cesarpinto1980hello guys01:01
cesarpinto1980support request from a newbie here?01:01
cesarpinto1980alguien habla espanol?01:03
cesarpinto1980por casualidad?01:03
cesarpinto1980im just trying to fix the screen resolution on my newly installed xubuntu ver 9.0401:04
cesarpinto1980i only get 800x600 option01:04
cesarpinto1980i tried to fix it with the instructions on the xubuntu website01:05
cesarpinto1980but im not very familiar with linux01:05
cesarpinto1980maybe there is someone who can help me for a few mins?01:05
Roybotcesarpint: Maybe you dont have the right drivers for your  graphics card01:16
benchiksay guys. whats most of xubuntu developing deals with? python/bash scripts?01:40
knomethose and of course bugfixing things that are important to xubuntu.01:42
knomeof course "development" is a lot more, for example decisions about default applications01:42
benchikknome: suppose i want to contribute. should i know both python and shell script. or one of them will suffice?01:43
knomeit's a lot more than python (and definitely more than bash scripts)01:44
knomebenchik, see http://xubuntu.org/contribute01:44
knomebenchik, you should at least join the xubuntu-devel mailing list and it would be nice if you joined #xubuntu-devel01:44
knomebenchik, knowing what you would like to help would be awesome as well :)01:45
knome*help with01:45
benchikknome: will check that. thanks. basically my current scipting knowledge is python and perl. planning to learn bash scripting pretty soon01:46
knometbh, bash scripting isn't exactly what we need :) there's only a few things that are done with them.01:47
benchikknome: so most scripting is python?01:48
knomeyes, there's more things in python01:48
papulcan i install xubuntu in a netbook02:06
papulwill xubuntu run on netbooks?02:07
knomepapul, i run xubuntu on my eeepc.02:08
knomepapul, though apart from eeepc's, i don't know what the hardware compatibility is.02:08
cageyis this an acceptable place for troubeshooting assistance w/my fresh, non-working xubuntu install?02:13
knomecagey, sure.02:13
knomecagey, exactly what this channel is for.02:13
cageyGood!  I have Googled myself silly but I can't find the "switch" to fix my deal. :(02:14
cageyunfortunately, I'm not at the machine right now but I can still take notes...02:15
cageyso... fresh install of xubuntu 904 on an ancient (233MHz) box.  went through entire install and booted normally.  Upon reboot (the next day) it never loads the desktop.02:16
knomehow much ram do you havE?02:16
cageyit loads a "background" of a single blue colour and the mouse pointer is present but no icons, no menus, no taskbar.  No ability to right -click.02:17
knomeokay, that shouldn't be the problem02:17
knomedid you try running the live cd?02:17
cageyyes.  Thats what I used to install02:18
knomeit sounds like a problem with resources, but your machine should be able to take it.02:18
cageyin the system log, I see avahi-daemon doing something about every minute but that's it02:19
cageybut it booted fine the 1st time after install so that seem confusing to me02:19
knomeoh, so you have had it running already02:19
knomeour minimum requirements are actually a 333 mhz processor etc. etc., but as you have already logged in...02:20
cageyyeah, after the install, I rebooted as directed and it booted into the new OS.  I played around for a while and let it set for a bit.02:20
knomewhat did you do while the first login?02:20
cageylooked around.  prob played Solitaire.  Tried to minimise GUI action to save CPU "power". N ow when it boots, it appesrs to go through everything, splash, animated XFCE screen, etc but then settles to the non desktop w/pointer02:21
cageyin fact, I had wondered about the XFCE screen as it was one of the few things I did.  although, I dont know if it's a background or an intermediate splash?02:22
knomethe mouse with the light blue background?02:23
cageyI guess the XFCE w/animation is actually the splash?02:23
cageyit look slike its "slamost there" but never gets past that solid screen w/pointer.  It must be a very simple thing ,despite my consternation on the matter! :)02:24
knomemaybe try removing .cache02:25
cageyis it a file or dir.? is it in root?02:25
knomesorry, i mean ~/.cache, where ~ is your home directory02:25
cageycan I just "rm" it?02:26
knomermdir :)02:26
knomeor ehm02:26
knome"rm -rf .cache" actually02:26
knomeas the directory is not empty.02:26
cageyright.  I've seen that one before02:27
cageydo you think it's getting stuck on old info, stalled it?02:27
knomei don't know. it sounds weird.02:27
knomeif it doesn't work, it's probably just your cpu not being powerful enough:/02:28
cageythe live CD goes to the screen for a little while, but progresses beyond it after 30 s or so02:28
cageyif CPU nogo, why would it tolerate the live CD?02:28
knomedon't know.02:28
knomeit could run once whilst installing, that is what makes it weird02:29
cageyI know it's running full-out just to run the GUI but I didnt know of a better distro to try02:29
cageyit runs DSL very well but it's pretty rough02:30
knomeusually people are struggling with the amount of ram but your problem is a bit different02:30
cageyI know it prob wants 512 but...02:30
knome256 is good for running it02:30
knomeyou can get it running even with 128, but it will be damn slow02:31
cageyanything you can think of is the rm cache doesnt fix me?02:31
cageyif the...02:31
knomei'm really out of ideas02:31
knomemaybe come back later and ask if anybody else has ideas02:32
cageyif too slow, I would just think it;d be... well... too slow.  Not no load02:32
knomeit's night in europe, so...02:32
cageyyeah.  at least I found this channel.  Live help beats endless searching...02:32
cageythanks for the ideas!02:32
knomeyeah, no problem02:33
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moonbeam_hello, anyone here particularly familiar with xfwm4?  I'm seeing something a bit odd but I'm not sure if it's wnck issue or xfwm4 issue.  The code in question works fine with Metacity and Compiz though.04:20
moonbeam_I'm guessing this isn't the right channel.04:21
zhxk`hello, may i have two edition of xfce on same system, one is stadarded xfce desktop, another is simiplified xfce?11:06
zhxk`user can choose wich to login at gdm time?11:07
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Syriushello everybody there ?14:23
Syriusdoes any body use gryc ?14:23
Syriusif I check the update existing and make backups of existing that will update existing make backup first and also backup newly created files right ?14:40
hezyHi, anyone knows how to disable the autosearch in synaptic?16:23
hezyI type one letter and it starts looking for matching programs before I get to the second letter, nad then I have to wait for a while. This is on my old computer (no problem with a new one)16:25
BCM43I try to install xubuntu on my aspire one via usb and I get the error "The attempt to mount a file system with type ext3 in scsi2 (0,0,0), partition #1 (sda) at "/" failed" I try to configure manualy with fdisk /dev/sda and I then try to save it and I get fdisk printout: “Calling ioctl() to re-read partition table. WARNING: Re-reading the partition table failed with error 16: Device or resource busy”18:54
pteagueis there some way to force a dhcp change to /etc/resolv.conf ?  i have xubuntu in a virtualbox instance & connected to the wireless at work at which point everything was set correctly... put the macbookpro to sleep, got home, woke it, & it won't change the resolv.conf ... i think i was able to get it to change the ip by restarting networking, but don't remember... finally just gave up & restarted the vm19:32
Besogonpteague: change that fily byyouself. This is not hard19:34
pteagueyes, but i don't want to have to daily change it between work & home19:35
BesogonIf you have NetowrkManager that should change resolf.conf automaticaly19:36
pteagueunfortunately that doesn't seem to happen in NAT mode... if i set it up as bridged it does, but bridged has 2 issues... if the dhcp/network is stupid (like a hotel) it shows up as 2 different computers & if the mbp isn't connected to anything then it seems to report that there's no networking device... maybe i need to screw with this on the vbox end19:39
BesogonAsk on #ubuntu chanel pleace. I not well in English19:43

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