davew_I wish to alter clients desktops and not servers, so that students only see apps i want them to see - anyone help ?01:08
Ahmuck-Srdavew_: patience01:33
Ahmuck-Srdavew nfs would restrict them to their own directories.  bieng able to customize thier own menu isn't a bad thing01:35
davew_Hi - Yes and I have got quite a lot of it when I'm in control but unfortunately in this situation it becomes difficult - you see the classes have to carry on01:36
Ahmuck-Srmorever, it sounds like you have windows clients, so you would need a windows lockdown editor01:36
Ahmuck-Sron the linux side, someone messes up their menu, the menu entry get's deleted and the menu gets reset01:37
davew_No Windows clients. I just want 30 thin clients who can use open office apps and have access to their own folders01:37
Ahmuck-Sroh, that's easy ... you have all the control you want01:38
Ahmuck-Srdavew>O.K. Let me tell you the story anyway. Have got a room with 30 pc's running XP and accessing a fedora core server via samba. - so you don't plan to use the windows xp side?01:38
davew_Oh tell me wise one !01:38
Ahmuck-Srwhat are you concered they might mess up?01:38
Ahmuck-Sru r running fedora core right?01:38
davew_The kids will mess anything up. I want to just have a nmenu with the apps I am allowing them to use, together with their home folder icon on the desktop and the inability to change anything on the desktop or put in a memory stick and be able to access it01:40
Ahmuck-Srdavew>I abandoned Open SUSE and went to ubuntu, with all of its promise of easy install if 2 NIC's on board. - now i'm confused.  fedora core & ubuntu on the same server with ltsp?01:41
Ahmuck-Sru have a fedora core server with samba and a ubuntu ltsp server?01:41
Ahmuck-Srwhat r u concerned with them messing up?01:41
Ahmuck-Srhelp me out here01:42
davew_Sorry to confuse. We have been using a Fedora server and allowing the XP machines normal access via Samba. I have built a new machine based upon Ubuntu 9.0401:42
davew_Thgis machine will be used as the LTSP server. I have managed to get this arrangement running........so the next thing is the control01:43
davew_Ahmuck-Sr - Is it clear now ?01:45
davew_Still there - Ahmuck - sr01:49
davew_Hello - anybody alive ?01:52
davew_Any of you use Unix ?01:54
davew_Now Unix was good !01:55
Ahmuck-Srstill here02:01
davew_Final call anyone ?02:01
Ahmuck-Srunix was 36,000 dollars02:01
Ahmuck-Srfor 36,000 dollars i'll fix anything you have a problem with02:01
davew_The amount of sweat I have dripped over this, it was worth it lol02:02
Ahmuck-Srok, let me do some searching.  i'm working on a magazine deadline, but i'll take time to look this up02:02
davew_That is very kind of you - you O.K. with what I am propsing ?02:03
davew_I shall return tomorrow and leave you in peace - Cheers !02:04
=== vorian is now known as v
termolpis there somebody here?11:59
cprofittCan anyone tell me what the "recipes" are mentioned on this page - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EdubuntuRecipes19:36
andvcprofitt, looks like network-install is the only recipe available atm19:44
cprofittcorrect... I am curious what the recipes are... the network-install does not really serve as a good guide19:45
cprofittWould telling people how to setup iTalc be good?19:46
cprofittI am looking more for what 'good topics' would be.19:49
cprofittandv, any idea what other topics would count as a recipe? or perhaps that page should be deleted?19:54
cprofittandv I decided to redirect that page to the cookbooks20:21
andvcprofitt, don't know who takes care of that page21:32
cprofittI am part of the team that takes care of it andv via Rocket2DMn and the documentation team21:56
andvcprofitt, oh cool22:32
andvcprofitt, actually I wonder why that page is no more active22:32
andvcprofitt, maybe there was a project about it and now no one cares22:32
cprofittandv, could be... the cookbook seems more active... so a redirect to that should work22:48
cprofittI transferred over the one 'recipe'22:48
andvcprofitt, if the only remaining recipe was the networkinstall one22:49
cprofittthe main edubuntu site linked to the recipes... not the cook book...22:49
andvjust move it to the cookbook and removed that page then22:49
cprofittso we will have to get that fixed22:49
cprofittI did that already andv22:49
cprofittafter consulting with a member of the documentation team with more 'seat time'22:49
andvperfect then, you fixed the issue22:50
andvas I said that page might be part of an existing project which got abanduned22:51
andv* abandoned22:51
cprofittmight well be...22:54
cprofittedubuntu needs to get a bit more 'push' behind it...22:54
cprofittIT in schools have warmed to Ubuntu at home, but they need guidance to install it at work...22:54
cprofittand the teachers / students need guides to help them transition22:55
andvcprofitt, fully agreed22:58
andvcprofitt, what's the situation for Edubuntu docs atm=22:58
cprofittandv not really sure...23:18
cprofittnot even sure who is leading the project or what the status is23:18
cprofittI am involved with this project which may help fill the void -23:19
cprofittbut it is not 'just' about edubuntu23:19
andvthis project looks great23:20
andvdid you have any good result since it has been created'23:20
andvcprofitt, anyway highvoltage should be able to tell you what the status of edubuntu-doc23:22
cprofittnice... I will ask him at some point...23:23
cprofittI am a systems administrator in a school district...23:23
cprofittso I am greatly interested in the progress of the project23:23
andvI'm sure you'll get all informations you may need by him23:24
cprofittandv, the project is still in its infancy...23:25
andvcprofitt, your project is about having 'lessons' on IRC about several topics23:25
andvam I right?23:25
cprofittso we have not produced a single class yet -- but we are consistently moving toward that goal...23:26
cprofittwe are about - using Moodle / IRC / Wiki / Forums to produce on-line classes23:26
cprofittthey may involved one or all of those23:26
cprofittI would like to have both self-paced and instructor guided courses23:26
andvwhat's moodle?23:27
andvhow many ppl follow this classrooms atm=23:28
cprofittMoodle is a web based server that allows for on-line courses23:28
cprofitthttp://learn.ufbt.net/ -- is our site at the moment23:29
cprofittif we get things to take off we will likely end up with the site being hosted by Canonical23:29
andvthat's great23:30
andvI've heard a contributor before talking about following MOTU videos23:30
andvare they provided by your course?23:30
cprofittMOTU does there own thing...23:30
cprofittbut our courses may be intertwined with theirs in the future23:31
andvgood luck with this project then23:32
andvIt will do good for sure23:32
andvlet me know if you have any news from highvoltage23:32
andvcprofitt, I'm leaving, good night23:36
cprofittgood night andv23:38
andvthanks, cya23:38

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