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bcurtiswxhi all, do you know that the empathy sounds aren't in the default ubuntu sound theme?01:06
bcurtiswxi have a bug filed, that since empathy is going to default the empathy sounds should be a part of the default theme01:08
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bcurtiswxbug #40048501:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 400485 in ubuntu-sounds "Empathy sounds not in default ubuntu theme" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40048501:11
bcurtiswxin there it lists where to get the sounds from01:11
ftachrisccoulson, just made a quick C test to check statvfs() on "/", it's ok, f_frsize=4096 f_bavail=1131332 f_bfree=1181332. f_frsize * f_bavail = 4633935872, "df -B 1 /" gives me 4633931776, close enough for me01:17
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rkakkarHi Folks06:44
rkakkarI want to contribute to the Ubuntu .......06:44
rkakkarFrom where should I start .06:44
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* hyperair wonders if any dd here's interested in sponsoring a gtk2-engines-aurora package into debian. =p20:18
* bcurtiswx wonders if anyone here wants to talk about getting the empathy sounds into the ubuntu default sound theme20:19
Keybukso, how *do* you turn off the custom search?23:05
kklimondaKeybuk: disable multisearch add-on23:06
Keybukwhat does that do?23:07
kklimondaI don't know what it does but It turns on custon search for that  ;)23:08
Keybukyay that worked23:08

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