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olyanyone around who can help me get a script running 16:31
olyor point me at how to debug what is going wrong16:31
olyare there any log files etc, or anything like thta 16:32
olycurrently when i start my process i seem to get 4 processes for some reason16:32
olycurrently looking like i am going to have to stick to using rc.d to launch apps as nothing i try in upstart seems to work 16:33
olyand it never tells me why, 16:33
sadmac2oly: /var/log/messages18:12
olythanks for the tip sadmac218:57
olywhen i set up a script and run sudo start script it shows 4 processes is that normal 18:57
olyor is it actualy launching 4 instances of the process for some reason ?18:58
olyif anyone can tell me if that is correct it shows no processes the script then the processes after its started19:07
olyas you can see there are 4 processes at the end instead of 119:07
sadmac2oly: the logs indicate upstart only spawned the first one19:26
sadmac2oly: it must be forking19:26
olyyou mean the fact that the start test3 command only printed one pid19:27
olyjust confusing because if i start it using /etc/init.d inadyn start19:28
olyit would only show a single process19:28
olyi was wondering if it was my lack of knowledge or something 19:28
olybeen trying allsorts for ages19:29
olynothing appears in /var/log/messages by the way from starting that 19:32
sadmac2hmm. not sure then. doesn't look like upstart is running more than oe19:35
sadmac2maybe yoru init.d script passes more arguments19:35
olywell, if i start inadyn from the terminal it starts fine and shows only one process19:38
olyperhaps i will try and write some scripts for my own applications and see if i get the same behavior19:38
Keybukjust confirmed an old mysterious 0.3 bug on 0.620:12
sadmac2Keybuk: details20:12
Keybukassert() bug20:14
Keybukyou need two jobs to replicate it, so it shows up for people who've tried to do native boots20:14
Keybuk   exec foo20:14
Keybuk   start on stopping foo20:14
Keybuk   exec killall foo20:14
Keybukthen "stop foo"20:14
KeybukUpstart will assert()20:15
Keybukie. if you stop a job, and another job that reacts to its "stopping" event *causes* the original job's process to exit20:15
sadmac2NetworkManager-vpnc's error messages are for shit.20:17
sadmac2"Reason: 6"20:18
sadmac2thanks a lot.20:18
sadmac2off-topic, but still infuriating20:18
Keybukanyway, I've done a patch and will probably do a 0.6.3 early next week20:20
Keybuk*hints that you might want to upgrade from 0.3.x now :p*20:25
sadmac2Keybuk: we can't take the regression on that state-transfer thing, even as ugly as it is. Not having that pretty much kills the distro (Thanks Jakub!).20:27
Keybukit was your patch ;)20:42
Keybukthis is why you should work to get all your patches upstream20:42
Keybukand why hoarding patches by yourself and not working to get them upstream is bad20:43
Keybukm'kay? :p20:43
sadmac2Keybuk: I thought upstream was dead as far as 0.3.*20:43
Keybukit is20:43
sadmac2Keybuk: 0.3.10 was a shock to me20:43
Keybukit's doubly dead now20:43
Keybukas in I will now actively *not* fix critical bugs in it20:43
sadmac2what about LTS?20:44
Keybukwhat about it?20:44
sadmac2you shipped 0.3 with it didn't you?20:44
Keybukthis doesn't affect the Support team's ability to provide telephone Support for it?20:44
Keybukand the Security team will still provide Security fixes20:44
Keybukwe don't do what you guys do20:45
Keybukonce our releases are out, we largely *don't* backport non-security bug fixes to them20:45
Keybukinstead we suggest people update20:45
sadmac2oh god. the thought!20:46
sadmac2our customers expect us to time travel and make the bug not appear in the release they depolyed rather than upgrade a single package20:46
Keybukyes, well20:48
sadmac2life is long and hard20:49
Keybukthen you die20:49
Keybukaka. life's too short to provide support for older releases <g>20:50
sadmac2Keybuk: you haven't seen the ongoing support plan for RHEL 2.120:50
sadmac2Keybuk: the cost grows exponentially. If 3 customers keep that thing for 2 years RH will purchase a country20:51

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