mrooney|wgilir: so basically just upload a modified one, say "okay, this should be good to apply to the tarball!" and eventually a nice person uploads it? :)00:02
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gilirmrooney|w: yes :)00:07
eboyjro4o What can I do if a package is 4o4?00:08
mrooney|weboyjr: what do you mean exactly? what is trying to access the package and where?00:09
eboyjrmrooney|w: I was trying to get python-webkit with Synaptic Package Manager and it said it could not find the package. So I found the .deb of the same version elsewhere.00:10
mrooney|wwell you can always use packages.ubuntu.com: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=default&section=all&arch=any&searchon=names&keywords=python-webkit00:11
mrooney|wbut did you try apt-get, that seems better00:11
mrooney|w(also this may be more appropriate in #ubuntu-bugs, not sure)00:11
joaopintoit is more appropriate on #ubuntu, since it's a support question00:11
eboyjrWell I already solved it.00:12
eboyjrFor me.00:12
eboyjrBut for other people, I don't know why it would be 404 if there is a repository that is supposed to hold all packages together00:13
mrooney|wyeah, it could be a bug somewhere which is why I suggested in #ubuntu-bugs00:13
mrooney|wjoaopinto: It seems like more of a debugging thing than support to me, but either probably works00:14
mrooney|walso if you just install the deb you won't get security etc updates via a package manager, will you?00:14
eboyjrmrooney|w: I don't believe so, no.00:15
joaopintomrooney|w, a problem analisys may not require debugging, you are assuming eboyjr has a proper understanding on what he is trying to do, I am assuming he is doing something wrong :)00:17
joaopintoif you get an http error code 404 while installing a package from a repository, then it's most likely a server-side issue, but again, that is a support related question :)00:18
huatseboyjr: which version of ubuntu are you running ?00:18
huats(regarding your python-webkit issue)00:18
eboyjrUbuntu 9.0400:19
eboyjrW: Failed to fetch http://mirror.math.ucdavis.edu/ubuntu/pool/universe/p/pywebkitgtk/python-webkit_1.0.2-1ubuntu1_i386.deb 404 Not Found00:20
huatseboyjr: the issue is that you are using sources that are not official00:20
huatsremove that source from you sources.list file and it will be ok00:21
mrooney|wyeah, the mirror doesn't have that package possibly because you are out of date, and apt-get update might solve it00:21
huatseboyjr: is it an official mirror ?00:21
eboyjrhuats: Yes.. it is I believe00:22
eboyjrBUGabundo on #ubuntu-bugs says it's a cache problem00:22
joaopintomrooney|w, 1.0.2-1ubuntu1 is the current version, apt-get update will not help00:23
mrooney|wah ok00:23
joaopintoeboyjr, again, that is not a bug, you are using a mirror which is either no official or if it is official is missing a file, or has some configuration failure00:23
huatseboyjr: ok than apt-get update00:23
huatsshold fix it00:23
huatsor use a different mirror...00:23
eboyjrWell I selected it from the list on Software Source using find fastest mirror00:24
eboyjrUbuntu Software tab > Download from: > Select Best Server00:25
eboyjrThis should be regarded as a bug.00:25
joaopintoeboyjr, Select Best Server does not check a mirror integrity, that is an infrastructure failure, not a software failure00:26
joaopintoto cover such a scenario, it would need to check EVERY file on the mirror, which is kind of insane00:26
eboyjrAn infrastructure bug.00:26
eboyjrI will change mirrors though.00:27
joaopintoan infrastructure failure, not a bug00:27
joaopintothe software is expected to show you the 404, when the a file is missing, it is working as expected00:27
eboyjrUse a bash script to check all the files on the mirrors :) I'm kidding. Thank you everyone00:28
eboyjrWell since the file is missing, it shouldn't be included in the list I believe.00:29
eboyjrBefore I leave, I'm curious: What are SRUs?00:33
RainCTeboyjr: Stable Release Updated00:33
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poningruhow do I find out who submitted a package?04:14
nhandlerponingru: Check the first entry in debian/changelog04:22
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hyperairZhenech: it seems there are many sponsors who take interest in geany-plugins eh..16:46
hyperairZhenech: look at it yet? =P16:47
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Zhenechhyperair, yes, it looked fine sofar, and it worked (which is most important) :)17:24
hyperairZhenech: so how about uploading soon? =D17:24
Zhenechheh :P17:25
Zhenechlets see... sounds like a plan :)17:25
hyperairsure does. ;)17:25
Zhenechmy ccowbulder should be fixed too17:26
Zhenechlets see17:26
ZhenechThe following packages have unmet dependencies:17:27
Zhenech  aptitude: Depends: libapt-pkg-libc6.9-6-4.717:27
Zhenech            Depends: libept0 (>= 0.5.26+b1) but it is not going to be installed17:27
directhexsid#s broken?17:27
Zhenechsort of17:27
Zhenechhyperair, did you check copyright stuffs? :)17:29
Zhenechhyperair, good good, at some points too verbose but well, too verbose isnt bad :)17:32
hyperairZhenech: yes i did check the copyright stuff =)17:35
hyperairZhenech: i'm part of the upstream anyway =)17:35
Zhenechhyperair, "Description: Addons plugin for Geany" < sounds strange17:37
hyperairmiscellanous addons?17:37
hyperair"miscellanous addons for Geany"?17:38
Zhenechmisc. plugins I'd say17:38
Zhenechbut yes17:38
ZhenechDescription: plugin which improves LaTeX support in Geany < does not match your "foobar plugin for Geany" schema17:38
Zhenechbut hell17:38
Zhenechthats all I found :P17:38
hyperairi'll go fix those now then =)17:40
Zhenechone more17:41
Zhenech Geany is a small and lightweight integrated development environment using the17:42
Zhenech GTK2 toolkit.17:42
hyperairoh right17:42
Zhenech Geany is a small and lightweight integrated development environment using the17:42
Zhenech Gtk+ toolkit.17:42
Zhenechone is wrong :)17:42
hyperairabout the latex plugin short description, what should it be?17:43
Zhenechimproved LaTeX support plugin for Geany?17:43
hyperairhmm okay17:44
hyperairthat'll work17:44
Zhenechin the end I dont care, but as you have foo plugin for Geany for all the other packages, it'd be nicer to be consistent17:44
hyperairquestion. do you pull from git, or get the package from m.d.n?17:46
Zhenechbut I could pull from git too17:47
Zhenechshould I?17:48
hyperairit's up to you17:49
hyperairi'm uploading to both17:49
Zhenechthen gimme tar.gz17:49
hyperairand i've uploaded to m.d.n already =)17:49
Zhenechso I dont have to fool around with git-bp etc17:50
hyperairtar.gz can be generated from git using pristine-tar17:50
Zhenechi know17:50
Zhenechbut I *always* foget to add --git-pristine-tar etc ^^17:50
hyperairaah =p17:50
hyperairi specify it in my ~/.gbp.conf17:50
Zhenechi do this in my debiab/gbp.conf17:51
hyperairi see17:51
Zhenechmakes it easier for others to play with the package17:51
hyperairhmm maybe i should do that for my packages as well17:51
hyperairwell it's in mentors.debian.net in any case =)17:51
hyperairi'll go put a gbp.conf into git17:51
Zhenechnau fix apt in sid :)17:52
hyperairapt's broken?17:53
Zhenechaptitude is uninstallable currently17:53
Zhenechso I cant update my chroot and build17:53
Zhenechbut I guess it will be fixed by the autobuilders soo17:53
Zhenechso take this as your free upload :)17:54
hyperairfree upload?17:55
Zhenechi'll upload as soon I can :)17:56
hyperairah ok thanks =)17:56
* hyperair grumbles about emacs not reading umlauts into a utf-8 encoded file18:19
hyperairhmm.. no, it's just the debian-control-mode that refuses to work with umlauts18:32
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hyperairhmmmmmmmmm debian-el fights with debian-dev-el for control of control files encoding it seems.18:56
hyperairdebian-el attempts to match all files named "control", while debian-dev-el attempts to match all files named "debian/control", and debian-el wins, so my umlauts go missing.18:57
* popey hugs directhex 20:01
directhexhello popey, whatcha after?20:01
popeyfor some reason I have only just seen your itv post. Liked it.20:02
directhexannoyingly upstream decided to jump from 1.9.6 to a beta, so still no actual release which works ¬_¬20:02
popeystill, nice to know it's "in the pipeline" as it were20:04
directhexall it took was ssh -D, and a smart developer! :p20:05
directhexi know there are workarounds, like firefox extensions, but in the end, it's nice for ubuntu users to "not notice" when a site just works20:05
julien__hi, is there any motu available to do a quick review on my package ? --> http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/brackup20:12
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ximionIs there anyone who can review the packages http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/libqtintf4 and http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/smile ?20:43
norsettodo we have it documented anywhere the usage/policy of renaming tarballs if repacked?22:14
jpdsWasn't it to add a -repack1 to it?22:15
norsettojpds, yes, whatever, was it announced anywhere as a policy, is it documented?22:15
jpdsCan't remember.22:16
sebnerhuhu norsetto \o/22:16
norsettome neither, but it annoys me when this kind of policy are unilaterally taken and not even announced22:16
norsettohola sebner22:18
sebnernorsetto: how are you doing? long time no see22:18
norsettopretty fine thanks, and you?22:19
sebnermilitary service over so fine ;D22:20
norsettostill alive as well, even better ;-)22:20
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sebnereheheh ;P22:23
mrooneygilir: around by any chance? I'm trying to figure out how to generate a diff.gz, I'm not quite sure what steps you took23:19
mrooneyany MOTU around kind enough to explain how to generate a diff.gz for the debian/ from an upstream tarball?23:24
lifelessdebuild -S23:26
mrooneylifeless: but what is the workflow? do I download the tarball and extract it, throw the debian/ directory in, and run that?23:47
lifelessbroadly yes. I suspect you should do one of the tutorials; there have been regular ones in the ubuntu classes, transcripts are on the wiki etc23:48

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