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directhexjames_w for DD!02:06
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billybigriggerdtchen, ping05:36
billybigriggeror anyone05:36
billybigriggersince karmic, how come there is no way to change the audio output device?05:36
billybigriggersound preferences nor pavucontrol can change the actual output device, just the volume and input device05:36
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dupondjeNew versions of debian packages are still getting synced into Karmic ?11:27
ojwbnot automatically11:28
maxbdupondje: We are past DebianImportFreeze, syncs now happen only on a case by case basis when manually approved11:28
dupondjeoh ok, is there a way to request a sync ?11:29
directhexyes. with requestsync!11:30
maxbdupondje: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess tells all11:31
dupondjethe 'requestsync' programm doesn't work ? it keeps waiting after Do you want to edit the report before sending [y/N]? Press Control-C to abort.11:39
dupondjeok :) stupid ISP blocks port 25 :(11:42
dupondjeSync request mailed.11:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407951 in dutch "Sync dutch 1:1.10-1 (main) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,New]11:45
dupondjethere it is ;)11:45
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maxbdupondje: requestsync --lp uses the LP http api to file the request - I like it12:14
maxbYou do have to set up the oauth credentials separately first, but i think it tells you how12:14
iulianYes, it's documented in the manual page (see man manage-credentials).12:21
dupondjemaxb: ok thx, anyway it worked with using my own mailserver ;)12:26
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shtylmanwhen will the new kernel upload (-5.24) be in the repos?13:50
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t3rm1n4lmay i know where is the hostname stored14:07
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Abd4llAhi there, any idea what's the difference between /lib/libc.so and /lib/tls/cmov/libc.so ?14:59
pittiapachelogger: devkit-disks does allow that, but it's not the place to configure the default moutn options (this needs to be fed by GNOME or other UI)15:15
pittiapw: devkit-disks --mount has a --mount-options switch15:15
pittiapw: unfortunately there is no counterpart for the old gnome "volume" properties (by design, as I learned from David)15:16
maxbAbd4llA: The ones in deeper directories are ones compiled with certain optimizations requiring a kernel/cpu which supports certain features15:38
Abd4llAmaxb: thnx alot15:53
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Edicohere looks like jaunty has mit-scheme http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/devel/ but when I search it with synaptic is not there16:32
TheMusoNg: /x16:32
EdicoI included universe repos16:33
Edicoand mit-scheme is not in my x86_64 ubuntu16:33
StevenKmit-scheme is a *source* package name, not a binary package name16:34
TheMusothe jos of long tarveling16:35
StevenKOh, no, it is.16:35
StevenKmit-scheme is i386 only16:35
EdicoStevenK, so mit-scheme is not included for ubuntu x86_64?16:50
markg85Hi, i have a question about ubuntu packages.. What i want to do is build a package from source (nautilus) and use the configure line from the official ubuntu nautilus package. But the problem is that i can't find that configure line (not in the .asc file) so.. where is that hidden?16:51
StevenKEdico: Right, it is only built for i38616:53
markg85ojwb, that can't be everything: http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-gnome/desktop/unstable/nautilus/debian/rules16:55
StevenKmarkg85: Looks fine to me16:55
markg85ojwb, StevenK , like: what is the --prefix? what is the --bindir?16:55
ojwbwhatever cdbs defaults them to16:56
* ojwb knows little about cdbs, sorry16:56
* markg85 knows nothing about cdbs :P16:56
markg85in prm and archlinux this is all just visible in the spec and PKGBUILD file....16:57
markg85prm... rpm16:57
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stgraberhmm, the powerpc build is broken ?18:23
dtchenbillybigrigger: unlikely pong19:37
billybigriggerwhy unlikely? :P19:37
dtchenbillybigrigger: i always check idle time first19:38
dtchenshtylman: after it's binary-NEWed, i.e., within a day19:39
billybigriggerso quick question, is there a better app to be using than pavucontrol, or the dumbed down 'Sound Preferences' to change audio output device?19:39
dtchenshtylman: if you're really itching to grab the debs, see the upload queue for /karmic19:39
dtchenbillybigrigger: unfortunately, on19:40
billybigriggerthere is no way to change output device?19:40
dtchenmeaning: nothing better than pavucontrol at the moment19:40
billybigriggerpavucontrol won't even let you change output, only input device is changeable19:40
billybigriggerahh atm :P19:40
dtchenerr, pavucontrol _should_. are you using the context menu (or dropdown menu) in the Playback tab?19:41
dtchen(it's per-stream)19:41
billybigriggeri must have been really tired last night haha19:42
billybigriggerand hung over19:42
billybigriggeri was trying to help someone in +1 and now that i look you can change output19:43
billybigriggerin the configuration tab aswell as per stream19:43
billybigriggerin the Internal Audio Profile19:43
billybigriggermy bad, sorry for the useless ping19:43
billybigriggerlooking closer, Sound Preferences is the same thing19:44
billybigrigger1 more question, why doesn't Sound Preferences = pavucontrol19:44
macois pavucontrol or padevchooser the thing that's goin away?19:45
dtchensound prefs has a couple bugs that are known. it has a subset of pavucontrol's functionality due to the latter being a bit complex and unintuitive UI-wise19:45
dtchenmaco: both are deprecated in some sense19:45
macoyou said you have a fix for the squeak when the sound powers down on this laptop right?19:46
dtchenit was linked in my post to ubuntu-devel{,-discuss}19:46
dtchenit's an older kernel; i'll need to refresh my schroot and rebuild against current ubuntu-karmic.git19:46
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johanbrDoes anyone feel any responsibility for abiword? 2.8.0 will be released soon. It'd be nice to have this version in Karmic (current is 2.6.8).21:05
ScottKjohanbr: It's used by xubuntu, so whatever their development channel is would likely be your best bet.21:16
ScottKcody-somerville: ^^21:16
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johanbrScottK: Ahh, right. Thank you.21:38
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MaxPower9#join #ubuntu21:41
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picklesworthbefore I try upgrading it, does anyone here happen to know /why/ the Imagemagick package in Ubuntu and Debian is quite out of date?22:46
dupondjepicklesworth: old ? isn't that old ?23:03
picklesworthwell, it's /kind of/ old for impatient people like me :)23:04
dupondjemake an own package then ?23:04
dupondjein a ppa ?23:04
dupondjecan't be that hard :)23:04
picklesworthDoing so right now!23:05
picklesworthIt's my first time upgrading a package, actually. Looked crazy convoluted originally, but now I see it's quite straight-forward :)23:06
RAOFpicklesworth: You might want to check what Debian's doing; I noticed an imagemagik transition notice on debian-devel@.23:13
picklesworthokay, thanks RAOF :)23:13

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