Gabriel1LET'S LEARN04:01
Gabriel1man learn04:02
Gabriel1sudo apt-get install learn?04:02
doctormoGabriel1: sudo apt-get install everything04:12
Gabriel1so what exactly happens in this channel?04:36
bodhizazenThis channel is for the UCLP04:44
bodhizazenThe UCLP is still young +)04:44
bodhizazenhow can we help you Gabriel104:44
Gabriel1hi bodhi04:47
Gabriel1this is buuntu04:47
bodhizazenAh, welcome =)04:47
doctormoGabriel1: This is discussion05:03
doctormobodhizazen: Did you read my section on strcture?05:03
bodhizazenyes, I took a brief look at it05:05
bodhizazenthank you05:05
bodhizazenI am a bit nervous about letting anyone join , I think we want to know who they are first05:05
bodhizazenwhich is not the same thing as being elitist or saying the process of joining needs to be burdensome05:06
doctormobodhizazen: Why would you restrict? why do you need to know who someone is to be a student?05:07
doctormobodhizazen: those groups are more like peer support channels, rather than production groups.05:07
doctormobodhizazen: The main resources are going to be other students and other teachers, we need as many of them as possible.05:08
bodhizazenWell, one does not need to be on the team to be a student05:08
bodhizazenI consider team members people who want to contribute05:08
bodhizazenand if you are not careful you are going to get somebody you do not know05:08
doctormobodhizazen: Ah right, then there is no group that I have proposed which is open to all and which is "in the team"05:08
bodhizazenjoin the team05:08
bodhizazenand then misbehave, and make the whole team look bad05:08
doctormoThe user groups are more like LUGs, guys who use our stuff and a pool that we can get to know people from so they can move up the ranks.05:09
doctormoIf we have no stepping stone, how can outsiders be tentative.05:09
bodhizazenI would agree with that doctormo05:09
bodhizazenbut as far as some kind of "joining the team" I am suggesting we get to know who they are and how they wish to contribute05:10
bodhizazenuser groups or students, that is different, and I see no restrictions to those groups05:10
doctormoMy only concern really is that teachers be classed as contributors instead of users, blocking that group from growing.05:10
bodhizazenI am not following that last statement05:11
bodhizazenyou want teachers to be in which group ?05:11
bodhizazenand which group is then blocked from growing ?05:11
doctormobodhizazen: I want teachers to be treated as users, an open group. To which there may be a need for a closed group of contributing teachers that teach within the Ubuntu community.05:12
bodhizazenI am OK with that05:26
bodhizazenIf we like we can make a main group , say UCLP05:28
bodhizazenthis is a moderated group as outlined05:28
bodhizazenyou can then make open user groups - students and teachers if you wish05:28
bodhizazenThen have the restricted groups - contributing teachers, site admins, art, content, add_as_many_as_needed05:29
doctormobodhizazen: Aye ok, perhaps start off with classifcation groups and then work out if it grows much bigger and the mailing lists need more breathing room06:01
doctormobodhizazen: As far as having a section lead, someone to be editor and publisher for each section we want to teach.06:02
doctormoUsers, Contributors, Administrators, that should keep us for a while.06:02
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