thorwilkwwii: morning! just got notice that my membership in the ubuntu-art LP team will expire in 7 days08:32
FLOZzhi _o/09:25
kwwiithorwil: fixed ;)11:04
thorwilkwwii: thanks!11:04
kwwiiit's the least I could do :)11:05
thorwilit's odd that anyone can join, bu then you get this11:05
SiDihi kwwii thorwil11:05
kwwiiwell, I could turn it off but then I would have a lot of people asking me to remove them11:05
thorwilhi SiDi11:06
kwwiiand a lot of people would stay subscribed although they are not interested11:06
mac_vkwwii: Bug #407621 , gnome has decided to remove icons!11:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407621 in libgnome "Icons missing from context menu , buttons" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40762111:14
SiDimac_v: one more reason to download Xubuntu asap11:27
mac_v\o/ xubuntu here i come11:27
kwwiiI do not like icons in menus anyway11:39
thorwilicons in menus should be animated to become really useful. and each menu should have its own clippy-like avatar!11:47
kwwiistrobing flashing techno animations11:49
SiDiicons make it much faster to recognise a button T_T11:49
thorwilalso jingles per item11:49
mac_vSiDi: kwwii: i found a workaround for the icon display11:49
mac_vbye bye xubuntu ;p11:49
SiDisudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop ?11:49
thorwilSiDi: seriously, i don't think that's always true11:49
kwwiiI always wanted to responsible for someone having a seizure from my artwork ;)11:49
thorwilkwwii: not enough pokemon11:50
kwwiimy guess is that you can still turn them back on vie gconf11:50
mac_vkwwii: i can , i just did , and i now have icons11:52
mac_vboo to gnome ... ;p11:53
SiDii maintain that typing the above command is faster12:18
mac_vkwwii: ping... :) did you receive my mail? just checking least you'd forget who sent it ;p17:06
SiDipinging is forbidden on saturdays !17:16
knomeSiDi, no, it's not :P17:16
mac_vSiDi: ping ;p17:30
kwwiimac_v: yes, I got it, thanks!18:43
mac_vkwwii: :)18:44
dbmsup normal people20:19
thorwilnobody told me there would be normal people around!20:20
SiDihi anormal dbm !20:22
dbmSo this is the leet artwork team?:d20:27
thorwilgroupies should be different20:50
knomegroupies? ;)20:56
knomeyou have any?20:56
* knome looks around20:56
knomethorwil, so do you live/work in london?20:58
thorwilknome: nope. germany/moenchengladbach20:59
knomewhy come i thought you worked at london?21:00
thorwilknome: maybe because it was mentioned on this channel that it was a problem that i'm not in london and you simply forgot the "not"? ;)21:01
knomedon't know.21:01
knomedo you even happen to know places in london? :P21:01
SiDii thought you were from nederlands thorwil :D21:02
knomeme too, actually.21:02
thorwilknome: depemds on how you define "know". piccadilly square, baker street ...21:03
knomeeh. :P i define it as deeper knowing than that.21:04
knomei've visited london once myself, but we're heading there in a week.21:04
thorwilSiDi: geographically that's helemaal near21:04
knome"helemaal" ?!21:04
thorwildutch for completely/thorough ...21:06
kwwiiI am in london every other week, if anyone needs anything :p21:06
knomekwwii, o/ me21:06
kwwiiand since we are all in germany, we should meet up :p21:06
thorwilkwwii: the crown jewel, please21:06
thorwiljewels, even21:06
kwwiialthough I am not sure if I am allowed to hang out with prussians21:06
knomekwwii, tell me some inside tips. places outside the usual tourist places worth visiting?21:07
knomekwwii, a proper sushi place?21:07
SiDiknome: my flat is a nice place to visit but its damn far from london :O21:07
kwwiihrm, to be honest, there is lots of sushi but most of it was pretty crappy21:07
thorwilsushi? should be fish and chips wrapped in the Times!21:07
kwwiiknome: just seeing all the big sites will take a while and if you take the tube and bus around you will see quite a bit21:08
knomeSiDi, haha, we actually thought we might visit paris, but that turned out to be a bit... too expensive21:08
kwwiijust a couple of streets from victoria station are some really great eastern restaurants21:08
knomekwwii, we're not going to see a lot of the big sites21:08
knomekwwii, maybe one day of that or sth.21:09
kwwiichinatown is close to picadilly circus, go there as well21:09
knomekwwii, yeah, we're going there :)21:09
kwwiiI guess my "sites" in london, in the meantime, are the good restaurants I eat at while there21:09
knomekwwii, any recommendations are welcome21:09
kwwiihonestly good restaurants can be hard to find if you are not carefull21:10
knomeyeah, i know that21:10
kwwiimy favorite curry is about 100m from vauxhall station21:10
kwwii"the coriander"21:10
kwwiithat is the canonical default restaurant when people visit london21:10
kwwiiI have had the same dish two nights in a row because it is so good21:11
kwwiiwhen will you be in London?21:11
knomewhat is that?21:11
kwwiichicken tikka marsala or so21:11
knome6th - 12th21:11
kwwiiafter a while I just started to pick randomly and I like pretty much everything they have21:12
kwwiijust be sure not to order the really hot stuff unless you mean it ;)21:12
knomewhat were those good eastern restaurants near victoria? i personally don't like chinese, but everything else is fine21:12
kwwiiI'll be in Dublin next week, otherwise I would have offered to get dinner or such21:12
kwwiithere is a street just around the corner and the whole street is restaurants21:13
kwwiilet me find it on google maps21:13
kwwiiI only know it from walking from the office21:13
knomekwwii, too bad. maybe some other time. and be sure to tell me if you are coming to finland ;)21:13
knomei usually order the most hot dish in restaurants anyway so..21:13
thorwilgood night!21:14
knomethat was quick :P21:14
kwwiiit is between Victoria and Eaton Square, one of the north-south streets...not sure which one, sorry21:14
knomeno problem21:15
knomei bet we find it anyway :)21:15
kwwiiwell, southwest-norhteast streets21:15
kwwiiit is the only street in the area which is all restaurants21:15
knomeyeah :P21:15
knomei can imagine21:15
knomethe coriander looks quite stylish. is there any dresscode? :P21:16
knomeor is the website doing tricks on me21:16
kwwiino, but they get full quick so you might want to call ahead21:16
kwwiiwell, it is nice looking inside but only like 10 tables21:17
kwwiiquite small21:17
kwwiiand they make a nice frsh mago lassie21:17
knomethat sounds like a perfectly average finnish restaurant...21:17
knomeno, really!21:18
kwwiithe british national war museum is interesting if you are into spy stuff and the like21:18
knomenot really. and neither of us is into museums :P21:18
kwwiiand the tate gallery, other than being directly next to the canonical office is also nice21:19
SiDican we visit canonical ? :p21:19
knomekwwii, can you give me a dummy postcode so i can browse the menu online :P21:19
kwwiiwell, we are on the 23rd floor of the millbank tower, if you make it past security without a badge, good luck!21:20
knomekwwii, that definitely sounds like an adventure!21:20
SiDii'll hack the cyborgs keeping the entrance, kwwii21:20
* knome adds an item to his london todo-list21:20
kwwiithe start-trek like sliding door entrance to the office has a hand-print scanner ;)21:21
kwwiistar trek, naturally21:21
kwwiinot even all the employees have their hands scanned, only those who work in the office every day21:22
SiDiubuntu's deployed in the MI5's office, and you guys actually make sure everything goes fine, or what ? :P21:22
kwwiiactually, it is using some wierd light or something to read the structure of your bones apparently21:22
kwwiimagnetic, maybe21:23
kwwiiwe are just across the street from MI521:23
knomekwwii, have you seen the mythbusters episode where they "breal" the fingertip scanners? P21:23
kwwiiand across the river from MI621:23
kwwiihehe, this is whole hand thing21:23
kwwiiand it is a bitch to put your hand on the scanner exactly right21:23
kwwiiit tells you which fingers to move which way, etc21:23
knomekwwii, ok, a question. do you have to order rice separately in the coriander? :P21:24
kwwiiyes, you do21:24
knomethat's weird21:24
kwwiiand pampardams (or however you spell it)21:24
SiDiknome: is it that you're very shy, or you intend to bring your own rice ? T_T21:24
knomeSiDi, i intend to bring my own rice, of course21:24
kwwiiwell, there are different kinds of rice21:25
kwwiiso you can choose21:25
knomeSiDi, actually, i'll just substitute rice with rum21:25
kwwiiplain rice21:25
kwwiior the stuff with the pistachios and such (not sure of the name)21:25
knomeyeah i see, i'm browsing the online menu21:25
kwwiithe portions are large21:25
knomeso am i21:25
kwwiiI can barely finish one and I am a big guy21:25
knomeso we shouldn't order four rice portions with my smallish wife?21:26
kwwiihehe, exactly21:26
kwwiiget two completely different things and eat them together21:26
kwwiiwith one rice21:26
kwwiiyou can order more ;)21:26
knomeone rice?21:26
kwwiiget pamapardams with the sauces first ;)21:26
kwwiior chutneys I guess21:27
knomei suppose that's reasonable21:27
knomeyou mean a bread or a side dish?21:27
kwwiias a kind of appetizer or with the meal itself21:27
knomei remember at the uds jaunty, we went to a indian fast food place21:28
knomei ordered some chicken plus a naan bread21:28
kwwiiI always get it before, or when I just eat a vegetarian dish with no rice21:28
knomeboy i was full, there was like *lots* of that chicken21:28
knomei barely could eat the naan bread even if it was delicious21:28
kwwiiexactly...at first it doesn't look like much but it is just big pieces of chicken in spicy sauce21:28
kwwiiand the bread is super filling21:28
kwwiithe air pockets are really small ;)21:29
knomethe "bombay potatoes" sound interesting21:29
knomeok, so is there anything else i should know?21:30
SiDikwwii: do you know what is the developer spring on the release schedule ?21:31
kwwiiwow, I haven't seen their new website...they now have 4 locations :p21:31
knomeyep, i saw that21:31
kwwiifull proffesional21:31
knomeit makes the place look really shiny21:32
kwwiidude, back in the day it was just this gaudy hole-in-the-wall that all the developers liked because it was the nearest restaurant with vegetarian food :p21:32
knomei don't get the veg stuff mostly21:32
knomeit's ok to eat in such place now and then but really... who doesn't like a good beef21:33
kwwiino doubt21:35
kwwiibut that is pretty hard to find in europe21:35
kwwiithe americas is where one goes for beef21:36
knomewell, most meat is edible21:36
knomea good veg restaurant might also be hard to find21:36
kwwiinorth, middle, south, it does not matter, the entire continent has better beef and knows how to cook it better than europe21:36
kwwiialthough south africa was pretty good too, although they are bigger on lamb21:36
knomeyou might be correct.21:37
kwwiilol, no doubt21:37
knomei like chicken also but rarely eat it in a restaurant21:37
kwwiiI was in SA a few months ago and one evening we went to Marks house and he grilled for us21:37
kwwiiit was a pretty nice evening21:38
knome...wow. i want mark to grill for me as well :P21:38
kwwiithe thing is, he is not really that good of a cook21:38
kwwiibut as a man in south africa you have to know how to grill, or think you do at least21:38
knomedon't let him hear that21:38
knomewell you know, in *finland*, everybody think they know how to do everything with food, but most of them suck at most of things.21:39
kwwiioh, I am quite the gastronome, having had my own restaurants and such...I shut my mouth ;)21:39
knomeyou had a restaurant? why did you shut it down?21:39
kwwiiother than some kind of marinated/salted/smoked fish, I don't know any dishes from finland21:40
knomethere isn't really that much anything "from" finland.21:40
kwwiibut I bet the best ones from your grandma are something like fish with mashed potatoes and some kind vegetable, some mixed, some in layers21:40
kwwiior something like that21:40
knomerye bread. (salty) licquorice (the candies). but those aren't dishes :P21:41
kwwiiI only like english licquorice21:41
kwwiifunny that21:41
knomei suppose finnish people like fish, yeah.21:41
kwwiithe german stuff is hard-core anise21:41
knomethe finnish stuff is even more HC, i think21:42
knomeit's not anice, it's something you can't describe21:42
knomebut it's damn good21:42
kwwiiwell, I have been in norway twice and I can say that they eat fish for just about every meal21:42
knomeand everybody in mid-europe hates it :P21:42
kwwiihehe, at least you like it!21:42
knomeheh, well norway is next to ocean :P21:43
knomeand they make a lot of money with their fish21:43
knome(and oil)21:43
kwwiidude, when you fly over it you get the feeling it is a series of islands in the ocean, only *really* close together21:43
knomewhen you fly over finland it looks like a country with lots of holes in it.21:44
kwwiiI remember two hotels in which the smell of the breakfast buffet never seemed to like my hangovers ;21:44
knomehaha, i can imagine that21:44
knomenorway (at least the northern norway) is quite expensive21:44
knomebut so is finland. not that expensive though.21:44
kwwiiI like fish, actually...and living in germany/europe has taught me to like eating smelly things21:45
kwwiiI met some norwegians who fly to sweden to buy pork...funny that21:45
knomesure. smelly things can of course taste good.21:45
knomekwwii, *exactly*21:45
kwwiione hidden secret is that the largest national export of Denmark is......pork!21:46
knomeonce you drive over the border in the north (from finland to norway), about everything is half more expensive. except fish and oil.21:46
kwwiifish oil being the cheapest21:46
knomea 1,5 desiliter yoghurt can easily cost 4,5 euros.21:47
knomeyou know, norwegian people...21:47
kwwiiI guess that far north in norway most of the cost is getting it there21:47
knomethat too, of course.21:47
knomebut it's still damn expensive.21:47
kwwiithe first time, I was in kristiansand which you would think is close enough the europe to be somewhat cheaper21:48
kwwiibut Oslo set me straight21:49
kwwii10-12 Euros for a beer, etc21:49
knomeokay, that's a lot.21:49
kwwiifunny enough, just outside of paris, at one UDS it was like 8euros a pint21:49
knomethat's a lot too21:49
knomein helsinki, it's about 5-7 euros.21:50
knomeor a bit more, depends on the beer you are willing to drink21:50
knomeyou can get something for maybe even 3 euros, that that's some finnish crap.21:50
kwwiihehe, where I live there are more breweries per capita than anywhere in the world...it's about 2€ for .5 liter21:50
kwwiiand best of all, all the breweries have beer gardens which serve good food21:51
knomemost of the finnish breweries are really bad or at most decent.21:51
kwwiiI went to one this evening and had a wonderful meal for 4 people with drinks for 30€21:52
knomethere are a few ok21:52
knomeso where did you live again? are the rents/apartments cheap? :P21:52
kwwiiI live just outside of Bamberg Germany, in Franken21:53
kwwiiit is officially part of bavaria but the people here don't see it that way ;)21:53
kwwiithey have their own dialect and flag, etc.21:53
kwwiiit used to be part of Franken back in the day when it was the whole of france and spain as well as southern germany21:54
kwwiiand this is the only place in the world which sees it that way ;)21:54
knomehmm ;)21:54
kwwiivery old-school, very catholic21:54
kwwiithe frankenreich became, over time, just frankreich (france) but they still think differently here :p21:56
knomeso what do you think? :P21:56
kwwiiwell, I've only lived here for 13 years...my previous life in America was pretty much the exact opposite21:58
kwwiithings just work differently here...no wonder everyone thinks the water goes down the drain the other way21:58
knomei see21:59
knomebtw, the tube map looks fabulous.22:01
kwwiihehe, good luck22:01
kwwiiI suggest looking at the website before you plan a trip22:02
kwwiiseveral lines are down at any given time22:02
kwwiiplan for it22:02
knomeyeah, i looked at it22:02
kwwiiit is a pain in the ass, really22:02
knomethe green and yellow lines are closed on the weekend when we're there, but we just use the other lines then22:02
kwwiicheck the morning before you plan to use it22:03
knomeour hotel is really close to earl's court so no problem22:03
kwwiior a few hours before22:03
kwwiithere are often fires and such22:03
knomethere was no problems when i was there last time.22:03
kwwiiI always check shortly before I leave22:03
knomei'm not sure if my wife lets me take a laptop with me22:03
SiDiit sounds so reliable when you speak of it22:03
SiDiknome: dont take one, have real holidays :P22:04
kwwiiwell, there is your reason!22:04
SiDidont take the risk to disappoint her22:04
knomeSiDi, we have to go to a board game shop anyway, so she gets disappointed anyway22:04
SiDiaw :P22:04
kwwiiafter Dublin next week, I will be gone for 3 weeks in Southern France, my wife asked me today if I plan to bring my laptop and check my emails every day like I did last year :p22:04
knome(and most possibly i have to buy something from there as well)22:04
knomekwwii, dang22:05
SiDiwhere in southern france kwwii ?22:05
knomewell, traveling with laptop is a minor annoyance anyway22:05
kwwiihehe, I just bought risk for my 11 year old son...he is amazed22:05
knomeor minor-major22:05
kwwiihe wants to bring it with us22:05
knomekwwii, risk, DANG! :)22:05
kwwiiSiDi: we have a house 7km outside of Cannes22:05
SiDiokies :)22:06
knomekwwii, with board games i mean something different from risk, monopoly etc.22:06
knomeno insult on those games, but they are really quite a lot luck based22:06
knomeand thus don't bring the pleasure of winning ;)22:07
* kwwii hates games22:07
kwwiilife is enough of a game22:07
* SiDi loves games when he wins22:07
kwwiiI do not play board games or video games or anything anymore22:07
SiDii used to play video games a lot :p22:07
kwwiifunny that...it is what got me started in computers22:07
knomei kind of hate the games also (even the ones i say i love the most) even when i am playing them.22:07
SiDiwhen i still had a reliable internet i was playing ET:QW a lot :O22:07
SiDi(was ranked #~200 out of 300 000 :P)22:08
kwwiiback in the day, I was the only kid with trs-80 at home, so I wrote text games...I loved that22:08
kwwiiI am just too old for fps games and such22:08
kwwiialthough at SUSE we always had a quake and bzflag server running and it does take a load off to kill your colleague with an rpg ;)22:09
kwwiinovell killed that quickly, of course22:09
knomekwwii, a *board game* -> http://images.boardgamegeek.com/images/pic66968_lg.jpg :)22:09
kwwiia long, long, long time ago, I played DnD..back when it first started22:10
knomeyou know, all those lovely wooden cubes :P~22:10
kwwiimy sister lived next door to Gary Gigax, the guy who made it up, essentially22:11
knomei've never really understood the rpg's neither wargames.22:11
kwwiiI think I liked painting the little lead figures more than actually acting out the games unfortunately22:12
* SiDi is playing a video game right now X_x22:12
kwwiialthough, my painting was better than everyone else, and I am loud-mouth anyway so I always seemed to win :p22:12
kwwiiSiDi is a geek22:12
knomeit's hilarious to see big men use a ruler to see if the figure moves 1cm or 1,1cm22:12
SiDiof course i am kwwii :D22:12
SiDiim actually out of funny stuff to code22:13
knomeand then throwing 20 dice to determine if some figure loses 1 or 2 HP22:13
SiDior more accurately out of motivation to code what's left22:13
kwwiiSiDi: what languages are you good at?22:13
SiDikwwii: mostly C22:13
SiDibut i love coding in Lisp :P22:13
SiDii learnt python this summer while workin on exaile22:13
kwwiilol, while haskell has always been my favorite22:14
SiDiand i also know C++, Java, Ada, Scheme, some web languages, a bit of Prolog and asm22:14
kwwiiwhen I went to university we learned fortran :p22:14
SiDihaha :D22:15
kwwiiand man, I was good at it22:15
knomei have a RM/COBOL-85 book in my bookshelf, anyone has any use for it?22:15
SiDiknome: sure... :d22:15
knomeSiDi, shall i send it over to you?22:15
SiDii dont remember having read more than 20 % of any programming book i ever had22:16
knomeme neither22:16
SiDiknome: no, thanks ;) i doubt it'll serve me much22:16
kwwiiif you are looking for something to do, you should talk to Ted Gould (canonical employee, inkscape maintainer, etc) about helping/doing-it to write the python app for icon rendering22:16
kwwiiCOBOL rocks!22:16
knomei can't remember reading more than 5% of blah blah, except css/webdesign books, but that's not programming22:16
kwwiiI got my first programming job because of my perl sk1llz22:17
SiDikwwii: i actually should work on notify-osd's memory leaks T_T but i'm too lazy22:17
kwwiiSiDi: macslow would love you22:17
SiDithere also are a few bad bugs left in exaile, but i spent over two weeks working on it so im a bit fed up :p22:17
kwwiias would we all ;)22:17
knomei got my first "programming" job because of my ugh... php/drupal "skills"22:17
SiDiknome: ive only worked in web so far :p22:18
kwwiireviewing code is really hard, you get a different feel for things22:18
SiDiit convinced me to go for something else...22:18
kwwiiit is a great way to learn a language22:18
SiDikwwii: especially when the code is so big =D22:18
kwwiilol, no doubt22:18
SiDii actually learn by reading code :/22:18
knomekwwii, i wasn't reviewing the code, a guy came lurking every now and then to do that for me :P22:18
kwwiidepending upon how nasty it is, you just might learn something!22:18
SiDino wonder why i actually suck at programming :D22:18
knome*THAT* was nasty22:18
kwwiiwell, there is a lot of nasty code out there22:18
knomei doubt the guy hated me22:18
kwwiiand I can imagine that notify-osd has some nasty parts22:19
SiDiif you want NASTY code, check my bt client's source22:19
kwwiiit was developed so quickly with one thing in mind22:19
SiDii offer beer if you understand it :d22:19
knomekwwii, beer?22:19
SiDikwwii: some parts of notifyosd are indeed funny22:20
* kwwii opens the vodka bottle and heads off to bed22:20
SiDiit makes me think to implementations of rsa and such22:20
SiDia lot of numbers and weird operations :d22:20
knomehehe, night kwwii22:20
kwwiitime for a film22:20
knomei'm having some rum22:20
SiDiim having some... water22:20
knomeSiDi, and no jokes about that! :P22:20
SiDinight kwwii :)22:20
knomekwwii, and thanks for the tips :)22:20
kwwiirum makes my heart beat too fast :p22:20
kwwiihave fun!22:20

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