ubottuLaunchpad bug 162265 in xserver-xorg-video-sis "please sync xserver-xorg-video-sis 1:0.9.3-6 from Debian unstable main" [Wishlist,Fix released]05:18
RAOFSweet.  nouveau KMS now works on my nv4b.08:30
rippsCan someone here tell me how to make a persistant xorg-edgers liveusb09:06
Duke`hum I wonder why I have i915 module loaded by default on my desktop box where there is no intel hardware, but amd+ati11:16
RAOFDuke`: Because the initramfs unconditionally modprobes i915, and it doesn't go away.11:58
alex_mayorgahello, can anyone tell if I might be bitten by this one https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=21623 if I go into karmic?20:38
ubottuFreedesktop bug 21623 in Driver/intel "[i830] Corrupt display regression since 2.4.x" [Normal,Assigned]20:38
dash1I have a problem with getting max resolution (1600x1200) on an external Dell 2001 FP from my Dell Latitude X1 (i915) on newer Ubuntu versions. I had 1600x1200 with Ubuntu 8.04 with an elaborate xorg.conf, but I can't seem to get it now. And isn't elaborate xorg.confs out of vogue these days, anyway? Any ideas?21:41
dash1On an up-to-date Karmic the problem is really bad: if I connect the external monitor and start gnome-display-properties both screens gets garbled. It goes better if I start x with the external monitor connected, but then I only get 800x600 on both screens. If I try to get 1200x768 on the laptop screen, it gets garbled again.21:56
RAOFdash1: My initial guess would be Virtual size issues; a laptop monitor + 1600x1200 will almost certainly hit the "no more than 2048 in any dimension" (pseudo-)limit22:25
dash1RAOF: I don't think that Virtual size is the problem.  Isn't 2048x2048 a limit for DRI? I have defined "Virtual 2880 1600" and although I then loose DRI, I think it should work.22:32
RAOFSo, I said pseudo-limit because I believe that the actual limit on newer intel chips is 4096x4096, and I _think_ that newer mesa+DDX+kernel exposes this limit.22:34
RAOFWhich would be relatively untested, because the limit was previously 2048.22:34
dash1ROAF: OK. And i915 is an old chip that can't do more than 2048x2048 at all?22:35
RAOFi915 is the driver for all new intel chips.  Got a better identifier? :)22:35
RAOF(lspci | grep VGA will do)22:36
dash1Intel Corporation Mobile 915GM/GMS/910GML Express Graphics Controller (rev 03)22:37
* RAOF 's GM45 (identified as "Mobile series 4") has GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE=409622:37
RAOFI don't know about that chip.22:37
RAOFglxinfo -l will spit out all the mesa limits, at least.22:37
dash1Which of the limits am I looking for? GL_MAX_VIEWPORT_DIMS is 4096x409622:39
dash1GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE is 204822:40
dash1I think it maybe has to do with a warning I see in the Xorg.0.log file: (WW) EDID preferred timing clock 162.00MHz exceeds claimed max 160MHz, fixing22:42
dash1And later it says that Modeline "1600x1200"x60.0   162.00 ...  and even later (II) intel(0): Not using default mode "1600x1200" (vrefresh out of range)22:45
RAOFThat'd be for the laptop's internal screen, probably.22:46
RAOFI think it might be time to file a bug (with "ubuntu-bug -p xserver-xorg-video-intel", which will pick up all sorts of extra useful information) if you haven't already.  I'm not really an intel expert.22:47
dash1OK. I think I'll do that. But it was OK to get a little reality check first. So thanks for the help. :)22:48

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