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lamalexhey, can I cancel a VCS import?00:56
wgrantlamalex: You can request that an admin suspend or remove it.00:57
lamalexwgrant: is that where I make the request?00:58
wgrantlamalex: Yes.00:58
lamalexthanks :)00:59
vorianmy @kubuntu.org alias is not working (added on 24 July).  How long does it take these days?01:57
wgrantvorian: #canonical-sysadmin is better.02:18
pablohi, if i create an account do nothing and delete it, why does it detects i am activating it again?02:19
wgrantpablo: You didn't delete your account; you deactivated it.02:19
vorianthanks wgrant02:19
wgrantvorian: Working week is better too.02:20
pablowgrant: which is the diference?02:20
pablocant it be deleted?02:20
wgrantpablo: Accounts cannot be deleted, because there are other objects referencing them.02:21
wgrantpablo: When deactivated, pretty much no information about the account is revealed.02:21
pablowgrant: but if i did nothing, what is refering to it?02:22
pablowgrant: can another user take the username i left?02:23
wgrantpablo: There would probably still be something referring to it. But even if there isn't, accounts are not deleted.02:24
pablowgrant: ...02:25
wgrantpablo: It seems that your account is renamed when you deactivate your account, to free up the namespace.02:25
wgrantpablo: Bug #407189 is about hiding the name of deactivated accounts.02:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407189 in launchpad-foundations "hide the user name for deleted/deactivated accounts" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40718902:27
pablowgrant: ok, and waht does stays if i did nothing, only the mail and the renamed user?02:27
wgrantpablo: I believe so, but I couldn't be sure. Why?02:27
pablowgrant: lol, just wondering why isnt it removed02:29
wgrantpablo: Probably because only in very very very few cases would it be possible.02:29
pablowgrant: cant you delete it xD02:50
wgrantpablo: I'm just a hopefully well-informed user. I have no more access than you do.02:51
pablowgrant: ok thanks03:33
lamalexman, requesting launchpad admins to do stuff to your branches is such an epic fail..06:38
micahglamalex: I can't imagine how many requests they get vs amount of people06:47
lamalexmicahg: are you thinking it's quite high?06:50
lamalexI'm not criticizing the admins, I'm criticizing the system06:50
lamalexthe requests to admin ratio is what makes it such a fail06:51
lamalexoh man though, I just realized lp is now open source06:51
lamalexand if I want I can fix this06:51
micahg indeed06:51
micahgexactly :)06:51
lamalexanyway- before I do that are any admins around to delete a vcs import? https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-code/+question/7886206:53
lamalexI would like to push this branch and resurrect this dead project06:53
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lamalexany admins around? eh?07:18
beunolamalex, let me see if I can help07:19
lamalexbeuno: I need to delete a vcs import07:20
beunolamalex, looking at the question07:20
beunolamalex, I need you to delete this series: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/tangerine/trunk07:21
wgrantbeuno: Why not rather just unlink the branch?07:23
wgrantDeleting the series is overkill.07:23
beunounlinking is better07:23
beunolamalex, if you unlink it, I'll delete it07:24
lamalexalso i cant delete that series because its development focus and the only series available07:24
beunolamalex, just unlink it07:25
beunolamalex, done07:26
lamalexmerci :)07:26
beunode rien07:26
maxbAre there any tricks to using "bzr lp-open"? It seems to just complain that "bzr: ERROR: . is not registered on Launchpad." for me unless I give it an explicit branch URL, even though I'm running it inside a launchpad branch directory09:11
wgrantmaxb: From a little bit of trial and error, it seems to use the push branch.09:14
maxbHmm. Odd that it doesn't consider the parent09:15
* maxb enqueues another "I need to find time to write a patch for ..."09:16
wgrantIt would be more reasonable to use the bound location than the parent.09:16
wgrantThe parent probably isn't right.09:16
maxbI'm thinking of the lp-sourcedeps branches, for example - parent makes sense there09:36
maxbUnrelated: Does launchpad notify someone when you subscribe them to a bug, or do you then need to post a comment to the bug which will go to them?09:37
wgrantmaxb: Isn't parent going to be the branch that I branched from, which is not right?09:38
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LarstiQmaxb, wgrant: I'm pretty sure it opens the public location?12:11
maxbperhaps. Unfortunately the public location tends not to be set for ad-hoc local branches12:12
maxbIf public and push are not defined, it makes sense to use parent, I think.12:13
maxbI guess I could just do a noop "bzr push :parent" everywhere first12:13
spivPerhaps bzr should allow you to use aliases (such as :parent) in locations.conf?  So then you could have [/] public_location=:parent, if you really want that default behaviour.12:16
spiv(I certainly don't want that, but a minority of users do keep asking for it)12:16
LarstiQspiv: I would really like having those aliases (and lp:) work in more places, like in --stacked-on=12:19
spivLarstiQ: yeah, in random parameters would be great.12:20
spivLarstiQ: perhaps we should have Option(..., type=branch_location) or something in addition to type=unicode, etc?12:21
spivLarstiQ: Anyway, file bugs :)12:21
spivOr patches, I don't mind ;)12:22
LarstiQspiv: my queue of outstanding patches is full at the moment, but I'll file a bug ;P12:23
spivLarstiQ: :)12:24
ftahttps://edge.launchpad.net/builders/papaya "Started 3 days, 1 hour, 34 minutes, 14.3 seconds  ago" ??? it's stuck dling the debs..12:55
Hobbseethat looks...broken12:57
wgrantHobbsee: You have privileges to cancel it, don't you? :P13:00
Hobbseeno ;)13:01
ftaplease don't kill the history, like last time someone killed one of my builds13:16
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maxbcprov: Stuck builds on papaya and gold, can you help?13:37
maxband osmium13:38
maxband iridium13:38
maxband seaborgium13:38
cprovmaxb: yes, I'm looking at it14:26
cprovmaxb: fta, I will let the stuck builders around, we need to debug what's going on.15:05
cprovI've filed bug #40800115:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 408001 in launchpad-buildd "Builders stuck when downloading lots of build-deps" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40800115:06
ftacprov, ok, no problem with me. i just reported it so someone could investigate, so it's all fine ;)15:07
cprovfta: last time I've reset your gmpc job on osmium, in hope it was only a net-hiccup.15:08
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ftacprov, gmpc is not mine, (yet it's using my bot)15:08
cprovfta: oh, didn't know. Everyone is using your bot these days :)15:09
ftacprov, lol, probably not everyone ;)15:10
cprovyay! someone is building the released emacs23 in the PPA domain15:10
* cprov enjoys watching buildd.tv on Sundays ...15:11
ftawould be nice to have the build time in lp/builders/15:25
ftaand also ppa names as links15:25
maxbfta: can I download your bit somewhere?15:25
ftamaxb, sure, in my +junk/15:26
ftabefore you ask, no, it's not in python :P15:26
maxbheh, has my language preference become that well known?15:27
ftawell, i guess it's the preferred language in this channel15:27
* LarstiQ makes a note to read through ppa-scripts15:40
cprovfta: yes, good idea, I will mention it in https://dev.launchpad.net/SoyuzBuildersIndexPage15:47
cprovfta and maxb: btw, can you guys take a look at https://dev.launchpad.net/SoyuzBuildIndexPage ?  I will send the RFC email later this afternoon.15:48
ftacprov, hm.. all sentences end with "...", is that expected?15:50
cprovfta: on the 'builders' page, yes, we haven't started yet15:51
cprovfta: the *build* pages has some mockups already15:51
maxbdispatch is not an obvious term for less soyuz-steeped users15:51
cprovmaxb: yes, we could simply use 'start'15:52
maxbAlso, is there any reason not to allow uploaders to cancel their own builds?15:52
cprovmaxb: no, we can do that once we have 'cancel' implemented.15:54
* cprov dashes for lunch15:55
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ftacprov-afk, lgtm (SoyuzBuildIndexPage)16:01
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ftai would love to have a way to track src & deb size and build time over time in lp18:52
mrooneyIs there a way to change the description of a download for a project?20:52
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mrooneymwhudson: do you know if it is possible to change the description of a download for a project? Would filing a question on LP be appropriate for having an admin do it?21:27
mwhudsoni thought that was possible21:28
mwhudsonmrooney: do you know why all the compiz shadows are solid black this morning?21:28
mrooneyI'm running on Jaunty ATM so, nope :)21:29
mwhudsonso am i!21:29
mrooneyoh, interesting.21:29
mrooneyfor https://launchpad.net/wxbanker/0.5/0.5 if I want to change the second download to say "wxBanker source release" instead of "wxBanker- Release", I don't see a way to do that21:30
mrooneyor say add a signature21:30
mrooneylet me try updating and see if my shadows die21:30
mwhudsoni'm on intel gfx, so i should probably just upgrade to karmic21:31
mwhudsonmrooney: what do you get at https://edge.launchpad.net/wxbanker/0.5/0.5/+edit ?21:31
mwhudson(i get forbidden)21:31
mrooneythat gives me the release details, editing the release date, note, and changelog21:32
mwhudsonoh i see21:32
mwhudsonso basically, to answer your first question, "no i don't know" :)21:34
mrooneyhaha okay thanks, I'll ask a question on LP21:34
mrooneyI assume at worst case it is a trivial query on the db?21:34
LarstiQmwhudson: do you know why setting a download url for a project doesn't seem to have any effect?21:34
LarstiQoh hmm21:35
mwhudsonLarstiQ: i don't even know what you mean by download url21:35
LarstiQmwhudson: nope, it does work :)21:35
LarstiQmwhudson: 'External downloads' on launchpad.net/bzr-svn21:35
mwhudsonoh right21:36
mwhudsonit's a url pattern that gets scanned every so often, right?21:36
LarstiQno, that's a different feature21:36
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LarstiQmwhudson: bzr-svn's canonical downloads are on samba.org, not launchpad. That's where this is for21:36
LarstiQmwhudson: afaiui, url patterns would auto import into series21:37
mwhudsonoh right21:38
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mrooneythumper: morning!22:14
thumpermrooney: hi22:14
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