nzmmSorry to ask this here; does gnome have a way to auto-mount a drive on login?  I have an NTFS drive which i mount via fstab, but i dont get trash functionality.  Just curious...00:01
crimsun_djzn: no, you wouldn't.00:01
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djzncrimsun: basically, the ext4 partition would be exactly the same, as in every single bit.... ?   and the only MODIFYING part was going to be the TOOLS, which is the active binary on how to handle bugs etc....00:02
djzncrimsun: the analogy is... kinda like... Win2K would create NTFS 3.0 partitions.... WinXP would create NTFS 3.1 partitions.... Vista has another version level of NTFS.... is this happening with ext4 too?00:03
BUGabundonzmm: take a look at ntfs-config00:04
crimsun_djzn: there are no feature additions at the spec level between jaunty's and karmic's ext400:05
djzncrimsun_: changes only on the tools, the binary side00:05
crimsun_djzn: no, the kernel side has stability fixes, too00:05
djznthey are two separate parts... the filesystem itself, and the kernel side....00:06
djznthe filesystem itself has not changed at all....00:06
crimsun_djzn: we're talking past each other00:07
crimsun_djzn: in short, you won't have any problems00:07
djzncrimsun_: and in long...00:08
crimsun_djzn: see above regarding feature additions (kernel-side)00:09
* penguin42 yawns00:58
andresmhargh, these pulseaudio issues are driving me a bit nuts00:59
bjsniderwhy is he sometimes dtchen and sometimes crimsun? it is highly confusing00:59
* penguin42 hadn't realised they were the same person01:00
penguin42andresmh: What's it currently doing to you?01:00
andresmhwell, my mic is not working01:00
BUGabundopenguin42: LOLOLOL01:00
penguin42mics seem to be a common problem, we have loads of people say that - I only try to get output to work01:01
andresmhI tried hard to revert to previous version of pulseaudio but I can't :(01:02
andresmhfor some strange reason libpulse0's dependencies are things like gnome, and ubuntu-desktop which in turn have other dependencies that scare me to remove01:03
penguin42if it's something like mike are you sure it's not kernel/alsa ?01:03
andresmhi'm not 100% sure, all I know is that it stopped working after a pulse update01:04
andresmhbut it is possible it's related to kernel/alsa01:04
andresmhhow can I find out?01:04
penguin42it was a pulse upgrade without a kernel/alsa upgrade?01:04
andresmhi think so01:05
andresmhhere are the packages that i think are the culprits: http://serverfault.com/questions/52029/how-to-force-downgrade-of-packages-on-ubuntu-karmic01:06
andresmhbut it is possible i didn't notice alsa upgrades01:06
penguin42 /var/log/dpkg.log has a list of packages that have been upgraded01:07
andresmhnot sure how to know for sure who to blame though, here is my log: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/285483/tmp/dpkg.log01:07
andresmhi've done a couple of updates since mic stopped working01:08
penguin42andresmh: And when do you reckon it broke?01:08
andresmhi think it was around Aug 801:08
andresmhsince then I tried removing some pulse packages and reinstalling them01:09
andresmhhere's my alsamixer screen: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/285483/tmp/screenshot5.png01:10
penguin42andresmh: The only kernel upgrade I can see happened on the 6th01:11
andresmhi guess i can try and reboot with the previous kernel and test the mic01:11
andresmhyeah, let me do that, brb :)01:12
andresmhumm, for some reason,  at boot time, I was not presented with the screen that lets you choose a particular kernel version01:17
andresmhis that called grub?01:17
penguin42yeh - someone said that earlier01:17
andresmhso i guess i cannot easily try booting on a previous kernel version01:18
* penguin42 goes to bed01:19
drs305andresmh: If you don't see the grub menu when booting, try hitting the ESC key early on during boot. It should pause to show you the grub menu. If you have more than one kernel, it should give you the choice.01:20
andresmhthanks drs305. Is this the new behavior or is it a bug?01:21
drs305I can't remember how grub 2 sets up the initial menu. I just joined the channel and don't even know which grub you are using.01:24
drs305andresmh: If you are using grub 2, the file to edit is /etc/default/grub. there is a timeout listing and you would want to change it to something other than 0.01:25
andresmhdrs305, I have whatever version is the latest one in the Karmic repos.  I remember a few days ago I was still getting the prompt to select a partcular kernel.01:26
andresmhah, in /etc/default/grub I have GRUB_TIMEOUT=001:26
BUGabundodrs305: that changed with karmic and grub201:27
BUGabundoI think now its SHIFT01:27
andresmhBUGabundo, SHIFT instead of ESC?01:28
BUGabundofor grub201:28
BUGabundo*I think*01:28
BUGabundonot sure on the shortcut01:28
drs305SHIFT may work but I have still used ESC.01:29
BUGabundonot anymore01:29
drs305andresmh: Change that value, then run "sudo update-grub" for it to take effect the next time you boot.01:29
andresmhdrs305, alright, done. Will reboot01:34
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yaccAnyway to disable the Ubuntu "branding" in firefox on a per user basis?01:37
yaccSpecifically the broken "custom google search" functionality, ...01:37
EruditeHermithi, does anyone experience rebooting without going to the grub screen in karmic?01:58
kklimondahey BUGabundo :)02:00
BUGabundowhat can I help you with kklimonda?02:00
kklimondaBUGabundo: I've ditched gafyd and now I'm trying to recreate my roster02:01
coz_you know guys ...I may have mentioned this before ...the default cursor theme for ubuntu should be this one  http://www.gnome-look.org/content/show.php/Ubuntu+Crystal+Cursors?content=6632702:03
coz_I have been using it for some time and find it real appropriate for ubuntu02:03
ToHellWithGAhas karmic fully transitioned intel video to... whatever's next?02:05
BUGabundoTekno: 2am here :)02:06
Teknohehe 4 am here02:06
ToHellWithGAi'm hesitant about moving my slow, old desktop to a prerelease distribution in case some hardware is broken02:06
ToHellWithGAin this case though, the release version has a horribly broken video module :)02:07
BUGabundoTekno: that's an hell of an hour to wake up and say morning :)02:07
BUGabundoToHellWithGA: have you ever hear of livecd/usb?02:07
ToHellWithGAi have02:08
ToHellWithGAi don't typically try to test graphics on a live CD02:08
BUGabundothen you don't need to be afrain02:08
ToHellWithGAi'll give it a go though02:08
ToHellWithGAglxgears should be enough to see if the video is still jumpy02:08
ToHellWithGAthanks for the idea, BUGabundo02:08
BUGabundoToHellWithGA: USB is better, faster and requires no media :)02:08
ToHellWithGAit requires media02:08
ToHellWithGA<- no USB keys available02:09
BUGabundototally OT what does your nick stand for?02:09
BUGabundoToHellWithGA: ah :)02:09
ToHellWithGAit's a Georgia Tech thing02:09
ToHellWithGAthe university (sic) of georgia is our arch-rival02:09
ToHellWithGAathletically alone02:09
ToHellWithGAi graduated from GT in 200602:09
ToHellWithGAi'll take the oT out of this channel02:10
bjsniderconstructing a whole nickname around a meaningless university rivalry...02:26
BUGabundobjsnider: eheh02:29
kklimondaheh, any idea what have I done to get an error:02:33
kklimondanvidia: Unknown symbol init_waitqueue_head02:33
kklimondacleep well02:34
Elmosapienhow can i make a WORLD accessible nfs drive on ubuntu server 9.1002:37
WhitorHey... just a suggestion. Since update manager checks for update on its own w/o me entering my password... I don't think I should have to enter my password when I manually click check. ... only when I install.03:44
oldude67ok why do i still have the thing telling me that my network manager is crap and is it fixed yet?05:25
oldude67nzmm, im running the kde version of karmic and several updates ago i got a icon on my task bar saying that the network manager is having issues and im to use the one for kde4.05:27
DPicis there a reason why the "Add" button for a VPN is greyed out in karmic's networm connection manager?05:56
DanaGhmm, how do you deal with a system that's claiming the root is 96% full, when df and du disagree about disk usage?06:15
DanaGgrr, oh, and for some reason, PA defaults to muting my offboard sound card... that is, when it even decides to let it work.06:15
DanaGhmm, how do I sort packages, from largest to smallest?06:17
DanaGor rather, find just the few largest?06:17
J-_no clue06:19
crimsunDanaG: with which packaging version of PA?06:21
DanaGVersion: 1:0.9.16~test4-0ubuntu7~ppa106:21
DanaGOh, and it's the same udev issue, I believe.06:21
crimsunplease update06:22
DanaGDid you see my paste / ping earlier today, the "no such file or directory"?06:22
DanaGshall do... /me checks for update.06:22
crimsunno, please memoserv it to me or dtchen06:22
crimsun(and yes, i pushed ~ppa2 an hour ago)06:22
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DanaGyargh, for some reason, my 9800 Pro is giving me swrast.06:52
DanaGxorg log.06:52
DanaGargh, and why does PA keep muting all my sound cards?06:53
crdlbbecause it doesn't like your music06:54
richardcavellcrdlb: that's as good an answer as I've seen so far as to why Pulse Audio does such things06:54
micahghas there been any sound problem with the latest +1 updates?06:54
crdlbDanaG: if you didn't see it: [dri] radeon.o kernel module version is 2.0.0 but version 1.17.0 or newer is needed.06:55
DanaGah, I missed that.06:55
DanaGwait, is 2.0.0 not newer than 1.17.0?  =þ06:55
crdlbI'm assuming that's just a poorly worded message06:55
crdlba major version bump can be expected to be incompatible06:56
DanaGso, just have to figure out where my kernel modules are coming from, and where my ddx is coming from.06:56
DanaGugh, truecrypt depends on kdesudo?06:58
micahgwas there any instance of one app taking control of the sound for the whole system in the last few days?07:00
richardcavellmicahg: I had that07:05
richardcavellmicahg: Steam/Half-Life took over my sound and wouldn't let any other app play soudns07:05
micahgI have a firefox bug and I'd like to know if it's a karmic issue or a firefox issue07:07
pblchaiempathy will replace pidgin?07:10
mac_vpblchai: yes07:10
mac_vmicahg: which bug?07:10
pblchaii never see empathy07:10
mac_vpblchai: see or use ?07:10
micahgbug 41346507:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 413465 in firefox "firefox breaks sound output and hogs" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41346507:11
mac_vmicahg: the latest pulse audio updates since test2 are all messed up, so there are a lot of problems , so its karmic related07:12
micahgmac_v: do you know of a master bug I can dupe this of07:12
richardcavellmicahg: I have the same problem on Karmic but it's Steam that hogs my sound07:13
mac_vmicahg: this should do it > Bug #41196207:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 411962 in pulseaudio "Pulse audio queues audio!" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41196207:16
mac_vmicahg: actually it includes all apps , i'll update the description07:17
pblchaihelp i want to prepare LPIC-1 test, and i dont know anyone who offer the test or help me to learn07:17
DanaGhmm, those of you with one-app-at-a-time issues, are you on 64-bit?07:18
mac_vDanaG: nope , 32-bit07:18
micahgthanks mac_v07:20
mac_vmicahg: a simple workaround is $pulseaudio -k07:20
micahgmac_v:  you should add that to the bug07:21
micahgmac_v: are you familiar with !description07:21
mac_vmicahg: i reported the issue as queue , because that is the real issue , the audio is getting queued , which you notice with IM , pings or other system sounds07:23
micahgok, but if there's an easy workaround, you should note it in the bug in case others are having an issue07:24
micahgas per the wiki link I posted07:24
mac_vmicahg: hehe... i forgot about the workaround, i realized it only after reporting the bug , thanks for reminding ;)07:25
micahgthat's ok, that's why we can update the description :)07:25
nzmmlol that disk usage prompt is fubar07:43
mac_vmicahg: do you use  greasemonkey scripts for your replies?07:55
micahgmac_v: yes :)08:06
mac_vmicahg: i'm having a tough time getting them to load :( , how do you load the scripts? selecting the "reload" doesnt seem to save the scripts08:07
mac_vi mean the replies , dont save08:07
micahgwanna hop in ubuntu-bugs08:09
micahgthis really isn't for this channel08:10
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nzmmhey is the medibuntu repo accessible for anyone here?11:00
Steeleymedibuntu seems fine here11:04
LLStarkshow do i send something to the build farm?11:05
BUGabundohey gusy11:06
nzmmSteeley, hrmm i can read it, i get: Network is unreachable.11:09
oldude67whats the link?11:09
nzmmI am running this sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh11:11
nzmmwhich is not connecting to the repo11:11
BUGabundowasn't that disconetinued nzmm?11:11
BUGabundowhy don't you use medibuntu?11:11
nzmmi just follewed this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs11:12
nzmmwell, i tried medibuntu first but i can't connect to the repo for some reason...11:12
BUGabundoyou too?11:13
BUGabundoone of their servers was acting up the other day11:14
nzmmoh, Steely said he could connect to the repo, but i've had no luck since this morning :(11:14
nzmmjust done a fresh install of karmic and was hoping to watch a DVD11:15
oldude67i was able to go to it just a minute ago as well.11:15
BUGabundonzmm: what's your ISP?11:15
BUGabundonzmm: $ grep medib /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit11:16
BUGabundonzmm: and $ apt-cache policy libdvdcss2 | pastebinit11:17
nzmmwell i dont have the repo added if thats what you wondering11:17
Ian_Corneoo didn't know about pastebinit11:17
Ian_Cornethnx :)11:17
BUGabundonp Ian_Corne. that should be in ubuntu-base toolkit :)11:18
BUGabundonzmm: then how do you expect for it to work ? :)11:18
Ian_Cornehave you apt-get updated before? :p11:20
BUGabundoIan_Corne: ??11:23
lifeofguenterhi all11:23
BUGabundohi lifeofguenter11:23
Ian_Cornewell if he's on a cleanly install system11:23
Ian_Corneand didnd't apt-get update yet11:24
Ian_Corneit won't find any packages not installed yet11:24
lifeofguenterdid I miss some release-log that xorg.conf will be missing in karmic?11:24
BUGabundoIan_Corne: I guess we could ask nz to do $ sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade first, sure11:26
BUGabundolifeofguenter: what we have is the same as in jaunty11:26
BUGabundono need for xorg.conf 'cause most of it is auto detected now11:26
lifeofguenterbut Jaunty had at least a xorg.conf existing11:27
lifeofguenteror what would be the best approach to set up a virtual big desktop with xrandr?11:27
BUGabundolifeofguenter: gxrandr?lol11:28
lifeofguenterI used to to add SubSection "Display" with "Virtual ..." into my xorg.conf11:28
BUGabundoI guess you can still do it with xrandr11:29
Ian_Cornebah I got a warning S.M.A.R.T. has detected my root disk is going to fail11:29
BUGabundoeven if you have to run dpkg reconfigure on it11:29
BUGabundoIan_Corne: either that's a bug and *everyone* is getting that11:29
BUGabundoor your disk is dieying11:29
Ian_Corneyeah, :p11:29
lifeofguenterBUGabundo: no you can't you have to define your virtual screen size somewhere11:29
BUGabundoyou are the 4th person I read sayung that11:29
Ian_Corneit's only like 1y old now :(11:29
lifeofguenteror you will only be able to mirror11:30
lifeofguenter$ xrandr --output VGA-0 --right-of LVDS11:30
lifeofguenterxrandr: screen cannot be larger than 1400x1400 (desired size 2680x1050)11:30
BUGabundoIan_Corne: age is not that important11:30
Ian_Corneonly has 182days of poweron11:30
Ian_Cornewell it is for me, now i have to buy a new disk faster :p11:30
Ian_Cornerunning badblocks now to check it11:30
BUGabundolifeofguenter:  "even if you have to run dpkg reconfigure on it"11:30
Ian_Cornewindows's CHKDSK didn't find anything11:30
lifeofguenterhm? what should I reconfigure?11:31
BUGabundoIan_Corne: it still has waranty right?11:31
BUGabundolifeofguenter: xorg ?!??!11:31
BUGabundoit will force a new xorg.conf11:31
Ian_CorneBUGabundo: yeah but how to prove that it's broken, it's not failing yet11:32
lifeofguenterhm ok but can't be this somehow a default in the karmic release? I mean why are features like big-desktop via randr kicked off again?11:32
Ian_Corneand i don't want to wait till it fails to get a new one :p11:32
BUGabundolifeofguenter: we no long *need* xorg.conf for most users, so advance users *need* to create one!!!11:33
BUGabundoIan_Corne: smartctl should couf some valid warning11:33
lifeofguenterhmm I wouldn't say that dual-head setups are unusual - especially with notebooks11:34
lifeofguenterdpkg-reconfigure Xorg does not work btw.. no error but no xorg.conf11:34
Ian_Cornelifeofguenter: i don't have problems without xorg.conf with dual head setup11:34
Ian_Cornebut that's using nvidia-setting11:34
lifeofguenterIan_Corne: big desktop?11:34
lifeofguenterI don't have prolemes mirroring either, but I can attach displays besides each other11:34
lifeofguenterhm ok11:35
BUGabundome neither11:35
BUGabundonvidia settins wfm11:36
Ian_Cornei'm using 25??x1024 there11:36
lifeofguenterok I am using the opensource drivers from ati11:36
BUGabundoI'm using the close source :\11:36
lifeofguenterI guess I will not be able to use nvidia-setting then ;)11:36
Ian_Corneit's the screen resolution thingy that's not working for you?11:36
lifeofguenterthe virtual screen size11:36
lifeofguentere.g. that my desktop goes over two monitors11:37
Ian_Corneare you using gnome-display-properties11:38
lifeofguenterkde but using the cli "xrandr"11:38
Ian_Cornewell try using the gui one :)11:39
Ian_Cornekde should have an equivalent11:39
lifeofguenteryes but it basically says "you do not have multiple monitors set up" without stating where and how I can do that11:39
lifeofguenterthe guis are anyway only layered on top of randr.. so using xrandr should be the same experience..11:40
lifeofguentere.g.: http://sequel.futurs.inria.fr/loth/software/gxrandr/ on the bottom you will see what xorg.conf you will need11:41
lifeofguenterhmm maybe I will just try that and hope missing sections will be auto added11:42
BUGabundoMozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux x86_64; en-US; rv:1.9.2a2pre) Gecko/20090815 Ubuntu/9.10 (karmic) Namoroka/3.6a2pre ID:2009081500302411:45
BUGabundohumm Namoroka kewl11:45
Ian_CorneIf badblocks finds nothing but the SMART thing reports broken sectors11:58
Ian_Cornewhat should i do?11:58
BUGabundofile a bug :)12:01
BUGabundoI think it's a bug on how we detect those things :)12:02
BUGabundoor indeed you have a bad disk (hw parts) with no fisical damage on the FS (yet)12:02
Ian_Cornecould be12:02
Trewasharddrives reallocate sectors (or at least try to) automatically, so it is not wrong if SMART finds problems but badblocks doesn't12:06
Ian_CorneTrewas: i read up about it12:08
Ian_CorneSMART can't see that12:08
Ian_Cornethe HD does that without any other thing knowing that12:08
TrewasSMART is specifically about things internal to the HD12:09
mac_vIan_Corne: Trewas just uncheck it from startup items...;p stupid palimpsest!12:14
mac_vIan_Corne: the disk check can be prevented from constantly notifying ,12:16
nzmmyea annoying12:16
Trewasmac_v: I have no problem with (incorrect) whines about broken HDs, but seems that many others do12:16
mac_vthe program is crappy and the devs think they have made a perfect disk check!12:18
Ian_Corneah so it IS buggy?12:18
mac_vIan_Corne: just too sensitive , shouldnt bother untill there actually is a problem12:18
Ian_Cornemac_v: but that's what SMART is for, warning you a failure is imminent?12:19
mac_vyeah *imminent* , but gdu warns always!12:20
aboSamoorhow can I uninstall an application that installed by compiling the source code ?12:20
mac_vIan_Corne: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-disk-utility/+bug/41215212:20
ubottuUbuntu bug 412152 in gnome-disk-utility "gnome-disk-utility nags me too much that my disk is failing" [Medium,Triaged]12:20
nzmmi wonder if we will get a working pyclutter...12:22
Ian_Cornemac_v: it's not disk utility12:22
Trewasevery manufacturer reports smart values a bit differently so guessing when HD is about to break is difficult12:22
Ian_Cornepalimpsest disk utility12:22
Ian_Cornenot gnome12:22
mac_vIan_Corne: its the same ;)12:22
Ian_Corneanyone here with an ati hd 4870? :)12:24
lifeofguenterok it seemed to work.. still can't get it running through the kde-gui but added a pseudo xorg.conf just for my virtual screen size12:48
Ian_Corne0 badblocks..13:01
regelfor some reason I cant turn my wireless card off with the switch key. Anyone else experiencing this?13:04
Ian_Corneregel: i can but it crashes the system13:04
Ian_Corneasus eee 1000h13:04
regelPackard Bell something13:04
Ian_Cornebut when i reboot the wireless is off13:05
Ian_Corneand i can turn it back on with the switch13:05
Ian_Cornewithout crashing13:05
regeland the brightness keys seem to be doing something weird13:05
regelwhen I press Fn+F7 (brightness up), the brightness levels go like: 100% -> 70 % -> 20% -> 100 % -> 50%13:05
regelIt just makes no sense13:06
regelShouldnt it go 0-> 20 -> 40 -> 60 -> 80 -> 100 -> 100 -> 100 ?13:06
regelor is this just another "feature"?13:06
regel"funny brightness keys"13:07
BUGabundoregel: ahahah13:09
regelsome nice brainstorming..13:10
regelbeen like this since 9.0413:10
regeland I did a fresh install13:10
regeldoes it run some sortof script? the Fn+f6 -combination?13:11
regeloh, well.. gotta reboot now13:12
BUGabundoanyone using chromium here?13:17
BUGabundoneed a tester13:17
lifeofguenterBUGabundo: using google-chrome under kde if thats what you mean13:29
BUGabundoneed chromium13:32
BUGabundoto see if it's a bug with it13:32
BUGabundolifeofguenter: why would you be running a close build when you have a community one, specially built for karmic?13:32
lifeofguenteryou mean arora?13:33
BUGabundowhy would I be even mentioning arora???13:34
lifeofguenterdunno based on webkit both...13:34
BUGabundoLinux kernel is  2.6.31-rc6-git1 - http://www.kernel.org/kdist/fragments/stable_snapshot.html is out13:35
BUGabundoguess we'll have a new kernel soon13:35
mac_vBUGabundo: will chromium ever become chrome ?13:40
BUGabundoof course not13:41
BUGabundoany one knows how to place an image on Compiz Expo background? can't find it13:58
BluesKajHiyas all13:59
BUGabundoheya BluesKaj13:59
BluesKajhey BUGabundo13:59
* penguin42 yawns14:01
BluesKajwell, I've done everything i can think of to fix this : "Cannot initiate the connection to packages.medibuntu.org:80", and I've come to the conclusion that medibuntu is overloaded , swamped , broken ...dunno which14:01
penguin42packages generally seems broken14:01
penguin42oh, packages.ubuntu.com is back - it was broken yesterday14:02
BluesKajnot the pkges the, the repos14:02
penguin42 http://packages.medibuntu.org/pool/free/a/ looks fine to me14:02
penguin42(in a web browser)14:03
penguin42BluesKaj: Which address is it giving you for it?14:04
BUGabundoI just installed yesterday night NEW packages from there14:04
BUGabundoand got no connections issues14:04
BUGabundoo great14:05
BUGabundoPA dide14:05
BUGabundotime to kill it14:05
BluesKajweird , now it connected ok14:05
BUGabundoworking now14:05
BluesKajdeb http://packages.medibuntu.org karmic/free and non free14:06
BluesKajso it's intermittent today ... guess i can live with that14:07
penguin42BluesKaj: I bet it depends which mirror you are landing on14:07
penguin42(and if I had to bet I'd say it's the ipv6...)14:08
BluesKajhere we go again with the IPv6 thing14:10
penguin42oh yes :-)14:10
BluesKajI'm using opendns if that makes any diff14:12
BluesKajthe main medibuntu server is in france afaik ..it's the one routed from the main server14:13
BluesKajanyway, I like to keep the media apps up to date , in case of module changes etc14:19
penguin42can anyone remember - there's a bug for firefox is flaky since a recent update - and I've got a backtrace14:35
BluesKajpics not loading ?14:35
penguin42no, this is with nspluginwrapper - but it's a well defined crash14:36
penguin42and it's a ff crash rather than nspluginwrapper crash14:36
BUGabundois it me or is Flash flashing on this vid http://www.youtube.com/v/3TlCGh5Pc90&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xcfcfcf&hl=en&feature=player_embedded&fs=1 ?14:50
penguin42BUGabundo: Looks fine to me14:51
penguin42(first 20 or so seconds)14:51
BUGabundokeep watching14:51
BUGabundoI see lots of black bars and spots14:51
BUGabundonot sure its flash or nvidia driver14:52
penguin42upto 1:11 I think I saw a blink on one or two frames14:53
penguin42but very little14:53
BUGabundolucky you14:54
BUGabundowhat's your GPU and driver?14:54
penguin42intel 945G14:54
penguin42I've seen a few more - they're mostly a horizontal black bar that blinks up for a frame or so - but I'm upto 4mins and have seen less than 1014:56
penguin42(very neat image stabilisation system!)14:57
BUGabundoseen several cameras doing so14:57
BUGabundobut this is a plugin I think for virtualdub14:58
andresmhcould you tell me if this bug is filed in the right place and is not missing important elements? https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/40981914:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 409819 in pulseaudio "[regression] Microphone not working after pulse updates on Karmic on Intel 82801H (ICH8 Family) sound card" [Undecided,New]14:58
BluesKajandresmh, you don't have any status boxes at the bottom of your alsamixer ctrls ..maybe alsa-utils needs reinstalling15:08
andresmhumm, perhaps, do I just do reinstall from synaptic? How does your alsamixer look like?15:09
Ian_Cornelol the gnome volume control thing doesn't control all sound channels at once15:11
semioticroboticWill Karmic include an automated backup solution?  I haven't been able to find any information about this online.15:12
giovaniandresmh: http://images.google.com/images?q=alsamixer15:12
andresmhgiovani, thanks. That looks very similar to mine: http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/6275/screenshot6d.png  I'm not sure what BluesKaj was referring to.15:13
giovaniandresmh: he might've been referring to the lack of the <MM> section (representing mute)15:19
giovanibut your alsamixer does look a little odd -- possibly just variance in your hardware though15:19
andresmhgiovani, I see. Well, I remember my alsamixer looking the same way even before the regression bug.15:20
giovanithen it's probably unrelated15:20
giovani(it's probably unrelated even without that fact)15:20
andresmhgiovani, thanks. BTW, do you think my bug is filed correctly?  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/40981915:22
ubottuUbuntu bug 409819 in pulseaudio "[regression] Microphone not working after pulse updates on Karmic on Intel 82801H (ICH8 Family) sound card" [Undecided,New]15:22
giovaniandresmh: honestly, I don't know, sorry15:22
Ian_Corneok checked 1TB with badblocks: 0 bad block found15:22
Ian_CorneSMART still whining15:22
penguin42Ian_Corne: What's it saying?15:22
giovaniwhat is the SMART check saying?15:22
arandYea, palimpsest defo needs to stop spreading FUD by release...;)15:28
Ian_Cornepenguin42: that I have bad sectors15:42
penguin42Ian_Corne: Can you paste the output of a smartctl -a ?15:43
penguin42(to a pastebin)15:44
BluesKajgiovani, andresmh , this is what I mean : http://imagebin.ca/view/DzGwcN.html15:46
Ian_Cornenot atm penguin4215:49
Ian_Cornei'll do it later15:49
penguin42Ian_Corne: Badblocks can say a disc is fine even if smart is complaining; for example if your disc is getting bad sectors the drive firmware will reallocate the sectors transparently - that will set of smart counters, but because it's transparent to reading/writing badblocks will be OK15:52
penguin42Ian_Corne: But the firmware will only be able to do that for so long before you lose some data15:53
Ian_Corneaha ok didn't think smart could see that15:59
penguin42It sees counters that the firmware gives it, and one of them is how often a sector reallocate happens16:00
TwigaathyHas anybody elses evince died in a recent update?16:00
TwigaathyIf I open a PDF I get a wonderful grey screen16:00
Twigaathyxpdf can open the same PDF, so it is not a corrupt PDF16:01
penguin42Twigaathy: Working fine here; has it done something odd like start up on a very high zoom16:01
Twigaathypenguin42: nope, I get the window title and controls, then the rest of the screen grey16:01
Twigaathyoh, hm...16:02
Twigaathy** (evince:11404): WARNING **: Failed to create file '/home/twigathy/.gnome2/evince/evince-crashed.KK20YU': No such file or directory <-- Interesting!16:02
penguin42Ian_Corne: smartctl -a will give you the values of each of the counters and thresholds which indicate when bad is decided to have happened and will also give logs of any recent errors16:02
* Twigaathy notes that dir does exist...16:02
penguin42isn't sure why it should16:03
Ian_Cornepenguin42: the gui shows that too :p16:04
penguin42ah never seen the gui for that16:05
apparlehow to configure arora16:21
apparleI am using jaunty and have installed arora...............but am unable to open any page using it16:22
BUGabundoapparle: #ubuntu+1 is for Karmic discussion16:24
BUGabundofor previous releases please visit #ubuntu16:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about arora16:24
BUGabundo!package arora16:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about package arora16:24
BUGabundo!find arora16:24
ubottuFound: arora16:24
BUGabundo!info arora16:25
ubottuarora (source: arora): simple cross platform web browser. In component main, is extra. Version 0.8.0-0ubuntu6 (karmic), package size 1201 kB, installed size 3388 kB16:25
apparleit is the default browser in karmic so I though maybe I could get some help on it16:25
mac_vapparle: who said it was the default?16:27
apparlefor kubuntu16:28
apparleso can you help16:31
raphaI'm still trying to get X working with Karmic16:56
penguin42what hardware?16:56
raphaNvidia GeForce 6600 LE16:56
raphaWorks fine in both Jaunty and Windows XP16:57
raphatried with nv, vesa and nvidia driver so far16:57
rapha(Generated xorg.conf with Xorg -configure)16:57
raphabut the best i can get is a brief nvidia logo with the nvidia driver16:57
* penguin42 doesn't know the magic of nvidia16:59
raphawell it should at least work with the vesa driver16:59
penguin42yeh you'd think so16:59
raphabut the vesa driver just claims there are no suitable modes17:00
penguin42if you boot with vga=ask does it show sane modes?17:00
* rapha tries17:01
rapha"legacy 'ask' parameter no longer supported17:02
raphabut i can see the boot screen just fine17:02
penguin42oh - erm didn't realise that had gone17:02
raphame neither =)17:02
raphawith all those changes none of my oldskool knowledge applies anymore :/17:02
penguin42yeh it's getting harder - I need to learn all the *kit stuff17:03
raphahah! i got gdm loading now with the nvidia driver17:03
raphawow and now gnome seems to be loaded17:04
raphamaybe it just kept crashing in rescue mode for some reason17:04
penguin42what did you do?17:04
raphanothing ... just rebooted in normal instead of rescue mode where i had been fiddling around17:05
raphawell, the glx module is still disabled in xorg.conf ... gotta try with it enabled17:05
raphaand this new ubuntu tells me my hard drive was failing17:05
raphahow nice of it17:05
raphaand - OH! - that is firefox 3.5, unbelievable!17:07
raphathe bad sectors would explain the unexplainable lockups under winxp17:08
bcurtiswxhey, whats the wiki page that says how to test gnome-shell17:10
bcurtiswxif there is one :)17:11
raphawth?! the user switcher preferences are gone!17:11
raphaheh ... didnt sabdfl say something about a visual overhaul for karmic?17:15
BUGabundofirefox 3.5 is old news . 3.7 +realpha 1 is my new King :)17:15
mac_vbcurtiswx: let me know if you find one! i'v been looking for it17:15
penguin42BUGabundo: What's new in 3.6, 3.7 ?17:16
BluesKajBUGabundo, ff3.5 still crashes or freezes occasionaly17:16
BUGabundopenguin42: I just installed 3.7 today17:17
BUGabundohaven't even run it17:17
BUGabundowaiting to close 3.617:17
penguin42BUGabundo: Did you see the comments I put on the upgrade script yesterday?17:17
BUGabundoAFAICT 3.6 has a new JS engine (faster), a tab changer, a new permition module,  etc17:17
BluesKajhave you guys tried firefoxqt3 ? really ragged :)17:17
BUGabundoI was soooo tired yesterday I don't even recall what we talked about17:18
raphabcurtiswx: http://live.gnome.org/GnomeShell17:18
BUGabundopenguin42: something on the migration script right?17:18
penguin42BUGabundo: Yeh17:18
BUGabundono I haven't penguin4217:18
penguin42BUGabundo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.5/+bug/41413917:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 414139 in firefox-3.5 "[Karmic] firefox 3.5 bookmark upgrade failure" [Undecided,New]17:19
bcurtiswxwhats so special about 3.7 Bugabundo?17:19
mac_vBUGabundo: found gnome shell ppa \o/17:19
BUGabundomac_v: yay! link?17:20
bcurtiswxgnome shell is in karmic17:20
mac_vBUGabundo: bcurtiswx https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/+archive/ppa17:20
bcurtiswxin synaptic17:20
BUGabundobcurtiswx: no idea! its just HEAD trunk right now17:20
BUGabundoonly new feature I know of, will be the redisign17:20
BUGabundooh and 3.6 is expected to be out in mid october17:20
BUGabundothere we go all over again, karmic users demanding to have 3.6 instead of 3.517:21
mac_vah... it in synaptic itself and BUGabundo made me look everywhere :/17:21
BUGabundoit is ?!!?!17:21
BUGabundobcurtiswx: synaptic IS NOT a location!!! it's an APT front end17:21
bcurtiswxyeah yeah Bugabundo.. :P17:21
bcurtiswxwhen is gnome 2.27.6 due?17:22
BUGabundo!gnome shedule17:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gnome shedule17:22
* BUGabundo slaps the bot for slacking in class17:23
=== BluesKaj_ is now known as BluesKaj
mac_v!gnome schedule17:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gnome schedule17:25
bcurtiswxi got it thx tho17:25
bcurtiswxim guessing it takes a bit from gnome release to get into ubuntu17:25
bcurtiswxim anxious for the empathy changes... there have been a few decent improvements17:26
penguin42bcurtiswx: I think they are scheduled close together though17:26
penguin42bcurtiswx: So Ubuntu normally runs with the prereleases of Gnome and gnome release happens close to ubuntu release17:26
bcurtiswxyeah, i was more focused on the beta 2.27.90-91- 2.2817:26
penguin42rapha: Well, I found the vga=ask error, it's in Grub2 - but as far as I can tell the kernel still supports it17:28
BUGabundobcurtiswx: ubuntu has the shortest time between gnome releases and archives17:31
BUGabundowe beat debian and fedora17:31
BUGabundo http://paste.ubuntu.com/254107/ Firefox 3.6 addons list17:34
penguin42BUGabundo: If something goes wrong I bet it takes you ages to figure out if it's a native firefoxism or a plugin17:35
BUGabundoI just start a brand new profile17:36
BUGabundolast time I cleaned it , I had 5 or 6 test profiles on 3.517:37
BUGabundonow I only have 3 on that strange thing called firefox-replaced17:37
BUGabundoI'm still not sure it has all my data :(17:37
penguin42BUGabundo: I'm fairly sure I eventually found all my data - but IMHO that script needs a lot of work17:40
BluesKajtrying out chromium , the flash plugins worked for a few weeks, now they crash everytime .. I like it's well organized and simple layout17:40
raphapenguin42: doesn't matter i guess ... who wants to have different console modes nowadays :)17:41
penguin42rapha: Well the thing is I can still see the code in the kernel17:41
BluesKajbut it's an alpha in dev so , one should expect crashes17:41
raphapenguin42: then it will probably work with LILO17:41
penguin42rapha: Or Grub 117:42
raphaor that17:42
raphaanyone try wine1.2 yet?17:45
BUGabundowhy has the Battery Charge Monitor been depreciated, and what replaces it ????17:46
BUGabundoits an applet for gnome17:46
BUGabundonot the default on in tray17:46
BUGabundoit disapeared from my bar, when to read it , and now its says in BOLD *deprecated*17:46
raphawhat, a new volume control AGAIN?!17:48
scizzo-rapha: wine 1.2 is not released17:49
raphaofc not17:49
scizzo-hard to test something that is not out yet17:50
raphaubuntu's wine-dev package is called wine1.217:50
scizzo-rapha: according to mine its 1.0.1 on the dev package17:51
raphahere in karmic it's 1.1.2717:52
scizzo-that is the latest wine development package yes....17:53
penguin42rapha: What is your system?17:53
raphapretty old duron with a gig of ram and a geforce 6600 le17:54
kklimondaBUGabundo: it's probably replaced by gpm notify area icon  ;)17:54
raphai believe it has all of 1.7 ghz17:54
BUGabundokklimonda: I have no place where it shows me ALWAYS how long it lasts :(17:55
BUGabundoonly hoovering the ico17:55
BUGabundoand you know I hate the mouse17:55
raphaoh and an awesome 30 gb harddrive penguin42 :)17:55
penguin42rapha: Technology!17:55
penguin42rapha: So grub2 has two chunks of code in it, one that supports vga=ask and one that doesn't and I'm damned if I can understand when it uses each17:57
raphapenguin42: why would they do that?17:57
rapha(my guess is it's in the assembler section of the sourcecode, right?)17:57
penguin42rapha: Nope, plain c17:57
penguin42rapha: I think it's trying to deal with things other than a normal pc17:58
raphaoh okay17:58
raphaso they're not trying to phase out support or anything17:58
cdE|WoozyBUGabundo, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2009-August/002183.html17:58
penguin42well, I think the newer generic x86 bit doesn't seem to want to support it because you can only do the vga=ask on a normal PC - which makes me wonder when it decides to use the generic pc code - e.g. on a machine like yours which is a stanard PC17:59
raphawow my usb headphones can be configured as the default out-of-the-box in karmic!17:59
penguin42does that work?17:59
raphayes, apparently17:59
raphaeven the volume control it has on the cable works18:00
raphaand i even get a volume overlay while playing starcraft through wine18:00
raphathe bad news is that starcraft is still awfully slow even with wine 1.1.2718:00
penguin42rapha: Do you have the grub-pc package installed?18:00
BUGabundothanks cdE|Woozy18:01
BUGabundoI'll reply to the thread and head bash christ18:01
raphayes, that's apparently installed by default penguin4218:02
penguin42damn - I was coming to the conclusion grub-pc was the one that included the vga= stuff18:02
raphacrap, looks like karmic doesn't remember the screen resolution, at least not when set through nvidia's tool18:03
penguin42rapha: Are you on KDE or Gnome?18:04
penguin42hmm OK, KDE has a known bug on not remembering res18:05
raphai think it might have to do with me having an xorg.conf18:05
raphayeah, i have to specify the resolution in the xorg.conf for it to be remembered18:10
raphanow if only the system can be stopped from trying to mount the windows partition on every bootup18:10
raphahibernate ofc doesnt work but then who would have expected it to18:11
penguin42anyone happen to know the difference between a Gtk layout container and a Scolled Window?18:49
penguin42actually, not a scrolled window - a Viewport widget18:49
crdlbpenguin42: wouldn't that be better asked in #gtk+ (either here or on irc.gnome.org)?18:52
penguin42yes I will, but I just wondered, and it's not like I was interrupting vast discussions....18:52
dupondjeupgrading from Jaunty to Karmic :)18:53
dupondjelets see if everything goes 100% :D18:53
penguin42dupondje: It's getting there - I think on balance Karmic has less problems than Jaunty for me; although there are a couple of nasties18:54
dupondjetrue :) the aptitude crap bug :)18:54
dupondjeand nobody fixes it :)18:54
penguin42what's that? I haven't seen that? (But I don't use aptitutde)18:54
crdlbpenguin42: I can probably answer it, but why not do it in the right place?18:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 391035 in aptitude "aptitude stops displaying downloads" [Undecided,New]18:55
vesaythHas anyone been able to get flashplugin working for Chromium in Karmic 32 bit?18:55
penguin42crdlb: I'll go ask it there - but my past experience has been it's a bit dead18:55
crdlbthe one on gimpnet is the busier one by far18:56
penguin42crdlb: #gnome ?18:56
crdlbirc.gnome.org #gtk+18:56
penguin42ah nod18:56
BluesKajvesayth, I had it working till this morning's update , now i get a flashplugin crashed notice18:56
vesaythBluesKaj: well that might explain it then >.>. It told me the whole application crashed though. I figured that was odd, considering the window didn't close18:57
BluesKajvesayth, I filed a bug report about it in #chromium , no fixes yet18:58
dotblankit seems i get updates every day.. thats cool18:58
BluesKajyeah, the window stays open , just the plugin is affected18:59
dupondjeSomebody knows a good tool to clone a harddisk ? Preferred with livecd & possibility to save on nfs/samba share19:00
BUGabundodupondje: best one Clonezilla19:01
BUGabundoit does that all and more19:01
BUGabundoeven servers coffee :)19:01
dupondje:) cool, gonne check it out :D19:01
dupondjeas my harddisk has broken sectors19:01
dupondjegonne replace it :D19:01
dupondjewarrany++ :)19:01
penguin42hmm - you are the 3rd person today to say they have broken sectors - is this something that Karmic is suddenly telling people?19:02
dotblankdupondje, I like dd the most19:02
vesaythBluesKaJ: a chromium update just came up on my update manager just fyi19:03
dupondjepenguin42: yep, the disktool now says smart errors @ login :)19:03
dupondjeAnd a SMART check with WDC's tool also fails19:03
dupondjeso I just gonne replace it :) still in warranty so :)19:03
* penguin42 can see a world of pain where n-zillion people all say 'Why did Karmic break my disc'....19:04
BUGabundothis is starting to get me worried19:04
BUGabundoso many users complaining at the same time19:04
BUGabundowith info provided by a buggier app19:05
penguin42BUGabundo: I'd like to see the output of smartctl -a on their systems to see if there is anything odd19:05
BUGabundoI'm running one my self now19:05
dupondjeSMART Self-test log structure revision number 119:05
dupondjeNum  Test_Description    Status                  Remaining  LifeTime(hours)  LBA_of_first_error19:05
dupondje# 1  Short offline       Completed: read failure       90%      6081         202575819:05
dupondje# 2  Conveyance offline  Completed: read failure       90%      6074         202575819:05
dupondjeits just fucked ;)19:05
penguin42dupondje: Better in a pastebin19:06
BUGabundo$ sudo aptitude install smartmontools19:06
BUGabundodupondje: PASTEBIN19:06
* dupondje hides19:06
BluesKajvesayth, thanks for the heads up :)19:07
vesaythBluesKaj: your welcome, though it didn't seem to fix that problem19:08
BluesKajvesayth, no fixes for flashplugins yet :(19:11
vesaythWhile I'm here, I'm having a problem with my atheros wireless for my laptop and am debating whether or not I should drop a new bug on it. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/395565 is the existing bug that was closed fixed, but I tend to be still having the issue. Basically every time I start up my laptop I have to modprobe -r -f ath5k and modprobe ath5k to get my wireless to work19:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 395565 in linux "atheros wifi not working with kernel 2.6.31-1" [High,Fix released]19:13
vesaythAnyone have any insight on that issue?19:14
BluesKajvesayth, yeah install wicd19:14
vesaythBluesKaj: does wicd support OpenVPN?19:15
BluesKajppl say itdoesn't work on some atheros chips , but it works on my laptop19:15
cdE|Woozydoes anyone know how I can tell gnome-power-manager to stop monitoring the battery status of my cordless mouse? I have a mouse/keyboard combo usb-receiver but only use the keyboard. g-p-m displays the empty battery of the mouse instead of the battery of my laptop most of the time :/19:20
BluesKajvesayth, sorry , dunno19:20
DanaGodd, gconfd is taking 20% CPU.19:20
cdE|Woozyobviously I don't care about the battery state of a mouse that is packed away in a box :)19:21
alankilaDanag: kill metacity19:27
alankila(if you are using compiz, that is)19:28
DanaGah, thanks!19:28
alankilathere's a bug already about that, scratched my head on the issue as well for a time19:28
DanaGOdd that I wasn't seeing Xorg using CPU.  I was seeing this mysterious CPU usage that seemed to come from nowhere.19:28
DanaGoooh, on my old desktop, I DO see the port selection thingy in pavucontrol.19:30
BUGabundoDanaG: that's odd? mine is *always* doing that19:31
BUGabundoalankila: metacity is not running19:31
BUGabundoI though that bug had been fixed19:31
DanaGnope, it was still running for me.19:32
DanaGargh, stupid screwed-up volume control.19:33
DanaGI turn volume to 0%, and all it mutes is front.19:33
DanaGugh, that's way messed up.19:35
DanaGIf I go to alsamixer directly, and slide PCM downwards, it goes to zero... and then makes the other channels go down, one by one!19:35
BUGabundoDanaG: that's because its set to 2 speakers19:35
BUGabundonot 4/519:35
DanaGno, it's set to 5.19:36
DanaGoh, and it's also doing this horrid sound sort of like the way a vibraphone sounds -- modulating the colume./19:36
=== knitt1 is now known as knittl
DanaGit's that new multi-slider thing, I'm sure.19:37
DanaGIt doesn't change all the channel volumes at the same time.  I guess I should file a bug on that.19:38
DanaGoh, and the behavior seems non-deterministic.19:39
dupondjeGreat, updated to Karmic, and now it doesn't boot anymore :s19:39
dupondjeeditted grub to ro single, but still it suddenly gives a black screen :s19:40
DanaGugh, maybe a video would be best to demonstrate the bug.19:41
dupondjewell it boots, shows me some info (initializing SATA drivers etc, found hdd etc) and then suddenly it just goes black19:42
DanaG[  789.864278] hub 2-0:1.0: port 3 disabled by hub (EMI?), re-enabling...19:44
DanaGThe behavior of the "sub" slider in gnome-volume-control also makes no sense.19:46
dupondjekinda crap bug in the upgrade process !19:48
dupondjeit doesn't run update-grub !19:48
BluesKajdupondje, try sudo update-grub in the terminal19:58
dupondjeBluesKaj: I know, but I did the upgrade process from Jaunty to Karmic, it removed the old kernels etc, but it didn't run update-grub automaticly19:58
BluesKajdupondje, grub2 right ?19:59
dupondjeJaunty is grub120:01
dupondjeso after upgrade its still grub120:01
dupondjenow gdm doesn't start somehow20:06
BUGabundoThe following packages will be upgraded:20:06
BUGabundo  chromium-browser firefox firefox-3.5 firefox-3.5-branding firefox-3.5-gnome-support firefox-3.7 firefox-3.7-branding   firefox-3.7-gnome-support firefox-gnome-support gwibber xulrunner-1.9.1 xulrunner-1.9.1-gnome-support xulrunner-1.9.320:06
BluesKajdunno for sure but it could be looking for grub-pc package to install , since it's supposedly going to be ( I heard rumours) the default bootloader on karmic official release20:06
BUGabundoI should do something about that20:07
BUGabundoBluesKaj: its already the default20:07
BUGabundoeven debian is advising migration on squeese20:07
BluesKajBUGabundo, ok that answers the question in some ways , cuz kde4.3 is also slated as the default desktop environment , right ?20:09
dupondjeI get my login screen, and when I try to login, I just go back to the login screen :s20:10
BUGabundoit already is too20:10
dupondjeany idea what could be wrong ?20:10
BUGabundoI miss the good old failsafe gdm :(20:11
BUGabundodupondje: check permitions in $HOME20:11
BUGabundoand .xsessionerros20:11
dupondje** (gnome-session:11336): WARNING **: Onbekende optie --choose-session=openbox-session20:12
BluesKajdupondje, install grub-pc then dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc as shown here http://www.serverwatch.com/tutorials/article.php/3733046/Tip-of-the-Trade-GRUB2.htm20:12
dupondjeBluesKaj: I know, but it should do that in the upgrade process now ?20:13
dupondjewell not upgrade to grub220:14
dupondjebut at least keep the menu.lst entries up-to-date20:14
dupondjecause else u get a unbootable system20:14
BluesKajunfortunately not dupondje , that's an option that you must do yourself20:14
dupondjeso everybody that upgrades from Jaunty to Karmic will need to run update-grub manually ? Else his system won't boot anymore ?20:15
BUGabundonot run update-grub20:18
BUGabundobut install grub-pt20:18
BUGabundoand it will take care of everything20:19
dupondjeBUGabundo: but it doesn't tell you to install it ?20:21
penguin42hmm, from a conversation in another window - is there a USB disk image for installation?20:22
BUGabundouse usb-creator20:23
BUGabundoor unetbootin20:23
penguin42BUGabundo: I think that might need fixing; these days there are people who find it more convenient to install from a small CDROM20:23
penguin42^CDROM^USB thumb20:23
dupondjeBUGabundo: when u do update-manager -d ?20:23
BUGabundodupondje: not sure20:24
BUGabundopenguin42: yes true, but archive admins don't want more medias20:24
dupondjeBUGabundo: I am sure, just did the upgrade20:25
BUGabundothey already put pressure on mobile team to only release one form20:25
penguin42BUGabundo: I can sympathise with that - I wonder if a precursor boot image would work - one that you cat ed together with the iso?20:25
BUGabundodupondje: if it doesn't, just install grub-pc20:25
BUGabundoreboot, test it, then run the command provided ( I don't recall now) to remove grub20:26
* penguin42 should upgrade to Grub2 - although there seemed to be a whole bunch of people saying they weren't getting a grub menu20:26
BUGabundopenguin42: grub2 is able to boot from iso too20:26
dupondjeBUGabundo: ok its easy, but alot of users won't know, will reboot as update-manager tells you, and will have a unbootable system20:26
* BUGabundo does banana dance20:26
BUGabundodupondje: shouldn't!!20:27
BUGabundoplease file a bug20:27
penguin42BUGabundo: OK, so how does one use the grub2 image and an iso?20:27
Trewasold grub still works fine, and I don't there is plans to change to grub2 on upgrades, only on new installs20:27
BUGabundopenguin42: its on the grub2 wiki I think20:27
BUGabundocorrect Trewas20:27
BUGabundothat's what I've been saying20:27
penguin42BUGabundo: I suspect it needs to work for new people installing for the first time who want to do it from USB stick20:29
bjsnideri'd just clean install every time anyway20:29
bjsniderupgrades are problematic because of changes in what's being packaged and what is dropped or renamed between distros20:29
penguin42bjsnider: It's not a bad point - I tend to just upgrade and I often hit weirdo problems20:30
bjsnidersince i keep /home on a separate partition it's not hard to clean install20:31
BUGabundopenguin42: there are tools for linux, and one is coming for windows, plus thers unetbootin20:32
BUGabundobjsnider: my previous system started on 7.10 alpha20:33
BUGabundoand lasted till last month20:33
BUGabundoalways running alphas :)20:33
BUGabundobjsnider: I keep saying this: there is NO need for a /home now!!!20:33
penguin42BUGabundo: OK, it's just this guy over there ----> says it just took him ~2.5 hours to install Ubuntu from a thumb drive, so I can see if others are hitting it, it could b e a bigish problem20:33
BUGabundoinstaller can replace installed system and instal new one without touching user files20:33
BUGabundopenguin42: my install was from usbdrive and took 8 (*eight*) timed minutes20:34
bjsniderthere is no need for a /home?20:34
penguin42BUGabundo: Yeh but we know what we're doing20:35
BUGabundobjsnider: on another partition20:35
BUGabundosince hardy beta or alpha 620:35
BUGabundopenguin42: downloaded iso, run usbcreator, booted into usb20:35
BUGabundothers a wiki for that too20:36
penguin42fair enough20:36
bjsniderBUGabundo, well, i do not concur. I like to reformat and start again every release20:37
BUGabundobjsnider: no need to format20:38
BUGabundodon't you read?20:38
BUGabundoyou can install fresh20:38
BUGabundoand not click on FORMAt20:38
BUGabundoit will delete (system) files anyway20:38
dupondjehmz, Gnome is just gone from sessions list @ login display ... any idea to get it back ? cause I only can login into xfce now20:38
penguin42dupondje: Install ubuntu-desktop20:39
BUGabundodinner bbl20:39
* penguin42 goes20:39
bjsnideri want it to delete system files20:39
dupondjeit was installed tho :(20:39
dupondje:( Gnome seems to be gone :s20:55
dupondjeI just can't select Gnome @ login screen20:57
dupondjeany idea why its gone after upgrading to Karmic ?20:57
DanaGno block devices found20:59
DanaGgrep: block: no such file or directory20:59
DanaGgrep: devices: no such file or directory                  grep: found: no such file or directory20:59
DanaGno raid devices and with names: "no block devices found"21:00
DanaGyes, it does say "and".21:00
DanaG!info system-cleaner-gtk21:00
ubottuPackage system-cleaner-gtk does not exist in karmic21:00
DanaGWas the thing renamed?21:00
DanaGasdfaseratasdf argh laggggggg21:06
dupondjenobody ? Just can't login into Gnome anymore :s its just not displayed :(21:08
BUGabundowt(insert bad word here)21:11
BUGabundoleft for dinner, came back to find the laptop non-properly halted21:11
BUGabundoguys what's wrong here21:56
BUGabundo$ $PATH21:56
BUGabundobash: /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/home/bugabundo/android/android-sdk-linux_x86-1.5_r3/tools: No such file or directory21:56
BUGabundodtchen: what do you think of this ? http://forums.creative.com/creativelabs/board/message?board.id=soundblaster&thread.id=13228822:00
BUGabundo Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi and X-Fi Titanium Series Linux 32bit/64bit  Driver Source released22:00
dtchenBUGabundo: note that alsa already has drivers for ca0106 and ctxfi22:01
BUGabundowhat's going on with LCD bright?22:12
dtchenugh ugh ugh.22:14
dupondjehmz: running gnome-session gives me gnome desktop, but can't select Gnome from Login screen :s22:14
dtchenpulse is clearly screwing something with these idt/sigmatel, analog devices, and realtek codecs22:14
BUGabundodtchen: are you feeling ok ?!?22:14
BUGabundomy bright keeps going up and own22:15
dtchenbut - no one with conexant codecs experiences the jack symptoms, because the conexant codecs are pretty craptastic22:15
BUGabundoits getting my eyes tired22:15
DanaGoh yeah, I ran into some interesting behavior with my Realtek ALC650 in surround mode.22:15
DanaGVolume control screwed around with channel balance.22:15
dtchenyeah, working on that ATM22:17
dtcheni'll have part 1 of X uploaded RSN22:17
dtchenthe rate at which i'm uploading to the ~ubuntu-audio-dev PPA makes Debian Sid and Gentoo ~x86 look tame22:18
dupondjepfft :( can't get gnome back @ login :(22:22
BUGabundodtchen: eheh22:22
BUGabundodtchen: do you need testers of the PPA ?22:23
DanaGoh yeah, I shoved the desktop back in the closet again for now; CRT monitor takes up too much space.22:29
suitI get horrible performance with enabled visual effects. Got a 8800GTS that's definitely up for the job since Compiz did great on Jaunty. Tried Nvidia Drivers 185 185.18 and 190... Any leads to how I could start solving that problem?22:30
DanaGBut you know what I mean about the weird behavior of multiple sliders on multichannel?22:30
DanaGOh, and another oddity is that the behavior of the "sub" slider in gnome-volume-control seems inconsistent -- it follows Master.  It should instead be low, "normal", and high.22:30
DanaGoh yeah, so my USB sound card seems to just be odd -- it only offers 7.1 audio output, period.  the proprietary Windows drivers must do something special.22:33
dtchenBUGabundo: yes22:33
BUGabundodtchen: link to ppa, and tell me/us what you need testing of22:34
dtchenBUGabundo: i'll be sending an e-mail to devel-discuss momentarily22:34
* BUGabundo is guessing https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-audio-dev/+archive/ppa22:35
BUGabundodtchen: shheeee I have like 400 unread emails there :(22:35
DanaGadd-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev22:35
dupondjestill not gnome :( damn the upgrade is a hell !22:35
BUGabundothanks DanaG. was looking for it22:35
DanaGor is it apt-add?22:35
BUGabundoit worked22:35
DanaGapt-add-repository... or add-apt-repository?22:35
* BUGabundo opens email and orders by most recent :D22:36
BUGabundoohh its even worse... 591 unread emails22:37
BUGabundodarn devs talk so much :\22:37
dtchenno we don't22:38
dtcheneverybody _else_ talks; we're busy letting stuff pile up in our inboxes22:39
dupondjeNobody knows how to get Gnome back @ startup ? :s22:39
akiodupondje, how did you remove it?22:40
BUGabundodtchen: I was j/k22:40
BUGabundoI used to keep those MLs fully read, but now I lack the time :(22:41
dupondjeakio: just upgraded from Jaunty to Karmic22:41
dupondjeand it went gone :s22:41
akiowhat is missing?22:42
akiowhat are you starting to instead of gnome?22:42
dupondjeakio: It just doesn't show Gnome between sessions @ startup22:44
dupondjeit starts mythbuntu (xfce)22:44
DanaGUnable to mount NTFS_External22:44
DanaGnot authorized.22:44
DanaGyet, it mounts the other volume on that drive, just fine.22:44
dupondjeanyway gtg now22:45
akiosudo aptitude install gnome22:46
DanaGhmm, anyone know what would make my sound cards start out muted every time I boot?22:48
akioDanaG, that sounds like a pulseaudio bug I had22:49
DanaGoh, and my USB sound card really is funky -- it has two Speaker sliders, only one of which works.  And PulseAudio... uses the OTHER one.22:50
BUGabundoDanaG: yeah, it was fixed and now its back22:52
DanaGThe mute one?22:52
BUGabundoI'm just waiting for dtchen email to upgrade to PPA and check22:53
BUGabundoDanaG: yeah22:53
DanaGhmm, I still have my now-unused cardbus audigy2.22:54
akiothose are cooly22:54
DanaGhmm, what's a nice, low-power device that has a cardbus slot?  Something I could run PA on, such as ARM.22:54
BUGabundostill no email from dtchen. guess I'll have to do it tomorrow23:02
dtchenBUGabundo: i'm debugging a PA issue with Lennart ATM, so it'll have to wait23:05
bjsniderwith lennart too23:07
BUGabundoand that is ?23:07
BUGabundowill wait23:07
BUGabundothanks dtchen23:07
kaddiHi, I just upgraded from jaunty to karmic and now when I boot the new 31-kernel my screen remains completely blank, even if I boot into recovery mode. When I boot the old 28 kernel everything boots up fine. Is there a way to reinstall the new kernel, to see if that might fix the problem?23:07
BUGabundodtchen: I'll wait for debug test cases you require23:07
BUGabundokaddi: do you have any VGA option in there?23:08
dtchenBUGabundo: yes, that PPA you mentioned above is the one, and the target kernels are at http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~dtchen/test-kernels/jack/23:08
BUGabundowhat GPU do you have?23:08
BUGabundoand good night kaddi23:08
kaddiBUGabundo, you mean in the xorg.config?23:08
kaddigood night?23:08
BUGabundohummm dtchen so I need kernels too. ok23:08
BUGabundokaddi: yeah. its 23h here :)23:08
dtchenBUGabundo: the kernels are only necessary if you're experiencing jack-sense issues23:08
kaddiBUGabundo, ah, ok :D good night then :)23:08
BUGabundodtchen: I'm not!23:09
kaddiBUGabundo, should I simply remove xorg.config and see if that'll work=23:09
BUGabundokaddi: yes, please rename it and test again23:09
kaddino improvements :/ and if it really was an X-issue, shouldn't recovery mode work as it is text-based?23:14
BUGabundono if you had a VGA option on it23:15
kaddii just moved xorg.conf to xorg.conf.karmicupdate23:17
kaddididn't check what was written in it23:17
BUGabundono, not there kaddi23:18
BUGabundoon grub23:18
BUGabundoI suppose you still have grup (1)23:18
BUGabundoand have not upgraded to grub2 (aka grub-pc)23:18
kaddii didn't see any notification about grub2 being install, but I will check23:19
BUGabundono need23:20
BUGabundojust see if grub has any VGA option on the kernel stanzas23:20
kaddihow do I do that?23:20
BUGabundoand kaddi I'm still waiting for you to tell us, what's you'd GPU23:20
kaddiBUGabundo, sry must have missed that question, it's an inbuilt intel chip23:21
Spee_derHowdy folks. I am stuck, again. This time with Karmic. On re-boot, it stops on *** Checking battery state and won't move past. Hmmm, I'm not using a lap-top though..... I can get to another terminal, but don't know how to kick start....23:21
Spee_derThe kernal is 2.6.31-5 generic.23:22
BUGabundoSpee_der: tried ctrl+c ?23:22
Spee_derYes. No response.23:22
BUGabundorecovery console?23:22
Spee_derCTRL-X, same, no response.23:23
BUGabundokaddi: on a TTY do: nano /boot/grub/menu.lst23:23
BUGabundoand go down to close to the bottom23:23
BUGabundothere you will find the entries for the kernel stanzas23:23
Spee_derI can ALT-F4 and login. But I am not sure what I need to do to kick start the main menu23:23
BUGabundosee if any has VGA= SOMETHING23:23
BUGabundoSpee_der: is that *after* gdm or on boot?23:24
Spee_derThis is on boot.23:24
Spee_derNo splash, so I can what is loading etc.23:24
BUGabundoSpee_der: so where are you doing alt+f4?23:24
BUGabundoI'm sorry but you confused me with that!23:24
Spee_derBoot on main screen. It stops at the ***Checking battery state.23:25
Spee_derFrom there I can login on another console screen using ALT-F4. I will check HTOP and see , but I need a by-pass for the battery check in the boot.23:26
BUGabundoah ok23:26
BUGabundonow that's more clear23:26
* BUGabundo wonders where are all the other testers. did everyone go on strike and forgot to let me know????23:26
kaddiBUGabundo, entries only contain title, root, kernel and some of them have initrd and quiet. the kernels are started with options like ro, quiet, splash. no reference to vga23:27
BUGabundook kaddi. thanks23:28
BUGabundokaddi: can you try to choose XFIX from recovery console menu, from the working kernek?23:28
BUGabundoSpee_der: anything on dmesg?23:28
Spee_derBUGabundo, I will have a look @ dmesg now.23:29
BUGabundokklimonda: billybigrigger cwillu yoasif am I missing some bunny killing party or something ??23:30
Spee_derBUGabundo, no, nothing significant there really.23:30
kaddiBUGabundo, i don't have XFIX in that list.. i have resume, clean, dpkg, fsck, grub, netroot and root23:30
Spee_derBUGabundo, I don't think it is writing to dmesg because of where it is getting stuck anyway.23:31
BUGabundohumm great, now we lost xfix :(23:31
BUGabundoSpee_der: any other kernel?23:31
Spee_derBUGabundo, No. I just loaded this as NEW on new drive.23:31
BUGabundokaddi: please try this:  dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh23:31
BUGabundoSpee_der: so the daily installer is broken. good to know :\23:32
kaddiin a normal terminal?23:32
BUGabundowas this a daily image Spee_der?23:32
BUGabundokaddi: yes, on the recovery TTY23:32
BUGabundoor any other console you have at hand23:32
BUGabundoif you are not root, you need sudo23:32
kaddiBUGabundo, I can't get into it, because I can't find my root password.. :p23:32
BUGabundokaddi: you said you could login as your user right?23:33
BUGabundothen sudo passwd root23:33
BUGabundoshould do it23:33
Spee_derBUGabundo, an ISO I downloaded/burned CD on 14.08.09. From there it has been apt-get update / apt-get upgraded a couple times.23:33
Spee_derBUGabundo, kernel ia2.6.31-5 generic23:33
Spee_deria = is23:34
BUGabundoSpee_der: this system had already worked and after some upgrade broke?23:34
Spee_derBUGabundo, oh yes. Was working nice 'cept for a few minor problems with Firefox 3.523:34
Spee_derBUGabundo, I can't get to the command line on boot to tell it to not look for the battery check state.23:35
kaddibtw I'm really impressed with the resources karmic is using... I was expecting it wouldn't be able to really run smoothly on my old laptop, but it's doing just gine :) (when I'M not using the new kernel ;) )23:35
BUGabundokaddi: :)23:35
BUGabundoyeah karmic is even faster then jaunty23:35
BUGabundoand that's gnome, you should try xubuntu23:35
BUGabundoSpee_der: ok, we need to get this stall at some point and debug23:36
BUGabundoin extreme case you can also boot the livecd and chroot in there and try to downgrade last updated packages23:36
Spee_derBUGabundo, right....23:36
BUGabundoor re-install23:36
kaddiBUGabundo, I get no output on the reconfigure part, is that normal?23:36
BUGabundobut I rather we find out what the prob is23:36
BUGabundokaddi: it is23:37
BUGabundoit should just make a xorg.conf23:37
kaddiok, I'll reboot and see how things go :)23:37
BUGabundosee if it is in there23:37
Spee_derBUGabundo, I will re-boot and see if I can capture it b/4 hand. Is there a way to tell kernel to ignore the ***Check battery state ?23:37
kaddino xorg.conf was created23:37
BUGabundonot AFAIK23:37
BUGabundoit should23:37
kaddiI thought it wasn't really necessary?23:38
kaddithe pc I'm typing from is running without a xorg.conf just fine (on jaunty that is)23:38
BUGabundoits not23:38
BUGabundobut if it is failing it helps to have it there23:38
Spee_derBUGabundo, Nope. On re-boot, I can't capture it before the Loading the kernel and next splash screen for Ubuntu.23:39
BUGabundoguys I'm out of idea for both of you23:39
Spee_derBUGabundo, CTRL-C and ESC do nothing but lock the screen.23:39
BUGabundobut now I have to go to bed. early morning tomorrow23:39
BUGabundoSpee_der: grub2 uses SHIFT23:39
Spee_derBUGabundo, thank Bug. I will finger it out soon enough. Thought I'd ask .23:39
kaddithanks for the input :)23:39
BUGabundoyeah I know not the most common change !!23:40
Spee_derBUGabundo, thanks will try that too.23:40
platiusdo I need to do more than keeping alpha3 updated to get Alpha4?23:40
BUGabundoif any of you guys/gals track down your probs please file a bug on Launchpad23:40
kaddiI will :)23:40
BUGabundoplatius: running update-manager is sufficient to get you to final release23:40
BUGabundojust do it as aften as you can (daily for ex)23:41
BUGabundonow, BED23:41
platiusnight night23:41
kaddisleep well :)23:41
Spee_derBUGabundo, how to cancel the Ubuntu splash screen on boot so I can see what is going on for load ??23:41
billybigrigger170mb of updates :)23:45
kaddihmm... anyone else got any ideas on why karmic would run with the .28 kernel, but not the new .31 kernel? Might it help to reinstall the kernel? If so, how do I do that?23:46
billybigriggerwhy won't your kernel boot?23:49
Spee_derWell, dang.23:49
kaddiwell, I did a apt-cache policy linux-image.2.6.31-6-heneric and it saysinstalled: none, candidate 2.6.31-6.2523:50
kaddiso I'm supposing the kernel isn't installed?23:50
kaddibillybigrigger,  but this would leave the question why the kernel is showing in grub and why the karmic update didn't install it, though23:52
kaddibillybigrigger, I don't know why it is not booting. I just upgraded and it's running fine on the old kernel, but not on the new one. (I found the installed kernel: 2.6.31-5.24)23:53
kaddiBUGabundo suggested that it might be a X problem, I ran dpgk-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh, but that didnt help23:54
lifeofguenterdoes gfxboot work with grub2?23:56
DanaGthere's a "gfxmenu" thing, but I found it to be horribly, horribly slow and glitchy / repaint-ey.23:58
lifeofguenterhmm yes DanaG just reading about it..23:59
lifeofguenterhope there are already some nice themes available...23:59
DanaGThere are themes that would look nice, if it didn't take a half a second to paint the whole screen once.23:59

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