mazda01how do I stop mythtv from starting in the frontend immediately upon booting up mythbuntu>?04:14
mycosyshi guys - when are the 'weekly' builds done, and is there some way to figure out what svn they are up to, and is there some sort of archive of them by their svns?04:22
miatechis anyone available for help07:07
miatechtrying to get a hauppauge usb TV Tunner/ Recorder working with mythTV07:09
miatechby the way the OS is Ubuntu07:11
mazda01m trying to move over my mysql server to new a new machine. what do I need to do with the old machine mysql server? i have amarok, mythtv, and then there is a mysql and information_schema database. i ahve all the databases backed up into seperate files. I am not sure what to do next13:47
ZinnSorry I don't know about upnp22:03
gordonjcpdoes mythbuntu work as a upnp client?22:03

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