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gourconsidering there is 1.18rc1 does it mean next bzr release won't be 2.0?07:26
pooliegour, it means the one on monday will be 1.18 but we'll shortly follow with 2.0b1 or rc107:36
pooliesee the recent 'metronome' mail07:36
gourpoolie: ohh, thanks07:36
* gour is waiting for bzr-2 to see if it could work nicely with bzr-fastimport & darcs repos using LP07:56
lifelessgour: there's no need  to wait08:07
lifelessgour: just set the repo format to 2a08:07
lifeless2.0's primary difference from the release before it will be to change the default format08:07
gourlifeless: hmm, so, 2a is available in 1.17?08:09
lifelessand 1.1608:09
lifelessbut its best to use as recent a release ass possible - we've been bugfixing like made08:09
gourto be frank, constant change of repo-formats was the main reason why i went back to darcs :-/08:10
gourok. i've 1.17 on arch08:10
lifelessgour: we hope 2a to be the last word for quite some time :)08:10
* gour hopes as well...the old creation of new formats was, imho, disaster08:10
gouremacs is going to switch soon?08:11
lifelessgour: the thing that caused actual problems AFAICT was rich roots more than anything else; and thats addressed by 2a - everyone has to upgrade to rich roots when they move to 2a08:22
lifelesspoolie1: did the talk go well?08:22
poolie1hasn't happened yet08:23
poolie1it's in about an hour08:23
poolie1hugh's was good08:23
poolie1most of it is in mandarin; aside from that it's a lot like an early lca08:23
gourlifeless: i could agree...still, introducing so many formats was, imho, bad PR08:24
gourlifeless: what about LP? works with 2a?08:25
poolielifeless: still here? staging seems to be down btw09:16
poolienot necessarily an emergency09:16
Colonel-RosaCan bazaar create patch files?16:05
garyvdmColonel-Rosa: bzr bundle or bzr send16:22
bialixhi garyvdm17:44
bialixI've finished rework of commit data save/restore17:44
bialixI'd like someone (you or vila) will review it17:46
pygibialix, uh, if garyvdm has to review something that will take years :p17:52
* pygi hides17:52
* pygi waves17:52
* garyvdm waves17:52
bialixpygi: this is no problem17:52
garyvdmbbl - dinner17:52
pygigaryvdm, bon appetit :)17:52
pygibialix, it was a joke :)17:52
bialixyou are joking about gary all the time17:53
pygiok ok, I'll stop :)17:53
* pygi stops17:53
bialixthis looks suspicious17:53
bialixnever mind, it was joke17:53
bialixI forget adding smilie17:54
* pygi needs to stop joking with people17:54
bialixbut this is just my observation17:54
bialixnever mind17:54
ronnyi guess im blind, but whats a good way to get all files added on a fresh commit (with no parents)?18:44
ronnyfor all the other cases i can mostly use revisiontree.changes_from(other_revisiontree)18:44
ronnyhmm, i can just use list_files18:54
ToyKeeperD'oh.  I wonder YTF a branch-specific config value would be masked by a generic default from ~/.bazaar/locations.conf .18:57
ToyKeeperSeems backward to me.18:57
ToyKeeperIt looks like locations.conf is even overriding the value I passed on the command line.18:58
luksronny: I guess you can get changes_from against a NULL_REVISION revision tree19:17
ronnyluks: works fine, thanks19:33
ronny\o/ the first diff support unittests for anyvc pass19:33
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garyvdmpygi: ping?19:54
garyvdmbialix: I took a look at commit_data. I'm happy to merge now (so that we get user testing from trunk users.) Feed back from Vincent is important, but we get get that later.20:11
bialixgaryvdm: thanks. I'll merge it soon (maybe tomorrow).20:12
bialixwhen I worked on bugs.py I thought that we have to use too much private bzrlib config API (with leading underscore)20:13
bialixmaybe we need to provide some patches for bzrlib/config.py, but later20:13
bialixgaryvdm: about find_branches/iter_branches: I'd prefer to have new method iter_branches20:14
garyvdmYes - I think lets merge it, and then you can continue to work on improving it in those regards.20:14
bialixin this case backward compatibility will be easier for us20:14
* bialix nods20:15
garyvdmI'm working on Bug 412029 and then Bug 412035. Still not sure how I'm going to do the later.20:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 412029 in qbzr "qlog: Revision info, and file list should show multiple revisions." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41202920:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 412035 in qbzr "qlog: Add ui to select parent to diff with." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41203520:17
garyvdmBut it is so important. That bug so often forces me to the command line20:17
bialixbug 412029?20:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 412029 in qbzr "qlog: Revision info, and file list should show multiple revisions." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41202920:19
bialixah yes20:19
bialixit's nasty bug20:20
bialixgaryvdm: about 41203520:20
bialixwe have context menu for invoking diff, right?20:21
bialixwhy not force user to select parent here20:21
garyvdmYes, but also a button, and the file list.20:21
bialixwe can force users to select parent all the time20:21
garyvdmI hope I can find a way for all 3.20:21
bialixit could be nagging20:22
bialixand people start crying20:22
bialixso we either should provide more options in context menu (as you did to select between different diff tools)20:23
bialixor use special dialog20:23
bialixgaryvdm: what about creating short-cut diff option: default diff tool, left-hand parent always20:24
bialixand rich diff option: with all possible options to select20:24
bialixsomething like Advanced search in LP bugs UI20:24
bialixgaryvdm: ?20:24
garyvdmYes - a combo box would provide that to.20:24
garyvdm(default to left hand parent)20:25
bialixno, I mean special dialog20:25
garyvdmOh - ok20:25
bialixhow often you need special options?20:25
bialixso with short-cut people will have old behavior20:26
bialixand with new rich options dialog they will have to select and run diff20:26
garyvdmWhat I'm really looking for is a way to select the parent, when selecting the revison(s) in the list.20:26
bialixin 2 steps: dialog with options -> OK -> launch diff20:26
bialixYou can show short summary info about parent revisions?20:27
bialixe.g. revno + author + summary20:27
bialixsomething like bzr log --line20:27
bialixput this into combobox20:27
bialixradiobuttons could be unoptimal for octopus merge case20:28
garyvdmI'm going to do bug 412029 first - Because I think that that might affect my ideas...20:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 412029 in qbzr "qlog: Revision info, and file list should show multiple revisions." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41202920:31
bialixI'm planning to work on Bug #392920 because it beats me on win32 quite regularly20:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 392920 in qbzr "can't commit if message has backslashes" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/39292020:32
bialixgaryvdm: after this I think working on auto screenshots and docs + site20:33
* bialix mutters: maybe auto screenshots could be used as semi automated tests later20:35
garyvdmbialix: I was thinking the same thing...20:35
bialixgaryvdm: I hope to use qbzr trunk history for generating screenshots20:36
bialixjust need to figure out better places/revisions20:36
bialixand maybe your help for programmatically manipulate with twisties in qlog20:36
bialixgaryvdm: I'm done for tonight. Good night and easy hacking!20:40
kenichi"An attempt to access a url outside the server jail was made"  ...  just upgraded the bzr and bzrtools on a host that was serving through apache httpd, and now get this from clients.  can anyone help? (1.10 -> 1.17)20:45
beunokenichi, are both client and server 1.17?20:45
pygigaryvdm, pong?20:46
kenichibeuno: anything else?20:51
pygigaryvdm, once you're around, tell me what you needed :)20:53
garyvdmHi pygi: I think that you were work together with vila on the bzr-gtk, save and restore commit messages.21:17
pygigaryvdm, I'm not sure, but I don't think so?21:18
garyvdmbialix has been working on and improved version for qbzr. I know that vila is interested in making some of the code common, so I though that you would like to take a look at what bialix has done.21:18
garyvdmsee: https://code.launchpad.net/~qbzr-dev/qbzr/commit_data/+merge/1004021:19
pygivila, were we working on that? I don't think so. Perhaps Szi?21:22
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