kaddi1maco, i rebooted following the instructions, i reverted the sources.list to gutsy and ran sudo do-release-upgrade again and I still get the "no new ubuntu version available"00:02
kaddi1sadly it also broke my lan connection, so now I can't update anymore... would doing a apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade with the new sources be safe?00:03
macokaddi1: mostly, yes. its not usually recommended because there are some hints about obsolete versions that wont get through...but yeah, ive done it when the upgrader crashed mid-upgrade with only a little bit of bugginess (obsolete & no longer compatible package misbehaving) resulting00:04
macokaddi1: which kernel does it say youre running now? uname -a00:04
macomaybe you can boot an old kernel to try to use apt?00:04
cuznt#48-Ubuntu SMP00:05
cuzntsmp = smoke more pot00:06
macokaddi1: if push comes to shove, 8.04 can be installed on top of 7.10 from cd without losing your data if you choose manual partitioning, tell it to use the same partition as before and tell it NOT to format the drive. itd then keep your /home00:06
macocuznt: stop please00:06
cuzntsure... it was true but hard to resist00:06
macodrug use is off topic for the support channel00:06
cuznti appologise00:06
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macotrue? SMP = symmetric multi-processing00:06
kaddii thought you were asking if smp meant symmetric multi processing, lol :p00:09
kaddimaco,  I'm gonna reboot into the old kernel and see if I can get my network back to work00:12
macokaddi1: k00:12
kaddimaco,  actually I'm not.. seems as if the older kernel was removed during upgrade :/ only 22.14 is showing in grub00:13
macols /boot00:14
kaddimaco I got my internet back, I'm just gonna run dist-upgrade now :)00:20
kaddimaco, ls /boot only lists the one available kernel 22.1400:20
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macokaddi1: well at least you got the net up00:23
kaddimaco,  yeah but I'll have to reboot again after updating to hardy. Who knows how it'll work after that. :D00:26
kaddiola :)00:35
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.00:35
kaddihe left already :'(00:36
Picioh well00:36
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webbbwhats up everyone00:46
webbbhey how do i create a launcher  , in gnome all i have to do is right click on the desktop00:47
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kaddi1i did a refly again? :/00:48
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kaddithe intel regression is only in 9.04,no?00:57
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rigoEveryone: Hi I have a little question: Eventough I've already upgraded to kde 4.3 a week ago or so Software Updates control module reports 38 updates involing kde packages in version which are already installed01:05
e370_ok this is dumb but how do u use remote desktop view01:07
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mrh0057e370: are you looking for a remote desktop client or connecting to a linux machine of the Internet01:10
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e370_linux machine over net01:12
mrh0057windows or linux client?01:12
e370_linux hes running the same as me01:13
mrh0057you can use ssh01:13
e370_im a noob lol01:13
e370_whats that01:13
mrh0057e370: do you know what telnet is01:13
mrh0057e370: here is the wiki page on ssh http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secure_Shell01:14
mrh0057e370: its a secure connection to a computer01:14
e370_i need a GUI01:15
mrh0057e370: are you both running kde01:15
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e370_the newest 101:16
mm_202Hey guys, I just installed Kubuntu 9.04 and updraded KDE to 4.3.  I have a Nvidia 6800 card (with the 180 drivers), but I dont have any desktop effects.  What module do I have to load in xorg.conf to get it to work?01:16
e370_Nvidia x server?01:16
e370_i have that01:16
mrh0057e370: there are different window managers in linux.  If both of you are running the same one there is usually a graphical client to connect01:16
mrh0057e370: Did you install ubuntu or kubuntu01:17
mrh0057mm_202: make sure glx is loaded01:18
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mm_202mrh0057: I see it has the load glx line, let me check the xorg logs.01:18
e370_someone just suggest our routers r probably blocking us01:19
mrh0057e370: if its ubuntu look in the application menu add there should be something about connecting to remote clients01:19
mm_202mrh0057: Xorg.0.log says it was loaded fine...   .. is that a common problem?01:20
e370_soz for askin such noobish questions01:20
mrh0057mm_202: if glx is loaded that means opengl is enabled so it should work01:21
mrh0057mm_202: run glxinfo and see if its using the nvidia01:22
mm_202mrh0057: Yeah, OpenGL works (tested with screensavers), but it says "Required X extensions (XComposite and XDamage) are not available."  for Desktop Effects.01:22
mrh0057mm_202: are you running kde or gnome01:22
mm_202Im in #kubuntu for a reason  :)01:22
mrh0057mm_202: have you tried loading them in Xorg.conf file01:25
mitschsomone here?01:45
mitschplease, i would need a little help01:48
carpii_just ask your question01:48
carpii_then ppl will help, or maybe ppl wont01:48
mitschsorry, but i'm new to ubuntu, and installed and deinstalled lamp server a few times, everything works now, but on localhost/phpmyadmin i just get a file to download... but php with another page (phpbb3) works fine?!01:50
carpii_phpbb3 is on localhost too?01:55
carpii_and accessed via same 'domain' of http:/localhost ?01:55
mitschone moment... i'm on another pc01:55
mitschlocalhost - It work's fine!01:56
mitschlocalhost/~username/phpBB3 - works too, but01:57
mitschoh nooo, works from localhost, but not from my pc?!01:57
mitschstrange is there a need to allow access from other ip´s?01:58
ign0ramushey all.01:59
ign0ramusneed help with USB sound card...01:59
ign0ramus'asoundconf list' shows my sound card, ID="MP3"01:59
ign0ramusso i do "sudo asoundconf set-default-card MP3"01:59
ign0ramus...nothing :(02:00
ign0ramusit worked fine in hardy, but not jaunty.02:00
ign0ramusi've removed all traces of pulseaudio a while ago...02:01
ign0ramusi would like to listen to The02:01
ign0ramusClash loudly right now, it is not working :'(02:01
ign0ramus"sudo aplay -l" lists my laptops card as 0, the external (MP3) as 1... is this wrong?02:04
ign0ramusok guys... let's say I want to play Nickelback on my stereo... does that help?02:04
ign0ramusJust kidding.02:05
ign0ramusjust restarted X... still no Nickelback playing from my stereo :'(02:08
ign0ramusMamarok, are you there?02:13
__lEo___kubuntuforums.net has been down all day?02:21
ign0ramus__lEo___, "Service Unavailable"02:21
__lEo___well, yes02:22
ign0ramus__lEo___, so, yeah.02:22
ign0ramus__lEo___, yes. site is down.02:22
__lEo___I guess it's what we get for having our main support channel served by a windows  server :(02:23
ign0ramus__lEo___, last i checked, 2003 :'(02:24
__lEo___yesp, in netcraft, the stats for ubuntu forum.org is a reboot eveery few months, ower is once every few days, oh well02:25
__lEo___sorry, i meant ubuntuforums.org ... of course that is hosted by Canonical02:25
__lEo___I wonder why kubuntuforums couldn't be hosted there02:26
__lEo___being a special forum in ubuntuforums is not very enticing02:26
ign0ramus__lEo___, havent you heard? Canonical doesn't actually give much attention to KDE02:26
__lEo___well, yes02:26
__lEo___but I think they are nice folks02:26
__lEo___and they give official status to Kubuntu02:26
macoa reboot every few months? LOL02:27
macoubuntuforums.org goes down every couple days02:27
ign0ramus__lEo___, ...as do I. But if they could implement KDE in Kubuntu like Arch or even OpenSUSE, I would weep with joy.02:27
__lEo___so I am sure they would accept hosting, I am not even sure who own kubuntuforums02:27
macowe've been begging for new db servers for ages because it cant handle the load02:27
ign0ramusAPT ftw02:27
__lEo___we ... who maco?02:27
macoign0ramus: the kubuntu team makes it a goal to stay as close to upstream as possible02:27
maco__lEo___: ubuntuforums.org moderators02:28
maco__lEo___: though i suppose those admin folks do more begging. we just get behind the admins going "right no, guys!"02:28
__lEo___I see, are you sure about going ... Ah, maybe the db goes down02:28
__lEo___the server I think not02:28
maco__lEo___: the db goes down constantly and then everyone going to the forums gets a big ol' error across the screen for 5 minutes to an hour depending on how long it takes to fix02:29
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macoi was surprised to find that kubuntuforum.net even existed since there's always been kubuntu help on ubuntuforums02:29
ign0ramusmaco, yes, but always as an afterthought :(02:30
carpii_maco, the answer is not always to throw hardware at it. you can probably memcache or optimise your queries02:30
__lEo___well, i have an account in ubuntuforums02:30
__lEo___it is definitely _the_ ubuntu resource02:30
macocarpii_: we deleted like 1/4 of the forum as a stop-gap measure02:30
__lEo___but for kubuntu stuff, kubuntuforums is a lot better02:30
__lEo___kde gets constantly bashed in ubuntuforums02:31
maco__lEo___: ! where?02:31
macocarpii_: ok actually...admins did deleting as mods cant :P02:31
__lEo___if someone asks for help for kubuntu, the usual answer I've found is "oh man, kde sucks, why are you running this"02:31
__lEo___I am not saying everyone is unfriendly02:32
__lEo___there are lots of wonderful people in ubuntuforums02:32
__lEo___but I find it a lot simpler to give help in kubuntuforums because you don;t have that extra load from the negativity02:32
macocarpii_: but a ton of very old stuff was deleted to try to help. the other-os forum was deleted (people were not happy).  AFAIK, all the optimizations anyone could come up with were done, its just too much data. complex queries can take > 5 minutes to run :(02:32
__lEo___yeah, searches ... quite frankly02:33
__lEo___isn't it better to outsurce to google?02:33
__lEo___that';s what i do in kubuntuforums02:33
__lEo___or ubuntuforums02:33
carpii_id never use mysql for searching02:33
carpii_use sphinx02:33
__lEo___i never search in the forums search box02:33
carpii_but really you need to understand where the load is coming from, it might not be searches but just bookkeeping02:34
__lEo___that could be the case carpii02:34
maco__lEo___: i wouldnt disagree with reporting such responses as trolling02:34
__lEo___but I'd just put a search box that really sends you to google, with "search" + site:ubuntuforums.org02:35
__lEo___or kubuntuforums.net02:35
__lEo___of course the search will miss the last couple days02:35
__lEo___but it's better than nothing02:35
carpii_goog,le is not always an option, if your forum needs users to register before they can read it02:35
__lEo___but this is not the case for either ubuntuforums or kubuntuforums02:36
macoi think at one point because queries were so bad we DID switch to google search02:36
carpii_maco, what is "show processlist" showing you in mysql ?02:36
__lEo___it may be an issues for other forums02:36
carpii_lEo, maybe, but are we taling about ubuntu forums ?02:36
macocarpii_: i have no db access since im a mod not an admin02:36
__lEo___yes, ubuntuforums.org. all the content can be accessed without being registered02:37
__lEo___anyways, it's amazing how far we went as a community02:37
carpii_oh ok, i thought we were talking about some unknown forum02:37
__lEo___we become mainstream02:37
__lEo___no, no02:37
__lEo___became mainstream, linux runs your phone, your gps, your netbook, amazing02:38
__lEo___most people in the world, I would say most people with access to electronics are running at least one thing with linux02:38
maco__lEo___: ok other mods agree with me. if someone says kde or kubuntu sucks and tells them to switch to ubuntu+gnome, report it as trolling02:38
__lEo___k, thanks Maco, I do hang out there02:39
__lEo___mostly for generic stuff, like hardware issues, etc02:39
__lEo___most times i give help, i'v ebeen running since 1995 :D02:39
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__lEo___and i am too busy to contribute code these days02:40
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__lEo___so ..., I like to give back here and there02:40
__lEo___does anyone know why quassel IRC is such a huge bloat?02:40
__lEo___like 55 mb download02:40
__lEo___it should be about 5 or 602:40
__lEo___is there any nice plasmoid/widget to replace it?02:41
__lEo___particularly in my poor eee 701 with 4G disk02:41
macojust quassel is 55mb?02:41
macoor did you install quassel, quassel core, and quassel client?02:41
* neonyoga waves02:41
__lEo___yes, i don't know wtf ... i mean, it is not supposed to have any big graphics to store or anything02:42
__lEo___let me check in synaptic02:42
__lEo___(I do use synaptic, kpackagekit is broken)02:42
macobrb, need to move clothes from washer to drier02:43
__lEo___the only two supported packages are quasel and quasel-data02:43
__lEo___and they get installed by the kubuntu-desktop metapackage02:43
__lEo___quassel alone is: 56.1M installed02:43
genuHey, I just installed kubuntu, how do I enable my nvidia driver? I don't see my nvidia card in the restricted harware dialog...?02:50
genuHey, I just installed kubuntu, how do I enable my nvidia driver? I don't see my nvidia card in the restricted harware dialog...?02:53
__lEo___it doesn't show?02:57
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__lEo___did you enable all teh repositories?02:57
__lEo___software repositories02:58
mrh0057KDE Menu->Applications->System->Hardware Drivers02:58
genuHey, I just installed KDE, and I don't see my nvidia driver on the restricted hardware driver screen....what do I have to do?03:00
mrh0057genu: install synaptic and goto Setttings->Repositories and select proprietary drivers for devices03:03
genumrh0057: ok I will try that....currently I just clicked to update...so I can't access the settings right now03:04
mrh0057what's the model of your video card03:05
macoor just install xserver-xorg-video-nvidia03:05
macooh...crudmuffins, mrh0057 has a point03:06
genui have Nvidia 9500M GS03:06
macothey dont have only one restricted driver grrr03:06
mrh0057genu: it should be there and either one should work03:06
genumy restricted driver screen had nothing there....typically I it would have my videocard driver, where I would just enable it, and everything would be ok....I don't know why it doesn't show it now...03:07
mrh0057genu: apt-get install nvidia-glx-18003:08
mrh0057genu: that will give you the latest driver that ubuntu ships with03:09
genuthx...i'll try that...03:09
mrh0057genu: make a backup of your /etc/x11/xorg.conf before you install it.03:13
genumrh0057: I've installed it, now what?03:16
genuI need to restart the xserver?03:16
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genumrh0057: thx, I've got the driver to install now... :)03:26
mrh0057run glxinfo | more to make sure03:26
genumrh0057: I have a secondary monitor, that I have enabled, its spanning the way it should be to it, but is it possible to flip the image on the secondary monitor vertically? as I have the monitor mounted upside down...03:27
mrh0057run nvidia-settings03:27
genuI ran into this problem a few months ago (thats why I had to go back to windwos)....03:27
genuok..i'm in nvidia-settings03:27
mrh0057genu: there probably is but I never tried to do that before03:28
genuI'm in nvidia-settings now, hmm....I don't really see an option to "mirror" or flip, or anything...03:29
mrh0057genu: xrander might work03:36
genuk..thx...i'll look into it03:37
mrh0057genu: its xrandr03:37
genuo ok03:37
mrh0057Here is a forum posting about it http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68282103:37
SJrWhat is a decent mIRC replacement?03:39
J-_Quassel if you're using KDE03:40
J-_I didn't realize I was in the kubuntu channel. But yeah, go with Quassel.03:41
J-_Irssi is nice, too.03:41
webbbhey im trying to make a launcher but i cant find out how, in gnome all i have to do is right click on the desktop and pick new launcher but i dont know how in kde03:45
mrh0057webb: right-click->Add Widget->Application Launcher03:46
SJrOkay I'll look into those. Next question my preformance in KDE seems to suck for graphics,  like dragging windows around. I have a GeForce 7400, so I think that should be enough03:47
webbbno  not the menu  i want to create a file launcher so i can launch firefox 3.5 i downloaded from the net03:48
mrh0057webb: sorry that the wrong widget03:49
webbbso does anyone know how to create a file launcher so i can launch a program03:51
mrh0057webbb: you can create a folder view and add applications to launch from there03:52
webbbbut you cant create one like in gnome ?03:52
mrh0057webbb: I think they added a widget that can do that but I don't remember the name03:53
webbbok  well thanks anyway03:53
luis_ei guys i downloaded audacity to edit some track, but now everytime i click in a mp3, audicity opens it, not amarok, how i can fix that?03:55
luis_ei guys i downloaded audacity to edit some tracks, but now everytime i click in a mp3, audicity opens it, not amarok, how i can fix that?03:58
__lEo___luis, go to system settings03:59
__lEo___and file associations03:59
__lEo___and you can set it there03:59
__lEo___another way is to go with dolphin to a place where you have an mp303:59
__lEo___right click, Open With03:59
__lEo___and choose Amarok, and check the box that says "remember this"04:00
luis_yah but04:01
luis_in system settings04:01
luis_there is not an option to create a new mp3 manager04:01
__lEo___Advanced -> File Associations04:02
__lEo___SJr, still there?04:02
luis_a w/e, already did it with dolphin04:02
__lEo___Do you have the nvidia "hardware driver" installed?04:02
luis_thx dude :)04:02
__lEo___(luis, that question was for SJr, sorry)04:03
luis_oh LOL04:04
__lEo___(SJr was saying something about performance)04:04
__lEo___yeah, my fault, lol04:04
SJrSome widgets I'm still here04:12
__lEo___is anyone using kopete for irc?04:12
__lEo___i just realized i could use it instead of quassel04:13
SJrI hate linux IRC clients04:13
__lEo___which seems like a best at 60Mb for a simple IRC client04:13
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__lEo___i don't hate them, but I'd love to see a widget for this04:14
__lEo___SJr, you were saying about performance04:14
__lEo___are you running the nvidia binary driver?04:14
__lEo___what's the card again?04:15
__lEo___IGP or dedicated card04:15
SJrVGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation G72M [GeForce Go 7400] (rev a1)04:15
SJrIGP (Notebook)04:15
__lEo___i think with most IGP's you need to disable desktop effects to have good performance04:17
__lEo___is that your case? Are they on?04:17
luis_Ei IEo u use virtual box?04:17
__lEo___no no virtual box04:18
luis_i just installed it because i wanna use XP, but it says i need a ISO image of XP to use the SO, where i can get 1 free?04:18
SJrThey are on, that's why it sucks04:18
SJrHmmmm I think I actually found the reason04:18
SJrGNOME is still running04:18
__lEo___SJ: try them off04:18
FloodBotK2SJr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:18
SJrI want them on :)04:18
SJrHow can gnome be running at the same time, that's weird04:19
__lEo___You can switch to another session I guess04:19
__lEo___and have GNOME on the backgroung04:19
SJrNo but KDE is running too04:19
SJrI just noticed that when I right click on my desktop, I get the gnome context menu, and my background is controlled by Gnome too04:19
__lEo___I am not sure how you can do that. SJr04:20
__lEo___ah, probably kopete in Jaunty still doesn't do irc04:31
__lEo___I don't see the option04:31
__lEo___claus: I agree04:31
__lEo___This will be awesome: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/IRC%20plasmoid%20mockup?content=10842804:32
webbbdoes anyone know of a good dock//app launcher04:33
__lEo___in 4.2 the quicklauncher was broken04:34
__lEo___now i am running 4.304:34
__lEo___i can give it a shot04:34
__lEo___let me see04:34
FloodBotK2__lEo___: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:34
__lEo___now it is working nicely04:35
__lEo___you can drop an icon from the menu into the quick launcher04:35
__lEo___and get it in the quick launcher04:35
webbbi really understoof that04:36
__lEo___well, sorry for wating your time, it was broken before04:38
jcrxhi there04:47
jcrxIm using kubuntu jaunty04:48
jcrxon a PC with Ati 925004:48
jcrxand cant set the resolution04:48
jcrxevery time I restart04:48
jcrxit returnd to 800x60004:48
jcrxit returnd to 800x60004:48
jcrxany help?04:48
carpii_try tweaking the refresh rate limits in xorg.conf04:50
carpii_sometimes the auto-detect monitor feature does a real crumby job04:50
jcrxhmm so how could i do it?04:51
jcrxi ried puttin Option "Panel Size" "1024x768"04:51
jcrxbut nothing04:51
carpii_its not the resolution necessarily04:52
carpii_it might be the refresh rate04:52
jcrxhmm how could I wirte that instruction on the Device section on xorg ?04:52
pxwebdevhow can I view as folders group setting within konsole?04:53
carpii_jcrx, heres mine04:53
carpii_but i cant really talk you through it, sorry04:53
carpii_just try the Horiz Refresh and the modes etc04:53
carpii_see if it helps04:53
jcrxok, ill try it04:54
pxwebdevhow can you see the groups assigned to a particular folder from terminal?04:55
jcrxis it the jaunty version stable?05:02
webbbanyone know of a good dock for kde05:03
macojcrx: what's the output of the "xrandr" command?05:05
macopxwebdev: ls -l foo (where foo is the folder's name). there will be a column of owner and right after it the column of its group05:05
macooh its been a while...05:05
macowell if you see this, the xrandr command lets you change screen settings. may need to add a mode, but the manpage describes how to do that05:06
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jcrxxrandr ?05:15
jcrxhmm i konw it.. Ill try to put it on the start options05:15
mostafawhen I click on the Leave Button at the right-botton of the menu05:44
webbbwhats the best app launcher / dock for kde05:45
mostafait shows the shutdown notification very late for example 10 sec05:46
mostafacan anybody explain it?05:46
mostafawebbb: what do you want exactly?05:47
webbba good dock  or app launcher  so i dont have to use the kmenu05:47
mostafawebbb: do you use krunner?05:49
webbbmostafa: ya but i want somthing more likie a  dock  like in mac osx05:49
mostafawebbb: I don't use mac os and of course I don't know dock can you explain it to me?05:50
=== hemathor_ is now known as hemathor
webbbits a little menu that sits on youor desktop that holds apps for you so you can just click on the icon and launch the pp without  opening  the menu05:51
mostafawebbb: see this link and tell me is it dock that you mean?05:54
webbbkinda like that05:54
ghI have tried both the 9.04 livecd/dvd and neither are able to use my ethernet(intelpro100). Looking a the dmesg shows the card is recognized, but the widget/menu does not see the card and all attempts with ifconfig have failed.05:54
mostafawebbb: do you add the widget "Folder view"?05:56
mostafawebbb: and it is useless for your goal?05:57
ghI have not had the same problem with other *buntus, other distributions, or operating systems.05:57
webbbit works i just wwwanted somthing better05:57
mostafawebbb: can you say what capabality does dock have that folder view doesn't?05:58
webbblook at that06:00
mostafawebbb: I see it then why you don't install awn?06:07
mostafawebbb: r u there?06:10
mostafadoes anybody have the same problem as me? when I click on the Leave Button at the right-botton of the menu (that comes up with alt+f1)06:12
mostafait lates to show the shutdown or other notification?06:13
mostafajust I want to know that others have the same problem or not?06:13
mostafato all: nobody answer? :(06:14
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darthanubis!patience |mostafa06:27
ubottumostafa: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait. Also see !patience06:27
mostafaubottu: thanx bro ;) :D06:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about thanx bro ;) :D06:28
mostafaubottu: I just appreciate your response06:29
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:29
sayakbhello! I added the kubuntu-ppa to get kde 4.3 and i now have broken packages. it stops on kdebase-workspace-dev06:47
sayakbi am left with the tty's and nothing else. any way to solve it other than reinstalling kubuntu?06:47
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J-_sayakb: Did you, "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"?06:52
sayakbJ-_: as I added those from ppa, those upgrades were not available from upgrade, so I did sudo apt-get dist-upgrade06:52
J-_So you're trying to upgrade to another release?06:53
sayakbnope, just upgrade to kde 4.306:53
sayakbdist-upgrade will also install backports, and 4.3 is backported in kubuntu06:54
J-_Ah I see, I dunno then. It's the reason why I never uograde. I always reinstall.06:54
sayakbok, np06:54
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - To upgrade to Jaunty (9.04) directly from Hardy (8.04) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JauntyUpgrades/Kubuntu/8.04 - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading06:55
J-_Not sure if that says anything06:55
sayakbonly if I could open those, stuck with my tty's, so no X06:55
sayakbi do have links2, hm. thanks, i'll read them06:56
J-_I doubt they'll say anything though. They might! heh06:56
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - To upgrade to Jaunty (9.04) directly from Hardy (8.04) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JauntyUpgrades/Kubuntu/8.04 - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading06:56
sayakbheh ok06:57
J-_crap, that was the first one I did. :( I'm tired.06:57
J-_I'm going to bed06:57
martin___hi! i'm new to kde and still working my way around here07:01
martin___how do i do to use EMERALD/COMPIZ on kde?07:01
martin___I mena, I have a theme installed but Oxygen is still the default them07:01
martin___any help welcome!07:02
sayakbmartin___: compiz --replace should make them default07:02
sayakb--replace replaces the current window manager07:02
martin___sayakb: hi! I used to think it was emerald --replace =P let me c07:02
pavan_Is their a KDE alternative to GTKpod?07:14
pheonixhi sara07:43
saleemHello friends07:43
aaron11 can i can some one help07:54
sergiuhi to all from Moldova08:07
chengHello, guys. i can't use kopete to login msn. The error messnage is "operation is not supported". Who had the same error08:40
chengversion: kde 3.5.10 kopete 0.12.708:41
chengi want to know whether something is changed or not. One week before it worked well.08:42
chengam i lost?08:44
SJrPlasma all of a sudden crashed, and then now I can no longer enable Plasma, after switching my monitor settings with Nvidia09:31
SJrMy xorg.conf hasn't been touched in months09:31
SJrErrrr sorry, I can no longer enable desktop effects, I get a message saying "Composting is temporarily disabled"09:32
SJrIf I try to force it, I just get a grey screen09:32
SJrArgh that's lame09:35
SJrbasically if I switch my desktop settings with Composting enabled, it will die afterwards09:35
SJrif I disable it manually, then reenable it, I'll be okay09:35
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Guest11102i got told by some1 here about nvidia drivers to type sudo apt-get install nvidia-common and it wont up date09:39
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Guest37124i have some problems with video09:39
Guest37124i installed nvidia drivers and X doesn't start anymore09:40
Guest11102ya i no i had that problem and my computer wouldnt boot so i had ro reinstall eveything09:40
Guest37124this is not the solution09:41
Guest11102im saying what i had to do coz my computer wouldnt boot09:41
Guest37124now i change drivers to vesa in xorg.conf i killed kdm and then use startx and works09:41
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Guest11102ive got like 6 screens waiting to be used09:42
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michaelcheyy Cybertinus09:44
Cybertinushi michaelc09:46
michaelcanyone no about nvida drivers09:46
arashI am new to Kubuntu.How should I install a program like firefox-3.5.2.tar.bz2 ? I should just untar and find the script that runs it ? How should I introduce to OS as default browser and tell to place it in desktop or start menu ?09:52
michaelcarash extract it to your desktop09:57
michaelcwhen done  lemmie no09:58
arashmichaelc: I meant how should I register it with OS ? So it knows this is my browser?09:59
arashmichaelc : I have extract it to desktop.Now what should i do?10:00
michaelcarash: you want to install it right10:02
lifeofguenterhi all10:02
arashmichaelc : yes..10:02
michaelcopen terminal and then put this in it cd ~/Desktop/folderName && ./configure && make && sudo make install10:02
michaelcchange foldername to its folder10:02
lifeofguenteranybody success with multiple monitor setup on kde4.3 / kubuntu karmic alpha4 ?10:02
arashmichaelc : thanks man.I will try it now..10:02
michaelcarash:  any trobles lemmie no10:03
michaelclifeofguenter: aright what grapics card do you have10:03
lifeofguenterati, i have direct rendering, and I used to do it with xrandr in gnome/xfce10:04
lifeofguenterbut I decided to give karmic / kde a try.. unfortunately since karmic there is not even a xorg.conf anymore10:04
michaelclifeofguenter: hmm im not sure on that 1 have you tryed googleing it10:05
arashmichaelc: it returns error on ./configure10:05
arasharash@arash:~/Desktop/firefox$ ./configure10:05
arashbash: ./configure: No such file or directory10:05
lifeofguenterunder system settings -> display -> multiple monitors it basically says (like reported in forums.kde) that I do not have it configured.. but it does not give any advice how and where I can do that ;)10:05
michaelcok do this10:05
michaelcwhats the folder called10:05
lifeofguenterarash: why do you want to compile firefox?10:05
lifeofguenterif you downloaded the tar from the official site you don't need to compile it10:06
arashi dont want to compile . I want to register it with os10:06
michaelcarash: cd ~/Desktop/firefox   then  make   then sodo make install10:06
lifeofguenterafaik firefox does not provide any makefile10:06
michaelclifeofguenter: it had it when i domne mine10:07
arashyea it hasnt any10:07
arashno it doesnt have make.make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop.10:08
lifeofguenterarash: just unpack it to /opt/firefox10:08
lifeofguentergo to "System Settings" -> "Default Applications"10:08
michaelcarash: have you tryed synaptic packet manager10:08
lifeofguentermake a symlink to /usr/local/bin/firefox10:08
arashNo its my first time booting with Kubuntu10:08
lifeofguenterand put under web browser "firefox" as custom app10:08
michaelcit has firefox there10:08
lifeofguenterthen every link you click will be opened by firefox10:08
lifeofguenterI would not install the firefox-3.5 package of kubuntu10:09
arashthanks ..let me see how it works out.10:09
lifeofguenterit installs many gnome dependencies which are not needed10:09
arashwhy ?10:09
lifeofguenterafaik broken package for kde/kubuntu10:09
lifeofguenterehm not afaik but imho10:09
michaelcwell i see you guys in a bit need to pop to the shop10:09
lifeofguenterok cu later michaelc :)10:09
arashso you mean I should continue with Konquerer?10:10
lifeofguenterno I just meant you should not install it with apt-get/e.g. using the official kubuntu repository10:10
lifeofguentergo to mozilla.com, grab a tar, unpack in /opt/, make symlink, set as default browser10:10
lifeofguenterand you are fine :)10:10
kavurtarash, try ubuntuzilla10:15
arashit doesnt extract to /opt !10:15
arashi extract it to desktop or other folder, when i try opt it creates nothing.10:15
lifeofguenteryou have to do it with sudo10:15
lifeofguenterthough its only adviceable not mandatory.. in fact you can just leave it on desktop.. but I like my system clean :)10:16
lifeofguenterhmm interesting projects, thanks kavurt10:17
kavurti just installed 3.5, very easy10:18
arashkavurt i downloaded ubuntuzilla-4.7.4-0ubuntu1-i386.deb from sourceforge. click it then after a while syas install successful . but where deos it install it ??10:24
kavurtarash, type ubuntuzilla.py in a terminal10:29
kavurtand follow options10:30
serciksomeone can help how to upgrade alsa from source?10:31
serciki need latest version for linuxmce alpha10:32
arashthanks kavurt it seems sometihng is happening.10:32
kavurtnp, it will install perfectly, don't worry10:32
sercikplease a little help on how to install alsa 1.20 on ubuntu10:34
arashbtw my desktop icons has disappeard .I cant find a way to get them back in settings10:35
arashits not in settings->look&feel ->desktop10:36
tsimpsonarash: right click the desktop, Desktop Settings, change "Type" from "Desktop" to "Folder View"10:41
arashtsimpson: there is not desktop settings when I right click. in appearence / desktop also this option you mentioned does not exist10:44
tsimpsonarash: not in system settings, from right clicking on the desktop10:44
arashi know.i right click on dektop and there wasnt dektop settings in the menu ,10:45
tsimpsonwhat version of KDE do you have?10:45
arashKubuntu 9.0410:45
arashVersion 4.2.210:46
tsimpsonwhat is the last menu option you see when you right click the desktop?10:46
arashthe last one is Leave10:47
arashresolved thanks..10:55
apparlehi guys11:19
apparleI use kate for editing c files........Can I get a direct shortcut to make them11:19
apparleI mean hotkey11:19
apparleOr do I have to open console and type make??11:20
tsimpsondon't think so, Kate is not an (full) IDE11:21
lifeofguenteranybody here in karmic already?11:21
tsimpsonthe're are lots of karmic users in #ubuntu+111:22
apparletsimpson: but isn't there anyways to assingn shorcuts to direct commands in kate??11:23
lifeofguentercool thanks tsimpson11:23
tsimpsonapparle: I'm not sure, I've never really looked for it. the closest thing I see is "Pipe to terminal"11:24
apparletsimpson: can you suggest a good ide for gcc-avr then11:25
apparletsimpson: for embedded system programming11:30
tsimpsonif it's just C with a specific compiler, most IDEs should work11:31
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, QtCreator11:31
tsimpsonI tend to use QtCreator (Qt development) or KDevelop11:32
apparletsimpson: Kate is shown in ide11:34
tsimpsonit's not a full IDE though, it's a text editor with syntax highlighting11:35
apparleand any tool to generate makefiles...........................or any tutorial to write make files11:40
tsimpsonthere is autoconf/automake, qmake and cmake to generate Makefiles11:41
apparletsimpson: but they must be for gcc and not for embedded systems......or can they be configured11:44
tsimpsonin all of them, you can specify the compiler executable11:45
tsimpsoncmake is probably the easiest and most portable to work with11:45
pescadocan anybody tell me which desktop is better gnome or kde11:53
pescadocan i use gnome with kubuntu11:53
tsimpsonpescado: it depends on which you prefer, and you can use both gnome and KDE on the same system11:57
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apparlepescado: if you are going to use gnome on kubuntu then what's the point.........straight way use ubuntu12:02
apparletsimpson: can you plz tell me the web page of cmake12:03
tsimpsonapparle: cmake.org12:03
apparlealso: how to install http://www.sax.de/~joerg/mfile/12:03
tsimpsonapparle: download the tar.gz and read the README file12:06
apparleI didn't understand it so I was asking12:07
tsimpsonapparle: you need to install tk8.5, edit mfile.tcl to have "#!/usr/bin/wish" then edit makefile_template and run mfile.tcl12:13
apparletsimpson: thanks.......................can you suggest any simple editor with configurable commands............I know programmers notepad in windows.........can you suggest anything similar12:15
tsimpsonapparle: you should ask in #kde if Kate does it, it may. if not then you'll want some form of IDE12:16
apparletsimpson: I'll try........thanks12:16
apparleI installed arora in 9.04 and configured ti to use proxy but it is not open any webpage12:18
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apparletsimpson: no response from kde12:32
agatonHello. Anyone able to give me a little apache-config-help?12:51
__lEo___apparle: did you install arora from the kubuntu repos?12:58
pm2I upgraded to Kubuntu Jaunty using KDE 4, and it looks like I no longer have the necessary program to access wireless networks.  What program do I need to install?13:35
llutzpm2:  try wicd13:39
heoWhen I try to  open a browser, the error message occurs "Cannot open ...13:41
heo... display:". What does it mean?13:41
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llutzheo:  you are not owner of that X-session, trying that as root?13:42
llutzheo:  do it as user, no reason to use a browser as root13:42
heollutz: probably, I change the user, but both  users should have sudo access13:42
pm2llutz, that'll do it - thanks13:44
heollutz: I cannot understand your point. How can I switch to other user ...13:44
heo... without    su other_user  ?13:44
llutzheo kdesu/kdesudo, sux, lot's of ways to change user AND x-permissions13:45
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heollutz: are gnomesu/gnomesudo equivalent? why are  they  not readily ...13:48
heo... installed?13:48
llutzheo:  no clue, i'm not a dev, better ask them. maybe because there are hardly reasons to use x-apps as root13:51
heollutz: are your suggestions about running  x-apps as root?13:52
heoif so, is there some other way to circcumvent the error "Cannot open ...13:53
heo... display."?13:53
hayethi ... what is admin password on kubuntu plz?13:54
llutzheo: you always have to set xauthority rights correct if trying to start a x-app, if you are not owner of running x-session13:55
llutzheo:  that's what kdesu/kdesudo, sux and all those tools do13:56
J2daoshanyone in here have experience with mysql?13:56
J2daoshno i dont want to go to the mysql room, they wont give me the answer13:56
hayetplz help me ...13:57
J2daoshi just want to know if mysql ever spits out the passwords in plaintext.13:57
llutzhayet:  use sudo, no real root-account available by default13:57
J2daoshim trying to hack my test box so i can learn how it was done so yeah. i have malicious intent, but i own it so its fine13:58
hayeti test sudo, admin, root, adminadmin and my user session password nothing good :(13:59
BluesKajHiyas all13:59
llutzhayet:  sudo is a program, not a "password"13:59
hayeti coudn't install nothing, it ask me an administrative privilege pwd13:59
hayethow could i resolve this pb14:00
llutzhayet:  use your user-password if prompted for a password14:00
hayeti do it llutz14:00
hayetso it don't function14:01
DragnslcrAre you sure your user has sudo access?14:02
drvoodoohayet: your standard user account (which was created by installation) has administrative privileges in combination with the sudo-command14:02
hayeti don't know i'm a newbie on linux14:02
drvoodooso every command, which needs administrative privileges must begin with a prepended sudo14:03
drvoodooand the promted password is your user password14:04
heollutz: Thank you. Got it running :)14:04
hayetsorry it's not my computer and i have'nt install it14:04
hayeti'm french so i'm in hollydays in italia14:05
hayetand i help my friend14:05
DragnslcrIf you aren't using the account that was created when Kubuntu was installed, then you probably don't have sudo access14:05
hayetit is his computer14:05
hayethow could i transform an user account to sudo14:06
DragnslcrYou'd need root access14:06
hayethow get root acces?14:06
DragnslcrWith an account that has it14:07
llutzhayet:  ask owner of that computer14:07
hayethe is in london that is the pb14:07
DragnslcrObviously a normal user being able to give themselves root access would be a massive security hole14:07
DragnslcrYou might be able to use a Live CD to get permission to modifier the sudoers file, but if you don't know what you're doing, it can be pretty dangerous14:09
hayetok... another question ... could i extract the wpa keys from kubuntu14:09
hayetcoz i have my computer windows and i coudn't connect coz i have not the keys14:10
hayetonly on this kubuntu coòputer14:10
DragnslcrMaybe, but I don't know what file they're stored in14:10
eitreach_How do I share a folder via Samba in KDE 4.3?14:10
DragnslcrAnd they're most likely stored encrypted14:10
hayetis there a software to retreive this key like wpaviewer on windows14:11
Dragnslcreitreach_- I know Dolphin has an interface for it in a directory's Properties dialog, but I haven't used it, so I don't know how well it works14:11
eitreach_Dragnslcr: I've found something in there, but when I click it, nothing happens.14:12
Dragnslcreitreach_- I don't know, sorry. Like I said, I've never used it, I just know it's there14:14
timdlhello. Im using Kubuntu 9.04 (jaunty) . In my Keyboard and Mouse settings , Ron Konsole is defined as Ctrl+Alt+T . But still, when i press Ctrl+Alt+T Konsole does not open14:50
timdlany way to fix this ?14:50
elkurobonjours a tyous14:57
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PhreaI have a quick question that's prob been asked a thousand times...15:07
Phreais KDE 4.3 already implemented in Kubuntu 9.04 or do I have to wait a bit before downloading 9.04?15:08
tsimpsonPhage: did you read the topic?15:08
Phreabut it isnt really clear15:09
Phrea[also clicked the links]15:09
tsimpsonread the news link15:09
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Phreafrom what I gather, one has to upgrade after installing Kubuntu?15:11
Phrea[forgive me my ignorance]15:11
tsimpson"Users of our stable 9.04 release can install it from the Kubuntu Backports PPA."15:11
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Guest33017how do i change my microphone device15:12
PhreaI read that bit :)15:12
=== Guest33017 is now known as michaelc
michaelci dont have a clue new to this15:12
PhreaI'll go with that I'll have to upgrade to 4.3 after install of Kubuntu15:12
tsimpsonPhage: do you have KDE installed now?15:12
Phreathank you for your time, patience and help15:12
michaelccan someone help me change my microhone device15:13
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP315:14
tsimpsoneek, that's a little old15:14
Phreatsimpson: if you are meaning me: no, I'm waiting for a hardware upgrade, before I install Kubuntu15:14
tsimpsonPhage: so what do you have now?15:14
tsimpsondid it again...15:14
PhreaI'm Phrea :)15:14
tsimpsonyes, tab-completion fail15:15
Phreathe pc I'm planning on installing it runs off of a live cd atm15:15
michaelcmy menu is diffent15:15
michaelci have ultimate edition15:15
tsimpsonmichaelc: try the first link15:15
Phreaso if it would be worth it to wait a few days/weeks to download kubuntu if KDE 4.3 then is implemented, I'll have some more patience :)15:16
Phreafirst time linux user, planning on completely going away from windows on that pc15:16
michaelchmmm i just want to chage my microphone decive to my usb microphone15:17
tsimpsonPhrea: you won't get a CD with 4.3, unless you get Karmic development release15:17
Phreaaha, that's immediately clear :)15:17
Phreathank you15:17
tsimpsonbut you can upgrade KDE 4.2 to 4.3 when you install Jaunty15:18
Phreayes, I've been reading, just wondered about this question I had :)15:18
tsimpsonmichaelc: there should be info on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting15:18
Phreais it OK of I hang around for a while to learn the channel a bit, I'm bound to have loads of questions after installing15:19
tsimpsonsure, anyone is welcome here :)15:19
Phreathis channel is for novices and guru's alike?15:20
Phreaor is there maybe a dedicated novice channel?15:20
tsimpsonthis is a general Kubuntu support channel, so it has both15:20
tsimpsonpeople ask questions in the hope someone knows the answer15:21
Phreathanks :)15:21
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michaelcanyone no how to update wine in terminal15:38
=== laptop is now known as Guest42381
michaelcplease help someone15:39
DragnslcrDoesn't it update just like any other package?15:41
michaelcDragnslcr: i have a old version15:42
michaelcDragnslcr: is there a update command15:42
Mamarokmichaelc: if you do a regular upgrade then a newer version will come in if available for your distribution version15:42
Mamarokupdate* I menat, of course15:42
michaelcMamarok: whats the update command15:43
Mamaroksudo apt-get update15:43
Mamarokto update the package database, then:15:43
Mamaroksudo apt-get upgrade15:43
michaelci have 39 upgrades15:44
michaelcthink because its just been installed15:44
michaelcMamarok: is there a command just to update wine15:45
Mamarokmichaelc: well, no, as an upgrade get's you all the upgradeable packages15:46
michaelcMamarok: ok thanks15:46
Mamarokmichaelc: if there is no wine showing up after that, then there is no newer version vor your distribution version15:46
beagleburtG'day everyone from New Zealand - is this the coorect channel to ask Questions about Konqeror?15:46
Mamarok!ask | beagleburt15:47
ubottubeagleburt: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:47
max_hello all i am sorry for disturb you and for my bad english , i shearch the irc server for hackbbs ? thanks you for help my15:48
Mamarok!de | Spitzname15:48
ubottuSpitzname: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.15:48
Mamarokmax_: no idea, this is the Kubuntu support channel, you should google15:49
max_ok thanks you15:49
max_bye all15:49
beagleburtHow do I get online with Konqueror? am using Kubuntu 8.04 LTS. (I can surf with Firefox ok)15:50
michaelcwhen i was with linuxmint i had no trobles with microphone and wine then i installed this and i have like 6 problems15:50
michaelcnvidia drivers micharophone and wine etc15:51
kirankumarhey what is this IRC ...???15:51
Mamarokkirankumar: read the channel topic, please15:52
eitreachIs it a known bug that KDE 4.3 can't see an external drive before it is accessed via the sidebar in Dolphin or application launcher?15:56
apparlehi guys15:56
apparleI am unable to conenct to gmail using konqueror15:56
apparleand arora doesn't connect to any site15:56
Mamarokapparle: konqueror can only use basic html in Gmail15:57
Mamarokelse it's too slow15:57
apparlebut it is not even showing the login page15:57
Mamarokeitreach: yep, but that is always so, a device has to be mounted to be able to access it15:57
eitreachMamarok: I see. Can I have it automount during startup? That would save me a lot of problems in Amarok as well.15:58
Mamarokapparle: then you have a settings problem, are you sure everything is installed correctly?15:58
Mamarokeitreach: you can install automount, of course, but that is not very secure15:58
eitreachMamarok: How so? Pardon the questions, but I've just been using Gnome for an amazing long time.15:59
apparleMamarok: I can connect to google but neither gmail not orkut15:59
Mamarokeitreach: I think there is a package for it, let me see16:01
apparleMamarok: Also I can't connect using arora at all16:02
bittinHello, somone here knows anything about wvdail iam trying to get an Huawei E1550 to work16:02
Mamarokeitreach: check the package usbmount16:02
eitreachMamarok: oh, I meant how it wasn't secure.16:02
eitreachMamarok: thanks. :)16:02
Mamarokapparle: then you have a connection settings problem I guess, can you ping google.com from a komsole?16:02
Mamarokeitreach: you are welcome16:03
robin0800bittin: try kppp or gnome-ppp16:04
bittinrobin0800: k16:04
bittinrobin0800: i tried with wvdail16:04
apparleMamarok: how to ping............by using 'ping google.com'??16:05
robin0800bittin: gnome-ppp is a front end for wvdial16:05
Mamarokapparle: yes, just type that in a konsole window16:05
bittinrobin0800: installed it now16:06
beagleburtMamarok: I am having problems with Konqueror also - can not get online at all...can do so with Firefox16:06
bittinit dosen't find my modem :(16:07
Mamarokwhat Kubuntu version?16:07
Mamarokbeagleburt: ^16:07
robin0800bittin: you need to run it as root or it won't start pppd16:07
apparleMamarok: I am getting uknow host16:07
beagleburtMamarok: version 8.04 LTS16:07
Mamarokapparle: then something is wrong with your network settings, what network connection do you use?16:08
apparleMamarok: LAN with proxy server16:08
Mamarokapparle: then you should check your proxy settings, apprently that doesn't let you through16:08
Mamarokbeagleburt: what network connection do yu use?16:08
Mamarokyou*, sry16:08
bittinrobin0800: gnome-ppp is not finding my modem but lsusb finds it and its blinking blue that is according to the manual when it finds a 3G Network16:09
apparleMamarok: but I can connect to google.com..............but not to gmail.com......16:09
beagleburtMamarok: dialup external modem 56k; "Firestarter" firewall16:09
Mamarokapparle: wait, you can open the http://www.google.com website but not the gmail one?16:10
robin0800bittin: what settings have you uesed in gnome-ppp?16:10
bittinwas trying to detect the modem and it saied no modem16:10
Mamarokbeagleburt: ouch, I have no idea about that, but you surely need to install something ppp related16:10
apparleMamarok: exactly16:11
bittinand Type: USB Modem16:11
Mamarokapparle: then it could be a gmail server problem, you don't see the login screen?16:11
beagleburtMamarok: but I can surf ok with Firefox????16:11
apparleMamarok: and I can open some other sites also like ubuntu or sourceforge etc16:11
christian_lappyhey guys16:12
apparleMamarok: but gmail works alright when I try to open it in windows16:12
christian_lappyis it already recommended to upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 alpha 4 ?16:12
Mamarokapparle: it works here for me, so it could well be either a firewall or a proxy setting that doesn't let you connect16:12
bittinif you are exprimental16:12
Mamarokapparle: that's not comparable, you need to check the proxy settings, that's most likely the problem16:13
bittinrobin0800: are it ok to pm you?16:13
Mamarokchristian_lappy: no, that is *never* recommended :)16:13
robin0800bittin: yes16:13
christian_lappyMamarok: lol16:13
christian_lappyMamarok: is 9.10 alpha 4 already usable or full of showstopper bugs ?16:13
Mamarokchristian_lappy: if you want to t4est and can live with alpha software that can break on a daily basis, then you are free to do so, support is in #ubuntu+116:14
apparleMamarok: I don't know abt a firewall because I have just installed kubutnu16:14
apparleMamarok: Can you help me setup arora16:14
eitreachMamarok: usbmount didn't do the trick. :( I still have to click my drive in Dolphin's sidebar to make it visible to programs.16:14
Mamarokapparle: but you are behind a proxy, so you need to change your proxy settings in Kubuntu I guess16:14
Mamarokeitreach: that is due to the fact that there are more than one option to open a USB drive for16:15
Mamarokeitreach: you can add it to the /etc/fstab though to get it mounted on startup16:15
Mamarokapparle: I don't know Arora, sorry16:15
eitreachMamarok: I just don't understand that Gnome mounts it automatically, but KDE does not.16:16
Mamarokeitreach: different paradigms16:16
eitreachand putting it in fstab will make it mount in KDE? Just so I understand..16:16
apparleMamarok: I have done that...............thats why I am able to chat with you using "webchat.freenode.net"16:16
Mamarokapparle: well, then I don't know, I am not very savvy in proxy settings16:17
Mamarokeitreach: you can edit the Device Actions in the systemsettings -> Advanced Tab to choose the default action16:18
drvoodoohello everybody. i have trouble with krdc, can't connect via vnc. i can't choose the vnc-protocoll  anymore. the automatic detection finds the other machine, but wenn i want to connect it says "The entered address can not be processed" (translated from german)16:19
Mamarokeitreach: yes, the /etc/fstab set's the mount options on startup for all devices, using the UUID settings is recommended, so it doesn't depend on one particular USB port16:19
apparletsimpson: can you plz tell me how to start mfile gain http://www.sax.de/~joerg/mfile/16:21
tsimpsonapparle: just run the mfile.tcl script, after editing the "set prefix" line to where the script is16:23
apparletsimpson: how to run the script16:24
tsimpsonfrom a terminal, go to the directory it's in, and type ./mfile.tcl16:25
tsimpsonor you can type in the full path in Alt-F216:26
apparleI get bash: ./mfile.tcl: /usr/local/bin/tixwish: bad interpreter: No such file or directoryn16:26
tsimpsonapparle: you need to change the 1st line to "#!/usr/bin/wish"16:28
tsimpsonand make sure you have tk8.5 installed16:29
apparletsimpson: got it thanks16:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wicd16:31
apparletsimpson: can you help with arora web browser16:31
kaddihow do i get the wicd packages for intrepid, when the intrepid can't get online? Every guide I can find only describes how to add in the repositories for intrepid, which won't help me because I can't get online.16:32
tsimpsonapparle: I don't use arora (yet)16:33
Mamarokkaddi: try /query ubottu !info wicd16:33
Mamarokkaddi: right now you are online, aren't you?16:33
kaddiMamarok I know, but it is not in the ubuntu-reps for intrepid. Are you saying I should simply get the jaunty version for intrepid as well?16:34
apparletsimpson: I thought I would give it a try in jaunty itself...........I am unable to configure it to use proxy16:34
Mamarokkaddi: oh, sorry, what KDE version do you use in Intrepid?16:34
kaddiMamarok 4.116:34
kaddiI think, default one16:34
Mamarokkaddi: then you are probably better off in Jaunty anyway16:34
kaddiMamarok but that would mean that I manage to get online and update my intrepid.. (which is what I'm actually trying to do)16:35
KlavKalashjIf I install an icon theme through the appearance settings, will it get automatically updated when possible?16:35
Mamarokkaddi: because you only have WiFi access, no lan?16:35
kaddiMamarok because it isn't recognizing lan anymore with knetworkmanager16:36
Mamarokkaddi: that is weird, how come?16:36
kaddiand wifi is disable and knetworkmanager ate the setting to reenable it16:36
MamarokI have never ssen that before16:36
Mamarokat least not in Intrepid16:36
kaddiMamarok I don't really know, I did an update from hardy to intrepid yesterday and knetworkmanager got borked obviously16:36
Mamarokkaddi: you did a frsh install or an upgrade?16:37
Mamarokrarely a good idea, especially when chaning to a major new KDE version16:37
Mamarokkaddi: and you don't have a CD at hand?16:38
Mamarokkaddi: because then you can get the networ-manager from the CD16:39
kaddiMamarok you mean the nm-applet?16:39
floownI search a program to control the desktop of my father, I want to move his mouse and seen him where to clic16:40
Mamarokkaddi: no, the network-manager16:40
Mamarokkaddi: as you apparently have problems with it16:40
kaddiMamarok ah, you mean just remove and reinstall it?16:41
Mamarokkaddi: well, yes, as it is on the CD16:41
Mamarokkaddi: first, did you try just removing your previous kde settings? Moving .kde/ and .kde4/ to something else then restart?16:42
kaddiI should have it somewhere...16:42
xsebsxhow so i open /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base ?16:42
kaddilol, I just found knoppix 3.0 :o16:43
Mamarokxsebsx: why would you want to do that?16:43
Mamarokkaddi: which is not helpful in our case anyway16:43
Mamarokkaddi: actually, you can start the computer with it and download the *.deb file16:43
Mamarokxsebsx: and it is called /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf16:44
xsebsxMamarok: because im trying to fix the sound on my computer and its on a page of a forum that addreesses similar problems, to which i had to resort after coming here and pretty much told that i'll have to learn for help, eventuallly i was able to get the sound going on my computer only i can only get it to work for webpages like youtube, not for mp3s and files16:45
apparleplz tell me how to configure arora to use proxy16:45
Mamarokxsebsx: because you probably don't have the codecs installed16:45
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats16:45
xsebsxno no no16:46
xsebsxyoutube, flsh, etc works fine16:46
Mamarokxsebsx: editing alsa-base.conf will not help you for that16:46
xsebsxi have the restricted non free codecs installed16:46
Mamarokxsebsx: mp3 needs a codec16:46
xsebsxwhat i dont have is sound for mp3 because it says the alsa device doesnt work16:46
Mamarokxsebsx: what are your basic settings? KDE version, Phonon backend, etc.?16:46
Mamarokxsebsx: sounds like you have pulseaudio taking over16:47
BluesKajxsebsx, sudo aptitude install libxine1-ffmpeg16:47
apparlexsebsx: which sound card16:47
MamarokBluesKaj: he has the codecs16:47
xsebsxi'm on gnome, and ive installed kubuntu desktop over ubuntu so i can boot on either kde or gnome16:47
BluesKajthat's the mp3 codec for amarok and other players16:47
Mamarokxsebsx: you need to install the phonon-backend packages then16:47
apparlexsebsx: does the alsa device work on gnome16:47
* Mamarok gives up, with 3 people asking different things that will end nowhere...16:48
BluesKajxsebsx, also sudo apt-get install libk3b3-extracodecs16:48
Mamarokapparle: that is not his problem, else he qouldn't have sound *at* *all*16:48
apparleMamarok: Oh he has sound then............just not able to use it in KDE16:49
apparleanyone knows a good KDE/QT based browser equivalent to firefox16:50
apparle!info rekonq16:51
ubottuPackage rekonq does not exist in jaunty16:51
apparleBluesKaj: ??16:52
beagleburtRE: Konqeror unable to go online: just reinstalled konqueror, but still can not get online - ok with Firefox. Using KDE on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS.16:52
xsebsxhold on, youre all talkign at once let me show ou what i did do to get sound at all16:53
beagleburtAlso using Firestarter16:53
BluesKajapparle, http://rekonq.sourceforge.net/16:53
peteairAny word on Kubuntuforums,coming back online.16:53
kaddiMamarok ok, found that CD :) do i need to add the entire deb cdrom: [Kubuntu 8.10 _Intrepid Ibex_ - Release i386 (20081029.1)]/ intrepid main restricted into the sources.list?16:54
kaddior would deb cdrom be enough?16:54
bittindo somone know how to get a DVD TV-dongle to work with mplayer?16:55
apparleguys how real is this http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2008/08/nokia-helps-port-firefox-to-qt.ars16:56
xsebsxwooohoo! amarok working16:57
xsebsxmp3s playing16:57
apparlexsebsx: enjoy :)16:57
xsebsxnow next step16:58
xsebsxi cant get the cool effects16:58
xsebsxvisual effects16:58
xsebsxlast i checked i couldnt get the cool compiz or beryl whichever it is on gnome16:58
apparlexsebsx: kde comes with its own windows manager KWin16:59
xsebsxoh no it worked16:59
xsebsxyes yes16:59
xsebsxbut i'm on gnome16:59
xsebsxi mean16:59
FloodBotK2xsebsx: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.16:59
xsebsxi installed the original gnome ubuntu jaunty then i aptitude installed kubuntu-desktop17:00
xsebsxnow i'll go pee before i get on to talking about my kde problems17:00
shadeslayerhi,i checked the box having "Different activity for each desktop" and i have 4 Virtual Desktops but 5 activities,how do i remove the extra activity (no X sign on any activity while zooming out)17:01
Mamarokkaddi: yes, add this to the sources.list, you will get plenty of error messages for the web sources, but at least you will see the avilable packages on the CD17:02
apparlexsebsx: when you install kubuntu-desktop it automatically gets installed17:02
xsebsxi know17:02
shadeslayerand now when i add an activity its smaller than all the other activities17:02
xsebsxhow do i get swiftweasel and opera? they don't appear on the list of available programs17:02
apparlexsebsx: goto System settings>desktop>enable desktop effects17:03
xsebsxoh that worked17:03
apparlexsebsx: what's the next step17:04
shadeslayerbrb after logging out17:04
kaddiMamarok it's actually worse now. lol. it no longer lists my wifi-card as disabled, it doesn't list it at all. I'm gonna boot from cd and get the wicd package, hopefully things will work with that one17:05
xsebsxnext step is17:05
xsebsxwell you see, i recently got a laptop computer, the one i'm on right now, it had vista, i set up the router i bought a cisco wireless router on it while it had vista, then i installed ubuntu and wiped vista away, then i plugged the network cable to my pc which has ubuntu, and when i log onto gnome i can actuallly log onto the wireless connection by just entering the security password which is all i remember from setting up the router before i wiped vis17:06
xsebsxta out17:06
xsebsxbut on kde i can't log onto the internet17:07
xsebsxfor some reason17:07
BluesKaj!info wicd17:08
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.9-2 (jaunty), package size 247 kB, installed size 1860 kB17:08
apparlexsebsx: install wicd ...............and I can't help here because I never had wifi17:09
BluesKajwicd works for ethernet and wifi17:09
apparlecan kopete work with port 443 for Gtalk17:09
xsebsxsudo aptitude install wicd?17:09
apparlexsebsx: sudo apt-get install wicd17:11
xsebsxgetting it17:11
bittinhow do i load a firmwire in Linux?17:12
apparlexsebsx: no need to type unneccessary statements............you are flooding the channel :)17:12
robin0800bittin: firmware for what?17:13
bittina dvb-t tv thing17:14
robin0800bittin: perhaps from an internet page17:15
KelloggsFrostiesmoinmoin! as a former gnome-user, i am missing a tool to search and maintain pgp-keys. is there something like seahorse for kde?17:15
bittini find the firmwire and moved it to /lib/firmware/17:15
apparleIf I install kubuntu via windows wubi then will the fstab entries for other partitions need to be modified17:15
robin0800bittin: I usualy use windows for firmware updates17:17
xsebsxok that worked17:17
xsebsxnow, kde4 is confusing17:17
kaddiboot from CD isn't working. :/ Anyone here can tell me where I can get a download of WICD for Intrepid? I can't connect to the internet with my intrepid installation17:17
bittinrobin0800: ah ok17:18
xsebsxthere's some weird thing on my desktop, transparent blue that has the trash adn home folder linked on it17:18
=== fophillipse is now known as fophillips
apparlekaddi: wicd package is not present for intrepid............17:20
kaddiapparle it is, if you add apt.wicd.net to your sources. However, as I don't have internet, that's of no help to me right now. :/ And the sourceforge page for downloads, only shows how to add the rep to sources.list .. the only alternative is to build wicd from source, which I would like to avoid, as I am unsure if I have all compulers necessary installed on that system17:21
apparlexsebsx: Actually its folderview widget which shows you your dektop17:21
shadeslayerxsebsx: lol17:21
shadeslayerweird blue thing :P17:22
xsebsxhow do i set up the visual effects on kde4?17:22
xsebsxthis is allv ery odd17:22
xsebsxlast time i used kubuntu it didnt look like this17:22
apparlekaddi I'll check17:22
shadeslayerxsebsx: K > system settings > Desktop > enable desktop effects17:22
shadeslayerxsebsx: its matured while you werent looking :P17:22
xsebsxer...k...and i cant see system settings17:22
xsebsxoh wwait17:23
shadeslayerhmm,kpackagekit is uses gksu to ask for my password even though gksu is not installed :o17:24
=== BluesKaj_ is now known as BluesKaj
xsebsxok, it seems like i have to pick and choose what i like for effects one by one eventhough i've never seen what these are, this will be interesting17:25
shadeslayerxsebsx: you betcha17:25
shadeslayerxsebsx: the best ones imho are the cube and the flip switch effects17:25
=== kaddi_ is now known as kaddi
xsebsxcube? isn't that for when you have multiple....like when you have several different OS's on a machine17:26
shadeslayerxsebsx: multiple desktops,not OS's17:26
BluesKajdifferent apps or desktops17:26
shadeslayerxsebsx: you can also tie "activities" to each desktop,thereby enabling you to have different widgets on each desktop :)17:28
xsebsxshadeslayer: the desktop cube?17:28
shadeslayerxsebsx: in 4.3 you just zoom out > configure plasma > check the 2 boxes and zoom back in17:29
xsebsxi didnt get that _(17:30
xsebsxDEsktop cube: display every virtual desktop on a cube?17:31
Mamarokxsebsx: there is a cashew shaped icon in the upper right corner where you can zoom out, then add activities17:31
Mamarokon a side of a cube17:31
kaddiok, got some version of wicd from the sourceforge site (1.5.2, as I saw it mentioned in a intrepid related post) and installed it. Now internet is back :)17:31
Mamarokkaddi: nice :)17:31
apparlekaddi: I found the solution to your problem......... use this link http://apt.wicd.net/pool/extras/w/wicd/wicd_1.6.2-2_all.deb17:32
shadeslayerMamarok: btw,i cant seem to reduce the no. of activities to 4 with the 2 options checked in configure plasma....there are always 5 activities17:32
xsebsxMamarok: add widgets, lock widgets, appearance settings hide dashboard,17:32
kaddiapparle thanks :) but see my previous message ;) Managed to find the debs after all :)17:33
Mamarokxsebsx: which KDE 4 version do you use?17:34
apparlekaddi: As you see the link I put............its 1.6.2 and also from official repo of wicd17:34
xsebsxhow can i check that? i simply had installed kubuntu-desktop and it seems like tis a 4 and up17:34
apparlekaddi: good....your problem solved :)17:34
Mamarokxsebsx: if you go to dolphin for example, in the Help menu -> About KDE17:35
BluesKajany kde app/help17:35
Mamarokxsebsx: but if you have a basic Kubuntu 9.04 installation it is 4.2.217:36
xsebsx(KDE 4.2.2)17:36
Mamarokyep, that's what I just said :)17:36
xsebsxis there something better than it?17:36
Mamarokthe activities show up there normally17:36
Mamarokxsebsx: see the /topic: there is KDE 4.3, verx stable and much better17:37
xsebsxhow do i get it?17:37
Mamarokbut not 'officially' supported, it will be default in the next release17:37
apparlexsebsx: don't get it now...........its not officially supported17:37
Mamarokxsebsx: see the /topic, please17:37
xsebsxhow do i do that?17:37
Mamarokxsebsx: no, there are packages for Jaunty already17:37
Mamarokapparle: please...17:38
xsebsxhow do i see the topic?17:38
Mamarokxsebsx: just type /topic17:38
xsebsxoh cool set by riddell17:38
xsebsxi know jonathan riddell17:38
Mamarokalso it should be visible in the top line of your IRC client, for all channels17:38
xsebsxi met him in England17:38
kaddiapparle I'm adding the wicd-rep and updating as we speak, so I'll have the latest wicd-release for intrepid very soon :)17:39
xsebsxok,great, how do i go abotu getting kde 4.317:39
apparlekaddi: cool....17:39
Mamarokxsebsx: for the third time: read the topic :)17:39
xsebsxthere are like 9 links there17:40
Mamarokxsebsx: but if you don't know how to add a new source to your sources.list and are not used to Linux, you shouldn't17:40
Mamarokwell, read those links then17:40
xsebsxwell, i have done it17:40
shadeslayerxsebsx: uh the one which says kde 4.3 backports?17:40
* Mamarok shakes head17:40
xsebsxi remember having added new sources.list, only i did it years ago17:40
xsebsxand i don't remember how17:41
* shadeslayer knows how Mamarok feels17:41
Mamarokxsebsx: well, then you probably shouldn't do it17:41
xsebsxwhy not? i'm not dumb, i'll do what i have to do17:41
Mamarokdand patiently wait for the next release, it's only a few months away17:41
xsebsxok, so it says deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu jaunty main17:42
apparlexsebsx: Just wait till Oct and you will have the cool 4.3................be patient..........17:42
xsebsxfrom what i remember there was a notepad sort of application that you opened through some command like kdesu17:42
xsebsxand then you opened some address that ended in sources.list17:42
Mamarokkedesudo for GUI applications in Kubuntu17:42
Mamarokxsebsx: agai, there is no offical support for it right now, are you sure you want to upgrade?17:43
BluesKajxsebsx, best you google-linux sources.list and findout how that works17:43
Mamarokok, then it's kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list17:43
Mamarokbut save that list somewhere else first, before modifying anything17:43
kaddiMamarok out of curiosity was there always a special command for gui-applications like kdesudo or has that been introduced in one of the more recent releases? The first time I heard of it must have been with intrepid, I think.17:44
BluesKajMamarok, enuff spoonfeeding :)17:44
apparleBluesKaj: I agree17:44
Mamarokkaddi: kdesudo is the command for sudo rights with a GUI application, this should only be used when really needed, as is sudo for the command line applications17:44
BluesKajMamarok, has a soft heart :)17:45
Mamarokxsebsx: you are on your own there, we told you that, remember?17:45
MamarokBluesKaj: yes, I know, and I should do a lot of other things right now anyway17:45
apparlekaddi: I used to use 'kdesu' before linux17:45
Darohope anybody can help me...my mic on skype is not working...but it is working perfectly in audacity....any ideas??17:45
xsebsxhow do you mean you're on your own? i am always on my own, is this to say that you will become unwilling to help me...?17:46
shadeslayerDaro: yeah,change the input to pulse audio17:46
DaroI don't have pulseaudio shadeslayer17:46
shadeslayerDaro: O.017:46
kaddiapparle: hehe, ok. I must have missed that info then :D17:46
apparleplz help me setup fstab after wubi install17:46
Daroshadeslayer: they told me, I shouldn't use it with kubuntu17:47
shadeslayerDaro: uh,why not?17:47
Daroin the German kubuntu irc....they told me pulseaudio and kubuntu is evil....and i should purge it17:47
apparlekaddi: Its just that 'kdesudo' earlier 'kdesu'  both ask the passord in GUI whereas sudo asks it in CLI17:47
xsebsxMamarok: so i copy the current sources.list file onto another differently named file just in case? like sources list backup17:48
shadeslayerDaro: you should remove pulseaudio *only* when its not working17:48
Daroit was not working together with skype17:48
DaroI remember...I didn't had sound with pulse @ all17:48
kaddiapparle yes I know, but I've always done my editing with VI. I have been using ubuntu since Dapper and found about kdesudo about a year or 2 ago. I was wondering if that feature was introduced around that time, or if I simply missed that there was a GUI-sudo as well. (Obviously it was the second)17:49
shadeslayerDaro: well change the default input device to whatever other option is available then,worked for me last time i used skype17:49
shadeslayer(with pulse audio)17:49
apparlekaddi: :) Anyways...........what is vi.........I have heard abt it a lot.........but not used it ever17:50
Daroshadeslayer: thank you i will try17:50
shadeslayerapparle: advanced text editor17:51
shadeslayer!info vi | apparle17:51
ubottuapparle: Package vi does not exist in jaunty17:51
apparle!info vim17:51
ubottuvim (source: vim): Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor. In component main, is optional. Version 2:7.2.079-1ubuntu5 (jaunty), package size 833 kB, installed size 1668 kB17:51
xsebsxHow do I go about upgrading to KDE 4.3, I see this is a needed repo deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu jaunty main  , do i simply add it at the end of the sourceslist file where all the other lines starting with deb are?17:51
apparleshadeslayer: thanks17:51
shadeslayerxsebsx: yep and then  update and dist-upgrade17:52
k4everhi all.  i installed kde 4.3 and now i'm having problems with openoffice.org 3.1.  when i try to launch an openoffice program (for example impress) i get a dialog box "openoffice.org3 -impress %U" asking me do i trust the program.  when i click continue it says that it could not make the program executable and aborts.17:52
rapslihow can I open a digital camera plugin in?17:52
rapslithe window pops open which tells me that is mounted, but in dolphine I don't find the camera17:53
shadeslayerrapsli: have you checked /media/ for the mount ?17:53
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions17:53
xsebsxshadeslayer: just update on the terminal or sudo something?17:53
rapslishadeslayer: yes I did17:53
shadeslayerrapsli: ok have you tried kamera?17:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kamera17:54
apparle!info kamera17:54
ubottukamera (source: kdegraphics): digital camera support for KDE 4 applications. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.2.2-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 85 kB, installed size 284 kB17:54
rapsliKamera... is this a prog?17:54
rapslinope. let me try it17:54
shadeslayerxsebsx: open a konsole,then sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:54
rapslihow do i start kamera?17:55
apparlewhat's the command similar to 'ipconfig' in windows17:55
rapsliifconfig i believe17:55
shadeslayerrapsli: open system settings > advanced tab > kamera17:56
shadeslayerrapsli: or press alt+F2 > kamera > enter17:56
rapsliOky, it tells me "canon eos 350D" which is correct17:57
rapslibut, when I hit "test" it tells me there's an error :(17:57
rapsliaha... error is maybe because camera turned off17:58
xsebsxshadeslayer: before i dist-upgrade i thought i'd show you this http://kubuntu.pastebin.ca/153158617:58
shadeslayerxsebsx: hold one se17:59
apparlexsebsx: you should have isntalled the PGP key as explained It is strongly recommended that you verify the integrity of these packages by installing the archive's GPG key. You may do this by following the instructions on this page.17:59
apparlexsebsx: http://www.kubuntu.org/faq/PPA-keys17:59
shadeslayerxsebsx: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 8AC93F7A : in a terminal18:00
shadeslayerrapsli: http://linux.about.com/od/kubuntu_doc/a/kubudg38t02.htm18:00
Mamarokk4ever: that sounds very strange, I can't reproduce this here, are you sure you have the current version of OO.o?18:01
shadeslayerrapsli: install digikam too18:01
k4everi downloaded latest from openoffice.org yesterday.  i'm using 64 bit18:02
xsebsxshadeslayer: http://kubuntu.pastebin.ca/153158818:02
kaddiah, while I'm here: when I click on the wastebin-widget I get the error message "invalid address trash:/" and the trashbin doesn't open up. Anyone know how to fix this? (this is on jaunty with kde 4.2.4)18:02
Mamarokk4ever: well, that's is exactly what you should *not* do, use the provided packages from the Kubuntu repositories18:02
xsebsxMamarok: http://kubuntu.pastebin.ca/1531590 does that mean ive gotten the gpg keys?18:06
webbbwhenever i open synaptic threw avnt window navigator i get a window that says Starting without administrative privileges  any ideaa why18:06
k4everok, i'll uninstall the packages from openoffice website and use the ones in the repository.  i hope that one day we can get kubuntu and linux in general to the point where we can use the developer's packages and not have to always rely on the repos.18:06
shadeslayerxsebsx: yeah18:06
webbbbut if i iopen it not in awn it doesnt say that18:06
xsebsxcan i do sudo dist-upgrade now shadeslayer?18:07
shadeslayerxsebsx: just update first and see if there are any errors18:07
k4ever...which is still 3.01 btw when 3.1 has been out for some time18:07
Darohmmm ich kann im Kmixer kein capture device einstellen.....hat einer ne idee warum?18:08
k4everalso 3.1 works well in gnome and xfce but not kde?18:09
rapslishadeslayer: there seems to an error with the connection.18:09
rapslihitting the test button doesn't work18:09
rapsliand the config button doesn't work either18:09
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Daroohh i can't choose a capture device in kmix....any idea why not?18:10
macok4ever: probably wasnt out when the version you're using was released and thus will not be in that version18:10
shadeslayerrapsli: ok,so the camera is detected but digicam wont import photos?18:10
shadeslayerxsebsx: looks fine, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ftw18:10
Daromy cat /etc/sndstats18:11
macok4ever: karmic will have 3.118:11
DaroSound Driver:3.8.1a-980706 (ALSA v1.0.18rc3 emulation code)18:11
DaroKernel: Linux HAL9000 2.6.28-14-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP Sat Jul 25 01:19:55 UTC 2009 x86_6418:11
DaroConfig options: 018:11
DaroInstalled drivers:18:11
DaroType 10: ALSA emulation18:11
FloodBotK2Daro: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.18:11
DaroCard config:18:11
macoxsebsx: for the win18:11
shadeslayerrapsli: thats strange..... just check the cables,unplug the camera and quit digicam and then replug it18:11
Guest61349for the win18:11
shadeslayermaco: for the way :P18:11
rapslihow would I import images anyway?18:11
xsebsxis that an expression? language is my mother Spanish btw18:11
xsebsxso ftw is not part of the command?18:12
macoxsebsx: its an expression that pretty much only nerds use18:12
Guest61349lol hush maco18:12
shadeslayerrapsli: theres a import button in digikam18:12
shadeslayermaco: hehe18:12
macoshadeslayer: way?18:12
macoshadeslayer: when did the definition of ftw change?18:12
kaddimaco not true, I use it too j/k18:12
Daromy /etc/sndstats is here: http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/254126/18:12
xsebsxgetting! :)18:13
macooh ugh, wtf only defines ftw as "file tree walk"18:13
macoreally needs to be updated18:13
rapslishadeslayer: don't got the program... yet18:13
shadeslayermaco: i always thought it was for the way....18:13
shadeslayerrapsli: install digikam then18:13
xsebsxfor the win or for the way?18:13
xsebsxif i am going to use this in real life i better be right about it18:14
shadeslayerxsebsx: what the hack....just upgrade :P18:14
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k4everdisregard, i got it to work by editing the menu to point directly to "simpress".  i'm in the process of editing all of the Openoffice.org menu entries.  this way i can keep 3.1 and not have to revert back to 3.0118:14
xsebsxhow do i get the desktop windows to appear on the taskbar only when on the desktop they belong to18:14
xsebsxhaha what the hack18:14
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shadeslayerxsebsx: right click the taskbar > taskbar settings > check the appropriate box18:15
Mamarokk4ever: there already is a PPA for the newer versions: http://ppa.launchpad.net/openoffice-pkgs/ppa/ubuntu18:15
apparleplease suggest a KDE media player which supports srt subtitles for avi files18:17
shadeslayerrapsli: whats the version of the camera? like model no. etc i can do a compatibility check....18:17
soumendraI think vlc can work well,apparle18:18
apparlesoumendra: I want something KDE based like dragon but better than dragon18:18
shadeslayerapparle: uh.... kplayer?18:18
soumendrawhy not try mplayer18:18
apparleany xine GUI based on KDE418:18
shadeslayerapparle: vlc is the best imho18:18
apparle!info kplayer18:19
ubottukplayer (source: kplayer): A KDE media player based on MPlayer. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.7-0.1ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 721 kB, installed size 2276 kB18:19
apparlesoumendra: I want something with less download............I don't have mplayer so kplayer will be of no use18:19
* shadeslayer has been wondering for months why amarok wont play video18:19
shadeslayerapparle: kplayer and mplayer are different18:20
BluesKaj amarok is strictly audio18:20
apparlebut as ubottu says kplayer is based on mplayer..18:20
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soumendraI have kmplayer18:21
shadeslayerBluesKaj: yeah,but they should add video support :(18:21
soumendraIt does work18:21
shadeslayerapparle: its based on mplayer...meaning it shares source code18:21
dipinwhy does vlc and othe media players terminate on playing vedio files18:21
soumendraSo you want a light weight app18:22
BluesKajthere's VLC for that , it does everything , but without the confusing GUI18:22
BluesKajVLC GUI is boring but it can be dressed up18:22
dipini have installed the all coecs18:22
dipinbut also vlc keeps on terminationg18:23
dipini mean codecs18:23
k4everi read an article a while back by a guy who had switched from windows to ubuntu.  the guy was upset because while everything else worked, he could not seem to get the new version of openoffice.org to work.  he downloaded everything from the openoffice.org website and followed the instruction but he kept running into problems.  i did not understand his frustration until know.  you have to wait until the next version of xx to get a program 18:23
k4ever been out for a while and supposedly has packages that work with ubuntu.  not a good thing.  well thats my rant for today.  i fixed the menu problem and now all of openoffice.org is running well.18:23
BluesKajdipin, I think there's asetting in VLC to avoid closure18:23
dipinwhats that18:24
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=== Ben is now known as Guest74904
k4everkde 4.3 is awesome, btw.  i'm loving the fact that nuvola icons were included.  look much better than oxygen icons.18:25
rapslishadeslayer: took a carder now -> works18:25
xsebsxhelp help i clicked the cashew and desktops wee18:25
shadeslayerrapsli: carde?18:25
dipinblueskaj do u have any idea18:26
redleerwhats these blocked updates? just installed kubuntu 9.4 and thers 4 blocked updates hmm18:26
rapslicardreader ;)18:26
soumendraAny idea how to run safari on ubuntu18:26
shadeslayerredleer: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:26
webbbcan anyone in here help me compile a app from source18:26
webbbi already have the files18:26
shadeslayersoumendra: theres a browser rekonq which uses webkit , same as safari18:26
shadeslayerwebbb: sure18:26
redleershadeslayer:  thanks18:26
shadeslayerredleer: no probs man18:26
BluesKajdipin, look in view in vlc, unclick "quit after playback"18:27
shadeslayerwebbb: does the source contain cmake files?18:27
BluesKaj!pm | dipin18:27
ubottudipin: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.18:27
dipinm on it18:27
jzahi anyone know if the kubuntu livecd would run on a recent Mac?18:27
shadeslayer!mac | jza18:28
ubottujza: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE18:28
webbbshadeslayer: yes18:28
jzawebbb: same way as any PC?18:28
shadeslayer!compile | webbb18:28
ubottuwebbb: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)18:28
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.18:28
Mamarokk4ever: there already is a PPA for the newer versions: http://ppa.launchpad.net/openoffice-pkgs/ppa/ubuntu18:28
shadeslayerwebbb: install the necessary dev packages first....18:29
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Mamarokdid you read that?18:29
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xsebsxis there a way to hide the folderview widget or close it and then reopen it if wanted18:29
dipinblueskaj, where is view option?18:30
Mamarokbecause if you want a rolling distro (e.g. one tha updates everything as soon as it is released) you shouldn't use a distribution with a fixed release cycle, nothing to rant about, you choose it in the first place.18:30
shadeslayerxsebsx: um click the cross on the panel...18:30
shadeslayerxsebsx: s/panel/handle18:30
soumendrais there a way to hide folders in ubuntu18:31
shadeslayersoumendra: yep18:31
shadeslayersoumendra: prepend a ' . ' to the name18:31
xsebsxhow about to get it back shadeslayer?18:31
shadeslayerxsebsx: right click > add widgets > folder view widget18:31
shadeslayer!hi | bip18:32
ubottubip: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!18:32
bipthanks ^^18:32
soumendrashadeslayer:But in order to view it again do I have to rename it through commandline by removing . ?18:32
BluesKajdipin, it's on the vlc toolbar18:33
shadeslayersoumendra: nope,just press : alt+. in dolphin18:33
k4everalso, i install amarok2 and could not get sound.  after some searching i found out that phonon was using the gstreamer backend.  after installing the xine backend everything worked fine.  will you guys please change amarok so it depends on the xine backend by default instead of gstreamer.  too many problems with gstreamer.18:34
soumendrashadeslayer:thanks genius18:34
shadeslayersoumendra: ;)18:34
xsebsxis there a page with all the cool things one can do with kde 4.3? like...alt tab18:35
shadeslayerxsebsx: um kde.org ?18:35
kaddithanks shadeslayer :D18:35
shadeslayerxsebsx: theres also : userbase and techbase18:35
xsebsxis there something better than nicotine?18:36
shadeslayerxsebsx: http://userbase.kde.org/18:36
BluesKajxsebsx, run your mouse into top left corner edge18:36
shadeslayerBluesKaj: thats just one of the cool things18:36
BluesKajof course desktop effects has to be enabled18:36
kaddiwhat happens in the top left corner? *curious*18:37
xsebsxdidnt do anything18:37
xsebsxand theyre enabled18:37
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Carlos_Andreshi guys, someone knows howto open a folder with special caracters.... my partition is in fat3218:38
bipDoes anyone know how to run a HD television with an nVidia graphics card? Because with me I do not see all workspace on the screen. (sorry if I have a bad english)18:38
xsebsxit does a maclike view of all windows18:38
xsebsxyeah @ least to me it looks like youre on a mac18:38
Mamarok xsebsx I have no idea what a Mac looks like, never used one18:39
kaddixsebsx I don't know how  a mac looks like :p18:39
Carlos_Andresxsebsx: to run a file  with special characters?18:39
kaddihehe, that makes two18:39
xsebsxcan one set ubuntu on a mac?18:40
Mamarokxsebsx: you mean the windows flip search?18:40
kaddiCarlos_Andres what kind of special caracter?18:40
Mamarokxsebsx: of course, it's just another intel computer that is more expensive than others, that's it18:40
xsebsxcan one set ubuntu os on a mac laptop??18:40
Mamarokxsebsx: just answered you18:40
xsebsxis it more portable, easier, etc to use ubuntu than mac os18:41
xsebsxif i have a mac18:41
Carlos_Andresá or ñ for example.... those characters apper like unknown, but in gnome I can read them whitout any problem18:41
xsebsxhere's the deal, my gf has a shitty old ass computer, i installed ubuntu on it but it has so low memory and stuff that it's really slow18:41
Mamarokxsebsx: again, I don't know how OS X looks as I never used it and you can buy better laptops for less than that price18:41
xsebsxand her daughter is going to give her her mac laptop as a gift18:42
Mamarokxsebsx: add some ram then, it's cheap nowadays18:42
xsebsxso i was wondering about setting ubuntu on it18:42
shadeslayersoumendra: you can ask in the channel itself....18:42
xsebsxtoo old a computer18:42
xsebsxlike from 200518:42
soumendrashadeslayer:yes of course18:42
shadeslayersoumendra: thank you18:42
Mamarokxsebsx: that doesn't depend on age, but on what is inside18:43
MamarokCPU, RAM, graphic card18:43
Mamarokbutr Linux runs on very old stuff18:43
luis_there is an error in copy and delete with dolphin, i try to copy and cut all the files from a CD, when the process finish i check and the files are in my hard disk now, but the cuted files are still on the CD!!!! i try to send them to trash, but it says: trash is full, empty it, and tras has 0 files... WTF???18:43
xsebsxbut does ubuntu?18:43
* shadeslayer sings the intel song....18:43
Mamarokluis_: <ou can't remove files from a CD18:43
Mamarokluis_: unless it is a CD-RW and you can erase those with k3b18:44
xsebsxok the update to kde 4.3 is about to end what should i do now?18:44
xsebsxonce it's done18:44
BluesKajthis pc is 2005 , runs fine with 2G ram18:44
Mamarokxsebsx: wait till it's over, then log out of KDE and log in again, unless you have a new kernel, then you need to restart18:44
luis_then how i do Mamarok... i wanna delete the files so i get inside a ISO image...18:44
xsebsxthe dist upgrade18:44
xsebsxi'll do that18:45
Mamarokluis_: if that CD is a CD-R you can't18:45
xsebsx53 secs left18:45
Mamarokluis_: as CDs are read-only, so you cnt erase or write on it18:45
Guest10154anyone have any comments positive or negative about truecrypt18:45
Mamarokcant* even18:45
luis_well ok, thx mamarok18:45
Mamarokluis_: you are welcome :)18:45
xsebsxmost times sarcasm is a form of humilliation18:46
soumendrashadeslayer:actually there is a problem in my wireless router due to which it sometimes  resets itself. Now I don't wanna buy another one. But here the problem really starts. I have wpa encryption. The network gets disconnected due to the problem I mentioned earlier. And only on clicking on the n-m applet do I get back the network. So I was thinking if I could write a script which automates the "refreshing" of the network. Any idea18:46
shadeslayersoumendra: hmm....a network refresh like renewing the IP?18:47
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luis_NO HOLDA, mamarok hold on a minute18:47
Nightwalker-where can i change the color of task manager?18:48
luis_i got the CD back from the pc, its says CD-RW rewritable18:48
soumendrashadeslayer: I would like to rather say to send auythentication message18:48
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Mamarokluis_: then you can re-werite on it with a CD burning application like k3b18:48
soumendrashadeslayer: sorry authentication message typo18:48
luis_ok, i will download it :)18:48
shadeslayersoumendra: hmm18:48
pay_anybody knows a solution for a beeping notebook while starting with wlan switch off?18:49
Mamarokxsebsx: for your information, it say 'you are welcome' to everybody who thanks me, no sarcasm involved18:49
shadeslayersoumendra: i cant think of anything apart from : sudo dhclient18:49
MamarokI say*18:49
soumendrashadeslayer: yup I tried it but it failed18:49
* Mamarok needs a rest and some food18:49
* Guest36467 waves18:50
xsebsxMamarok: I wasn't talking about you, I was just making an unrelated comment out of the blue, it's something I always do in all aspects of my life...by the way, thankyou for all your help18:50
xsebsxdone! gonna reboot18:51
soumendrashadeslayer: if you are using ubuntu (which I am using instead of kubuntu), on clicking the network manager applet does the trick. But I want to automate that. Any idea18:51
Mamarokxsebsx: you are welcome :)18:51
Mamaroktoo late...18:51
shadeslayersoumendra: im using kde...so idea....ask in #ubuntu18:52
soumendrashadeslayer: ok thanks18:52
webbbhow do you open the source list again18:52
shadeslayerwebbb: kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list18:52
BluesKajalt+f2 first18:53
BluesKajwebbb, it will be stored in the drop down list , just click on the down arrow at the right of the textbox18:55
webbbok thanks18:55
xsebsxback on kde 4.318:58
xsebsxso what's new or extra about this kde?18:58
xsebsxif i try to play an mp3 3on totem19:01
xsebsxthere's no sound19:01
xsebsxanyone in here?19:04
shadeslayerxsebsx: nope19:06
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xsebsxok where's synaptic or adept on here?19:08
luis_I got a big problem of susped and hibernation: I go to energy options, more, capacities of the system, and it says my system is unable to being turned off, that directly cause a problem to hibernation and suspend, because the system goes to "unable to halt", no auto turnoff, is there a way to fix that? (btw i am using a laptop)19:09
xsebsxis there another package manager?19:10
xsebsxis this kpackage kit for kde apps only?19:10
luis_GDebi Package Installer19:11
luis_open the deb, right click, open with:19:11
luis_can someone help me with my "turn off" problem pls?19:11
xsebsxhow can i make amarok my default mp3 file opener19:15
SJrI installed KDE 4.3 on Jaunty, and when I restart VMWare services plasma crashes, when I try to restart plasma, bash says that it's not installed19:19
=== charles is now known as QuietShaman
Mamarokxsebsx: you need to install the codecs for KDE: kubuntu-restricted-extras19:22
Mamarokand the default package manager is kpackagekit, which is already installed, you acces it through the system settings19:22
Mamarokalso, check the system settings more in depth, you can set pretty muhc everything there, like making Amarok default for your mp3 packages19:23
Mamarokxsebsx: did you install Amarok 2.1.1 from the jaunty-backports yet?19:23
Mamarokbecause the defautl with Jaunty is 2.0.2 which is pretty old now19:23
roconnorHow do I setup the WPA network this hotel under Kubuntu?19:25
xsebsxMamarok: how can i go about checking which version of Amarok i have, and I think i had installed the kubuntu restricted extras19:26
=== kaddi_ is now known as kaddi
luis_Mamarok: I got a big problem of susped and hibernation: I go to energy options, more, capacities of the system, and it says my system is unable to being turned off, that directly cause a problem to hibernation and suspend, because the system goes to "unable to halt", no auto turnoff, is there a way to fix that? (btw i am using a laptop)19:27
gavrikдоброго времени суток19:27
xsebsxMamarok: Version 4.3.0019:27
xsebsxnow how do i get it to be my default player so that if i click on an mp3 it will play on amarok19:28
bippSalut tout le monde ! Hello from France.19:28
roconnorI don't have a clue how WPA works under linux19:29
Mamarokxsebsx: open Amarok and go to the help menu, About Amarok19:29
xsebsxi did19:29
roconnorsomething about wpa_supplicant something?19:29
xsebsxit's version Version 4.3.0019:29
Mamarokxsebsx: not the KDE version,about Amarok19:29
webbbdoes anyone in here know how to use magicfolder19:29
xsebsxversion 2.119:30
Mamarokroconnor: do you have Kubuntu 9.04? Then you should install wicd19:30
* Mamarok doesn't even know what magicfolder is19:30
bippwebbb yes i'm use it19:30
Mamarokxsebsx: ok, then you should activate the jaunty-backports repository, there has been a bugfix release for 2.119:30
roconnorMamarok: hmm, tricky without a network19:31
bippHello Sp0tter ! :p19:31
Mamarokroconnor: you are on a network right now19:31
Sp0tterI just did apt-get install kubuntu-desktop   over a regular ubuntu desktop install,  but now when I try and login it doesn't recognize my pw19:31
Sp0tterif I change sessiontype back to GDM, i can log in19:31
xsebsxgreat, let's do that, how do i activate the jaunty backports repos, i thought i'd done that in the process of upgrading to kde 4,3 but let me do something19:31
Sp0tterhello bipp!19:31
roconnorI'm on a computer in the hotel lobby19:32
Mamarokxsebsx: in system settings -> Install & remove software, go to the thir option, edit sources a nd activate the unsupported repo19:32
Sp0tterWhy would the kde login manager not recognize my system accounts?19:32
Sp0tteri can login fine to gnome or the console19:32
bippSorry I don't know why :(. I'm new in GNU/Linux19:33
webbbbipp: how do i set it up19:33
webbbbipp: whats a regex19:33
roconnorMamarok, I wonder if I can download a .deb file and trasfer it via usb key19:34
aryaHi there, I have little question concerning the apt-get sources list19:34
Mamarokroconnor: you sure can, wait, I tell you the location to download from19:34
xsebsxMamarok: all third party software boxes are already checked19:34
xsebsxwhat do i do?19:34
roconnorMamarok, thanks that will help.  I appear to already have all the package dependencies19:35
xsebsxpartner, partner and ppa backcodes19:35
Mamarokroconnor: you can get it from here: http://packages.ubuntu.com/jaunty/all/wicd/download19:35
Mamarokxsebsx: not in the third party section, in the updates section19:36
Mamarokjaunty-backports is not third-party19:36
aryaI have recently added the kde 4.3ppa to my source list and installed kubuntu-desktop(with kde 4.3) I now want to switch fully from my former environment(Linux Mint Gloria with Gnome) to KDE kubuntu, do I have to edit my source.list in /etc/apt?19:36
xsebsxok, in the updates section i see three buttons, one that says apply all available updates, refresh and history, do I click on all available updates?19:38
Mamarokarya: I don't know Linux Mint, is it an additional source to the Ubuntu repositories?19:38
OMLXI've installed kubuntu through wubi and my default language is Arabic when I reboot I can't login because the layout is arabic how can change to English keyboard from longin page?19:38
Mamarokxsebsx: what other tabs do you get in the sources editor?19:39
Mamarokarya: if yes, then just remove that repository, else you need to do a fresh install19:39
xsebsxthird party,kubuntu software, updates, authentication, statistics19:41
Mamarokxsebsx: in Kubuntu Software?19:41
roconnorMamarok, trying to get this windows desktop to recognise my USB key ...19:41
MamarokI never use the GUI package manager, sorry, don't know by heart19:41
aryaMamarok, this is the apt list source http://pastebin.com/m4b106a819:41
arya(and thanks for your attention btw)19:42
Mamarokroconnor: if it is a vfat format it should be recognized and be mounted automatically19:42
Mamarokarya: that's fine, remove all the linux Mint packages and make a general update first to get a regular Ubuntu installation, then you can install the kubuntu-desktop package19:43
xsebsxon kubuntu software all boxes checked, in this order: canonical supported open source software, community maintained open source software, proprietary drivers for devices, software restricted by copyright or legal issues, source code19:44
xsebsx Mamarok19:44
aryaMamarok, I already have installed kubuntu-desktop, you suggest that I rome those linux mint lines and then update the system to be sure and reinstall the kubuntu-desktop?19:44
Mamarokxsebsx: start your lines with my name and type the rest after it, that's easier :)19:45
Mamarokarya: well, I don't know Mint and it is not supported at all by *ubuntu, so I strongly suggest you remove it19:45
roconnorMamarok: Is it sudo dkpg -i <package> ?19:46
Mamarokxsebsx: there is somewhere the word backports in brackets, don't you see that?19:46
Mamarokroconnor: yep, on Linux19:46
aryaMamarok, is there any lines that I have to add to my list after removing the linux mint lines? Or is the list complete?(http://pastebin.com/m4b106a8)19:46
roconnorMamarok, hmm it it says it conflicts with network-manager19:47
roconnorshould I remove network-manager?19:47
Mamarokarya: you want to install Kubuntu with KDE 4.3, right? if the Kubuntu-desktop package is already installed, see the repository for KDE 4.3 in the topic of this channel19:47
xsebsxMamarok:  only on third party softwlare theres a box marked as backports ubuntu jaunty main19:47
Mamarokroconnor: of course you need to remove the network-manager, as wicd will replace it19:47
aryaMamarok, I just want to have a healthy system that gets updated and so on.. :) I have installed the kubuntu-desktop package with kde 4.3 :)19:48
Mamarokxsebsx: it is not in the thrid-party stuff, it is an official repository, so it must be in the four package sources from Ubuntu, read all the lines there, it's normally the last one19:48
Mamarokarya: ok, just make sure to remove all the non-needed stuff from Mint as it might cause problems, sudo aptitude safe-upgrade should handle that19:49
aryaMamarok, thank you, I will go and try that command line, brb19:50
jonah1980_hi does anyone know of an ubuntu jaunty respin with backports included??19:50
Mamarokarya: you are welcome :) just make sure you have the repositories form the topic link and the gpg key19:50
Mamarokjonah1980_: what do you mean by respin?19:51
jonah1980_kubuntu i mean, though i did ask in ubuntu channel too but got no reply19:51
roconnorMamarok: okay, I think wicd is installed now19:51
jonah1980_Mamarok: a remastered iso that has the backports already in it19:51
aryaMamarok, I have added deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/backports/ubuntu jaunty main to my sources and already have installed the gpg key19:51
Mamarokjonah1980_: nope, you will have to do by hand, see the topic of the channel19:51
Mamarokjonah1980_: I guess you talk about the backports-PPA, do you?19:52
OMLXhi , I've installed kubuntu through wubi and my default language is Arabic when I reboot I can't login because the layout is arabic how can change to English keyboard from login form19:52
jonah1980_see my netbook has wrong resolution, no wifi and no ethernet with 9.04, but 9.10 is a bit unstable still, so i could do with the backports installed on 9.04 - but i can't with no internet, once the backports where in my wifi/ethernet would work out of the box...19:52
MamarokOMLX: sorry, I don't know how to handle Wubi stuff,19:52
jonah1980_Mamarok: yeah the backports ppa19:52
Mamarokjonah1980_: well, it's all in the topic :)19:52
xsebsxMamarok: on kubuntu software tab all boxes are checked, they are as following, Canonical supported open source software, community maintained open source software, proprietary drivers for devices, software restricted by copyright or legal issues, source code19:52
Mamarokxsebsx: let me fire up that package manager, I will tell you...19:53
jonah1980_Mamarok: what's in the topic, sorry not with you? i want an install live cd/iso with backports installed ready, not so you have to download them19:53
OMLXMamarok: Is there any shortcut to switch between keyboard layouts in kde 4?19:53
Mamarokjonah1980_: there is none, I told you already19:53
jonah1980_Mamarok: is there anyone that could do me one? i've checked the torrent sites and there's things like super os but nothing with backports in19:54
xsebsxMamarok: thanks, I'm right here19:55
Mamarokjonah1980_: I can't that's a lot of work, adding that source to an existing kubuntu 9.04 installations is far easier19:56
_roconnorMamarok: you are the greatest person alive!! \o/19:56
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
Mamarokxsebsx: go to the updates tab, as I told you previously, and open your eyes :)19:56
Mamarokit says unsuoported updates (jaunty-backports)19:57
xsebsxcheck that?19:57
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mrcognitivehey , fast question . i am trying to mark my nsplugin rapper for unistalling but it is not allowing me access to check the box . any ideas ?19:58
xsebsxMamarok: do i check that one?19:58
xsebsxMamarok: so i check that and close it?20:01
Mamarokxsebsx: yes, then you update the package manager, and search for Amarok20:01
Mamarokxsebsx: select Amarok, the package name is 2:2.1.1mysql5.1.30-0ubuntu1~jaunty1 and install it, then disable the backports again20:02
Mamarokso you only get the latest Amarok and no other software you might not wnat to have20:02
msi_could u please help me?20:04
Mamarok!ask | msi_20:04
ubottumsi_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:04
xsebsxMamarok: ok i did that, now how do i update the package manager?20:04
Mamarokxsebsx: once you closed the package sources window, look at your screen, everything is well explained there20:06
MamarokLeto: do you have a question?20:06
=== TaMonKein is now known as TMKCodes
Mamarokxsebsx: just try to find out yourself, I am sure you can20:06
xsebsxMamarok: there's software updates, there's a button that says apply all available updates, should i click on that or should i refrain from doing so20:06
Mamarokxsebsx: what do you think? did you read what I told you earlier?20:07
xsebsxwell i think yes20:07
msi_i need to install network printer, but cant do it and i cant find some net-howto tutorial... i have kubuntu 9, i would like to know how protocol is used in home wifi net20:07
Mamarokxsebsx: well, no!20:07
xsebsx but i don't know if that's exactly it20:07
Mamarokxsebsx: do not apply all available updates, just update the sources tree, that is in the same option as where you edited the sources, see the bzuttons at the bottom?20:08
xsebsxsee? great that i asked20:08
msi_or do smb speak slovak/czech?20:08
Mamarokmsi_: what would be the lnaguage-code for that language?20:09
xsebsxi just clicked on unsupported updates, then closed the dialogue, then it loaded something up and then it did nothing further20:09
Mamarokxsebsx: look at your screenm without doing anything, just go through the available options on the left menu and check if you can find out yourself, it's really not difficult20:10
Mamarokxsebsx: I will not always be around...20:10
Mamarok!sk | msi_20:11
ubottumsi_: Žiadame slovenských používateľov aby v kanáli #ubuntu hovorili po anglicky. Slovensky a česky sa dohovoríte v #ubuntu-cz.20:11
Mamarokmsi_: and I guess the czech one is the same name code, mabe they even have a #kubuntu-cz20:11
xsebsxMamarok: i know that! but there's no button at the bottom, just reset and close, and i closed20:11
Mamarokxsebsx: well, then reopen it...20:12
xsebsxjust did20:12
redleerhow do i make network manager to remember configs i put there? it always forgets those and sets something random so i cant get my wireless modem to work20:13
xsebsxsoftware sources, kubuntu, software, third party software,updates,authentication and statistics tabs20:13
Mamarokxsebsx: please, just read the options there and try to find out for yourself, it's not that difficult... *sigh*20:14
Mamarokand only ask if you really can't find out yourself, no need to read aloud here20:14
xsebsxall i want to know is how to upgrade amarok and make it my default player, once ive done it i wil be able to do it again20:15
Mamarokxsebsx: and you are not supposed to reopen the sources editor... just look around in the software iunstaller and check the options that are there, you already updated the sources...20:15
Mamarokand read what I said earlier, I told you everything already20:15
* Mamarok is going to eat now20:15
xsebsxok i went and looked for amarok20:16
xsebsxand there's some options, one of them says architecture independent files for amarok20:17
msi_ou... .no answer there20:17
ikoniawhat's up ?20:17
xsebsxi think i uninstalled amarok20:19
msi_so maybe asking again... could somebody help me with instalation of network printer. i am newbie here, maybe its enough to know what protoocol /TCP?/ should i use20:19
ikoniamsi_: what type of printer and how do you plan to network it ?20:19
xsebsx*goes and sudo aptitude installs amarok*20:20
ikoniaxsebsx: why are you installing it if you've just uninstalled it ?20:21
rigxsebsx was trying to update amarok, not uninstall it :P20:22
msi_ikonia: i had use that under win, its allready connected to my home - wifi net. computer directly connected with printer is working on win... is that available to do that?20:22
luis_I need help with virtual box, i got an error: FATAL: Could not read from the boot medium! System Halted, but i already selected my ISO of XP in mount CD/DVD-RW, cannot understand whats happening, someone help me pls20:22
ikoniamsi_: ok - so you just want to use cups to connect to a network printer on a tcp ip connection over wirless ?20:23
msi_ikonia: IP adress and other i certainly know20:23
ikonialuis_: #vbox maybe for virtual box20:23
msi_ikonia: yes20:23
ikoniamsi_: ok - so what type of printer is it ?20:23
msi_ikonia: HP laserjet 120020:23
ikoniamsi_: ok so that should be well supported by cups20:24
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows20:24
ikoniamsi_: had a read through any of those ?20:24
xsebsxMamarok: http://kubuntu.pastebin.ca/153172920:24
ikoniaxsebsx: what's the problem ?20:25
msi_ikonia: yes, i have googled, but i installed kubuntu 9 and all papers were about 8 or "older"... i will read that20:25
xsebsxikonia, i want to have the latest version of amarok installed and set as my default player so that if i click on any mp3 it will open on amarok20:26
redleermy network manager just wont remember settings :/20:27
ikoniaxsebsx: I don't think there is a "latest" package for amarok20:27
ikoniaxsebsx: I think there are later versions than the one included in ubuntu, but they are not supported, at best they will be backports from karmic, but as that's not production worthy yet, I doubt it's worth it20:27
xsebsxok, well it seemed as though it would be helpful to have the latest version20:28
ikoniawhy ?20:28
ikoniawhat gives you that ide20:28
xsebsxi don't know, mamarok asked if i had it, that it might not necessrily be the latest because of it being the one that comes with kde 4.320:29
ikoniaskilled developers have put time in to packaging the best version they see fit for ubuntu 9.04 in terms of compatability and stability, what makes you think you need something different20:29
luis_I need help with virtual box, i got an error: FATAL: Could not read from the boot medium! System Halted, but i already selected my ISO of XP in mount CD/DVD-RW, cannot understand whats happening, someone help me pls20:30
luis_no one helps in vbox...20:30
xsebsxi dont know, mamarok made it seem like it might not be bad, i can't even remember all i wanted was to set up amarok as my default plaer so that any mp3 i click on will open on amarok as totem is not playing the mp3s' sound20:31
ikonialuis_: it says it can't read the boot media, have you tested the boot medium ?20:31
luis_go easy pls, this is the first time i install this...20:31
ikonialuis_: have you tested the boot medium it's complaining is bad ?20:31
ikoniaxsebsx: I'd suggest you just set the default player be armarok20:32
xsebsxhow do i do that20:32
xsebsxthat's what i was originally askign20:32
ikoniaxsebsx: from within kde, I'm not sure what the tool is called20:32
msi_where can i see printers jobs?20:34
ByronI'm planning on buying a new video card. Has anyone reported issues with nVidia GeForce 7600GS?20:34
ikoniamsi_: lpstat20:34
ikonia!nvidia > Byron20:34
ubottuByron, please see my private message20:34
xsebsxikonia: how do i make it so that if i click any random mp3 file it will open through amarok, right now if i click on an mp3 it will open on totem and there won't be any sound20:36
ikoniaxsebsx: I'm trying to find the tools name in kde, I don't know it in kde, only gnome20:36
rigxsebsx: what program opens as the default when you click a mp3 file?20:37
xsebsxanother problem I'm having: I originally had a cable connection, bought a new laptop, it came with vista, bought a wireless router, configured the router on vista, got soulseek and downloaded some files, then got rid of vista installed ubuntu, now i got nicotine, but osmehow my ports seem to be closed or something because i cant connect to other users, only to the ubuntu server so that everytime i click on a download the file says cannot connect on its20:38
xsebsx status20:38
xsebsxrig: totem20:39
xsebsxand there's no osund on it20:39
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tdnI get this error when trying to mount an NFS share: mount.nfs: mount to NFS server 'syrah:/data/nfs' failed: RPC Error: Program not registered20:50
tdnWhat does that mean?20:50
apparleGuys plz help I am trying to download libsexy2 package for VLC but the word 'sex' is block by college server and so I can't download the file...Someone plz rename it to something else and send me plz20:51
apparleplz help the file is only of 50KBs plz send it plzzzz20:52
apparleanyone here plzzzzzzzzzz help plzzzzzzzzzzzzz20:53
MyUser5Iapparle: 32bit or 64bit? I only have karmic 64bit, but I hope the file is the same for jaunty 64bit20:54
apparleMyUser5I: here is the direct link http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/libs/libsexy/libsexy2_0.1.11-2_i386.deb20:55
MyUser5II have renamed it into libvlc...20:56
luis_I need help with virtual box, i got an error: FATAL: Could not read from the boot medium! System Halted, but i already selected my ISO of XP in mount CD/DVD-RW, cannot understand whats happening, someone help me plsç20:56
apparleMyUser5I: you will have to put it on some site coz I am using webchat IRC20:57
MyUser5Iapparle: ok moment20:59
rafaelcan I dowload Kubuntu 7.04 'Feisty' from anywhere?20:59
lyhana8hi, why does tagging and comment are disable on dolphin under KDE4.3 ?21:00
Dragnslcrrafael- you can, but it isn't supported anymore21:00
rafaelDragnslcr: where is it?21:00
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MyUser5Iapparle: http://rapidshare.com/files/268126814/libvlc2_0.1.11-2_i386.deb.html21:01
Dragnslcrrafael- http://releases.ubuntu.com/21:01
apparlethanks MyUser5I thanks21:01
rafaelthanks Dragnslcr21:02
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apparlehwo to configure arora to use proxy server21:14
MyUser5Iapparle: Edit --> Settings --> Proxy21:15
apparleanyone expert in making DEB packages from source21:15
apparleMyUser5I: I don't have any proxy username and password...........should I leave them blank21:16
MyUser5ITry it21:16
MyUser5II think so21:16
apparleMyUser5I: not working21:16
MyUser5Iapparle: Are you sure you have set the right proxy type?21:16
=== desudesudesu is now known as desu
apparleMyUser5I: I tried them both............21:21
MyUser5Iapparle: If you want to use a local proxy, I may try it myself21:21
MyUser5Iapparle: I only tried squid and i2p - both of them should work21:21
apparleMyUser5I: what do you mean by local proxy21:22
MyUser5Iapparle: A proxy running on localhost21:22
pescadohello there anybody can help me with printer mx 30021:22
pescadoany expert21:22
apparleMyUser5I: I am behind a college proxy server21:24
MyUser5Iapparle: Oh - and I tried squid on a different computer too - but actually I am using karmic so maybe they have fixed some bugs which are still there in jaunty21:24
MyUser5Iapparle: Ah - ok21:24
apparle_MyUser5I: sorry my connection disconnected............what were you sying21:28
jhutchinsapparle_: Are you able to use Firefox through the proxy?21:29
MyUser5Iapparle_: Nothing important beside that I am using karmic which may mean some bugs are fixed in arora which are still there in jaunty21:29
elSome program always creates a folder ~/$HOME, ... what is this?21:35
apparle_jhutchins: I have not tried coz the download is large21:37
waltzingalongel: a program such as?21:38
apparle_anyone is good at making DEB files??21:40
elwaltzingalong: I don't know, but if I delete this directory it will get recreated sooner or later, thats why I'm asking.21:43
mrcognitivecan anyone tell me why my 64 bit flash is not showing some videos ?21:44
waltzingalongel: seems to be a problem with said script then. guessing, one expects home to point to /home/username but perhaps escaping it incorrectly to wind up at ~ (which also points to home) / $HOME21:44
waltzingalongmrcognitive: some work, some do not? some in flash9 others in flash10?21:45
mrcognitivecould this be the reason why i can not access videos on hulu , or did i batch the instalment ?21:45
mrcognitivei installed a 64 bit flash 10 and de installed my 32 bit .21:50
mrcognitivei created a file under .mozilla called plugins and thought that would work21:51
waltzingalongmrcognitive: do you see flash listed in the about:plugins in firefox?21:54
waltzingalong!info flashplugin-nonfree | mrcognitive21:55
ubottumrcognitive: flashplugin-nonfree (source: flashplugin-nonfree): Adobe Flash Player plugin installer (transitional package). In component multiverse, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 1 kB, installed size 40 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia)21:55
waltzingalongmrcognitive: i would probably go that route (though just 32bit here)21:56
apparle_someone plz make a DEB from the source I provide............I have slow connection..........can't download all the dev packages21:57
mrcognitiveso i should continue to run the 32 none free ?21:57
mrcognitiveat the moment i have it uninstalled , and my plugins are shockwave 9.1.0 and windows flash 10.1.021:58
mrcognitivei am good to go when it comes to sources like youtube but not anything else22:00
waltzingalongmrcognitive: but it seems the flashplugin-nonfree would install the 64bit flash plugin for you22:00
mrcognitivethats what i thought . when searching through the SPH i found the snplugin 32 bit uninstalled but did not find a 6422:01
waltzingalongmrcognitive: and on the other sites, there is just a blank where the flash blob should be? or browser complains about a missing plugin?22:02
mrcognitivethe flash pluggin none free was worded as 10.0.1 so it was up to date but i thought something could have been missing22:02
mrcognitiveno ... the screen is just gry22:02
mrcognitivewhere the picture should be22:02
waltzingalongmrcognitive: so it seems that the something claiming to handle the content type (the plugin) is found but maybe it is misconfigured?22:05
waltzingalongmrcognitive: using kubuntu 9.04 (jaunty)?22:06
mrcognitivei guess i can go into SPM and just reinstall FP-NF , but should i reinstall nsplugin along with it ?22:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about flashamd6422:11
ubottuYou can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava22:11
waltzingalonghm but that shows how to use the 32bit version22:12
waltzingalongmrcognitive: i would remove all of flash then install the package flashplugin-nonfree22:13
waltzingalongmrcognitive: which i am guessing would install the 64bit version of flash v1022:13
mrcognitiveno you are correct . when first checking the SPH there was flash none free 10 but i suspected it to not be working since it was only 32 bit22:14
mrcognitiveso i upgraded to the 64 .22:14
jonah1980hi guys, i have no wireless on jaunty or ethernet. my network controller is ar9285 and ethernet is attansic 1062. i have googled it and i've put the backports repo in and also installed  linux-backports-modules-jaunty, so i really can't understand why it's not working, can anyone please help me get it working?? please22:15
mrcognitivei guess i'll just uninstall the 64 and go back to factory22:15
waltzingalongmrcognitive: ok thanks for the update22:15
mrcognitivethanks for the advice waltzingalong22:16
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* cmege_away is away: Gone away for now22:18
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soprhi everyone22:26
soprdoes anyone know the right terminal command for reset your workingcopy in svn?22:28
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CreatorI have a problem with an external hardrive.. when i power up my system the drive dosen't seem to power up alongside it - Is't gray in "Places".22:40
CreatorJust clicking on the drive on the drive solve this.. BUT since im using Kubuntu as a bace im my mediacenter and XBMC on top it's disturbing to have to quit XBMC every time i trart the computer to include my external hardrive..22:42
CreatorAND my DiNovo external keyboard dosen't power u either, i have to remove the usb-dongle every time..22:43
EagleScreeni cannot run firefox-3.5.2 (upstream tarball) in Kubuntu 8.04.3, i obtain this error: ./firefox-bin: error while loading shared libraries: libdbus-glib-1.so.2: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS6422:43
Mamarokikonia: fyi, xsebsx was asking again and again the same questions although I pointed him to the right tool, asked him to read what I said23:29
Mamarokso if people are too lazy to read and open their eyes, I give up, I have better to do but holding hands and do spoonfeeding to lazy people23:30
Mamarokespecially because he came in claiming to be familiar with installing and such and then behave like a beginner who doesn't even look at his screen23:30
kid_hi,anybody here tried kde 4.3 on kubuntu 9.04?23:49
kid_lots of problems occured23:50
kid_it seems it is impossible to have kde 4.3 on kubuntu 9.0423:50
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DragnslcrIt works fine for me23:51
kid_Dragnslcr: i tried 3 times, i installed kubuntu 9.04. then i added the ppa launchpad repository and updated, after update to kde 4.3, the background disappeared and a check screen is shwon,no widget,no applet, no title bar, nothing23:53
kid_kde menu is opened at top of the screen, tip r shown at top23:53
DragnslcrCould be a video driver issue. I know someone else had the same problem, but I don't know of a fix23:53
DragnslcrMight want to check the forums for other reports of the same problem23:54
kid_Dragnslcr: don't know. i tried both with nvidia driver and without the driver23:54
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