nevyngoku12205: yes...00:00
goku12205how do i run an exploit against my desktop!!!00:00
chetnicki installed kubuntu-desktop on ubuntu, after logging in kubuntu it asked me to enter keyring pass or something like that, which i did. Now when i went back to ubuntu, it is asking me "Enter password for default keyring to unlock". I put the pass, but it is keep popping up, like it is wrong pass. How to get rid of that?00:00
goku12205i already have compiled it00:00
icerootgoku12205: stop that00:00
bazhang!ot | goku1220500:00
joaopintogoku12205, we already told tou, that question is not for this channel !00:00
starwindjoaopinto I got the PPA's installed, added the key in terminal, then apt-get update, but I don't see firefox/minefield, did I do something wrong?00:00
ubottugoku12205: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:00
joaopintostarwind, do: apt-cache policy firefox-3.600:01
ubottutrolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel00:01
esperanzai need help with setting up compiz fusion on my computer00:01
goku12205what is a buffer overflow?00:01
joaopinto!ops | goku1220500:01
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mulledo proftp use the normal users in ubuntu or has it own list00:01
nevynI don00:01
overcluckergoku12205, this is really not the right place for this00:02
bazhanggoku12205, take that elsewhere00:02
icerootmulle: its using system-users if they are in the ftp group00:02
joaopintomulle, it depends on it is configured, check it's configuration00:02
nevynoverclucker: why not00:02
goku12205ok than how are you doing?00:02
starwind  Installed: (none)00:02
starwind  Candidate: 3.6~a1~hg20090728r30800+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~umd1~jaunty00:02
starwind  Version table:00:02
starwind     3.6~a1~hg20090728r30800+nobinonly-0ubuntu1~umd1~jaunty 000:02
FloodBot1starwind: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:02
starwind        500 http://ppa.launchpad.net jaunty/main Packages00:02
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esperanzahey i need help with compiz fusion on a xfce desktop00:02
starwinderr sorry00:03
joaopintoesperanza, better ask on #xubuntu00:03
iceroot!details | esperanza00:03
ubottuesperanza: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:03
joaopintostarcraftman, the package is available, just install it: sudo apt-get install firefox-3.600:03
dementori intsll monitorix but not work00:03
overcluckernevyn, he is looking for help exploiting system, this channel deals with support related issues.00:03
phyrruswho wants to be a mod/admin on my site?00:03
iceroot!ot | phyrrus00:04
ubottuphyrrus: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:04
phyrruswoops, sorry if you do join my channel #ubhackers00:04
esperanzaubottu: i'm running xubuntu 9.04 and i need help setting up and using compiz fusion00:04
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:04
starwindah I see00:04
joaopintooverclucker, it's about Ubuntu support, using the system, not about exploiting or hacking00:04
bazhangesperanza, do you have ccsm installed? let's join #compiz to discuss00:04
illinvillainI am having trouble setting up my nvidia driver, I can set my resolution to 1280x800 and everything works fine, but every time I restart it goes back to 800x600, any help would be greatly appreciated.00:04
shingenhow can I change my /etc/init.d/apache2 to start tsocks before starting the daemon?00:05
esperanzabazhang: yes. hold on00:05
nevynoverclucker: let's just for a second assume it's as advertised.. in that case he needs help with using ubuntu for self education.00:05
nevynhow is that not support00:05
joaopintoshingen, edit the script and add whatever command you need ?00:05
TwoToneSpiritFor many days, I've been looking for a way to share X applications (or, preferably, an entire workspace) on multiple computers at the same time.  I want each user to have independence, so VNC is not an option.  Among the hundreds of interesting pages I've looked into, I've found the following one.  Does anybody care to comment on the options it offers? http://www.faqs.org/faqs/x-faq/part6/section-4.html00:05
icerootshingen: sudo vi /etc/init.d/apache200:05
overcluckernevyn, we can contunue this on #ubuntu-offtopic00:05
shingeniceroot: need help on syntax...  trying to figure out where to put that00:06
bazhangphyrrus, please dont advertise here00:06
joaopintoshingen, tscoks is a client command, why would you want to call tsocks on apache start ?00:06
dementori install monitorix but not work00:07
dementorit has no graphics00:07
shingenjoaopinto: because I have mysql services that can only be accessed through socks proxies00:07
joaopintodementor, what is monitorix ? There is no such package00:07
joaopintoshingen, so you don't want to start tsocks before apache, tscoks is applied to a command, you want to run apache WITH tsocks00:08
Lancearate(reposted) I'm having difficulty with an intermittent hard crash in Ubuntu-9.04 AMD64 when attempting large file operations like backing up to a portable drive (every few minutes), or very intermittently (once or twice weekly) with regular use. Upon hard crash, the machine no longer accepts any incoming ssh connections or responds to existing ssh connections, and (as far as I know) the logs found in /var/log don't contain anyth00:08
mulleis there a better ftp program than proftp?00:08
joaopintoyou need to find the apachectl start line on the apache script, and prefix it with "tsocks"00:08
erUSUL!ftpd > mulle00:08
ubottumulle, please see my private message00:08
shingenjoaopinto: k00:08
ProhShit fuck, does anyone have any idea what is wrong? "Buffer I/O error on device sr0"... I was getting this with discs and now I'm attempting to boot from usb00:08
bazhangProh, watch the language00:09
joaopintomulle, if you don't learn how to read their man page, none will be good for you00:09
phyrrusProh: explain further00:09
Prohapologize ^_~00:09
joaopinto!language | Proh00:09
ubottuProh: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:09
illinvillaincan anyone help me with a xorg.conf prob?00:09
joaopintoProh, that is usually associated with a failed disk00:09
Olof2Hey ! just installed Ubuntu and need some help with dual-booting, can someone help?=)00:09
phyrrusdoes ubuntu boot?00:09
phyrruswhat are you dual booting 0lof2?00:10
Olof2want to boot both ubuntu and windows00:10
phyrruswhat version of both00:10
godmodegrafixhow did you install ubuntu00:10
Olof2installed windows before ubuntu00:10
phyrrusI need the versions and your problem00:11
Olof2windows xp , latest ubuntu version00:11
phyrrusok, whats the problem then00:11
Olof2but grub only starts ubuntu00:11
phyrrushm... 1 min00:11
godmodegrafixdid you partition your drive when you installed ubuntu?00:11
Olof2need to "add" windows somehow00:11
beatbreakerhow do i restart samba? i can't find /etc/rc.d ???00:11
bazhang!dualboot | Olof200:11
ubottuOlof2: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot00:11
ProhAlright:  I'm installing and right after it loads the installer, it starts activating the kernel and stuff, and there's when I'm getting the errors... Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block [integer]... SQUASHFS error: unable to read page block from 215f5cdd00:11
bazhangOlof2, do both boot? or is there a grub issue00:12
fadzl_why i cant update my pidgin00:12
phyrrustry this: without the #'s00:12
ProhBut within all of these errors, it's still activating things... like swap, I noticed00:12
phyrrus# makeactive00:12
phyrrus# makeactive00:12
fadzl_still 2.5.400:12
FloodBot1phyrrus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:12
joaopinto!pastebin | phyrrus00:12
ubottuphyrrus: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic00:12
joaopintofadzl_, after a final release packages are only updated with security or critical fixes00:13
godmodegrafixolof2: how did you install ubuntu? through live cd?00:13
phyrrusjust add a boot commabnd for windows but I reccommend boot.ini00:13
beatbreakerhow do i restart samba? i can't find /etc/rc.d ???00:13
fadzl_with security00:13
beatbreakersfmadmax: thanks00:13
Olof2a external disk00:13
beatbreakersfmadmax: sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart ??00:14
godmodegrafixhave you removed it?00:14
joaopintobeasty, or just : sudo service samba restart00:14
godmodegrafixmake sure whatever you used to install ubuntu is removed at boot00:14
fernando_37server libres.irc-hispano.org00:15
godmodegrafixwell make sure its removed even before you turn on your pc00:15
godmodegrafixif you used a CD, remove the CD.. if you used a flash drive, remove it..etc00:15
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Guest74437hay is IPTables good for a ubuntu linux 9.04 home user00:16
Prohnow I get: init: tty6 main process ended, respawning00:16
bazhangOlof2, are you able to boot both? or is there a grub error00:16
godmodegrafixguest74437: do you plan on using it for networking?00:16
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Olof2the problem is that i can't choose to boot windows00:17
Prohtty3 now, but they're also beeing terminated with status 100:17
bazhangOlof2, then you need to update grub00:17
GaijinDHey, I've got a weird problem when trying to add a networked printer.00:17
bazhang!grub | Olof2 please read this00:17
ubottuOlof2 please read this: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:17
Guest74437I just need to know if anything that i do need something that will let me know if i am being hack/crack00:17
Olof2kk thanks =D00:17
bazhangGuest74437, you can use gufw or firestarter if you dont wish to use iptables via command line00:18
godmodegrafixiptables wont do that00:18
nevynGuest74437: firewalls are one element of security strategy they're not the be all and end all tho00:18
Guest74437ok but i am a home user but i need to to test my os/ubuntu linux9.04 to see if i am being crack/hack00:19
rubyisti need python2.4-gtk2 deb package, where can i get it?00:20
rubyistapt-get says it is referred to by another package.. etc00:20
godmodegrafixwhy do you think you're being hacked?00:20
Guest74437i dont00:20
godmodegrafixyou just want to be safe?00:21
Guest74437but it is good to know if i am '''00:21
godmodegrafixok....well you can use kismet to see whos on your network00:21
bazhang!firestarter | Guest7443700:21
ubottuGuest74437: Ubuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist00:21
nevynGuest74437: aide provides a mechinism to verify binaries on your system havnt been modified00:21
joaopintorubyist, such an old version is no longer available00:21
bazhangGuest74437, please have a look at those links00:22
Guest74437are thay free00:22
dirtbag666hi there00:22
bazhangGuest74437, yes of course00:22
jwyanzehello all00:23
GaijinDI'm trying to add a networked printer via the Printer configuration tool, but whenever I try to navigate to it the window just closes.00:23
jwyanzehow do i output everything on the terminal to a file00:23
dirtbag666I've got a huge problem: I just accidentally deleted from an external hard drive (vfat). Now I'm trying to recover the date using FOREMOST. Unfortunately it always tries to read from stdin ("Processing: stdin") although I ran: sudo foremost -v -t jpg -i /dev/scd000:24
dirtbag666ANY ideas?00:24
Hagbard__anyone know where to find .emacs file?00:24
jwyanzesomeone told me | tee file.txt but that does not seem to work unless the command is completed successfuly00:24
joaopintojwyanze, you need to do 2>&1, errors use a different file description00:25
jwyanzeHagbard__: do u have it installed00:25
nevynjoaopinto: try typescript00:25
joaopintojwyanze, you need to force errors to go to stdout00:25
personI'm disabling some services; the app I'm using is warning me that disabling avahi daemon may affect system behaviour in several ways, possibly leading to data loss.00:25
joaopintonevyn, uh ?00:25
personBut it's nothing to worry about, is it? I can just disable it, right?00:25
nevynjoaopinto: typescript or script captures a pty session00:25
Lancearate(reposted) I'm having difficulty with an intermittent hard crash in Ubuntu-9.04 AMD64 when attempting large file operations like backing up to a portable drive (every few minutes), or very intermittently (once or twice weekly) with regular use. Upon hard crash, the machine no longer accepts any incoming ssh connections or responds to existing ssh connections, and (as far as I know) the logs found in /var/log don't contain anyth00:25
Hagbard__jwaynze yes00:25
nevynjoaopinto: oops bad complete00:26
jwyanzejoaopinto: how am i doing that00:26
Hagbard__i'm actually trying to get slime working, but i think i need to edit my .emacs file00:26
nevynjwyanze: you try script or typescript00:26
gandalfcomeLancearate: have you looked at dmesg?00:26
Lancearategandalfcome: what specifically would I be looking for in /var/log/dmesg?00:27
Guest74437\ok will any one who know what to do about how to setup this stuff for me so i can look to see if i am being crack in or not00:27
bazhangGuest74437, did you read those links?00:27
jwyanzewhat do u mean nevyn00:28
gonzome he caido00:28
gandalfcomeLancearate: If there's anything that coincides with the crash. I just have harddrive troubles as well and found things in dmesg.00:28
Guest74437but i dont know if i have port's00:28
bazhangGuest74437, of course you do00:28
gonzoalguien me sabria ayudar cn mi problema00:28
Guest74437but i am not sure what ports00:29
bazhanggonzo, english here #ubuntu-es por espanol00:29
nevynjwyanze: the package typescript captures all input/ouput from a terminal session00:29
jwyanzethis is the command i issued (ine /media/disk/Star* | tee ~/Desktop/logfile.txt)00:29
jwyanzeis it installed by default or do i have to install it00:30
nevynjwyanze: but that's not capturing output on failure so there are a few options00:30
GaijinDIt's being shared by a Win XP system; I click on "new printer," select "Windows Printer via SAMBA" and click browse. I'm able to see the network and the PC it's being shared from, but trying to expand the tree further causes all of the Printer configuration windows to close.00:30
nevynjwyanze: you'll need to install it.. but I may have a wrong idea on what you want to achieve00:30
Shino__how do i log in as root?00:30
godmodegrafixare you admin?00:30
personCheese is recording terribly slowly on my Acer One with an SSD; do I need to relocate its config directory to tmpfs?00:31
Shino__im trying to run a command00:31
Shino__i am00:31
sebsebseb!sudo |  Shino__00:31
ubottuShino__: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)00:31
WindowsUserubuntu has a sudo hardon00:31
godmodegrafixthen just type sudo before command00:31
Lancearategandalfcome: what for example did you find?00:31
Lancearategandalfcome: I'm not very technically minded, but I don't see anything that screams out to me as a problem00:31
bazhangWindowsUser, no need for that here00:31
gandalfcomeLancearate: I found: invalid opcode: 0000 [#1] SMP00:31
overcluckershino, do you actually need to log in as 'root'?00:32
jwyanzenevyn: well i launch a program and it had a crash with no error prompt so i want to launch it through the terminal and output the log from start up to thepoint where it crashed to a file00:32
WindowsUserbazhang: :)00:32
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overcluckersudo su -, will treat it as a login shell00:32
Lancearategandalfcome: I don't see anything like that, no00:32
bazhangoverclucker, sudo -i00:32
dementorok i instal cacti but o have no graph00:32
overcluckersudo i too?00:33
overcluckeri mean -i00:33
bazhangoverclucker, please dont recommend the other here00:33
nevynjwyanze: ok program 2>>&1 |tee file00:33
gandalfcomeLancearate: Your system completely crashes doesnt it. Mine, its only the hard drive that becomes unresponsive.00:33
overcluckerah, mkay00:33
godmodegrafixhey overclucker, im reading the LFS book, and im downloading everything i need..however im having difficulty finding glibc in the package manager00:33
jwyanzenevyn: this is what i had program | tee ~/Desktop/logfile.txt00:34
overcluckerread books into00:34
FloridaGuy? does ubuntu have any command other the nvidia-xconfig00:34
nevynjwyanze: that'll only output stdout not stderr00:34
Lancearategandalfcome: I think so, yes. I've never seen ubuntu-linux not print out some sort of error message upon crash so I'm not sure what it's happening00:34
overcluckergodmodegrafix, read the book's intro00:34
jwyanzewhat is std00:34
bazhangFloridaGuy, install nvidia-settings00:34
jwyanzei under stand what u men00:34
godmodegrafixi read it, but Glibc-2.2.5 doesnt appear in the package manager00:35
godmodegrafixi found everything except that00:35
godmodegrafixall i found was the documentation for it00:35
nevynjwyanze: STDOUT is the output from normal running of a program STDERR is the error log00:35
FloridaGuybazhang, i said other then nvida-xconfig.....that is part of nvidia-settings00:35
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overcluckergodmodegrafix, also, i  believe they provide support at irc.linuxfromscratch.org00:35
bazhangFloridaGuy, not that I am aware of00:36
sliptteessis191 issue :-(00:36
bazhangslipttees, bios bug?00:36
sliptteesvery slow connection00:36
sliptteessis191 ethernet00:36
sliptteesbazhang: yeah, bug on f%%k bios00:37
bazhangslipttees, no driver? not recognized? what is the issue; please clarify00:37
sliptteessearch update !00:37
bazhangslipttees, no need for that language00:37
sliptteesbazhang: i am check, show me use sis190 driver00:37
jwyanzewhat i really mean is what the acronym stderr means(i understand what it does)00:37
MEGApancakesfor some reason lalberath mind mapping is not working00:37
omarthamerhi need help in Xview application00:37
mattparryHi, whats the development IRC for kubuntu called? does anyone know?00:38
gandalfcomeLancearate: I always found these problems hard to debug. I can only give you some pointers that MIGHT help: Do a memorytest, think about your powersupply and see if the system has enough power, try to find a way to replicate the error everytime ....00:38
omarthamerany one can help00:38
sliptteesbazhang: very slow connection in the sis191 ethernet00:38
ShadowAp3xLancearate: I would also try doing the transfer over a livecd to see if it is software-related or hardware-related00:38
sliptteesi can ping every website,  can surf on ff or use apt-get00:38
slipttees cant surf**00:39
bazhangslipttees, dns issue?00:39
LancearateShadowAp3x: Actually, I just tried that - Same hard crash. Like I said, the result is repeatable when performing large file operations (e.g.: backups)00:39
sliptteesnope, i'm have a route, now i'm surf on web00:40
MEGApancakeslaberath mind mapping is not opening when i click on it00:40
MEGApancakescan anyone please help00:40
Lancearategandalfcome: the computer's up-time with Windows Vista was rather exemplary (many months), so I've reason to believe this is not a hardware problem00:40
omarthamerhi i need some help in xview application00:40
bazhangslipttees, this is via a proxy? what route do you speak of00:40
ShadowAp3xLancearate: Definitely sounds hardware related. I would try what gandalfcome recommended and run memtest or hardware tests00:40
sliptteeshuawei mt80000:40
janisoza1rwith recent (yesterday or so) adobe flash update, how do you find fullscreen video on youtube (on x64)? has it improved?00:40
bazhangslipttees, a router?00:41
sliptteesyes via a proxy !00:41
LancearateShadowAp3x: I'll run memtest on the host machine. How long does one normally run memtest to check for instability?00:41
bazhangslipttees, a usb router/modem via a proxy?00:41
jwyanzenevyn: i got a "bad syntax error unexpected token `&'00:41
ShadowAp3xLancearate: Depends on how much memory you have but usually around 30 mins or so00:41
LancearateShadowAp3x: 4 gigabytes?00:41
jwyanzenevyn: u mean &&00:42
sliptteesbazhang: sorry, modem huawei mt800+gateway server00:42
* nevyn tests00:42
slipttees+proxy transparent00:42
ShadowAp3xLancearate: Most likely > 30mins00:42
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LancearateShadowAp3x: I'll be back in an hour, then. Thanks for your help00:42
sliptteesbazhang: i can ping everything, but i cant surf on FF00:42
gandalfcomeI get an unresponsive hdd under 8.04 when rsyncing data from one to another drive. The dmesg output I get starts with invalid opcode: 0000 [#1] SMP. I have googled the problem and saw that this is an reported error. Can someone confirm this?00:43
botnetuserlaberath mind mapping is not working when i click on it00:43
omarthamerguys any help in xview bugs00:43
nevynI hate shell redirection00:43
bazhangslipttees, so your computer shows you as being connecting but you cannot access any of the internet, with the exception of irc00:43
sliptteesbazhang: proxy allow all access from my laptop's00:43
sliptteesbazhang: 2 laptop ! 1 work fine the other no work !00:44
antonio__hi there00:44
bazhangslipttees, has the non-working one every worked?00:45
nevynjwyanze: I had an extra >00:45
GaijinDNever mind. I seem to have fixed things in a roundabout manner.00:45
nevynjwyanze: so it's program 2>&1 |tee file00:45
jwyanzeyea that works00:45
sliptteesbazhang: yes bro00:45
jwyanzebut to me seen cmd with 2 >> already (whats different now)00:46
antonio__have a problem with my video card, an ati radeon 9200 SE, yesterday I replaced my old voodoo3 with this card and ubuntu 8.10 recognised it, then I tried to change the driver and after that was not able to recover the working configuration00:46
sliptteesbazhang: bcm4213 work on eth0 :-\ sis191 work with sis190 driver on eth100:46
antonio__now I'm without x server, someone can help? is there a way to copy the configuration created wih live ?00:47
nevynjwyanze: I can't parse your last sentance.00:47
sliptteesbazhang: thx for support, i want sleep little bit00:48
MidasManchuhi guys, i'm looking for a backup solution similar to rsync that backs up files, yet leaves them on the server in a compressed format.  Anyone know of anything?00:48
sliptteesthx, i'll search about in jedi google00:48
sliptteeslater all00:48
FloridaGuyhow do i get out of xserver and go to cli00:49
jwyanzenevyn: i have seen commands with >> before i was wondering why it wont work here or if all the other times i have seen it it was wrong00:49
janisoza1rFloridaGuy: alt-ctrl-f1 ... -f600:49
janisoza1rFloridaGuy: to get back to x, switch to tty700:49
nevynjwyanze: ok >> appends to a file00:49
janisoza1rFloridaGuy: that is -f700:49
MidasManchunote that alt-ctrl fkeys don't exit out of X00:50
nevynjwyanze: because in this case we're re-directing streams > is the correct operator00:50
th0rMidasManchu: why not just use tar.gz?00:50
nevynjwyanze: it's being used in a different context00:50
antonio__someone know about x server configuraztion recovery?00:50
FloridaGuyjanisoza1r, that wont lever the xserver runing at all00:50
janisoza1rFloridaGuy: note what MidasManchu said00:50
ShadowAp3xFloridaGuy: do: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop00:50
ShadowAp3xafter going to tty1 (by pressing ctrl-alt-f1)00:51
jwyanzenevyn: oh ok00:51
QuantixHey guys anybody here know of a good external hard drive that is ubuntu compatible?00:51
MidasManchuth0r, the main reason is that I add and delete files regularly and care about a current snapshot more than whether my files are erased00:51
FloridaGuyXorg -configure .....Fatal server error: Server is already active for display 000:51
ShadowAp3xQuantix: any external hdd should work with Ubuntu00:51
FloridaGuythats why i want out of xserver00:52
th0rMidasManchu: yeah, but you can write a script easy enough that would tar and gzip the files you are interested in, and mark the tar.gz with the time and date in the filename00:52
ShadowAp3xFloridaGuy: did you kill GDM?00:52
QuantixShadoowAp3x: Really? Because ive already had compatibility issues with an mp3 player, and a router. So i want to make sure it doesn't happen again.00:52
bastidrazorantonio__, sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg  will re-detect but not recover. this command could get you back in the GUI though.00:52
nevynQuantix: filesystems get kinda interesting tho.00:52
janisoza1rFloridaGuy: kill the gdm00:52
cjaeI have a lvm question, I have three hard disks one with / and swap on non-lvm partitions, and the remainder of that drive plus the other two need to be ext4 with a mount point of /home, I have the physical partitions created with lvmbuntu as the volume group, but I am not sure how to make them ext4 with a mount point of /home00:52
ShadowAp3xFloridaGuy: sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop00:52
janisoza1rwith recent (yesterday or so) adobe flash update, how do you find fullscreen video on youtube (on x64)? has it improved?00:52
QuantixWhat about an external hardrive that is just a harddrive with an enclosure?00:52
antonio__ok, will try00:53
MidasManchuth0r, I suppose it's worth a shot.  Thanks00:53
nevynQuantix: that'll work00:53
ShadowAp3xQuantix: Ubuntu should be able to read any fs that Windows can00:53
FloridaGuyShadowAp3x, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop...to restart it...would it be gdm start00:53
ShadowAp3xQuantix: only ones you have to worry about are proprietary ones that need software to access (such as mp3 players)00:53
nevynShadowAp3x: and with ntfs-3g it can even write them all00:53
th0rMidasManchu: you want it compressed, right? you can run the script in cron and have it backup every five minutes if you like00:53
=== solexious_ is now known as solexious
janisoza1rFloridaGuy: exactly. if you type the argument wrong, it should list possible options00:54
QuantixShadowAp3x: Oh okay got it. So an external hard drive that is plug and play in windows should be fine in Ubuntu?00:54
MidasManchuth0r, yeah, I think that's what I'll do.00:54
ShadowAp3xFloridaGuy: to start it, yeah, you would add start instead of stop00:54
Dr_WillisQuantix:  i use external ntfs disks all the time.00:54
LinuX2halfWhy my screen remain dark after suspension?00:54
ubuntuQuantix, yes00:54
ShadowAp3xQuantix: yeah00:54
th0rMidasManchu: consider using bzip instead of gzip...much tighter compression, tar.bz files00:54
QuantixThanks! Just making sure i don't buy something that isn't compatible...00:54
th0rMidasManchu: or is that tar.bz2?00:55
MidasManchuth0r, I might just use 7zip and get the max compression00:55
rubyisti need to get some old python2.4 packages, is there any repository i can use? (arch amd64)00:55
QuantixOh and another thing....since my router is incompatible im going to buy a new one, any suggestions?00:55
nevynQuantix: out of curiousity what did you buy that didn't work?00:55
solexiousIf I make a new pc with 3 nvidia cards with dual dvi outputs, can ubuntu handle all 6 screens? not with dual view?00:55
ithicineQuantix: you might also want to avoid external HDDs that claim encryption as a feature... a lot of cheap USB HDDs require special windows-only software to access them.  It should be possible to make them work, but it's unnecessary trouble.  Also, you may find the backup buttons don't work00:55
janisoza1rrubyist: have you tried PPAs?00:55
LinuX2halfI can't bright up the screen and the screen is pitch black.00:55
MidasManchuth0r, I might actually even skip rsync and just scp the files over00:55
rubyistjanisoza1r: PPA's?00:56
janisoza1r!ppa | rubyist00:56
ubotturubyist: With Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.00:56
Dr_Willissolexious:   should be able to.  there may be some issues.. but Twinview is very well done.00:56
LinuX2halfSomeone said that my there's something wrong with my BIOs that Linux had trouble with00:56
ChrisRHelp , I am looking to recruit a advanced Ubuntu User to Setup a Secure Server to host Voice n Streaming Server. Please only experienced n serious inquiries00:56
QuantixA Netgear wpn824 V3 router. Stupid peice of shit only works with windows computers. Can't make it work with wii, zune, iphone, or linux laptops. Searched through forums, tried many different settings. Theres no hope.00:56
cjaeso it is sda1 = /, sda2 = swap sda3,4,5 are extended logical sda6 =/home (and one part of lvm)(lvmbuntu is volume group), sdc5 =lvm(lvmbuntu) and sdb =lvm (lvmbuntu) but now I need filesystems on the lvmbuntu group that is ext400:56
janisoza1rrubyist: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas00:56
th0rMidasManchu: oh...I thought the files resided on the same server with the backup. But still, you could script the whole operation00:56
QuantixAlso a samsung p2...but i got that working.00:56
colloguyhow do I temporarily change my primary group? Like sudo but for groups. I don't wanna lose my environment using newgrp : /00:56
nevynQuantix: umm it has ethernet right?00:56
ithicineQuantix: any regular old USB HDD will work, as they present themselves to the operating system as mass storage devices.00:56
solexiousDr_Willis, does twinview allow each screen to have its own compiz cube?00:57
michaelI have an unknown file type and I need help opening it please00:57
cjaesolexious, yes00:57
rubyistjanisoza1r: damn.. not there :(00:57
dewctry the command "file"00:57
dewcmichael: file nameoffilehere00:58
Dr_Willissolexious:  never noticed.. i find the cube totally useless.00:58
dewcsee if that yields and results00:58
Dr_Willissolexious:  proberly one of the most useless things ive seen in compiz :)00:58
ithicinemichael: what is the filename00:58
ChrisRCan Some please tell where i can find a experienced Ubuntu User that I can recruit to setup a server. Or at least documentation on how to00:58
MidasManchuth0r, they are, however rsync would try to re sync the files again correct?  if they're compressed, rsync will see them as not there and try again?00:58
michaelgave x86 boot sector guys00:58
rubyistjanisoza1r: any other ideas00:58
solexiousDr_Willis, heh, well if not the cube specificity then desktops?00:58
cjaeso would it be mkfs ext4 /dev/lvmbuntu /home?00:58
janisoza1rrubyist: compile from source00:59
QuantixGot to go sorry guys.00:59
godmodegrafixlater everyone!00:59
rubyistjanisoza1r: alright00:59
ultrazHello, does anyone know how to colorize [ OK ] during boot, like in other distros ?00:59
th0rMidasManchu: yeah....I don't think you want rsync unless you are happy with just one backup...then rsync would see a newer version of the file and sync it00:59
janisoza1rrubyist: use checkinstall00:59
Dr_Willissolexious:  you need to clarify exactly what you are trying to do..  I use 2 monitors (1 video card) all the time. I have Twinview set up so i have one 'wide' desktop spanning both.00:59
Guest74437who is good at this in home security for ubuntu linux 9.04.so i can get a person to help me out .00:59
LinuX2halfwhy my screen turned dark after suspension?00:59
Guyverthat's a secret00:59
michaelyou didn't accidently press the windows key and m did you?01:00
janisoza1rmichael: what happens then?01:00
solexiousDr_Willis, if you maxamise a window, does it stay on one screen, or span both?01:00
Guest74437i want to be safe from anybody trying to hack/crack my os01:00
Dr_Willissolexious:  it fullscreens to the monitor it is on in most cases.. some very badly written apps can get confused and try both.01:01
janisoza1rGuest74437: disconnect from the internet01:01
ShadowAp3x@janisoza1r: lmao01:01
michaelit gave me:  file DC3DFC09.00101:01
bazhangGuest74437, yes, and I gave you links to deal with that; please stop repeating01:01
bastidrazorGuest37787, create a strong password for your user account and do not enable root.. you are safe.01:01
michaelDC3DFC09.001: x86 boot sector; partition 1: ID=0x6, active, starthead 1, startsector 63, 433692 sectors; partition 2: ID=0xf, starthead 0, startsector 433755, 19567170 sectors01:01
Dr_Willissolexious:  i have the video player fullscreened on monitor #2 most of the time.. and normal desktp on  #101:01
ChrisRhas ubuntu fixed their flash problems since 8.10?01:01
janisoza1rGuest74437: then consider yourself unsafe01:01
Guest74437i want to look to see if i am being crak01:01
nevynbastidrazor: maybe01:01
bazhangGuest74437, please stop repeating01:01
solexiousDr_Willis, ok, that sounds what i need, thanks01:01
Dr_WillisGuest74437:  what even makes you think you are under 'attack'01:01
cjaeno lvm heads in here?01:01
Guest74437it is safe than sorry01:02
Dr_Willissolexious:  start with 2. work your way up.01:02
coleysikonia: Whats up :)01:02
Dr_WillisGuest74437:  so you are just being paranoid -  You have no real indication that anything is wrong?01:02
ChrisRrun a firewall and it will show you all your connections, and password your root account and you should be fine Guest01:02
Guest74437no i am not01:02
nevynGuest74437: being paranoid is a vaulable survival instinct.. however you need to understand the risks and their probabilities.01:02
ShadowAp3xGuest74437: Firestarter is a good firewall01:02
solexiousDr_Willis, yep, starting with 2, its a triple sli motherboard so im just thinking of the future ;)01:03
* Dr_Willis finds often things 'new users' try to do to make things more secure.. actually have the opposite effect.01:03
nevyndon't password your root account if you wnat to be secure01:03
ChrisRThat's what I used on the last distro is Firestarter worked great01:03
Dr_Willissolexious:  you must have a large desk.. and i HOPE you got a big powersupply01:03
nevyncreate an additional account without sudo access... and use this for day to day activities01:03
Guest74437well i have read what yall have sent to me but i need to have a person to help me out01:03
cjaefirestarters gui sucks01:03
Dr_Willissolexious:  i can imagine the fan noise from 3 video cards.01:03
Guest74437i dont want a outher kiven mittnick trying to hack my os01:04
Dr_WillisGuest74437:  help you out what what specifically?  'how to lock down a ubuntu box?'  or somthing more specific?01:04
Dr_WillisGuest74437:  dont run any services you dont need (thats  the normal default)  and you are fairly safe.01:04
Dr_WillisGuest74437:  keep up to date on updates also.01:04
LinuX2halfGuest74437:  Hm, try to install LIDS01:04
Dr_Willis!info LIDS01:04
ubottuPackage LIDS does not exist in jaunty01:04
solexiousDr_Willis, ive got my server rack in the study so more noise wont bother me much :) and im getting a 850w "quad sli" powersupply, and its going to be pxe boot, so no hd power/noise01:05
bazhangGuest74437, reading the documentation first; then ask detailed questions.01:05
Guest74437well i have read but i dont know what i am doing01:06
=== coleys__ is now known as rawr
Dr_WillisGuest74437:  then i would say leave the defaults alone. You are proberlya s safe as you are going to get.01:06
janisoza1rGuest74437: how can you be sure that you're safe then?01:06
Guest74437i need it to look for ports and more that that01:06
elplatti need some help configuring my monitor01:06
ChrisRok let me try this in lamens terms, i am looking to pay someone to setup a ubuntu server for voice n video streaming, anyone interested get back to me01:06
* solexious watches paint dry, aka, cat /proc/mdstat01:06
wafflewhat is the best IDE for the begeaning programer01:06
gluonmanWhen running firefox in gdb, I get the output posted at http://paste.ubuntu.com/240344/. Firefox crashes and spits out a Segmentation Fault message.01:06
LinuX2halfGuest74437: Install Selinux01:06
Guest74437what is it01:06
Kveldulfi could use help, am having problems with installing nvidia drivers01:07
Dr_WillisGuest74437:  if theres no services running.. then you got no ports that are 'open'  try some of the port scannign web sites to check.01:07
janisoza1rKveldulf: what exactly?01:07
ChrisRcheck shields up for a great port scanner01:07
LinuX2halfGuest74437: Security Enhanced Linux01:07
nevynChrisR: does it need to be onsite if so a rough location would be helpful01:07
ChrisRNo remote access only01:07
Dr_WillisSELinux - for the truely paranoid. :)  its amazing in ways.. and truely annoying in many others. heh.01:07
LinuX2halfGuest74437:  its for advanced users01:08
Guest74437what i need is something that will let me know if i am being hack into01:08
elplatti've got a widescreen samsung monitor (1440x900) but that resolution isn't available in the display prefs01:08
ShadowAp3xChrisR: What kind of voice and video streaming specifically?01:08
Guest74437and from  where it is comeing from01:08
ChrisRFirestarter Firewall Guest74437 n Peerguardian201:08
nevynDr_Willis: I'm using selinux for a job currently.01:08
DiViN3hello i need help01:08
Dr_WillisGuest74437:  Normaly thats not possible. If theres no servies installed.. theres no way to get in. Unless you do somthing to  let them in.01:08
Dr_WillisGuest74437:  you are thinking  linux is like 'windows' - Its not. :)01:09
ChrisRShadowAp3x, Need to setup Ventrillo , Teamspeak, Skype FME & Skype & Thunderbird and basic secuirty protocols01:09
nevynChrisR: is the design right.01:09
DaZonly ubuntu tries to be like windows <:01:09
richardcavellDr_Willis: Is there any way to get in other than tcp/udp?01:09
ChrisRthis will be a fresh install of recommendation, I have 8.10 n then newest on cde01:09
ShadowAp3xChrisR: All server components?01:09
LinuX2halfGuest74437:  how about kfsmd?01:09
Guest74437but even hacker can hack into a linux os.I have read it01:09
Dr_Willisrichardcavell:  someone sneaking in to the house? :)01:09
richardcavellDr_Willis: yeah01:09
ChrisRFTP isn't neccesary01:09
elplattanyone know why the correct resolution wouldn't be listed in prefs?01:10
ChrisRJust needs to have the apps i mentioned and security inplace01:10
Dr_WillisGuest74437:    the hacker hacks in using some exploit  of a service normally, or kernel exploit.. if theres no services.. theres no door to get in.01:10
nevynGuest74437: if someone with enough resources want's in you're screwed01:10
nevynGuest74437: this is true of all security01:10
Dr_WillisGuest74437:  you as a 'uneducated user' are proberly more dangerous to the working of your system then any hackers finding your ip at random.01:10
Guest74437so yes anything can be hack01:11
Kai`!setinfo <Dr_Willis> Guest74437:  you as a 'uneducated user' are proberly more dangerous to the working of your system then any hackers finding your ip at random.01:11
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:11
ShadowAp3xChrisR: What kind of security are you looking for in particular?01:11
nevynGuest74437: If you are a definite target.. in that you have resources worth protecting.. measures should be taken...01:11
DaZGuest74437: : on the  pwn 2 own no one  hacked laptop with ubuntu01:11
elplattanyone here that can help me with my monitor configuration?01:11
DaZmaybe the prize wasn't wort it, but it doesn't change the fact ;f01:11
ShadowAp3xChrisR: Is the server these applications are hosted on at a private location behind a firewall?01:12
nevynhowever... the cost of taking those measures needs to be weighed against the potential loss and probability of being attacked01:12
Dr_WillisGuest74437:  then with that logic - nothing you do will matter..01:12
richardcavellDaZ: were there any services running on that laptop?01:12
ChrisRBasic security and protect root account with dependable firewall, and yes it's behind a cisco router01:12
DiViN3anyone here can help me01:12
tiPPyhey guys :P01:12
sebsebsebDiViN3: with what?01:12
sebsebseb!details |  DiViN301:12
ubottuDiViN3: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:12
DaZrichardcavell: default i think01:12
Guest74437that is why i am asking if yall know what program will test out any and all thing that can be hack into01:12
DiViN3sebsebseb : i am having a error msg in my server01:12
richardcavellDaZ: so no services running01:12
ShadowAp3xChrisR: Are you unable to set up these applications yourself?01:13
ChrisRIt's been so long since i've compiled packages bit rusty01:13
* richardcavell has completed Half-Life and is now installing Half-Life: Blue Shift01:13
DaZwhat services do you have in mind? <:01:13
nevynGuest74437: if a "hacker" as you keep refering to them.. actually wants in to your system.. it's all over.. the general strategy.. is to reduce your attack profile (don't provide services to the outside world.)01:13
Dr_WillisGuest74437:  use a port scanner web site.. see if anything turns up.01:13
sebsebsebGuest74437: the proper term is cracker the media have it wrong,   the bad guys are also known as blackhats,   the security reashers are known as  whitehats01:14
Dr_Willisare there any services installed by default on a ubuntu system? Ive never really checked.01:14
richardcavellDr_Willis: I have ping enabled and nothing else.  Is it such a bad thing to have ping running?01:14
ChrisRIs 9.04 more user friendly to do these things myself?01:14
DiViN3sebsebseb : i have sent u a pm of the error01:14
Dr_Willisrichardcavell:  i doubt if its an issue.01:14
ShadowAp3xChrisR: as long as you've got all the dependancies, it should be fairly straight forward01:14
sebsebsebGuest74437: a hacker could be for example an open source program, hack the code for a program, as in edit it01:14
richardcavellPing the world... make it a better place...01:14
DaZanyway, you're watching too much tv01:14
ShadowAp3xChrisR: yeah01:14
nevynGuest74437: and to make your system hard enough to get into that there are many easier targets and the cracker keeps looking01:14
ShadowAp3xChrisR: Just sudo apt-get install build-essential01:14
sebsebsebDiViN3: I am not the person to help you with that01:14
richardcavellDr_Willis: default install of Ubuntu has 0 services running on TCP/UDP01:14
ShadowAp3xChrisR: That should give you everything you need to compile applications01:14
th0rDr_Willis: no, by default there isn't anything running on the ports, except of course icmp01:14
Guest74437will i want to become a whitehat hacker01:14
richardcavellfor you and for me and the entire human race01:14
Dr_Willisrichardcavell:  i had ssh setup once  to the outside world so my brother could ssh in.. the 'logwatch' program showed about 100,000 password attempts over 3 days.01:14
elplatthello, anyone?01:15
ChrisRI will install n check it out n get back to you01:15
nevynGuest74437: find 5k and do the ethical hacking course01:15
ChrisRThank you01:15
DaZDr_Willis: how about trying different port?01:15
Dr_Willisrichardcavell:  yea. thats what i was thinking 0. but i always set up samba and cups and ssh01:15
th0rDr_Willis: I moved ssh off port 22 and those hack attempts dropped to zero01:15
chanibalhi, any idea how to install a cli (aka desktopless, just the command line) ubuntu via WUBI?01:15
Guest74437can that be free01:15
DiViN3sebsebseb : ok atleast can you help me with a thing , which is my server doesnt seem to reboot withthe command reboot & shutdown -r now01:15
nevynGuest74437: but beware it's actually pretty boring01:15
richardcavellDr_Willis: I set up ssh for about 24 hours so a guy here and I could experiment with it.  I had 3 failed login attempts from random IPs01:15
Dr_WillisDaZ:  that dident really lower it much. Once they saw a port.. they tried..01:15
WillieDaPimpcould some one tell me how to get my sound working...i updated last night and since my sound hasn't worked....i am getting a hissing noise though01:15
nevynGuest74437: professional course pro rates.01:15
DaZDr_Willis: port knocking, banning after few attempts01:16
Dr_Willischanging the port is sort of like hiding your key under the flowerpot.. instead of the door mat. :P01:16
gluonmanFirefox is receiving a SIGPIPE signal randomly during use. It causes it to freeze when running it with gdb, and it crashes when running it from terminal, leaving behind a Segmentation Fault message. I've posted the output from gdb here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/240344/01:16
ubuntuchanibal, alternative install cd i think or server edition01:16
DaZthere are hundreds of solutions.01:16
sebsebsebDiViN3: nope01:16
Dr_WillisDaZ:  yep. I just needed it on for a day or 2.. so now its off. :) i did find some neat info in the logwatch program01:16
th0rDaZ: did anyone ever implement port knocking? I found it an interesting idea, but couldn't find any implementations01:16
Dr_Willis!info logwatch01:16
ubottulogwatch (source: logwatch): log analyser with nice output written in Perl. In component main, is optional. Version 7.3.6.cvs20080702-2ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 318 kB, installed size 2312 kB01:16
DasEiWillieDaPimp: is your card shown in alsamixer ?01:16
DiViN3anyone here can help me with the problem - server cant seem to reboot at all01:16
sebsebsebGuest74437: open source proggrammer above01:17
chanibalubuntu: ok, i'll check01:17
DasEiDiViN3: you tried as root, nor ?01:17
WillieDaPimpDasEi: yes it shows and everything that needs to be unmuted is01:17
richardcavellDr_Willis: I use firestarter because it gives me a log of recent activity and active connections.  Is logwatch similar?01:17
DaZth0r: yes01:17
Guest74437well can you plese give me a site that i can read and do my self on witehat hacking for free i am some what self learning01:17
DasEiWillieDaPimp: check you syslog01:17
Dr_Willisrichardcavell:  lotwatch reads all your logs over the past few days and summariezes wht it finds in a nice output.01:17
Dr_Willisrichardcavell:  its fairly nifty. worth trying out  if you are into that sort of info.01:18
richardcavellDr_Willis: but it doesn't do it in real time?01:18
WillieDaPimpDasEi: im not sure how01:18
richardcavellI want a program that shows me from one moment to the next what TCP connections are active and who owns them01:18
richardcavellFireStarter does this, though it's not being actively maintained any more01:18
Dr_Willisrichardcavell:  no - its a log analizer01:18
DasEiWillieDaPimp:sudo apt-get install pastebinit01:18
DiViN3DasEi : can you help me out plz01:19
Dr_Willisrichardcavell:  it  more of a 'email you once a day the log summary to look for anything weird' sort of program01:19
DasEiWillieDaPimp:pastebinit /etc/var/syslog && gedit /var/log/syslog01:19
Guest74437ok some of yall or teling me that a linux os cannot be crack/hack01:19
Dr_Willisrichardcavell:  it even shows me how many times i used sudo, and  apt-get :)01:19
DasEiDiViN3: sudo shutdown -r now01:19
richardcavellWell what software can I get that will do the job of Firestarter in telling me which connections are active and which ports they are on and so on01:19
DasEiDiViN3:or sudo reboot01:20
DiViN3DasEi : i tried but its not working01:20
unoprichardcavell, ntop might help you there01:20
takamarouHi.  I'm looking to do a dual boot of Ubuntu(Jaunty) and gOS.  Is there anyways to switch between the two OS's without completely restarting my computer?  I just want something quicker.01:20
MidasManchuDiViN3, sudo shutdown -r01:20
DasEiDiViN3:what message do you get ?01:20
Dr_Willistakamarou:  if just testing out one.. why not just test it in virtualbox.01:21
DiViN3DasEi : i have pm you the details01:21
mazda01need some help please. I am trying to clone an existing desktop setup and move it to new hardware. I did a tar backup excluding proc, mnt, media, var/lib/mythtv, and sys. I untarred it onto the new drive and recreated all the folders I exluded but for some reason my / is being mounted read only because of errors. I can't see what the errors are because the screen goes so fast. also, darn fsck runs everytime I reboot. i fixed menu.lst and 01:21
Dr_Willistakamarou:  you could install the 'gos-desktop' stuff on a normal ubuntu install and pick what one to use from the GDM logn screen i recall also.01:21
richardcavelltakamarou: what's gOS?01:21
Dr_WillisI dident find gOS worth messing wth :(01:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gOS01:21
unoprichardcavell, gOS is an implementation of an LDAP system01:21
Dr_WillisgOS is an Enlightenment 17 flavoured variant of Ubuntu,01:22
ShadowAp3xmazda01: try using dd to clone your disk drive01:22
ChrisRCurious , last Ubuntu version i used was 8.4 and it had flash problems, are those resolved in 9.4?01:22
DasEi!pm | DiViN301:22
ubottuDiViN3: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.01:22
gluonmanI need help figuring out a solution to my problem of Firefox randomly crashing from receiving SIGPIPE signals. My gdb output is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/240344/01:22
unoprichardcavell, actually, i take that back, it was gosa i was talking about01:22
takamarouDr_Willis, that will work for just trying it out, but there is no reason to even try it out if it is not worth an eventual dual boot01:22
DasEiWillieDaPimp:the url from the pastebin ?01:22
ShadowAp3xmazda01: just taring your folders and moving them will not work correctly01:22
Lenin_Cathow do you switch a image to RGB in gimp!?01:22
DiViN3DasEi : well its been more then 4 hours but the server doesnt seem to reboot or restart01:22
Dr_Willistakamarou:  to try things out.. I always try them in virtualbox.. much easier.01:23
richardcavellokay so gos is just an Ubuntu derivative distro of Linux?01:23
bazhangrichardcavell, ubuntu-based and not supported here01:23
Dr_Willistakamarou:  read its features.. see if it has anything you need i guess.01:23
elplattcan someone PLEASE help me with with a screen resolution issue?01:23
richardcavellbazhang: that's okay01:23
DaZLenin_Cat: isn't gimp rgb only? :f01:23
Dr_Willisrichardcavell:  basically.. not sure what else its done to differant itself over te last few months sinv ive last tried it.01:23
ChrisRDoes 9.04 support duel monitors?01:23
Dr_Willisrichardcavell:  i see the web site  http://www.thinkgos.com/index.html   using lots of new buzzwords like cloud computing and stuff. :)01:24
takamarouDr_Willis, I've read about it.  It sounds like it'll be worth using.  Anyways, you don't know of any way to quickly switch between to different OS's, unless in Virtual Box?01:24
richardcavelltakamarou: there's no other way01:24
nevynelplatt: screen support is quite tricky remotely but I'll see what I can do..01:25
Dr_Willistakamarou:  theres that xen/zen (??) stuff.. but virtualbox is the best way to test things out.01:25
richardcavelltakamarou: you need to use virtualization software or else use two different computers01:25
mazda01can anyone help me figure out why fsck is running upon every reboot?01:25
DiViN3DasEi : well its been more then 4 hours but the server doesnt seem to reboot or restart01:25
richardcavellmazda01: you want to mount the partition as read-write, don't you?01:25
elplattnevyn: i have a 1440x900 monitor, but that resolution doesn't show up in prefs (i'm running 8.04)01:25
DasEi!dualhead | ChrisR01:25
ubottuChrisR: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama01:25
richardcavellmazda01: if you mount it as read-only then fsck can't fix the filesystem01:25
bazhang!xrandr | ChrisR01:26
ubottuChrisR: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1201:26
FIKUSZhow to copy this folder :      /usr/lib/lazaru/languager    ?01:26
mazda01richardcavell: yes. but first I am trying to figure out why fsck is running everytime I restart01:26
ChrisRubottu ty01:26
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)01:26
nevynelplatt: what video card/driver are you using?01:26
richardcavellmazda01: well for one thing let it fix the partition01:26
DasEiDiViN3: maybe disabled fpr regular users ? login as root first : sudo -s01:26
mazda01richardcavell: i understand that. I have run a live cd and run fsck on the drive. everything is fine fsck says01:26
mdgHello!  What's the easiest, fastest way to backup a user's home directory?01:26
DasEiDiViN3: reboot01:26
DiViN3DasEi : i am logged in as root01:26
solexiousDr_Willis, Sorry to poke you again, are you able to ad top and bottom panels to your second screen?01:26
mazda01richardcavell: it's not fixing anything01:26
Dr_Willistakamarou:  i dont even see what about it makes it worth using. But i guess it depends on your needs.. ive  been on a testing spree lately. its hard to make anything 'stand out' to me.01:27
richardcavellmazda01: well it won't if it can't write to the partition01:27
Xodiac13i am using kubuntu and i need help with making sure i have 3d with my video card i went to the hardware devices and when i click on activate it wont do anything01:27
Dr_Willissolexious:  alt-click on the panen and drag it.. also in the nvidia-settings tool you can select which one is the primary monitor.01:27
DiViN3DasEi : i am only recieving the message thats its going for reboot but its not rebotting01:27
elplattIntel 82845G according to lspci01:27
DasEiDiViN3: what does ctrl-alt-delete ?01:28
DiViN3DasEi : i am also getting a error message of invocke-rc.d01:28
solexiousDr_Willis, Sorry, to clarify, can you have them on both at the same time?01:28
Xodiac13i had ubuntu 8.10 and now i am trying out kubuntu 8.10 should i upgrade to kubuntu 9.04 or stay with 8.10 and is ubuntu and kubuntu with the versions completley different01:28
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning01:28
Dr_Willissolexious:  make a new panel for the 2nd monitor.01:28
DiViN3DasEi : i am xsing the server via ssh so i dnt think so i can do a ctrl + alt + del01:28
Dr_Willissolexious:  the panels dont 'steatch' across 2 monitors with twinview enabled.01:28
mazda01richardcavell: like right now. I just rebooted to see if I got it working yet. I see at the top this message; ld_static: cannot open output file /lib/lodules/blah blah blah  Reaad only file system.  then below that, iTCO_wdt: failed to reset NO_REBOOT flag, reboot disabled by hardware  and now it's sitting there running fsck on 5 drives again for like the umptenth time01:28
Xodiac13help please01:29
solexiousDr_Willis, Thanks, just what i hoped for01:29
DasEiDiViN3: true01:29
Dr_Willissolexious:  i keep a right side panel on the 2n monitor for launchers. :)01:29
Dr_Willissolexious:  so i got 3 panels total01:29
richardcavellmazda01: and it does this before booting into your X-windows system?01:29
Dr_Willissolexious:  i have seen a FEW apps tht get confused by the panels on the first monitor so if they fullscreen they dont fully maxamize if on the 2nd monitor.. they think thers a panel at the top01:30
solexiousDr_Willis, Thats what I had planned, but till its all arrives in the post I cant test any thing like that :01:30
mazda01richardcavell: within fstab the / mount line has errors-remount-ro    or something like that. how can I force it to mount read/write?  Also, how do I get it to stop trying to run fsck? i ahve run fsck on all the drives with a live cd and they are fine01:30
tiPPycan you have Gui via ssh?01:30
DasEiDiViN3: so probably the sever side is locked up then, a deafult ssh would shutdown, if root is permitted01:30
Xodiac13so what should i do anyone?01:30
stealth-I set up a sound blaster live card, and ubuntu recognizes it, however it continues using my on-board sound instead. Anyone know how to change what it uses?01:30
elplattnevyn: any thoughts?01:30
richardcavellmazda01: mount it as rw01:30
mazda01richardcavell: yes, I need to fix xorg. I am just trying to get to a gui so I can run nvidia-settings01:30
DiViN3DasEi : so how do i get it to reboot and get my things fixed01:30
Goshey any easy peasy moders here?01:30
nevynelplatt: ok...01:30
bazhangGos, what is easy peasy01:31
janisoza1rtiPPy: you can forward X01:31
solexiousDr_Willis, I plan on having panels on the bottom 2 screens and totally empty for the top 201:31
=== overclucker is now known as vrcluckrapplpin
mazda01richardcavell: I am merely booting up the system. should I change the fstab line?01:31
DasEiDiViN3: who admistrates the server btw where is it located ?01:31
richardcavellmazda01: yeah01:31
stealth-tiPPy: yes, you can use X11 forwarding. However, for a full desktop environment (such as gnome) its probably better to use VNC with encryption01:31
Xodiac13is kubuntu better than ubuntu01:31
Dr_Willissolexious:  you got a large desk.. and lots of neck pain in your future i predict..01:31
richardcavellmazda01: let fsck write to the partition01:31
coleysXodiac13: simple answer, no.01:31
Dr_WillisXodiac13:  use what you like.. kde or gnome..01:31
Gosbazhang better known as eeeubuntu01:31
nevynelplatt: that particular hardware has been getting lots of TLC in recent X development is there a reason you don't want to run 9.04?01:31
richardcavellmazda01: and in this case / is everything01:31
DasEi!better | Xodiac1301:31
ubottuXodiac13: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:31
richardcavellit's the whole filesystem01:31
sebsebsebXodiac13: in my opinion,  KDE  3 and  Ubuntu  are about even,  but that KDE 4 thing I am not a fan,  except for  how apps have got better, but I can run in Gnome anyway so :)01:31
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about eashypeasy01:32
elplattactually i tried 9.04 first and it had the same problem01:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about easypeasy01:32
mazda01richardcavell: what do you mean, let fsck write to the partition?01:32
Gos!easy peasy01:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about easy peasy01:32
solexiousDr_Willis, Its a long one, and you may be right about the neck pain :s01:32
richardcavellnevyn: are you referring to the Intel GMA950?01:32
bazhangGos, is that an official Ubuntu release? or the one with Adam's kernel01:32
nevynrichardcavell: yeah01:32
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:32
richardcavellmazda01: I'm saying let it write to the partition01:32
richardcavellnevyn: I'm on a GMA 950 and I'm using Karmic.  It's way way way better than Jaunty01:32
sebsebsebXodiac13: I should have said  Gnome not Ubuntu above01:32
ubuntuhow do i run a 64 bit guest in a 32 bit host in virtualbox, i read that was possible01:32
Xodiac13Dr_Willis: i had ubuntu 8.10 and now using kubuntu 8.10 for some odd reason i cant activate the hardware drivers for my radeon x200 and ubuntu 8.10 had no problem doing that what should i do i like kubuntu i just need help on getting it to install my video drivers01:32
DasEi Xodiac13: the core is same , ubu/kubu, just different surfaces01:32
bazhangGos, please /msg ubottu01:32
Xodiac13sebsebseb: its all good01:32
sebsebsebubuntu: probably better to ask in #vbox01:33
Gosbazhang will do01:33
sebsebsebXodiac13: KDE 4 as a GUI no thanks01:33
elplattrichardcavell: which number is karmic?01:33
nevynrichardcavell: right.. but elplatt is trying to use an intel g45 with 8.0401:33
SuspectZerohey there. i have a program thts not responding. i closed it with ctrl+alt+escape. but ksysguard still shows it. i tried killing the pid but still nothing. any suggestions?01:33
Xodiac13sebsebseb? so you dont like guis01:33
richardcavellelplatt: 9.1001:33
nevynelplatt: 9.10pre...01:33
bazhangelplatt, 9.10 #ubuntu+1 for discussion01:33
Dr_WillisXodiac13:  ubuntu and kubuntu use the same drivers..  ATI has been goofing with their fglrx drivers lately.     (i rid my self of all my ati machines so cant help more then that)01:33
mazda01richardcavell: i don't know what you're saying. I am booting up ubuntu, the / is being mounted read only because of unknown errors, then fsck runs and shows everything is ok. what are you suggesting I do. I also can't get into a darn X session. despite me running sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg01:33
DasEiSuspectZero: which app ?01:33
richardcavellelplatt: Karmic is an order of magnitude better with my Intel GMA 945 than any previous Ubuntu01:34
SuspectZeroDasEi, k3b01:34
sebsebsebXodiac13: I don't like KDE 4 as a GUI!   Gnome  and  KDE 3 though :)   oh and I have tried window managers,  OpenBox, and  Fluxbox, and  what not,   but  I would go back to Gnome or KDE01:34
sebsebsebXodiac13: XFCE is alright01:34
ChrisROK Next Question, Does Ubuntu 9.04 Support 4gigs of DDR Ram n Quad Processors?01:34
Dr_WillisXodiac13:  you can install kubuntu-desktop on ubuntu, and ubuntu-desktop on kubuntu -  and just pick what desktp to use from the login screen.01:34
richardcavellmazda01: If fsck can't modify the disk then it will run every time01:34
nevynsebsebseb: don't respond to in channel polls01:34
elplattnevyn: i'm happy to try a different version01:34
DasEiSuspectZero: try sudo killall k3b , to kill child-processes, too01:34
DiViN3DasEi :well i bought this dedi from shellservers.org so i have no idea where the IDC is01:34
richardcavellmazda01: mount it as rw01:34
SuspectZeroDasEi, ksysguard is still showing it01:34
richardcavellmazda01: change the /etc/fstab line - replace that bit with rw01:34
ubuntusebsebseb, thanks01:34
TwoToneSpiritIs there a way to be alerted when a user SSH's in?01:34
Xodiac13Dr_Willis: all i did was install kubuntu 8.10 thinking it would install my video driver the one think im confused is that it wont install in kubuntu but it does in ubuntu01:34
nevynelplatt: get the current release jaunty 9,04 and things may be better..01:34
sebsebseb!kde3 >  Xodiac1301:34
ubottuXodiac13, please see my private message01:34
elplattnevyn: my frustration is that it seems like it either works automatically or it doesn't work at all01:35
sebsebsebXodiac13: and there's a repo you can get for it01:35
mazda01richardcavell: what do you suggest I do to get the darn / disk mounted as read write? do you have a fstab line that I could look at?01:35
DasEiSuspectZero: top also showing it ?01:35
elplattnevyn: already tried 9.04, same problem01:35
nevynelplatt: you can do some things like try running xrandr from a terminal.. and see what shows up01:35
sebsebsebubuntu: for what?01:35
DiViN3DasEi : well atleast can you list me a site where i can setup my DNS setting with my Rdns working with tutorial01:35
=== tonsofpc1 is now known as tonsofpcs
Xodiac13sebsebseb: so im screwed on getting my video card like i did with ubuntu 8.1001:35
jonesyany one there01:36
Xodiac13sebsebseb: i mean it worked fine in ubuntu 8.1001:36
Dr_WillisXodiac13:  the 2 use the exact same core/drivers under neeth. it shouldent matter.01:36
SuspectZeroDasEi, yep01:36
richardcavellmazda01: replace the errors=remount-ro bit on the / line with rw01:36
DasEiDiViN3: you want to do dynamic dns ?01:36
elplattnevyn: same resolutions as in the display prefs gui01:36
bazhangjonesy, yes01:36
mazda01richardcavell: ok, will try01:36
nevynelplatt: how old is the hardware?01:36
sebsebsebXodiac13: which  type of graphics card?01:36
DiViN3DasEi : m getting this error when i restart my bind9 : rndc: connection to remote host closed01:36
Xodiac13sebsebseb: it just wont work in kubuntu when i try to activate it it really doesnt do anything and it keeps saying that the driver is not activated so then i keep trying to activate it01:36
mazda01richardcavell: thanks. I didn't think it would be this hard to move an install to another computer but I guess it is.01:36
richardcavellHey, whoever was telling me to use ntop, how do I use it?  I type 'ntop' at the Terminal and just get a bunch oferrors01:36
Dr_WillisXodiac13:  you may want to upgrade to  the latest ubuntu.. but that may not support your card with the fglrx drivers at all. So its a catch-22 situation  i guess01:36
elplattnevyn: few years, not sure exactly01:36
richardcavellmazda01: Oh God don't try to do that01:37
Xodiac13sebsebseb: its a radeon x200 worked awesome in ubuntu 8.1001:37
sebsebsebXodiac13: sounds like something from ATI?01:37
DiViN3DasEi : now the thing is my hostname is not recolveing01:37
DiViN3DasEi : now the thing is my hostname is not resolving*01:37
nevynelplatt: have you checked for a bios update?01:37
Xodiac13sebsebseb: so im going to have to go back to ubuntu 8.10 then01:37
mazda01richardcavell: i wasn't about to reinstall all my apps, my mysql server, my  mythtv install and all my customizations!01:37
sebsebsebXodiac13: is it ATI?01:37
jonesy_still cant set my screen to 1280X1024 any one got any iders?01:37
Xodiac13sebsebseb: yeah01:37
richardcavellmazda01: probably easier than what you're trying to do!01:38
sebsebsebXodiac13: sure go back to 8.10,  it's  the better release really in many ways,  when comparing to 9.04,   9.10 should be quite a bit better though :)01:38
DasEiDiViN3: if you rent a dedi-server, they should have done that for you01:38
Xodiac13sebsebseb: i want to try out 9.04 but it doesnt support my video card01:38
SuspectZeroDasEi, screw it, i'll just restart . thanks for the help though. it seems everytime im here ur always helping me :D join #remote-exploit sometime and i'll help you :P01:38
mazda01richardcavell: ok, should it just be relatime,rw01:38
sebsebseb!ati |  Xodiac1301:38
ubottuXodiac13: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:38
elplattnevyn: nope, how would that help?01:38
sebsebsebXodiac13: not much to try out in 9.04, to be hoenst01:38
Dr_WillisXodiac13:  if you accidently upgraded to 9.04 that might of broke the ati d5rivers.01:38
richardcavellmazda01: okay.01:38
Xodiac13sebsebseb: o okay01:38
DiViN3DasEi :well the thing is its only done when i get the managed service, but since i didnt i have to do it on my own01:38
sebsebsebXodiac13: also if you virtual machine it with 8.10 as host,  that should get round your graphids card issue, because then it can use the host01:39
Xodiac13Dr_Willis: i didnt it keeps asking me lol01:39
nevynelplatt: there's a table in the videocard of supported resolutions01:39
mechtechsebsebseb: I never heard of Matrox video cards before...they any good?01:39
nevynwell it's in the main system bios ... etc... bleh01:39
sebsebsebmechtech: I don't know01:39
DiViN3DasEi :so any idea where or how i can get to fix that dns issue01:39
Linehow can i run a command through ssh that wont terminate when i close my ssh session?01:39
nevynmechtech: I loved my G40001:39
DasEiDiViN3:see, and it has no static ip ?01:39
elplattnevyn: i'll look into it, although when i got it, it had xp and the screen worked fine01:40
nevynmechtech: they're workstation cards.. they got out of the consumer space a few years ago01:40
edbianLine: add a "&" to run a command "in the background"01:40
Xodiac13Dr_Willis: i am going to have to install ubuntu 8.10 then thank you i appreciate the help01:40
Dr_WillisXodiac13:  you could install ubuntu, then install the kubuntu-desktop package if you wanted...  i gave away my ati based laptop. so  thats about all i know on the topic. :) good luck01:40
mechtechnevyn: Matrox G400?01:40
sebsebsebXodiac13: I read something about better support in 9.10 for these problem Intel  graphics cards,  so  maybe other types as well01:40
nevynmechtech: yeah01:40
nevynbut that was ages ago..01:40
DiViN3DasEi :i have 128 ips in it01:40
sebsebsebXodiac13: 9.10 isn't out yet though of course01:40
sebsebsebXodiac13: as a final01:40
DasEiLine: set up a script on remote machine, run it, log out01:40
Xodiac13Dr_Willis: okay thank you01:40
Dr_WillisI finally got my intel cards working good. :) just had to use a PPA repo to upgrade things01:40
Joelitohi all, question about emesene: I deleted contacts from my hotmail account and they still can send me IMs..how can I fix this?01:40
Lineedbian thank you i will try it01:40
Xodiac13sebsebseb: is 9.10 going to support all raedon video cards01:40
linuxguy2009Ok I want to use the great reliable ext3 file system on my flashdrive and external hard drive. I dont want to keep having to do "gksudo nautilus" every time i want to access files or chamnge permissions constantly. I read that some guy adds users names to the "users" group and then simply sets all ownership of the drive to "users group". Is there any groups by default that represent "every user has permission to use that drive? Example 01:40
sebsebsebXodiac13: not sure01:40
edbianLine:  NP!  You can test it out in a standard terminal01:41
Xodiac13sebsebseb: okay thank you have a good one01:41
DasEiDiViN3:so take one and register it at dymdns.org with a name you want01:41
Xodiac13sebsebseb: going back to ubuntu01:41
sebsebsebXodiac13: hang on01:41
DasEidyndns* , DiViN301:41
Xodiac13sebsebseb: okay01:41
mazda01richardcavell: what's that option when running dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg? is it like --phigh or something like that?  also, X did finally show up but I only have 256 RAM so I am guessing that's holding me back trying to use gnome. my top panel isn't filling in with Apps or Places or System and the stuff in the right side of the uppper panel isn't there either. any thoughts?01:41
sebsebsebXodiac13: did you understand what I was saying about virtual machine? and how much RAM do you have?01:41
Dr_Willislinuxguy2009:  set the  modes to 777 on the stuff..  then anyone can access them all..  but thats not a good fix.. your groups method may be a better way.01:41
jonesy_any one know how to set my desktop to 1280x1024 coz it want let me :(01:41
Xodiac13sebsebseb: i have 1 gig01:41
sebsebsebXodiac13: yeah that's enough for vm's.  so you say  KDE 4  is  the problem in 9.04?01:42
Xodiac13sebsebseb: with 2.66ghz processor duo core01:42
sebsebsebXodiac13: it won't do your graphids card?01:42
DiViN3DasEi : well i setup my own name server n pointed it already, it was working but after i did apt-get upgrade  , all went crazy01:42
nevynmazda01: -plow will give you all questions01:42
Xodiac13sebsebseb: i have kubuntu 8.10 installed it should support my video card but it doesnt01:42
sebsebseb!kde3 >  Xodiac1301:42
ubottuXodiac13, please see my private message01:42
Dr_Willislinuxguy2009:  ive learned to set the uid's on all my users on the various linux box's i use identically. so  my file ownership/s dont change when i move my flash drives from one to another.01:42
richardcavellmazda01: I don't think I can add anything.  If you're trying to migrate it to new hardware you're going to have a headache.01:42
linuxguy2009Dr_Willis: Ok cool. BTW what are the numbers I keep seeing mean for permissions? that 777 666 etc. Are they group or user numbers?01:42
sebsebsebXodiac13: so your going back to 8.04?01:43
Dr_Willislinuxguy2009:  those are file permisions.. neither one. :) chown for owner.. chmod for modes.01:43
mazda01nevyn: --plow?  really? I thought it was something with phigh.01:43
Xodiac13sebsebseb: i have to go back to ubuntu 8.10 because my video card actually worked with 3d and all01:43
linuxguy2009oh ok01:43
Dr_Willislinuxguy2009:  theres guides  and docs and examples of what all those mean.01:43
DiViN3DasEi : is there any command to restore the whole server back to an earlier time01:43
Dr_Willislinuxguy2009:  really somthing worth reading up on. I rarely use the groups feature.01:43
nevynmazda01: -phigh and -plow control which questions are presented to you01:44
sebsebsebXodiac13: ok or you could try other distros01:44
mazda01nevyn: ok, thanks01:44
nevyn-phigh only shows the high priority questions01:44
linuxguy2009Dr_Willis:  Right on brotha! Thank you that gives me somethimg new to google and learn. Later!01:44
DasEiDiViN3:that won't work, and they didn't tell you how to restart ?01:44
Dr_Willislinuxguy2009:  i saw a little google desktop gadget that lets you click on a thing and it shows the ### permisions :)01:44
nevynlinuxguy2009: additionally checkout umask and default umask01:44
Xodiac13sebsebseb: i have been trying to see if opensuse supports my video card but i tried looking in forums and i cant find it so if it works with my video card then i will try that out01:44
bobwhoopsI want to do a full disk backup from the live cd, including MBR. Would dd if=/dev/sda of=/mnt/whatever do that?01:45
sebsebsebXodiac13: no I woudn't recommend going to opensuse.  How experienced are you  with Linux?01:45
Xodiac13sebsebseb: im a complete linux NOOB01:45
Dr_WillisXodiac13:  the thing to remeber is that its ATI that has done changes to their FGLRX drivers.. its possible that card is one they removed from the newer FGLRX drivers.. if so . then most all new disrtos will use the ATI drivber for that card.01:45
Lineedbian i tried the & before the comma d and i got bash: unexpected character '&’01:45
DasEibobwhoops: yes, but the /mnt/whatever has to be big enough, own sized party will be best01:45
mordocaiHello, i am using transmission bittorrent client to download debian and archlinux, and my download speed is fine, but i have a constant 0.0 kb/s upload.  I've opened the port on my router, checked preferences and clicked enabled port forwarding, and preferences even says the port is open... but still no uploading. I don't like just downloading without "giving back"... anyone know of anything to check?01:46
DiViN3DasEi : as i said earlier , it was like working fine all the way until i apt-get upgrade , n the server was reboot at that point of time to take effect  but after that this problem started01:46
bobwhoopsDasEi: Can it be just a regular file on an external hard drive?01:46
Xodiac13sebsebseb: so what should i do because i see my only option is to go to ubuntu 8.1001:46
edbianLine: A "&" at the end of the command01:46
sebsebsebXodiac13: yeah  it's not if  Ubuntu will support all  ATI  cards,  it's  really  if ATI  will support all ATI cards on Linux distros,   which I belive is what  Dr_Willis  was also  basically saying01:47
edbianLine: "sudo compiz --replace&"01:47
mechtechmordocai: seems like you've got the bases covered...maybe there isn't anyone trying to download that right now however unlikely that may seem01:47
DasEiDiViN3:so you had one reboot least; sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a    is another manner to fork it all again01:47
Xodiac13sebsebseb: o okay cool cool well ubuntu 8.10 it is01:47
sebsebsebXodiac13: yeah 8.10 or  8.0.3  the long term support,  or  other distros,  such as  Mandriva,  since your new to Linux01:47
LancearateI'm having difficulty with an intermittent hard crash in Ubuntu-9.04 AMD64 when attempting large file operations like backing up to a portable drive (every few minutes), or very intermittently (once or twice weekly) with regular use. Upon hard crash, the machine no longer accepts any incoming ssh connections or responds to existing ssh connections, and (as far as I know) the logs found in /var/log don't contain anything out of 01:47
Xodiac13sebsebseb: i tried looking at that too mandriva i dont know if it supports my video card01:47
DasEibobwhoops: regular partiton, as this will behave like a big iso01:47
sebsebsebXodiac13: or  PC Linux OS, which I belive is coming out with the 2009 version in August :)01:48
mordocaimechtech: Possible i suppose, i looked around for a software firewall on ubuntu... didn't see anything i could open software wise. The arch download has 95 peers, the debian only 701:48
sebsebsebXodiac13: that's the idea of Live CD's for distros01:48
sebsebsebXodiac13: boot up and try your hardware, without installing anything, unless you want to01:48
Xodiac13sebsebseb: i remeber trying out mandriva and i had a x1200 and that somehow had 3d support01:48
mechtechmordocai: at command prompt run: ufw status01:48
wethow can i change or modify JVM options on ubuntu?01:48
bobwhoopsDasEi: it has to be a partition, it can't be a file?01:48
Xodiac13sebsebseb: so would it be better if i go to ubuntu 8.0401:48
DiViN3DasEi : i am recieving error  : invoke-rc.d: WARNING: invoke-rc.d called during shutdown sequence01:48
WindowsUserLancearate: what are you using to back up01:49
Xodiac13sebsebseb: does it support my video card01:49
mechtechmordocai: that will show you whether uncomplicated firewall is enabled or disabled01:49
mordocaimechtech: Inactive01:49
Xodiac13sebsebseb: i remeber looking at the ubuntu forums and 8.10 supported my video card01:49
sebsebsebXodiac13: if 8.10 does I expect  8.04.3  does, since  I think  it still has the older version of xorg01:49
mechtechmordocai: no other firewall?01:49
LancearateWindowsUser: samba, nautilus, copy+paste to directory on windows vista machine01:49
mordocaimechtech: Hmm... i do have some in my peer list who say they are incoming connections... so i guess they are getting here. And yeah, no other firewall that i know of.01:49
Xodiac13sebsebseb: is that a good thing or bad older version of xorg and i cant choose i need help on that should i use 8.10 or 8.0401:50
rwwsebsebseb, Xodiac13: versions of Ubuntu before 9.04 use the older version of xorg, and aren't getting upgraded to the newer one.01:50
DasEibobwhoops:it can be a file, if the size is big enough, but dd will overwrite anything in the xisting place, so the upper space on the external hd then is useless01:50
jtropsMy mother in-law updated her Ubuntu laptop, and now Gnome won't load.  It was set up to auto login and load the desktop, and now she is getting the login screen.  When she logs in it doesn't do anything.  Any ideas?01:50
rwwXodiac13: the older version of fglrx that (I presume) you want requires the older version of xorg in 8.10 or older.01:50
mordocaimechtech: Oh yeah, just looked through the list... looks like everyone is a seeder lol01:50
sebsebsebXodiac13: 8.10 is a nice release,  thing is it stops being supported  next April01:50
Xodiac13rww: o okay so ether or im good with 8.04 or 8.10 lol sorry im trying to make sure my video card will work01:50
=== ox is now known as helper
sebsebsebXodiac13: I think it's next April anyway for the desktop01:50
DasEiDiViN3:answered your pm01:50
mechtechmordocai: also, transmission is set to use a random port every time it starts, so to use port forwarding effectively, you either need to have the software use the UPnP ability, or set the port within the software yourself...I recommend anything above 1000001:51
Xodiac13sebsebseb: so go with 8.04 because it will be supported for a long time01:51
sebsebsebXodiac13: go for 8.10,  then if your up for it you  can do a clean install of 9.10 when it's out,   quicker than  upgrading through 9.04, plus then  if you do guided install (or choose  when setting partiitons up yourself) you get full Ext4 by default :)  totally worth people clean installing Ubuntu when 9.10 is out, for   the  default Extr4,  with much faster boot up time01:52
mordocaimechtech: Okay, thanks. I think it just may be no one is downloading. Though i'm going to double check the port forwarding.01:52
mechtechsebsebseb: i thought ext4 was still kinda experimental01:53
mechtechmordocai: I would01:53
sebsebsebmechtech: well yeah kind of  experimental in 9.04 I guess,   Fedora 11 uses by default, but it also has a later kernel,  and  Ubuntu 9.10 will have Ext4 by default with of course later kernel :)01:53
Xodiac13sebsebseb: okay and when i install 8.10 what type of partition should i use for fast boot-up and performance because im a gamer01:53
richardcavellGuys I want some software that shows a window on my computer listing all active TCP/UDP connections.  I want it to run in real time and to display in X11, not in a terminal.  Firestarter has something similar.  Is there any package similar to that?01:53
rwwXodiac13: ext3. 8.10's kernel doesn't support ext4.01:54
sebsebsebXodiac13: Ext4 is not an option in 8.10, so you do Ext301:54
Lineedbian that only showed a pid or something i stillRise get syntax errorr323 unexpected symbol &, i am using an ssh program via my iphone01:54
mechtechsebsebseb: :)01:54
Xodiac13sebsebseb: sorry i dont mean to keep asking but isnt ext2 faster than ext3 or is ext3 faster01:54
Lineedbianan sorry for the errorsr01:54
edbianLine: Show me the command you typed01:54
sebsebsebXodiac13: if you do 9.10  when released  and can't get your card working there,  well   then you can obviosuly  put  8.04  on01:55
edbianLine: You are ssh'd into an ubuntu box using bash script correcT?01:55
sebsebseb!ext3 |  Xodiac1301:55
ubottuXodiac13: ext3 is the default filesystem on Ubuntu, and the most popular on Linux. You can read/write from Windows to ext3 via http://www.fs-driver.org01:55
th0rrichardcavell: etherape might do what you want01:55
Line& /home/user/Desktop/squeezeslave -m 00:00:00:00:00:00 -r1001:55
Xodiac13sebsebseb: okay nice nice well im going to put ubuntu 8.10 on my machine thank you for the help01:56
mazda01richardcavell: i gave up. just going to do a fresh install and start over. I am going to export my mysql database and my home directory. just have to reinstall all apps and copy over the etc config files. I was able to take a hard drive and put it in another machine once, but I was trying to move an install from one hard drive to another. oh well.01:56
sebsebsebXodiac13: ok no probs01:56
richardcavellmazda01: good idea01:56
sebsebsebXodiac13: if you do a guided install01:56
Lineedbian i dont think so01:56
sebsebsebXodiac13: hold on a sec01:56
Xodiac13sebsebseb: have a good one and thanks again i appreciate it01:56
Xodiac13sebsebseb: okay01:56
edbianLine: You don't think so about what?01:56
sebsebsebXodiac13: if you do a guided install then you get everything in  /   and  it does swap for you01:56
jtropsDoes anyone have any idea why an update would cause 8.10 to stop auto login, and fail to load Gnome on login?01:57
mazda01richardcavell: partimage or similar shoudl work though. I just tried the tar route and found it to be too hard to get it working again.01:57
sebsebsebXodiac13: having a seperate home can be useful though,  if you set up the partitions yourself you can do that.01:57
richardcavellth0r: I just want it to say "http port 80 firefox 3kbytes/sec" or something like that01:57
Xodiac13sebsebseb: yeah ive been doing that its easier01:57
Lineedbian its just connecting to my openssh service01:57
richardcavellmazda01: yep.  I use clonezilla01:57
sebsebsebXodiac13: ok  well  clean install then :)01:57
Xodiac13sebsebseb: other distros i tried i would have enough for the OS and then swap and then home like you said01:57
edbianLine: Show me the command you're trying to issue?01:57
danbhfiveif my computer doesn't go to sleep for awhile, is there a way to figure out why?  (it seems to happen when firefox is open, but I would like to check if I can)01:57
sebsebsebXodiac13: ah ha you have been doing seperate home?01:58
Xodiac13sebsebseb: i will thank you have a good one01:58
mazda01richardcavell: i'll have to test that out. is it free?01:58
richardcavellmazda01: yep01:58
richardcavellmazda01: go to clonezilla's website and download the live CD01:58
mazda01richardcavell: do you run it from a livecd?01:58
Xodiac13sebsebseb: well i mean i seperate it with three partitions one for OS, swap, and where i have my programs01:58
sebsebsebXodiac13: ok01:58
richardcavellmazda01: it's really powerful.  Boot into live CD and you can go from disk/partition/image to disk/partition/image01:58
Lineedbian & /home/user/Desktop/squeezeslave -m 00:00:00:00:00:00 -r1001:59
Xodiac13sebsebseb: but i havent done that in a while i just do the option where it does it for me where it creates a swap for me01:59
edbianLine: The "&" goes at the end01:59
edbianLine: That command has no program!  Just arguments01:59
sebsebsebXodiac13: yeah go for that,    and you can try 9.10 when it's released as well,  which means you should clean install, as I already explained01:59
edbianLine: Unless you have a program named "edbian" :{01:59
Lineedvian D'oh thanks!01:59
th0rrichardcavell: I think there is a menu optino that will do that'01:59
mazda01richardcavell: cools, thanks01:59
Xodiac13sebsebseb: okay thank you have a good one01:59
edbianLine: lol01:59
edbianLine: NP02:00
jonesy_god damn it ScreenResolution dont even work02:00
jonesy_what the hell i need to do to set my desktop to 1280x102402:00
jonesy_ive tryed all the fourms and nothing still the same02:00
richardcavellth0r: installing now02:00
jonesy_but yet if i boot to my other install of ubuntu fine and on xp02:00
Lancearate(reposted) I'm having difficulty with an intermittent hard crash in Ubuntu-9.04 AMD64 when attempting large file operations like backing up to a portable drive (every few minutes), or very intermittently (once or twice weekly) with regular use. Upon hard crash, the machine no longer accepts any incoming ssh connections or responds to existing ssh connections, and (as far as I know) the logs found in /var/log don't contain anyth02:01
=== jay is now known as Guest58381
jtropsjonesy: what graphics card do you have?  My Nvidia card has a settings utility in the system tools that lets me adjust it.02:01
jonesy_maybe i should bin it02:02
th0rrichardcavell: haven'02:02
th0rrichardcavell: haven't used it much but if I remember right there is a protocol display that will show you http, dhcp, icmp, etc in real time02:02
FishsceneLancearate: I had a problem like that once.. Drove me crazy. 2 years later, I found it was a bad capacitor next to my CPU on the motherboard.02:02
jonesy_really its done my head in so much02:02
LancearateFishscene: D: how do you even test for that kind of thing02:02
jtropsIf I remember right when I had an ATI driver I had to make my settings in the xorg.conf file.02:03
FishsceneLancearate: I was unable to devise a test to find the problem, so I purchased a new PC and enver had problems. But 2 years after I did that, I examined my old mobo and found a capacitor had leaked jumk all over my mobo. I know I'm not offering much help, but intermittent hardware problems are VERY hard to diagnose. You can try pulling/swapping expansion cards. Pull the ones you don't need first, then swap out the other ones (like the video card02:04
richardcavellth0r: I'm running it now.  I don't think it's what I want02:04
richardcavellWhat I want is like it has in Firestarter.  Just a text window with all active connections02:04
jonesy_stupid god damn fucking display02:05
edbianLancearate: I had a similar problem.  My capacitors also exploded.  My system would randomly shut off.02:05
mazda01when doing manual partitioning during an install, I am specifying mount points for all my media drives. should they be /media/500gb or //media/500gb/   notice the slash on the end. any suggestions02:05
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:05
richardcavellwhat I really want is to see which programs are using bandwidth and whether someone's hacking into me in real time02:05
edbianjonesy_: What are you trying to do?02:05
th0rrichardcavell: I have firestarter installed, I know what you mean. I have quite a few network tools (used to be my job) but from what I recall etherape is the closest thing I have to firestarter02:05
th0rrichardcavell: why not use firestarter?02:06
richardcavellmazda01: no need for end slash02:06
jonesy_only set my desktop to 1280x1024 rather than 1024x84002:06
janisoza1r!better > Kveldulf02:06
Lancearateedbian: :O does windows Vista have some sort of invulnerability to bad capacitors that Ubuntu linux does not? Are capacitors known to go bad simply due to an operating system install?02:06
ubottuKveldulf, please see my private message02:06
richardcavellth0r: It's not doing what I want.  It has pretty graphics that change all the time02:06
jonesy_i had this really easy way on windows with this little bar one way made it bigger the other way smaller so easy02:07
edbianLancearate: This was on a windows xp install.  It was not the fault of the OS.  It was an emachines computer (low quality).  No software is immune to hardware failure02:07
mechtechLancearate: lol02:07
jonesy_and know i have to reporgram my xOrg server what the hell POS02:07
FishsceneLancearate: Not that I'm aware of. If Vista is working just fine, then I have no idea..02:07
richardcavellth0r: I'll just use firestarter I think02:07
Seeker`jonesy_: please try to stay calm02:08
mdmarmerhi -- is there a channel to discuss copyright and things like that - maybe a #gnu02:08
th0rrichardcavell: did you click on the protocol icon?02:08
LancearateFishscene: thanks anyways, I'll ask the chat again in ~20 minutes02:08
richardcavellth0r: but I wish I could get the Active Connections window without the firewall stuff above it02:08
* jonesy_ is sterssing 02:08
richardcavellth0r: yeah I saw it but it's not the same02:08
mechtechmdmarmer: gnu software is copy LEFTED02:08
mazda01richardcavell: tghanks02:08
=== jay is now known as Guest88329
Fishscenemdmarmer: Legal questions can be tricky depending on the question and your location. If it's about Linux/Ubuntu/FOSS, I'm sure you can ask in here..02:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about copyright02:09
mazda01richardcavell: what kind of permissions will the installer create on the folders? also, owner:group?02:09
richardcavellmazda01: whatever the default is.  The fact that it's installing on another drive makes no difference02:10
jonesy_Section "Monitor"02:10
jonesy_        Identifier   "aticonfig-Monitor[0]-0"02:10
jonesy_        HorizSync    30.0 - 82.002:10
jonesy_        VertRefresh  56.0 - 76.002:10
jonesy_        Option      "VendorName" "IIyama"02:10
FloodBot1jonesy_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:10
jonesy_        Option      "ModelName" "Prolite E485S"02:10
mazda01richardcavell: i am not formatting the drives that I am mounting. i am just curious who the owner:group will be for /media/fat32   and the others and what the permissions will be.02:11
richardcavellmazda01: so you're mounting an external drive within the Ubuntu installer as /media/fat32?02:11
jonesy_can any one take a look at this xorg.conf thingy02:11
richardcavellmazda01: seems like strange way to go about it02:11
jonesy_ive put as much info as i can find in there02:11
jefincis there a program like Norton Ghost?02:12
mdmarmer@mechtech -- i don't want to talk about software -- i want to talk about RIAA and trials02:12
jonesy_is this rite    Identifier   "aticonfig-Monitor[0]-0"02:12
mazda01richardcavell: they aren't external. they are internal drives that already ahve tons of movies and music on them. i just want the installer to create the mount points so that they get added to fstab right off the batt. i've done this in the past but I think I always end up chowning the folders and changing the permissions anyway. I just couldn't remeber what they get created by for user:group   and whatnot.02:12
richardcavelljefinc: clonezilla02:12
mdmarmeri think there is #copyright and #law -- i'll see if anyone is there02:12
richardcavellmazda01: I don't know what the default permissions will be either02:13
jefincrichardcavell: 3rd party? or in the add/remove ?02:13
richardcavelljefinc: go to the website and download the liveCD02:13
jonesy_edbian Seeker` any thing>02:14
jefincrichardcavell: roger, thanks :)02:14
rww!pm | sebsebseb02:14
ubottusebsebseb: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.02:14
sebsebsebrww: hmm02:14
edbianjonesy_: Sorry?02:14
mazda01richardcavell: ok, weird. I am trying to tell the installer to mount my 300gb hard drive to /var/lib/mythtv  and it's saying something about deleting existing data. I don't remember that coming up when I've done this in the psat. I guess i'll just mount it afterwards. don't want to risk deleting over 180 dvr'd shows with mythtv.02:15
richardcavellmazda01: yeah I wouldn't do it in the installer02:15
jonesy_my xorg.conf02:15
triplcHello all. How to enable "vim:set ts=4"? I used to set small things like tabstops, syntax... embeded in text file. However, when I started using Jaunty, those "vim:set ts=4" no longer work. I already "apt-get install vim-full", but it still does not work. Maybe it's not because of Jaunty. Anyway. Please help.02:15
sebsebsebrww: wasn't really a question for the channal, plus  I got an answer else where anyway, so :)02:15
mechtechDid ATI ever get onboard and develop drivers for their devices?02:16
mdgtriplc: have you tried the #vim forum?02:16
mechtechfor linux?02:16
Prodigycan someone help me please02:16
mechtech!hi | Prodigy02:16
ubottuProdigy: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:16
bazhangProdigy, need a question02:16
mechtech!ask | Prodigy02:16
ubottuProdigy: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:16
ProdigyIm trying to install halo but its not working?02:17
triplcmdg: No, not vim forum. In fact, I think it's not because of vim, but because of some hidden changes of distro.02:17
richardcavellProdigy: you mean the game Halo?02:17
PRGIDYprodigy my solution is get windows02:17
PRGIDYruns everything02:17
Prodigymy mom wont buy it02:17
* DaZ agrees02:17
richardcavellis this a troll?02:17
Prodigyi have to use this stupid ubuntu crap02:17
bazhangProdigy, what version of wine02:17
Prodigyi dont drink02:18
bazhangProdigy, no need for that02:18
sage_I want to be able to view my drives02:18
sage_what do I do02:18
Prodigywho knows this stuff is so hard02:18
sebsebsebrww: chmod -x rww02:18
Prodigywhats that do02:18
richardcavellProdigy: are you trying to install the game Halo on Ubuntu?02:18
=== PRGIDY is now known as billgatesismynig
bazhangcheck the appdb Prodigy help in #winehq02:18
Prodigyof course i am02:18
richardcavellHere we go02:18
Prodigywhats appdb?02:18
richardcavellI'm guessing 90 seconds left02:19
richardcavellNo, only too about 20 seconds02:19
Prodigyit only takes 20 seconds to install halo?02:19
bazhangjonesy_, no need for caps02:19
rwwsebsebseb: chmod: changing permissions of 'rww': Operation not permitted02:19
mdgjonesy_: we've all been there at some point....02:19
bazhang!appdb | Prodigy02:20
ubottuProdigy: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help02:20
Prodigy!appdb helo02:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about appdb helo02:20
richardcavellProdigy: No, it only took about 20 seconds for your sock puppet to get banned02:20
Prodigy!appdb halo02:20
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about appdb halo02:20
bazhangProdigy, check that link02:20
Prodigyyou are banning me why?02:20
icerootProdigy: use the real homepage02:20
jonesy_ive set every thing up tho and nothing changes it its got some wierd setting from ati prob and thats that POS02:20
sebsebsebrww: heh :)  it was a play on the fact that your name looks like a POSIX permissions string apparantly02:21
Seeker`jonesy_: please watch your language02:21
richardcavelljonesy_: Calm down, lol!02:21
sage_how do I view my hard drives02:21
jonesy_i want to use my computer not fuck about fixing it all the damn time pisses me of is all sorry02:21
mdgjonesy_: what was your card again?02:21
Prodigyok i have halo from reloaded, does that work?02:21
richardcavellsage_: in what sense 'view'?02:21
icerootjonesy_: what your language kid02:21
jonesy_ATI radon 260002:21
rww!attitude | jonesy_02:21
ubottujonesy_: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines02:21
bazhangjonesy_, no more cursing02:21
sage_in a file manager02:21
Seeker`jonesy_: as I have said before, watch your lanaugae02:21
stanley_hi guys i just installed gdesklets on ubuntu 9.10 and it won;t run...it says Failed to execute child process "gdesklets" (No such file or directory)02:21
mechtechSock Puppe?t02:22
richardcavellsage_: You mean in nautilus?02:22
Prodigyok i have halo from reloaded, does that work?02:22
Prodigyok i have halo from reloaded, does that work?02:22
icerootProdigy: #winehq02:22
bazhangProdigy, check the appdb02:22
sage_like I want to be able to access and put data in these drives02:22
Prodigyi did02:22
Prodigyi am asking u02:22
sebsebseb!langauge |  mechtech02:22
ubottumechtech: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:22
Prodigyif my version works02:22
sebsebseb!caps |  mechtech02:22
ubottumechtech: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.02:22
bazhangProdigy, ask for help in channel #winehq02:22
edbiansage_: You want to mount them then!02:22
mdgjonesy_: I'm googling... hold on...02:22
edbiansage :)02:22
Prodigyso you cant help me?02:22
richardcavellmechtech: it's a wikipedia term.  There is Prodigy, PRDIGY and prgidy and they're all the same guy02:22
icerootProdigy: this is ubuntu-support, not wine-support or ms-game-support02:22
edbiansage_: Are they unformatted right now?  Do they show up in "computer" ??02:23
Prodigyyou dont know just say that02:23
jonesy_google knows nothing ive looked02:23
sage_I gparted them02:23
icerootProdigy: we dont know and we dont care02:23
Prodigyobviously you dont know02:23
edbiansage_: gparted is a multipuropse tool.  What did you do to them in gparted??02:23
richardcavellsage_: are you talking about external hard disks?02:23
mdgjonesy_: have you tried the app Envy02:23
EagleScreenhello, anyone can tell me the name of that Gnome application to explore how disk space is used by each folder and file?02:24
sage_sudo gparted02:24
Prodigyyou wont find help here02:24
Prodigythey dont care02:24
Prodigyabout your problems02:24
Seeker`Prodigy: please stop02:24
Prodigyplease START02:24
Prodigyhelping me02:24
Prodigythank you02:24
icerootProdigy: can you please join #winehq and stop spaming us? thank you02:24
richardcavellEagleScreen: baobab02:24
Prodigyim not spamming, im asking for help02:24
edbiansage_: PM me :)02:24
th0rProdigy: it must be terrible to know that everyone here got things to work but yoiu02:24
Seeker`Prodigy: you have simply been told that somewhere else may be better suited to your question02:24
icerootProdigy: ask in the right channel02:24
Prodigyyou dont know02:24
jonesy_MDG no02:24
Prodigyjust admit it02:24
richardcavellProdigy's a troll for crying out loud02:25
Prodigythanks for not helping me because you are COMPLETELY CLUELESS02:25
Prodigythanks for not helping me because you are COMPLETELY CLUELESS02:25
Prodigythanks for not helping me because you are COMPLETELY CLUELESS02:25
Prodigythanks for not helping me because you are COMPLETELY CLUELESS02:25
Prodigythanks for not helping me because you are COMPLETELY CLUELESS02:25
Prodigythanks for not helping me because you are COMPLETELY CLUELESS02:25
FloodBot1Prodigy: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:25
Prodigythanks for not helping me because you are COMPLETELY CLUELESS02:25
Prodigythanks for not helping me because you are COMPLETELY CLUELESS02:25
mechtech!trolling | Prodigy02:25
ubottuProdigy: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel02:25
jeremdowLancearate: are these file operations on an ext4 drive?02:25
icerootalways th same with halo-players... :)02:26
mdgjonesy_: it shouldalready be installed - Envy or EnvyNG02:26
EagleScreenthanks you02:26
bazhangmdg, that is not good advice for ati at this point02:26
jonesy_for some resone my xorg log looks like this now02:26
jonesy_but be for i installed ati driver i had buggy x but it was 1280x102402:26
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
mdgbazhang: I'm not really familiar with ATI ... please advise02:27
shindowhave someone ever used minix02:28
sebsebseb!ot |  shindow02:28
ubottushindow: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:28
shindowi want to run on bochs02:28
bazhangmdg, the current support of fglrx (with the exception of radeonhd) is very problematic; users of other cards should just use the radeon OSS driver02:28
brEzHey, am I able to use an official Ubuntu CD for VMWare on a Windows machine?02:28
jonesy_mdg: yes its all installed and uptodate02:29
icerootbrEz: yes02:29
bazhangbrEz, sure02:29
imgoofygoobersounds good to me02:29
brEzHow, lol?02:29
dewmanshindow, the bot wont talk back to you..... =)02:29
brEzI'm new to vmware and I only use the player - so there is no support.02:29
bazhangbrEz, install vmware, get the iso, run it02:29
triplcmdg: No, not vim forum. In fact, I think it's not because of vim, but because of some hidden changes of distro. (question re-asked)02:29
icerootbrEz: download the iso, install with vmware, use it02:29
brEzI have the actual CD.02:29
mdgbazhang: so jonesy_ should use radeon oss driver?02:29
sebsebsebbrEz: I would recommend Virtualbox, and it can even use vmdk files02:29
triplcHello all. How to enable "vim:set ts=4"? I used to set small things like tabstops, syntax... embeded in text file. However, when I started using Jaunty, those "vim:set ts=4" no longer work. I already "apt-get install vim-full", but it still does not work. Maybe it's not because of Jaunty. Anyway. Please help. (question re-asked in busy irc channel)02:29
mechtechbrEz: if it's a live cd, you could boot to the cd to check it out first02:29
sebsebsebbrEz: it's also much better than VMware player02:29
bazhangbrEz, though here would be more Ubuntu support :)02:29
icerootbrEz: maybe you should try virtualbox, its much easier (and imo better) then vmware02:30
brEzcause I use ubuntu primarily, but my partner always reboots for windows02:30
brEzgets very annoying :P02:30
bazhangbrEz, ie run windows in a Ubuntu vbox02:30
Lancearate(reposted) I'm having difficulty with an intermittent hard crash in Ubuntu-9.04 AMD64 when attempting large file operations like backing up to a portable drive (every few minutes), or very intermittently (once or twice weekly) with regular use. Upon hard crash, the machine no longer accepts any incoming ssh connections or responds to existing ssh connections, and (as far as I know) the logs found in /var/log don't contain anyth02:30
sebsebsebbrEz: yep that makes sense, virtual machine Windows inside Ubuntu02:30
mdgtriplc: what version of vim you using?02:30
bazhangmdg, seems so02:30
brEzIs virtualbox freeware?02:30
rwwbrEz: yes02:31
triplcI am using Jaunty02:31
bazhangbrEz, open source in Ubuntu repos, free from their site (not open though)02:31
jonesy_so problematic you cant even set the correct desktop size gezz it should be scraped and put in the bin02:31
mdgjonesy_: bazhang says to try radeon OSS driver02:31
brEzits linux based?02:31
ZeroKewli need some help magnify thing started itself how do i get it off02:31
jeremdowLancearate: are the file operations on an ext4 drive?02:31
brEzI need something to run on windows > to run ubuntu :)02:31
rwwLancearate: I don't know much about your problem, but your message is cut off at "don't contain anyth"02:31
triplcmdg: vim verison 7.2 in Jaunty02:31
bazhangbrEz, there are version for several OSes02:31
brEzI love you guys02:31
Lancearatejeremdow: the root drive is EXT4, but the backup is from an NTFS drive to an NTFS drive02:32
mechtechbrEz: make sure you have a lot of sys resources brfore running virtualbox02:32
mdgtriplc: do vim:set commands get stored in vimrc or somehwere else? _ I don't recall02:32
ubuntuhow do i change my nick?02:32
mechtechubuntu /nick02:32
brEz320gbhdd/4gb ram, c2d processor02:32
brEzshould be enough :)?02:33
jeremdowLancearate: which drive is being written to during the crashes - I actually don't think I can help you - but I'm having very similar issues since reformatting a drive to ext402:33
=== ubuntu is now known as thanks
ZeroKewlhow i turn magnifiying off02:33
thanksso i am testing ubuntu 9.10, but i have a few questions02:33
mechtechbrEz: you're good...I found out the hard way :)02:33
Lancearatejeremdow: the drive being written to is a network drive on a nearby windows machine02:33
bazhangZeroKewl, ctrl scrollwheel? to zoom out?02:33
HardDiskthanks #ubuntu+102:33
brEzwith virtualbox, will this allow me to INSTALL and keep ubuntu on there, so i don't lose anything info?02:33
sebsebseb!9.10 |  thanks02:33
ubottuthanks: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:33
HardDiskfor any questions regarding 9.1002:33
bazhangbrEz, yes02:33
mechtechbrEz: yes02:33
ZeroKewlits not working02:34
brEzplayer doesn't, right :)?02:34
thanksokay thanks02:34
HardDiskthanks thanks02:34
Lancearatejeremdow: at first I thought it had something to do with EXT4, but the problem persists when attempting to backup using the liveCD instead.. I didn't know CDs used the EXT4 filesystem?02:34
ZeroKewlits my desktop that is maginifyed02:34
jeremdowLancearate: doesn't seem related then - can you reproduce the crashes in any consistent way?02:34
bazhangZeroKewl, using compiz?02:35
=== thanks is now known as J-O-S-H-U-A
Lancearatejeremdow: yes - every time I have attempted to back up the NTFS drive, a hard crash occurs02:35
ZeroKewli was playing a game and i got out of it and it was like this02:35
mechtechJ-O-S-H-U-A: would you like to play a game?02:36
bazhangZeroKewl, you mean the resolution has changed?02:36
brEzI have one of the "request a free CD" copies of Ubuntu, will I be able to use that to install it on virtual box?02:36
J-O-S-H-U-Aplay a game of what?02:36
th0rmechtech: most of these guys are too young for that joke02:36
bazhangmechtech, please take jokes etc to #ubuntu-offtopic02:36
ZeroKewli can take the mouse to the conners and it will move the screen02:36
ctmjrZeroKewl: sounds like the resolution is stuck02:36
mdgtriplc: you lose your settings after exiting vim or after reboot?02:36
ZeroKewlhow i fix that02:36
bazhangZeroKewl, sounds like compiz02:37
ZeroKewli got it02:37
ZeroKewlnever mind02:37
bazhangZeroKewl, try alt f2 metacity --replace02:37
mechtechJ-O-S-H-U-A: watch WarGames sometime02:37
J-O-S-H-U-AbrEz, those discs are the same as the ones that you download... except they come in the mail02:37
ZeroKewlhad to change resoution to a diffrent one then back to what i had02:37
triplcmdg: I think vim change behavior after I switch to Ubuntu 9.04. It was OK with 8.04 (I do not use 8.10)02:37
bazhangZeroKewl, okay02:37
ZeroKewlthanks though02:37
J-O-S-H-U-AI don't have time to watch tv or other frivolous methods of entertainment mechtech02:38
jeremdowLancearate - so this is just backing up one ntfs drive to another ntfs drive on a different machine - what are you using to do the backup, rsync?02:38
=== JaVaK is now known as blog
mdgtriplc: does vim stuff also get saved to bashrc?02:38
=== blog is now known as onlinecheapharma
triplcmdg: bashrc? no. I do not have ~/.vimrc as personal setting02:39
Lancearatejeremdow: I've tried samba using nautilus and simply cut and paste, sftp, and ftp02:39
=== onlinecheapharma is now known as JaVak
jonesy_l@@k it has the wrong settings02:39
jonesy_why ?02:39
mdgtriplc: no .bashrc or .vimrc?02:39
triplcno .vimrc, but I have .bashrc02:40
edbianIf I have a guest OS running in a virtual machine using virtual box is there some setting I must change to allow the VM to ping?02:40
Dr_Willisyou can make a .vimrc :) or use tye system wide vimrc as a example.02:40
jzillalong live ubuntu02:40
mdgtriplc: you don't like .vimrc?02:40
jonesy_i dont like linux02:40
triplcmdg: .vimrc is ok, but some setting (like tabstop, syntax) are different from text file to text file02:41
jonesy_i find it very buggy and hard to geta long with02:41
mdgDr_Willis: where abouts would the systemwide vimrc be?02:41
jonesy_ive spent 3 days trying to set my screen to 1280x102402:41
Dr_Willismdg:  use 'locate vimrc'02:41
Dr_Willismdg:  to find it.02:41
th0rjonesy_: Contrary to popular belief, Linux is user friendly. It just happens to be selective about who it makes friends with.02:41
sebsebsebjonesy_: uh you mean Ubuntu,  there are other ones by the way, also Linux is just a kernel02:41
sebsebseb!linux |  jonesy_02:41
ubottujonesy_: Linux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux02:41
sebsebseb!distro |  jonesy_02:41
ubottujonesy_: Other !Linux distributions besides !Ubuntu include: Debian, Mepis (using !APT); RedHat, Fedora, SUSE, Mandriva (using !RPM); Gentoo, Slackware (using other packaging systems)02:41
jeremdowLancearate: even cut and paste through nautilus via samba crashes it? yeah, I'd say you need to enable some logging for samba, to figure out what's happening but not sure how to do that off hand - samba is going to be involved no matter how you're copying to a windows share - seems like the common denominator02:42
mdgah /usr/share/vimrc02:42
sebsebsebjonesy_: and other ones02:42
twig11How do I remove the Windows boot option from grub? I installed ubuntu on one internal drive while leaving Windows installed on the other. After importing the users files from the windows drive, I formatted it to EXT3, but Windows XP still shows up as an option when I boot. How can I fix this?02:42
jfeoleThor -Yup.. ;)02:42
jonesy_all shit02:42
mechtechjonesy_: I'm harkening back to DOS through WinME everytime I hear someone say that! LOL02:42
twig11!wtf > jonesy02:42
sebsebsebjonesy_: which ones have you tried?02:42
Lancearatejeremdow: I would agree, but I've experienced the crash when attempting the backup using ftp between the windows machine and the linux machine02:42
Lancearatejeremdow: I had assumed ftp was entirely separate from samba02:43
jonesy_al them02:43
jonesy_and some yellow and blak dogs02:43
mdgbazhang: does jonesy_ use flgrx to setup Radeon Oss?02:43
sebsebsebjonesy_: obviously not since over  300 distros,  in fact I think  your just trolling now02:43
bazhangmdg, no, fglrx is the proprietary one02:43
jonesy_ fglrx is made by ATI02:43
jonesy_<sebsebseb>: all crap like get obver it02:44
twig11!language > jonesy_02:45
ubottujonesy_, please see my private message02:45
jonesy_it dont matter if you had 20000000000 crap things there still all crap02:45
mechtechBunch of WHINERS in here tonight...pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get something accomplished, and LOSE the ATI cards because ATI has abandoned you.  Laterzzz...I'm out for Chinese food.02:45
sebsebsebtwig11: I was going to do that, but showing in the channal02:45
sebsebseb!troll |  jonesy_02:45
ubottujonesy_: trolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel02:45
jnc_What package is supposed to contain pygtk for python2.6?02:45
jnc_Package search for "pygtk" returns nothing at all!02:45
rwwjnc_: try python-gtk?02:46
jonesy_sebsebsed you come on here and set my desktop to 1280x102402:46
jnc_That's for python2.502:46
jeremdowLancearate: well it would be - which machine is actually the ftp server? I thought you're using an ubuntu box to move files between two windows machines? Also, did you check /var/log/samba?02:46
twig11How do I remove the Windows boot option from grub? I installed ubuntu on one internal drive while leaving Windows installed on the other. After importing the users files from the windows drive, I formatted it to EXT3, but Windows XP still shows up as an option when I boot. How can I fix this?02:47
sebsebsebjonesy_: which graphics card?02:47
iddowhen i try to modprobe coretemp i get "no such device", anyone can help?02:47
Dr_Willistwig11:  the items in the grub menu are defined in the menu.lst file02:47
sebsebsebtwig11: gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst02:47
bazhangtwig11, edit grub menu.lst02:47
jnc_When I try to run rhythmbox it searches for it in /usr/lib/python2.602:47
Dr_Willistwig11:  the fact you removed the actual OS.. dosent change that file :)02:47
=== danfalk is now known as danfalk_
jonesy_radon 260002:48
Lancearatejeremdow: I didn't know /var/log/samba existed. What I'm attempting to do is transfer files from an ubuntu machine with an NTFS drive to a windows machine with an ntfs drive.. I've attempted to do this with an ftp server on the linux machine, a samba connection between the two machines, and a sftp server via the linux machine02:48
sebsebsebjonesy_: any driver under  system > administaration > hardware drivers   for the card if so install it02:48
Lancearatejeremdow: I've also attempted to use samba via the livecd and mounting only the NTFS hard drive02:48
twig11Dr_Willis: That makes sense, but I'm new. How do I change it?02:48
sebsebsebjonesy_: and if not,  I guess your card isn't that Linux friendly, which isn't our fault02:48
jonesy_this driver is active02:49
sebsebsebjonesy_: and it's not the fault of Linux distros either,  in fact a lot of hardware  support has been reverse enginered, because of lack of  manufacture support, but that's changing more as times goes on :)02:49
twig11bazhang: Dr_Willis: sorry didn't see that response by bazhang02:49
Dr_Willistwig11:  the menu.lst file is just a text file.. the windows menu entry is at the bottom. :) BACKUP your original just in case02:49
Dr_Willistwig11:  thats the joy of linux.. most everythingis a text based config file :P02:50
sebsebseb!xorg |  jonesy_02:50
ubottujonesy_: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution02:50
jonesy_i just done a xrandr --output LVDS --mode 1280x1024 and nothing02:50
jonesy_still the same02:50
sebsebsebjonesy_: try Ubuntu 8.10  maybe,  since  it may work there02:51
sebsebsebjonesy_: and 8.04 even, which has a differtnet version of xorg02:51
sebsebsebjonesy_: there was  someone earlier,  who  had a card that woudn't work on 9.04 with the OpenGL support and all that, but it would work in 8.1002:51
killazzzis it safe to use this chat ?02:52
jeremdowLancearate: I see - check for that log - but if the NTFS drive is on the linux machine, then samba wouldn't be involved in an ftp transfer - I was still thinking ext4 - but the livecd rules that out too - I'm stumped for the moment02:52
bazhangkillazzz, of course02:52
=== vrcluckrapplpin is now known as overclucker
edbiankillazzz: It's deadly in here ;)02:53
Lancearatejeremdow: thanks anyways for your help.. I'll ask the chat again in 30 minutes02:53
jonesy_great well ill down grade then02:53
killazzzebian what do u mean its deadly ?02:53
sebsebseb!md5sum | jonesy_02:53
ubottujonesy_: To verify the integrity of a download, use the md5sum - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM for more02:53
J-O-S-H-U-Ahow do i install all the codecs?02:53
ubottuTo learn how to uninstall applications in Ubuntu - please visit http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-delete-remove-software-using-apt-get-command/02:54
edbiankillazzz: I was just kidding :)02:54
killazzzok lol i was nervous for a sec.02:54
sebsebsebjonesy_: to make sure the ISO is good and   you want  the 8.10/intrepid section in  http://releases.ubuntu.com   of course it might not work in 8.10 or 8.04 either, but it's worth a try02:54
sebsebsebjonesy_: also  8.10  in certain ways is better than 9.04,  and with Ubuntu it's not about what is the latest, it's about what is supported02:55
sebsebseb!8.10 |  jonesy_02:55
ubottujonesy_: Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ - Release Notes: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81002:55
msds1502How do you copy information from the terminal?02:55
sebsebsebjonesy_: supported untill next April on the desktop I think02:55
edbianmsds1502: Highlight it and right click -> copy02:55
rwwmsds1502: or Ctrl-Shift-V in gnome-terminal02:56
rwwmsds1502: sorry, Ctrl-Shift-C02:56
killazzzis it a way to boost resolution on a minilaptop and is it dangerous for the heat ?02:56
msds1502edbian: Wow i feel stupid :p02:56
mdgsebsebseb: thanks for helping jonesy_  :)02:56
edbianmsds1502: lol02:56
=== J-O-S-H-U-A is now known as wiz_of_ha
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sebsebseb++02:56
edbiansebsebseb: Wrong channel! :P02:57
sebsebsebedbian: indeed02:57
wiz_of_hahow do i install all the codecs?02:57
Maaheshey guys question02:57
sebsebsebmdg: yeah :)02:57
edbianHey Maahes Possible answer:  14?02:57
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:57
bazhang!codecs > wiz_of_ha02:57
Maaheserr, wait this is the support channel nvm02:57
ubottuwiz_of_ha, please see my private message02:57
icerootedbian: 4202:57
edbianI shoulda known that!02:57
edbianiceroot: It is the answer to everything!02:58
sebsebsebedbian: heh02:58
wiz_of_hathanks botboy02:58
icerootedbian: yes, lets close this channel, only ubottu will post 42 to everyone :)02:58
edbianha ha ha02:58
edbianIf you think about it long enough it does solve all problems02:58
SuspectZerowhats the best way to burn a video dvd?02:58
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:58
SuspectZeroin ubuntu02:58
SuspectZeroi have k3b but it doesnt do the trick02:58
sebsebseb!best |  SuspectZero02:58
ubottuSuspectZero: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.02:58
wiz_of_hai bet the bot knows the best whay to burn a dvd02:59
icerootSuspectZero: with copy-protection?02:59
bazhangSuspectZero, devede02:59
slimjimi have a problem, when installing sun-java6-jre in Synaptic i get the following error: E: /var/cache/apt/archives/sun-java6-bin_6-14-0ubuntu1.9.04_amd64.deb: corrupted filesystem tarfile - corrupted package archive02:59
JaVakhttp://blog.onlinecheapharmacy.com/  ----> http://www.onlinecheapharmacy.com/02:59
SuspectZeroiceroot, noo the files are avi's so i need a program that will convert them and everything02:59
LjLslimjim: well try "sudo apt-get clean" and then redownloading it02:59
slimjimdownloaded the file after searching gogole with same error02:59
slimjimLjL i think the released package is corrupted03:00
th0rSuspectZero: devede03:00
SuspectZeroth0r, i'll check it out03:01
slimjimLjL, trying what you said just in case03:02
shazbotmcnastyHey there again, I cannot connect to localhost, and I have no idea how to fix this, I can ping localhost, but I can't http://localhost, or /connect localhost.03:03
slimjimwow it worked03:03
sage_I got some bad news03:05
sage_it works03:05
sage_haha thanks03:05
jeremdowLancearate: If you're still there, I was curious about your problem - one of these is a portable drive, usb? Are you certain it's NTFS and not FAT32 formatted - could just be the 4GB file size limit - as here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-vfs2/+bug/7053503:05
Gosnoo sleep for me tonight03:05
Gosto damn awake03:06
Zxcvbwould there be any problems with running ubuntu/kubuntu on a different system than it was installed and first run on (such as installing and updating on a desktop, then moving the hard drive to a netbook)?03:06
edbiansage_: How's that bad new?!?!03:06
edbiansage_: Not fair to freak me out like that! :)03:06
sebsebsebGos: time? and from?03:06
ubuntu_when will ubuntu get firefox 3.503:07
Gos4 oclock +1 gmt netherlands03:07
sebsebsebGos: cool :)03:07
bazhangubuntu_, it has it already03:07
bazhang!ff35 | ubuntu_03:07
sebsebsebGos: go pm if you want to chat03:07
ubottuubuntu_: Firefox 3.5 Final is available for Jaunty by installing the package firefox-3.5 and firefox-3.5-gnome-support | FF3.5 is referred to as Shiretoko on your UI, see http://is.gd/1reB3 for an explanation | Hardy & Intrepid: http://is.gd/1jkNY03:07
ubuntu_i saw that coming...03:07
sebsebsebGos: since the strict off topic rule and all that03:07
ubuntu_oh the irony of the bot...03:08
=== brez1 is now known as brEz
jeremdowubuntu_: Or install with Ubuntuzilla - and you get the firefox branding, updates from Mozilla: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2009/07/15/install-firefox-35-in-ubuntu-904-using-ubuntuzilla/03:09
bazhangjeremdow, no need for that its in repos03:09
brEzYa, I'm pumped ;) now i got ubuntu on my regular desktop!!!03:09
brEzwithout the need to fire up the other machine!03:10
bazhangjeremdow, best to always stay within package manager03:10
ubuntu_good job brEz03:10
DasEiDiViN3 has a dedicate server, accessable via ssh, and wants to setup vhost, who can help ?03:10
brEzI wish I knew about virtualbox 4yrs ago :P03:10
sebsebsebbrEz: yeah it's great :)03:11
jeremdowbazhang: agreed, but without the shiretoko branding? what packages?03:11
brEzI've always had ubuntu on my laptop and either vnc's or ssh into it, bit of a pain!!03:11
sebsebsebbrEz: ah ok03:12
DiViN3DasEi : is there any easier way to add 64 ips in 1 go03:12
m0r0nhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/240596/       I can't seem to get the Wine Beta to install can anyone help me?03:12
ubuntu_i just carry ubuntu around with me on a flash drive...03:12
nexsjawhat's the purpouse of /usr/local/games folder?03:13
nexsjadoes it do anything? o_O03:13
m0r0nnexsja:  I assume to install game into so your more organized? I'm not sure03:13
ubuntu_nexsja, not sure but I am guessing it is where the games store your local settings03:13
nexsjawell i my case that's an empty dir... so...03:14
nexsjauseless dir?03:14
Maahesnexsja, its where locally installed games go03:14
ubuntu_yeah sure useless. go ahead and bork your system. the developers put that there for nothing03:15
edbiannexsja: unused maybe, but not useless03:15
SuspectZeroth0r, bazhang thanks for the devede suggestion03:15
m0r0nCan anyone help me?03:16
sebsebseb!anyone |  m0r0n03:16
ubottum0r0n: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:16
m0r0nI already did03:16
nevyn!lastlog m0r0n03:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lastlog m0r0n03:16
m0r0nEveryone ignored it I assume then03:16
sebsebsebm0r0n: ah ok nevermind then03:16
m0r0nhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/240596/       I can't seem to get the Wine Beta to install can anyone help me?03:16
bazhangm0r0n, with the wine repos?03:16
ubuntu_does the bot ever shut up?03:16
bazhangubuntu_, please take chat elsewhere03:17
computerhow do i find out what folders/files are being shared?03:17
ubuntu_you are rather hostile bazhang is it my name that you don't like?03:17
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:17
bazhangubuntu_, this is support only; chat in #ubuntu-offtopic thanks03:18
ubuntu_well you have failed to support me with the bot issue so i don't see how this is the support channel03:18
jiffe99I've added a disk to a virtual machine I have setup in vmware, anyone know if I can use it without rebooting03:18
m0r0nbazhang: sebsebseb:     Have any idea?03:19
bazhangm0r0n, using the wine repos?03:19
edbianjiffe99: If it is listed in the output of "sudo fdisk -l" then you can mount it03:19
jiffe99it doesn't look like it03:20
m0r0nbazhang: I don't want to use the repos (If what your talking about is what I'm thinking), because I want to install the beta03:20
jiffe99only seeing sda*03:20
Gosmount -a?03:20
computerhow do i find out what folders/files are being shared?03:20
bazhangm0r0n, wine has their own set of 3rd party repositories for the very latest version of wine03:20
phyrrusm0r0n: sudo apt-get install wine03:20
edbiancomputer: samba shared?03:20
jiffe99I'm thinking I need to rescan the scsi bus?03:20
twig11Dr_Willis: Can I delete everything listed here: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m3d321bd03:21
Necrogamihow can i find / get to show a external usb hd in fdisk .. after plugging it in nothing shows up03:21
james_if i have programs in the taskbar, is there a way to force them into my indicator-applet?03:21
love_mount your hard disk03:21
Necrogamilove_ /dev/sdb doesn't exist03:22
Necrogamifdisk -l only shows sda03:22
m0r0nbazhang:  Someone from #winehq told me how I think I'm set from here on, thanks anyways03:22
m0r0nI had to use the command "./configre"03:22
bazhangm0r0n, okay03:23
love_can i know ur label of disk03:23
love_it has <space> between name03:23
brEzinstall already :)03:23
DasEiNecrogami: lsusb ?03:23
danbhfivem0r0n: http://www.winehq.org/download/deb03:23
Necrogami4 hubs03:24
Necrogamino devices03:24
DasEiNecrogami: is it a flash or hd ?03:24
NecrogamiMaxtor 500gb03:24
DasEiNecrogami: you hear it spinning ? your usb is enabled in bios ?03:25
m0r0ndanbhfive: Last time I tried that I got the stable version, I want the Beta03:25
Necrogamiyes and yes03:25
Necrogamiit was just plugged into windows03:25
Necrogamiit works there03:25
NecrogamiSo i know the drive works03:25
Necrogamiand i use a usb legacy keyboard on the system03:25
love_Necrogami : what's label of ur disk means name03:25
Necrogamiso usb works on the system03:25
DiViN3anyone can help me for setting up own name servers03:25
danbhfivem0r0n: well, I dunno, last time I tried, I got their dev releases fine..03:26
Necrogamithe name of the drive .. is nothing ...03:26
m0r0ndanbhfive: Could be so, I just am new to all of this03:26
NecrogamiOn windows it shows up just as local disk .. no name specified03:26
twig11Will someone please take a quick look here http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m3d321bd and tell me if I'm safe editing out everything included there from menu.lst if the windows partition no longer exists?03:26
sebsebsebm0r0n: their wine repo gets you the latest version,  which is a beta or development03:27
Flynsarmywhere are the deluge settings saved? it's not ~/.deluge03:27
danbhfivem0r0n: well, if you like to try again, there are commands you can try to figure out if it is working.  It will be easier if you get the repo working, since it will auto-update.  If you build it yourself, you will have to update it yourself everytime.03:27
thiebaudetwig11, are you dual booting?03:27
love_<Necrogami> : use this-  mount -t ntfs-3g/dev/sdc1/media/local\ Disk -o force03:28
FloridaGuywhat causes firefox to close when it wants03:28
mdghi deexannihilate !03:28
deexannihilatemdg: hi! :)03:28
Shinobihey, had to hard reset my computer after a program hung(ndiswrapper) not ubuntu wont load at all03:28
Necrogamilove: it's not NTFS03:28
Shinobihey, had to hard reset my computer after a program hung(ndiswrapper) now* ubuntu wont load at all03:28
mdgdeexannihilate: hows the acer?03:29
m0r0ndanbhfive: sebsebseb:  Am I supposed to check the one with (Source Code)03:29
shazbotmcnastyHey there again, I cannot connect to localhost, and I have no idea how to fix this, I can ping localhost, but I can't http://localhost, or /connect localhost.03:29
love_it's fat partition03:29
sebsebsebm0r0n: your pastebin looks a bit odd,  were you trying to  add http://www.winehq.org repo for  Ubuntu ?03:29
twig11thiebaude: no. I installed Ubuntu on one internal drive, while leaving windows on the other. After importing user files from the Windows drive, I formatted it to EXT3. Now I just want to remove the entry from my boot menu. Is that the right selection to delete from menu.lst?03:29
Necrogaminever mind03:29
Necrogamii stand corrected03:29
Necrogamiit is ntfs03:29
Necrogamisorry guys03:29
FloodBot1Necrogami: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:30
sebsebseb!repos | m0r0n03:30
ubottum0r0n: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories03:30
m0r0nsebsebseb:  Ok before I just make myself feel like more of a dumbass, mind explaining what the repositories are?03:30
thiebaudetwig11, im not sure about that one03:30
sebsebsebm0r0n: just got the bot  to before I  read your message03:30
NecrogamiLinux can;'t find the Drive at all03:30
twig11Will someone please take a quick look here http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m3d321bd and tell me if I'm safe editing out everything included there from menu.lst if the windows partition no longer exists?03:30
Necrogamiin the /dev folder the ONLY drive is SDA03:31
sebsebsebtwig11: if you don't want to have an entry for Windows anymore,  just delete the entry for it from the file03:31
mazda01i just installed mythbuntu jaunty and all the letters and text is coming in screwed up and letters are garbled in words making them not words. it's the weird thing I've ever seen! the livecd works fine though?? any thought? I can't even try to fix itif it may be an xorg issue because the screen is unreadbable>03:31
sebsebsebtwig11: now i'll give your pastebin a quick glance03:31
mehul_yadavfirefox shuts down automatically03:31
mehul_yadavFirefox Shuts Down Automatically03:32
twig11sebsebseb: I know. I'm trying to do that. I just want someone to double-check that I'm deleting only what I want to delete and no more. Can you do that?03:32
danbhfivem0r0n: repos are sources of software.  Its like going to a website to get programs, except its all done behind the scenes.  When you add a repo, the available software is listed in apt and synaptic along side your other programs03:32
mdgdeexannihilate: ? you're quiet tonight...03:32
* james_ is back (gone 39:22:14)03:32
Shinobihey, had to hard reset my computer after a program hung(ndiswrapper) now ubuntu wont load at all03:32
mazda01like, if I type in daniel, it comes out as adinlel. SUPER WEIRD!!03:32
Shinobineed help plz :(03:32
thiebaudetwig11, i messed up one time on my menu.list file and i didn't want to say delete your entry03:33
sebsebsebtwig11: yep that's what you delete03:33
mehul_yadavFirefox Shuts Down Automatically03:33
twig11sebsebseb: thanks!03:33
vicky_........... is there anyway u can put a mini search windows xp on linex???03:33
mdgmazda01: maybe you got a dvorak keyboard layout?03:33
mazda01one the screen where the word WARRENTY is, it reads RAARTNYt. what the heck?03:33
mehul_yadavFirefox Shuts Down Automatically03:33
sebsebsebtwig11: no prob.  even the bit about  it being an automatic add can go, but may as well keep that in03:33
deexannihilatemdg: not any better!03:34
thiebaudesebsebseb, and i noticed that is at the end of the boot file03:34
mehul_yadavFirefox Shuts Down Automatically03:34
mdgdeexannihilate: sorry to hear that03:34
deexannihilatemdg: sorry, i realized I had a lot of stuff to do! i'll be back shortly03:34
Necrogamilove_: http://e501.bsap.ws/images/dev.png03:34
sebsebsebthiebaude: boot file?  you mean menu.lst file?03:34
mdgdeexannihilate: okay03:34
shazbotmcnastyI want to use bitlbee how it's intended to be used, but I cannot connect to localhost03:34
mattwj2002hi guys03:34
mattwj2002I am back03:34
mehul_yadavFirefox Shuts Down Automatically03:34
shazbotmcnastyshould I forward a port or something? I have no idea what to do03:34
mdgshazbotmcnasty: lol - funny name :)03:34
mattwj2002wireless problems again......I can't create an adhoc network to save my life :(03:35
mehul_yadavMy Firefox Shuts Down Automatically.................can anyone solve this problem?03:35
mehul_yadavMy Firefox Shuts Down Automatically.................can anyone solve this problem?03:35
shazbotmcnastywhat are you doing while it shuts down?03:36
mattwj2002is it possible my nic doesn't support this?03:36
mehul_yadavsurfing some sites03:36
danbhfivemehul_yadav: what site?03:36
shazbotmcnastyi figured so much.... what kind of sites?03:36
mehul_yadavfacebook, zedge03:36
shazbotmcnastydo you have a video driver installed?03:37
mehul_yadavi cannot view youtube vidoes because it says adobe flash player not installed03:37
shazbotmcnastyinstall it...03:38
AndorinI downloaded a pack of .png images for a theme from here: http://art.gnome.org/themes/gtk2 Where do I stick them?03:38
sebsebsebmehul_yadav: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree03:38
mehul_yadavi have done this03:38
mattwj2002anyone know the answer to my problem?03:38
mehul_yadavbut its not working03:38
sebsebseb!find flash03:38
ubottuFound: flashblock, flashrom, flashybrid, libroxen-flash2, m16c-flash (and 4 others)03:38
sebsebsebmehul_yadav: maybe you need that flash installer package instead03:39
shazbotmcnastymehul_yadav, http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/03:39
sebsebsebmehul_yadav: search for Flash in synaptic and see what comes up03:39
mehul_yadavhow do i get it?03:39
dragonlotushi all, I'm trying to use a WPA2 passphrase to connect to a hidden wifi network at my house.  When I type the passphrase in, it matches the one displayed on my router page.  However, after trying to connect (and failing do to authorization) it spits back a huge string of hex.  Does my passphrase get converted to hex?  How can I stop this or is that supposed to happen?03:39
sebsebsebmehul_yadav   shazbotmcnasty    ,best to get stuff like this form the repo, not directly from the website03:39
sebsebsebwith the exception of 64bit03:39
sebsebsebsince there's meant to be a really good version of  Flash for 64bit out there, which isn't in the repo03:39
shazbotmcnastyI see.03:40
mehul_yadavwhich version do i go for ?03:40
sebsebsebmehul_yadav: 32bit or 64bit?03:40
thiebaudemehul_yadav, flash 1003:40
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:40
DiViN3anyone can help me , i m getting error :  * Stopping domain name service... bind903:40
DiViN3rndc: connect failed: connection refused03:40
m0r0ndanbhfive: http://www.winehq.org/download/deb I tried doing that, I got to the Authing part, I cannot seem to get that part working though03:40
DiViN3any idea any one03:40
sebsebsebmehul_yadav: open synaptic and search for Flash,  I think it's t he installer package you want or something like that03:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ad-hoc03:40
Kai`Is there a tool alreadt in Ubuntu to rar/unrar that I don't know about, or do I need to install 'rar' and 'unrar' packages?03:41
AndorinI downloaded a pack of .png images for a theme from here: http://art.gnome.org/themes/gtk2 Where do I stick them?03:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bind903:41
sebsebsebmehul_yadav: something has changed or try this even.  sudo apt-get install  ubuntu-restricted-extras  this will give people java, and  avi, and mp3, and such as well03:41
danbhfivem0r0n: what went wrong?03:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bind03:41
mehul_yadavwait let me try03:41
m0r0ndanbhfive:  It's saving as a html instead of a gpg? or whatever it is03:41
mdgdeexannihilate: Hope you see this - I was going to suggest you back up everything and reinstall 9.04, then follow #8 here > http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1141529&highlight=acer+aspire+one+wifi+driver03:41
mdgdeexannihilate: gotta go03:41
DiViN3hello anyone here can help me with bind9 problem plz03:41
bcl_this is way better than puppy03:41
danbhfivem0r0n: wget -q http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/387EE263.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -03:42
sebsebsebbcl_: many versions of Puppy Linux to choose from, and they are really for older hardware03:42
hoontekeanyone know what text browser I could install on a jeos installation?  lynx doesn't appear to be in the default distro repos ...03:42
mazda01i think I have an irq conflict. any suggestions how to fix? i ahev my nvidia card sharing a irq with one of my tv cards. i notice that irq 4 isn't even being used.03:42
mattwj2002hey does anyone know the easiest way to create an ad hoc internet sharing system?03:42
sebsebsebhoonteke: jeos????  Ubuntu based?03:42
mattwj2002using ubuntu?03:43
mehul_yadavthere are many flash options on synaptic03:43
sebsebsebhoonteke: this channel is  for Ubuntu support, not other distros03:43
Shinobihey, had to hard reset my computer after a program hung(ndiswrapper)during the shutdown the computer froze at the progress bar loadin down, after i held the power button down and restarted it, ubuntu wont load at all03:43
sebsebsebhoonteke: ,but  lynx  links  and I think there's another as well03:43
hoontekesebsebseb: urm, isn't jeos based on ubuntu?03:43
AndorinI downloaded a pack of .png images for a theme from here: http://art.gnome.org/themes/gtk2 Where do I stick them?03:43
thiebaudemehul_yadav, adobe-flashplugin03:43
sebsebsebhoonteke: according  to  that person  yes, but  your not meant to come here and get support for Ubuntu based distros03:44
sebsebsebhoonteke: that person?  uh that was you as well03:44
hoontekeurm sorry.  I didn't realize that jeos didn't count.03:44
sebsebsebhoonteke: does jeos have it's own support channel?03:45
hoontekeredirects to #ubuntu-jeos03:45
hoontekeand I'm the only one there03:45
sebsebsebhoonteke: oh well you can use ##linux   the general Linux channal03:45
hoontekealright, ciao03:45
mehul_yadavE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)03:45
mehul_yadavE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?03:45
mehul_yadavResult for (sudo apt-get install  ubuntu-restricted-extras)03:45
hoontekemehul_yadav: are you sure you haven't got another instance of apt running?03:46
hoontekeperhaps another synaptic, or apt-get from the command lne?03:46
shazbotmcnastyclose the package manager mehul_yadav03:46
mehul_yadavam trying to install the flash components right now03:46
mehul_yadavby using the synaptic03:47
shazbotmcnastyokay, well wait until it's done, then close synaptic03:47
hoontekeonly one instance of the package manager is allowed to run, either apt-get, or synaptic, or the add-remove program dialog.  In the background, they're all apt-get, and you only want one of those working on the database of installed osftware.03:47
shazbotmcnastythen do  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras03:47
shazbotmcnastyor you can install that through synaptic as well...03:48
stowawayyo. im trying to mount my network drive so it mounts at startup. its a nas drive with a unix system. but im not sure of the file system.. how do i go about mounting it? when i try mount /mnt/nas  it says wrong fs03:49
AndorinI downloaded a pack of .png images for a theme from here: http://art.gnome.org/themes/gtk2 Where do I stick them?03:49
mehul_yadavsha256sum mismatch install_flash player_10_linux.tar.gz03:49
mehul_yadavThe Flash plugin is NOT installed03:49
thiebaudemehul_yadav, maybe you should go to the adobe website and download the .deb for flash03:50
shazbotmcnastyit's never not worked for me that way, I suggest that, although other people disagree.03:50
mehul_yadavi tried downloading from the adobe website too03:51
thiebaudeprograms can be download to ubuntu using several ways03:51
shazbotmcnastymehul_yadav, which one did you get?03:51
mehul_yadavbut when i go for installing it03:51
m0r0nsebsebseb: danbhfive:  Thank you both. It's working03:51
mehul_yadavit says wrong architeture03:51
sebsebsebm0r0n: good and no probs :)03:51
thiebaudemehul_yadav, you got 64bit?03:51
mehul_yadavwhere do i get the 64-bit version of flash ?03:52
mehul_yadavi followed the link on youtube03:52
sebsebsebthiebaude  mehul_yadav   maybe the version of Flash in the repo is  good enough now even for 64bit03:52
mehul_yadavand then downloaded the ubuntu 8.04 version03:52
thiebaudesebsebseb, i agree03:53
sebsebsebthiebaude:   mehul_yadav  well really the repo Flash would be good enough for most03:53
AndorinCan someone please help me with installing a control theme for GNOME?03:53
mehul_yadavhow to i get the repo flash?03:53
thiebaudemehul_yadav, did you enable 3rd party repositories?03:53
sebsebsebmehul_yadav: have you run  in  the termianl03:53
sebsebsebmehul_yadav: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras ?03:53
mehul_yadavyes i did run in the terminal03:53
sebsebsebno question mark03:54
sebsebsebmehul_yadav:   and  no Flash still?03:54
mehul_yadavubuntu-restricted-extras is already the newest version.03:54
mehul_yadav0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 4 not upgraded.03:54
FloridaGuy? what causes firefox to close when it wants ?03:54
sebsebsebmehul_yadav: ok03:54
sebsebsebFloridaGuy: Firefox  or  Shiretoko ?03:54
thiebaudemehul_yadav, did you restart firefox?03:54
mehul_yadavdoing it03:55
mehul_yadavtrying to view youtube videos03:55
mehul_yadavstill i cant see the video......03:56
FloridaGuysebsebseb, firefox03:56
thiebaudemehul_yadav, is it just a blank video?03:56
sebsebsebFloridaGuy: Firefox can be a bit bad under Linux, or well  Ubuntu at least03:56
mehul_yadavonly difference now is that it did ask me to install flashplayer03:56
sebsebsebFloridaGuy: Flash maybe  got it close03:56
AndorinCan someone please help me with installing a control theme for GNOME?03:56
thiebaudemehul_yadav, yes03:56
mehul_yadavthe part neat the video screen is blank white03:56
mehul_yadavwith the video player absent03:57
shazbotmcnastymehul_yadav, run firefox in terminal and see if it gives you any error messages when it closes03:57
FloridaGuysebsebseb, think its all linux03:57
mehul_yadavhow do i run firefox in the terminal?03:57
* sebsebseb Flash can cause quite a few issues with Firefox in Ubuntu03:57
shazbotmcnastyAndorin, don't you just drag and drop the file into the theme manager?03:57
bruenigmehul_yadav: run "firefox" in the terminal03:57
sebsebsebFloridaGuy: What do you think Linux is?03:58
thiebaudemehul_yadav, gksudo firefox03:58
sebsebsebmehul_yadav: you don't,   it's a  graphical browser03:58
sebsebsebmehul_yadav: don't do what he suggested03:58
Andorinshazbotmcnasty: Maybe that would work if this came with an .xml file, but this is just a bunch of .png images and a gtkrc.txt file.03:58
sebsebsebmehul_yadav: if you do that your basically running Flash as root,  and that's not good03:58
sebsebsebmehul_yadav: Flash I meant Firefox03:58
n2diywhat could I do with a 650 mhz, 128 meg ram box?03:59
shazbotmcnastyI'd suggest just googling to hell and back03:59
sebsebseb!linux |  FloridaGuy03:59
ubottuFloridaGuy: Linux is the kernel (core) of the Ubuntu operating system. Many operating systems use Linux as kernel. For more information on Linux in general, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux03:59
shazbotmcnastysince no one is helping you here. And you've been asking for a while.03:59
Andorinshazbotmcnasty: I did. I got this. http://library.gnome.org/admin/system-admin-guide/stable/themes-3.html.en It doesn't really help.03:59
mehul_yadavubuntu-restricted-extras is already the newest version.03:59
mehul_yadav0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 4 not upgraded.03:59
sebsebsebthiebaude: don't tell people to gksudo firefox03:59
mehul_yadavi already did it04:00
FloridaGuysebsebseb, when i said all linux...i met firefox isent bad just in ubuntu...all distro's i use...04:00
nevynn2diy: it would make a reasonable dev platform or a light web browsing box.04:00
mehul_yadavgksudo firefox04:00
nevynn2diy: without more ram I'd avoid using it as a workstation tho.04:00
sebsebsebFloridaGuy: your not the first person to say something  like that, but hey  we can expect this,   Flash is closed source04:00
thiebaudesebsebseb, but dont you open graphical programs from the terminal with gksudo not sudo04:01
sebsebsebFloridaGuy: and from a company that dosen't  really care about Linux04:01
oldude67n2diy, would be one heck of a dsl box tho04:01
n2diynevyn: ok, I have a test box already, but having two wouldn't hurt. I thinking of maybe a headless server?04:01
ubuntu_does mark shuttleworth ever get on here?04:01
sebsebsebthiebaude: yes, but only  programs that you have a reason to  do that to,  so not Firefox04:01
shazbotmcnastyAndorin, put them in /usr/share/themes/option-name/pixmaps/*.*04:01
nevynn2diy: yeah that works04:01
thiebaudesebsebseb, cool , i didn't know that04:01
sebsebsebubuntu_: there was  a question  and answer session with him  for  the Ubuntu 9.04  Open Week04:01
shazbotmcnastyor somewhere in ~/,themes04:01
Andorinshazbotmcnasty: I thought that the directory had to exist in order for that to work, but there's no pixmaps directory... I suppose I'll try creating it.04:01
sebsebseb!openweek  |  ubuntu_04:01
ubottuubuntu_: Ubuntu is hosting a series of introductory sessions for people who want to join the Ubuntu community, which all takes place in a week. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek for schedules, logs, and instructions.04:01
ubuntu_I was just currious04:02
ubuntu_ahh that bot knows everything04:02
JKevinhello.everbody home?04:02
shazbotmcnastyerrr, there should be04:02
r3l1cyeah it doesn't miss a trick04:02
shazbotmcnastydon't create one..04:02
sebsebsebubuntu_: I thought there might be a factoid, but I think that factoid is a bit   outdated now04:02
oldude67!cookie | ubottu04:02
ubottuoldude67: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!04:02
mehul_yadav1its still not working04:02
sebsebsebubuntu_: I am looking forward to the Ubuntu 9.04 Karmic Koala Open Week though :)04:02
FloridaGuysebsebseb, but right now its not a flash issiue sence i dont have flash installed04:02
ubuntu_when is that sebastien__ ?04:03
ubuntu_sebsebseb, i mean04:03
sebsebsebubuntu_: uh 9.10  I meant.  see the website for more details, this is really off topic for this channal04:03
=== l is now known as Guest69753
n2diynevyn: ok, so I should go get a server version of Ubuntu? The server will be talking to two Xubuntu boxes, and maybe, and Windows box, so I'm going to go with a Xubuntu server version.04:03
Guest69753Alguien habla español?04:03
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.04:03
sebsebsebubuntu_: ,but it's soon after the release of 9.1004:03
Kai`Is there a built-in package to mount bin files?04:04
mehul_yadav1firefox went off when i was accessing hotmail04:04
thiebaude1changed chat clients04:04
Entelinis there any way I can get a list of all the software ive installed that does not get installed by default?  i'm redoing my box and I'd like to issue an apt-get on everything I need04:04
mehul_yadav1i think i will go for an upgrade to ubuntu 9.0404:04
nevynn2diy: that should be fine...04:04
shazbotmcnastyAndorin, just drop it in /usr/share/themes or ~/.themes04:04
draxois there a linux mint chan?04:04
FloridaGuyoh well i install opera 10 beta204:05
Andorinshazbotmcnasty: I did, and it doesn't show up in the Appearances window.04:05
sebsebseb!mint |  draxo04:05
ubottudraxo: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), crunchbang (support in #crunchbang)04:05
garysoni can't open my trash bin, it says it's an unkown file. can someone tell me whats wrong?04:05
ubuntu_when is the release date for 9.10?04:05
ubottuKarmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:05
n2diynevyn: ok, cool. When I'm done with the install, can I remove the vidieo card, and still have the box boot?04:05
sebsebsebdraxo: hmm  their offical  channel  is  on another network I think04:05
sebsebsebubuntu_: yeah go to #ubuntu+1 to talk about 9.1004:05
Andorinshazbotmcnasty: And after creating a pixmaps folder and dropping the files in there, then switching to the theme, I see no change.04:06
sebsebsebdraxo: I think there's  #mint04:06
sebsebsebdraxo: not for  the distro it seems oh well04:07
r3l1cKarmic works fine on my system04:07
draxono worries04:07
draxoi'll find it04:07
sebsebseb!karmic |  r3l1c04:07
ubottur3l1c: Karmic Koala is the codename for Ubuntu 9.10, due October 2009 - Karmic WILL break - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:07
draxoi got a problem in mint that maybe you guys might be able to help me with04:07
kevdogHow do I check the current topic of this channel?04:07
komputesDoes anyone here use a graphical front-end to /etc/fstab?04:07
nevynkevdog: /topic04:07
r3l1csebsebseb:  I know, I use it.04:07
sebsebsebdraxo: this channel is really  only meant to be for Ubuntu support,   and then obviously people go off topic here and there as well04:07
kevdognevyn: thanks04:07
komputeskevdog: what irc app are you using?04:08
nevynkomputes: I use puppet...04:08
sebsebsebthiebaude1: what at what I put?04:08
shazbotmcnastyAndorin, /uar/share/NAME_OF_THE_THEME/pixmaps?04:08
DocZettacould I get a hand here? It's got to do with uninstalling GRUB.04:08
kevdogkomputes: chatzilla04:08
Andorinshazbotmcnasty: Yes.04:08
n2diykomputes: I'm afraid to use anything with fstab, especially a gui that might not be mature.04:08
shazbotmcnastywell then, go inside the original file and find where the pictures for the theme are, and replace them with the ones that you've got04:09
thiebaude1sebsebseb: how do i change it, i switced over from xchat04:09
ubuntu_they don't like me either04:09
shazbotmcnastythat's what I would do, although it'd probably esplode my puter04:09
sebsebsebthiebaude1: change what?04:09
thiebaude1sebsebseb: the 1 after my name04:09
ubuntu_i mean the #ubuntu+104:09
DocZettaI know, I'm a total newbie here, but I'd like to uninstall GRUB and re-format my ubuntu partition.04:09
shazbotmcnasty /nick thiebaude04:09
sebsebsebthiebaude1: switched over to what?  and  /knick04:09
draxowell it's a potential ubuntu problem too i would think. whenever i activate the restricted ati/amd fglrx driver and try to load up the "screen preferences" to change my resolution to dual screen it freezes on me. and the entire system just bogs until i restart04:09
kevdogthiebaude1: did you register your name with the nickserv?04:09
sebsebsebubuntu_: I joined soon after I told you to join, but  I didn't see you put anything04:10
komputesnevyn: puppet is not graphical is it?04:10
n2diyDocZetta: so just re-install?04:10
shazbotmcnastyoh  burned04:10
thiebaude1kevdog:it was thiebaude on xchat04:10
ubuntu_DocZetta, are you wanting to reinstall windows or just reinstall ubuntu?04:10
nevynkomputes: not exactly.04:10
shazbotmcnastysebsebseb, is smart04:10
thiebaude11 sec04:10
kevdogWhat are you using now?04:10
nevynit's more like a sysadmin programming framework...04:10
DocZettaI'm looking to remove ubuntu and install debian -- I'm having network issues with it that I can't kick.04:10
sebsebsebshazbotmcnasty: why do you think that?04:10
kevdogI need an alternative to unison04:11
nevynkomputes: why do you want a frontend to /etc/fstab04:11
n2diykevdog: grsync.04:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about minthelp04:11
shazbotmcnastythe channel join thing, was just funny...04:11
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint on irc.spotchat.org04:11
komputesnevyn: for a new user who I can't trust to run blkid and the update fstab himself04:11
kevdogn2diy:  How does it work?  rsync or something else?04:11
DocZettabut I wasn't sure how ubuntu would handle it, so I installed easyBCD and ran it, and reinstalled the vista bootloader.04:11
DocZettaso now I'm not even sure if it's safe to reboot.04:11
komputesnevyn: basically just to select a drive and have it mount at startup04:12
ubuntu_join what?04:12
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Hardy (Hardy Heron 8.04).  The next LTS release is scheduled to be 10.0404:12
n2diykevdog: yes, gui front end for rsync, I've been using it for two weeks now to mirror /home/me to my test box down stairs.04:12
komputesnevyn: something which i feel should be included in ubuntu (like right click on drive, proprties, then select that you wanted mouted at startup)04:12
nevynkomputes: so a user needs to add internal harddisks to his system..?04:12
sebsebsebshazbotmcnasty: sometimes I may join the channal if not already in it,  when I refer someone there,  to  see if others are helping with the issue,  and  possibily to assist with it myself04:12
DocZettaif anyone's wondering, I do not have a backup or bootable Vista 64 disk.04:13
nevynkomputes: how are the drives we're talking about connected?04:13
DocZettajust a hidden partition.04:13
nevynDocZetta: those are evil!.04:13
shazbotmcnastyI still never got any damn help with localhost. Does anyone know how to unblock localhost, I'm trying to get bitlbee to work correctly, but localhost denies my connection.04:13
komputesnevyn: yep just to select a partition to mount at starup - internal drive (sata or ide)04:13
kevdogn2diy: Although I love the concept of rsync -- its really buggy for me -- seems to drop with large transfers -- meaning files that are really large.  Does this happen to anyone else?04:13
DocZettanevyn: tell me about it. it's partly why I'm afraid to shut this off and reboot.04:13
shazbotmcnastysebsebseb, it was kinda a joke, I was mocking ubuntu_04:13
DocZettaI'm in Vista 64 now.04:13
komputesnevyn: any way to do that other than editing fstab?04:13
sebsebsebshazbotmcnasty: oh  right, didn't pick up on that04:13
ubuntu_why am i being mocked now?04:13
thiebaude1how do i change my nick?04:14
n2diykevdog: I recall reading something like that, you might google it, I think there is a cli switch to limit transfer size, so you can span over a couple CDs, but I'm not sure of that?04:15
DocZettabut does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I don't want to be stuck in Vista, and this laptop is less than two months old.04:15
gabisarjust type /nick an your nickhere04:15
komputesthiebaude1: just type in: /nick newname_here04:15
=== ubuntu_ is now known as nickhere
nickherethat worked04:15
gabisar"ubuntu_ agora chama-se nickhere" lol04:15
gabisaryes he work04:15
=== thiebaude1 is now known as thiebaude
shazbotmcnastythere you go04:16
thiebaudechanged it04:16
nickheream i going to hell for using a phone with windows mobile on it?04:16
bazhang!ot | nickhere04:16
ubottunickhere: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:16
nickhereand why was i being mocked earlier, what did i ever do to get mocked?04:17
komputesnevyn: i found external projects like pysdm and disk-manager which are frontends to fstab, but I was wondering if there was a way of doing it without installing extra packages04:17
shazbotmcnastynothing. I was just making fun.04:17
shazbotmcnastyForget it ever happened.04:17
sebsebsebshazbotmcnasty: he didn't get to see that, since he got kicked04:17
=== saulus_ is now known as SauLus
bazhangnickhere, stay on topic04:17
shazbotmcnastyI noticed lol04:17
dsdeizhello, what's the difference bet the under dev google chrome and chromium?04:17
nickherewhat didn't i see?04:17
nevynkomputes: I don't know..04:17
pehdensimple issue, i want filezilla ftp server i have the win base source any sulutions to compiling this for 8.0404:17
nevyndsdeiz: chromium is a game04:18
nickherepehden, you are talking off topic since filezilla does not directly relate to Ubuntu...04:18
nickhereand neither does chrome or chromium..04:18
pehdeni have ubuntu 8.1004:18
bazhangnickhere, it is in the repos04:19
bazhangnickhere, last warning04:19
pehdennickhere i am trying to compile it for ubuntu04:19
nickhereso is ubuntu one04:19
kevdoganyone used rdiff-backup?04:19
n2diyif I setup a headless server, does the video card have to stay in the box?04:19
MK13n2diy, no04:20
pehdenbazhang im refering to the filezilla server04:20
dsdeizi guess you're right nickhere04:20
bazhangpehden, why compile, filezilla is in hardy repos04:20
ding_kevdog, I use it quite a bit in automated fashion.04:20
pehdenthats the client not the server04:20
n2diyMK13: cool, thanks.04:20
kevdogding_:does it run ontop of rsync or is it a standalone utility?04:21
jeremdowIRC noob question - but I'm using pidgin with the purple plugins pack to chat here - is that a reasonable way to do IRC - or should I be using something else?04:21
DocZettaanyone have an answer?04:21
pehdenbazhang thats the client not the server04:21
bazhangpehden, ah I see04:21
nickherethe ops are obviously unfair and unbalanced in this channel04:21
dragonhow can i remove the config files associated with a package after i've removed the package itself?04:21
ctmjrn2diy: i second that what MK13  says04:21
stormchas2000nickhere  i agree with you04:21
trask1pidgin owns, if irc is all u use there or u hack around alot other clients can compete04:22
ding_kevdog, I believe it's implemented in python but that it does use rsync... a check on it's package dependencies should answer that one though...04:22
n2diyctmjr: ok, I better get to work then. tnx04:22
dragon!hi | bipul04:22
ubottubipul: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!04:22
MK13n2diy, i would take my gpu outa my server but it is one w/ the mobo :)04:22
ding_kevdog, it uses librsync1....04:23
kevdogHow is rdiff any different than unison?04:23
dragonIs there a way to get rid of the config files after doing sudo apt-get remove <package>?04:23
kevdogding_:  How is rdiff any different than unison?04:23
bipulactually i was trying find out a way to install jdk to my system and the netbeans04:23
bipulas i am new here in the field of linux please help me04:24
dsdeiznickhere: do you by far know how to change the commands being run by dmenu?04:24
donnybrascohello - I've started getting an error message when I boot my computer (and it seems to be running sluggishly all of a sudden).  The error reads "Enter password for default keyring to unlock - the application 'NetworkManager Applet (/usr/bin/nm-applet) wants access to the default keyring, but it is locked" can anyone help?04:24
sebsebsebdsdeiz: nickhere got muted or something I think04:24
ding_kevdog, unison is a two-way syncing utility. rdiff-backup is designed to keep a record of changes over time, so you can say, retrieve a directory or file from a certain date or number of days back in time...04:24
jeremdowtrask1: thanks - I'm happy with it except being able to have multiple channels tiled - you can do it but trickier in ubuntu because you can't automatically tile the windows.04:25
n2diyMK13: the box I'm working on is a 650mhz machine, with a 128 m of ram. I'd rather be working on the 1200mhz, 256 m ram box, but, the video controller is dead on the MB, and I don't have a PCI card to drop in it.04:25
ding_I believe it also does some fancy footwork with hard links to save disk space04:25
rafaelscji think my gprs connection is faster on ubuntu than on windows...04:25
dsdeizsebsebseb: oh okay04:25
kevdogding_: Ok I get the difference but does it choke with large file sizes like unison?  Sometimes with unison for me if I have a file that is like 100-200 MB in size (or bigger) the process chokes!04:25
flandersIs there anything more up to date than "wipe" and "secure-delete"? These two programs have not been updated for several YEARS. Isn't there a wipe tool that is more recent, and takes into account journaling filesystems and newer harddrive techonlogies?04:26
roy_hobbsHey is there any way to minimize the main interface of NBR and get to the desktop behind? I see that there are icons there so I figure it is somehow useable04:26
rb789I am windows user, I am thinking of getting dell laptop with ubuntu, Is it something easy to learn?04:26
pehdenany one have a sullution to my issue04:26
sebsebsebrb789: the learning curve isn't  that steep04:26
flandersroy_hobbs: You have to switch the desktop mode.04:26
ding_well, since it uses the rsync protocol, it will try to compute deltas. That's where the trouble can happen with large files... There's probably a way to turn off the delta computation aspect...04:26
roy_hobbsflanders: where/how?04:26
rafaelscjhow to get the nameserver from an IP address?04:27
pehdenrb789 it depends on your def of easy04:27
flandersroy_hobbs: Go to Preferences > Switch Desktop Mode04:27
sebsebsebrb789: if you have Ubuntu,  are there any Windows programs you would like to run in it?  if so which?04:27
shazbotmcnastysteam runs in wine :304:27
flandersroy_hobbs: I prefer the classic desktop mode, personally. I got tired of the Netbook desktop mode, and it uses extra RAM as well.04:27
pehdenif anything you can test ubuntu with live cd04:27
DocZettabah. I'm a noob. I haven't even had ubuntu a week yet.04:27
pehdenrb789 make an iso and test it live without installing it04:28
flandersDid anyone see my question about current wipe software?04:28
sebsebseb!wine |  DocZetta   rb78904:28
ubottuDocZetta   rb789: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu04:28
zherkehziHey quick question. How much damage could a virus do to my ubuntu machine if it ran it's self through wine?04:28
sebsebsebzherkehzi: none at all04:28
jeremdowflanders: the netbook mode uses extra ram?04:28
shazbotmcnastybut yes, I think it's an easy thing to learn, there are many many websites, and a great community of people to help you if you don't understand something. rb78904:29
sebsebsebzherkehzi: Windows  viruses only infect Windows04:29
zherkehzikewlbeans thanks!04:29
sebsebsebzherkehzi: also the virus may not work at all in Wine, or  only partially04:29
pehdenrb789 sorry, you can burn ubuntu to disk or order it for free and test it out04:29
sebsebseb!virus |  zherkehzi04:29
ubottuzherkehzi: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2104:29
flandersjeremdow: Yes, I noticed it. It is a couple extra processes, in of itself.04:29
DocZettathanks sebsebseb, but I know what WINE is. :-P04:29
zherkehzias well as the rest of .exe programs rofl04:29
zherkehzithanks everybody04:30
sebsebsebzherkehzi: no probs04:30
DocZettaso...is it safe to restart this machine?04:30
DocZettaI'm not sure if GRUB is gone, and Linux is still on that partition.04:31
DocZettaI've used easyBCD.04:31
DocZettaany thoughts? :-/04:31
pehdenif a virus got into your wine it would only hurt wine installed programs04:31
=== HttpError is now known as evilNirvana
flandersI mean, it's not a memory hog, only about 20 MB. So if you prefer the netbook launcher desktop, then keep it. I prefer the classic desktop mode, after getting tired of the rigid netbook desktop mode. Plus, it saves a bit of RAM as well, if you don't use it.04:31
flandersI don't mean to repeat unneccesarily, but:04:32
flandersIs there anything more up to date than "wipe" and "secure-delete"? These two programs have not been updated for several YEARS. Isn't there a wipe tool that is more recent, and takes into account journaling filesystems and newer harddrive techonlogies?04:32
rockoIs their a dimming app? for notebooks?04:32
jeremdowflanders: I'm just surprised, I use the classic desktop, but i would have assumed netbook mode would have a smaller memory footprint.04:33
pehdenubuntu 9.04 has that ability preinstalled04:34
ExMachinai found a cool hax, just type /quit whoever, and it'll quit them from irc04:34
bruenigjeremdow: nothing ubuntu has a small memory footprint04:34
flandersjeremdow:  It doesn't. It is an additional application running in the background.04:34
lotusExMachina, why?  Why would you goof noobs?04:34
stovice1ExMachina: bored much?04:35
ExMachinain other news, how those linux ATI drivers coming along?04:35
rockoLooking for a dimming app (easy peasy...on vaio)04:35
=== stovice1 is now known as stovicek
ExMachinaI'm debating between a GTX 260 and a 4850, with the 4850 being about $70 cheaper04:35
flandersrocko: It's built in to Ubuntu.04:35
nicros_anyone get the Intel GMA 500 working in Ubuntu Jaunty yet?04:36
nicros_Dell mini 1004:36
psywipedget the gtx04:36
psywipedbetter drivers04:36
DocZettaI'm on the GMA 4500, nicros_ -- works fine. don't see why 500 wouldn't, though it's old as dirt.04:36
nicros_it's new04:36
nicros_very new04:37
pehdenum like , filezilla ftp server how to install from source please04:37
richardcavellIs it possible to connect to irc using empathy?04:37
rockoflanders says dimming is built in....so, how can I manually manipulate?04:37
nicros_its the HD Video card for the dell mini 1004:37
lotusrichardcavell, I've heard it supports all the pidgin protocols, but I have no experience.04:38
stanley_hey guys I can't play DVD's even after installing the appropriate packages...is there somethign else I am supposed to do?04:38
lotusstanley_, I suggest looking into VLC04:39
shazbotmcnastyI agree.04:39
richardcavelllotus: well which protocol is it?04:39
shazbotmcnastyvlc is king04:39
kevdoganyone have an acer one aspire netbook?04:40
tsrk_is /root being accessible by root only a new thing in 9.04?04:40
lotusrichardcavell, like I said I have no experience using empathy.  I just know pidign supports IRC.  The protocol is "IRC" iirc hahaha04:40
richardcavelllotus: there's no IRC04:40
tsrk_lotus, what's iirc stand for?04:40
richardcavelllotus: if i recall correctly04:40
tsrk_lotus, and lotus notes sucks04:40
pehdenum like , filezilla ftp server how to install from source please repeat 104:41
pe2hi, I've changed with sudo -s to root in the terminal. how I can swith back to my normal user?04:41
tsrk_thank you richardcavell04:41
stanley_lotus I have vlc that doesn't play them either04:41
tsrk_pe2, ctrl-d04:41
kevdogpe2: exit04:41
richardcavellpehden: if you want to know about installing from source I suggest connecting to #slackware04:41
richardcavellpehden: they are used to that sort of thing04:41
Entelinive got a sblive (emu10k) soundcard, its known good. however interestingly, when recording it seems to lock up, ive got two of the same exact card, and two different computers both running ubuntu, same results in any combination.  when recording in audacity for example it will briefly record, and then cease recording04:41
pe2kevdog: thanks04:41
Entelinsubsequent recording attempts will cease working completely04:41
lotusstanley_, I dunno.  I know there's media repositories and stuff, you're sure you downloaded the right packages?  Search google for ubuntu dvd codecs04:41
kevdogpehden:  Compiling from source is easy04:41
lotusrichardcavell, I'm not sure why, empathy homepage says it supports IRC04:42
kevdogpehden: Have you ever done any installing from source before?04:42
richardcavelllotus: I know but I can't see which protocol04:42
stanley_lotus...ok then, I downloaded and installed everything i was told to on the documentation04:42
richardcavelllotus: anyway I'm happy with xchat04:42
GodfatherofEireSay, is there any way to get a sort of kernel compatibility layer, to cause different hardware to be recognized (with lesser capabilities than what is actually present), by a host operating system?04:43
kevdogWhy is creating a bz2 tar archive so slow??  Rhetorical question04:43
lotusrichardcavell, I use xchat ftw :)  pidgin has too many pop-up windows (nameserv, all the greet bots, etc)04:43
richardcavellkevdog: it just is04:43
pehdenkevdog the source is set for windows, from what i have read in the code04:43
lotusstanley_, got me, someone else might know more sorry04:43
stanley_lotus: thanks anyway man04:44
richardcavellkevdog: I tried backing up my internal hard disk to a bz2 file and could have fallen asleep waiting for it.  It's not much smaller than gzip04:44
richardcavellkevdog: that is to say, the resulting image is not much smaller with bz2 than with gz04:44
pehdenkevdog thats why im here i new to this04:45
ojaidoes anyone know how to disable ipv6 in jaunty?04:45
kevdogI just aborted bz2 creation and am going with gz -- Hopefully its faster04:45
kevdogpehden:  Why do you want filezilla anyway -- linux has better utilities04:45
ojaiused to be easy by commenting out the line in /etc/modprobe.conf/aliases back in the day but doesn't like that file exists anymore04:46
kevdogYea this gz archive creation is faster!!!04:47
kevdogThanks for tip!!!04:47
nickherepehden, why do you want to disable ipv6?04:48
pehdenkevdog like its set up04:48
zherkehziHas anyone else had problem's with compiz in 8.04? It's been crashing after I change something, and then reboot04:48
kevdogpehden:  Ok but better start liking another programs setup as well04:49
vosszherki, I just turned compee off ;-)04:49
pehdenkevdog I tried vsftp i leked its simpleness but it wouldnt let me upload to it or have users the way i wanted04:50
zherkehziok. I thought I was screwing it up somehow due to my noobish self04:50
kevdogpehden: What about ssh and winscp?04:50
nicros_how do i download the public key for the ppa repos?04:50
vosszherki, Its eye candy, not necessary for ubuntu functioning04:51
gheehey guys, in permissions hell, though must be a simple problem.  vfat line in fstab is /dev/sda10 /media/DATA vfat utf8,user,umask=022 0 1.  works fine for sudo but permission denied user.  any ideas?04:51
bazhanghttps://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA#Adding%20a%20PPA%27s%20keys%20to%20your%20system nicros_04:51
ultrazquiet in here.04:51
vossPersonally I just wish ubuntu did not compiz by default04:51
pehdenkevdog winscp04:52
zherkehzimy computer does not want to reboot after compiz installation04:52
bullgard4When has GNOME 2.24 been released?04:52
zherkehzinot that it's old04:53
=== Homer is now known as Guest63000
meatweep?DCC SEND "ff???f?" 0 0 0\04:54
pehdenkevdog what is that04:55
ProhWhat's that software again, which you use to boot ubuntu from flash drive ?04:55
zherkehzibullgard4: I believe in sept 08. I may be wrong04:55
Prohubuntin or something04:55
bazhangProh, unetbootin04:56
Prohlol yeah thanks04:56
bullgard4zherkehzi: Thank you.04:56
zherkehzibullgard4: thank google. lol04:56
nickhereit is easier to boot into the live cd and install it using the  usb startup disk creator04:57
bazhangnickhere, he may be using windows atm04:57
Prohyeah, that's correct ^^04:57
gheehey guys, in permissions hell, though must be a simple problem.  vfat line in fstab is /dev/sda10 /media/DATA vfat utf8,user,umask=022 0 1.  works fine for sudo but permission denied user.  any ideas?04:57
bazhangunetbootin has one for windows iirc04:57
zherkehzibullgard4:I just checked, sept 24, 0804:58
gasullHi all.  Is there any way to run a Mac OS Widget on Linux?  Thanks.04:58
nickherebazhang, can't he still boot into the live cd without harming windows?04:58
zherkehzito be exact04:58
bazhanggasull, in kde4?04:58
bullgard4zherkehzi: Very good, thank you again.04:58
gasullbazhang: gnome04:58
bazhangnickhere, sure, but he wants unetbootin04:58
bazhanggasull, doubtful with gnome, kde4 can iirc04:58
nickhereI was just trying to offer an easier solution :-)04:59
dportCan anyone offer some FTP server help?05:01
cjae_ok I had to remove my normal user login user due to mistakes during lvm creation, but I have the user recreated but need to know how to add them to sudo and any other group I need05:02
dporti'm using filezilla and want to create an FTP server to share music with a couple of friends05:02
cjae_I used adduser from cli05:03
vossdport, all creative commons music im sure05:03
misfit_00_Mdoes anyone know how to change the screen size on a netbook?  I have a netbook with 8.9" screen but appears for some reason UNR is using 10" setting and can't see any of the borders.  Thoughts?05:03
dportits all music that i've personally made05:04
ultrazI used to have Thinkpad T42, and was running Ubuntu for a long time on it, and i remember fan working non stop, after that i switched to Dell Latitude runing Ubuntu where fan worked fine. Recently i got Thinkpad T60 and i am having the same issue, once the fan start it never stops. Is this issue known or?05:06
vossultraz, may be an issue with the t-60 fan assembly05:07
BellinXFeloncan someone help me with my external usb hd i cannot write to it05:07
nickhereBellinXFelon, is it write protected?05:07
BellinXFelonnickhere : no i dont think so05:08
BellinXFelonnickhere : i just had it working and now it went back to not letting me write to it05:08
nickhereever plug it into a windows machine?05:08
ultrazvoss: and T42?05:10
ultrazvoss: It looks to me like Ubuntu has issue with Thinkpads.05:11
vossultraz, perhaps05:11
ubottuTo add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo05:12
iwobblesmm I had a few issues with my think pad ultraz keyboard problems & usb05:12
iwobblesbut after a few updates it seemed to have fixed most issues05:13
vossultraz, fan assemblies can be a problem with older thinkpads05:13
mechtechHey...I think I need a little help...I just opened a folder full of e-books via the gui, and the progress wheel just keeps spinning, and not all the files are appearing...is this a problem, or should i just be more patient?05:13
vossultraz, generally thinkpads run linux very well05:16
vossI hate these new prius commercials ;-)05:16
mechtechIBM makes good hardware05:16
AnnathI hate commercials in general05:16
zherkehzimechtech:What i would do is a force-quit and try again05:16
CaptWhohow do i do a su in 9.04?05:17
mechtechzherkehzi: force quit what?05:17
mechtechand how?05:17
CaptWhoi set up a user password when i installed the system, but it didn't have me use a root password05:17
vossWhat is Linux Mint considered in relation to Ubuntu , a variant, a spinoff or a derivative product?05:17
hoontekeCaptWho: you use sudo05:17
zherkehziWell try to click the exit button, then it should ask you to Wait, or Force quit05:17
hoontekeCaptWho: $ sudo su -05:18
hoontekethen type your user password05:18
nickherelinux mint is like the long lost cousin...05:18
zherkehziThen click force quit. But I mean, whatever you think05:18
mechtechCaptWho: to perform commands as root, use sudo...never really want to login as root05:18
vossMint 7 is 9.04 with a bunch of tweaks05:18
aurillianceafternoon all. q: I have a music cd that works in my cd player, but doesn't mount when put into my laptop's dvd drive... I'm guessing it's because the cd is protected / scratched a bit? Could someone clear this up for me? thnx05:19
KE7TMAi am a relative newb to ubuntu05:19
KE7TMAit's been years since i learned linux05:19
mechtechhow to force quit?05:19
KE7TMAi wanted a fakeraid so i used server, not i am in the process of bootstrapping a desktop from it05:19
CaptWhothanks much hoonteke05:19
KE7TMAhow do i use apt to install the ubuntu DESKTOP package?05:19
hoontekeCaptWho: no worries, but listen to mechtech as well.05:19
zherkehzimechtech: You can also add the force quit button to your panel. Right click on panel, then click add to panel,05:20
CaptWhowhy cam05:20
zherkehzithen search for force quit. then click Add.05:20
KE7TMAyou can also kill a task from the system monitor05:20
CaptWhowhy shouldn't i log in as root?05:20
KE7TMAit's easier to screw up the system05:20
danbhfiveKE7TMA: do you want the package or the full desktop that is installed by the installer?05:20
KE7TMAcat walks across the keyboard05:20
KE7TMAi installed the ubuntu-desktop metapackage05:21
KE7TMAbut i still have the server kernel05:21
KE7TMAmy goal is a mythbuntu setup05:21
mechtechzherkehzi: thanks...is there a keystroke for that?05:21
KE7TMAbut, i want to have gnome as well,05:21
KE7TMAthe damned thing is that i managed it once before05:22
KE7TMAbut bad ram caused that installation to fail mysteriously05:22
kbpwhy is there no virus on *nix system?05:22
zherkehzimechtech: I'm sorry, I dont understand. What do you mean by keystroke?05:22
danbhfiveKE7TMA: yeah, you gotta install linux-generic05:22
aurilliancekbp: because it's soo good05:22
mechtechzherkehzi: like <ctrl><alt>delete in win, or <Command><option>esc in Mac OS05:23
trollaxorhi. i was wondering if anyone ever noticed any versions of ubuntu throwing up random terminal sessions with text inside.05:23
mazda01having troubles with scp. i am trying to copy some files from a ssh server. i am typing in this.    ssh dan@server:/User/folder/folder   but scp is merely returning options to me like I am not using the right syntax. can someone help me please?05:23
KE7TMAthat seems to be the trick05:23
KE7TMAthanks a million05:23
kbpaurilliance: it's not the main reason...05:23
KE7TMAi got an hdhomerun05:23
mechtechtrollaxor: ouch05:23
KE7TMAi used to have a fuckin windows media center pc05:23
KE7TMAmy wife won at the state fair05:23
danbhfive!virus > kbp05:24
ubottukbp, please see my private message05:24
KE7TMAi let the smoke out with bad ram05:24
toyimpgr, well I did something to mess up my x-server. Now working from a clean install of ubuntu.. again -.-05:24
mechtech!language | KE7TMA05:24
ubottuKE7TMA: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:24
zherkehzimechtech: I don't think so, but If you add it to your panel, it's just as easy. you click on it, then click on the program you want to force quit. Then boom! programs gone05:24
KE7TMAah  sorry05:24
mazda01i am using this site for examples. and it appears that it should be working.  http://help.ischool.washington.edu/faqs/30_32_en.html05:24
zherkehzimechtech:let me check the keyboard shortcuts. one secound05:24
mechtechzherkehzi: I did that and it worked great, and this time, my file browser didn't freeze...thanks a lot05:24
KE7TMAwell you guys have been most helpful05:25
kbpubottu doesnt explain why there is no virus on Linux05:25
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:25
KE7TMAto tell the truth i'm more of a mac, freebsd, solaris kind of guy05:25
mechtechxserve is apple's bsd based rackmount server product05:25
KE7TMAbut none of those will drive my new atom's onboard video accelerator05:25
KE7TMArunning linux on a mac05:25
james_join #webos-internals05:25
KE7TMAis kind of like a fish riding a bicycle05:25
mechtechkbp: I got a virus infected file yesterday from a torrent I downloaded05:26
zherkehzimechtech: no problem. but sorry there's no keystrokes for force quit. I checked. For regular quit there is ALT+4.05:26
KE7TMAif you want your xserve to be like linux there are a hundred ways to do it05:26
vossmech, what os?05:26
mechtechzherkehzi: thanks a lot05:26
KE7TMAor run linux inside virtualbox05:26
Xodiac13i am trying to get wireless on my laptop it works in 9.04 but my video card isnt supported in that version i am using 8.10 with antheros chipset can someone help me get my wireless card working05:26
KE7TMAgive it say half the processors05:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about intel-microcode05:26
KE7TMAi have a mac pro here05:27
mechtechKE7TMA: actually Apple's OSes are ALL Free BSD based now, and frankly it's the best software on this planet05:27
KE7TMAi know05:27
vossxodiac, what type of computer is it?05:27
KE7TMAapple's "os x" used to be called nextstep in the 80s05:27
Xodiac13mechtech: sorry to bother you i need help with my wireless card i have the atheros chipset05:27
mechtechKE7TMA: oops...thought you were dogging Mac OS05:27
KE7TMAand it is in fact based off BSD unix05:27
KE7TMAwith a mach microkernel05:27
KE7TMAthe userland and a lot of the system is freebsd05:27
KE7TMAbut with a different driver model and a totally different kernel05:28
KE7TMAi know05:28
mechtechXodiac13: no bother...what symptoms?05:28
KE7TMAit feels like freebsd though05:28
Xodiac13mechtech: i would like to get wireless going on this laptop so i dont have to have it wired05:28
jipsyhow can i restart my settings??05:28
richardcavellDoes anyone know anything about the intel-microcode package?  Whether it should be installed and if so, how to use it?05:28
omegamormegilkbp:  Viruses exploit security vulnerabilities in the software they attack.  Linux has less vulnerabilities, and when they are found they are patched.  Also, people writing viruses want to go after Windows because it's so much more commonly used.  They get more bang for their buck.05:28
KE7TMAi am saying05:28
KE7TMAwhy run linux on an xserve?05:28
KE7TMAjust run os x05:28
KE7TMAand virtualbox05:28
trollaxorwhy run linux on a mac?05:28
vossmechtech, I think OS/X is good but overrated05:28
Xodiac13mechtech: it i looked in the hardware and it installed the atheros wlan so i pretty sure wireless should work05:28
mechtechXodiac13: is it giving you errors, or you need to know where to start?05:29
jipsymawning penguins....how can i restart all my settings??05:29
richardcavelltrollaxor: I'm using Linux on a Mac right now05:29
KE7TMAi submit that running linux on a mac is pointless05:29
KE7TMAi am not trying to flame here05:29
Xodiac13mechtech: i need to know where to start what programs i can use to easily connect to my router05:29
KE7TMAbut hardware support is better anyway05:29
roy_hobbsHey I got an EEEBuntu NBR problem. I accidentally rotated the screen at one point, now every time i boot up it rotates, I can't undo the setting05:29
KE7TMAand os x is not too obtrusive05:29
mechtechvoss: a little off topic, but if you find a bug, I'd like to know...we have four macs around here, and I used to work for Apple05:30
mechtechXodiac13: iwconfig05:30
trollaxormechtech what was your job at apple05:30
cjae_!info newuser05:30
ubottuPackage newuser does not exist in jaunty05:30
richardcavell!info intel-microcode05:30
ubottuintel-microcode (source: intel-microcode): Processor microcode data file for Intel CPUs. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 0.20090330-1ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 462 kB, installed size 1256 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)05:30
KE7TMAi wish gnustep had ubuntu backing05:30
mechtechtrollaxor: tech support for OS X, OS 9.2 and iMac05:30
kbpomegamormegil: thank you :) I just worry about the programs I installed through apt-get (repositories). Did anyone check/try it before make it available for people to use?05:30
omegamormegiljipsy:  for what application?  The settings for a given application are usually stored in a hidden folder or file (which starts with a period) in your home folder.05:30
KE7TMAthat would be way cool05:30
Xodiac13mechtech: it says no wireless extenstions05:31
KE7TMAbeats the pants off gnome anyway05:31
albechwhat can cause many domains not to load properly when not using the ISPs DNS servers?05:31
Xodiac13mechtech: is that good or bad05:31
albechnot load properly = not load at all ;)05:31
Soulguardhey ifi try to ./configure clutter on 9.04 it starts complaining about missing GLX Headers (using it in an vmware envirement but hou can ik enable these missing headers05:31
cjae_what groups do I need to belong to when creating a new user, that make it the same as the user created during installation?05:31
KE7TMAcan you do accelerated x in vmware?05:31
mechtechXodiac13: lemme research...doesn't sound good...have you re-loaded or re-booted since you installed the drivers for your wireles card?05:31
KE7TMAi would assume you need to install their "guest extensions" or whatever they call them05:32
Xodiac13mechtech: it says in the hardware that its activated and i made sure the switch is on when i done have the ethernet port in it has 2 computers together on top right05:32
Soulguardi dont know gues not05:32
omegamormegilkbp:  The files coming through apt-get come from one place, which is much more secure than having to download every program from a different website.  You can generally consider them to be very safe.  If you are really paranoid, you can also opt to stick with the main Ubuntu server, as opposed to a mirror.05:32
zenlunaticcjae_: sudo it i believe adduser needs root05:32
=== Soulguard is now known as Gos
zherkehzi!cluster managment05:32
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gay05:32
Xodiac13mechtech: it was already activated when i did a clean install05:32
ubottuAcronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.05:32
toyimpAre people still having problems with the 2.6.28-14 kernel?05:33
bazhangtrollaxor, stop that psywiped you too05:33
mechtechXodiac13: ok...hang on05:33
Xodiac13mechtech: okay05:33
psywipedwtf is jfgi?05:33
trollaxorstop what05:33
bazhangtrollaxor, psywiped /msg ubottu05:33
trollaxorcan i /queery it instead05:33
Gosjfgi ==just fing google it05:34
psywipedah ok05:34
Gosi had to google that to find out05:34
=== happyaron_ is now known as happyaron
nickhereubottu, is far from intelligent...05:35
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about intelligent05:36
psywipedslow night05:36
bazhangtake chat to #ubuntu-offtopic please05:36
trollaxoranyone know anything about ubuntu 9.04 changing wallpaper all by itself?05:36
artillerytxi keep getting this e-mailed to me any one know why ? - http://paste.ubuntu.com/240807/05:38
BellinXFeloncan someone help me with my usb external hd05:38
omegamormegiltrollaxor:  What did it change to?05:38
trollaxor pink ♂ symbols superimposed over images of innocent-looking, shirtless teenage boys engaged in certain acts.05:39
mechtechwhat's wrong with floodbot?05:39
nickherewhats with the floodbot?05:39
mechtechtrollaxor: how did you make the "male" symbol?05:40
bazhangtrollaxor, that is not appropriate here05:40
Xodiac13mechtech: is there a way to get wlan on my laptop05:40
nickhereplug your network cable in Xodiac1305:40
trollaxorbazhang: are you some kind of nanny? im describing my problem as accurtately as i can without being explicit. this is really starting to freak me out and i need help.05:40
Xodiac13mechtech: im on the laptop05:41
Xodiac13mechtech: with the ethernet cable05:41
Xodiac13nickhere: i did05:41
nickhereand that didn't work?05:42
Xodiac13nickhere: im trying to get wlan on my laptop05:42
mechtechXodiac13: yes...synaptic package manager...system>administration>synaptic>search for "wlan" choose appropriate packages and apply changes05:42
nickhereyou mean wifi?05:42
Xodiac13mechtech: okay05:42
matakscan someone help me with the workspaces.. when im move to the next workspace i can still see my open application in my previous workspace.. which is workspace 2 should be empty space right.. why is that05:42
Xodiac13mechtech: which one do i choosde05:43
omegamormegilXodiac13:  Going to System>Administration>Hardware Drivers may be an easier way of getting your wifi working.  It tries to autodetect what you need to have installed.05:43
nickheremataks, no you should be able to see them in the little space05:43
mechtechXodiac13: Ihonestly don't know...I use iwconfig05:44
Xodiac13mechtech: k05:44
zherkehzithis irc channel does seem slower than usual.05:44
nickheremy fie worked by default05:44
Xodiac13omegamoregil: im just trying to get my wireless going05:44
mataksnickhere,  desktop1 and desktop2 have the same application open when i choose any of them05:44
donnybrascoAnyone know how to route my audio to my bluetooth headset (i903)?05:44
kevdogwaaaaaaaay slooooooooowwww05:45
zherkehziits so slow that......05:45
omegamormegilXodiac13:  That's generally what the Hardware Drivers tool is used for.  Wifi, and also getting graphics cards working better.05:45
* kevdog senses a yo mama joke coming!05:45
nickhereright click on the program in the task bar and make sure you have "only visable on this workspace" selected05:45
mechtechmataks: go to compizconfig settings manager...go to general options...desktop size...horizontal virtual size should be however many desktop environments you want, number of desktops should read 105:45
donny__brascoAnyone know how to route my audio to my bluetooth headset (i903)?05:46
mataksmechtech,  ok i'll try05:46
zherkehzi... it's slow05:46
Xodiac13omegamormegil: im trying to find a program that i can use to make it easier to connect that actually shows me the network connections but i dont know what that program is can you help me im looking in the synaptics package manger and i typed in wlan05:46
mataksmechtech,  it's already 1.. number of desktops.. but still same application on my panel05:48
* Atreus hates coming here every few weeks, askign for help05:48
mechtechmataks: so, you have the same windows open on your second desktop as your first?05:48
mataksmechtech,  nope the windows are not open.. just this tab in the panel..  same applications in the panel05:49
omegamormegilXodiac13:  The program you want to use is the Network Manager Applet on your panel.  If the panel applet doesn't display any wifi connections that means you need to install the drivers.  Do you see that applet?  If you are using a wired connection it probably looks like a black computer monitor.05:49
AtreusMy computer simply won't boot my 9.04 CD.  it'll boot the 8.something CD fine, but freezes while installing, and downrigth passes over the CD when it's 9.04.  any suggestins?05:49
kevdogAtreus:  Try alternate cd05:49
bazhangAtreus, sounds like a bad burn05:50
ipskhow to view .dwg files autocad files in ubuntu05:50
Atreuskevdog, bazhang: i've tried two burns05:50
Xodiac13omegamormegil: yes i see it but when i take out the ethernet cable it displays two computers with and orange x on the right bottom side05:50
bazhangAtreus, md5 the iso, burn very slowly, do the disk integrity check05:50
mataksmechtech,  for example i open xchat,firefox and audacious in desktop1 ... when i move to desktop2.. those programs are on my panel.. ..05:50
mechtechmataks: Ooooh!  I think it's supposed to be that way...for instance, I had a bunch of files sitting in my desktop folder...their icons were on all of my desktops...see what I mean?05:50
zherkehziYou know, the more viruses windows get's the less people want to use it. Upside for ubuntu05:50
bazhangAtreus, if the iso is corrupt that wont matter05:50
Atreusbazhang: also downloaded it twice, separately05:50
mataksmechtech, it's not the icon.. it's the tabs05:50
Atreusand burned ont he slowest speed05:51
bazhangAtreus, and md5'd it?05:51
ipskhow to view .dwg files autocad files in ubuntu05:51
omegamormegilXodiac13:  Yes, that's what I'd expect.  If you click it, does it give you a "Wireless Network" section?05:51
mechtechmataks: oh...just a sec...yeah, actually...same here05:51
Atreusdon't think so, unless PowerDVD does it automatically05:51
kevdogatreus - check the signature or md5  -- or just try the alternate cd05:51
Temlar_Xionjoin #sql05:51
ipskhow to view .dwg files autocad files in ubuntu05:51
bazhang!md5 | Atreus check this05:51
ubottuAtreus check this: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:51
mechtechmataks:  like, I have xchat in the upper right on both desktop panels05:52
Xodiac13omegamormegil: no it doesnt its odd is there a program i need to install or something05:52
Atreusbazhang: thankies05:52
mataksmechtech,  hehe.. i think something to do with the reflection maybe.. or not..  before it isn't like this until i play something on compiz05:52
=== Temlar_Xion is now known as Templar_Xion
donnybrascotrying to route my audio to my bluetooth headset using bluez - anyone know how to do it?05:52
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:52
Atreusbazhang: immediate problem, i has no ubuntu05:52
ubottuA desktop environment is what "puts the pieces of a !GUI together". The available desktop environments in Ubuntu are !GNOME (ubuntu-desktop), !KDE (kubuntu-desktop), !Xfce (xubuntu-desktop), IceWM, !Fluxbox, WindowMaker (wmaker), FVWM and others - See also !Flavors05:52
ubottu!GTK and !Qt are !GUI toolkits (i.e. software libraries that draw buttons, textboxes, etc). !GNOME, !KDE, !Xfce and friends are "!desktop environments", which build on top of such libraries to provide a "consistent" desktop experience. !Kubuntu and !Xubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with KDE and Xfce (respectively) installed as default, instead of GNOME. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu05:53
ubottuEnlightenment (or "E") is a window manager for X, providing a useful, and good looking graphical shell in which to work. E17 is the current development version.05:53
mataksmechtech,  maybe you're talking about the xchat tray icons. hehe it should be there but the tabs im worried about.05:53
jipsy_there something wrong with my laptop..1st. desktop effects cannot be enabled 2.when i minimized my windows it closes!!05:53
kandjarhi there, I rescently installed ubuntu 9.04... everything seemed ok, until I tried to run a video in firefox.. it doesn't work05:53
=== Azeem is now known as moymoy
mechtechmataks: explain tabs please *feeling stupid*05:53
kandjarhas anybody encounter this issue and/or have a fix for it?05:54
zherkehzican the netbook edition of ubuntu be ran on a regular laptop?05:54
omegamormegilXodiac13:  You probably need to install the drivers for your wifi.  A lot of wifi cards don't work out of the box, because there are legal restrictions on how the drivers can be distributed.  Ubuntu has the Hardware Drivers tool to try to help people get this type of hardware working.  Did you try it?05:54
bazhangkevdog, please /msg ubottu to reduce channel noise05:54
* Atreus curses loudly and kicks his BIOS05:54
GodfatherofEirekandjar, do you ean like, a youtube video?05:54
Xodiac13omegamormegil: where do i start05:54
jipsy_there something wrong with my laptop..1st. desktop effects cannot be enabled 2.when i minimized my windows it closes!!05:54
kandjarGodfatherofEire: yeah05:54
kandjaror ign video05:55
mechtechAtreus: careful, you'll get your foot stuck in eprom05:55
omegamormegilXodiac13:  Go to System>Administration>Hardware Drivers05:55
GodfatherofEirekandjar, go into synaptic and install the flash nonfree plugin05:55
kandjarI see the big triangle with a circle around, I press it (kind of a big play button) and the screen stay black05:55
Xodiac13omegamormegil: okay05:55
mataksmechtech,  ahhmm i don't know if it's tab  or task manager.. hehe i think it's task manager that can switch between running application05:56
GodfatherofEirekandjar, open synaptic and find and install flash-plugin-nonfree, I believe it is05:56
=== Vobine is now known as Psychoholic
ecretI am unable to record audio in flash.  I tried 10 and 9.  I am able to record in audacity/wavplayer.  I read that there is issues with it and you can change the index of the alsa-base to fix it but I am new at this and have no clue.  I tried trial and error and failed.    http://pastebin.ca/1514544            Can someone please take a look?05:57
mataksjipsy,  type this in terminal.. "sudo apt-get bati-kog-nawng" and reboot05:57
Xodiac13omegamormegil: its up i have hardware drivers windows up05:58
bazhangmataks, what is that05:59
omegamormegilXodiac13:  Does the window list any drivers in the box?  (Are you running Ubuntu 9.04?)05:59
GodfatherofEirekandjar, sorry, its flashplugin-nonfree05:59
=== zherkehzi is now known as byte_me__
Xodiac13omegamoregil: yes it does there is one called atheros 802.11 wlan and its activated06:00
OhioErichi everyone06:00
nickherewhats up EricOhio06:00
m0r0nUbuntu isint loading as fast as it use to, anyone know what I can do to solve this before it becomes worse06:00
=== coleys is now known as coleys_
omegamormegilXodiac13:  Do you know what version of Ubuntu you are running?06:01
byte_me__m0r0n:reinstall. works for me. haha06:01
nickherei have to fart06:01
nickherewhoops wrong channel06:01
omegamormegilXodiac13:  Was it active when the window first popped up?06:01
Xodiac13i am running ubuntu 8.10 its perfect because my video card works and i have installed 9.04 it had my wireless working but im am going to use 8.1006:01
Xodiac13omegamoregil: uh no it had a x06:02
Xodiac13omegamoregil: orange x06:02
Ademanhow can i list the files that belong to a package on the command line?06:02
nickheredo you know what version of ubuntu I am running?06:02
mechtechnickhere: 9.04?06:02
mechtechthat's the latest06:03
linuxguy2009Ademan: Does it have to be on the CLI? Cause synaptic makes that realy easy.06:03
=== ^Einstein is now known as BBurhans
DaZlinuxguy2009, ...06:04
linuxguy2009DaZ: You need some help there?06:04
DaZno, thanks06:04
bazhangnickhere, lsb_release -a in the terminal06:05
kyppcgeekLinux Mint is AWSOME!06:05
omegamormegilXodiac13:  Alright.  Check the network-manager applet to see if it is detecting wireless networks now.  If not, you might want to try restarting the computer.  If that doesn't work, there was a bug in Ubuntu 8.10 with getting some Atheros cards working and you need to install the linux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic package to make it work.  You can search for it in the Synaptic Package Manager you had open previously.06:05
linuxguy2009hehe ok? hehe06:05
Gneakyppcgeek: relevence?06:05
bazhang!mintsupport > kyppcgeek06:05
ubottukyppcgeek, please see my private message06:05
Ademanlinuxguy2009: ah, yeah, that works, although for the future i'd definitely like to find out how to do it from the command line...06:05
OhioEricive wanted to try linux mint before. never got around to it06:05
toyimpSome flash generic ubuntu flash player just got installed from firefox. Is there anyway that I can remove it?06:05
nickherelsb_release -a06:05
GneaAdeman: dpkg --contents /path/to/file.db06:06
matakshelp pls my workspace1 and workspace2 have the same running applications in task manager. why is that?06:06
Xodiac13omegamormegil: okay i will just install the package06:06
toyimpI have the name of it from the about:plugins06:06
nickhereXodiac13, because those programs are still running06:06
OhioErichow is everyone tonigt06:06
Eric_J1Can someone help with a weird sound card issue?06:06
Purpleyhey guys i have a question06:07
Gneamataks: you have the applications set to be visible on any desktop06:07
kyppcgeekubuntu is on my server. linux mint is on my desktop06:07
mechtechoot, click options, select KDE and continue06:07
Xodiac13nickhere: what06:07
mataksGnea, where can i change the settings?06:07
PurpleyEverytime i move these certain files to the trash they come back to my desktop06:07
Purpleyive also tried putting them in a folder06:07
omegamormegilXodiac13:  Let me know if it works.06:07
Gneakyppcgeek: please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic then06:07
Purpleyand they apparently make copies06:07
Purpleyand goto my desktop06:07
Gneamataks: right-click on any of the applications06:08
Purpleyand im sure there not viruses06:08
AdemanGnea: ah thanks06:08
Purpleyas im not sure how someone goes about infecting a pdf file06:08
kyppcgeekum. both run same commands. i am watching posts here and learning06:08
Purpleyand ive already ran a virus scan06:08
Eric_J1can anyone give me some advice on my sound card issue?06:08
nickherejust because you are in a different virtual desktop, it doesn't mean those programs cease to exist when you are on another desktop06:08
Xodiac13omegamormegil: okay06:08
mechtechPupley: I had an infected pdf yesterday06:08
Xodiac13omegamormegil: should i restart my computer after i get the package06:09
Purpleyanyone have an idea?06:09
mataksGnea,  it's only in workspace1.. the checkbox is only on workspace1 not  _ all workspace.. i think this is in compiz06:09
kyppcgeekEric: ?06:09
Eric_J1Okay, my sound was fine about two days ago06:09
PurpleyWell to be honest i know how you do infect a pdf file06:09
mechtechPurpley: yes06:09
Purpleyits just that06:09
Eric_J1then I get on today06:09
Gneamataks: does it still occur when you turn compiz off?06:09
Eric_J1and I have no sound06:09
PurpleyI doubt someone would infect this type06:09
Purpleyits multiple files06:09
kyppcgeekloose cord?06:09
Ademandoes anyone know of the best way to get new kernel versions in jaunty? I want to get 2.6.30 at least, (really i'm looking for a PPA)06:09
Eric_J1I go to sound preferences after trying to unmute and it gave me an error06:09
Gnea!enter | Purpley06:09
ubottuPurpley: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!06:09
kyppcgeekno power?06:09
mataksGnea, don't know.. how to turn off compiz?06:09
Eric_J1it showed no default devices06:10
omegamormegilXodiac13:  I'd check network manager first.  Sometimes it just starts working without a restart.  If it isn't working yet try the restart.06:10
Gneamataks: desktop effects06:10
Eric_J1lspci recognizes the card06:10
Xodiac13omegamormegil: okay i didnt see anything i will restart brb06:10
mechtechPurpley: seems like it's acting like a virus06:10
PurpleyI know06:10
kyppcgeekEric: Alsaconf?06:10
m0r0nUbuntu isint loading as fast as it use to, anyone know what I can do to solve this before it becomes worse06:10
Eric_J1it was06:10
PurpleyBut Ive heard linux is a hard OS to infect06:10
Purpleyand ive ran a virus scan06:10
mataksGnea, is that in compiz?06:10
rodimus_can someoen pleaze tell me what the green dot in the corner of my screen is?06:10
Purpleyalthough they might slip away06:11
moymoyAdeman: there probably isn't any PPA available.. you can try looking for deb files.. there's a great guide to compiling your own, i'll link you in a second (i used this guide myself)06:11
Gneam0r0n: remove the packages you've installed since then that make it run slower06:11
gmachine24Purpley, it's mostly that people don't try to infect Linux06:11
PurpleyBecause its not easy06:11
Gneamataks: no, click on System->Preferences->something06:11
mechtechPurpley: not hard to infect...infections are rare...most viruses are written to compromize windows, but Mac OS and even linux can still get infections just as easily06:11
moymoyAdeman: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile06:11
m0r0nGnea: But they don't load on start, how could that make a difference?06:11
Gnea(i forget what something is at the moment)06:11
gmachine24Purpley, no, because they target MS because it's the biggest and the baddest06:11
kyppcgeekinfect linux? lmao ftl06:11
linuxguy2009rodimus_:  Probably pidgin sitting there. You can change your status.06:11
Eric_J1anyone have any idea how to solve this?06:12
gmachine24Purpley, the first big viruses in the U.S. hacked Unix systems06:12
Gneam0r0n: I don't know what programs you've installed... what version of ubuntu are you on?06:12
Eric_J1it was fine and then it just went crazy06:12
rodimus_linuxguy2009, how come they didnt come up with something that looks better?06:12
rodimus_like a real icon.06:12
BellinXFelonhow come i don't have any audio output in konqueror?06:12
mechtechgmachine24: more like, if you infect windows machines, you're more likely to get business critical systems to break06:12
rodimus_instead of green dot06:12
m0r0nGnea: Jaunty06:12
Gneakyppcgeek: do you have anything constructive to add to the conversation?06:12
linuxguy2009rodimus_: If you dont like it, dont use it. Simple.06:12
nomad77Purpley: if you want reassurance try installing chkrootkit,and,rkhunter and see what results are06:12
Ademanthanks moymoy06:12
gmachine24mechtech: Indeed.06:12
PurpleyIm aware of that, its not hard to infect ubuntu im just simply saying all of these files downloaded from different sources apparently are doing the same thing06:13
Gneam0r0n: k, where does it seem to be loading slow?06:13
PurpleyI would think it would be something else causing this06:13
kyppcgeekanything show up in the control center for sound Eric?06:13
Eric_J1kyppcgeek: the sound preferences?06:13
m0r0nGnea: Before when I logged in everything was set, now it takes 10sec or so06:13
moymoyAdeman: no problem06:13
Eric_J1nothing - the section for Default Devices is just blank and unclickable06:13
Eric_J1before I had 3 or 4 options06:14
Gneam0r0n: what happens if you make a new account and login with it? does it login slow or fast after the first time?06:14
mechtechPurpley: the files are probably not infected, they might be doing what an unrelated virus is telling them to do...or that your trash is puking because a virus has made it ill06:14
omegamormegilPurpley:  It's much more likely to be a bug or a screwy setting than a virus.  Try Shift+Delete.  This bypasses the recycle bin with no hope for recovery.06:14
Purpleygmachine24, they hacked unix systems because they were the only thing around that is useful06:14
Eric_J1one was realtek, one was my sound card, one was my graphics cards, and one was OSS06:14
kyppcgeekterminal -> soundconf or alsaconf06:14
Purpleythanks omegamormegil06:14
mataksGnea,  same.. i turn off compiz but still i can see running application in all workspace06:14
m0r0nGnea: Let me try, also how do I 'kill' a program via Terminal06:14
Eric_J1one sec06:14
gmachine24Purpley, yes, I know.06:14
Purpleyand worth their time06:14
Gneamataks: and if you logout/login?06:14
Purpleyif windows machines were around they would be attacked06:15
Gneam0r0n: kill -9 pid   (get pid:  ps axf | grep programname06:15
Eric_J1it said neither were commands06:15
jipsy_hellpp everytime i minimize my windows i lost my windows06:15
kyppcgeekhow do I mount an iso as a cd in linux?06:15
Purpleyi forget that command06:15
bazhang!iso > kyppcgeek06:15
ubottukyppcgeek, please see my private message06:15
Gneakyppcgeek: mkdir isocd && sudo mount -o loop file.iso isocd/06:15
moymoyjipsy_: did you delete anything from your panels?06:15
gmachine24One of the first major viruses was by the son of a top security guy at DARPA. That was kind of embarassing.06:15
Purpleyfail lol06:16
gmachine24but I digress06:16
PurpleyBut then that makes sense because he would have more insight to what he was up against06:16
Eric_J1kyppcgeek: is there another command to try?06:16
moymoygmachine24: does the son and father work together, at least?06:16
gmachine24moymoy: this was like ..............25 years ago06:17
skreechCan anyone help with an nvidia resolution issue ?06:17
moymoygmachine24: did*06:17
gmachine24and no I think the kid was in college06:17
Gnea!resolution | skreech06:17
ubottuskreech: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution06:17
linuxguy2009 skreech: Ask your question06:17
BellinXFelonhow can i view the source of a webpage if source viewing is disabled?06:17
=== nickhere is now known as g-dawg-ghetto-bo
GneaBellinXFelon: turn off javascript06:17
BellinXFelonGnea : thank you06:18
m0r0nGnea:  Can't seem to figure that comman out06:18
Purpleyhey guys who basically started linux again?06:18
moymoyBellinXFelon: sources is ALWAYS available ;) otherwise, you wouldn't be able to see the page06:18
gmachine24linus torvald06:18
mechtechLinus Trovalds06:18
Purpleythanks man06:18
BellinXFelonmoymoy : :)06:18
g-dawg-ghetto-bohe is like a God!06:18
Purpleyi agree06:18
Purpleyi read a bio on him06:18
g-dawg-ghetto-bowhere is he?06:18
g-dawg-ghetto-bodoes he speak english?06:18
moymoyof course he does06:19
gmachine24he's a scandinavian of some sort06:19
skreechThe nvidia driver updated itself somehow without me asking it anything and changed my xorg.conf to some setting with a refresh rate outside of the monitor's range. I found that and fixed it but now I can't get any resolution higher than 640x480. The normal dpokg-reconfigure doesn't work, nvidia-config doesn't work nvidia-settigns doesn't work editing and adding the modelines by hand doesn't work06:19
=== voss is now known as genericcutename
omegamormegilbtw Linux is specifically a reference to the kernel.  A bunch of the rest of what we lump together as "Linux" was written by lots of different people.06:19
Gneam0r0n: well, you need to get the PID of the program - just:  ps axf   by itself and you'll see where it's listed06:19
linuxguy2009skreech: Do you have the nvidia driver from the repos or manually installed from nvidia.com?06:19
=== genericcutename is now known as Voss
moymoyskreech: the command is nvidia-xconfig .. and it has to be run by root06:19
omegamormegilLinus only works on the kernel.06:20
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moymoythat's what we call GNU/Linux06:20
skreechmoymoy: Right xconfig andyes root otherwise it can't make the xorg.conf06:20
omegamormegilor Ubuntu :)06:20
Eric_J1all right, I think I got something06:20
linuxguy2009skreech: have you tried disabling teh driver, rebooting and then re-enable it?06:20
moymoyGNUbuntu/Linux =]06:20
skreechlinuxguy2009: Yes if you mean what I think you mean06:20
Eric_J1I ran lshw -C sound, and it showed me that both the Realtek and the Creative Labs cards are "unclaimed"06:21
jahocolipsI'm getting Grub error 17, i did sudo fdisk -lu and i get /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdb2 (/dev/sdb1 has Linux on it, sdb2 is Extended) I can't figure out what I should do06:21
Eric_J1any idea how to fix that>06:21
mechtechtake the creative one...quick!06:21
Eric_J1I think it's because of my running virtual box then deleting it when I was done06:21
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Purpleyoh that reminds me06:21
linuxguy2009skreech: After you disable it, then reboot what resolution is your monitor using?06:21
Wolvezdoes anybody knows a program to convert mp3 to m4r in ubuntu ?06:21
PurpleyHey guys is there a way to do something similar to a system restore?06:21
linuxguy2009Wolvez: You mean m4a?06:22
GneaWolvez: you wanto to convert audio to video?06:22
linuxguy2009Wolvez: m4a<> mp4?06:22
Wolvezlinuxguy2009, nopz, m4r06:22
mechtechPurpley: you could copy your kernel to a safe place06:22
linuxguy2009I mean AAC06:22
omegamormegilWolvez:  VLC probably does it, but I haven't checked.  It will transcode just about everything.06:22
Wolvezthis is a format for ringtones (apple)06:22
Wolvezthanks, lets try :)06:22
linuxguy2009Wolvez: Sound Converter from add/remove is a great transcoder app.06:22
skreechPurpley: snapshot the filesystem06:22
Purpleyahh never mind what im thinking of is impossible06:23
skreechlinuxguy2009: Actually I just rolled back the driver to 173 instead of 18006:23
PurpleyWhen I installed linux I overwrote an encrypted bootloader06:23
skreechPurpley: probably not :)06:23
skreechah no that's probably hosed then06:23
PurpleySo i was wondering if i could restore everything so it was as if linux was never installed and the bootloader was still there06:23
PurpleyBut linux overwrote it06:24
StupidPigeonlinux has a funny way of doing that06:24
skreechlinuxguy2009: You meant drop to VESA?06:24
skreechall OSes have a funny way of doing thta.a it's the only way they can be used06:24
omegamormegilPurpley:  doubtful06:24
linuxguy2009skreech: I know nothing of VESA06:24
skreechlinuxguy2009: What did you mean then?06:25
m0r0nGnea:  My other account log in fast06:25
linuxguy2009skreech: Is your driver fixed?06:25
omegamormegilPurpley:  Unless you manually backed up your boot sector before installing Linux, or imaged your hard drive.06:26
Gneam0r0n: then you've got something in your home directory that's chewing up hard drive space06:26
skreechwhat do you mean fixed?06:26
PurpleySo im stuck with linux but to be honest after a week or two of getting used to it; its not that bad its actually alot better considering the fact although not as many programs are available for ubuntu than windows it makes up for that with its speed and reliability06:26
skreechI would guess so It's the one I was using before nvidia went nuts06:26
linuxguy2009skreech: Forget it, I cant help you.06:26
skreechBut now I can't set my resolution06:26
skreecheven if I set it manually then it still only gives me the option of 640x48006:26
Purpleyomegamormegil, I backed up the bootloader but for some reason when i inserted it, it was a ubuntu live cd how ironic considering the fact i could never find where i placed my live cd :)06:27
Eric_J1okay last question - how do I revert my linux kernal?06:27
=== StupidPigeon is now known as nickhere
skreechEric_J1: reboot and choose the old kernel06:27
Eric_J1not sure if this will work, but on the forums, it said that was where their issues lay06:28
ecretI am unable to record audio in flash.  I tried 10 and 9.  I am able to record in audacity/wavplayer.  I read that there is issues with it and you can change the index of the alsa-base to fix it but I am new at this and have no clue.  Itried trial and error and failed.    http://pastebin.ca/1514544            Can someone please take a look?06:28
linuxguy2009 ecret: Youyr trying to record audio to flash format?06:29
m0r0nIf I have Transmission running on another account but I just click switch user, will it keep torrenting?06:29
ecretlinuxguy2009: trying to use ustream to record audio for example or use flexbuilder to make a recorder06:29
skreech!hi | sy106:30
ubottusy1: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!06:30
sy1I have a problem06:30
sy1my ubuntu does not want to slepp nor standby06:30
linuxguy2009ecret: I have no clue what ustream or flexbuilder are. Im clueless.06:30
sy1it can do sleep and standby06:30
sy1but i will not wake up06:30
linuxguy2009sy1: How are you attempting to wake it up06:31
professor_have a look through dmesg and /var/log/messages for any errors around the dates and times you tried06:31
ecretsome flash sites supports recording live audio, cant get it working in ubuntu06:31
sy1i press the key board06:31
linuxguy2009sy1: Does the PC start to respond at all?06:31
sy1or mouse06:31
linuxguy2009sy1: Not sure but have you tried the power button instead?06:31
sy1just a blank screen with a flashing '_'06:32
sy1flashing underscore06:32
linuxguy2009sy1: Yeah i figured. umm06:32
linuxguy2009sy1: 9.04?06:32
linuxguy2009sy1: All current updates?06:32
linuxguy2009sy1: Has it ever worked on that machine before with 9.04 installed?06:33
omegamormegilsy1:  I had the same problem before.  Suspend works great for me in the next version.  I believe that in Jaunty, I can't suspend when I have an SD card in my internal card slot.06:33
sy1i thought if it was acpi06:33
sy1not really linux guy06:34
=== _MrsApple_ is now known as _MrApple_
sy1so this is bug inside jaunty ?06:34
sy1maybe it is the mainboard problem06:34
linuxguy2009sy1: Hard to say, might be incompatible hardware. 8.04 LTS has had many updates might work better if you really need those features.06:34
sy1since power acpi is related to apm06:35
skreechDoes anyone know what would cause the resolution to be ignored inside of the xorg.conf ?06:35
brEzanyone know if you can ssh to ubuntu running on virtualbox from windows?06:35
sy1ok linux guy06:35
sy1another problem tho06:35
FloodBot1sy1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:35
sy1i have installed firefox 3.5.106:35
moymoybrEz: it's possible06:35
sy1but the problem is that the right click does not work ?06:36
professor_skreech: if monitor resolution is not detected and / or coded in to xorg.conf?06:36
brEzwhy is it so damn hard than :) ?06:36
moymoybrEz: you probably have to open the ssh port on windows as well06:36
linuxguy2009sy1: Right click doesnt work for what exactly?06:36
brEzI have06:36
skreechprofessor_: No both occured and I still only get 640x48006:36
moymoybrEz: do you have sshd installed?06:36
brEz22/22 is open on my router/windows/ubuntu06:36
brEzsure do :)06:36
professor_anything informative in the x log?06:36
moymoycan you ssh localhost?06:37
brEzI used to ssh to ubuntu all the time, and just found virtualbox, so i instaled it on my main pc :)06:37
sy1inside firefox 3.506:37
omegamormegilbrEz:  Does the virtual Ubuntu box have it's own IP address on your LAN?06:37
brEzomegamormegil: yes06:37
sy1so i uninstalled and installed again the 3.0.1206:37
sy1and then it works why is it like that ?06:37
linuxguy2009sy1:  What are you trying to use the right mouse button for in ff ?06:37
brEzon the virtualbox, i can ssh -l user -p 22 localhost06:37
brEzand it connects, but when I try via putty.... no dice ;o06:37
xhres2hey guys06:38
skreechprofessor_: can't find the monitors EDID module is the only thing I can think of06:38
xhres2just a quick question?06:38
omegamormegilDo you see in on the network from your windows machine?06:38
moymoybrEz: have you ifconfig to see what your LAN ip is?06:38
sy1for the normal open new link thing06:38
professor_that has been a problem for me in the past but not recently06:38
skreechask  | xhres206:38
linuxguy2009xhres2: dont ask to ask. Just ask.06:38
professor_did you change monitors?06:38
professor_anything else changed or is this a new install?06:38
skreechprofessor_: Nothing changed except Ubuntu06:38
xhres2will using shred once to zero fill a hard disk ensure enough safty to send it for replacement06:38
professor_please look through xorg.conf and advise of anything unusual too06:38
professor_google your monitor brand and model + ubuntu too - see if something pops up06:39
moymoybrEz: give me your WAN .. mayhaps I can try to connect to see if there's any luck =p (jk)06:39
xhres2skreech: are u using an nvidia graphic card?06:39
moymoybrEz: don't know what to say.. can't help you06:39
professor_some monitors have poor EDID implementations06:39
linuxguy2009xhres2: unless you have illegal child porn or secret FBI files. Dont worry about it.06:39
omegamormegilbrEz:  You could try running nmap on Ubuntu's IP to see if port 22 is open.06:39
kub1Xorg just started using 100% %CPU on my quad core Phenom II, & slowing the system to a crawl. Running KUb 904 64 bit. running the latest launchpad ppa kde 4.3? apt updated yesterday. Is this a known issue?06:39
brEznmap shows it's listening on port 2206:39
xhres2linuxguy2009: no credit card info06:39
sy1i found the problem06:39
moymoybrEz: is networking working in your virtual machine?06:39
sy1it was cnap link06:40
linuxguy2009xhres2: paranoia06:40
sy1snap link06:40
sy1and extension06:40
xhres2linuxguy2009: you can say that06:40
omegamormegilbrEz:  What error do you get?06:40
brEzmoymoy: yep -  believe there's something you need to do to enable ssh on a guest account.. just unfamiliar as to what06:40
brEz"connection refused"06:40
moymoybrEz: there shouldn't be anything extra to do.. because ssh works in my virtual machine06:40
sy1ok this is ok now06:40
brEzyou running windows as host, linux guest?06:41
sy1I hope to get the ubuntu to run smoothly06:41
professor_skreech: brb please message me again when you check those things out to get my attention06:41
moymoybrEz: nope, linux host, linux guest06:41
xhres2linuxguy2009: thanks for the help.06:41
BellinXFeloncan someone help me with my external hd i cant write to it06:41
sy1yeah linuxguy2009 thanks06:41
linuxguy2009xhres2: Im useless ignore me.06:41
professor_BellinXFelon: what filesystem06:41
BellinXFelonprofessor_ : ext306:42
sy1i would like to install a logitech webcam on this ubuntu06:42
brEzmoymoy: that's why :)06:42
moymoybrEz: you can do a tracert from your windows computer to your virtual's IP and see if it gets through all the way06:42
professor_please look through /var/log/messages for anything informative06:42
omegamormegilbrEz:  If the port is open, and you have the right IP address, and you have ssh-server installed in Ubuntu, everything should just work.06:42
TniffocIs there a way to run the iPhone SDK from linux? It says that it has to run from an intel-based Mac running Leopard but will an intel-based windows or linux machine work?06:42
sy1i am using Bus 004 Device 002: ID 046d:08d7 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Communicate STX06:42
BellinXFelonprofessor_ : are you talking to me06:43
skreechprofessor_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/240896 is my current one http://paste.ubuntu.com/240897 for my old one06:43
omegamormegilbrEz:  Don't forget that usernames and passwords are case sensitive in Ubuntu.06:43
moymoyTniffoc: they only make sdk's for mac's?06:43
sy1I need to know the exact step install this driver06:43
sy1for the webcam06:43
sy1any ideas?06:43
FloodBot1sy1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:43
linuxguy2009sy1: is it a deb or .run or what?06:43
brEzomegamormegil: i know, that's the anonying part. I've used ssh for years and never had this problem on anything other than virtualbox06:43
sy1it is DEB06:43
Tniffocmoymoy: "To develop with iPhone SDK you must have an Intel-based Mac running Mac OS X Leopard."06:43
sy1Sorry Gnome06:43
skreechsy1: sudo dpkg -i /path/to/deb06:43
linuxguy2009sy1: Double click it and itll open gdebi installer.06:44
Sp0dif anyone can help me write a simple shell script please pm me :) thanks06:44
moymoybrEz: run `tracert` from windows, pointing to your virtualbox's IP and see if it gets all the way through.. it'll probably help you figure out where the problem is06:44
sy1hold on06:44
linuxguy2009Sp0d: What do you want your script to do?06:44
DarkMage26How do I convert .vob files into another format like .avi?06:44
brEzI did, the virtualbox isn't even visibile in a "net view"06:44
sy1I need to install some updates 1st06:44
ShapeShifter499I got a queston, I have compiz and the needed managers, I want to have more than one virtual desktop, when I put 4 virtual desktops in the compiz it messes up, I noticed when I went to desktop 2, the top bar went messing and I couldn't get any right clicks to work on the desktop but the bottom bar was there so I used that to go back to desktop 1 now why did that happen?06:44
moymoySp0d: just ask what you want06:45
professor_skreech: your current xorg.conf does not seem to have any resolutions defined?06:45
linuxguy2009DarkMage26: Pitivi is cool or there are others like handbrake that can do MP4 encodes. Lots of others on Add/remove06:45
rwwTniffoc: Unless Apple release an SDK for Windows and/or Linux, you'll need a Mac. As far as I know, there isn't any way to run XCode on Linux.06:45
Sp0di want it to give me the option to run different scripts i wrote like "press 1 to start service A, press 2 to start service B"06:45
skreechprofessor_: Nope but the old one did06:45
moymoybrEz: can you browse the internet from your virtual box?06:45
Sp0di can print the menu06:45
omegamormegilbrEz:  Ah.  Check the networking settings in the VirtualBox configuration window.  It needs to be set to Host networking.06:45
Sp0dbut after the selection it just closes06:45
skreechI was hoping the Autoconfig would take care of it06:45
professor_skreech: smart move keeping the old one06:45
brEzyea I can...06:46
linuxguy2009DarkMage26: The pitivi in the repos is old manually installing the newer version mentioned on there site is much better.06:46
professor_skreech: try swapping the two06:46
brEzcan browse the itnernet06:46
kub1Xorg just started using 100% %CPU on one of my cores in a quad core Phenom II, & slowing the system to a crawl. Running KUb 904 64 bit. running the latest launchpad ppa kde 4.3? apt updated yesterday. Is this a known issue?06:46
skreechprofessor_: Just did and rebooted06:46
professor_skreech: but also still google that model and ubuntu to see if anyone else has had problems?06:46
Eric_J1okay, I reverted to the .13 kernel, and that didn't work for different reasons06:46
kbpdoes anyone know how to make Ubuntu Server become Video Streaming Server? which program?06:46
sy1What was the step again ?06:46
moymoybrEz: that is the darndest thing06:46
Eric_J1I still cannot see my sound cards on this kernel06:46
professor_skreech: smart move for using binary nvidia drivers too06:46
omegamormegilkbp:  Use VLC06:46
skreechsyi Sudo dpkg -i /path/to/deb06:47
professor_skreech: so old conf file doesn't help eh?06:47
skreechprofessor_: Nope everything works except that it only has 640x48006:47
brEzomegamormegil: how would I do that? everything looks normal06:47
sy1sorry I have that06:47
kbpomegamormegil: thank you I will google it06:47
skreech Even if I take that out of the old file and restart X I only get 640x48006:48
professor_skreech: what has google turned up with that model and ubuntu06:48
moymoySp0d: paste what you have so far on pastebin06:48
professor_skreech: you should not take out any files, just swap them around so one is always named xorg.conf, backing up the other06:48
moymoy!paste | Sp0d06:48
ubottuSp0d: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic06:48
linuxguy2009Eric_J1: If your soundcards dont show then the kernel doesnt support them.That simple.06:48
skreechprofessor_: Crap load of errors. including the one I saw with the refresh being wrong and the resolution being gimped . The wirkaround doesn't seem to work with me06:48
professor_skreech: so others have had problems with that monitor on ubuntu?06:49
Eric_J1any idea when that will be fixed?06:49
squiggiecan anyone help me with a simple shell script?06:49
* skreech shurgs. Some monitor like this. Sony and JVC and such06:49
linuxguy2009Eric_J1: What cards?06:49
forceshow can I disable the gnome keyring?06:49
ShapeShifter499nvm I think I'm good now06:49
professor_skreech: some monitors have poor EDID and they make up for it in Windows drivers or something06:49
Eric_J1Creative Labs X-Fi Fatal1ty and Realtek '9706:49
moymoysquiggie: go ahead and tell us what you want the script to do06:49
linuxguy2009Eric_J1: Realtek should work out of the box. X-Fi is a no go for sure.06:50
skreechprofessor_: Right but it was workng right up until Ubuntu decided to install some packages silently06:50
tbryantI just installed Ubuntu 9.04, but when I try to "sudo apt-get upgrade" most things went through, but I have some packages that didn't upgrade and won't, and I can't run Firefox.06:50
professor_just keep trying searching google for a while and let me know how you go, I have had this problem in the past with a Viewsonic monitor too06:50
professor_were you using binary nvidia drivers previously?06:50
skreechThis is a dell monitor could be anythign behind it :)06:50
Eric_J1they were working fine until a day or two ago06:50
professor_how old is your install?06:50
linuxguy2009Eric_J1: Creative has beta X-Fi drivers thats about all there is from what I hear.06:50
professor_skreech: did you customise or install anything not from synaptic?06:50
omegamormegilbrEz:  In the VirtualBox settings for that VM, go to the “Network” page and select “Host Interface” in the drop down list for the “Attached to” field.06:51
skreechprofessor_: Yes but 173. I had the machine running for a few days and came home and rebooted to find a 180 driver and no X06:51
linuxguy2009Eric_J1: What did you change?06:51
squiggiemoymoy: itunes has seemed to created a lot of duplicates on my audio folder and it appended most of them with a 1 so i just need to loop through each folder in the library deleting *1.mp306:51
professor_skreech: change any config files previously06:51
Eric_J1I think I was using those, but I've had sound for the last month os so that I was using ubuntu06:51
professor_skreech: well that's a good start06:51
skreechprofessor_: Nope Ubuntu did a silent upgrade to 180 driver06:51
Eric_J1the only thing I can think of was that I installed Virtual Box06:51
professor_skreech: it narrows it down06:51
Eric_J1but I've played games with sound since then06:51
Cryptic_Donkeytbryant,  Have you tried using the xmission mirrors?06:51
professor_skreech: upgrades shouldn't happen automatically unless you tell it06:51
=== Guest63000 is now known as Homer|ZzZz
moymoysquiggie: you don't need a shell script to do that.. one line of command will suffice06:51
Cryptic_Donkeytbryant,  Have you tried using the xmission mirrors?06:51
professor_skreech: google version 180 driver with that monitor model see what happens please06:51
linuxguy2009Eric_J1: So sound just wont work in virtualbox or on your main ubuntu system itself?06:51
jigpehello how to install windowsxp in ubuntu (dual boot) i already install ubuntu and use all space for ubuntu..06:51
skreechWhich has issues with my video card. it sets the range pretty high for refresh so X doesn't work06:52
brEzomegamormegil: I definatly don't have that :P06:52
Eric_J1it stopped working once I deleted the Virtual Box partitions06:52
tbryantCryptic_Donkey, no, going to try that now.06:52
sebsebsebjigpe: What do you want to use XP for?06:52
linuxguy2009jigpe: Install Windows  then Linux, in that order.06:52
skreech I fixed that then found the resolution was shot. Found out I had the 180 driver and rolled back to 17306:52
squiggiemoymoy: i have the ls -R | grep 1.mp3 but how do I delete them?06:52
professor_skreech: what video card06:52
professor_skreech: google that and ubuntu too06:52
sebsebseblinuxguy2009: it can be done the other way round to,  and  sometimes it's way better to recommend a virtual machine06:52
Eric_J1I am assuming it had something to do with the Kernel updates, since I think it was a recent thing, but no idea06:52
skreechnvidia 5200 Geforce FX06:52
moymoysquiggie: find /path/to/music/folder -type f -name '*1.mp3' -exec rm -v '{}' \;06:52
omegamormegilbrEz:  What version of VirtualBox are you running?06:52
professor_skreech: similar to me and it works06:52
professor_skreech: worst case scenario - would a fresh install kill you?06:53
Sp0dokay here it goes, and yes im new to this :P http://paste.ubuntu.com/240915/06:53
squiggiemoymoy: thanks, i will give that a try06:53
skreechprofessor_: Right and it has a workaround for the problem But that doesn't work either06:53
sebsebseblinuxguy2009: sometimes? a lot of the time more like it, unless they are a Windows 3D gamer06:53
linuxguy2009sebsebseb: Well dont tell me, I already know that. Tell eric06:53
professor_skreech: if google does not turn anything up which I think it should06:53
skreechprofessor_: No but then I would just install karmic :-p06:53
sebsebseblinuxguy2009: is that  his name?06:53
professor_skreech: what was the workaround - link please06:53
brEzomegamormegil: 3.0.206:53
skreechHold on06:53
sebsebsebjigpe: see the messages above that  I put to linuxguy200906:53
moymoysquiggie: no problem06:53
tbryantCryptic_Donkey, same errors.06:53
sy1is gnome better or kde ?06:53
clawtoophis network support suppose to work out of the desktop box? in my case its not working, so just asking06:53
DarkMage26linuxguy2009: how do I use pitivi to convert the vob files?06:54
Eric_J1Linuxguy: there was no text06:54
sy1which more stable ?06:54
tateI renamed my home directory by mistake, now I am unable to login. Is there a way yo create a user with administrative privileges using sudo.06:54
linuxguy2009 sy1: Try em both. You decide. We cant decide for you.06:54
sebsebsebsy1: Gnome and KDE 3 the older version :)06:54
skreechsy1: The one you like best is better06:54
sebsebsebsy1: KDE 4 is  not very stable06:54
sy1what is new ?06:54
sebsebsebsy1: or whatever06:54
sy1and stable06:54
skreechsebsebseb: ha ha :)06:54
skreechKDE4 is pretty stable06:54
omegamormegilbrEz:  I didn't know that version existed :P06:54
sebsebsebskreech: why?06:54
sy1waht about using XFS ?06:54
sy1on these ?06:54
sy1KDE or Gnome ?06:54
sy1Will it be better ?06:55
jigpeok thanks06:55
squiggiemoymoy: looks like that worked. that was easier than i thought! Thanks.06:55
linuxguy2009DarkMage26: Ah you need to search for documentation.06:55
sebsebsebsy1: XFS on Ubuntu hmm   does gparted even  support that the  Ubuntu gparted06:55
tateI have created one user, wc I am using now but this user has no admin privileges06:55
brEzomegamormegil: must be new? I got it today06:55
moymoysquiggie: no problem.. come back again if you have any problems!06:55
sy1i see06:55
tbryantCryptic_Donkey, xulrunner-1.9, firefox-3.0, firefox-3.0-branding, firefox, xulrunner-1.9-gnome-support, firefox-3.0-gnome-support, firefox-gnome-support are the errors06:55
sy1so will we have a chance to use xfs ?06:55
tateI have created one user, wc I am using now but this user has no admin privileges06:55
sy1for ubuntu ?06:55
sebsebsebsy1: maybe with the alternate CD or something,  you may want to do Ext4 instead :)06:55
tbryantCryptic_Donkey, I get a bunch of errors like "dpkg: error processing firefox-gnome-support (--configure):"06:55
tate>I renamed my home directory by mistake, now I am unable to login. Is there a way yo create a user with administrative privileges using sudo06:56
sebsebsebsy1: altough some think it's not quite stable enough yet in 9.04, default for 9.10 though#06:56
skreechprofessor_: https://answers.launchpad.net/dkms/+question/5951906:56
professor_please give me half an hour or so06:56
skreechsebsebseb: really? thought they had decided against that06:56
Cryptic_Donkeytbryant,  what irc client  are you using?06:56
sebsebsebsy1: Ext3 is the default file system at the moment06:56
tbryantCryptic_Donkey, ^^06:56
professor_skreech: I'm tossing some weights around and replying between sets :-) will look 4u06:56
skreechprofessor_: Ok ping me when you get back I'll be trying the other xorg06:56
linuxguy2009 tate: restore your system backup. You do have a system backup right? hehe06:56
toyimpI picked up a GTK2.x theme and for some reason the windows are not transparent like they look in the pic. Why?06:56
Purpleysebastien__, what is the best file system to use?06:57
sebsebsebskreech: yep default  for 9.10,  which means  people that have  Ubuntu on Ext3, should clean install Ubuntu for 9.10 and  the Ext4 when it's time :)  for full Ext4 support06:57
omegamormegilbrEz:  This version calls it a Bridged Network.06:57
Purpleysebsebseb, what is the best file system to use06:57
professor_please do try the other conf by renaming it to xorg.conf after backing up the current one just in case, reboot, and look through xorg log06:57
Purpleysorry sebastien__06:57
professor_and dmesg / var/log/messages in the meantime06:57
linuxguy2009toyimp: got compiz going?06:57
brEzomegamormegil: all I have is file > preferences06:57
skreechsebsebseb: Can't you upgrade the flesystem in place?06:57
tbryantI'm getting a bunch of dpkg errors when I try to "sudo apt-get upgrade" my freshly-installed system. Can anyone help?06:58
sebsebsebPurpley: depends on  what the computer is being used for,   but for  home usage,   Ext3  is  alright for now,  Ext4   is on the verge of replacing it though as the default file system for most  desktop Linux distros :)06:58
skreechprofessor_: Xlog I doubt will have anything it thinks 640x480 is just grand06:58
Cryptic_Donkeytbryant, I suguuesg that you  force quit all instances of firefox and try the updates again06:58
sebsebsebskreech: yes, but the Ext3 to Ext4 conversion isn't good enough, so for full Ext4 support you must clean install06:58
professor_skreech: also please look for xorg refresh rates for your monitor06:58
toothdecayhmmm, Audacious or Quod Libet, I can't decide!06:58
professor_skreech: neither config seems to specify refresh rates (old one is commented out) for some reason, not sure if that is usual06:58
tbryantCryptic_Donkey, there aren't any instances of Firefox :\06:58
brEzall my settings are right, I'll just upll my hair out, rather than flood the ubuntu room with offtopic ;P06:58
skreechprofessor_: because it's way higher than the monitor So all I get is a black screen06:59
moymoybrEz: have you tried ssh from a linux machine to your virtual box?06:59
linuxguy2009tate: Can you login to your normal account at all?06:59
brEznot yet06:59
brEzI don't think it would make a difference, the virtualbox isn't visible on the network, but I can view the web06:59
omegamormegilbrEz:   I wish I had it installed.  Let me refer you to the user manual - it has detailed instructions.  Check out page 86.  http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/3.0.2/UserManual.pdf07:00
brEzomegamormegil: thanks for you help :)07:00
brEzmoymoy: thanks you 2  :)07:00
tateI do not have a sytem back up07:00
Cryptic_Donkeytbryant, try rebooting in single user mode and doing an apt-guiget upgrade with no07:00
toyimplinuxguy2009, well I just tried starting it. And my windows crapped out. I must have a problem with the current install. Thanks for makin me notice haha07:00
omegamormegilbrEz:  No problem, hope it helps :)07:00
_professor_skreech: if this workaround is like yours it is something different, I will need some time to look at it07:00
Cryptic_Donkeytbryant, try rebooting in single user mode and doing an apt-guiget upgrade with no  gui07:01
linuxguy2009tate: Can you login to your normal account at all?07:01
tbryantCryptic_Donkey, I've tried that.07:01
tateI need to create a user with admin priviledges (or login in as root)07:01
_professor_skreech: you got those errors discussed int he workaorund?07:01
skreech_professor_: brb reboooting07:01
linuxguy2009 tate: Ok someone else can help ya I feel like im talking to the wall here. hehe07:01
_professor_EE failed to load module type1 (module does not exist)07:01
_professor_EE Nvidia(0) failed to ini the Nvidia Graphics Device PCI 1.0007:01
Cryptic_Donkeytbryant,  isuggest that back up all  important data and do a fresh install.07:03
tateI can not login in into my account07:03
* tbryant sighs07:03
tateI am going to try somethng else07:03
tatethank you for your help guys07:03
tbryantI just installed. I guess I'm installing again though..07:03
ammarhey Brandon07:04
sy1I am back07:04
BellinXFelonGnea : can you help me with my external usb harddrive07:04
linuxguy2009BellinXFelon: Ask your question.07:05
sy1ethernet connection to the computer must be disable befor swtiching to wireless in Ubuntu ?07:05
BellinXFelonlinuxguy2009 : i cant write to it07:05
jsf_x35aHey, does anyone here know why eSATA drives don't automount?07:05
linuxguy2009BellinXFelon: Dont have write permissions?07:05
sy1esata requires drivers ?07:05
sy1like windows ?07:05
skreechprofessor_: Cursed nvidia07:05
BellinXFelonlinuxguy2009 : no i dont07:05
sy1what brand of casing is crucial to mount i think07:05
ammarAny Ubuntu Mac Users?07:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ma07:06
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE07:06
linuxguy2009BellinXFelon: "gksudo nautilus" then you can change driver permission.07:06
rbarlowubuntu macbook pro 2,2 user07:06
skreechthere should be an #ubuntu-mac07:06
sy1is there a way to burn the ubuntu cd and make it bootable ?07:06
linuxguy2009BellinXFelon: in nautilus open the drive and then go up a level to the root of the drive is visable as a folder. Right click and go to pewrmissions tab. Set it like you want.07:06
professor_skreech: do you have a Live CD you can try?  be interesting to see if the non binary driver on a live CD has problems07:06
sy1because i cannot find 800 mb cdr in Malaysia07:06
skreechprofessor_: oooooooooh good idea07:07
professor_skreech: and if not if there is anything you could pull out of that xorg conf07:07
skreechok I'll try that :)07:07
sebsebseb!install |  sy107:07
ubottusy1: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate07:07
sy1i want to burn the ubuntu cd to dvd and make it bootable07:07
sy1is this possible ?07:07
sebsebseb!usb |  sy107:07
ubottusy1: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:07
linuxguy2009sy1: sure is07:07
sebsebsebsy1: yes you can burn it to DVD07:07
professor_skreech: try a non ubuntu live cd too if you ahve one lying around07:07
skreechI have a SUSE07:08
sy1what software to use to burn to dvd ?07:08
professor_skreech: or a USB install like these guys are talking about07:08
rbarlowammar: previously i've dual booted mac and ubuntu, though right now my mac is running ubuntu and nothing else07:08
sy1from the cdr copy ?07:08
professor_skreech: try both then07:08
sebsebsebsy1: Brasero or K3B07:08
sy1my brasero have problem07:08
professor_skreech: if anything it will help narrow it down07:08
linuxguy2009sy1: if you want to use a DVD you can even use up all that extra space by using something like UCK ubuntu customization kit and have all your fav apps installed out of the box. kinda cool to do.07:08
sy1it does not have the plugin to do that07:08
sebsebsebsy1: try K3B then, and it will want to put on some KDE stuff, if you haven't installed anything KDE before07:08
sy1uck ubuntu customisation where to find that on the internet ?07:09
moymoybrEz: i didn't do anything =\ but the feeling of fixing something always feels great.. i hope you get your ssh to work.. (do you even care? what do you do in the virtual machine?)07:09
sebsebsebsy1: what?07:09
sy1i ahve put in kde aleready07:09
linuxguy2009sy1: add/remove or synaptic its in the repos07:09
brEzmoymoy: route all my net connections through ipv607:10
sy1what do i type uck?07:10
sy1do I type 'uck' ?07:10
linuxguy2009sy1: yep uck in synaptic07:10
eweball: I tried to install vmware-player via apt-get, it completly froze at the liciencing agreement, now when ever i try to install something, insted of insatlling the desired program, it installs vmware-player over and over? Is there i way i can flush the instll que?07:11
sebsebseb!info uck07:11
ubottuuck (source: uck): Tool to customize official Ubuntu Live CDs. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.8-0ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 182 kB, installed size 636 kB07:11
linuxguy2009sebsebseb: good call.07:11
sebsebseblinuxguy2009: didn't know about uck07:11
Al_nz_laptevening peoples07:11
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility07:12
sebsebsebskreech: well I knew  they could be changed07:12
linuxguy2009sebsebseb: ah yeah its really great you can make your own flavor of ubuntu basically.07:12
moymoyeweb: try `sudo dpkg-reconfigure vmware-player` to finall get it configured07:12
ewebmoymoy: thank you07:12
Al_nz_laptanyone know how to turn acpi off in the grub.conf? i keep getting a mesg about it, and it appears to be a known bug. to stop if clogging my logs you can apparently turn acpi off?07:13
sebsebseblinuxguy2009: with logout and shutdown in the system menu where it's meant to be :)   as well as  fast user account switcher if I want it?   so yeah like 8.10, but  based on 9.04 in my case :)07:13
miatechguys.. could anyone help? I'm trying to get a TV Tunner/Recorder usb working with mythTV07:13
sebsebseblinuxguy2009: if so that would be cool :)07:13
professor_has anyone had any problems VNC'ing in to a KDE / Ubuntu desktop with V9?07:13
linuxguy2009sebsebseb: Well you take your ISO image and then whatever you can accomplish with the terminal and/or synaptic, you can customize whatever you want.07:14
sebsebseblinuxguy2009: oh I see,  so it probably won't quite do what I want,  :(  ah well07:15
nomad77Al_nz_lapt: sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst,on the kernel line at end append acpi=off save it .if fails try noacpi.07:15
ewebmoymoy: is there a way i can uninstall a broken/not fully installed program?07:15
linuxguy2009sebsebseb: Yeah adding to the panel would be tough.07:15
clawtoophi have a problem where i changed display resolution in ubuntu, and it was fine, but after i rebooted, the res is the new current resolution but the font size is screwed.. any clue how to fix? resizing doesnt help font now stays same size07:15
zhan_zrI have cross-compiled a program for my ARM9 board. But it emit "Can't resolve symbol __div0" at runtime. Does anyone know the issue?07:15
linuxguy2009sebsebseb: There are a few other projects like uck that can let you customize alot more then just apps. cant remeber the names though.07:16
Al_nz_laptnomad77: k will try it07:16
sebsebseblinuxguy2009: I  can get it back in  system menu like upstream Gnome,   thing is I have to  remove their edited version of fusa ( fast user account switcher )  to do it, and I want both, like 8.1007:16
zhan_zrI have cross-compiled a program for my ARM9 board. But it emit "Can't resolve symbol __div0" at runtime. Does anyone know the issue?07:16
linuxguy2009sebsebseb: hehe way over my head.07:16
linuxguy2009sebsebseb: I know what you mean.07:17
sebsebseblinuxguy2009: I am talking about the thing used to shutdown and logout on the top right panel.07:17
Al_nz_lapti cant edit menu.lst - its says unknown mime type07:17
Al_nz_laptno edit mailcap rules found07:17
linuxguy2009sebsebseb: yeah I know. I have no clue how you could modify the panel in UCK. hmm07:18
sebsebseblinuxguy2009: probably can't that's what I was saying07:18
linuxguy2009sebsebseb: right07:18
nomad77Al_nz_lapt: try in xterm,nano,vi,vim its just a text file07:19
sebsebseblinuxguy2009: shame other distros...   I have reason to do another clean install on here,   and when I do i'll put Ubuntu on  and the KDE 3 repo :)   and do  karmic and such in virtual machines :)   and run that for a while.   anyway off topic,  and I am about to go07:20
linuxguy2009sebsebseb: rock on dude07:20
moymoyeweb: delete the entries in /var/cache/apt/archives/ with the name vm-player or whatever it is... and also delete the vm-player entries in /var/lib/dpkg/info and then start up synaptic to purge it07:20
ewebmoymoy: thank you =)07:21
moymoyeweb: no problem.. tell me if any problems come up07:21
Al_nz_laptnomad77: i now have acpi=off / ## END DEBIAN AUTOMAGIC KERNAL LIST07:22
Al_nz_laptwhere / = new line07:22
Al_nz_laptsound about rihgt"07:22
brEzIT'S WORKING!07:24
brEzomegamormegil: you're not gonna believe this...07:24
brEzI didn't realise the vb had to be off to edit ;o07:25
introublegood day07:25
introublei was here yesterday07:25
nomad77Al_nz_lapt: no the kernel /boot/vmlinuz  etc... that line07:26
professor_skreech: doesn't look like there is a workaround there and if you tried some of those suggestions I wonder if another possibility would be to drop back to software nvidia driver 'nv' and reinstall the binary drivers from scratch using the restricted or hardware drivers option in ubuntu07:26
introubleand what a bitch the thingy was07:26
HalfBloodPrinceHey, can someone help?07:26
skreechprofessor_: Hmm maybe07:26
OhioErichi everyone07:27
skreechHalfBloodPrince: WE don't know07:27
professor_skreech: disclaimer - I am no expert - just been using Nvidia binary drivers for 10 years on linux07:27
HalfBloodPrinceWell I was interested in the 'Dust' GTK+ theme07:27
introubleim on live ubuntu 6.06 install and i fdownloaded 9.04 burned it to a cd but the cd does not work!!!! i try to boot from the cd and it fails, it says no emulation???????07:27
professor_skreech: so I have some experience with nvidia binary issues although thankfully they are quite rare nowdays07:27
introubleso how come the cd that i burned with ubuntu 6.06 out of ubuntu 9.04 iso image didnt become bootable?07:27
professor_all - KDE4 seems to be stable on ubuntu although some plasma apps like to crash07:27
introublepls help.... ^07:28
professor_I need to read up on ubuntu and KDE in general I think07:28
HalfBloodPrinceWhen i installed ubuntu Dust was already available, though not "fancy". i tried installing the downloaded one it says "Can't move directory over directory"07:28
moymoyintrouble: did you use brasero? or did that not exist in 6.06? i have no idea07:28
introublemoymoy, i used the built in burner in 6.0607:29
skreechprofessor_: Wow I've only been using them for 2 months and I hate them07:29
moymoyHalfBloodPrince: that's because the theme was already installed, and thus the Dust directory was already in your themes folder.. and gnome-appearance-manager couldn't replace it07:29
professor_skreech: how so07:29
moymoyintrouble: maybe you can try using dd to trasfer the image onto disk07:29
moymoyintrouble: you should first check the iso for errors anyway... do a md5sum on it to see if it's alright07:30
skreechI've had more trouble with them in two months than the three years of my ATI card07:30
zacharyWhat is a good application to sync with blackberries?07:30
matakswhat's the command in terminal to enable automatic numlock on reboot07:31
brummbaer456evening folks!07:31
aamirhello Rooms07:31
eltumehey guy help my ubuntu won't detect my physical discs07:32
noobswipeevening gents07:32
=== purple is now known as Guest61913
brummbaer456so i just changed the apache config in my server to run name-based virtual hosts so i can host multiple sites on the same box. everything works great on local machine, but from other pc internal & external i get an err. checking err log shows it's requesting /htdocs instead of /var/www/site1 or site207:33
professor_skreech: really?  that's not good07:34
professor_skreech: I am using a GeForce 6600 and latest Ubuntu with a Viewsonic monitor and seems happy07:34
eltumehow do I play a disc with Ubuntu 9.04 Minimal CD ???07:34
skreechprofessor_: Plus nvidia just dropped support for a whle set of cards with no real alternative07:35
brummbaer456i checked http.conf, apache2.conf and the /etc/apache2/sites-available/site1 and 2 and everything looks right, anything else i may be missing?07:35
professor_skreech: but older nvidia drivers will still work for those cards right, that's only to support newer cards?07:35
eltumehow do I connect to the linux mint channel?07:40
noobswipesup guys07:40
sy1I ned to know how to install the newer version of FF3.507:41
moymoyeltume: just type /join #channel-name07:41
noobswipehi there07:41
* IrcDawg hi07:41
sy1into ubuntu gnome07:41
eltumeI don't know what network linux mint is on07:41
moymoyeltume: don't they have a website?07:41
eltumenever mind it worked07:42
nomad77sy1: sudo apt-get install firefox-3.5 the binary name is shiretoko07:42
skreechprofessor_: Well yeah they can't recall the drivers already in the wild :)07:42
professor_skreech: why would they want to recall the older drivers07:43
moymoyeltume: the linuxmint channel on this server is unofficial it says.. try looking on their website for it instead07:43
skreechprofessor_: You asked if the support for older cards was still in older drivers07:44
skreechI think..07:44
m0r0nHow do I fix my X server07:44
professor_m0r0n: how about some detail07:45
m0r0n[02:34:33] <arethusa> m0r0n: Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0". [02:34:35] <arethusa> fix your X server07:45
=== Vakz_ is now known as Vakz
sy1can i download the brasero plugin and where is it ?07:48
moymoym0r0n: try adding the line `extension "GLX"` under `section Device`07:48
Sp0dif anyone can help me debug a script that would be amazing! Thanks :) http://paste.ubuntu.com/240915/07:48
sy1how do i burn the cd to dvd of the ubuntu cdr ?07:48
m0r0nmoymoy:  How do I go about doing that07:49
nomad77sy1: if auto is an option,i'd use it. if not tao iirc07:50
moymoym0r0n: go to terminal and type `sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf`07:51
cattellaris there a way to mount multisector images? i tried gmountiso and acetoneiso and they faile07:51
professor_sp0d: what happenes07:51
Sp0dwhen i input and answer the script quits and the terminal quits07:51
Sp0dall three other scripts work07:52
IrcDawgi just changed the apache config in my server to run Sp0d virtual hosts so07:52
m0r0nmoymoy: I am so lost with this menu07:52
moymoySp0d: put what you have so far on a pastebin and put the link up..07:52
IrcDawghosts so i can host multiple sites on the same box07:52
IrcDawgknow what network linux mint channel ?07:52
moymoym0r0n: to save, press CTRL+O and then exit with CTRL+X07:53
IrcDawgof cards with no real alternative07:53
IrcDawginstalled ubuntu dust was already available, though not fancy07:53
IrcDawginstalling the downloaded one it says07:53
professor_does anyone know how to play an internet radio station as an alarm07:53
professor_script or cron or kalarm is fine07:53
moymoySp0d: ahh i spot an error07:53
m0r0nmoymoy: I don't know how to add that line07:54
Sp0dhaha it shouldnt be hard i have no idea what im doing :P07:54
moymoym0r0n: move around with the arrow keys07:54
moymoySp0d: i see what you did wrong07:54
owen1i try to open firefox but it tells me it's already open, i type: ps aux | grep firefox  and see it. when trying to kill it with pkill/killall it say :no process killed, and next time i run ps i see different number. any clues?07:54
mysteriousdarrenis it possible to use a usb controller for urban terror?07:54
professor_moymoy: ?07:55
professor_moymoy: suspense is killing us07:55
moymoyoh lol07:55
moymoywaiting for Sp0d to come back from wherever he is07:55
Sp0dya im hear07:55
SuhailIs there a proper way to install MySQLdb on debian from source?07:55
Sp0di was waiting sorry07:55
professor_is this off peak or peak time for this channel anyone know07:55
professor_or is it pretty active 24x707:56
Sp0dis it when it executes the other scripts?07:56
strykerguys, morning, my friend just updated ubuntu off a fresh install, and he restarted the computer, but its stuck, it says "434.7087241 Restarting System"07:56
moymoySp0d: where you have the if [ blah ] lines... you use the variable "answer" but you entered it as "&answer" when it should be "$answer"07:56
professor_stryker: it's early evening here lol07:56
strykerproffessor_: jaja i know07:56
professor_moymoy: ah!07:56
strykerproffesor_: i knew someone would say so ;)07:57
moymoyprofessor_: xD you coulda just had a look at the pastebin yourself =p .. you have good self control07:57
professor_moymoy: I did07:57
professor_moymoy: I've only started taking an interest in scripts ok?07:57
aamirbrother i need download manger in ubuntu , can any say me which is the best for downloads application for film and data.07:57
strykerproffesor_: do you have any idead why its stuck on restart? "434.7087241 Restarting System"07:58
professor_aamir: hellanzb07:58
professor_stryker: anything on google?07:58
strykerproffessor_: nope07:58
moymoyprofessor_: that's fine.. WHOA! which reminds me.. i should link you to a post on ubuntuforums that inspired me .. it's all about the uses of bash scripting.. really interesting07:58
moymoyprofessor_: lemme findi t07:58
owen1i try to open firefox but it tells me it's already open, i type: ps aux | grep firefox  and see it. when trying to kill it with pkill/killall it say :no process killed, and next time i run ps i see different number. any clues?07:58
professor_moymoy: please!07:58
SuhailDoes this mean: http://dehs.alioth.debian.org/report.php?package=python-mysqldb that's not been packaged yet?07:59
moymoyprofessor_: it has a nice little story that goes with it too..08:00
moymoyprofessor_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=23356408:00
Sp0dmoymoy: it still closes the script no matter which option i choose still.  I checked the system monitor and it didn't open the server and hid it either.  Thanks for the input though08:00
Sudommoymoy : really ? that's already open, i type : ps aux | grep firefox and see it08:00
strykerprofessor_: he also says there is a blinking cursor, as if it is waiting for him to write something08:00
moymoySp0d: are all the other scripts executable? chmod them?08:01
moymoySp0d: okay.. i see another error08:01
Sudomi play a disc with ubuntu 908:01
Sp0dmoymoyh: go ahead08:01
professor_stryker: could be grub, that's happened to me or something like it08:01
nomad77owen1: i'd install htop and kill all firefox processes08:01
professor_stryker: does it look like it gets past the boot loader08:02
strykerproffessor_: it technically hasn't finished restarting08:02
moymoySp0d: okay .. if you type in `whereis [` in the terminal, you'll find that it's its own command just like `if` or `mv` or anything else.. same thing applies for `]`08:02
strykerproffessor_: see the thing is, he was doing the same thing with his laptop, and after the restart finished, the laptop's screen has gone dead and it does not show anything, so he's worried he'll mess up the desktop as well08:02
moymoySp0d: so at the end of `if [ "$answer" = "1"]` .. you need a space between the quote and ] .. so it should be `" ]` not `"]`08:03
addisonanyone here able to help me get cURL enabled?08:03
professor_stryker: hard reset? can anyone here advise if that is wise08:03
moymoySudom: what? what was your problem?08:04
professor_sp0d: please paste the working script when you get it going08:04
Sp0dhaha will do, still checking it though08:04
Sp0ddo i need the ` after the ] ?08:04
strykerprofessor_: im not sure08:04
noobswipehow do i backtick?08:04
moymoySp0d: nope.. i like using the tickmarks as quotes when i type in stuff to IRC =p08:04
Sp0dok thanks08:05
moymoySp0d: if [ "$answer" = "1" ] ; then should work fine08:05
linuxguy2009gnight/gday everyone!08:05
Sudomah !08:05
HalfBloodPrinceHelp please - I can't install Adobe Flash Player if i'm running 64-bit Ubuntu...?!08:06
owen1nomad77: i'll try it08:06
professor_got to go, nice chatting everyone08:06
strykerprofessor_: thanks08:06
Sudomrun stryker virtual hosts so i just changed the apache config in my server to08:07
* Gon ausente: Ausente por el momento08:07
moymoySp0d: got everything working?08:07
Al_nz_laptthat fixed it thanks nomad7708:07
HalfBloodPrinceHelp help?!08:07
professor_skreech: I will keep an eye out for you to see how you went08:07
Sp0dya, i did all that and then realized i need the .sh at the end of the filenames08:07
Sp0dthanks so much moymoy08:07
Sudomso, )08:08
HalfBloodPrinceIs there no way to install flash player on x64 ubuntu?08:08
owen1nomad77: how to find firefox in htop? i type /firefox but can't see it.08:08
Sp0ddid you need me to post the working code like professor wanted?08:08
moymoySp0d: no problem.. and scripts don't really need a .whatever extension08:08
strykerHalfBloodPrince yes there is, one moment please08:08
Sp0dya i see that, all the tuts i found ended in .sh so i figured it was manditory :P08:08
SuhailAnyone know where mysql_config is located on ubuntu?08:09
moymoySp0d: =p causes less confusion i suppose08:09
SuhailAnd is this package possible to be installed? http://dehs.alioth.debian.org/report.php?package=python-mysqldb08:09
Suhailwith that version #08:09
Sp0dnow my life will have 2 more secs of free time each day! haha thanks again moymoy!08:09
strykerHalfBloodPrince: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html download that file08:09
Sudomdisc with ubuntu 908:09
strykerits the 64 bit flash08:09
moymoySp0d: and no problem =p08:09
nomad77owen1: in gnome-terminal type htop use arrow-keys scroll down to firefox line hit F9 then enter,repeat as needed for all firefox procesess,it'll highlight the line you're operating on08:09
HalfBloodPrinceOh THANKS08:10
papuli want a linux distro that i less than 100 mb download, contains no gui and has irssi08:10
papulgot no answer in ##linux08:11
drew212is anyone able and willing to help me install the ACX drivers?08:11
owen1nomad77: i don't see firefox. even when searching with / sign i don't see it.08:11
nomad77well logout/login then i guess08:12
strykernp, just make sure you extract it and and place it under .mozilla/plugins folder in the /home directoy, you might need to make the plugins folder, HalfBloodPrince08:12
moymoypapul: the ubuntu minimal install is 50MB08:12
moymoypapul: has no gui08:12
papulmoymoy: can i use irsii with it?08:12
nomad77gotta go08:13
moymoypapul: i would assume you'd have to install some independencies .. but i think irsii is in the repos, so apt-get'ing it should have it working flawlessly .. and irssi doesn't need graphics to run so you'er good08:13
moymoypapul: but i prefer weechat =p08:13
drew212anyone willing to help me with the ACX drivers?08:14
owen1papul: irssi is the best client for irc08:14
papulowen1: i know that08:14
owen1papul: it has many addons and great channel #irssi08:14
papulirsii needs perl08:14
papulso does ubuntu minimal contains perl08:15
owen1papul: good luck with the minimal install. let me know how it goes.08:15
HalfBloodPrincestryker, i can't find /.mozilla in /home08:15
drew212bazhang: are you in the house?08:15
papulowen1: can i install thru pen drive??08:15
moymoypapul: the package manager handles it.. if perl is a dependency, then it'll be automatically installed by apt or aptitude08:15
strykerHalfBloodPrince: do you have the settings so that the hidden folders are shown?08:15
papulmoymoy: ubuntu minimal has apt??08:16
owen1papul:i heard it's only possible to install from usb if there is a live cd. not sure if it's true.08:16
moymoypapul: yes, that's why it's a network install.. it downloads all the most recent packages (unless you tell it not to download ANYTHING at all, then it's basically just the linux kernel and some of the ubuntu stuff like apt)08:16
papulmoymoy: thats great08:17
stryker.mozilla is a hidden folder halfbloodprince, open home and lick on Edit>Preferences08:17
strykerPhantom1654: hey bro :P08:17
moymoypapul: exactly what are you trying to do anyway? you just want a portable CLI IRC client?08:18
drew212nobody willing to help me install the ACX drivers?08:18
owen1papul: a week ago i was trying to create a netbootin (usb install) of the alternate CD, but it didn't work, eventualy i used xubuntu.08:18
papulmoymoy: yeah08:18
Phantom1654Anyone here can help me out I will appreciate it very much08:18
strykerHalfBloodPrince: you got that done?08:18
papulmoymoy: i will pm u08:18
moymoypapul: that's too troublesome.. if i were to do that, i'd do it a different way08:18
Phantom1654I got an Acer Aspire 5920 with a Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT video card08:18
Phantom1654and I did the driver activation for it08:19
owen1papul: but i don't use xubuntu, i login to a text-based machine08:19
Phantom1654and now the monitor on my laptop doesnt turn on08:19
LorreHi guys, I'm trying to reinstall windows xp on my EeePC without CD drive, but no joy. Any tips?08:19
Lorre(it has the latest Eeebuntu)08:19
skreechLorre: TRY ##WINDOWS ?08:19
skreechI mean try ##windows08:19
moymoypapul: have you pm'd me already?08:19
owen1how to kill firefox? pkill and killall don't work.08:19
LorreSkreech: I'm guessing I'd have to delete all ubuntu kernels first, as it gives me an error upon cd-boot.08:20
Lorreusb-boot, i mean08:20
strykerHalfBloodPrince you there?08:20
stronzeim wanting to learn php and want a progam i can typin coding in one window and shows me endstate of completed code in another window08:21
aicra<owen1> pgrep firefox | xargs kill -908:22
SuhailAnyone have a clue where mysql_config is on ubuntu?08:22
moymoyPhantom1654: can you ssh into that machine? .. whenever you install nvidia drivers, they change the xorg.conf.. but fortunately, it makes a backup first.. you can try to use the backed up xorg.conf to see if you have any luck08:26
stronzeim wanting to learn php and want a progam i can typin coding in one window and shows me endstate of completed code in another window08:26
strykermoymoy: ive been tryin to help him the past few days, the screen shows nothing, not even bios comes up08:27
owen1papul: i am installing ubuntu minimal CD. it's 10MB iso file.08:28
=== zero is now known as Guest21901
papulowen1: all i want is to run irssi08:28
owen1papul: may i ask why only irssi?08:29
moymoystryker: Phantom1654: what exactly did he do?08:29
papulowen1: cause it runs on terminal08:29
strykermoymoy: he installed the driver ubuntu recommended for his graphics card08:29
moymoypapul: weechat runs on terminal08:29
legend2440Suhail: http://www.debianadmin.com/mysql-database-server-installation-and-configuration-in-ubuntu.html08:30
strykermoymoy: i gotta go, hes still there jsut searching08:30
strykergnight all08:30
strykernight bro08:30
stronzeanyone got a suggestion for my question?08:30
moymoyPhantom1654: if not even the bios shows.. it's almost definitely hardware08:30
Suhaillegend2440: I am trying to build MySQLdb (python module) from source not install MySQL....08:31
Phantom1654moymoy: Yeah I figured the video card could be turned off or burnt I wish the first one08:31
drew212anyone willing to help me compile the ACX source?08:31
HektoRhey guys ... is there any way to install IE tab for FireFox on ubuntu ?08:31
moymoyPhantom1654: on the bright side.. what if it's just your monitor broken? or just a loose connection for opening your lid up too much (laptop right?) .. in that case you should try plugging in svideo or whatever to your TV to see if it works08:32
stronzehektor - im pretty sure there is an add-on in firefox that has IE tab08:32
Phantom1654moymoy: Also I thought of the auto BIOS reset. If the laptop is left without energy for more than 72 hours it does a reset08:32
moymoyPhantom1654: 3 days is a long time =[08:33
Phantom1654moymoy: I tried connecting it to a external monitor and it doesn't show any images neither the BIOS08:33
HektoRstronze, yes but for ubuntu ?08:33
Phantom1654moymoy: it's been around 2 and a half so I am good08:33
g3dhi, I'm looking for a livecd distribution for simple, everyday use: web browsing, simple office documents, pdf, etc. basically a web-browsing terminal. Would Ubuntu live-cd fit?08:33
moymoyPhantom1654: then the bios reset is probably your best bet .. xD a little more waiting to go08:33
sash_g3d:  depends on your hardware, but ubuntu-live can all this08:34
Pe3khello, I have problems with pure-ftpd installation http://paste.ubuntu.com/241111/08:34
g3dsash_: 17'' laptop with c2d and 2GB ram08:34
Phantom1654moymoy: Yeah I am doing so much stuff on this pc ( studying Computer Engineering Technology ) and I need it badly because I need to read an e-book08:35
drew212anyone willing to help me install some ACX drivers?08:35
sash_g3d:  allright, shouldnt be a problem ;)08:35
g3dsash_: point is, it's for somebody who is not proficient with computers who I want to allow using my laptop occasionally without that person or me having to worry about breaking anything (and touching my files).08:35
diddyWhy do you write:Send stdout and stderr to file: prog > file 2>&1 and not prog 2>&1 file ???08:36
moymoyPhantom1654: that sucks =\ i hope the BIOS reset works.. but you better start saving up some money just in case08:36
sash_g3d:  tipp: create links to often used programs (firefox, openoffice, vlc) on the desktop08:36
drew212anyone willing to help me install the ACX driver?08:37
michaelhello i am having a problem08:37
Pe3kis there any command (dpkg ...) which can help? (http://paste.ubuntu.com/241111/)08:37
moymoy!ask | michael08:37
ubottumichael: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:37
g3dsash_: yeah, that's what I was planning to do, but would that get saved somehow between sessions?08:37
michaeli cant get on my wireless network08:37
Phantom1654moymoy: I know lolz at least the Hard Drive and Ram is working08:37
sash_g3d:  not per default. you must create a "persistent live system" on a usb-stick08:37
stronzeanyone know of a good php progrram that will help me learn php?08:38
stronzemore like test out code and see the results?08:38
mattwj20021I got my adhoc to work!08:38
sash_just google it. i think, there is an article at wiki.ubuntu.com, but im not sure08:38
Phantom1654moymoy: Hey which is the package I need to download for adobe flash player08:38
moymoyPhantom1654: the non-free one i think.. but i usually just download the deb from adobe's website08:39
Crazyguystronze, http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=php+tutorial&aq=f&oq=&aqi=g1008:39
g3dsash_: hm... I guess I'll find something on that on ubuntu forums. Ok, thank you for your help!08:39
Phantom1654moymoy: okay cause my mom gets on my back because she needs freaking Farm Town08:39
=== man3x`aw` is now known as man3x
skreechPhantom1654: flashplugin-nonfree08:40
=== D is now known as Guest33012
KeifferI made little mistake: I installed vnc and now I don't know how to see if it's running.08:40
stronzecrazyguy - i got a tutorial to teach me but i need something to work in so i can see my results08:40
moymoyPhantom1654: rofl! her little flash games?08:40
KeifferI don't want anyone to take over my machine08:40
Pe3kwhat can I do now? ->  /usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: pure-ftpd is broken or not fully installed08:40
moymoyg3d: ubuntu already comes with a tool that does all that for you.. puts a liveCD on a usb stick with persistent mode08:41
Phantom1654moymoy: I hate facebook08:41
LyraHello, I'm really sorry to bothr you guys but I'm having a problem with my wireless internet. The drivers for the card are installed but there is no wlan0 interface.08:41
michaelhi i cant get on any wireless network under the network manger applet and i have the wi-fi driver activated. can someone help me?08:41
moymoyPhantom1654: i KNEW it was facebook!08:41
Guest33012@Keiffer: type vino-preferences into a terminal and set a password08:41
Crazyguystronze, oh, if you're using ubuntu you can just install apache2 and php5 on your own machine08:41
sash_moymoy:  the live-stick creator can do persistent installations? sure?08:41
stronzelyra  - i had o installl wicd to get my wireless to work08:41
=== Guest33012 is now known as D
=== D is now known as int0rnetz
michaelok what packet is it or where did you download it.08:42
Phantom1654moymoy: Good Night and thanks for your help :D08:42
legend2440stronze: netbeans is a pretty good overall IDE and it supports php   http://www.netbeans.org/features/php/08:43
KeifferGuest33012 onlt 8 chars password?08:43
moymoysash_: yeah08:44
int0rnetz@Keiffer: i guess, do you want to get a longer password? i dont know how to do that08:44
stronzeomfg! i got konversation and after if downloaded opera it opens everything in opera and now i installed screem and everything opens in screem.how i return default to firefox?!08:44
ctb619Everytime i try to install Ubuntu 8.10 it loads for a few minutes, spits out some gibberish, and ends with "end trace 45d20ac5406a2fd" ... any ideas?08:44
moymoysash_: there's a little checkbox for it08:44
Keifferint0rnetz, yes. only 8..08:44
sash_moymoy:  since which release? jaunty?08:44
int0rnetz@Keiffer: then i guess that's the max you can get...08:45
LyraI dont see a wcid in synatpic, where would I go to get that?08:45
salvatore_Hi guys, I should download a webpage,  just see html source, but there is a php reidirect, than i have to download that page with out http08:45
Keifferint0rnetz, OMG it's linux! 8 chars? dissapointing08:45
moymoysash_: i'm not sure since what release.. i think since the beginning.. and it even has a slider that lets you reserve space for the user to use08:45
moymoysash_: i'm pulling this from memory because i don't have the that utility installed on this machine.. i'm on a minimal install.. but i'm pretty sure it has it08:46
LyraI know the computer is detcting the card, I just cant find wlan008:46
int0rnetz@Keiffer: yeah it ain't that much... btw, if you want to load vino at login you should add /usr/lib/vino/vino-server to your autostarted apps :) ok i'm off now, good luck with it!08:46
g3dmoymoy: found it, thanks08:47
moymoyg3d: no problem08:48
Suhailwhat is the path to mysql_config ?08:48
stronzelyra - wicd works perfect for me.the orginal one that came with ubuntu detected my wireless but refused to connect to a wireless network.after i switched to wicd,i have had no problems with wireless08:49
stronzeexcept the stupid router08:49
SargunHow do I go from 8.04 LTS to 9.04 normal?08:49
CrazyguySuhail, just a guess /etc/mysql/my.conf08:50
skreechSuhail: Look in /etc/mysql/08:50
moymoySargun: ALT+F2 and type in `update-manager -d`08:50
Suhailyou're saying mysql_config == my.cnf?08:50
Suhailthat sounds wrong?08:50
Flannelmoymoy, Sargun: no.  Follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IntrepidUpgrades08:50
Suhail(skreech & Crazyguy)08:51
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gandalfcome_I get an unresponsive hdd under 8.04 when rsyncing data from one to another drive. The dmesg output I get starts with invalid opcode: 0000 [#1] SMP. I have googled the problem and saw that this is an reported error. People described it as kernel panick. Can someone confirm this?08:51
=== macavity2 is now known as LF4
KeifferDo you know any good Ubuntu activity logger? including keylogger08:53
mechtechhow to rip a dvd in ubuntu?08:53
sy1__todisc gui08:54
sy1__using this to rip to dvd08:54
mechtechto rip from dvd?08:54
stronzeanyone know how to get konversation to open urls to firefox and to STAY that way?08:54
sy1__i think you still can use this08:55
mechtechis that a command?08:55
sy1__you have to install it from synaptic08:56
stronzeanyone know how to get konversation to open urls to firefox and to STAY that way?08:57
legend2440stronze: if your using gnome  check in  system>preferences>preferred applications is firefox set as default?08:57
stronzelegend2440 - yes08:58
legend2440stronze: whats it using  oper?08:59
stronzelegend2440 - nothing that i know of.downloaded it to play runescape when i got REALLY bored08:59
mechtechstronze: I was having a similar issue with dvd playback...VLC was set as myeplayer kepDs and music every time I opened a file, or DVD...i just removed all the other media players I had installed default, but movi09:01
stronzelegend2440 - konversation was opening into opera with urls but now its screem09:01
clarinetHi, all.09:01
legend2440stronze: open firefox  then open edit>preferences>advanced and have firefox check if its the default browser09:02
stronzeit says it is and clicked on a url.09:04
stronzeit opens to screem09:04
Matutian2hi all09:04
decompare there any VNC client/server combos that provide high resolution graphics? its been a while since i used them and need it for my mac and linux server. Both reside on a hard line in my office. Currently i can play with the setting of my mac vnc client but still cant get it to display a good graphical representation of my kde4 desktop.09:05
stronzelegend2440 - ill figure it out tomorrow.im exhausted09:06
mechtech!hi | Paschu09:06
ubottuPaschu: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!09:06
Paschucan i edit videos in ubuntu?09:07
stronzelegend2440 - about to fall asleep on laptop09:07
Paschulol? its early morning here09:07
papul_moymoy: hav done it09:07
Paschu10 am09:07
Paschuor 10:0709:07
papul_hey moymoy09:08
PaschuBut can i  edit videos in ubuntu? its very important for me09:08
fg56lxWhen ever I listen to music for any length of time, in any program, it begins to skip and stutter. What would cause this? And how can i fix it?09:09
Paschuupdate the codecs09:10
Paschumaybe it will work :D09:10
bazhanghttp://techcityinc.com/2009/02/top-10-free-video-editors-for-ubuntu-linux/ Paschu09:11
Paschui need something professional09:12
Paschuit must have all functions of sony vegas09:13
bazhangPaschu, did you read that link09:13
Machtinhm, i don't have sound in flash in firefox and opera.. why might that be?09:13
linxehPaschu: then buy vegas and a windows box09:13
Paschuwindows box?09:13
linxehPaschu: you know, a PC running Windows09:14
Paschubut windows sucks09:14
Paschui wanna change to linux09:14
linxehthen petition Sony to make a linux version09:14
bazhangPaschu, some of those are quite nice. none will be identical to the windows app you want.09:14
linxehfree software is good, but its not up to vegas standards though (yet)09:15
linxehit's good enough for most things though09:15
Paschuyea yea i know09:15
papul_what is ubuntu minimal?09:15
linxehKino is fairly good09:15
bazhang!minimal | papul_09:15
ubottupapul_: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD09:15
linxehPaschu: http://www.kinodv.org/article/static/209:16
Paschui want to do some effects like muzzleflash and so on09:16
Paschuand greenscreen09:16
Paschuthats it09:16
papul_bazhang: how much will it download at the least09:16
Paschui dont need more09:16
linxehPaschu: you just said you needed vegas features! :P09:16
bazhangpapul_, did you read the link?09:16
papul_bazhang: and can i dual boot it with windows xp?09:16
linxehPaschu: kino will do what you want - its on that link that bazhang gave09:16
Paschu^.^ thanks09:16
papul_bazhang: and can i dual boot it with windows xp?09:16
bazhang!info kino09:16
ubottukino (source: kino): Non-linear editor for Digital Video data. In component main, is extra. Version 1.3.0-2.1ubuntu4 (jaunty), package size 4262 kB, installed size 9428 kB09:16
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papul_bazhang: ????09:17
bazhangpapul_, yes?09:17
papul_bazhang: and can i dual boot it with windows xp?09:17
bazhangpapul_, of course you can09:18
grawitypapul_: The full Ubuntu installer can automatically configure dualboot; I'm not sure about alternate/minimal.09:18
legend2440Machtin: http://newtoubuntu.wordpress.com/2009/04/25/ubuntu-904-no-sound-with-flash-videos/09:18
bazhangpapul_, its a lot more work then the alternate though09:18
linxehPaschu: kdenlive looks good too :)09:18
Paschuis there a program like garageband (mac) for linux?09:19
papul_grawity: the problem is that due to low ram live cd wont start09:19
PaschuLiVES looks nice09:19
papul_bazhang: i am ready to do work09:19
ikoniaPaschu: look at stuiod64 and ubuntu studio, it's not as good though to be honest09:19
grawitypapul_: The live CD has an "Install" option.09:19
papul_grawity: install doesn't work too09:19
Paschustudio64 for nintendo64? :D09:19
grawitypapul_: ...how much RAM does it have?09:19
ikoniaPaschu: no, it's a recording studio daw09:20
grawitypapul_: Also, have you tried Xubuntu?09:20
Paschuya i was just joking09:20
VilinyHey guys, i run a half-bummed file server at home. Every time i boot i manually run the "ntfs-3g /dev/sdd1 /storage3usb" command to mount the external usb HD to a directory thats shared. Can i automate this? (of course but how?)09:20
papul_grawity: whats xubuntu??09:20
papul_grawity: i want terminal only no gui09:20
grawitypapul_: Ah.09:20
Machtinlegend2440: hm.. i just moved the .so-file from the 64bit-version to /usr/lib/opera/plugins09:21
Machtinthat's the only thing that was in that tar.gz09:21
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels09:21
mechtechripping my first DVD :)09:21
Paschucompiz loos so nice :D09:21
grawityOnce you disable wobbly windows, yes.09:21
mechtechPaschu: did you enable the cube?09:22
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz09:22
fg56lxWhen ever I listen to music for any length of time, in any program, it begins to skip and stutter. What would cause this? And how can i fix it?09:22
* grawity thinks Cube is only to be used when you have friends around.09:22
falxis there a simple way to force kubuntu to open in a resolution I want it to?09:22
Paschui havent ubuntu yet09:23
mechtechfg56lx: audio card rivers09:23
legend2440Machtin: so its working now?09:23
Machtinlegend2440: no.09:23
Machtinthat's what i did in the first place.. and it worked in my former installation09:23
fg56lxmechtech: I never had this problem untill I reinstalled lastnight.09:23
Machtinthat's what's confusing me actually.. hm.09:23
legend2440Machtin: your using ubuntu x64?09:23
mechtechfg56lx: well...perhaps it's the software you're using09:24
angel_what's wrong with pidgin? can't login to yahoo?09:24
Paschui'll try ubuntu netbook remix09:24
Machtinlegend2440: kubuntu to be more precise.. but that doesn't matter, i guess09:24
fg56lxmechtech: Every media player as well as youtube videos do it.09:24
mechtechfg56lx: drivers09:25
fg56lxWhy would they work improperly now when they have worked fine in the past?09:25
mechtechfg56lx: or gstreamer09:25
fg56lxWhat is that?09:25
falxI've installed kubuntu as my first try at linux and the resolution is stuck at 800x60009:25
falxwhat can I do to fix that?09:26
legend2440Machtin: well there is a  flash deb file available here but i'm not familiar with x64   http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/  i would uninstall  flashplugin-nonfree first though before i tried the adobe one09:26
mechtechfg56lx: creates audio link or conduit between software and hardware09:26
fg56lxmechtech: How do I install it?09:26
Machtinlegend2440: never installed it09:26
mechtechfalx: lemme guess, you have an ATI chipset?09:26
Machtinand just checked, it's not installed09:26
mechtechfg56lx: synaptic09:26
falxi'm running it on virtual box on an x200 lenovo tablet09:27
bazhanghttp://tinyurl.com/pidgin-yahoo angel_09:27
thiefHi, I have been reading and following this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sixaxis however when I get to patching bluez, I do not have a bluez-utils-x.xx folder, and therefore the patch will not apply, can anyone help me get through finishing this guide?09:27
falxI think it's n-vidia integrated but it shouldn't matter with the software emulation right?09:27
mechtechfalx: set virtualbox virtual resolution yet?09:27
legend2440Machtin: can you play youtube flash videos? and if so how are you doing that without the plugin?09:27
falxnot sure, how would I do that?09:28
Set_Killerdoes the liveCD of ubuntu contains ati closed source drivers09:28
Machtinlegend2440: i have the plugin.. but i used the one from the adobe site. and yes i can play them.. but with no sound :(09:28
bazhangfalx, in vbox? what resolution were you hoping for?09:28
mechtechfalx: settings in virtualbox09:28
Paschulinux multi media studio09:29
Paschui can make midi music with it09:29
Paschuthats awesome09:29
legend2440Machtin: oh i see. so you already have version 10,0,22,87 installed?09:29
linxehPaschu: also check out rosegarden, lilypond, and ardour09:29
Machtinlegend2440: it is actually something like 10,0,32,..09:30
Paschui tried renoise 2.0 on my windows computer09:30
ctb619I tried to install Ubuntu 8.10 in a dual boot set-up with windows xp.  Once Ubuntu finished installing, I was no longer able to boot with windows.  So I booted with my windows recovery cd and tried to fix the boot.  Subsequent to that I was no longer able to boot to Ubuntu, and when I tried to re-install Ubuntu it ended with this: ""end trace 45d20ac5406a2fd" and a blinking cursor.09:30
linxehPaschu: you may also like to investigate linuxsampler09:30
Machtini'll check, gimme a sec09:30
Set_KillerDOES ubuntu liveCD runs the propertiate ati drivers09:31
mechtechPaschu: now, if you have a midi interface and an old keyboard, you can use it as a midi controller09:31
legend2440Machtin: you can check here   http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/09:31
Paschui dont know what you are talking about :D09:31
Machtinagh, sorry.09:31
linxehmechtech: I have various new midi keyboards I use as sound sources, rather than as controllers :)09:31
mechtechSet_Killer: from what I can tell installed linux has no "correct"ATI drivers09:31
linxeh(I use a real piano as the controller)09:31
Machtin10.0.32.18, legend244009:31
thiefCan anyone help me get my sixaxis controller working in ubuntu 9.0.4 the guide did not work09:32
linxehthis is getting offtopic though09:32
PaschuArdour looks awesome09:32
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mechtechlinxeh: sweet...we should jam :)09:32
linxehPaschu: it is :D09:32
bazhangSet_Killer, what card09:32
Set_KillerX550 radeon09:32
falxok i don't think the problem is from vbox, I can't get autoresize to work09:32
linxehPaschu: ##audio (small but growing)09:32
thiefnevermind i think i found a guide09:33
mechtechfalx: what video chipset?09:33
bazhangSet_Killer, is that card a radeonhd? if not then the OSS drivers are the best option right now09:33
spartan07is there something that can run on 9.04 to replace root-tail?09:33
bazhangSet_Killer, ie fglrx does not work09:33
linxehmechtech: yeah - though I never really got the whole online jam thing, I like playing in the same room more :)09:33
mechtechSet_Killer: you can thank ATI for not developing linux drivers for that09:34
spartan07i can't get root-tail to display on 9.04. has anyone got it to work?09:34
mechtechlinxeh: didn't even know that was possible...was joking09:34
Set_Killermechtech, but oss ati drivers are not good with gamez (nexuiz, wine)09:34
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »09:35
linxehmechtech: oh :) theres some jam software that you configure a fixed length, say 32 bars, and people jam over it then it streams the audio to the others in time (or something)09:35
linxehcant remember what its called though09:35
mechtechSet_Killer: yeah...ati support is janky to say the least...shame too considering how many linux users have their hardware09:35
brandon95gpromblem istalling flash please help09:35
proximoohi there, im running on livecd and it doesnt find my raid0 hdd's, do i need to install a driver for my raid controller _09:36
Set_Killeri have the idea to make a liveCD of ubuntu and to install wine on it and to play games, will it work ?09:36
mechtechlinxeh: like you, I prefer live...in-person jam sessions :)09:36
bazhang!remaster | Set_Killer check this09:36
ubottuSet_Killer check this: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility09:36
chrisb_brandon95g: what have you tried?09:36
mechtechSet_Killer: how are you going to install anything on a live cd?09:37
Set_Killeroh, liveUSB09:37
brandon95gi have tried downloading the deb file but is saysError: Dependency is not satisfiable: libnspr4-dev\09:37
bazhang!usb > Set_Killer09:37
mechtechSet_Killer: cannot write to a cd you're reading from09:37
ubottuSet_Killer, please see my private message09:37
brandon95gcan any one help09:38
Set_Killerso after reboot the changes will not be saved :/09:38
chrisb_brandon95g: You mixing Debian packages with Ubuntu packages?09:38
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brandon95gin the flash download site is said deb file ubuntu 8.04 or higher09:39
falxheh great now i've killed vbox xompletely09:39
areelswhat's wrong with volume in karmic?09:39
Boohbahareels: i don't know, what?09:40
mechtechSet_Killer: no...you can;t make any changes to a cd that you're reading09:40
brandon95gso i do i download the adbobe flash?09:40
areelscan't activate volume without touching it Boohbah09:40
areelsvolume mutes after mp3 finishes09:40
kbphow do I install Streaming Darwin Server on Ubuntu Server? apt-get install ...? (please help me fill in the ... thank you :) )09:40
KingKimii am getting this.. how to fix this ? :Errors were encountered while processing: linux-image-2.6.28-14-generic linux-restricted-modules-2.6.28-14-generic linux-image-genericlinux-restricted-modules-genericlinux-generic09:41
bazhangareels, #ubuntu+1 for karmic09:41
Boohbahbrandon95g: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree09:41
chrisb_brandon95g: Yeah, maybe there is an ubuntu package to do this 4 u?09:41
pocIs somebody good at php?09:41
Boohbahpoc: ##php09:42
KingKimiwhen i try to install i get this  : http://paste.ubuntu.com/241218/09:42
KingKimiany one help ? ^09:42
brandon95gtype that in terminal09:42
Boohbahbrandon95g: yes09:42
chrisb_KingKimi: What errors?09:43
brandon95git said E: Couldn't find package flashplugin-nonfree09:43
KingKimichrisb_, when i try to install something... it says this  http://paste.ubuntu.com/241218/09:43
KingKimichrisb_, i did only sudo apt-get install ejecter09:44
chrisb_brandon95g: set up your sources.lst properly09:44
Boohbahbrandon95g: enable the multiverse repository09:44
=== evilNirvana is now known as DarthNirvana
brandon95gsorry i new to ubuntu how do i do that09:44
icerootbrandon95g: its called adobe-flashplugin09:44
KingKimiBrando753, system > admin > software sources09:44
icerootbrandon95g: sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin09:45
icerootbrandon95g: flashplugin-nonfree is the old flash in 8.04 - 8.1009:45
kbpjoin #linux09:45
ikoniaKingKimi: what repos are enabled ?09:46
KingKimiikonia, ??09:46
ikoniaKingKimi: what repos are enabled ?09:46
KingKimiikonia, in software sources... everything is checked09:46
ikoniaeven proposed ?09:46
ikonia!info linux-image09:46
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 3 kB, installed size 32 kB09:46
ikoniaKingKimi: even the proposed repos?09:47
KingKimiikonia, where is that ?09:47
ikoniaKingKimi: in software sources09:47
icerootikonia: why it is important which repos he has activate, look at his erros. apt-get has not installed some packages correctly09:48
KingKimiikonia, i enablded now09:48
ikoniaKingKimi: no - don't09:48
carboy87I need help with my ubuntu09:48
ikoniaiceroot: I see it has installed some correctly,09:48
icerootcarboy87: not without any details09:48
ikoniaKingKimi: make that's not enabled09:48
carboy87well of course09:48
chrisb_KingKimi: You need to fix: debconf: DbDriver "config": /var/cache/debconf/config.dat is locked by another process: Resource temporarily unavailable09:48
KingKimiikonia,  :O  ok.. undoing09:48
carboy87I am stuck in safe mode i think09:49
ikoniaKingKimi: now that you know your using the stable updates, remove the file /var/cache/debconf/config.dat and re-try the install09:49
carboy87how do i get it out of safe mode09:49
iceroot!details | carboy8709:49
ubottucarboy87: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:49
confusedBobhey, does anyone else have problems with the framerate of full screen flash on jaunty?09:49
mechtechconfusedbob: point me to a vid you can't see09:50
icerootcarboy87: just choose the normal ubuntu in grub09:50
hrickardsWhat's the best way to get my package from Debian into Ubuntu?09:50
kindofabuzzi can sftp to my server but not ftp? do i need to set up something different for just ftp, need it for CM site09:50
iceroothrickards: which package?09:50
ikoniaKingKimi: sftp and ftp are two different things09:50
icerootkindofabuzz: a ftpserver yu will need09:51
kindofabuzzikonia, yeah i know09:51
ikoniakindofabuzz: then why are you asking ?09:51
carboy87k i have a problem with Safe mode Im running ubuntu version8.04 when i restart my computer i want it to run in normal mode but it run in safe mode still?09:51
icerootkindofabuzz: like proftpd09:51
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages hrickards09:51
hrickardsiceroot: lives (and lives-data, libweed0 and libweed-dev, all from same source package). It still needs to be manually added to the override file, which I'm told takes about a week.09:51
carboy87like that09:51
diddyWhat is wrong with the following passwd entry: User1:*:51:501:John Doe:/home/user1:/bin/bash ???09:51
kindofabuzzikonia, i knew they were two different features but i figured if one was set up the other was too. guess not09:51
hrickardsbazhang: Even if it's already in Debian?09:51
ikoniakindofabuzz: vsftpd is the most acceptable/commonly used ftp user09:52
grawitydiddy: I see nothing wrong.09:52
carboy87 k i have a problem with Safe mode Im running ubuntu version8.04 when i restart my computer i want it to run in normal mode but it run in safe mode still?09:52
ikoniakindofabuzz: vsftpd is the most acceptable/commonly used ftp application sorry09:52
hrickardsbazhang: Sorry just read the top bit09:52
diddygrawity, the account is locked.09:52
ikoniadiddy: set a password09:52
grawitydiddy: Did you check the matching line in /etc/shadow?09:52
ikoniadiddy: use the useradmin gui if you are not comfortable09:52
carboy87no one09:53
carboy87 k i have a problem with Safe mode Im running ubuntu version8.04 when i restart my computer i want it to run in normal mode but it run in safe mode still?09:53
icerootcarboy87: what is safe-mode?09:53
bazhanghrickards, released or unreleased from debian09:53
carboy87i dont know it like when everything on the screen iis huge!09:53
carboy87like really big09:53
grawityiceroot: It's the "safe graphics" mode.09:53
icerootcarboy87: you mean the desktop-icons and so on?09:54
pocI can't join it.09:54
hrickardsbazhhang: It's currently waiting to be added to the override file, but it's been approved and everything. lintian clean (with pedantic)09:54
grawitycarboy87: Can you pastebin the last few lines from /var/log/Xorg.0.log?09:54
carboy87yes correct ice root09:54
icerootgrawity: sounds like windows-safe-mode. never heard of it in ubuntu09:54
icerootgrawity: but thank you09:54
clarinetHow to switch to low-graphics mode in ubuntu?09:54
carboy87any ideas09:55
diddygrawity, Can there be a start in that line?09:55
Boohbahclarinet: ctrl-alt-f109:55
grawityiceroot: When Xorg fails to initialize the graphics driver or something, it switches to "safe graphics" mode - VGA, 640x480x16.09:55
grawitydiddy: A what?09:55
diddygrawity,  User1:*:51:501:John Doe:/home/user1:/bin/bash ???09:55
Boohbahclarinet: sorry, that will get you no graphics :)09:55
ikoniadiddy: why are you not using the useradmin tools to setup the user ?09:55
diddygrawity, Are asterisks allowed there09:55
clarinetI know that.09:55
ikoniadiddy: are you trying to create a user by adding details to /etc/passwd09:55
diddyikonia, this is a test question.09:55
grawitydiddy: Yes, they mean that the password is stored in '/etc/shadow'.09:55
allquixoticcarboy87: Have you ever successfully started Ubuntu in "normal mode" (i.e., not low graphics mode)?09:55
pocHow to join ##php09:55
ikoniadiddy: no it's not09:55
grawitypoc: You need to register your nick - go to #freenode for help.09:56
ikoniadiddy: just tell us the truth about what you are trying to do09:56
bazhanghrickards, seems #ubuntu-motu would be the place to find out afaik09:56
icerootpoc: type /join ##php09:56
diddygrawity, that would be an x wouldn't it and not a *09:56
ikoniadiddy: this channel is for ubuntu support09:56
carboy87yes this is the first time this has ever happend before09:56
clarinetBoohbah: I know that.09:56
ueaoueoaaoeoI *want* (not need) a program that'll back up the partition I'm using by automatically somehow unmounting it, running clonezilla (with saved data so I dont have to do anything), and then going back into tho system09:56
diddyikonia, OK09:56
grawitydiddy: Ah, hmm09:56
ueaoueoaaoeothat would be great09:56
allquixoticcarboy87: Then something has changed on your system lately -- you might have performed an upgrade, installed third party software, accidentally deleted some files...09:56
allquixoticcarboy87: Something has caused Ubuntu's graphics driver for your video card to fail, where it worked before.09:56
* grawity curses Nautilus for trying to automount a filesystem that is still being resized.09:56
carboy87no i was just talking to people online and all of a sudden my computer froze and thats where i am09:57
grawitydiddy: Have you read the manpage of passwd(5)? man 5 passwd09:57
Paschucan i play xmoto in ubuntu? :D:D:D09:57
allquixoticcarboy87: Your computer "froze"? You mean everything, including the mouse cursor?09:57
carboy87i had to turn it off09:57
allquixoticcarboy87: That's called a kernel panic.09:57
carboy87and restart manually]09:57
carboy87kernal panic09:57
ueaoueoaaoeoi dont like having to reboot and load a whole other distro to back up. has anyone found a better way???09:57
bazhangPaschu, install it09:57
allquixoticcarboy87: When you experience a kernel panic, it's possible that you might lose data if the operating system has recently written to a file that hasn't been pushed out to disk.09:58
Paschui havent ubuntu installed yet09:58
Paschui said that more than 5 times  xD09:58
allquixoticcarboy87: If you installed updates using Update Manager shortly before the panic, it's possible that the updates were only partially committed, which might put the graphics driver in a bad state.09:58
bazhangPaschu, please chat in #ubuntu-offtopic ; here is support ONLY09:58
Paschuah k09:58
monckyPaschu: whats xmoto a game?09:58
ueaoueoaaoeoanyone notice how fun it is to type ubuntu on dvorak?09:58
bazhangmoncky, yes09:58
brandon95gi have still not able to get flash to work can some one give me step by step instructions please\09:58
carboy87i never installed any files09:58
carboy87at all09:58
allquixoticcarboy87: About how long have you been using this installation of Ubuntu?09:59
iceroot!details | brandon95g09:59
ubottubrandon95g: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:59
carboy87brandon ill help you later09:59
carboy87alojng time09:59
legend2440ueaoueoaaoeo: i used these instruction to add entry to menu'lst that when i choose it it does what you are asking   http://opensuse.swerdna.org/suserescuecd.html09:59
carboy87ive been using this program since it first came out09