tychepopey: ping13:34
popeytyche: hi13:47
tycheI just got a seriously confused post to the mailing list, but I think I've figured out what the problem is.  The location for events has changed, in the Fridge.  The new location (well, as of about 6 months ago or so) is:  http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendar13:49
tycheHOWEVER:  I see a major discrepancy and I don't know how to cure it.  When I go into the events calendar to pull information for the Upcoming Meetings in the UWN, I actually use the Google calendar that the Fridge Events calendar copies. (it's a two way street, supposedly)13:51
tycheDoc team meeting shows up on the google calendar, but NOT on the Fridge calendar.13:52
tycheSecondly, someone set up the "Guest" block, but didn't set "Guest can edit", so I can't make changes to the entry.  It lacks location and time (in UTC)13:52
tycheAlso, the page that references the Fridge calendar is on wikis.  I can change it on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BuildingCommunity/BookingUbuntuMeetingChannel, but not on the other two.13:53
tycheConfused yet?  LOL13:54
popeyi thought those were all one wiki13:58
popeyjust different css13:58
tycheThat may be.  I don't know.  I know I've had occasion to think so.13:59
tycheIf that's the case, then editing the Ubuntu page should change the other two14:00
tycheThat still doesn't solve my problem of changing the location and time, or of the fact that it doesn't show up in the Fridge calendar,  but IS in the Google calendar14:01
tycheI know I blogged about the change on January 17 (I know, a long time ago) and that it was picked up on the Planet (see http://tycheent.wordpress.com/2009/01/17/upcoming-events-calendar-has-moved/ )14:03
tycheBut people still don't put all the information in, nor do they put it in early enough to be caught up in the UWN, when it comes to a Sunday.14:03
tycheLink to the Fridge calendar has now replaced the old location in all three, so you were right about that.14:08
popeythanks tyche !14:18
tycheWould I be out of line to post to the Fridge the directions for filling out an event, and stress that information not listed (such as location and time) would be referenced in the UWN as: "Not listed as of publication"14:20
popeynot really14:21
tycheThen I'll see what I can work up, today.14:21
tychepopey: Posted.  See http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/1888 or http://fridge.ubuntu.com/14:55
nhandlertyche: The Google Calendar takes care of time zone conversions. For instance, when I add an event, I have to use my local time. It then gets converted to UTC automatically for the Fridge calendar.16:01
tycheWell, I would hope that.  All I know is that my connection to it is set up for UTC (No Daylight Savings)16:02
tycheAlso, the link listed on the Fridge post (and at the top of the Fridge Calender page) specifies that the Google calendar accepts local and converts it.  The thing that disturbs me is that it specifies that it converts to GMT, and GMT DOES have Daylight Savings time16:03
nhandlertyche: Isn't there an option to not have it adjust for DST automatically?16:07
tycheYes, but you have to CHOOSE it.16:09
tycheThat's why my version of the calendar is set up for GMT (No Daylight)16:09
nhandlerYour local calendar shouldn't matter. When you add a meeting, just add it for whatever time the meeting will take place in your time zone. If the FRIDGE calendar is setup for GMT without automatic DST, it should get the correct time16:12
tycheExcept I set up for several time zones, therefore it is important that I have it set for UTC rather than local16:13
tycheIt saves having to double convert.16:20

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