ubottujoaopinto called the ops in #ubuntu (goku12205)00:01
bazhangin PM now00:03
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, aubade said: !interjection is <reply> What you're refering to as Linux, is in fact, GNU/Linux, or as I'verecently taken to calling it, GNU plus Linux.00:04
bazhangphyrrus does not respond in PM re: not advertising; seems not to be in #ubhackers either00:24
bazhangikonia, coleys got around the ban forward you put on him somehow01:04
bazhang* coleys__ is now known as rawr  still at it01:06
bazhang* coleys__ (n=coleys@bas1-kingston08-1167876755.dsl.bell.ca) has joined #ubuntu01:07
bazhangPM'd him asked him to part and he did so01:07
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coleys__So... hey/01:09
bazhangcoleys__, hi01:10
coleys__Whats up, apparently people don't like my support? ikonia specifically.01:10
bazhangcoleys__, none of us do01:10
bazhangcoleys__, recommending to set the root password on a regular interval is not welcome in #ubuntu, in fact, not at all01:11
coleys__bazhang: To be honest, ikonia exagerates. =/01:11
bazhangcoleys__, there are logs, that suggest otherwise01:11
coleys__Have you read them?01:12
bazhangcoleys__, this has nothing to do with him; he is the one that flagged it01:12
coleys__Im not saying it does, I'm not going to argue with this. There is no cause for ban.01:12
bazhangcoleys__, any of the rest of us that noticed it would have taken the exact same steps01:12
coleys__That's fine, but a little delayed don't you think? I had stoppped, and I get banned today? uhm justice?01:13
bazhangcoleys__, you were forwarded to here, there seems to have been a glitch with that01:13
coleys__No I wasn't01:14
coleys__I joined here myself, im not interested in playing any games. =P so..01:14
bazhangat any rate, thank you for parting the channel as I requested, and coming here to discuss01:14
coleys__Yeah I respect, your pm... and for that I would listen.01:15
bazhangcoleys__, please don't suggest that setting of root password in #ubuntu channel in future, okay? there is not a need for it, sudo -i or sudo -s if someone really needs it, but sudo normally suffices01:16
coleys__bazhang: I listened to ikonia the first time he pmed me, I sorta figured it wasn't an issue after that point. (Apparently otherwise)01:18
bazhangcoleys__, okay01:19
bazhangso no more of that, right?01:19
coleys__Ay ay.01:19
bazhangcoleys__, thanks, you can recloak and enter #ubuntu now01:20
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coleysbazhang: No, thank you.01:22
bazhangwonder if the !dualhead should be removed, or aliased to xrandr factoid01:26
Seeker`anything I can have done about someone that keeps ban evading in -uk01:56
bazhangSeeker`, troll?02:10
Seeker`they come back every few weeks02:11
Seeker`insist they aren't ban evading02:11
bazhangoh that's the worst02:12
Seeker`xcdfgkjhgcv is the nick they go by02:12
Seeker`or similar02:12
bazhangseem to remember that nick in #ubuntu02:12
Seeker`yeah, has been in there occasionally02:13
bazhangdid a ban instead of a remove on a webchat client02:24
Seeker`are we not menat to ban the webchat client?02:26
bazhangwell a kick/remove will have the fb ban them02:26
bazhangtime to fix my mistake :)02:27
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)04:55
nalioththe scenic k-train has left the station04:57
bazhangthanks nalioth04:59
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (CTCP/NOTICE)05:38
bazhang<trollaxor>  pink ♂ symbols superimposed over images of innocent-looking, shirtless teenage boys engaged in certain acts.05:48
bazhanghe seems to feel this is okay and ontopic for #ubuntu05:48
bazhangtrollaxor> you're not familiar with the gaybuntu community?06:00
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bazhangikonia, removed the ban on coleys after he agreed not to spam the root password stuff09:20
bazhangikonia, seems the banforward to here did not take for some reason09:20
ikoniabazhang: I noted, thank you. I'm not very happy with him, as he basiclly told lies saying he spoke to me and stopped, when he spoke to me, and .=.... carried on09:20
ikoniabazhang: he was doding it, he changed his nick, dropped his cloak09:20
ikoniaanother reason I'm not happy about it09:20
bazhangikonia, actually he joined with the cloak initially, then I banned him09:21
ikoniabazhang: check his nick when he joined though09:21
bazhanghe then decloaked and I PM'd him to part the channel09:21
ikoniaI'd put a ban on coley, when I should have done coley?09:22
ikoniaor coley*09:22
ikoniahindsight though09:22
bazhangI can check the BT for the exact thing; he seemed compliant, and realized it was not about a single operator, that any one of us would have flagged him.09:23
ikoniahe's playing dumb09:23
ikoniaI told him to stop, he carried on but added the line "this is not ubuntu recommended" to the end09:23
ikoniahe's stopped now so it doesn't matter09:23
ikoniaI just don't like people getting their way through lies09:23
bazhangof course not09:24
bazhangwith the number of troublemakers/trolls today, just seemed the best option to get his agreement and watch for future outbreaks09:25
ikoniayes, he's stopped so I'm happy09:25
bazhangif he starts again then a very long ban09:25
ikonianote diddy is full of utter crap09:58
ikoniahe's in #rhel/#centos/#feodra telling people he's working as a sys admin and asking questions like "how to set the TERM" varible, and then he's getting moved out of them, hence why I think he's asking in #ubuntu really basic questions09:58
bazhangmoved out, ie kicked?10:00
ikoniadirected to other channels10:00
bazhangmaybe ##linux then10:00
ikoniahe's in thre too10:01
ikoniaasking how grep works and th elike10:01
bazhang<carboy87> no i installed it myself directly from a guy who helped invent linux10:03
elkybazhang, which guy who helped linus?10:04
bazhangelky, he has not divulged that yet; he is sure of what the problem isn't though (everything suggested so far that is)10:05
ikonia#ubuntu is filled with people just giving out the worst help at the moment10:05
ikoniano deduction/trouble shooting beyond "it's broke"10:05
ikoniawhy is iceroot not listening to what's been said ??? and just making random suggestions10:10
elkyikonia, i'm not sure any of us know 'why'10:15
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)11:25
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)11:25
elky!staff | see bazzup #freenode he did the same in #ubuntu11:27
ubottusee bazzup #freenode he did the same in #ubuntu: Hey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, Dave2, Christel, tomaw, Gary, Vorian, PriceChild or stew, I could use a bit of your time :)11:27
ubottuLadyNikon called the ops in #kubuntu ()12:55
* gnomefreak forgot how to mute so remove works12:56
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bazhangwell really if he gives zero info then there's no way to help13:32
Mamarokjussi01: are you around?13:39
Mamarokseems there was a call for ops in #kubuntu and I wasn't highlighted, I thought I was an op there13:40
ikonialet me check the factoid, I thought you where on there13:40
bazhangseems you could edit it Mamarok13:40
bazhanghopefully in PM with the bot though :)13:40
Mamaroknope, I am not in there, well, didn't even think to change the factoid :)13:41
Mamarokhm, what's the syntax again?13:42
ikonia!ops =~ /ikonia!/ikonia, Mamarok!13:43
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, ikonia said: !ops =~ /ikonia!/ikonia, Mamarok!13:43
ikoniaoh for the devils sake13:43
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:43
ikonia!ops =~ /ikonia!/ikonia, Mamarok!13:43
ikoniaI guess my editor permission is lost after the last database mess around again13:44
ikoniajussi01: ^13:44
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:45
bazhangikonia, thought that should be for !op-#kubuntu though13:46
ikoniayeah, if it's kubuntu specific13:46
Mamarokbazhang: still, if somebody calls for ops in #kubuntu, I should show up, so how do I change it?13:46
ikoniaI didn't think there was specific channel !op calls, but I could very well be wrong on that13:46
bazhangikonia, there are13:47
ikoniathere we go then13:47
ikonia!ops-#kubuntu =~ /ikonia!/ikonia, Mamarok!13:47
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, ikonia said: !ops-#kubuntu =~ /ikonia!/ikonia, Mamarok!13:47
ikoniaMamarok: that should change it if my darn editor permissions where working13:47
bazhangMamarok, to edit a factoid use like above, or just !no factoid is <reply> etc etc if its a big change13:48
ikoniaahh not it wouldn't,13:48
Mamarokwhat then?13:48
ikonia!ops-#kubuntu =~ /jussi01!/jussi01, ikonia, Mamarok!/13:49
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, ikonia said: !ops-#kubuntu =~ /jussi01!/jussi01, ikonia, Mamarok!/13:49
ikoniathat should do it13:49
ikonia(should have done it)13:49
bazhangMamarok, then the bot will say 'I'll remember that Mamarok '13:49
ikoniathe #kubuntu-ops call was quite different13:49
Mamarokin ops-#kubuntu , right?13:49
bazhangthough how ikonia got ops in there :)13:49
* Mamarok tries13:49
ikoniaMamarok: make sure you're logged in13:51
bazhangikonia, I think you are editing the wrong one13:51
Mamarokyay, it worked :)13:51
ikoniaoh really ?13:52
Mamarokbazhang: don't worry, I edite it, and did it for the correct one13:52
ikoniabazhang: which one should it be ?13:52
bazhangikonia, now you are in and so is Mamarok13:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ops#kubuntu13:52
Mamarokit is !ops-#kubuntu13:52
bazhangwith a -13:52
bazhangyep better not call it here though :)13:52
ikoniaMamarok: nice job13:56
ikoniabetter remove ljl too I guess?13:56
bazhangshould do13:57
ikoniahe's gone from !ops so I suggest !ops-#kubuntu to13:57
bazhanghe's gone from them all afaik13:57
ikoniastill in #kubuntu's13:58
Mamarokikonia: from what I can see there are other people in the factoid that I have never even heard of13:59
ikoniathat's ok13:59
Mamarokikonia: well, I let others change that, I still fear to break things :)14:00
bazhangprobably be cleared up on the meeting Sunday14:00
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Flannel!away > daelious19:09
spOcan you guys please unban me from #ubuntu19:23
spOi was banned for using vulgar language19:23
spOand it has been 2 days past19:23
spOFlannel sets mode: +b *!*@pool-173-60-52-67.lsanca.fios.verizon.net19:23
spOthat is my ban19:23
spOon me19:23
FlannelspO: Bans don't automatically go away.  What can we expect from you if it does get lifted?19:25
spOi won't be outrageous19:25
spOnor say vulgar things19:25
spOand i will try to help others if i have knowledge19:25
FlannelYou don't need to be perfect, and we don't need a speech, just the fact that you'll refrain from using that sort of language in the future.19:26
FlannelspO: Have you read the IRC guidelines, by any chance?19:26
spOwhich ones?19:28
FlannelOur IRC guidelines: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines19:28
FlannelAlso, linked from the first point is the code of conduct.  Please take some time to look over and internalize those.19:28
FlannelAlright, sounds good.  I trust we won't have any run-ins in the future then.19:34
FlannelYour ban's been lifted, please join #ubuntu right now so we can verify I didn't make a mistake.19:34
Flannel!away > Homer19:59
jpdsFlannel: Why was sp0 banned?21:01

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