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ScottKRiddell: We need to do something about policy.mk in pkg-kde-tools.  It'll make stuff FTBFS now due to maintainer not being Debian qt-kde team.03:33
* ScottK is going out of town and can't fix it.03:33
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* Gonium ausente: Ausente por el momento08:44
tsimpsonbug #412929 for arora would like an upload :)11:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 412929 in arora "Arora does not start a new instance when icon in kickoff is clicked." [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41292911:17
* gon_ ausente: Ausente por el momento12:06
Mamarokgon_: could you please turn off your public away messages?14:16
freinhardhi! anyone else with intel 855gm and karmic a4? black screen when booting with default options, X fails with acpi=off and safe graphics14:43
* Gon ausente: Ausente por el momento15:58
Mamarokgon_: could you please remove your public away message?16:04
effie_jayxhello all, I have beent testing netbook image in karmic alpha 4, I have seen a number of issues, shall I report them as bugs or should I just consider them as known issues16:12
freinhardeffie_jayx: reporting them as bugs is never a bad idea.16:38
effie_jayxthanks freinhard16:44
apacheloggerno seele when you need her -.-18:03
apacheloggerNightrose: http://aplg.kollide.net/screencasts/kubuntu-firefox-installer2.ogv19:10
apacheloggerlooks better, doesn't it :P19:10
ScottKapachelogger: Could you do a new svn snapshot for plasma-netbook?19:13
* ScottK is away from home for the week19:13
apacheloggerScottK: too nightly?19:13
apacheloggeror to archive?19:13
ScottKTo the archive I think.19:13
ScottKSomeone ought to test it and make sure it doesn't explode first19:13
apacheloggerso nightly first :P19:15
bogdan5844i'm using kubuntu since 2006,and would like to help,to give the project something back:D19:27
bogdan5844i know how to make websites (html,css,and a bit of php),looked at the todo's for karmic,and was wondering if i could help19:27
bogdan5844some of the things there (like removing the left column and replacing with news headline,replacing banner with links) can be done really easily19:28
bogdan5844whom should i contact?:-?19:28
smarterbogdan5844: hi19:34
smarterbogdan5844: ryanakca is the one who maintains and hack on the website afaik, so try to get in contact with him19:35
bogdan5844okay,thanks :D19:35
ScottKapachelogger: Did the kwin renaming fix the windeco?20:04
ScottK(thanks for working on it)20:04
apacheloggerdunno yet20:05
apachelogger/usr/share/pkg-kde-tools/qt-kde-team/1/policy.mk:22: *** debian_qt_kde.mk usage denied by policy..  Stop.20:05
apacheloggerI do hate that kind of crap20:05
ScottKYep.  Someone ought to fix that.20:06
ScottKByproduct of the new merge.20:06
* ScottK naps20:06
lex79Riddell: koffice 2.0.2 in bzr20:41
lex79Riddell: launchpad bug 41452020:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 414520 in ktorrent "Merge ktorrent with debian unstable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41452020:42
claydohkubuntuforums is down :( again :(21:53
lex79ScottK: around? I've debdiff for pkg-kde-tools23:57

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