabundokklimonda: I wish I could!22:33
uffoi cannot, packakekit is not working, how to force it to work?22:34
BUGabundokklimonda: it won't come out22:34
kklimondauffo: sudo apt-get remove adobe-flashplugin22:34
kklimondayou don't need packagekit to remove it22:34
kklimondaif it doesn't work then dpkg --remove adobe-flashplugin22:35
BUGabundoyou can't22:38
BUGabundoI been saying that for 30 mins22:38
BUGabundobeen trying it for 3 weeks :)22:38
kklimondauffo: go to /var/lib/dpkg/info22:39
kklimondaand edit file adobe-flashplugin.prerm or postrm22:39
kklimondaand remove the right lines22:40
BUGabundoI don't have those kklimonda !22:40
yaccSo to summarize the next thing that I should do is installing a mainline kernel?22:40
kklimondaBUGabundo: maybe your package is flashplugin-nonfree or something like that/22:41
BUGabundoyacc: don't use mainline on karmic22:41
BUGabundothose kernels are for jaunty22:42
uffokklimonda: maybe best thing is to delete22:42
yaccBUGabundo, well the ppa that somebody gave sounded like mainline?22:42
uffokklimonda: these files from there22:42
BUGabundoyacc: right22:42
BUGabundoyacc: they are not for karmic22:43
yaccBUGabundo, use or not?22:43
yaccBUGabundo, which one should I use then?22:43
kklimondauffo: maybe, better move them (only the ones from adobe-flashplugin) somewhere safe22:43
BUGabundokarmic repos ones ?!22:43
yaccBUGabundo, I've got Linux andi-lap 2.6.31-4-generic #23-Ubuntu SMP Mon Jul 27 18:39:51 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux22:44
BUGabundoyacc: same as most of us22:44
BUGabundoI just have to run -322:44
BUGabundocause -4 crashes on USB connecting22:44
yaccBUGabundo, USB is bad, OTOH mine crashes when X starts :)22:46
yaccHow does one start the bug reporting from the cmdline?22:47
kklimondabut it may not work without a browser ;)22:47
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
yacckklimonda, well ssh X11 forwarding ;)22:48
uffokklimonda: what now i should do22:48
yaccI'm currently on our "replacement" toy netbook,22:48
uffothere should be option to restore or recover option for that somewhere in final 9.10 to ease recovery not soooo hard way22:49
kklimondauffo: try to remove package again22:49
kklimondauffo: this particular error is because you have forced package from god knows where :P22:50
uffokklimonda: it worked worked22:50
uffokklimonda: that i tell this should be automated22:50
kklimondauffo: the only case that matters is a power failure during install/upgrade22:51
uffokklimonda: or installing some big software22:52
BUGabundokklimonda: how would have guessed that for once you could provide useful advice :D thanks it fixed my prob! [[]]22:52
kklimondauffo: nah, it wouldn't break a package system22:52
kklimondauffo: in the worst case you would have to reinstall package22:52
BUGabundodpkg: warning: files list file for package `flashplugin-installer' missing, assuming package has no files currently installed.22:52
yacc #342785 Xorg dies due to nvidia (non-free) kernel oops after being left idle for some time22:52
yaccGuess this is my bug ;(22:52
kklimondaBUGabundo: you have deleted too much files ;)22:52
BUGabundouffo: you can try debsums to check what is broken !22:52
kklimondabug 34278522:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 342785 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-180 "Xorg dies due to nvidia (non-free) kernel oops after being left idle for some time" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/34278522:52
BUGabundohow long is a while?22:53
BUGabundomine hasn't broken yet22:53
uffokklimonda: but why force install brokes it if there in nothing to replace because there is not old this type package, i know and i never overwrite system packages. Flash wants dependencies but it works whitout them too, strange?22:54
kklimondauffo: force is there for emergency use only22:54
kklimondauffo: in this particular case you have force installed a package that depends on packages that aren't in our repositories22:55
uffokklimonda: i have always found that just extracting libflashplayer.so to firefox folder. Firefox developers are done firefox binary right to provide it as portable pack.22:56
BUGabundokde depency breakaged teached me to NEVER force, just wait, and use aptitude safeupagrade to fix *everything*22:56
kklimondauffo: there is actually a package that provides adobe flash in ubuntu repository22:56
kklimondauffo: so I see no reason to install some 3rd party package unless you are using 64bit ubuntu and want 64bit flash22:56
uffobut it installs those useless packages like libnss and libnsr4 etc...22:57
cbhlIIRC, the distributed flash does have dependencies too; even if you can "just extract it to the firefox folder" and have it work -- the main difference is that ubuntu properly recognizes those dependencies22:57
cbhllibnss and libnsr4 are used for certain flash features; I believe it's mentioned on the linux flash blog somewhere22:57
kklimondauffo: why do you think they are useless if package depends on them?22:58
uffocbhl: i collect them in .deb format and install. ubuntu repos do not provide always up to date soft like vlc 1.0.1 etc...22:58
uffoi like manual install (offline)22:59
kklimondawhat's the point of using ubuntu then?22:59
kklimondauffo: you should consider using debian testing + unstable if you want always the newest software22:59
cbhluffo: well, the repos mostly freeze after the sync deadline; so that you can have stable (if somewhat dated) software that generally works... but it sounds like you'd rather have something like debian unstable or even gentoo22:59
BUGabundouffo: not *always* up to date, but tested !!!!!!!23:00
uffocbhl: but i need softwarea lot that is not in ubuntu repo23:00
uffocbhl: that type software*23:01
BUGabundouffo: then either pack it yourself (and don't expet support)23:01
BUGabundoor go with other rolling distro23:01
uffoBUGabundo: is it possible to repack multiple .deb files in one?23:01
uffoBUGabundo: to use one big deb to install all needed files with software together23:02
kklimondauffo: possible? yes. meaningful? not really23:02
BUGabundouffo: that's called meta-packages23:02
kklimondauffo: you could create a deb package that depends on all packages you need23:02
uffoBUGabundo: is there some gui tool for this like windows has lot of installer creators??23:03
kklimondauffo: nope23:03
BUGabundonot that I know of23:03
BUGabundoask on #ubuntu-motu23:03
cbhlI dunno; generally if I wanted to install a bunch of stuff at once; then I just preseed a custom alternate-install CD... what I find amusing is that Ubuntu is generally considered one of the more "up-to-date" distros. (I remember one distro I tried had three-year-old packages in its "stable" repository...)23:07
uffo kklimonda: then portable is way to go to me like i have Firefox, Truecrypt, Kdenlive, filezilla and some more.... this is the best way to use software and much easyer to uptate23:09
kklimondauffo: not really - I just click a button now and then when something is waiting for updates.23:10
kklimondauffo: if you want to have the newest versions of software than you should consider a distribution that does rolling updates23:10
uffokklimonda: and if system library is older and i do not want to update system and only software= error but hdd-s is cheap so i wont worry about dependency hell and i always can use new software just copyng a new release folder (deleting old before)23:12
uffokklimonda: windows has vlc with all libraries included23:13
kklimondauffo: why wouldn't you want to upgrade library?23:13
BUGabundouffo: this is getting offtopic and anoying23:13
BUGabundoplease take it to #ubuntu-offtopic23:14
BUGabundothank you23:14
kklimondaBUGabundo: You sure you are the guy who should talk about that? ;}23:15
kklimondabut I agree23:15
* BUGabundo preps a wet trout23:16
uffokklimonda: ubuntu made quite big data price to my friend because of 74mb update over cell phone internet thats why is update not needed always or when system works just fine then why updates???23:17
uffoBUGabundo: i am going i said what is needed to simplify things on ubuntu thats it23:18
uffoBUGabundo: no i rest in peace23:18
BUGabundouffo: we are working (yet again) on delta updates to minimize those cases23:19
aboSamoorBUGabundo, how can I know more about the progress of delta updates ?23:20
BUGabundotracking the blueprint23:20
BUGabundoor asking the dev in charge23:20
BUGabundolast I hear it was again a bit untouched23:20
BUGabundobut some what in better state then last two cycles23:21
uffoBUGabundo: i cannot update ubuntu on my famili house too because there is no internet and i carry software for ubuntu on usb stick so portable is best, extract and launch23:21
BUGabundouffo: apt-oncd and apt-zip23:21
aboSamoorBUGabundo, it seems also a popular idea in brainstorm23:22
BUGabundoI know23:22
penguin42he's gone23:23
aboSamoorI am trying to catch dtchen, any idea who is also responsible for alsa in ubuntu ?23:24
cbhlIf I'm having an issue with X in karmic, any idea whether there is anything else I can try apart from filing a bug report?23:24
penguin42cbhl: What's it doing to you?23:25
BUGabundoaboSamoor: dtchen and themuse23:25
BUGabundoaboSamoor: dtchen was online today. he has been busy with work traveling23:26
cbhlFreezing when I try to log in...23:26
cbhlNo keyboard response except alt-sysrq; mouse cursor moves but clicking does not work.23:26
aboSamoorBUGabundo, I see I just wanted to ask him if there is any progress regarding my very old bug since 2.6.2423:26
cbhlpenguin42: Freezing when I try to log in...23:27
cbhlpenguin42: No keyboard response except alt-sysrq; mouse cursor moves but clicking does not work.23:27
BUGabundo(05:17:19 PM) dtchen: BUGabundo: I'm traveling quite frequently for work until october23:27
penguin42cbhl: Hmm that's annoying - well, file a bug and include the /var/log/Xorg.0.log (if it's still running or the older one if you've reset it) and any dmesg; what graphics chip?23:27
BUGabundo(05:17:57 PM) dtchen: i try to respond to bug e-mail and requests every couple days23:27
cbhlpenguin42: bug 40779323:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407793 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i865g][Karmic Alpha 3] X corruption and freeze when clicking "Other" on GDM login screen" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40779323:27
BUGabundoaboSamoor: ask on #ubuntu-audiohelp and hang around there!23:28
cbhlpenguin42: found some debugging instructions in the wiki; they suggested to put Xorg.0.log in a tgz with a lot of other intel-specific debugging info; which is attached23:28
BUGabundoaboSamoor: #ubuntu-audio-help23:28
aboSamoorBUGabundo, nice hint :), but it is empty now :)23:28
BUGabundoaboSamoor: #ubuntu-audio-help23:28
cbhlpenguin42: but they seem to be geared towards jaunty -- it points to a PPA with jaunty packages (and I found newer versions of the debugging tools and the kernel in karmic alpha 3 repositories than what they said was "required")23:29
penguin42cbhl: I'm afraid I don't really know how to help - as a work around I'd suggest seeing if you can configure anything out of it with a custom xorg.conf if you have no other way of getting X to start23:30
aboSamoorit will be nice if you get a message of the ubuntu related IRC channels once you enter #ubuntu23:30
BUGabundoaboSamoor: like /list #ubuntu* LOLOLOL23:31
cbhlpenguin42: Well, I was using vesa in jaunty... but as far as I can tell, karmic doesn't come with a xorg.conf at all... if I copied one over from another (identical) machine's jaunty install, do you think the karmic Xorg will read it and use the settings inside?23:32
penguin42cbhl: It does use an xorg.conf if you provide it - I use one23:32
aboSamoorBUGabundo, another nice hint :), the command is working but not the regex "*".23:33
penguin42cbhl: One thing to watch out for is the output names have changed, so if you used VGA to specify the output it's now VGA123:34
BUGabundoaboSamoor: it was a joke. AFAIK irc /list doesn't do regexp23:35
penguin42cbhl: Actually, looking at your screenshot - I see something similar, but I haven't tried logging in as other... - when I select my username the box shortens a little and it doesn't seem to referesh the bit above/below23:36
cbhlYeah, I have that too when logging in by clicking my name, but that's really unpredictable -- it may crash right away, or it may last two minutes.23:37
cbhlpenguin42: Yeah, I have that too when logging in by clicking my name, but that's really unpredictable -- it may crash right away, or it may last two minutes. (Gah, forget to type your name in front... oops.)23:37
cbhlpenguin42: But I find clicking "Other" is /much/ more consistent in reproducing the freeze.23:38
penguin42I've not had a freeze there; however, what I have had is my external keyboard not working at that point - the internal laptop one works but not the external23:38
cbhlpenguin42: I miss my DRI and Xv... haven't had them since Jaunty came out in April, but couldn't downgrade because the family wanted the fixes in Kubuntu/KDE in Jaunty.23:38
aboSamoorBUGabundo, so my idea still holds, this will help users to get help easier. Now, in #ubuntu you have 1311 user !23:38
penguin42cbhl: It's a bit odd, I think Xv is working for me on i94523:39
cbhlpenguin42: Well, I've got a desktop machine with the i865g; so... there only is one keyboard and it's external. But I think it's PS/2... is your external keyboard PS/2 or USB?23:39
rwwalis does regex. /msg alis help23:39
penguin42cbhl: PS/2 through a PS2->USB converter :-)23:39
cbhlpenguin42: Well, I find that the i9xx chips seem to work better (not perfectly, but at least better) than the i8xx ones; at least when I tried a friend's laptop with Jaunty. (I've only tried Karmic on that one machine, and I doubt I'll be allowed to play with it on the others.)23:40
BUGabundoaboSamoor: I rather have 2k users on #ubuntu shouting then have 500 of them *here*23:41
* BUGabundo still remembers how many bunnies died on jaunty release party :\23:42
penguin42were they jackrabbits?23:42
* cbhl decides he'll just try Xorg -configure instead; and then tweaking that for a while, rather than copying a jaunty config23:42
penguin42cbhl: I'm wondering if the issue is purely keyboard - if you have a spare USB keyboard it might be worth trying to plug it in at that point23:43
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cbhlaboSamoor: But you wouldn't want to get a message /every/ time you enter #ubuntu -- after about the first ten times I suspect you likely have your client of choice configured to auto-join you to channels you find interesting... and I believe there's a URL to the wiki in the subject line of #ubuntu?23:44
cbhlpenguin42: Hmm. I'll try that, but I have my doubts...23:44
penguin42cbhl: Yeh sure, it's just in a way it sounds not entirely unlike what I see on my external keyboard23:45
cbhlpenguin42: Should I plug in said USB keyboard before or after the crash?23:46
cbhlpenguin42: Or should I try both? :P23:46
penguin42cbhl: I'd say try both23:46
aboSamoorcbhl, yeah, it is already there.23:47
cbhlaboSamoor: I'm going to assume you realized the part of the sentence I missed, which is "... to the wiki which contains a list of IRC channels"... I've been dropping parts of my sentences all day today. >.<23:49
cbhlpenguin42: Hm. Okay, well plugging it in after the freeze does nothing... let's try having it plugged in on startup and seeing if the USB keyboard still works post-freeze.23:49
cbhlpenguin42: Nope, the USB keyboard doesn't respond either. Oh well.23:51
penguin42oh well, worth a shot23:51

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