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artillerytxanyone know why i keep getting these e-mails - http://pastebin.com/d5e75347603:55
artillerytxfrom my server03:55
artillerytxor is there a way i could turn this off03:55
poningruartillerytx, try crontab -l03:59
poningruas root it seems03:59
artillerytxk it gives me "54 7 *** /etc/webmin/cron/tempdelete.pl04:00
poningrucan you check /etc/cron.hourly/04:01
poningruis there anything in there?04:01
artillerytxno there is nothing in that directory04:03
poningrucan you check /var/log/mail.log04:05
poningrusee whats sending the thing04:06
artillerytxoh wow04:07
artillerytxyou want me to pastebin whats in mail.log04:07
poningruyeah sure04:07
artillerytxahh it won't let me post it04:09
artillerytxponingru: here we go - http://paste.ubuntu.com/240720/04:09
artillerytxI've set up the email for the domain with gmail apps and used ssmtp to gmail04:10
poningruhow often does the emails come in?04:13
ballOnce a month, on a camel.04:14
artillerytxponingru: probly every day 4 or 5 times a day04:17
artillerytxim guessing its some sort of error that i haven't set up something correctly04:17
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artillerytxponingru: i can show you the whole thing04:23
artillerytxponingru: http://paste.ubuntu.com/240748/04:24
poningruno I dont think I can end04:24
poningruerr help04:24
tsrk_is /root being only accessible by root a new thing in 9.04?04:41
artillerytxanyone know anything about cron and ssmtp ?05:18
Tejasanyone know how to remove id_rsa key???- Because of the my server IP is change...05:22
artillerytxany know why im getting this emailed to me - http://paste.ubuntu.com/240807/05:39
ByronHello everyone.06:03
Byronandol: I'm not sure what I have done wrong, but I don't really know where to start either. I hope to get better insight with some tools that I'm going to start using. Thanks for guiding me yesterday.06:04
uvirtbot`New bug: #407583 in samba (main) "karmic smbclient fails to access NAS box" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40758306:06
andolByron: Don't really use FTP much these days. Not sure if I'm the right person to point you in a right direction.06:14
andolByron: Actually, in my book, FTP itself is usually the wrong direction :)06:14
Byronandol: No worries. I have yet to figure out why FTP doesn't work outside of my router.06:17
Byronandol: I don't even want to begin with my Postfix and Courier issues right now, either.06:17
chrisellishow do i delete stuff from cron06:38
chrisellisim keep getting all these error emails06:39
chrisellisi have no idea what is going on with this06:43
Byronchrisellis: what happens if you just delete the pl file?06:43
chrisellisdo you want to see what the errors are?06:43
chrisellisByron: http://paste.ubuntu.com/240899/06:44
Byron1 sec06:45
chrisellismmk thank you06:45
Byronchrisellis: Seems like an hourly cron. Try "sudo rm /etc/cron.hourly/ebox"06:50
chrisellisno such file or directory06:51
Byronsudo nano /etc/init.d/ebox06:54
ByronWhat's on line 14?06:54
chrisellisuse Ebox;06:54
chrisellisi removed ebox though06:54
chriselliswhy is this file still here06:54
Byronthat's probably the issue06:54
chrisellishow can i remove all files associated with ebox06:55
Byronchrisellis: 'sudo apt-get remove --purge ebox'06:56
chrisellisit tells me pacakge ebox is not installed, so not removed06:56
Byronsudo apt-get install ebox && sudo apt-get remove --purge ebox06:57
chrisellisi just did apt-get update06:57
chrisellisuno momento06:57
chriselliswow thats alot of updates06:58
chrisellisokay i just got the error dropdb: database removal failed: Error datatbase "eboxlogs" does not exist07:01
chrisellisdropuser: remocal of role ebox failed ebox does not exisist07:01
mysteriousdarrenjust installed my first server on an old dell07:01
mysteriousdarrenand now its waiting for me to tell it to do something blicking impaitently07:02
chrisellisByron: that doesn't matter right ... thats good they don't exist07:03
mysteriousdarrenis there some easter egg commands i can put in to make it look like its doing something07:03
Byronchrisellis: the removal I'm providing you removes config files, too.07:05
Byronmysteriousdarren: if all else fails, type 'help'07:06
chrisellisByron: k07:06
chrisellisByron: have you ever set up a google apps account ?07:17
Byronchrisellis: No, I haven't.07:23
ByronFarewell everyone. it's getting late for me and I have a long day tomorrow. Have a great day/night. Bye07:24
mysteriousdarrenim going through setting up an server on a dell and wondered what kind of server collections i should install?07:25
chrisellisi don't know very much but what kind of server are you setting up07:26
hammerfunny you should ask that mysteriousdarren, i was wondering the same thing07:27
jmarsdenInstall the ones that will let you do whatever it is you want the server to do :)07:27
chrisellisahh god i hate girl drummers07:28
mysteriousdarrena friend and i are using it for a learning experience and were basically gonna use it to access files when traveling and on business trips07:28
jmarsdenI don't think there is a "girl drummer" task in Ubuntu Server..?07:28
chrisellisoh sorry07:28
mysteriousdarrengirls drummers are awesome, haha im a drummer. did u get shown up by one or what?07:28
mysteriousdarrensorry off topic07:29
chrisellisno they look stupid im moving to off topic if you want to continue07:29
jmarsdenmysteriousdarren: So install whatever things you want to learn about, plus whatever will do the kind of file sharing you have in mind.07:29
hammerSo are options are dns,lamp,mail, openssh, posgres, print, samba tomcat java , virtual, an manual package selection server07:30
hammerI am kinda thinking manual, virtual, and lamp07:31
hammerand I hate girl drummers07:31
jmarsdenWell, if mysteriousdarren wants to access his server remotely, openssh is probably a good start.  After that it all depends what/how he is plannging to do the filesharing.  The set for you depends on what *you* want to do with your server :)07:32
hammerbut what if the girl drummer is hot07:33
mysteriousdarrensmoking hott07:33
jmarsdenhammer: Take that to #offtopic please.07:33
mysteriousdarrenhammer nice but off topic07:33
hammerok, its late,07:34
mysteriousdarrenya no excuses paula07:34
hammerwhats the downfall of sellecting more than we may need07:34
jmarsdenYou end up with more software on your server that you don't understand, and that you have to back up, and that if it has security issues might in some way aid others trying to break into your server.07:35
jmarsdenRemember you can always use tasksel to add more tasks later anyway.07:37
jmarsdenman tasksel for details on that.07:37
hammerSo if we went, openssh, samba, and a lamp. would that be a good start to learn07:38
jmarsdenIt's quite a bit at once, but sure, that could work.  LAMP is Apache, MySQL and PHP so 3 different things right there.07:39
jmarsdenThe L is for Linux... which you already have :)07:40
hammerthis is just off a ubuntu 9.04 server cd  we downloaded tonight07:41
hammerit gives us these options separatly07:41
jmarsdenOK... let's just say the L (Linux) is not optional if you are installing Ubuntu :)07:41
jmarsdenInstall openssh so you can access the server securely over the network.  Anything else ... install it if you either need it or want to learn it.07:42
jmarsdenIn general, if you do not know what it is, do not install it.07:42
hammergood point07:43
jmarsdenYou did read the Server Guide, right?  https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/07:44
hammerof course we read all 19 chapters07:45
hammer(wistles suspicously)07:46
jmarsdenFor mysteriousdarren just openssh may be all he needs, because he can do sshfs for secure remote file access, either from Windows or Linux boxes while on the road.07:46
hammerbookmarking now07:46
jmarsdenThere is also a link to the server guide in the /TOPIC of this channel :)  But that's for the 8.04 one not 9.0407:47
mysteriousdarrenok, ya ive read most of the links and was wondering from an actual person what i should do. thanks07:49
jmarsdenFor what you are asking for just install openssh and use sshfs (or Dokan, if you use Windows on your travelling notebook instead of Linux)07:51
mysteriousdarrennope all ubuntu07:52
hammerall ubuntu, and one fedora...07:53
mysteriousdarrenhaha fedora and u hate it sometimes07:54
hammersigh.... yes07:56
andoljmarsden: Hmm, Dokan looks intersting. Any personal experieces using Dokan sshfs? Might be a good alternative, recommending to friends instead of expandrive07:57
jmarsdenandol: I've only played with it, never had to use it for a long period.  For basic file xfer it seems to work.07:59
andoljmarsden: Okey, thanks for the indirectly pointing it out to me anyhow.08:00
jmarsden:) No problem.08:01
chrisellishow do you see what kind of bandwidth you are getting for your server08:52
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vagamenteanyone can help me installing mailman?15:16
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gbear14275is xen support better in 8.04 or one of the later versions?19:25
zoopstergbear14275: define support...not much has changed in xen for a while. 9.04 officially has domU support20:28
zoopstergbear14275: you are better off using KVM...it is being maintained much better through 9.0420:28

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