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EagleScreenhello, how can I remove a file from My Files folder in ubuntuone?01:46
EagleScreenokay i found the answer by myself01:51
J-O-S-H-U-Acan someone tell me about ubuntu one, or will i get chased out of here too?02:46
yofelJ-O-S-H-U-A: not really new, but if you want to read it: http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2009/05/hands-on-canonical-aims-for-the-cloud-with-new-ubuntu-one.ars02:51
J-O-S-H-U-Athanks yofel02:53
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wiz_of_hayay i live in the cloud now03:04
SabirI need help, the ubuntu one client pont work09:56
SabirLast time, after loading the applet is in a position to scan09:58
SabirI tried to reinstall the packages using the purge, but it did not help09:58
SabirToday I deleted a directory with the configuration, / etc / xdg / ubuntuone and re-install10:01
SabirNow, the applet did not make attempts to connect, the item "Open folder" inactive10:02
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jblountsladen: Hi! I just converted that bug about not being able to discern between different machine tokens back into a bug.13:20
jblountsladen: We've got the code to pass the machine name with that token, but it's not saving to the database, so we can use that bug to track the work. I also suggested a temporary fix for the user.13:20
sladenjblount: okay, dup it, but in the process can you answer thepoor user's query  (how do they find out $this computer's hash)13:20
sladenjblount: or add it to the FAQ/etc13:21
jblountsladen: I'll double check with dobey or someone that knows more about the client, but yeah, we'll find a way to answer it.13:21
sladenjblount: oh, must had a mid-air collision, those emails have arrived dated 40 seconds apart, sorry13:23
jblountsladen: Me too! This happens occassionally with triage unfortunately.13:24
sladenjblount: can you try a  grep 'myhashgotfromwebpage' ~/.ubuntuone13:24
sladenjblount: (obviously, I don't have it installed)13:24
sladenor non-obviously, perhaps13:24
jblountHmm. No such luck.13:26
jblountAnd seahorse seems to have changed, I don't see the passwords tab it used to have, which is where I would remove the Ubuntu One token locally.13:27
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iahello. how can i change default u1 folder from ~/Ubuntu One to some other folder?15:19
jblountia: Hi! While it's not "supported" it is possible to change the location, you can see some detail about this here: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+question/7632115:28
jblountia: We are planning on making this much easier, by syncing folders not in ~/Ubuntu One/ sometime in the future.15:28
iajblount: yep, i've already found this question in questions :-) symlink is possible solution, of course, but, however, i hope in future versions of client will be separate option for this.15:33
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